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Bad Men: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Sample


The Specialists

Specializing in ROI. Operational specialists hired to perform a job using any methods necessary to fulfill their duties—legal or otherwise.

A covert operation consisting of highly trained experts from various industries: Military, KGB, CIA, Russian and Irish Mafia. All considered dangerous, ruthless mercenaries, their missions entail returning precious stolen or abducted items to powerful and influential tycoons, who pay handsomely for the completion of their tasks.

Funded by various wealthy moguls, including those in the criminal sect, their strict methods of protocol leave nothing to second guess, including termination of the perpetrator and everyone involved in the heinous act if necessary.

There is one rule that must not be broken.

No personal involvement.

Anyone who challenges their method of operation in any way will face their wrath…

Chapter One



The deepening of shadows was my best friend, one of the reasons I’d become a mercenary in the first place. I enjoyed the quality time of being alone while performing my work. I’d risen to the ranks of the best and intended on keeping it that way. I was a man who enjoyed his work, at least usually. I glared at my unexpected partner before shifting my gaze back toward the compound a few hundred yards through the trees. The light breeze had allowed the sound of the rippling waterfall from the saltwater pool to float in our direction.

Other than the nightcrawlers combing the woods in search of a breach in security, all was quiet behind the thick walls. The bastard those in South American called the Serpent believed his world was impenetrable. He assumed he was God, his brutality placing him in the class of some of the worst creatures on the face of the earth. However, he would soon understand that he’d fucked with the wrong people.

After all, my partner and I were also considered bad men, the kind who’d long ago tossed away any concept of humanity. We were expert marksmen, trained in all aspects of weaponry. We also could blend in with any environment, no matter how affluent. Those were some of the reasons we’d been recruited to work with a group known only as the Specialists in the first place.

The other reason?

Because we didn’t mind taking human life if necessary in order to fulfill our mission, reacquiring valuable merchandise.

However, the package we were required to secure wasn’t the kind I was used to. A woman. Whatever she was worth meant risking our lives. That didn’t suit me in the least. In fact, I was one pissed-off mercenary. While both Diego and I had been briefed, the meeting at our handler’s house a requirement, if tense as fuck, an uneasy feeling had remained since the moment we’d stepped foot on the plane.

What the fuck hadn’t Dante told us? Why had an American doctor been abducted in the middle of the night from a location almost one hundred miles away? There were far too many questions and no decent answers. Dante Moretti had been my handler since my recruitment and while I didn’t like him, he was a man who knew better than to fuck with me. He was also well aware that if all the necessary information wasn’t provided, the assignment could go to shit easily.

The nagging remained in the back of my mind and what my instincts continued to tell me was disturbing.

One of us on this mission was going to die.

That sure as shit wasn’t going to be me.

The buzzing of insects and the slithering of snakes had gotten on my nerves.

I’d be glad to get out of the damn jungle, the area infested with myriad dangerous wild creatures. The Serpent enjoyed his games of treachery, utilizing areas of quicksand, pits writhing with snakes and sudden drop-offs to ensure no one would compromise his private quarters, a sprawling mansion that cost millions.

Only I wasn’t just anyone. Navigating the one hundred acres had been strenuous but doable. Now the danger was in human form. My favorite kind, my finger itching to pull the trigger.

People died when they got in my way.

Hunkered down, I kept a firm grip on the M4 as we waited. The timing had to be right. There would be no second chances. We knew the layout of the entire compound, including the sleeping quarters for everyone in the house. That included our target for the evening. Every step had to be calculated, every action performed perfectly. There was one hell of a paycheck to collect and I intended on doing so.

Except that I’d be forced to share two million dollars with one fucking asshole.

Diego Sanchez.

My handler had determined to keep the fact I wouldn’t be working alone from me until the last minute, something the Italian asshole would pay for later. I certainly didn’t need a babysitter or to be forced to work with a low-life criminal in order to perform my task. But here we were, deep in the darkness of Brazil, attempting to save a damsel in distress.

I checked my watch then gave the only signal the man should need. If he was as good as I’d been told, I wouldn’t be required to explain the mission a second time.

Moving out, I crawled forward, able to detect Diego right behind me. We remained low until we got to the wall, the location the single three-foot radius that was undetectable by the dozens of cameras on the property. We remained in position for a full sixty seconds before I tossed the grappling hook, enabling us to scale the wall.

At least my partner seemed to know what he was doing, the first mission accomplished without incident. We hugged the exterior wall, shifting along the perimeter until we were under the window housing the doctor. If our intel was wrong, we’d find ourselves working in a Brazilian gold mine within twenty-four hours, slaving away in order to enrich the pot for the Serpent.

That is if we were lucky.

The alternatives were… unpleasant.

