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Beast: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone – Sample


Solar System: Atlantis Gramar

Habitable Units: Twenty-two planetary outposts, sixteen habitable for humans at various levels

Usage: Mining, Farming, Prison Systems, Medical Research, Breeding Facilities

Current Location: Outpost 14—Bellenia

Government: United Earth Federation run by a president elected every five years plus a council of twelve representing multiple Earth colonies

Condition of Earth: Both global warming and several expansive nuclear projects produced catastrophic effects, rendering farmland useless, the majority of water sources considered toxic. Human reproduction all but ceased and with the subsequent diseases produced by extreme conditions almost eradicated, the discovery of Atlantis Gramar allowed for continuation of the human species due to extensive but selective colonization. Those remaining on Earth are highly protected, an exclusive group of individuals and their families, all chosen to continue research and government operations. The men and women in charge of the planetary outposts are expressly trained, although for some, the extradition has proven to be… difficult.

Status of Bellenia: Dangerous

Chapter One

Outpost 14—Bellenia, 2249


You’re a survivor. Never forget.

The whispered words were haunting, drawing me up from the depths of horrific images.




I gasped, doing everything I could to dig my way out of the catacombs of darkness, fearful I’d never be able to see the warming light of day.

A strong rumble grabbed at my mind, an unseen growl, more beast than man. There was so much sadness in the tone, the animal terrified as well as angry.

I attempted to cower, even though my muscles seemed paralyzed. A hard-thudding sound was followed by an intense snarl.

Then utter silence.

Paralyzing quiet.

Move. Get the hell out of here.

No matter how hard I tried, I was frozen.

After at least a full minute, I heard another sound. A dark and very evil chuckle.

“Oh…” I shifted, attempting to take a deep breath, finding every movement difficult. My eyelids felt heavy, my heart racing. What the hell was going on? There was almost no sound, as if I’d been placed into a vacuum. I had to be dreaming. There was no other explanation. When I moved again, every muscle in my body screamed with an intense ache. My body unreactive, I slumped forward. The moment my face smashed into something hard and cold, my eyes flew open. I licked my lips, my throat parched and my muscles heavy.

I slid my arm forward, able to lift two fingers.

Please help me. Please…


The single echoing sound sent a cold chill racing down my spine. Very slowly, I tipped my head in the direction of the noise, blinking several times in an effort to focus. Steel bars. What? I shifted my head from right to left after becoming used to the near darkness. A slice of utter terror raced down my spine and I jerked back, hitting additional metal.

I was in a cage, a fucking cage. A whimper left my mouth, my breath skipping. This couldn’t be happening. Yet the primitive-looking padlock indicated I was correct. I had no recollection of what had occurred or how and when I’d been shoved into a cage.

Another cold chill slithered down my spine, shooting directly to my legs. As I glanced down slowly, only then did I realize that I was completely naked. What. The. Fuck?

Think. Think!

I had difficulty doing just that, my mind fuzzy. What had I been doing? I pulled my knees against my chest, wrapping my arms around my legs, darting glances from left to right. The darkness was suffocating, the heat and humidity debilitating. I closed my eyes, counting to ten before opening them. If I’d hoped that the nightmare would disappear, I was sorely wrong.

Beads of perspiration trickled down both sides of my face, the air in the place stagnant. After a few seconds, I heard buzzing sounds. Insects. That’s what they were, which indicated perhaps an open window or door? God, why couldn’t I figure any of this out?

Jungle. You’re in the jungle.

Was I nuts?

I lowered my head, taking gulping breaths. Nothing made any sense. I was… I’d been… I tried to recount even a single event. The last thing I remembered was preparing for a lecture from one of the scientists. Internship. Yes, that was it! I’d been accepted out of hundreds if not thousands of applicants to intern in… Bellenia. I was a geological student. Ha! It was starting to come back to me.

I was two weeks, no, three into the program. The day had been very humid, the small colony surrounded by a formidable jungle, the foliage thick with moisture from an earlier rain. Everything had been completely normal. Breakfast. Some field work. Class. I’d walked into the entrance of the building and…


Wait. No, then there were men dragging me, soldiers, only they’d been cloaked in hoods. That didn’t make any sense. Yes, I knew all about the various Habitable Units, the colonies created and protected by armed soldiers, but they’d been assigned as protection.

