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Austin: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


A darkened night. A rain-slickened twisting road. A light fog.

An accident waiting to happen, but I hadn’t been able to tolerate remaining in Hamilton another freaking minute. While I didn’t mind certain political obligations, my grouchiness had rubbed off on the audience members. Or maybe vice versa since I’d been heckled by a solid twenty perfect of the crowd.

While threats weren’t new, a solid percentage of those living in Montana hating some of my viewpoints, a few had escalated enough I remained nervous. That’s the reason I always carried my weapon with me. I never left home without it.

I rubbed my hand through my hair, exhausted from the long days and sleepless nights. Something in my boring life needed to change. As I rounded a sharp curve, I automatically slowed, fearful of wildlife crossing the road. It seemed like I was miles away from civilization and I didn’t want to become a tasty snack for a hungry bear.

That would piss me off.

As I laughed, the headlights flashed on something up ahead and a moment of creepy-crawlies slithered down my spine. I eased off the accelerator as I approached, craning my neck and wishing the freaking windshield wipers would work faster. The sight of someone walking on the side of the road wasn’t unusual, but it was for this time of night as well as this stretch of the road. The hooded figured realized my approach, turning slightly and sticking out an arm.

Oh, my God. The person was hitchhiking.

My commonsense prevailing, I swerved to avoid tossing the hitcher against the rocks of the hillside. I also slowed down to a crawl, straining in order to get the slightest look at who it was. While the shadows were too significant to make out any features, there was no doubt the person was a man.

A big, brawny dude with a killer body.

I kept going at a snail’s pace, barely going three miles per hour.

“What the hell are you doing, Franny?” I whispered to myself as I gazed into the rearview mirror, a strange sense of longing creeping in, easing to a stop. “This isn’t like you. You’re a smart woman. You don’t pick up strange men on the side of the road.”

Whether or not the reminders did me any good wasn’t going to matter.

The hulking mass was approaching.


I reached under the seat, pulling my Beretta into my hand, prepared to fire if necessary. No motherfucker was going to take me down without a fight. I kept the doors locked and the windows up as he approached, managing to grab a flashlight out of the console. After flicking it on, I swung the beam toward his face.

His incredibly gorgeous face and eyes that could melt your very soul. While there was no smile on his face, I sensed he had no other options and rolled down the window. “Where ya headed?”


One word, but with that single three-syllable word, I was drawn into a moment of blatant desire, the tone husky and deep. From what I could see, he was carrying a single duffle bag and there were no signs of weapons.

Make up your mind.

“That’s where I’m going. Why don’t you jump in?” As I hit the unlock button, a knot formed in my stomach. Did I have a death wish? I’d never been one to engage in this type of risky behavior. I kept my hand on the weapon as he crawled inside, shoving his bag between his legs. Suddenly, the cab of the truck was filled with his masculine scent. Ripe with testosterone and the smell of the forest, I was forced to take a deep breath, the fragrance intoxicating.

He slowly slipped the hood of his sweatshirt off his head then pushed his sleeves to his forearms. While two- or three-day stubble covered his angular jaw, his head was devoid of hair. I was able to see additional ink crawling up both sides of his neck. He was rough, rugged, and one badass man.

And damn if he didn’t make my mouth water.

The door was still open as if the mystery man was giving me an opportunity to kick him out. Immediately, my eyes were drawn to the tattoo on his left am. He was a Marine. I took a deep breath, shoving the weapon back under the seat before offering a nod and a smile. “You’re in the service.”

“I was,” he stated with no inflection before closing the door, shoving us into almost total darkness.

“My brother was a Marine.” When he didn’t say anything else, I pressed down on the accelerator, trying to calm my raging libido. The bulky jacket couldn’t hide his muscular physique, his massive legs filling out his faded jeans. I remained quiet, uncertain what to say, but I could tell he was studying me, his head slightly turned.

“I appreciate you stopping.”

