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Being Trevor’s Little Girl by Stardawn Cabot – Sample

Chapter One

Being Trevor's Little GirlMaggie happily hummed along to the top-forty song that was currently playing on her radio. She couldn’t name the artist, or even the song, but she’d heard it enough that she still knew most of the words. As she pulled into her driveway, however, her stomach twisted with guilt. She’d been lying to her husband, Trevor, and although she’d had a good time, it was always hard to return home and look him in the eye.

She was supposed to be in school, a night class in psychology, but she hadn’t been going. The class had turned out to be much harder than she’d bargained for, and discouraged, she’d sought the comfort of her best friend, Monica.

Instead of going to class, she’d let Monica talk her into going out for dinner. That was almost two weeks ago, and so far, that one dinner had spiraled into a regular night-out occurrence. Twice a week, she’d gone out and tonight had been no exception. They’d gone to happy hour down at the new Mexican restaurant, Don Juan’s. It had been worth it too. Their enchiladas had been to die for and Maggie had even had a drink, something that was normally forbidden unless her husband was with her. That added a whole new layer of guilt, but now was not the time to dwell on it.

Grabbing her pink backpack out of the backseat, Maggie took a moment and a deep breath before she entered the house. The light was on, so she knew that Trevor was home, but it was getting late and he was probably just waiting for her to arrive before he turned in for the night. She could probably beg off a little later bedtime so she could deflate from her long evening and already had her arguments lined up.

“Honey, I’m home,” Maggie called as she opened the front door. She turned, locking it, and then called out again, finding it a bit odd that Trevor didn’t answer. “Trev?”

Maggie frowned. The TV wasn’t on and the house was quiet. She wondered if perhaps Trevor was already asleep, but didn’t get to wonder too long as she set down her backpack and headed into the family room. There she found him sitting at the kitchen table, sorting through a stack of mail.

“There you are. Didn’t you hear me? It’s awfully quiet in here,” Maggie commented. “What are you doing?”

Trevor looked up at her and as they made eye contact, Maggie suddenly felt her knees get shaky. Something was wrong and she knew that look. She was in trouble. “Um, Trevor? Is everything alright?”

“Come have a seat,” Trevor responded quietly.

Maggie swallowed, but complied, taking the chair to his left. She hated when he looked at her like that. His eyes were so pretty, so deep and blue, but when she was in trouble they would get distant and cold. “Ah, what did I do?”

“How was school tonight?” Trevor casually asked.

Maggie tried to keep a straight face. She hadn’t gone to class, but Trevor wasn’t supposed to know that. They’d been careful. They’d covered their bases. There was no way he could have found out… Actually, there were a hundred ways he could have found out, but if that was why she was in trouble, a tiny lie wouldn’t really make much of a difference now.

“Fine,” Maggie found herself saying, her light brown eyes trying not to give away her discomfort. “That professor is always so boring.”

“Get your test back?”


“The one you spent most of the day on Saturday at the library studying for?” Trevor prompted.

“Oh.” Maggie shook her head, remembering that the closest thing she’d been to a library last Saturday had been the bookstore at the mall. “No, he said maybe next week.”

“You mean after Spring Break.”

“Yeah,” Maggie agreed, shifting uncomfortably. “That’s what I meant.”

“I want to see it when you do get it back.”

“Yes, sir,” Maggie found herself mumbling and looking down at her hands. She hadn’t thought of that when she’d made up that little white lie about the test. It had been much more fun going to the mall than spending the day doing yardwork as Trevor had planned to do. He was a bit of an outside enthusiast and had plans for turning part of the side yard into a vegetable garden. It was a project that she’d been dreading and the little lie had been very convenient at the time.

“Maggie, is there something you want to tell me?” Trevor probed.

Trevor’s tone made Maggie squirm once again. She suddenly felt much younger than her twenty-nine years, and that little seven-year age gap between them seemed a mile wide. It didn’t get any better as she felt her bladder spasm. She had a nervous bladder and at times like this, when she got anxious, it would act up. “I ah, have to go to the bathroom,” she suddenly declared, dashing from the table and into the hall bath.