Diego shifted to take a look at the balcony, before giving me several hand signs. I tossed the hook once again, catching one of the heavy iron posts of the ornate railing. Diego was the lookout and he damn well better do his job or I’d personally feed him to the piranhas in the lagoon. After shimmying up, I touched my watch, the mechanism easily detecting the alarm sensors and neutralizing them.

I had to admit I was somewhat concerned the actions had been easy, maybe too much so. I glanced at the perimeter. I had less than three minutes to get in and out before the soldiers moved back in our direction and the security system detected a breach in operation. While the lock was meant to keep the prisoner in, I had no issue picking it.

Once inside, I moved quickly to the bed, easing my hand into the bag I was carrying. Securing a piece of tape, I studied her sleeping form for a few seconds before yanking the sheets and immediately slapping the tape over her mouth. She instantly flailed, kicking out in an effort to stop her attacker.

Little did she understand we’d come to rescue her.

I placed my hand around her long neck as I leaned over and whispered instructions that she was required to accept. If not? She would learn what happened to bad little girls who crossed me. I allowed the slender beam of light to highlight a portion of my eyes before turning the flashlight toward her.

“Be quiet. I was sent by your father to retrieve you. You scream, I’ll punish you. You disobey me, I’ll punish you. If you try and run, I’ll freaking punish you in a way you won’t like. And if you escape, God help you. I won’t be coming to find you again.” She would receive nothing more until we were miles away from the compound. Even then, she would know only what we’d been directed to tell her.

I wasted no time, tossing her over my shoulder and moving quickly out of the room, her muffled screams irritating as fuck. She continued struggling, beating her fists against my back, her strength surprising as hell.

I could see that the beautiful woman was going to be trouble. What I didn’t expect was for my cock to ache, hunger broiling within every cell and muscle just from the sight of her. The picture I’d been given hadn’t done her justice. She was one inviting creature, her blonde hair spilling out over the pillows in such a seductive way I’d had difficulty breathing. I was a man who took what he wanted and the photograph of her alone had been enough to invoke the beast from deep within. I wasn’t entirely certain I could control my desires, no matter the cost.

Maybe she enjoyed serving the sadist prick, although I had doubts that she’d fully learned of his reputation. The Serpent wasn’t just a killer. He was a true monster.

What I knew that the others within the Specialist’s organization didn’t was that since the Serpent had set his sights on the lovely and talented Dr. Lindsey Walters, there wasn’t a place on this earth where she could hide.

Until the fucker was dead.

And I intended on pulling the trigger.

Chapter Two


I struggled in the large man’s arms, trying desperately to get away from him.


Who did the asshole think he was to threaten me? I’d been punished enough as it was, but I knew one thing for certain.

I was going to die. There was no other possibility.

Whether the two assailants murdered me or the asshole who’d stolen me from the camp where I was working found me, I was a dead woman. Three treacherous weeks had shifted into something out of a horror movie.

Granted, I’d prayed for some kind of release, for a hero to come walking through the locked door in order to save me. Then he’d sweep me out of the jungle to some incredible Caribbean beach, completely safe and protected. But my fantasy hadn’t included a man in dark clothing breaking in through the window, telling me in no uncertain terms that he’d punish me for the slightest infraction.

That had just happened, so was I dreaming or just losing my mind?

Please, God. Please…

I wasn’t normally a religious person, but I prayed the cross surrounding my neck had some magical powers. A nervous laugh almost bubbled to the surface. Fairytales weren’t real. I expected to hear rounds of gunfire at any second. I’d heard enough rounds of ammunition fired to last me the rest of my life. Instead, the muffled sounds of slithering creatures in the jungle only added to the nightmarish feel.


I’d known various levels of fear during my life, but nothing paralyzing until the horrific night I’d been captured by ugly beasts disguised as soldiers weeks before. I’d been tied and tossed into the back of a vehicle, driven miles away from my original location. All the while, I’d understood the filthy words spoken in Spanish of what the bastards had wanted to do with me.

“The little bitch deserves a hard cock shoved into her pretty pink pussy.”

“I think the princess needs a session with a real man.”

“Maybe she’d like stiff cock as a meal.”

Yet they hadn’t touched me, likely for fear of what their boss would do. I’d realized quickly that the Serpent’s authority was akin to God. The Serpent. The only name I’d ever heard the monster referred to as, the majority of those around him treating the man like the holy one instead of the murderous beast he truly was.

I’d been tossed into and locked in a windowless room where I’d been forced to stay for several days, or so I believed. Time had ceased to exist, my imagination working overtime as I’d heard nothing but the scuttling sound of rats or snakes or God knows what. The Serpent had wanted to break me down, to rip away my resolve, but the bastard had failed.