I’d never known a man with such a deep baritone. “You’re welcome.” I’d never been a woman to make a connection right away, or maybe I’d refused to allow that to happen, hence my boring love life. I’d been cautious, careful to check references, refusing to follow my desires before entering into a single date. And there’d be absolutely no spark in a single one of them, including my previous marriage.

At this moment, I was unable to breathe, the electricity shooting through me volatile and exciting. I gripped the steering wheel, doing everything I could not to glance in his direction, but he continued to study me, raking his gaze down from my face to my legs, then slowly lifting it again.

“You should be careful,” he muttered.

“Why?” I dragged my tongue across my lips, doing everything I could to keep filthy thoughts out of my mind.

I was failing badly.

I wanted nothing more than to peel away his shirt, discovering the rest of his delicious body.

“Because a beautiful woman should always be careful around dangerous strangers.”

The words weren’t meant as a threat, merely a compliment. They also ignited a flame, one that had been dead for a very long time.

“I’m Franny,” I managed, my breathing shallow as I tried to keep my eyes on the road.


“As in Darth Vader?” I snagged another quick look in his direction.

“As in death.”

His words were haunting, as if he’d experienced far too much during his time spent in the Marines. I knew that all too well, the heartache and sorrow often too much to bear, my late brother’s stories horrifying.

As I continued driving, the heat in the cab became oppressive, my thoughts continuing to linger in a very bad place. The light rain continued to fall, the only sound in the truck the windshield wipers slashing back and forth, the rubber obviously failing, their action creating a slight squeak. When the headlights reflected off a small sign on the side of the road, I took a deep breath, my heart racing.

I rounded another curve, the half-lit neon sign in the distance forcing me to inhale. I held my breath as my fingers trembled. I’d never been a risk taker, but I was tired of living a controlled life.

“Stop there,” he commanded, obviously noticing the sign.

You’re nuts. Keep driving. Just keep driving.

But I didn’t.

Vader didn’t make any sounds as I made the turn, pulling into a parking spot and allowing the engine to remain idling. A full thirty seconds passed before I found the courage to speak, although I couldn’t look in his direction. “What are you going to do?” Why did I even ask?

You’re crazy. What are you doing?

I couldn’t answer the question. There were no rational explanations why I’d followed his demand.

He exhaled before opening the door. “Whatever I want to, Franny, and you will obey my every command. At. All. Times.”

“Obey?” Every part of me shivered.

When he turned his head, this time I was able to see just how dazzling his deep blue eyes were. They had so much depth, yet they were riddled with just as much pain as they were with raging desire.

“Yeah. You are mine.” He reached over, turning off the truck then yanking the keys from the ignition, shocking the hell out of me.

When he slammed the door, I was forced to take several deep breaths, a rush of fear of the unknown rolling into me. There was no way I could change my mind, no possibility that I could get away from him. I was disgusted with myself as well as fully aroused, trying to weigh the odds I’d made the wrong decision.

I closed my eyes briefly, able to hear the hard thudding as he walked away from the truck. “You have no idea what you’re doing,” I whispered, now quivering all over. I should use my phone, calling my best friend or my assistant to come get me, hiding…


I laughed as I studied his form through the plate glass window as he communicated with the man inside. This was the dumbest thing I’d ever done in my life.

And the most exciting.

He returned a few minutes later, a keycard in his hand, providing the keys to my truck and nodding toward the far side of the motel. “Pull around back.”

I did as he instructed, parking under the single dim light in the motel’s lot, biting my lip before shutting off the engine.

Very slowly Vader turned his head in my direction and this time I couldn’t keep from looking him in the eyes.

“You will do everything I tell you to do,” he stated gruffly.


Nodding, he opened the door, climbing out, leaving his duffle on the floor. When I managed to jump out, I grabbed my small bag that held what little was precious to me, then followed him as he climbed the single flight of stairs. There were very few cars in the parking lot, the abysmal location and the aging facility likely the reason. But it didn’t matter. I wanted to live for once without fear of second guessing my decision.