Maggie threw the door closed and then thankfully emptied her bladder. That was the other thing about alcohol; it tended to go right through her. It was hard enough looking Trevor in eye without thinking about that too. She hated lying to him, but what other choice did she have? The only thing that could be worse would be if she had an accident. Between the nerves and her bladder acting up, that was the last thing she needed tonight.

“Maggie, are you okay?” Trevor called through the door.

“Yeah, I just had to pee,” Maggie called back. The bathroom had given her a small reprieve, but Trevor still knew something and somehow she knew she was still in trouble. Flushing the toilet, she started to wash her hands as Trevor opened the door.

“Come back to the table when you’re done,” he informed her before turning and disappearing back into the kitchen.

Maggie groaned inwardly and couldn’t help catching sight of herself in the mirror. She looked like crap. Her hair was disheveled, her mousy-brown ponytail falling out, and her makeup faded from the day’s wear. She knew the one drink hadn’t affected her too much, but guilt was getting to her. Her stomach was turning and she realized that the alcohol wasn’t the only reason why she was feeling guilty. She’d been dishonest, lied, and misled her partner. Any one of those things would earn her a sore backside, and in a way she almost welcomed the idea. Whatever she was in trouble for, she certainly deserved it.

Despite the guilt, however, she didn’t really want to be punished. That kind of spanking wasn’t fun. It hurt and tonight she wasn’t in the mood to sleep on her tummy. Feeling her stomach twist, she thought about faking stomach cramps or maybe pretending that she was super tired. Maybe Trevor would let her go to bed and then would forget whatever he wanted to discuss with her. Maybe she could work something out. After all, she didn’t know what he knew, and the best way to keep him from becoming disappointed was not to reveal any extra information.

As she returned to the table, however, her hopes were dashed as she saw a white envelope waiting for her in front of her seat. “What’s this?”

“Open it and tell me what you think,” Trevor replied, almost too casually. He was dressed in dark jeans and a blue t-shirt, the blue bringing out that iciness of his eyes even more. His hair was a bit disheveled as well, the blond curls looking as if he’d been running his hands through them, something he had a habit of doing when he was upset.

Now confused and a little curious, Maggie turned toward the envelope. She opened it and practically bit her tongue when she started to read its contents. When she saw the picture, it got worse. “Shit.” Maggie’s eyes got wide as she clamped her hand over her mouth. She was in enough trouble without adding cursing to her list. “I mean, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.”

Trevor gave her a look of disapproval. “How could you not know, Margaret? You ran a red light and that camera caught you. That’s the corner on Third. How many times have I warned you about that intersection?”

“I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t see the light flash or anything. I had no idea. When was this anyway?” she asked, flipping the paper over only to pale as she studied the details.

“What, when was it?”

Maggie shook her head. “It’s not important…”

“Give it to me,” Trevor suddenly commanded.

Maggie was tempted to rip up the paper or perhaps run back to the bathroom and try to flush it. Getting a ticket was bad enough; once Trevor made the connection that she had, however, she was dead meat. The last few weeks were about to unravel on her, and it was all because of a stupid red light camera. “Trevor, maybe we can fight this, after all those cameras aren’t…”

“Now,” Trevor ordered, leaving no room for debate.

With a small quiver of her lip, Maggie handed the paper over. She was dead. She was beyond dead, but she was also out of options. Anything she did or said now would get her in deeper trouble.

“Tuesday, March fourteenth at six thirty-five p.m.,” Trevor read aloud. “Interesting, why weren’t you in class at that time?”

Maggie shifted in her seat. She was supposed to be in her psych class every Tuesday and Thursday from six to nine. She just hadn’t gotten around to telling Trevor that she’d stopped going. After failing the first test and then not being able to figure out the paper, she figured she was wasting her time. And the professor was really boring. Besides, these past couple of weeks had been an adventure. She’d been having a good time with Monica and Jamie, and even Jamie’s cousin Silvia who’d joined them for what was becoming a regular girls’ night out.