I shook my head several times, but the cobwebs wouldn’t dissipate. It was obvious I’d been kidnapped, taken against my will. I peered over my arms, scanning the location. While there was some kind of light in the far distance, that wasn’t helping highlight anything in the room.

The heat was oppressive, taking my breath away. I was terrified but determined to keep my wits. All the students had been told there was the possibility of rogue and dangerous creatures in the surrounding area and that going off on our own could result in capture and…

I couldn’t even think about what had been described to our class. I gulped, lightheaded and nauseous. Did the team of scientists and the other students know I’d been kidnapped?

Yes, of course, they had to. My head ached, much like the rest of my body. How long had I been stuck in this hell-hole? There was no telling. All the training I’d received in working in extreme conditions hadn’t prepared me for this. Anger swept through me. I refused to be a victim. I inched closer to the cage door, reaching tentatively through the bars, fingering the padlock. I’d only seen something like it in documentation from decades before, the primitive method of security no longer used. I knew better yet I yanked on the thick piece of metal several times, becoming more and more frustrated.

I let out an anguished moan, only to hear what sounded like my own echo. “Where are you?” I finally screamed after a few minutes. I wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Fuck them. “Show yourself, you fucker!”

I could have sworn I heard another chuckle just before a switch clicked and amber glow filled the space. The nasty light swinging back and forth over my head was just as terrifying as anything else. Wincing, I shielded my eyes as I looked up through the bars, trying to identify the source of the laugh. The tone was decidedly male and right now, all I wanted to do was rip the asshole’s eyes out. “What the fuck do you want from me?”

As I’d suspected, there was absolute silence.

I beat my fists against the bars, the slight rattling sound echoing. Goddamn. What were they waiting for? Were the fuckers enjoying observing a caged animal? I shrank back again, trying to avoid the light, but there was no way. I was some prize for the assholes who’d captured me. Maybe their plan was to sell me off to the highest bidder.

Confia en mi, te perseguire,” I hissed in Spanish, preparing to say them again in a half dozen other languages. I had no way of knowing who or what I was dealing with. Trust me, I will hunt you down. As I repeated the words in my mind, I heard yet another dark and dangerous chuckle.

“I would love to see you try, Ms. Caruso.” While the asshole’s voice was deep, the metallic twinge indicated the jerk had disguised it.

“A voice of a jerkoff. How perfect. I should revise. A chicken shit jerkoff. Why don’t you show yourself like a man?”

There was more silence and I narrowed my eyes, finally able to tell there was a wide panel of glass positioned maybe thirty feet above my head. An observation area. That didn’t sound like any typical crime lord to me, at least not from what I’d heard about the horrific assaults and murders that had occurred in and around the city.

Rationalize. Think!

I was finally able to control my breathing, my mind clearing.

Criminal activity on several of the outposts was on the rise, men and women taking to the streets in an effort to handle business their way. The surge of violence had the World Federation on edge, additional soldiers being assigned when necessary. What I couldn’t figure out was why this particular colony was highly secured, several military personal stationed twenty-four/seven. Nothing made any sense.

“I’m also going to suggest, Ms. Caruso, that you learn obedience immediately or your time spent with us is going to be extremely difficult.”

Difficult? The bastard called kidnapping and caging difficult? If I had a serrated blade in my hand, he’d learn the true meaning of the word. “What. Do. You. Want?” I asked through clenched teeth.

“Why, simply your cooperation,” he answered.

“In what?” I finally asked, jerking my head to the right as I heard a series of… scraping noises. A chill swept through every cell and muscle, goosebumps popping along every inch of my naked skin.

“An experiment.”

I shot another look in my captor’s direction. “What are you talking about?”

“Needed research in a very special project. You were chosen for specific reasons, Ms. Caruso.”

If the bastard said my name one more time, I was going to cut off his legs before I killed him. This time, I was the one who remained silent. It was obvious he wanted me unnerved, rattled to the point I’d show additional fear. Didn’t that usually make experimentation that much more delicious? I refused to give him the satisfaction. I lowered my head, counting softly to myself as I’d done for years. It was my way of keeping my mind intact instead of succumbing to the monsters who likely lived under my bed.

“Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.”

“That’s enough, Ms. Caruso. The experiment is about to begin,” he stated in a commanding tone.

“Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen,” I screeched as loudly as possible. I continued until I actually heard the jerk cursing under his breath, yet the filthy words were magnified by the microphone.

“Have it your way, Ms. Caruso. Bring him in.”

Him. Who the hell was the creep talking about? I scanned the room once again, barely seeing anything more than fifteen feet out from the cage. When I heard what sounded like a metal door being opened, I crept closer to the front of the cage, wrapping my hands around the bars.

The next sound that was emitted was painful to my ears, the throaty growl followed immediately by an intense roar. Every part of me was rattled, my stomach lurching. Chains. Then I knew that whoever was being dragged closer was locked in chains, just like I was.

What in the hell was actually going on?

The gait of the person was slow. Then another voice floated toward me.

“Get a move on, you alien creep. We don’t have all day.”

Alien? I was floored but even more curious. From what I knew, there were no aliens on Bellenia. I’d never even seen one, except in pictures. The next series of sounds were nothing short of barbaric, guttural in nature and very, very angry.

“Drag him if you have to, for fuck’s sake,” the first man snarled.

The next rattle of chains was followed by what could only be described as a whooshing sound then a hard thud.

“Jesus Christ! Goddamn freak,” the second man said.

I almost laughed at the realization that the poor guy had been tossed to the ground by this supposed alien.

“Prince, I promised you something very special today in turn for your cooperation. I always keep my promises.” The first man had a lilt in his voice, obviously thrilled with what was about to occur.

Something special. I knew that meant me. I was suddenly paralyzed, my throat seizing. I clawed at my skin, trying desperately to clear my airwaves. Please, God. Help me. Help me!

There was no one coming for me, no one capable of saving me.

The shadows seemed more oppressive as my heartrate soared. Once again, I had difficulty catching my breath. I could tell by the vibrations in the floor that this creature was being dragged closer.

Then he walked into the light.

I’d always had nightmares, vivid images of monsters. They’d plagued me for years, but I’d always awakened from the wretched realm, able to push the darkness in a tidy little black box, the visions unable to hurt me. On this day, I knew that nightmares were real.

And that this monster had come for me and me alone.

I tilted my head, staring up at the creature who’d been dragged in front of me. The light had to have some kind of treatment. There was no way his skin was an iridescent purple. He was a huge slab of muscle; his body rugged in design, his arms and legs chiseled to perfect definition. His shoulders were wide and strong, the deep ‘V’ of his abdomen carved like a perfect stone, all leading to… Holy shit. As much as I hated to admit it, his cock was a thing of beauty. He was huge, the deep purple color in his throbbing shaft making my mouth water. I was shocked at the instant desire rolling through me like wildfire.

What troubled me were his eyes, not just the fact they shimmered in flecks of gold, but that they were riddled with sadness. The beast was as much a prisoner as I was, perhaps even more so.

“Your treat for being such a good boy,” the voice boomed into the microphone, giddy as a damn kid in a candy store.

I was appalled as well as terrified, my mind reeling from what I was seeing. A beast.

A monster.

An alien…

Chapter Two



I repeated the word in my mind, unable to believe what my eyes were seeing.

He swung his head from left to right, the guttural snarl he emitted reverberating in my ears.

The creature’s features were remarkably close to human, yet different in every regard. I knew in my gut that he was indeed an alien, a force to be reckoned with. The familiar term of ‘Prince’ meant the captor knew the alien and his background.

“Such a beast, primal.” The unseen man laughed, snorting in a disgusting manner.

The alien issued a series of low-slung animalistic growls, tipping his head in the direction of the observation box, his rage evident by the veins bulging in his neck. He threw back his arms, the chains rattling once again as he announced his anger.

The sigh coming from the captor was exaggerated. “I suggest you calm down, Draziak. If you don’t, I will have no choice but to destroy your mate right in front of your eyes. I doubt you want that to happen. Do you?”

Draziak. I whispered his name in my mind several times, trying to rationalize what the fuck was going on. Mate? Was the captor indicating I was somehow this… monster’s mate? Oh, hell, no. I belonged to no one and I certainly wasn’t going to be a part of a crazy, sick experiment.