When he’d provided a beautifully adorned room with no way out, that had honestly been worse. That’s when I’d been forced to tolerate the Serpent’s advances as well as his attention. What I’d endured was the thing nightmares were made of. Nightmares plagued me, my mind starting to lose its grip on just how long I’d been kept a prisoner. I’d even begun to accept the fact I’d never see the United States again.

Now this.

Several hours of being carried like a sack of potatoes through the dense jungle, blood-sucking insects feasting on human flesh, the wretched sounds of predatory animals and reptiles the only thing I’d been able to concentrate on. My captors had said nothing, not a single additional word after capturing me in the middle of the night, threatening to punish me. From what I’d been able to see, I knew they were heavily armed, as if preparing for a war.

Or retaliation.

I’d fought at first until exhaustion had settled in. Still, they had no idea what kind of woman they had in their clutches. I’d continue to do so until I found a method of getting away from them. For all I knew, they could be mercenaries for some other horrible organization.

I moaned as loudly as the thick tape would allow, managing to knee the asshole in the gut.

The hard crack on my backside was his way of reminding me to remain quiet, his groan giving me satisfaction.

“Up here,” I finally heard the second man whisper. I was able to detect a Spanish accent, his voice husky and dark.

I tried to pay attention to where they’d taken me, but the dense jungle and the darkness made it almost impossible. They’d used a single flashlight, a mere pinprick of light while going through the foliage, but I’d seen the goggles they wore. They had to be used for night vision. Were they really attempting to free me or something much worse? As I was finally eased to my feet, I sank several inches in mud. Thankfully, the asshole removed the tape, growling after doing so.

“What are we doing?” I could hear the sound of running water. We were close to a river.

“Keep quiet. The jungle has ears,” the first one whispered as he hoisted me into a small boat.

Folding my arms, I shivered even in the horrible humidity and did as I was told, trying to keep images of wretched creatures out of my imagination.

One of them pushed the boat away from the shore before both men settled in, using only paddles to guide us down the river. As it had before, time seemed to stand still, the darkness eerie and foreboding. Minutes passed.

Maybe hours.

My mind was foggy, my skin clammy and my heart racing. I had to remain strong. Were they telling me the truth? Did I dare believe them?

As the boat was finally rowed to what appeared to be a small alcove, I was finally able to take a deep breath.

After helping me out of the boat, I was lifted into the first man’s arms again, only this time close to his chest. He carried me with ease as both men trudged through the rough terrain, the second soldier using a light to guide our way.

“You will be all right, Doctor. I promise you,” he whispered, his fingers digging into my skin as if for reassurance.

I could hear his labored breathing as the scent of him reached me. Dear God, I wanted to believe him. He was all male in every sense of the word, his musk and testosterone filling my nostrils.

“Six hundred yards to the right,” the second man said, now leading the way.

I strained to see anything, finally able to make out a building or hut of some kind. The second man swung the light from right to left, then toward the entrance, the door creaking as it was opened. Only when the door was closed behind us did the second man locate and turn on a light, the small lantern creating a bleak glow in the rugged interior. Blinking in order to focus, I was finally able to get a decent look at the two men, although both were wearing dark clothes, some kind of black gunk on their faces. One had short cropped blond hair, his gorgeous eyes enigmatic. The other had shoulder-length black hair and ebony eyes, the kind that seemed soulless.

My saviors.

My dark angels.

Or were they merely another kind of beast?

Maybe they were really criminals in disguise, stealing away the Serpent’s precious possession, making up a story to keep me quiet. They certainly hadn’t provided any details. Why should I believe them? My father was the last person I would expect to attempt a rescue, unless he was determined to go through with a promise he’d obviously made regarding my hand in matrimony.

The two men were both extremely muscular, standing nearly six and a half feet tall. I felt tiny in comparison, my five-foot-six-inch frame no match for their brawn.

“This will do for now,” the second man said under his breath as he dropped a black duffle onto the floor.

“You’re going to remain quiet as a mouse, Doctor,” the blond stated with absolute authority, his look stern. He scanned the room, his scowl increasing.

The moment he placed me on a cot, the springs digging into my legs, I jerked up, immediately lunging toward him. Fuck the assholes. I had no idea who they were, and I didn’t give a damn. I just wanted to get away, to live. I’d find a way back to the medical camp somehow.

“Rar!” I hissed as I clawed at him. His heated growl was a distinct reward. He wasn’t prepared to face my wrath.

The blond caught me around my waist, his dark chuckle pissing me off.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he stated in a husky whisper, as if he was the new controller in town. Easing me back, he shook his head, his eyes shimmering with amusement that I’d bothered to try to get away.

Rearing back, I managed to rake my nails down the side of his face, gasping for air as his gaze turned deadly.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed, slapping his hand against his cheek.

