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Beast’s Claim: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One



A deep hunger swelled within me, the need more powerful than any I’d experienced before. This was much more intense, awakening my dark and sadistic cravings.

To feast.

To consume.

To ravage.

A deep growl resonated from my loins as I stood on a knoll overlooking the city, taking a deep whiff of the same intoxicating scent that had awakened the beast from his slumber.

Her scent.

A female.

A human female.

The one I’d dreamt about for over two weeks, the lurid thoughts of ravishing her over and over again, thrusting my cock deep inside until she screamed in pleasure vivid in detail. I released another growl, this one more pronounced.

My shaft became fully extended, engorged with blood as my balls filled with seed. The rumble in my chest was electrifying, priming my savage needs. A portion of my beast rose to the surface, hungry to feast on his prey.

I dragged my tongue across my canines, visions pulsing rapidly into my mind. Every muscle in my body tense, the images of her were more powerful than the few I’d had before. The longing had turned carnal, my entire system remaining on fire from the near desperate need to taste her.

Take her.

Fuck her.

Own her.

But she was human and considered our enemy, making my desire filthy and even more tempting.

Our kind had been imprisoned for decades, forced to live as humans more than our true nature, beasts bred for hunting, feeding, and mating. The curse brought on by chemical warfare, many of us had succumbed to the toxic illness, our females unable to birth our cubs. Our numbers had dwindled, our fate likely sealed. We would face extinction soon enough.

Unless the humans found the cure that they’d promised.

Freeing all the beasts of the forests and jungles.

However, there were some humans worse than those living in the large cities, men and women requiring superiority. Many of us had been captured and caged, horrific experiments performed for the sake of obtaining power, our ability to shift removed.

Although as legends would have it, a revolution was on the horizon, the beasts refusing to succumb. My dreams had increased, a sign that things were about to change, a telling that our worlds would collide again.

Only this time, the beasts would rise and conquer.

I pawed the ground, visions of her swirling in my mind. My hunger exploding, I was forced to face the fact she and I were connected.

I longed to feed on her beautiful pussy, to drive my cock deep inside, claiming what was rightfully mine.



The thought nearly fractured my restraint, driving me to break through the steel armor keeping me locked away from her. As I took deep breaths, her scent stirred a moment of utter intoxication. Suddenly, a whirlwind of visions pounded into my brain, the pictures so intense I clawed the ground, fighting my natural urges.

I raced through the forest, the brisk wind howling through the trees. The darkness was welcoming, my keen vision allowing me to see everything around me. I scanned the perimeter, searching for any signs of predators, hunger furrowing in my loins. The glisten of water tumbling over several rocks drew my attention, the need to quench my thirst overwhelming.

I sprinted toward the river, lowering my head and lapping up the cool water. Within seconds, an incredible scent forced me to lift my head. Inhaling, the rich aroma filled my nostrils, spilling into every cell and muscle. A growl formed in my throat as I recognized the sweet fragrance of her pussy.


She was human.

And she would become mine.

She stood basking in the glory of the full moon, her long raven hair shimmering in the moonlight. Her naked body was perfect, voluptuous and more desirable than any creature I’d laid eyes on. Crouching lower, I watched as she eased into the water, securing her long hair on top of her head.

The scent of her pussy drove me wild, increasing my longing to feast on her sweet juices, lapping up every drop.

Then I would fuck her.

I am coming for you, Raven. If you run, you will be punished. If you fight, you’ll be punished again. You will be fucked. You will be mated. You will belong to me.

I pawed the ground, digging my claws into the surface, my hunger continuing to increase. My heart thudded against my chest, the need for her increasing. Nothing would keep me from taking her. As I backed into the shadows, pain tore through every muscle and tendon, forcing me to throw my head back and growl.

The transformation had already begun. As my spine elongated, creating a wave of anguish, I dug my claws into the mud, struggling as the pain became blinding. As the bones began to break, lengthening and reshaping, all I could think about was the human who would become mine.

Her delicious pussy.

Her tight little asshole.

Her total surrender.

The vision intense, I struggled to return to the ugliness of what I’d become, but her face remained at the forefront of my mind.

That’s when I knew.

The human belonged to me.

She’d been foretold, a female who would be my salvation, as well as that of our entire species.

