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Auctioned: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance by Piper Stone – Sample


In the year 2179, Earth was nearing a nuclear disaster, various countries of power prepared to take the final step, destroying everything that had been built over millennia. The majority of Earth’s resources had been depleted already, a product of hundreds of battles as well as global warming. Despair had taken over humanity. Fortunately, a powerful alien race stepped in, not only preventing the war, but annihilating weapons of mass destruction. The humans involved in making the horrific decisions disappeared and peace treaties were signed. The only catch? A payment made in restitution on the twentieth anniversary of the signed treaty. The majority of humans said the act was a blessing, honoring the Malzeons’ interference. Others feared what would ensue once the twenty years had passed.

While certain rules were established, requirements mandated by the aliens in return for aiding in the rebuilding efforts as well as refurbishment of lost resources, Earth was left to govern themselves under the watchful eye of the Malzeon king.

Except when their rules were disobeyed.

Were they truly friends of Earth or simply preparing for an invasion? There were some who believed the aliens were malevolent in their actions, lying in wait.


Over time, Earth once again flourished. However, on the eighteenth year, a New World Order had taken over the governance of Earth, the dominant group of leaders hailed as Gods.

At least in the beginning.

But they were dangerous men, their hunger for power increasing. Which species could be trusted? Soon, a new darkness would fall.


Chapter One

Washington, DC, United Sovereign States—(formerly the US, Canada, and Mexico) 2198


“Get her. Now!” Men were everywhere. I heard them in the darkness, chasing me. Cornering me.

Attempting to capture me.

I ran, my legs pumping, fighting my way through dense underbrush. The group of buildings had been abandoned for years, thugs holding court in several of them. I raced around the corner of the crumbling facade, taking several deep breaths as I listened. They were nowhere close. Thank God. Jesus.

Run. Run. Run!

If I did, there was no doubt I’d be captured. Hunkering down, I tried several of the doors, finally finding one that was unlocked. Still staying low, I moved inside quietly, closing the door and backing away. I shouldn’t have come to the restricted area without my partner. I was a stupid fool thinking I could handle this by myself. Violent criminals roamed the dirty streets. Catching an officer of the law would bring a hefty ransom.

I kept the weapon in my hand, taking shallow breaths in an effort to remain quiet. There were no sounds, nothing, and I thought they’d abandoned the idea of continuing the chase.

Until the door was kicked in, the booming noise reverberating, the additional sound of thick boots thudding against the cold concrete sending shivers down my spine.

Suddenly, they were there, surrounding me, their weapons raised.

“Detective Casey Roberts. You’re under arrest. I suggest you lower your weapon.”

This wasn’t what I’d expected.

The light was blinding, cutting through the wretched darkness. A cold chill shifted down my spine as the sound of heavy boots filtered into the dilapidated, vacant warehouse. I’d been surrounded. Arrest? What the hell was going on? “Like hell I will. Who are you?” I held up my hand to shield the light, trying to identify the law enforcement agency, if they were legit. What was most terrifying is that these men knew exactly who I was. “You obviously know who I am, which means you know exactly what I’m capable of. I suggest you back away before you’re hurt.”

I heard several deep voices and every one of them was laughing at me.

“I’m Sergeant Sykes of the Federation and you’re coming with us. I suggest you behave like a good little girl or there will be severe consequences, including harsh punishment.” His deep voice was gruff, unforgiving.

Was the asshole kidding? I was prepared to take a shot when the weapon was ripped from my hands and tossed several yards across the empty space. The clanging sound gave me another shiver.

As several of the brawny men closed the distance, hands grabbing my arms, I realized that someone had set me up.

And I would be dead within minutes.

Only one person knew I was here, and he’d been the one to provide the coordinates. My boss, a man I thought I could trust. What a fool I’d been. He was obviously working for the corrupt world government, an entity who’d fooled every man and woman on Earth into believing they were true Gods. They’d even fooled the Malzeon species with their lies and bullshit while harboring secrets that could destroy our world. The rugged aliens were heralded as the most powerful species within the solar system, capable of crushing every enemy. Including Earth. That was my father’s belief, one he’d instilled in me. Or maybe they were working together with the New World Order. I had no way of knowing.