“I guess we’ll need to teach her a lesson,” the second abductor said, the tone of his voice irritating me even more.

They thought this was a game.

“Like hell you will!” I spouted just seconds before the blond wrapped his hand around my throat, pushing me back several inches. The expression on his face was nothing short of predatory, his eyes burning holes into mine.

The man was hungry, famished.

And I was his prey.

Something didn’t feel right, my stomach churning, the need to flee all I could think about.

I refused to buy the bullshit he’d said earlier. My father had no idea where I was. I’d purposely told him a lie in order to attempt to live my life my way.

“Get off or I will kill you,” I managed before he added pressure, his hold almost suffocating.

The blond took a deep breath, a sly smile crossing his face. “I’d like to see you try.”

“You need to deal with her, Rivers, or I will,” the Spanish man chortled.


I made mental note of his name, my eyes watering as terror swept through every inch of my body. Still, he was one gorgeous specimen, his eyes penetrating through me as if he knew everything about my entire life. Like he’d tasted me before. As if he’d hungered until his needs had become insatiable.

As if he would own me.

The blond snarled at his companion before turning his full attention to me, his nostrils flaring.

I was thrown by their appearances, the dim light of the lantern barely illuminating their rugged bodies, but there was no denying their authority. They weren’t anything like what I’d been warned about, vile men who captured anyone they believed would provide a decent day’s wages. Abductions were well known in the heart of Brazil, a nasty tale I’d heard the second I’d arrived in the country.

These men seemed far more powerful; their ability to get past the dozens of guards was impressive and spoke to intense training. Military? Maybe. Hired guns? Definitely. The weapons they carried were similar to the men who protected the Serpent.

Could I actually buy my father had spent his hard-earned money to track me down? And would he know I’d been kidnapped in the first place? The Serpent certainly didn’t need the ransom money, the man’s estate worth a fortune. Then who the hell were these guys?

They were both drop-dead gorgeous; broad shoulders and muscular arms, chiseled faces that were wistful dreams in the making. The blond had a square jaw, creating an air of defiance, his nose and cheekbones Romanesque. His eyes were the most engaging thing about him. Even in the dim lighting, I could tell they were the color of the Aegean Sea.

The dark-haired man held the look of a Spanish Conquistador, his luscious full lips framed in a solid two-day stubble adding to a dark and dangerous demeanor.

And I was freaking out of my mind for thinking of them as anything but horrible monsters, even though they’d saved me from continued anguish. My entire body ached, bruises covering my arms and legs. The Serpent had made certain I followed his rules, his methods of punishment harsh.

Swallowing hard, I told myself I would not be taken in by their gorgeous physique or the fact they’d acted as if they were rescuing me. I refused to be betrayed by my own body.

Even if my nipples ached, my pussy soaking the thin panties I’d been allowed to wear. The expensive silk nightgown, a ‘gift’ from the monstrous Brazilian beast barely covered my torso. I’d never felt so naked in my life.

While the blond was clearly American, the other could be nothing more than a hired gun for the jerk who’d insisted I call him sir, the soldier’s Spanish accent as dark and brooding as his burnished skin and black eyes.

The blond tilted his head as he crowded my space, his hot breath cascading across my quivering skin. I was shivering all over, every nerve crawling to the edge. I clawed his hand, trying desperately to free myself. As he lifted me onto my tiptoes, he moved dangerously close, his chest rising and falling from intense frustration.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” the man known as Rivers stated through clenched teeth. “We might be your only hope of survival, but you will be a good little girl while we’re in charge of you.”

The other man snickered as he lowered his weapon, still holding it in his hand as he swept the interior of the rustic cabin. “She’s going to be a handful.”

“Yeah? Well, she’ll learn to follow the rules or else. Now, I’m going to let you go and you’re going to promise to behave.” His angry words were followed by a harsh glare.

I nodded, my fingers still digging into his. He didn’t seem bothered in the least, impervious to whatever pain I’d inflicted. Releasing his hold, he kept his hand in place, likely figuring I wasn’t the obedient type.

“Who are you? What’s going on?” I managed, my voice husky from the lack of water as well as the extreme hold.

“We’re saving your ass,” the blond huffed. “As far as who we are, that doesn’t matter at this point in time. It would seem, given the amount of money paid in order to free you, that you’re very special. Keep in mind that you are to the Serpent as well. That places a target on your back and we’ll be collateral damage. So, stay quiet.”

“Why should I trust you? Besides, you don’t know anything about me,” I countered, quickly searching for a way out of here. As if there was anywhere to go. I knew enough about the location of where I’d been taken to realize I had no chance in hell of making it out of the jungle alive.

“We know enough, princess, to realize your life is in danger. Do you know what the Serpent does to pretty little things like you who manage to get away from him?” The blond darted a quick glance around the perimeter before taking long strides from one area to another. I could tell he was checking to make certain the location was secure.