Draziak released another snarl before turning his head slowly in my direction, taking a single step closer. My God, his eyes were penetrating, his anger evident as well as something else, which was utterly terrifying.

Carnal hunger.

Fuck. Fuck! I crawled as far as I could go, my back hitting the cold steel.

“That’s it. Take a deep whiff of her. Then you can tell me if I’m wrong.” The captor was obviously very happy with what he’d done. I knew without a doubt I would find a way to kill the bastard.

The alien did just that, easing forward in choppy steps, at least as far as the heavy chain would allow. His nostrils flared as he inhaled, a look of contentment replacing only a portion of his haunted expression.

“What the hell are you trying to prove, fuckhead?” I hissed, realizing I was treading on thin ice. This just wasn’t going to happen. Not a freaking chance in hell. I was sick to my stomach, butterflies swarming as blood pumped in my veins. Just a nightmare. Nothing more.

Yet I no longer believed it.

My thoughts went crazy, trying to wrap around any concept of rationality. I was studying geology, well aware there were ancient civilizations that had been snuffed out during the centuries on the various outposts as well as on Earth. Famine and plagues had been the main reason for their demise. However, in all the documentation I’d read, the computer searches I’d done over the years, there wasn’t a single being that looked like Draziak.

I was also aware there had been multiple contacts with different alien species going as far back as almost one hundred years, only a few noted on Earth. The majority of contact had been through involvement on the outposts. I’d never had the opportunity to work and study on any of Habitable Units before. Obtaining a position was something to be revered. I’d considered myself lucky to be here.

Why hadn’t the handlers preparing our group for the trip warned us about the fact we’d face an alien species? More important, who was this mysterious human and why was he using an alien as a lab rat?

I tried to remember every detail I’d learned about Bellenia before signing my name on the contract. There were various experiments going on, much like every outpost, yet Bellenia was best known for its valuable minerals, rocks that helped created much needed fuel on Earth. But nothing in the documentation had mentioned projects involving aliens.

“I’m not doing anything, Ms. Caruso. Draziak is your rightful mate and he is going to take what belongs to him. Allow them to have some time alone together, Parker.”

“What? What the fuck are you doing?” I screeched, horrified at the words. This couldn’t be happening.

Parker, the glorified lackey, shot a look at the captor, shaking his head before easing some sort of device across Draziak’s wrists and ankles, immediately freeing him.

“What about the girl?” Parker asked, snorting as he glared at me.

“I think Draziak can take care of that.”

“Wait a freaking minute!” Parker snapped. “Didn’t you disable his powers? That was the only reason I agreed to this.”

The captor issued a growl of his own. “Get the fuck out, Parker, if you can’t handle your task. I’ll deal with you later.”

I not only sensed a hesitation in the soldier but could see a glint of fear in his eyes. Whoever this captor was initiated fear as a method of control.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Parker hissed between clenched teeth.

“Then you will obey,” the captor shouted. “Besides, Draziak doesn’t need anything but his brawn. Now, do you?”

I couldn’t help but notice Parker took several strides away from the alien, darting a single glance in my direction.

And I could swear he held an expression of fear.

For my safety.

Draziak rubbed his wrists, his penetrating eyes locked on the observation booth. “You will pay for this, Scorpion. There will be no place on this godforsaken planet where you can hide.”

Scorpion. I swallowed hard, realizing the asshole in the observation booth must be some kind of mercenary. I couldn’t fathom what the hell was going on.

For some reason I was surprised the alien’s voice was deep, velvety in a way that I hadn’t expected. I was startled to think the creature knew our language. This had to be just another nightmare. I would wake up. Do it, Annabella. Do it. Wake up.

“I look forward to the challenge,” the captor stated, his tone more dominant than before. “You have one hour with her. No more.”

Parker quickly moved into the darkness, obviously eager to get the hell away. I clawed at my throat, still trying to make sense of what the fuck was going on.

Draziak roared once again, the sound one I would never forget. An injured animal. Yet this beast was hell bent on revenge.

I’d never succumbed to any man. I’d always been the aggressor; that is, for the two men I’d dated in my life. Right now, I had no idea how to act, willing my mind to shut down. Whatever the alien was going to do to me I knew the chance was I wouldn’t survive.