The human who would be my mate.

There would be no turning back, no chance at altering the course of nature. I would take her, train her, and she would bear my cubs. There would be no escape, for if she tried, she would be marked from my harsh punishment.

Soon… little female. I will devour you.

For I was the alpha.

Of our kind.

Of the panthers.


Chapter Two



Why do they always seem to come late in the night? I finally found the answer after searching for years. The darkness allows their beasts to come out and play…


As my grandfather had always told me, animals had the purest spirits on Earth. They were incapable of hiding their feelings, or their predatory nature. Yet they were also capable of great love and loyalty, even compassion after all the years of torment.

While I’d been taught that beasts of the forest were our friends, creatures to be revered and honored, there were few who felt the same. So many continued to believe the majestic animals were actual monsters, holding onto belief that they should be enslaved or worse.


Because of what we’d done with our wars and greed, our desire for power and influence. We’d destroyed their ecosystems, forcing them to turn into another kind of beast altogether.

The worst kind.


My entire world and all that I knew was shattered on the day I met him.


A strong and virile creature hunting for his salvation, for a way of reaching freedom, his hunger knew no bounds.

I was no longer the renowned scientist, a woman to be reckoned with.

I was his mate and he was coming to claim his prey.

You are mine. There is nowhere you can run, no location on this planet you can hide where I won’t find you. I’m coming for you, Raven. I am the alpha and you belong to me.

The words rushed into my mind for the third time that day alone, the deep baritone of the man’s inflection always leaving me wet and aching. Sadly, they were only a product of my imagination, a deep-seated longing that remained furrowed in the darkest recesses of my mind. Maybe because of loneliness. Maybe because of long hours. I brushed them off as I always did, attempting to focus on my work.


They were all I’d thought about for years, although in my mind, the beasts intent on dragging the human race into extinction had every right to inflict whatever form of retaliation they had in mind. I shifted away from the steel table, arching my back in an effort to soothe the ache. All the work I’d performed during the last few months seemed futile, especially since the company I worked for had one purpose.

Saving the human race.

The same chemicals that had altered the DNA of the beasts had also done so to mankind. Eventually, humans would fall prey to a horrible demise.

My frustration wasn’t based on any ulterior motive for humans to succumb to the recently discovered effects of the decades past chemical war. I simply had no desire for the Breeds to be exterminated in the process.

And I knew they would be.

All the posturing I’d heard from the government, all the promises made were based on officials who knew little about the Breeds or cared to find out. Sadly, I had the distinct feeling that even the almighty White House couldn’t prevent various militia-style factions from hunting them down. The dissidents were already doing so, terrified that the Breeds would take control. Maybe beasts who’d once ruled the forests, jungles, and deserts should be the ones leading every country. After all, they were far superior creatures.

At least in my mind.

I’d studied the various Breeds for years, engaging with dozens of them, learning about their newly manifested cultures since the horror of their awakening. At least that’s what several of them had called the tragic turn of events, the DNA of massive beasts altering given the horrific chemicals used, animals suddenly able to shift into human form. So many had been rounded up decades earlier, allowed to live as humans in our world, many even holding jobs. Then everything had changed a little over a year before. They’d been given their ‘freedom,’ all because a single Breed had ensured the survival of the human race.

That is if human scientists could figure out a formula utilizing the blood of the lion’s new cub. Thousands had been working around the clock in order to do so.

Sadly, we were no closer to finding the right combination than we were a year ago.

However, things weren’t always as they seemed to be, the Breeds’ freedom not as transparent as the glossy telescan reports wanted Americans to buy. It was all bullshit. I’d seen that firsthand, my work as a scientist allowing me certain insights that there was no doubt the government wouldn’t want me to know.

That’s one of the reasons I continued to secretly work on a drug I believed would give the Breeds a certain level of peace. If there was such a thing. I rubbed my eyes, once again taking a look into the microscope.

The silence inside the scientific facility was oppressive, a reminder that I was all alone in the building. While I usually enjoyed the quiet time, tonight an odd sense of foreboding remained in my mind. I walked toward the window overlooking the parking lot, catching a glimpse of the battered vehicle I drove on the days I knew I’d be working late. There were two overhead LED lights, one I always attempted to park within close proximity of. A girl couldn’t be too careful, not with dissident criminals attempting to take over the city.