After unlocking the door, he moved into the darkness, closing and locking it behind me. I tossed my bag, wincing when he flicked on a single light, the ugly amber glow doing little but highlighting the seedy space.

Vader shifted his heated gaze in my direction, his chest rising and falling, his jaw clenching. There was no doubt he was undressing me with his eyes. With a hard yank, he dragged his jacket as well as a tee shirt over his head, tossing both to the floor, exposing his upper torso. He was utterly the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on.

Ink covered his entire chest and arms, the colorful tattoos depicting dragons and eagles, all weaved into a masterful piece of art. He was built like a powerlifter, his broad chest and shoulders matching the most perfectly chiseled six-pack. Every inch of his body was sculpted, created by the gods above.

I found it difficult to breathe, blinking several times as I gazed upon his stunning flesh. He took long strides, approaching me within two seconds, yanking my arms over my head as he crushed the full weight of his body against mine.

“This isn’t about romance, Franny.”

“I’m not looking for romance. I just want sex.”

For the first time, a smile crossed his face as he narrowed his eyes, pulling both my wrists into one gigantic hand. “Then you better like it rough. I take what I want.” He didn’t give me any time to answer, raking his hand down the front of my blouse, every button popping, scattering to the floor.

I took gasping breaths, struggling in his hold, my nipples already hard and my pussy aching. When the scent of my feminine wiles floated between us, he took a deep breath, letting it out seconds later with a husky, deep growl. Everything about the man was savage, including the way his eyes penetrated mine.

He maneuvered the front clasp on my bra, dragging the lace material away and exposing my breasts. “Goddamn beautiful,” he huffed before capturing my mouth, immediately thrusting his tongue inside.

I’d been kissed dozens of times, but the way he dominated my tongue, drinking as if from the depths of my soul, created an explosion of sensations. I was immediately lightheaded, still fighting in his hold by the way he devoured my mouth. As he ground his hips back and forth, the feel of his rock-hard cock sent shivers down my legs.

When he jerked back, another growl left his lips, his breath skipping. He chuckled as if he’d found a pet he was determined to tame before brushing his lips forcefully across my jaw then raking his teeth down the side of my neck.

“Oh,” I whimpered, unable to stop the guttural sound. The second he dragged my blouse and bra aside, cupping my breast and squeezing, my legs began to shake. He was rough as promised, pinching my nipple between his fingers while licking my other hardened bud, nipping and biting down. The wave of pain was incredible, shooting another round of electricity into every muscle.

“Arms over your head and keep them there,” he instructed. “If you disobey, I’ll punish you.”

Punish? I shuddered at the thought.

Vader took his time, swirling his tongue around one nipple while twisting the other. I couldn’t breathe, my mind foggy and I found it difficult to swallow.

When he’d had his fill, he reared back, removing his hand from my wrists. But the hard, cold stare he gave me was a clear command not to move. He yanked at my blouse, the material ripping as he pulled it from my body. I wasn’t shocked by his intensity, our hunger on the same desperate level.

But I was surprised when he cupped the side of my face, his large fingers digging into my skin as he rubbed his thumb back and forth across my lips, pushing and pulling them with his actions. His nostrils flared and his jaw clenched before he raked his hands down the length of my chest.

The tenderness was short lived. He dragged my bra off my arms, tossing it aside then kneading my breasts. There was no doubt he was going to ravage every inch of me. I kept my arms over my head, although I wanted nothing more than to touch his chest, to feel the heat that sizzled over every inch of him.

But this was wrong. So wrong.

He lowered his hands, slipping them around my waist until he located the button and zipper on my skirt. Very slowly he eased the material down my hips, dropping to his knees as he pulled the skirt to the floor.

Every part of me was numb, nothing more than a ragdoll as he took off my heels then removed my skirt entirely. I tried to take several deep breaths but failed as he rolled the tips of his fingers up the insides of my legs. When he reached my panties, he lowered his head, burying his face in my lace-covered mound, every sound he made primal. The man was preparing for a feast.