Maggie missed time with her friends like that. Since she married Trevor she’d stopped doing so many girls’ nights. Trevor didn’t like her to be out late or alone. He always wanted to know where she was going and who she was going to be with. Sometimes though, she just needed to be free. It was nice to do something on the spur of the moment without having to worry about Trevor’s disapproval.

Suddenly sniffling, Maggie hung her head in shame. “I was failing, and I figured if I was going to fail, why bother to keep attending.”

“I see, and you were going to tell me this, when?”

Maggie shrugged. “I don’t know. I just…” Maggie stopped, her lip quivering as she fought the truth. “It kind of snowballed on me.”

“So you haven’t been to class since the fourteenth, or when?”

“The Tuesday before,” Maggie confessed. “I got that first test back. I failed it and then I figured… well, it was easier to drop the class than to try to fix it.”

“So there was no test you were studying for either, was there?”

Maggie shook her head, her eyes dropping to her lap.

Trevor took a deep breath and reached out, putting a hand under Maggie’s chin and pushing it up so they could meet each other’s eyes. “If you were having trouble you could have come to me. I would have helped you study, or we could have figured it out together.”

“I didn’t want you to be disappointed in me.”

“Magpie,” Trevor sighed, using his pet name for her. “You know I’d much rather work with you than see you get into trouble.” Trevor let go of her chin, allowing her drop her eyes once again. “So, now that I know you haven’t gone to class for the last three weeks, what exactly have you been doing, besides lying to me, that is?”

“Hanging out with Monica and Jamie,” Maggie replied weakly. “We’ve been going out to dinner, having girls’ nights, and stuff.”

“Stuff?” Waiting for her nod, Trevor shook his head. “On Saturday too?”

“Sorta. I went to the mall.”

“With Monica and Jamie?”

“No, I was alone.”

“Margaret.” Trevor’s voice dropped. “You know how I feel about you going somewhere like that alone.”

“I’m sorry,” Maggie replied in almost a whisper.

“Not yet, but you will be. I have a feeling there is a lot you haven’t been telling me. I do want to know, though, is this the only class you’ve dropped? Or have you decided to quit school altogether?”

“No, no, I haven’t. I like the writing class, and the painting class is alright. I’ve been doing well in both.”

“Well, that’s something at least,” Trevor sighed. “When I opened that envelope, I thought you were just being careless, I didn’t realize that you’ve been lying to me, and… and everything else. I don’t even know what to say. I have no choice but to punish you, and this time, young lady, you are in huge trouble.”

“I know, sir,” Maggie replied with a small sniffle.

“Alright, I need a few minutes to think. In the meantime, I want you to go to your bedroom and change into a nightgown. Then you may wait in your corner for me,” Trevor calmly explained.

“Yes, sir,” Maggie answered, wincing at the instructions. He’d said her bedroom, not theirs. He wasn’t kidding when he said she was in huge trouble. With a small sigh, she pushed away from the table and headed down the hall to her bedroom.

Her bedroom wasn’t a bedroom so much as a staging area. It was really just a fancy spare room that they occasionally used for play, and even more rarely for punishments. It was simple, even if it was a bit juvenile. There was a poster of a kitten on one wall and a Disney-type princess castle on another. She loved the pale pink walls and the frilly comforter on the twin daybed. The variety of stuffed animals that lined the bed further helped to make it an ideal place for Maggie to go when she needed a little break from being an adult.

The rest of the childlike things in the room were hidden: a handful of children’s books on the bookshelf, a bucket of toys under the bed, and then there was the box in the closet that held a well-used box of one hundred twenty-eight crayons and a stack of prized coloring books. Coloring was one of her favorite things to do, especially now that adult coloring books were in style. The complex designs and fun themes were much better than the more cartoony ones that she used to collect.