Sighing, I leaned my head against the tempered glass, staring at the forest surrounding the facility. Sometimes I felt the need to remind myself that I finally had a decent life as well as a job I could be proud of. Tonight wasn’t one of those nights. Waiting for results from the various tests was exhausting, but I was certain I was closer to a breakthrough, although I wouldn’t dare present the results to anyone for an extended period of time. This was my baby, my claim to fame. I laughed bitterly at the thought. I was simply a cog in a wheel.

A sudden surge of electricity coursing through my body jolted me from my pity party. I’d felt the rush of current before, the occurrence leaving my skin tingling and my heart racing.

As well as my body fully aroused.

What the fuck?

Pressing my hand against the glass, I searched the perimeter of the building, unable to see a damn thing in the darkness. But I knew he was there. Him. The massive creature who’d been watching me for weeks. I could feel him, every inch of my skin becoming sensitive. I was shocked at my body’s reactions, a longing that had surfaced, desires that had been hidden for a very long time. “This is ridiculous.” As if saying the words out loud would make them true.

Swallowing hard, I backed away from the window, moving quickly to turn off the light over my table before inching back toward the oversized pane of glass. As I peered into the darkness, I could swear there was someone watching, but the being wasn’t human.

A Breed.

A beast who was very hungry.

Blinking, I could swear I was able to make out a shadowed form as it padded into the light.

Eyes penetrating the darkness.

Powerful muscles.

I could almost read his thoughts, his filthy and disgusting desires.

I will take you.

I will fuck you.

I will mate you.

“Oh, my God.”

After a few minutes, I turned away, disgusted with succumbing to the recent anxiety I’d felt. I was freaking seeing things now. Fucking fantastic. There were very few Breeds who remained in the city, none of which would defy the laws or the curfew. Why would they risk their freedom? The local government leader wasn’t eager to follow the president’s recent guidelines. In fact, the Breeds were still treated like criminals within certain circles, dissidents and citizens alike who were determined to take back the power they believed stolen from them. I was overworked. Nothing more.

When I went back to the microscope, I was shocked at the sudden change in the cells I’d been studying. They’d reproduced in an unusual way, nothing that I’d seen before. I glanced at the timestamp on the telescan system, eager to continue my work. Damn it. Curfew was barely twenty minutes out. If I was caught out after nine p.m., especially driving on the open roads, I’d be slapped with a significant fine if not worse, depending on the mood of the law enforcement officer. I couldn’t risk it. Not with my past. Further testing would have to wait until tomorrow.

I closed everything down, carefully moving my private work into one of the locked compartments. I had to hurry or the parking lot lights would go off automatically. Excitement and a moment of giddiness surged through me as I walked out of the building. I had my notes. I planned on cracking open a bottle of wine and going over everything for the fiftieth time. Maybe I’d even allow myself to open the very expensive piece of cheese I’d purchased, the commodity usually only affordable to the upper echelon of society. I adored having a friend in the black market.

The light breeze was refreshing, the way the wind wafted through the trees providing a glorious scent of some unknown nighttime blooming flower. I adored being outside, the only real freedom I felt in a world with strict regulations, the penalties for infractions harsh.

I preferred the nighttime, the stars and the moon the perfect backdrop for various fantasies. I’d always been a dreamer, a girl created from the very spirits watching over the earth. At least that’s what my grandfather had told me on more than one occasion. A smile crossed my face as I thought about the truly spiritual man, his uncanny ability to communicate with nature and all of God’s creatures something I aspired to. I missed him more than I wanted to admit.


The single sound cut through the slight whistle of the wind, forcing me to a halt, butterflies forming in my stomach. Lifting my head, I stared in the direction I thought the noise had been created. While the sound could be coming from almost any source, what unnerved me was the fact the closest building was almost a mile away and very few people risked walking in an unsecure location alone at night. I turned in a full circle, unable to detect any movement. My mind was merely playing tricks. Another product of weariness.

I managed to unlock the door, tossing my belongings into the passenger seat even though my hands were shaking.