I held my arms, taking quick breaths, trying to rationalize what had occurred. Everything remained a blur, my mind foggy. The asshole had called me princess. Who did he think he was?

“This will do for now, but I don’t like being this close to the slimy bastard,” the blond denoted before easing his weapon from his shoulder. “We need to check for supplies or the pinhead who planned this location will pay for his stupidity.”

“How long do we stay here?” the other man asked.

“We’ll leave in the morning as long as we don’t detect any soldiers in the area,” the blond answered, shooting me another hateful look. “That should be enough time to get her under control.”

“Just let me go,” I implored, my voice skipping. Control. What the hell did they think they were going to do to me? “Or at least talk to me. I deserve to know who you are since you went to a significant amount of trouble breaking into the Serpent’s compound. And yes, I pay attention to everything. I know how powerful he is, and how dangerous. But I could say the same thing about the two of you.”

Both men stared at each other before the dark-haired man finally approached, taking a long hard look at me. I could read his depraved thoughts, could sense what he craved doing to me.

Tasting me.

Claiming me.

Ravaging me.

Over my dead body.

“She’s as formidable as she is intelligent,” the Spaniard stated, a hint of respect in his tone.

“You have no idea,” I shot off without thinking.

My heart was in my throat as the blond chuckled, his answer laced with acid. “We are your saviors and your worst nightmare. If you obey us, you’ll make it back to the United States safely. If not, I doubt you’ll have an opportunity to perform medicine ever again. I suggest you plant that pretty ass of yours onto the bed and stay there. You will be punished if you don’t follow directions just like we promised. We don’t have time for games and your insolence will not be tolerated. There are some dangerous assholes out there who will enjoy hunting you down, even going against whatever rules the Serpent laid in place.”

“If you’re trying to scare me, it’s not going to work.” I heard the tremor in my voice and hissed. “The Serpent tried and failed.”

“You need to listen to my friend, Doctor. We’re the only two people on this planet who can save you.” While the Spanish guy grinned, his eyes never leaving mine, I could swear he was ready to become very familiar with every inch of my body.

I wanted to scratch out his eyes.

The bastards did know who I was, or at least the reason I’d been stupid enough to come to Brazil without fully understanding the horrors that had awaited me. All I’d wanted to do was help people who had no means of doing so themselves, not become a prized possession for some kind of drug lord. Or whatever horrors he’d inflicted in order to amass his fortune. The Serpent was a pig.

“Do you like pretty things, Lindsey?” he’d asked while he moved in a circle around me, his eyes burning with intense desire, my stomach nauseous from the realization of what he wanted to do to me.

“I don’t want anything from you,” I responded, struggling with the rope securing my wrists and ankles.

He chuckled as he closed the distance, sliding the tip of his finger down my cheek and neck, finally rolling it around my nipple. “You and I are going to become very close, American princess. I suggest you accept that you now belong to me. Otherwise, you won’t like the treatment you receive.”

“I will never accept anything from you!”

The hard slap across my face was one I’d never forget, nor the way he’d allowed his goons to drag me into a cinderblock cell. I’d been shackled to the wall, my clothes stripped from me. Then I’d been left in the dark, the sounds of creatures scuttling across the surface of the prison the only thing to keep me company. Shuddering from the thought, I knew better than to trust anyone, including the two men who’d set me free.

Because there was obviously a price to that freedom.

“And I said that I demand to know who you are. If you are military, I want to know your ranks. If you are civilians, I deserve to know the organization you’re working for.” I stood to my full height, daring to take a step closer.

“Civilians,” the Spaniard repeated, laughing softly.

That told me they were military of some kind, or at least they had been.

The blond chuckled as he shook his head. “The less you know the better.”

“Not good enough!” I snapped. “You are going to tell me what the hell is going on and who you are or when I get out of here, I will have you arrested. If your story is true, then you are well aware that my father is an important man who will eat you alive if you so much as hurt a hair on my head.” The words wanted to stick in my throat, fear crawling along every inch of naked skin. While I wanted to believe them, I honestly had no idea whether or not my father was powerful enough to find a way to save me.

But I knew a family that could. A sickening feeling washed over me, the concept that my life was being manipulated by my ex a fate more horrible than what I’d faced with the Serpent.

The blond once again towered over me, his grip on my arm firm. “Fine. Have it your way. You were abducted by one of the sickest fucks in the entire world. While you’re still alive, I assure you that he would have grown weary of the flavor of you eventually. You see, he’s gone through several women, their bodies turning up in pieces. You have bruises on your body. I assume it’s a product of the asshole, but trust me, he was just getting started. Now, do you understand your predicament?” His tone was demanding, yet his eyes showed concern.