Oh, God. Oh… I bit my lip to keep from crying out, blinking several times in an effort to focus on anything, but the world around me was a giant and colorful haze.

Vader rolled his face back and forth, the force he used shoving the material between my already swollen folds.

“Yes, oh…” I tossed my head, doing my best to maintain my position but knowing I would fail within seconds. I wasn’t prepared when he let off a low, deeply husky, and carnal growl before snagging my thong with his teeth, jerking his head to the side.

The ripping sound seemed exaggerated and I was unable to keep a series of moans from rushing up from my throat.

“This pussy belongs to me,” he roared. “You will not come until I issue the command.”

His grip on my thighs was firm and he forced my legs wide open before pressing his face into my wetness. There wasn’t a single inch of my body that wasn’t on fire, the delicious moment dirty and dangerous, but I couldn’t care less. I was alive again, every inch of my skin seared by his dominating touch.

Vader was claiming what belonged to him, if only for one night, never to be repeated. When he swirled his tongue around my clit, I was forced to bite back a scream, shifting my head back and forth.

I couldn’t stand not being able to touch him and lowered my arms, clasping my hands around his muscular shoulders, clinging onto him, fearful I would drop to the floor.

His hold remained firm and as he dragged his tongue up and down my aching pussy, a series of moans floating toward the ceiling. I laughed nervously as he drove several fingers into my tight channel. This had certainly never happened before.

His hunger was evident in the animalistic sounds that accompanied every swipe of his tongue, every thrust of his fingers. He couldn’t seem to get enough, sucking on my tender tissue and shaking his head.

I realized I was bucking against him, my hips jutting forward as he finger fucked me. He was so brutal, using all four fingers, flexing them open. Within seconds, I was tossed into a heightened state of bliss, no longer able to feel my legs.

He refused to stop, pounding into me with all the aggression of an uncontrolled wild beast, sucking and licking with intense vigor.

“I… Oh, I…” I clamped my eyes shut, sagging against the wall as a climax rushed up from my toes. There was no holding back, no way of controlling my body’s reaction. I opened my mouth, but the scream was silent, my body shaking violently as a single orgasm became two, one morphing into the other. I was crazed by the sensations, digging my fingernails into his painted skin.

While he drank his fill, he rolled his hands around my hips, kneading my buttocks. I suddenly realized that I was naked in a cheap hotel room with a man whose name meant death. That only added to the excitement, creating goosebumps skipping down both arms. Lights flashed in front of my eyes, my skin on fire. This was pure ecstasy.

This was also completely insane. What the hell was I doing here?

I lowered my arms, ready to break the connection.

Only when I stopped shaking did he ease away, rubbing his slickened face and lips against the inside of one leg then the other. Then he slowly rose to his feet, cocking his head.

“You don’t follow orders,” he said half under his breath.

What the hell was I supposed to say? I’d never been the kind of girl to follow rules, especially ones from a man. As he stood over me, all six feet four inches of him, I’d never felt so tiny in my life. A look appeared in his eyes, the kind that sent another wave of shivers down my spine. “No, I…” Wait a minute. The bastard acted as if he owned me. Well, he had another think coming.

“Who are you?” I asked, shoving my hands against his chest and managing to jerk several feet away. I’d never felt so humiliated in my life. I was a senator, for God’s sake. A rush of anger swept through me.

“Just the man you wanted to fuck.”

“That’s bullshit.”

“Oh, yeah?” he asked, a growl erupting from his throat. “I think you’re lying to yourself.”

“This is finished,” I barked, moving to grab my blouse, furious that I’d been so damn stupid.

“Not so fast.” He reached down, wrapping his hand around my arm, tossing my shirt against the wall with the other.

I struggled in his hold, slamming my hand against him. He was hard as a rock, my efforts useless. “You can’t tell me what to do.” I wiggled in his hold, scratching my nails down his chest.

“Oh, I already did. You’re going to obey every order I give you.”

“Or what?”