The hairs stood up on the back of my neck. There was no doubt I’d actually heard a sound and whoever or whatever was making it was definitely closer. Very slowly, I turned in the direction of where I thought it was coming from, sucking in my breath. Hearing nothing, I closed the door softly before walking to the other side, retrieving a light stick as well as the knife that had been a gift from my grandfather. His words of advice would always remain in my mind.

“Protect yourself from all things, including your imaginary fears.”

Well, I had a feeling I wasn’t imagining things.

I closed the vehicle door, slipping the knife into my pocket before snapping the light source and advancing. If a group of Breeds actually thought they were going to scare me, they had another think coming.


Hearing my name was startling, but I was well aware I could be imagining things, the various visions that had interrupted my sleep remaining in the forefront of my mind. Then why were there goosebumps popping on every inch of skin? Why was my mouth dry? And why was my body aching all over?

From raging desire.

From the thought of his carved body?

I ventured even closer to the edge of the forest, gazing back and forth. The trees were dense, the facility on former private property, sequestered by the government and the company I was working for. My instincts were on high alert, my heart hammering against my chest. Very slowly, I eased the knife into my hand as I decided to venture further into the ominous shadows. The scents of the forest were intense, moss and mud from the recent rains filtering into my nostrils.

I’d taken a short walk in the same location during the daylight, even gathering a few pinecones, but the area seemed far more secluded in the nighttime. While the light was usually powerful, it was obvious the cells needed to be replaced. At least I was able to see a solid ten feet in front of me.

While I’d been an adventurer my entire life, I wasn’t a stupid woman. I’d taken various self-protection courses, including the use of various weapons that the majority of perpetrators would find themselves hurting after an attempted attack.

That didn’t include Breeds. They were faster, stronger, and far more dangerous than any human. While the moon attempted to break through the canopy of trees, within seconds, the darkness was overpowering even though I continued going for several additional yards. The light stick did little other than highlight the eerie shapes and fallen limbs.

My wayward venture wasn’t going to do me any good. If there was a creature hiding in the shadows, I doubted he, she, or they would dare make an appearance. Exhaling, I took several steps away until I heard the cracking of a piece of wood.

Then silence.

Then the most intense and terrifying growl I’d ever heard, the guttural sound reverberating in the dense air. When I heard a series of cracks, I eased against a tree. The noise wasn’t the same as I’d heard before. No, it was entirely different, as if…

I couldn’t even stomach the thought.

A hard thump was followed by a doleful moan.

A trickle of fear slid into me, leaving it difficult to breathe. I attempted to back away slowly, knowing that if this was a Breed in his animal form, he’d returned to his natural state with tendencies that including hunting for prey. I refused to become his meal.

If the sound was what I thought it to be, I could be in even more danger.

When there was no additional noise, I took off sprinting, jerking around to face the parking lot.

Just as the lights were powered off.


If I could get to the car, I’d have a shot at making it out of the location alive. I weaved my way through the trees, daring to glance over my shoulder twice. When I did so the third time, I felt the creature’s presence.

His presence.

The man who’d been summoning me.

Hungering for me.

Suddenly everything happened in slow motion when I shifted my head, holding the light in front of me, every cell in my body exploding as if on fire. A massive creature stood in front of me, only he was no beast. He was glorious in his nakedness, his sculpted muscles and chiseled jaw a thing of beauty. Standing at least six foot five inches, his muscular structure was well defined, as if carved out of stone. Long dark hair swept over his shoulders, his lips the color of perfect roses. His eyes were his most intense feature; emerald green with fiery swirls of luminescent gold shimmering in the darkness.

And his cock.

Dear fucking God, his cock was the thing fantasies were made of. Long and thick, I could sense it was throbbing even from where I was standing.





The four words reverberated in my mind over and over again, as well as a fifth.


He took a single step closer, his gaze sweeping down to my boots then slowly back to my eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock or his balls hanging low, obviously filled with seed. When he growled again, the deep rumble was almost as terrifying as it had been before. His scent was musky, exotic, and ripe with testosterone, the fragrance more intoxicating than any alcohol I’d ever consumed.

While fear remained trickling throughout my body, there was also some insane level of desire, my nipples aching and my pussy clenching. I was sick to my stomach at the realization that I was turned on by this beast.

A god.

A dark angel.

A predator.