Was I supposed to buy that crap? I remained quiet, tilting my head in defiance. More than a trickle of fear slithered down my spine.

“The man is a bastard for hurting you and it seems as if you know much more about him than I do, partner,” the dark-haired man hissed. “I will be very happy to slam the blade of my knife into his brain.”

“Yeah, well, you’re going to have to take a number. I’ve run into men like the Serpent before.” The blond turned his attention back in my direction. “What the Serpent would do to you if you were caught makes the desires of a serial killer seem like Disneyland. If you attempted to escape and survived the snakes, alligators, and wild boar, could possibly avoid sinking into the quicksand or falling off a cliff, I assure you that his soldiers would find you. After that?” He laughed as his heated gaze fell to my bare feet. “Another thing that nightmares are made of. Now, if you want to live, and there are no guarantees, I suggest you shut your mouth and obey our rules.”

Myriad emotions swept through me from rage to hatred, the anxiety spreading like a flesh-eating disease. But there was also something else that pissed me off even more.


An explosive longing.

I was on fire from the scent of him, his dominating touch and the way he took charge. My God, what was wrong with me? My entire body had betrayed me, my nipples aching to the point of sheer anguish. And that sickened me to the core. Instead of cowering, which is exactly what he wanted, I reacted, giving him a hard slap across his face.

The force was enough his head snapped away, even as his grip continued to be firm. When he shifted his gaze back in my direction, the combination of rage and burning hunger wasn’t just disconcerting, it was maddening.

Then he smiled, inhaling in an exaggerated manner. I felt a swarm of butterflies filling my stomach even as I continued to shake.

I refused to stop struggling, finally breaking free. Then I bolted toward the door. I knew in my heart that I was going nowhere, but in my mind, something seemed to snap. I was shaken to the core by what had happened, the fight or flight bridging the surface.

The Spaniard grabbed me, almost snapping my wrist from the force he used as he pulled me toward him, making a tsking sound. “Not so fast, Doctor,” he said harshly. “One way or the other, you need to realize that fighting us isn’t in your best interest.”

I managed to pummel my fist against his chest, prepared to strike him when he grabbed my other hand. “I don’t know you and I certainly can’t trust you,” I hissed.

“You really don’t seem to understand your predicament. I’m already getting weary of your tantrums. I have no doubt my partner is as well.”

He seemed to let me go and I stumbled backward and directly into the blond’s arms.

“I told you that if you don’t obey that you would be punished. And princess, I always keep my promises.” The blond dragged me with him, thumping down onto the cot and immediately yanking me over his lap. The thin lace from the thong I’d been forced to wear wasn’t going to be any protection.

“What the hell are you doing?” I screeched, flailing hard.

“Teaching you a valuable lesson.” He tugged on the string positioned between my ass cheeks, toying with me for several seconds.

“No. No!”

“Hell, yes. This kind of thing can’t happen. The sooner you realize that, the better.” He yanked the nightgown up to my waist, bringing his hand down in a swift, brutal manner.

I was shocked, the wind knocked out of me from the realization of what he was doing. The bastard was spanking me. For a few seconds, I was paralyzed, unable to do a damn thing. Even worse was the feel of his hard cock throbbing against my tummy. He was aroused by what he was doing. Bile rushed to my throat as I started to fight in earnest.

“Nope. We’re having none of that,” the blond hissed, grabbing and yanking my wrist to the small of my back before wrapping his massive leg over both of mine.

There was no way I was going anywhere.

“You will learn not to fight us or there will be consequences,” he continued.

I couldn’t believe he was spanking me like some child.

I sucked in my breath as he brought his palm down in even strikes, one coming after the other. The sensations shifted from sharp stings to mind-blowing pain driving down the backs of my legs. Small wails erupted from my lips, although I clamped my mouth shut. He didn’t deserve to know I was rattled as hell, incapable of rationalizing what on Earth was going on.

The sound of his palm snapping against my skin was almost as unnerving, the noise muffled yet still managing to echo in my ears.

When the pain became blinding, I could no longer keep a series of moans from bubbling up from my throat.

“Oh. Oh…”

“That’s what bad girls get for their first offense,” the blond whispered in a husky tone.

I realized my legs were parted and when he ran the tip of his finger down the crack of my ass, a whimper escaped my mouth.

“The second offense will be worse,” the Spaniard added, his tone gravelly as if dripping with desire.

“Fuck you!” I snapped, refusing to give in.

“She’s wet for us, but she has a nasty mouth and a bratty attitude.”

“I think we need to fix that,” the Spaniard retorted. “While we have work to do, I think she needs a hefty round of discipline.”

“Yes. The first order of business is to make certain our package understands that she’s required to obey, and I’m finished with talking,” the blond stated.