The alien gave a long exhale, still staring up at the observation booth, his hands clenched in fists and his chest rising and falling rapidly. There was no escaping the fact he was fully aroused, his thick shaft throbbing. Even as sick as I felt, there was an odd stirring coming from deep within.

There was no way I was excited about this. None. I closed my eyes, wiping beads of sweat from my brow, the heat fooling with my mind and my rationality. Breathe. Just breathe.

I heard nothing for a full minute, daring to open my eyes. The sight of the alien crouching only a few inches in front of the cage door was enough to force a whimper from my mouth.

He was staring at me, remaining unblinking as his eyes roamed my body. His nostrils were still flared and every few seconds he took a deep breath. The moment he dragged what appeared to be a forked tongue across his lips, I had to fight the tears threatening to give away every ounce of fear.

And I was terrified.

I shuddered, huddled as far away as it was remotely possible, even though his long arm could easily reach the back of the cage. He kept his shimmering eyes locked onto me, studying me in a way that gave me an indication of his high intelligence. I could swear he was reading my mind.

“What. Is. Your. Name?” he asked in a throaty voice, accentuating every word.

I shook my head slightly, curling my body as tightly together as possible. From this vantage point, the ugly lighting allowed me to see more of his handsome features. He was aristocratic with a high forehead and a sculpted nose, his cheekbones the only aspect that was remarkably different from humans. I found myself drawn to him: his rugged muscles and strong jaw, broad shoulders and carved muscles. Jesus. I had to be out of my freaking mind. I was forced to take in deep breaths, trying to fill my lungs.

The scent of him wasn’t what I’d expected: woodsy and exotic, the musky fragrance not only pleasant but exciting. My nipples were hard, aching in a manner they hadn’t before. The wetness between my legs was embarrassing, juice trickling to the insides of my thighs. A wash of guilt and anger flashed through me, even as a jolt of electricity sizzled every nerve ending.

I couldn’t be attracted to him. I just… I refused to be. This was sick and disgusting and terrifying and… My mind remained foggy, my vision clouded as I couldn’t keep the tears from slipping past my lashes.

“I will ask again. What. Is. Your. Name?” He wasn’t angry, just mystified in the same manner that I was.


“Anna-bel-la.” The way he said my name was like sweet music, rolling off his tongue. He dipped his head, studying me even more intently. I could swear that I was also able read his mind. He was going to devour me, his hunger knowing no bounds, but he was absolutely confused as to the reason for his attraction. “You are… beautiful.”

I swallowed hard, nodding once. “Please. I’m not your enemy. We are a peaceful people.”

He smiled, laughing softly. “Every human is an enemy.” He lowered his gaze to the padlock, wrapping his large hand around it. I heard a cracking sound before he pulled his fingers away, the lock crushed into shards of metal. Using just a single finger, he opened the door, the creaking sound of the hinges terrifying.

A wash of sensations crawled over me, igniting the embers buried deep within my body. Hunger. I actually felt desire for him, an intense longing. I was mortified, darting glances at the observation booth, knowing the men were watching. Bastards. They were laughing. Maybe they were even taking bets on what would happen.

Please don’t hurt me. Please.

I couldn’t bear to say the words.

“I will not hurt you, Anna-bel-la.”

I’d been right. He was reading my mind. How the hell was that possible? I allowed myself to gaze into his eyes once again, the connection we shared uncanny. I could swear I was seeing into his soul; the heartache and brutality he’d gone through, the challenge he’d been forced to face since arriving on Bellenia. I wasn’t sorry for him, but I also was no longer afraid.

I also realized whatever I’d signed onto had been a lie.

The gesture was simple, his hand reaching into the cage, his look one of a carnal and very dominating nature. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I was his prize, his treat.

And he was going to take me in any and every manner he desired.

I was mesmerized the moment our fingers touched, the live wire of electricity soaring through every extremity. I was so turned on I could barely breathe, my heart racing and pinpricks dancing on every inch of skin.

After guiding me out of the cage, he took a step back, tilting his head. My need to fight or flee kicked in and even though I had no freaking plan, I bolted, heading for where I believed the door had to be. I glanced back only once, unable to see anything.

Then a blur.