“Ra-ven,” he said, his voice barely audible.

But I heard him. I could tell he’d come for me and I wasn’t entirely certain he was going to let me go. “Who are you?”

He cocked his head, taking another guarded step in my direction, this time gazing directly at the knife. “The man who will own you.”

“No. That isn’t going to happen.” I wasn’t entirely certain I spoke the words, my body so aroused that there were echoes of my heartbeat floating into my ears. Heat from the electricity of our connection was overpowering, soaking my panties from the extreme arousal that enveloped my body. There was no doubt what was on his mind or what he planned on doing.

Capturing me.

Using me.

Fucking me.

I was floored at my body’s reactions to a stranger. The monstrous yet glorious specimen of a man stood like a primal god preparing for a feast. In fact, I considered it blasphemous, a betrayal of my common sense. Yet there was no denying my attraction or the way my nipples were aching to the point of extreme pain. Taking a purposeful step away from him, I held the knife in front of me, trying to control my breathing.

He beckoned to me with a single finger, his nostrils flaring. “Come to me, Raven.”

Like hell that was going to happen. Whatever the bizarre connection we shared, I refused to fall victim to his… desires. “That’s not going to happen, buddy. I’m not for sale or for the taking.”

A smile crossed his face, his expression one of amusement, but there was no doubt about his intentions, his cock standing at full attention. “I said. Come. To. Me.”

“And I said. Not. A. Fucking. Chance. In. Hell.” That’s when I decided to take off running, only I was forced to head deeper into the forest. There was no sound of the man… the monster chasing me, but I knew he was right behind me. Still amused.

Still aroused.

“If you run, you will be punished.”

Punished? He had to fucking be kidding me. Who the hell did he think he was?

I powered on, my heart racing, the oppressiveness of the dense forest tickling at my sense of survival. I’d never heard of a Breed acting in this manner. While there’d been skirmishes for years, Breeds who’d disobeyed the laws of our country, there’d been few attacks on humans.

At least that I’d heard of.

Run. Run. Run.

I shifted behind a tree, trying to catch my breath.

He was likely baiting me, waiting for the opportune moment to reach out and grab me. I pressed on, refusing to fall prey to my fear of the unknown. Instead, I was determined to remain riled, allowing the anger to fuel my adrenaline.

When I heard the most provocative low-slung growl, a shiver trickled down my spine. Not out of fear. Not out of self-preservation.

Out of raging lust.

My God, I was turned on by the entire experience. I had to be out of my fucking mind. What I knew for certain was that I remained wet and hot all over, the scent of my leaking pussy filtering into my nostrils. The thought was revolting.



Fuck me. I was losing it. Why did he excite me, breaking through all the barriers I’d placed around myself? And why did I have fleeting images of being tied down, fucked savagely? I took off running again, another growl permeating the night air. I raced away from my perch, scanning the perimeter, unable to see anything. The damn light stick was basically useless, the glow likely giving away my location.

Unless he could see in the dark.

Of course he could. All Breeds had increased powers. Sight. Sound. Taste. Feel. Smell.

And strength.

They could crush a man with their bare hands, bend steel at will, and run faster than any human ever had.

This was merely a game to him, and one he had no intention of losing.

When I tripped over a fallen limb, forced against a massive oak, I let out a horrific gasp as I struggled to hold onto the knife.


Even the way he called out my name was sexy as hell, driving into the very core of me. I dragged my tongue across my lips. I could almost taste him. His mouth. His cock. His… Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

The single crack from behind me propelled me into action. I swung around just as his hand wrapped around my wrist, wrenching it to the point I was forced to drop the knife. A slight whimper escaped my mouth as he yanked me against the heat of his chest. The feel of his cock pressed against my stomach was incredible, my mouth watering at the thought of having the tip inside. Oh, my God. I could no longer think clearly, had no way of understanding what was going on with me. His eyes were glowing, pulling me into a surreal moment, allowing me to see his true beast inside, one clawing to get to the surface.

As the light stick slipped out of my fingers, the iridescent shimmer of his eyes remained, burning intently into my mind.

He eased his other hand over my shoulder, his fingers digging into my neck, lifting me onto my tiptoes. When he lowered his head, I smacked my fist against his chest, a strangled sound erupting from my throat.