“Both of you are horrible,” I exclaimed. Everything they said I attempted to memorize, no matter the condition of my mind or my… Dear God. As the realization that my pussy was leaking, likely soaking through my panties and onto the jerk’s dark pants, I was floored at first. Disgusted next. There was no way I could be turned on by the vicious criminal, a man who should be behind bars.

When the scent of my feminine wiles floated between us, I fisted my hands, biting back a scream. This was ridiculous. I was just exhausted and scared to death, an emotional wreck from being held hostage.

“Very wet,” he whispered. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you thrived on pain.” He rubbed his fingers up and down the lace, digging the material into my pussy. When I moaned, he used his fingers to smack me in the same location, creating a ripple of sensations dancing down my body.

“As I said, fuck you,” I hissed, trying to keep from moaning.

“That’s going to cost you.”

The blond slipped his fingers past the material and between my swollen folds. Stunning sensations wrapped themselves around me, pulling me into a sweet vacuum. I could feel my body opening up, even enjoying what he was doing. As he drove them inside several times, I could hear the Spaniard’s heavy breathing. Everything was blurry, crazy. How could I enjoy this?

“I think it’s time for you to apologize,” the Spaniard stated.

“Not going to happen!” I countered.

“I don’t think you should tempt my buddy here. He’s not a nice guy. In fact, he’s considered brutal, a true savage.”

The blond drove several fingers deep inside, keeping his rhythm even. “My partner is right. I think you should keep in mind that the next level of punishment will be much worse.”

I did everything I could to shut off the desire, to drag myself back into the protective state I’d perfected over the last two weeks of an enduring nightmare. And I allowed my body to sag completely in his hold, my arms and legs dangling like the useless arms of a puppet.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” the blond asked, flexing his fingers open as he shifted his thumb down the crack of my ass.

I was in a euphoric state, loathing everything that was happening, including the way my desire wafted between us, the humidity making the scent more intense. Even the feel of the blond’s hard cock was enough to make my breathing difficult. “Not a chance in hell.”

“Then I’ll have no choice but to continue,” the blond half whispered. “Do you know what kind of punishment bad girls deserve after refusing to stop misbehaving, Sanchez?”

“Hmmm… Why don’t you tell me, Jack?” the Spaniard asked in a husky tone.

Jack. The blond’s name was Jack Rivers, also known as the arrogant asshole. Why was I tingling all over from the way he touched me? Why was there such excitement coursing through my veins?

“They get fucked.”

I couldn’t have heard the words correctly. There was no way. “What?”

“You heard me,” Jack stated then pushed me onto the bed, yanking my nightgown up even further.

I reared back, managing to kick him in the stomach.

Jack huffed then grabbed my hair, twisting my long strands in his fingers. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“I never said I was a nice girl,” I spouted, my pussy clenching then relaxing. This was insane. I was embarrassed by my own body’s reaction, my nipples so hard that both breasts ached. Maybe my dreams of the strong-bodied heroes saving me were the reason for my body’s obvious betrayal. Yes, they were both sexy as hell, but this wasn’t normal. Was it? I heard the sound of a buckle then a zipper and sucked in my breath as I clawed the rough blanket covering the bed.

“You are a formidable little thing,” Jack whispered. “And so very wet.” He slid his finger down my pussy, swirling the tip around my clit. As if frustrated at the hindrance, he yanked my panties until I heard a ripping sound.

When I realized I’d opened my legs, a warm flush crept along my jawline. I couldn’t deny the bizarre electricity shooting between us, or the way my body craved his. My mouth even watered at the thought of both of them together.

No. No.

That was nuts. I couldn’t think that way. Not for any reason. I couldn’t…

He continued swirling his finger until I couldn’t stop a whimper from escaping my mouth. I could feel my pussy convulsing, as if it wanted to climax. I closed my eyes as he tugged on my hair and knew my breasts were exposed, the humid air still feeling cool against my naked skin.

“I think you want to come, don’t you?” Jack whispered in a demanding tone.

“No, I…”

“Don’t lie to me.” Jack slipped his fingers back inside, the angle different than before, immediately sending tingles dancing down every portion of my body.

“Mmm…” I managed, wiggling my hips as I opened my legs further. I was so ashamed yet was unable to stop my actions, my breath skipping. No man had ever touched me so forcefully, driving me to the point of madness.

“Tell me,” he commanded then smacked my pussy several times before sliding his fingers back inside my channel, my muscles immediately gripping the thick invasion and pulling him in even deeper.

“Yes. Okay. Yes. Yes. Yes.” The moment the words left my mouth, I gasped, hating myself and the way he’d been able to get my body to react.

Growling, he continued driving his fingers deep inside, moving in a perfect rhythm and one I tried to match with rearing back like some damn bucking bronco. I was giving in, offering him all of me.