What I did know was that every human being on Earth was living under a bubble, only they had no way of knowing just how close it was to being shattered. It had been that way since their arrival almost twenty years before. Had the Malzeons saved us from ourselves, destroying the very weapons the major powers on Earth were prepared to deploy? Absolutely.

Then the aliens had promised peace, as long as we obeyed their basic rules, making some unknown restitution as required. They’d even taken the worst criminals on Earth, using them as labor to continue expanding their vast territory, helping to build their every growing power within various galaxies. Malzeons were brutal in their tactics, vile creatures who took what they wanted.

Including women.

Female criminals were used for something else entirely.

I’d suspected for years the grotesque alien race was merely biding time, enjoying our wayward ways like some freak show. There was no way the aliens were simply going to walk away. My father had driven into me the will to live, to fight the insurgence of the nasty creatures. He’d been certain the Malzeons had vile plans and carried the belief to his death. But they weren’t the true enemies.

If what I’d discovered was the truth, exposing the damning evidence was important to our combined survival. The world government had no intention of paying off their debt.

“What the hell is the charge?” I barked, struggling hard against my captors. I’d come so close to finding answers, unmasking the corruption I knew was rampant on Earth. The consortium of leaders had far too much control, but I’d been a fool to think I could do this without discovery. Did they also know I had some evidence hidden? I’d told no one, not a single soul about the ramifications of what I’d been told, but I’d allowed my boss to learn about the informant after a night of drinking. I’d trusted him implicitly. I was so stupid.

Suddenly, everything was a blur; the conversation with my informant, his insistence that I come here to meet him tonight, and the odd messages I’d received as of late.

“Be careful, little girl, or you won’t see the light of day ever again.”

As if the fucker had the balls to tell me who he was. But I could guess. One of the hundreds of minions working for the president of the New World Order, people sworn to keep his ideals safe, the man himself secure.

The meeting had been nothing more than a trap, my boss turning me into the appropriate authorities. My guess was that my informant had been killed.

“Crimes against the State.”

The State? Fuck me. The stated crime was one of the most serious in our society, the charge akin to heinous murders. This was crazy. Then again, it was obvious they wanted to get rid of me. But this? Another burst of terror rushed into my system. Whatever the president had in mind for my punishment would be horrific.

I scanned the men who’d cornered me, trying to identify weaknesses. The Federation officers were considered bottom feeders, mostly men who were little more than criminals themselves. Their sordid pasts allowed them no conscience when it came to doling out discipline. Their task? Hunt and capture humans accused of breaking the law to be sent to distant star planets for hard labor or worse.

And the reports of women being used as pets for Malzeon warriors and royalty were sickening.

The plan of using criminals had seemed beneficial to both sides at first, but if my information was correct, innocent people were being railroaded, even murdered because of their disbelief in the New World Order. I was beginning to wonder who was behind the wretched scheme. Whether or not the debt was paid, would the Malzeons eradicate our world, simply another conquest?

Were we nothing more than prisoners for the ugly race, even though the aliens pretended to allow us to forge through life on our own? They were such a mystery, a darkness hovering over the human race with an iron fist. They rarely interacted with society, other than accepting prisoners. The few who lived amongst us appeared very human, a damning ability the Malzeons had. I’d studied as much as I could about them, the majority of information gleaned from my father. He’d never divulged his source of information, but his high-ranking position as a scientist within the previous government had allowed him certain… secrets divulged.

I’d never spent the time to decipher everything he’d learned. I regretted that now.

“You’re insane. I’m an officer of the law.” My exclamation brought amusement throughout the Federation officers.

The sergeant grinned as he walked forward, the lust in his eyes making me sick to my stomach. “I could see you in a cage, the perfect feisty pet. Maybe that’s exactly where you’ll turn up.”