“You will be punished,” he whispered, his chest heaving.

“You’re crazy. I don’t belong to you. I don’t obey your orders.”

A slight smile crossed his face, his lip curling as he lowered his head. “You do now.” When he crushed his mouth over mine, another explosion of sensations rocketed through me, searing every nerve ending.

I was thrown by the taste and feel of him, the way he dominated my tongue with ease, as if he was drinking from my very soul. A fire burned deep within me, blazing hot and threatening to consume every inch of me. I’d never felt anything so addictive, my hunger off the charts. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I had to fight him, to do everything in my power to get away.

A part of me didn’t want to. A larger part wanted nothing more than to succumb, to allow him full control. As the kiss became more passionate, a wild roar of desperate needs, I became lightheaded, no longer able to focus. I couldn’t seem to get ahold of my emotions or my raging libido, the desire almost crippling. The feel of his hard body only added fuel to the fire, my legs shaking to the point I would have fallen had he not been holding me.

He dug his fingers into my neck as his actions became more brutal, grinding his hips back and forth.

Tempting me.

Igniting me.

What in the hell was going on? How could this be happening? All the questions became muddled together as he became the wild beast that I knew him to be, growls slipping past our lips, the sound reverberating all around us. I could swear all the night creatures had scuttled away in fear of the monster.

The alpha.

The prince of his kind.

While I had no way of knowing what species of Breed, I could sense his true power, a man who ruled with an iron fist. And he was pulling me into his world, his kingdom, the kind of darkness that threatened to swallow me whole.

When he finally broke the kiss, his breathing ragged, his grip on me loosened. The single moment broke me free from the trance I was under. I shoved my fists hard against him, able to shift to the side and race into the night. I should have known better than to try to get away. Within two seconds, he’d snagged my arm, once against pulling me against him.

Only this time, the look on his face was exactly as I would have expected from his beast. Carnal. As if he was going to eat me alive.

As if he’d feast on every inch of my body.

“You don’t understand who I am or what I can do, little girl. You will pay for your disobedience.” There was no hesitation as he ripped away at my clothes, tossing my shirt into the darkness, shredding the zipper before yanking the material of my pants over my hips.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I squealed, furious that I seemed to be in suspended animation as he wrapped a single finger around the thin elastic of my panties, snapping his wrist.

“Giving you the punishment that you deserve, one that you will remember for a long time.” Every sound he made was guttural, the tone so deep and seductive that my pussy clenched and released several times.

“What the fuck does that mean?” I demanded, finally struggling with him, pummeling my fists against his chest.

“That means you’re getting one hard spanking.”

I was shocked at his actions, the vehemence he used as he yanked me to the ground, immediately tossing me over a fallen log. I scrambled to try to get away but when he pressed his hand against the small of my back, I knew I was going nowhere, yet I refused to stop trying.

“Get off me, you brute. You’re nothing but a monster.” I managed to kick him, his loud roar indicating I’d hit my mark. When he fisted my hair, yanking my head up several inches, I was forced to take gasping breaths.

The weight of him was oppressive as he leaned over me, yet every cell in my body tingled with anticipation, my nipples swollen and aching. As he dragged his rough tongue up along the side of my neck, the sound he made was all beast.

“Yes. I. Am.” A single chuckle erupted from his mouth before he grazed his teeth across my skin, blowing an excessive amount of hot air over my cheek.

My skin tingled, the surging rush of electricity dancing into every cell and muscle. How could I be so turned on by this brute? This asshole? This… Beast? Nothing seemed rational or real as he brought his hand down, the brutal smack across my bottom jarring. Panting, I dug my fingers into the sense bark as the light breeze whipped across us. Every noise seemed amplified, every crackling sound unlike anything I’d ever heard.

“You will obey my every command,” he boomed as he delivered a hard volley of savage smacks, peppering one side of my bottom then the other.

Pain roared into me like a freight train, jetting through every inch of my body. Gasping for air, I did everything I could to fight him, trying to get out of his hold, but his fingers remained tangled in my long strands, the leverage so damn powerful.

I was exhausted from trying as the pain shifted into utter anguish, sliding down both legs and curling my toes. “Stop or else.”

“Or else?” he asked, laughing. “There is nothing you can do.”