“Or the punishment you receive will be much worse.”

I glared at him, fighting the ugly betrayal of my body with the common sense that remained.

“Hell, no.”

He took a single step back, shaking his head in a chastising manner. “Then I guess I need to do something about that.”

“What the hell do you want from me?” I managed, every inch of my body quivering.

“Everything.” He kept his firm hold as he lowered his hand, reaching for his belt.

I was unable to take my eyes off him as he unfastened the brass buckle, slowly tugging the thick leather strap from his tight belt loops. My breathing was just as ragged as his, my heart hammering against my chest from the anticipation surging through me. What the hell was he going to do? No. No! I could barely breathe or think straight.

When the belt was finally free, he folded it in half, smacking the rounded end against his palm. “Discipline is good for the soul.”

He wasn’t kidding. I opened my eyes wide, trying to think of something to say. No. No. I’d never been punished in my entire life.

I was finally able to react, shifting around him in some crazy effort to get away. When he yanked my wrist, tossing me onto the bed, I did everything I could to crawl off. He wasn’t going to spank me as if I was a bad little girl. Hell, no.

Vader wrapped his hand around my ankle, dragging me back to the edge of the bed. But as soon as he let go, I lunged forward, managing to roll off the end. The wind was knocked out of me, the reality of what he was going to do hitting me hard.

He was far too strong, lifting me with one arm and carrying me several feet before plopping me down on the ugly tan comforter once again. Then he pressed his hand on the small of my back. “I will tie you up if necessary.”

Tie me up? Was he kidding me? Hell, no. I kicked out, managing to catch him in the stomach. The hard thud was more jarring to me than to the giant Marine with the exquisitely chiseled body.

He fisted my hair, holding me in place, immediately bringing the belt down across my bottom.

Oh. My. God.

The shock of what he was doing was so intense, I couldn’t feel anything. No pain. No stinging sensations. Nothing. But I squirmed in his hold, my actions only angering him. He yanked my hair with enough force I moaned.

“You’re not going anywhere.” While he was a man of few words, he was dominating in every way, so dark and controlling that he took my breath away.

I couldn’t actually want this. There was no possibility that rough discipline was what I needed. Yet as he brought the belt down again, not once but four times in rapid succession, I fell into a dark abyss. The cracking sound his wrist made as he snapped the strap was jarring every time and as the anguish began to bloom across my bottom, I gritted my teeth. Tears of frustration as well as pain threatened to fall, a weakness I refused to accept.

Vader was thorough, taking his time to cover every inch of my buttocks, one strike coming after the other. While I knew I was moaning, the echoes in my ears were muffled, the pain blinding.

When he stopped long enough to caress my heated skin, I clawed at the bed, still trying to get away.

“Oh…” My vision foggy, I wanted to beg him to stop, but my mind remained locked in one big blur.

“One little hellion,” he whispered, the husky tone dropping to a new, even more sensual level. “A filly who needs to be broken.”


I almost laughed, but the hissing sound coming from my mouth was strangled at best.

He started spanking me again, bringing the belt down four or ten times. How the hell did I know?

My body jerked from every brutal strike, a rush of embarrassment and humiliation rolling through me like a tidal wave. This was insane.

But the way my pussy juice trickled down both legs screamed something else entirely. I was aroused, hungrier than I’d ever been, longing to have his thick cock deep inside of me. The rational side of me continued to poke, reminding me that I was nuts. He could be a serial killer or escaped convict.

The naughty girl side said something else entirely.

“Five more.”

His husky tone wrapped around me like a soft fleece blanket, keeping me in control while soothing the woman inside.

“Five,” he growled.

The crack against my skin was rougher, the force pushing me against the bed.


I held my breath, the whooshing sound reverberating.

“Three.” A dark chuckle left his lips. The asshole was enjoying this.


Only one more. Only one freaking more.


The second he released his tangled hold in my hair, I collapsed onto the bed, my cheek smooshed against the scratchy comforter. I blinked evenly, my bottom on fire. I couldn’t feel my legs, but I had no doubt they were seared from the brutal event.