Wishing she could get those coloring books out now, she frowned as she entered the room and turned toward the dresser. She tried not to think as she pulled out a short lavender baby-doll nightie and its matching panties. Like the room, they were also a bit on the juvenile side, with ruffles, bows, and just enough peek-a-boos to make it interesting. She knew Trevor would appreciate it, and right now she could use all the help she could get.

Not wanting to risk getting into any more trouble, she changed quickly before settling into her usual corner. It was the one open corner in the room and it had been left open on purpose. She hated it, but Trevor occasionally liked the idea of making her think in a time-out or wait for a punishment. She didn’t know how long she’d be there, but knew that Trevor would check on her soon and he wouldn’t be happy if she wasn’t ready.

As Maggie stared at the place where the two walls met, she let her mind wander to Trevor and their relationship. They’d been together for close to ten years, and had been husband and wife for a little over eight of those years. In that time, they had learned a lot about each other. Maggie had found that Trevor had a huge heart and would go to the ends of the Earth for her, even if that meant he was sometimes a little overprotective or too controlling for her tastes.

In a way though, it was her fault. After all, she’d started it. She was the one who had first asked him to spank her. The rest of it had come in time as well. It wasn’t just about spanking, it was about being held and protected and sometimes treated more as a little girl than a grownup woman. That was something that surprisingly they both found they enjoyed, even if Trevor sometimes seem to push her out of her comfort zone.

Trevor’s interest in treating her younger had grown over time. Not that she minded when he cuddled her or bought her little presents. When most wives received flowers or jewelry, he’d often present her with coloring books, toys, or like the pajamas she was currently wearing, juvenile clothing.

Like everything else though, being treated like a little girl certainly had its positives and negatives. There were the fun times, the games, and toys. There was also the emphasis on routine, the discipline, and the limitations that being little presented. He expected more of her in obedience and in submission than most wives would be willing to give. That was sometimes the hardest thing to do, but it was the part that Maggie secretly enjoyed the most.

She loved when Trevor tucked her into bed, or insisted that she eat healthy food. She loved that he wanted to make sure she was safe and that he held her accountable for her mistakes. She loved the pampering he gave her when he bathed her or brushed her hair. He’d even gotten adept at putting it in pigtails and braiding it over the years. She loved all the attention, but sometimes it got to be a little much.

That being said, while she craved the discipline, she still occasionally struggled with it. The punishments were harder for him, but over time he’d gotten better at them too. Right now, for example, she was truly dreading not being honest with him. She was in some of the deepest trouble that she’d seen in a long time, and she knew it was bound to hurt more than just her backside.

“Margaret, good, I’m glad to see that you’re taking this seriously.” Trevor’s voice suddenly interrupted her thoughts.

Maggie shifted from foot to foot. “I’m sorry, Trevor, I know I screwed up,” she called out, not daring to turn around.

“What exactly are you sorry for?” Trevor asked, making Maggie suddenly stiffen. He had moved. He was right behind her now. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. “Sorry for not being careful and getting that ticket, or sorry about lying to me about school and using the time as an excuse to be naughty?”

“Both,” Maggie admitted, turning around as Trevor put a hand on her arm. “I wasn’t intending to hide dropping my class. I wasn’t even planning on dropping it at first. I was upset about that paper; you remember about…”

“I understand,” Trevor interrupted her. “I’m not really upset about you dropping the class. You know I do well enough that we can afford for you to have a little fun at college; what gets me is that you continued to make me believe you were at school. What if something happened and you weren’t on campus like you were supposed to be?”

Maggie’s lip quivered slightly. Every time a Tuesday or a Thursday had come around she’d wanted to tell him, but it had become almost a game. To sneak off and do something a bit naughty, even if it was just dinner and a forbidden drink, had been too much fun. Trevor wasn’t a monster about her going out, but he liked his quiet evenings at home with her and was often a little too protective. Escaping for a bit had had an intoxicating effect.

“I’m sorry,” Maggie repeated. “I didn’t mean to hide it.”

“You keep saying that, yet you did hide it. Why was it so important not to tell me? Were you really that embarrassed?”