“I’ll scream. I’ll hunt you down.”

The growl he issued was completely animalistic, the rumble floating into the innermost portions of my body. “That’s where you are wrong. I will always be the hunter and you the prey. You will never be far from me ever again.”

I wasn’t certain whether to take his words as a threat or a promise. Another sickening wave of excitement surged through me, my heart racing to the point I was terrified of having a heart attack.

Yet the spanking continued, brutal and harsh, and very practiced.

And my desire continued to increase.

As if I’d always belonged to him.

As if he’d marked me.

The rough smacks continued for at least a couple of additional minutes and all I could concentrate on were his guttural sounds. What shocked the hell out of me was the way the pain began to morph, becoming moments of raw bliss. Even the sound of his palm slicing against my naked skin was a powerful aphrodisiac, driving me to the point of madness.

I was catapulted into another stratosphere, no longer able to believe this was actually happening.

Taken by a beast.

Forced to submit to his every desire.

As if he owned me.

My God, was that even possible? Of course it was. The king of the lions had taken a human mate, potentially saving every human. Why me? Why now?

Every part of me didn’t want to believe I’d been chosen, our fates connected.

Breathless, the heat building up in my bottom was tremendous, the ache and sting something I would remember. When he was finished, he released my hair, shoving his body against mine. He ground his hips across my bruised skin, his cock sliding over my swollen pussy lips. “Oh… Oh…” There was no way I could hold back a series of whimpers as he continued taunting me, increasing the dire hunger building to the point of frenzy.

“You’re wet for me, little pet. So fucking wet. You like being taken roughly,” he spouted off, his tone husky.

“No. Fuck you.”

His laugh sent another wave of sensations dancing down my spine and when he shoved several fingers into my channel, I gasped, issuing a howl of my own.

“Very wet,” he murmured, flexing his fingers open as he thrust them hard and fast. “I can’t wait to take you. Claim you.”

“I will kill you for this,” I hissed, my words barely audible.

“You may try. You will never succeed. Because you will soon learn what it means to be treated like a queen.”

What the hell?

He pumped his fingers vigorously, curling them until he was able to slice the tips across my G-spot. His growls became more barbaric, possessive.

I was thrown into utter euphoria, my body shaking. I knew within seconds he was going to shove me into an orgasm. While I fought my body’s betrayal, trying desperately to keep from coming, there was no way to hold back. “Oh, God. Oh. Oh. Oh!” A climax ripped through me with a vengeance, stripping me of the last of my sanity, the ecstasy more powerful than any I’d ever experienced in my life.

My moans and savage sounds matched his, my body undulating in an effort to have his fingers driven deeper. He obliged, slamming all four fingers inside until the single orgasm became a second. Then a wave splashing over me with ferocity.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” The sound floated into the night air. So primal. So savage. It was as if I was becoming another creature of the night.

I had no way of knowing how long the sensations lasted, but when he shoved his thumb into my asshole, I let out a high-pitched scream.

“Every hole is mine. Every. Single. One. And they will be used and taken as I see fit.”

There were no words of rebuttal, nothing forming in my mind. I was lost to the pleasure.

Seconds later, he mounted me, driving the entire length of his cock into my pussy. “Fuck!” My muscles strained, attempting to accept his thick cock. He was so huge, so damn long that it filled me completely. Every muscle ached as he pounded long and hard, the force shoving me into the tree. He was a wild man, a beast taking what he wanted.

What he believed he owned.

I was powerless to stop his ruthless fucking, every tendon and cell on fire as he let out a series of roars. I had no doubt he was telling the animal kingdom that he’d found his mate. As twisted as the thought remained, my body shaking from his powerful thrusts, I wanted more.

Craved more.

Couldn’t live without more.

“You are mine. Mine! And next time, I will take you in your tight little asshole,” he promised.

I could no longer feel my legs as he thrust all the way into my womb, every action animalistic. The euphoria I felt was coupled with the realization that he’d stripped me of anything rational, as well as whatever had been left of my humanity.

When I sensed he was ready to release, I closed my eyes and squeezed, clamping around his cock like a tight vise. His body shook violently and as he threw his head back and roared, he erupted deep inside.

Filling me with his seed.

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