Long fingers wrapped around my wrist followed by a rough tug. The sound was different from before, even more infuriated. I was tugged then dragged behind the alien for several feet until he reached the cage.

“No! I will not go back inside.” I kicked out, able to catch the beast in the leg, but there was no movement, only a face peering down at me.

Seconds before I was tossed over the cage, my stomach hitting the steel bars.

“You will obey,” Draziak snarled.

“You’re crazy! What are you going to do?”

“Punish. You.” His words were clipped, the tone deep.

I struggled to push up, my fingers wrapped around the thick wire but the second he entangled his fingers in my hair, I was completely immobilized. I screamed, able to catch a small glimpse of the observation booth. The fucking captor was standing as close to the glass as possible and if I didn’t know better, I could say he was giving an approving smile.

“Let me go!”

I could feel his hot breath skipping across the back of my neck. “Not until you. Are. Punished.”

I wasn’t prepared for the hard smack of his hand across my backside. Pain washed through me until a moan slipped past my lips. I was mortified, shaken to the very core as he repeated the move not once but several times. No. No! My stomach lurched, my heart racing and I was absolutely shocked that I was hot and wet all over. There was no way. I was sick, one demented girl.

“You belong to me,” Draziak huffed, his hand coming down over and over again.

The heat was already building on my bottom, more intense than I could have imagined. I kicked out my legs, struggling in his hold, conscious of the peering eyes.

I was thoroughly humiliated, my world completely shaken.

“No. No! I don’t belong to anyone. I can’t. I already…” As if there was anyone who cared about me. I had no one. Not a single soul who gave a damn about me. I only had my work. My beloved work.

“You will learn,” he said, as if we would have years together. The spanking was severe, taking my breath away.

As well as slickening my inner thighs from the horrible desire.

I finally closed my eyes, no longer fighting. I was just too embarrassed to care about the anguish.

When he caressed my bottom, his fingers much gentler than I would have imagined, I concentrated on my breathing.

“Soon, I will fuck you in the ass.”

The promise had been made and I knew that one day, he would make good on it.

Easing me to my feet, he yanked me against his chest, the force knocking the wind out of me. My breathing was scattered, my lower lip quivering as he lifted his arm, using just the tips of his fingers to brush down the back of my head, tangling his fingers in my long hair.

“Mmm…” He tilted his head back and forth, as if drinking in my essence.

The feel of his throbbing cock pressing into my stomach filled me with both excitement and anxiety. I couldn’t seem to catch my breath, everything around us still foggy.

Another guttural sound pushed past his lips as he ground his hips back and forth, pressing his hand down the length of my spine. As his head lowered, the shimmer I’d seen before in his eyes changed, becoming enigmatic, the draw powerful. I was locked into the moment, my body seemingly paralyzed as he allowed our lips to touch.

I wasn’t prepared for the sweet taste of him or the gentle manner in which he kissed me. His tongue parted my lips, darting just inside. I was more aroused than before, the longing becoming too intense, the need turning my hunger into something inhuman.

I wrapped my arms around him, clawing at his back as the sweet moment began to turn into something else entirely. He became more brutal in his actions, dominating my tongue as he explored the dark recesses of my mouth.

He yanked me onto my toes, sliding his hand to my bottom, cupping and squeezing. As he kicked my legs apart, I moaned into the kiss, some sense of rationality trying to creep back in. I pressed my hands against his chest, pushing with all my might, finally slapping at him.

He broke the kiss, growling as his eyes darted back and forth. I couldn’t look away, completely locked into the moment. Whatever hold he had on me was far too powerful.

“You. Are. Mine,” he whispered hoarsely, dragging his rough tongue down the side of my face.

“No. I… I don’t belong to anyone.”

“Mine,” he repeated, his fingers digging into my skin.

I wiggled against him, trying to get away, the dichotomy of the raging desire rushing through me and the need for self-preservation something I had difficulty understanding. Why did I want him? What drug had been given to me?

Every nerve ending was seared as he bent me in a deep arc, dragging his teeth down the side of my neck.

“And. I. Will. Fuck. You.”

I whimpered as he fisted my hair, biting down, his tongue swirling around my skin. “Oh. Oh…”

I clung to him, taking shallow breaths as he rubbed his mouth down to my chest, sucking and nipping until he reached my nipple. Every sound he made was animalistic.