Then I heard the sound of a zipper. Using every last ounce of strength I had, I shifted onto my hands and knees, daring to look over my shoulder. The sight of the gorgeous man presenting himself like a prize created another giant vibe of electricity. Every inch of his body was stunning, so muscular, carved to perfection. A narrow waist. Chiseled hips.

Thunderous thighs.

His cock was magnificent, long and thick, the tip already oozing beads of pre-cum.

And when he turned in order to toss his jeans, the sight of his sculpted bottom didn’t just take my breath away or make my mouth water. I was like a kid in a candy store finding the perfect treat. The dazzling ink on his chest also covered a good portion of his back, swirling curls inching onto his buttocks.

Vader slowly tilted his head, his eyes even more penetrating than before. The way his chest rose and fell was a clear indication of his increased desire, a hunger that refused to be denied. With one long stride, he snagged my length of hair again, dragging me closer to the edge of the bed.

Inhaling, the masculine scent of him was overpowering; rainwater and dense foliage, exotic spices and a heavy dose of his testosterone. I would stay drunk for hours.

“Now, I fuck you.” His words were a stark reminder of his dominance. Almost inaudible growls slipped from the core of his being as he rubbed his cockhead up and down the crack of my ass. Then he roughly yanked first one leg then the other as wide open as possible, never letting go of his firm hold. He refused to allow me to go anywhere.

I was his.

His to taste.

His to fuck.

His to possess.

I closed my eyes as he forced me to arch my back, still chastising my behavior. No one could ever know about this. No one could dare find out how low I’d fallen off the radar of common sense. And I would never see this rugged, delicious, filthy beast again.

There was no hesitation, no romantic prelude to taking what he wanted. He simply shoved the entire length of his cock into my tight channel, throwing his head back like the primal man he’d become. The roar was savage, penetrating the entire room. No wonder the room was far removed from the few guests staying at the motel. He wanted no interference, no prying eyes to hinder his possession.

I was shocked at my body’s immediate response, the way my pussy muscles clamped around the thick girth, pulling him in even deeper.

“Oh. Oh. Yes…” I would never be able to explain the sensations coursing through me to anyone, wouldn’t be able to convince myself that this act of pure sin had even occurred.

Except I would have difficulty sitting for a long time, my pussy likely aching for days.

When he pulled out until just the tip was inside, I held my breath. The hard slam of his body against mine brought an explosion of sound, matching the wild hammering of my heart.

Shaking, I could no longer hold back whimpers and moans as he powered into me, plunging in deep and even thrusts. The heat erupting between us seared every inch of my skin, pushing me closer and closer to nirvana.

Clench and release.

Clench and release.

My pussy was almost convulsing from the harshness of his actions. I was so wet, hot as Hades, and knew that his scent would cover me for a long time. I closed my eyes as he continued fucking me, fighting to keep from orgasming.

But I lost.

Within seconds, I was shoved into ecstasy, issuing a high-pitched scream as one climax rushed into a second. Then all I could do was pant like a wild animal, clawing the bedding as I met every hard thrust with one of my own.

He wouldn’t stop, never became tired as one minute turned into three then five, even longer. I was exhausted, barely able to take shallow breaths, although the air wasn’t enough to fill my lungs. When he slowed, I thought he was ready to come.

But I was wrong.

He wrapped one muscular arm around my waist, lifting me then storming away from the bed. When I was slammed against the wall several feet off the floor, I stared wild-eyed at him, struggling to hold onto anything. An evil grin crossed his face as he returned his cock to my molten pussy, using the power of his thigh muscles to thrust, every pass pushing me against the wallboard.

“Oh, my. Yes, I…” There was no way to make a coherent sentence. I gripped his shoulders, wrapping my legs around his waist as he fucked me.

He lowered his head, planting his palms on either side of me, our lips only inches apart. His heated breath wafting across my skin, adding gasoline to the already raging fire. I dug my fingers into his skin, tilting my chin and daring him to kiss me.