Maggie’s cheeks reddened at the thought. “No; well, maybe at first, but then it was like you said. I was just being naughty. It felt good to get out and have a little fun.”

Trevor let out a long breath. “If you wanted to go out with your friends, all you had to do was tell me. You know I don’t ask for much.”

“You always want to know where I’m going, who I’m with, when I’ll be home, and then I get in trouble when the plans change,” Maggie defended. “It was fun to… to not have to be so responsible.”

Trevor raised an eyebrow. “Dropping the class was one thing. The ticket, I can see how that could have been an accident, but this, this is downright little girl behavior. I expect you to be more responsible than that, especially if I don’t know where you are.”

“I know,” Maggie sniffled, her eyes glazing over with tears. “And maybe it is. Maybe this going back to school thing was a bad idea.”

“Oh, Magpie.” Trevor’s voice suddenly softened. “Come with me.” He took her by the hand and led her to the overstuffed chair in the corner. It was one of the rocking ones, with a matching ottoman. It was perfect for them and she loved it when Trevor sat in it and she cuddled in his lap.

Doing so now, Maggie couldn’t help curling into Trevor as he started to rock her. She always felt safe in his arms and at times like this she was glad that she was small. She was half his weight and at only 5′ 3″, she often felt like a midget next to her 6′ 2″ husband. Curling up into his lap was always comforting and at times like this she was glad that she could use her size to her advantage.

“I was very proud of you for going back. Finishing your degree is an honorable goal,” Trevor started, kissing her gently on the top of her head.

“Even if I never use it?”

“You know how I feel about that. You don’t need to work outside the home, but if you find something you’re passionate about, I’ll support you. I want you to be happy, Magpie.”

“I am happy, Daddy,” Maggie said, letting the name slip off her tongue like it was second nature. That was true, she was happy and Trevor never asked more of her than what she was capable of. They had a traditional marriage where she stayed home and cared for the house while he worked for an investment bank.

Over the years she’d done a few things, including charity and volunteer work, and had even had a couple of part-time jobs, but the school thing was new. At first she had been excited about it, but after the psych class, she wasn’t so sure anymore. “School is harder than I thought it would be,” she admitted to both Trevor and herself.

“Well, you haven’t been in school for over a decade,” Trevor reasoned. “It’s going to take some time and some dedication on your part.”

“Maybe I should just quit altogether. Maybe it’s time I get another job.”

“I think school was a good idea, and I think you should stick it out. In fact, I might make you finish.”

“You can’t make me…”

“I think I can,” Trevor chuckled. “In fact, I can make you do a lot of things. Actually, that gives me an idea for your punishment.”

Maggie squirmed at that, but managed to look up and catch the look in Trevor’s eyes. “Aren’t you going to spank me, Daddy?”

“Oh, you’ll be getting an old-fashioned fucking tonight, but that’s just the start.”

Maggie cringed at the pronouncement, but wasn’t really surprised. Trevor only spanked her when she was being naughty and acting like a child. When she was in trouble as an adult however, her punishments usually took on another aspect. It was a compromise they’d made a long time ago, when Trevor was still learning about his dominant side. A fucking, or old-fashioned fucking as he liked to say, was his code for not just spanking her, but also taking her. He would pause in the middle of her punishment and either take her in her rear or the more natural way.

A fucking was more than just sex though; it was very clearly a punishment. Once Trevor was done with her she’d be a very sorry and sore little girl, both inside and out. The sex would be rough and hard and out of her control, but it would also be wonderful. It was the kind of sex that she would daydream about when she was alone and when she touched herself. It was her favorite kind of sex.

“I was planning on taking a few days off next week anyway,” Trevor continued, again breaking into Maggie’s thoughts. “And we talked about going away for a couple of days. Actually, I think that’s exactly what you need.”

“You’re going to punish me by taking me on vacation?” Maggie asked. She was beyond confused and couldn’t help but wonder if she was missing something.