As if he couldn’t get enough.

The way his tongue swirled around my hardened bud created a rush of adrenaline, the warmth of his body almost comforting even as his actions became more forceful. I was so stimulated that I was lost in the moment, my mind still wanting to fight him off, but my body betraying me. Desire raged within and even the guilt of my longing as well as the humiliation of being watched couldn’t abate the delicious, filthy sensations.

He pinched my other nipple, twisting and pulling in a crazed manner. The pain mixing with the pleasure was explosive, leaving me exhausted yet stimulated. The combination was almost too much to take.

I couldn’t understand what was happening between us, but I wasn’t able to control myself, the longing far too intense. I wanted to scream out, to beg for this to stop, even as the little voice inside my head pushed me on.

Except the voice wasn’t female.

Who was inside my head? What had been done to me?

Another deep growl grabbed my attention as well as increasing the desire. I was wild with need, desperate for more.

I reached for him, sliding my hand between us until I was able to wrap it around his shaft. The throbbing vibrations were incredible and the moment I pumped up and down, he threw his head back and let off a primal howl, the sound echoing in the chamber.

When he lowered his head, his face was contorted, his need surpassing mine. He was nothing more than a beast in heat and I was his mate, the coupling somehow required in his mind. He’d been driven to this, unleashed in a way I could barely understand, his ferocity and hunger increasing with every passing second.

He lifted me into the air, holding me aloft as if I weighed nothing, allowing me full access to his beautiful cock. Groaning, he opened his mouth wide, allowing me to catch a glimpse of his forked tongue seconds before he ravaged my other nipple, sucking and licking fervently.

My God, the bliss was sensational, leaving me in awe, unable to think about anything but the raging desire shared between us.

I stroked his cock, moving up and down as I twisted my hand, creating a wave of friction. I wanted nothing more than to have his shaft in my mouth, sucking until he came. I imagined the stream of cum sliding down my throat, could almost taste him. Every sense in my body was jazzed, boosted in an inhuman manner, the excitement surging even more.

After a few seconds, he forced my legs around his waist, holding me as he stormed toward the cage. I had no idea what to expect until he draped me across the top rungs, dropping to his knees and spreading my legs wide open.

“Oh, God. Oh…” I was lightheaded, struggling to reach him but he was too forceful, the savage taking everything he wanted.

And he wanted me.

The moment his tongue flicked back and forth across my clit, I almost lost it, my toes curling from the deliciousness of the moment. He pressed my legs as wide open as possible, sucking on my tender tissue for a full minute, his actions brutal and unforgiving.

I stared up into the light, my mind forming a shield, even as my body gave in, surrendering to this beast.

This creature.

This… alien.

I knew I was losing my mind, but the pleasure was too tantalizing, pulling me into a vacuum. When he licked up and down the length of my pussy, I thought I would lose all control. Draziak brought me close to an orgasm, thrusting his tongue so deep inside that my muscles wrapped around the invasion, wanting even more.

Wanting all of him.

I tossed my head back and forth, easing my arm over my eyes in an effort to pretend this was just an amazing experience. Not something from a nightmare. I couldn’t help the whimpers that escaped my mouth, moans indicating just how wet my pussy had become, how much my nipples ached.

He pressed one then a second finger inside, working with his tongue to drive me absolutely insane. When he added two more, I jerked up, my strangled moan floating toward the ceiling.

His growls were even more barbaric, the sounds mixed with a dark and dangerous chuckle as if he’d broken through my barriers, ripping down my walls of steel.

As if he owned me.

His prize.

His mate.

I could no longer feel my legs, could only hear the hammering of my heart. Everything was a wonderful blur, white-hot heat rocketing through. I was on fire, the malevolent nature of our coupling no longer mattering. I wanted to come. I craved the pleasure, pure ecstasy.

He shoved his thumb into the crack of my ass, finding my puckered hole. The moment he shoved it inside, I lost it, unable to hold back the orgasm.

“Uh. Uh. Oh. My. God!” I was hoarse, my eyes flashing the strangest and most beautiful light and I could swear I was reading his mind, his thoughts and needs. He would never let me go. He would find me no matter what the bastards did to me.