“Bad girl,” he huffed.

“Yeah. So what?”

He curled his upper lip before crushing his mouth over mine, immediately thrusting his tongue inside. I was completely in awe of his prowess, his ability to push me into another orgasm. As I screamed into the kiss, he dominated my tongue, sucking on the tip with fervor. The sounds of his massive body slamming mine against the wall were almost drowned out by his guttural growls slipping past our locked lips.

The taste of him was incredible, the passion erupting between us almost as powerful as the hard fucking. All the embarrassment, the shame that continued to course through me only added to the excitement of such a wicked, filthy experience.

When he broke the kiss, he remained close, hovering over me as the brutal pounding continued. I pressed my hands against his chest, marveling at the structure of his muscles. So hard. So rippled.

Another lurid look crossed his face, the man refusing to give into his needs. He tore me away from the wall, cradling me against him as he backed toward the bed, falling onto the soft surface. Laughing, he lifted me several inches then yanked me down, cupping my breasts.

“Ride me, Franny. Hard.”

Taking a deep breath, I swung my head, swishing my hair across his face, instantly rewarded with the brute pinching my nipples, twisting and pulling until the pain became biting.

But I did as I was told, bucking against him, digging my knees into his sides. I’d never felt so free, moving up and down as his cock swelled, my muscles aching. I tossed my head back and forth, keeping my eyes shut as another orgasm roared through my body.

“Oh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” I was unable to make any other sounds, any attempt at expressing the dazzling sensations rocketing through me incoherent. Vibrant dancing colors swept around my field of vision as my pussy clamped around his throbbing shaft.

“That’s it. Good girl.” He plucked my nipples, abusing them in the most delicious manner. The man had no bounds, no ability to hold back.

Why did his words continue to fuel me? I laughed softly as the climax slowly eased, trying to steady my breathing. It would seem the man could last all night. The combination of agony and ecstasy was chilling, keeping every nerve standing on end.

He kneaded my breasts, still pinching my hardened buds, every sound he made one of satisfaction. “Do you know what bad girls get?”

“No,” I managed.

Before answering, he flipped me one hundred and eight degrees, gripping my hips and keeping me a couple of inches above his cock.

“They get fucked in the ass.”

A scream finally erupted from my throat as he pushed the tip of his cock against my puckered hole. Everything became a blur as I gripped his knees, my body swaying back and forth. When he pressed the tip just inside, I bucked against him.

“Vader!” I yelped, a single tear slipping past my lashes.

“Relax, Franny,” he huffed, pulling me down an inch at a time.

He was so huge, my muscles straining. I couldn’t do this. I would be ripped apart. I’d never felt such immediate anguish, the agony jetting through me like a wildfire. With an elongated moan, I leaned forward, fearful I’d fall to the floor.

There was no stopping him, his cock forcing my muscles to expand, accepting his control.

His utter domination.

“Yes,” he huffed, jerking me the rest of the way down, holding me still for several seconds. Then he bucked against me, boosting my torso up several inches before yanking me down again. When he developed a rhythm, I hung my head, staring at the floor, praying the pain would cease.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, a wash of exhilaration flooded me, a wondrous jolt of electricity that seemed to power every cell. He pushed me up and down, forcing me to accept every inch and I was floored that my muscles no longer ached. They’d accepted his big, fat cock, drawing him in deeper, filling me completely.

I bucked like a wild girl, pushing against his thighs in order to keep up with his rhythm. For the next full minute, maybe longer, the only sounds were our combined heavy breathing and the squeak of the cheap box-spring mattress. Exhausted, a single bead of perspiration trickling down the side of my face, I could finally tell he was close to coming.

Every sound he made was barbaric, his fingers digging into my hips, and as I squeezed my muscles, his roar became a battle cry.

The moment he erupted, filling me with his seed, I promised myself that I’d never do anything like this again.

Too dangerous.

Too tempting.

Too… damning.

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