“So tight,” he said under his breath.

I almost laughed. It had been so long since I’d had any man touch me with any kind of passion. While the Serpent had hungered for me, my heroes had saved me before anything filthy had occurred. Should I be grateful?

As he continued thrusting, I could hear the Spaniard’s rapid breathing, the slight guttural sounds he made. The humiliation of being watched was also exciting, the electricity shooting through me so unexpected, yet I couldn’t stop the sensations rushing into every cell and muscle.

As Jack continued to plunge, I could tell I was close to coming, his fingertips hitting my G-spot. I could no longer think clearly, my mind a blur as the climax rushed up from my toes, smashing into me in such a powerful way that I threw my head back, unable to stifle my scream.

My body bucked, my heart hammering against my chest. I was in a peaceful state of bliss as the single orgasm turned into another, this one blasting through me like an explosion.

I had no idea how long he continued pumping but when he finally slowed, I felt him release his hold and I dropped my head, trying to catch my breath. Oh, God. Oh… God. What had I just experienced?

I felt the pressure of the tip of Jack’s cock and bristled, another moan escaping my lips. He really was going to fuck me to teach me a lesson. I couldn’t move, was unable to say anything to the powerful man as he slipped his cockhead just past my swollen and quivering folds.

When he gripped my hips before slipping another inch inside, I held my breath, finally turning my head in the Spaniard’s direction. The look on his face was that of a savage, a man ready to take his place, commanding his own attention. I couldn’t help but shudder seeing the way he stroked his cock, his hand moving up and down as he stared at me.

“Wet and tight and perfect,” Jack whispered then thrust the entire length of his shaft inside.

“Oh. Oh!” My entire body shook as my muscles strained to accept his thickness. He was so large, filling me completely. There was no chance of getting used to his size before he pulled out, driving his cock back in once again. Within seconds, he was in a smooth rhythm, plunging in and out, the sound of his low-slung growls filling the air.

This was crazy, guilt riding every part of me but there was nothing I could do and in truth, I wasn’t certain I wanted it to stop. He was the kind of man dark fantasies were made of, his muscular torso and chiseled face continuing to give me chills.

“Give yourself to me,” he commanded with such intensity that my breath was stolen.

“You’re too big,” I shot back, even as the flash of pain had already begun to shift into something incredible, breaking the chains holding back every inhibition.

“Relax, little brat, and enjoy. This is just the beginning.”

Jack continued powering into me, the force pushing me down as I clung to the blanket, my entire body aching. I was thrown into another realm, loathing how my body had betrayed me. My nipples ached, my heart racing and with every thrust, I was shoved further into a cataclysm of fire, every nerve ending seared.

He smacked me several times, a likely reminder that I was totally in his control. My throat tightened as the force of his ravaging plunges shoved me against the scratchy blanket. As he fisted my hair, yanking my head and forcing my back into a deep arc, I let out a series of savage growls.

“Such a little fighter,” he half whispered, with one brutal thrust after another.

Pain intermingled with extraordinary pleasure, pushing me further toward a shower of electricity. I didn’t want to come. I refused to allow him to break me, even for a few seconds.

Yet he did.

As the climax rushed into the sweltering darkness of my body, perspiration beaded across my brow, my arms and legs shaking. This was insane. This was…


“Oh. Oh!” My scream ragged, the sound was mixed with his guttural growls. The man was a true savage.

Within seconds, I could tell he was close to coming, his fingers digging into my skin as he pummeled harder and faster.

“Oh. Oh…” I whimpered then squeezed my muscles. The way his body responded, stiffening then shaking violently gave me a smile. When I felt the warm gush of his seed filling me, I took another look at the Spaniard.

This time, his expression was one of annoyance.

Jack continued thrusting for a full minute then leaned over me. “Such a bad girl.”

“She’s learned her lesson, Jack. You need to let her go.”

Jack shifted his hips back and forth, his cock still throbbing deep inside. “She needed this.”

“Jesus. Fucking. Christ. You’re a prick just like I knew you were,” the Spanish jerk huffed, his boots thumping hard against the tile floor. Then suddenly I was in his arms, my breasts crushed against his massive, rippling muscles. I was forced to smash my hand against him, struggling as he held me. A wave of adrenaline flowed through every vein, the need to get away even stronger than before.

There was also a rush of embarrassment as well as excitement tearing through every cell until I noticed the knife in his hand.

He snarled as he thrust the serrated blade in the direction where Jack had been standing, his black eyes narrowing.

“I don’t think so, Diego, unless you no longer want your share of the finder’s fee,” Jack stated with zero inflection.

Chuckling, he sucked in his breath, the barrel of Jack’s weapon placed against his temple. “Touché, asshole.”

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