The word sickened me. I was no one’s pet. Not now. Not ever. “Fuck you.”

The force of the man’s brutal backhand would have sent me tumbling several feet away had the other officers not been holding me. My ears were ringing, the pain blinding. Even though my vision was hazy, I stood to my full height, glaring him in the eyes.

Hell, no. They weren’t going to arrest me without a fight.

“I’ll make certain you’re punished for your… attitude,” he said in a chiding manner.

“Bullshit!” I managed to kick out, catching one of the assholes in the balls, shifting until I could wrench my arm free. I punched the second jerk in the face, the third in the gut then grabbed the laser gun I’d hidden, scuttling backward before turning and racing toward the rear door. I’d been stupid to come here without my partner.

There was no warning of the horrific sense of cold rushing through every cell and muscle, the frigid temperatures immediately impeding my movement. The gas was used to subdue criminals in an effort to arrest them, but I held my breath, forced to inhale only a small amount of the substance. The bastards would not take me willingly. I could foil them.

Please. Please. Please.

The sergeant stepped forward and into the single light swinging from the ceiling. The statement he delivered was one that every human should fear, a sentence that I didn’t deserve but couldn’t fight.

“You will face the courts and if found guilty, you will receive harsh punishment as well as the possibility of being turned over to the Malzeons. Unfortunately, you’re certainly not immediate pet material, ugly little bitch. They’d be a fool to auction you off. Since you have decided to resist arrest, more strenuous methods will need to be used in order to break you.”

He couldn’t be serious. Even in this society, people were allowed a certain amount of fairness, although criminals were never given a second chance. I was horrified, a sick realization settling into my mind.

I must have been close to finding out the truth. But if they sent me away, they couldn’t know I had evidence. They wouldn’t allow me to live. Anyone who dared go against the president of the New World Order turned up dead.

I had one chance.

Trust the Malzeons with the information I already had.

Sergeant Sykes took a step back, his eyes flashing, turning his head to the side. My God, the man was grinning, and I could swear his mouth was watering. “You’re a stupid little girl.”

I heard the sound of a metal door being ripped at the hinges and shuddered.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The noise was frightening.

Then I saw him, a giant, a beast created in labs and used to contain prisoners. The technology was Malzeon-based, but the transference from man to beast had been done within government built and mandated labs, the creatures another requirement of the aliens in order to keep the peace. I’d seen only a few of the android-type machines in action, but they were growing in numbers. Called Vipers, they were strong and unflappable, dangerous in every manner. Some said they were the ultimate weapon.

There were intellectual members of society who believed the aliens were preparing for an invasion, annihilating every human even before the treaty had expired. Some believed the stories had been created by the very politicians who’d overthrown the previous group of world leaders, pitting factions of humans against each other. The rumors had created vicious battles on the city streets, turning intelligent and wonderful people into brutal killers. Our society was failing rapidly all over again and my belief was that the New World Order not only allowed but enjoyed watching the melee.

I’d once been tasked as an officer to try to keep the peace. What I’d found in my tenure had been so much worse.

Now my entire life was all but over.

“Strip her of her clothes,” Sergeant Sykes commanded, nodding to the creature.

The gigantic being took long strides in my direction.

Oh, my God.

“No. No!” My scream faded quickly, terror enveloping my system. The horrible monster approached, tilting his head back and forth, studying me as if I was nothing more than food. I could swear there was desire in his eyes. A damn Viper. Half beast and half machine, his cold magnificent blue eyes were mesmerizing in their blankness. It was easy to see the monster had no conscience.

He towered over me, his eyes raking down the length of my body before he ripped at my clothes. I was frozen, unable to fight against him in any way. Nothing had prepared me for the humiliation as both my identity and my humanity were stripped away.

The officers were laughing, watching. I could hear their hungry whispers, their desire to use me.

Fuck me.

Break me.

That was never going to happen. I was a fighter. I would figure a way out of this.