For I belonged to him.

As the climax rushed all throughout my body, I was pulled into the sweetest moment of bliss, my mouth open yet speechless.

The single orgasm became a beautiful wave and all the while, he lapped at my cream, his fingers driving into me manically.

Only when I stopped shaking did he lift his head, the growl elongated as he stared down at me. I watched as he studied me, tilting his head back and forth.

Then he yanked my bottom to the edge of the cage, lifting me slightly as he placed the tip of his cock just past my swollen folds. “Mine.”

The single word was haunting. I wrapped my fingers around the bars, holding on as he drove into me in a forceful manner, his chest rising and falling from the action. Every muscle was tense as he powered into me, jerking my body up and down as his actions increased, his hunger overwhelming.

“Oh, yes. I…” My mouth was dry yet there was nothing that would quench my thirst.

Except for this man… this alien.

He was crazed with his desire, thrusting hard and fast, my muscles tightening around him, drawing him in even deeper. Everything was a blur as he fucked me.

Just when I thought he was prepared to come, to fill me with his seed, he pulled me back into his arms, holding me as he narrowed his eyes. Using the power of his muscles, he rolled onto the balls of his feet, plunging in and out.

I wrapped one hand around his hair, marveling at the silky feel, trying to understand what was happening between us. There was no way. I was simply being taken. I lolled my head, every muscle aching from the intensity as he continued. It seemed he would never stop, would never allow himself pleasure.

In the next seconds, he staggered backward, finally giving into his needs. The moment I squeezed my pussy muscles one last time, the intensity of his roar was entirely different.


Yet hungry.

But this time for revenge.

I wrapped my arms around him, pressing my face against his chest as his cock continued to throb. He was still hard, still hungry, and for some crazy reason, the thought gave me a smile.

His intense roar was unlike anything I’d ever heard and one I’d never forget. What had happened to him?

And what was going to happen to me?

I had no way of knowing how much time had passed, but the click of the same door I’d heard before brought me back to reality.

Snarling, Draziak eased me down, pushing me behind him, shielding me from the masked men who took long strides into the room, all with weapons in their hands.

“Get away!” Draziak hissed, hunkering down as if prepared to fight.

“Take him. Lock his ass down,” one of the men stated.

The invaders were dressed in black, moving even closer, prepared to fire if necessary.

“What the hell is going on?” I demanded, struggling to get around the massive alien.

“Take the bitch. You know what to do,” the soldier commanded, pointing in my direction.

“You. Will. Not. Touch. Her!” Draziak twisted, able to catch two of the men with a single kick, the force pummeling them a solid thirty feet away, the hard thud ringing in my ears.

“Fuck this shithead. You know what to do.”

Weapons were raised but at that moment, I could tell they were sophisticated dart guns, the kind used by zookeepers on some of the outposts. What the hell was going on here?

“No. No!” I yelled, searching the observation booth, finally lifting my middle finger in frustration. “What are you doing?”

Draziak took long strides toward the other men, catching one by the throat, tossing him as if he didn’t weigh anything.

“Goddamn it!” the soldier yelled. “Get him now!”

I heard the same chuckle as before only seconds before the whoosh and pop as the dart gun was shot twice.

And still, Draziak wouldn’t go down.

“Shoot him again!”

“Be careful. We want him alive,” the captor in the booth shouted down. “Yes, Draziak. She now belongs to you. You will learn how it feels to have something you actually care about ripped away from you. Your mate. Your destiny. You will hunger in a way that you’ve never known. You will be willing to destroy anything and anyone who gets in your way of finding her. And what’s better? You will be forced to think about her for years and years and years…”

I glared up at the observation booth as the words echoed, my entire world spinning.

Two of the soldiers grabbed me. In one of their hands was some kind of syringe. “What are you doing? Let go of me!” Scorpion. No matter what happened, I would remember the bastard’s name and I would hunt him down.

“No! Mine! You… will… die…” Draziak yelled as he struggled to get to me, trying desperately to move, even as his body began to shut down.

The slight prick wasn’t nearly as terrifying as the realization that there was nothing I could do. As I slumped, my eyes getting heavy, my last vision was of Draziak being dragged away as if he was nothing but a…


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