When I was completely naked, the beast flexed his fingers on both hands, brushing the tips down my neck to my breasts. The touch was so damn cold, forcing a ragged moan from my mouth. The moment he cupped and squeezed my breasts, rubbing his thumbs back and forth across my hardened nipples, I gasped. This was crazy. This was disgusting.

Then why were the sensations exciting, electricity soaring through every vein?

“Mmm…” the Viper snarled, dragging his long tongue across his blue-hued lips. He appeared very human in most regards, created almost to perfection. Malzeons had released their army of mutants after one month. One month of lying to our planet. One month of professing they were our friends. One month of every human being on Earth pretending the shit wasn’t happening. The Vipers were impervious to pain, yet their desires were very human.

Then more were created.

The beast was aroused, his thick cock protruding through the tight uniform he’d been forced to wear, a reminder that somewhere inside, he’d once been a man.

I had to escape. I had to free myself. He growled in a low-slung fashion, pinching both nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

I was still unable to move, my heart racing as the hint of anguish was like a rush of adrenaline. He seemed pleased, twisting and pulling my aching buds as he inhaled, an actual smile crossing his face. When he lowered down, swirling his rough tongue over my tender tissue, tears formed in my eyes. Why was this happening?

“I think he wants to fuck you,” the sergeant chortled. “That would be a sight to see.”

The Viper rubbed his lips across my chest, sucking on my other nipple.

The worthless human soldiers weren’t doing a damn thing. Were they actually going to allow this beast to violate me? I shivered, realizing that I was wet and hot. My body’s reaction had to be because of the drug. There was no other appropriate or satisfactory reason.

The Viper enjoyed toying with me, running his fingers all over my body. I could hear his heavy breathing as he inched behind me. When he shoved a finger into my asshole, I bit back a snarl, doing everything I could to remain emotionless. I was still frozen, unable to fight back, even though vile and nasty things brought murderous images into my mind.

He thrust his finger in and out, violating me brutally, his wild grunts a clear sign that he was enjoying his task.

“All the fight is gone from you now, or it better be,” Sergeant Sykes stated knowingly, shifting even closer in order to get an up close and personal view of the beast assaulting me.

Fuck him.

I refused to fall into this bullshit, doing everything I could to move a single muscle. I was finally able to lift a single finger, then a second, finally managing to shift one foot backward. And all the while, the Viper continued to fondle me, one hand twisting my already bruised nipple while he’d added two more fingers in his efforts to finger fuck my ass.

Anger flared the beast’s nostrils and he fisted my hair, holding me in place as he crawled his fingers down my stomach.

Oh, God. No. No!

The second he slipped his fingers past my swollen folds, I closed my eyes. This had to be a nightmare. Then why was I so wet? Why was my body reacting this way?

Wake up. Wake up, Casey.

He thrust his fingers deep inside, pumping in a brutal manner, rubbing his thumb around my clit.

“Very nice, Viper,” the sergeant chortled. “You may be allowed some time with her for your hard work in helping to apprehend a disgusting piece of trash.” He smiled as he studied me, the same damn glee in his eyes. “I can’t wait to see you punished. It will be such a joy.”

What? This had to be nothing more than a nightmare.

The beast twisted my head until I could see his face. Jesus. Christ. The Viper grinned evilly as he continued fondling me, plunging in even deeper, every thrust hard and fast. When the sergeant gave him another nod, the creatures hissed before easing his hand to his face. I was mortified to see my juices slickening his fingers. What was wrong with me?

The sergeant eased what looked like an old-fashioned syringe into his hand, closing the distance. “Now, this isn’t going to hurt one bit.” The moment he jabbed the four-inch needle into my arm, he threw his head back, laughing.

I twisted as much as my body would allow, moaning from the intense pain, unable to take my eyes off the Viper.

As he shoved the metal-cased digits into his mouth, the sucking sounds forcing bile into my throat, I realized life as I knew it was over.

There would be no fairness in the court, no way of defending myself. I’d been tried and convicted of attempting to expose the truth.

I was now nothing more than an object, a possession of the State.

Soon to be worse, a prisoner of the alien race.

And they would do with me what they wanted.

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