“Not exactly. Jeff offered me the use of his cabin up on Mt. Martin. I think I’m going to take him up on it.”

“I don’t understand; I thought I was in trouble.”

“You are,” Trevor nodded. “This is not going to be a normal vacation; in fact, from this point on you can consider yourself grounded.”

“I still don’t understand. What do you mean grounded, from what?”

“For the next week, you’re going to be my little girl.”

Maggie’s eyes went wide. They had certain set rules, but playing twenty-four/seven was a novel concept. It was a far cry from a night, or an afternoon, or even the occasional weekend. Being away from home and doing it was something new altogether. “You mean you’re going to be my daddy for a whole week?”

“Lying to me, sneaking around, doing God knows what with your girlfriends behind my back. That’s not only childish, but dangerous. I think being a little girl for a week will help you remember how to behave like an adult.”

“Trevor, don’t you think…”

“Daddy, or sir, if you prefer,” Trevor interrupted her. “Little girls don’t call their daddies by their names.”

Maggie frowned. She was excited, scared, and confused all at the same time. “Daddy,” she started slowly. “Are you sure you’re up to this?”

“I think I could ask you the same question, but I’m not going to. I’m the daddy and I make the decisions. Now, we have a fucking to get to and it’s getting late. Little girls need their sleep.”

“That whole sentence sounds very weird,” Maggie half-joked as Trevor patted her leg and helped her to her feet. He then scooted her aside as he took a seat on the ottoman before pulling her to stand in front of him. Suddenly, as the impending punishment became a little too real, the situation took on a new tone. She couldn’t help but to be nervous and shifted from foot to foot as she waited for Trevor to speak.

“Margaret, you’ve earned this fucking because you have been dishonest with me. You were sneaking around under false pretenses behind my back and then lied directly to my face. You didn’t trust me to tell me about your class, or give me the opportunity to help you.”

Maggie bit her lip. Sometimes Trevor was too good and he made what seemed like a small thing at the time sound so much worse. She shifted again as another thought occurred to her. “What about the ticket, Daddy? I wasn’t being safe there either.”

“True, but I have to ask, did you really not realize you ran the light or were you lying about that too?”

“That was true, Daddy. I honestly didn’t know. It was probably yellow and I caught it at the tail end.”

“Alright, I’ll believe you, this time. You better not make a habit out of it, and you better be much more careful about your driving in the future. In fact, to help you remember I’ll be deducting the cost of the ticket out of your allowance—a hundred dollars a month for the next three months.”

Maggie’s jaw dropped. “The ticket was three hundred dollars?”

“Almost, I rounded it off. You have a problem with that?”

“No, sir.” Maggie frowned as her eyes sought the floor. She only had an allowance because she’d asked for one. She felt better, since she didn’t usually have her own money, to keep track of her spending that way. Trevor usually didn’t care what she spent, as long as she didn’t overdraw their checking account, but it also gave them fuel for their play sessions when she did go over her personal limit. She had to admit though, using her allowance to pay for the ticket was a good solution. At least she could take some personal responsibility for her carelessness.

“Good, now enough, let’s get to this.”

Without further ado, Trevor let go of her hands and reached up to pull down her panties. They were just edgy enough to make him pause to admire the view. He ran a hand over her hip, tracing the edge for a moment before pulling them down and assisted Maggie in stepping out of them. He then encouraged Maggie over his lap, supporting most of her weight on his right thigh.

Trevor had a certain ritual that he always followed, especially when she was in big trouble and in for a long punishment. Maggie was sure it has something to do with Trevor preparing himself for it, but it allowed her a moment too. Even though she knew the next few minutes were going to be rather unpleasant, she couldn’t help but enjoy the ritual.

The first step was to get her into position. She would be put over his lap and he would take his time adjusting her to his liking. In this instance, the ottoman was lower to the floor and so Maggie was able to touch the carpet on both sides of Trevor’s lap. This helped her to maintain her own sense of balance, even though she knew that Trevor would never allow her to fall.

The second part always started with his hand. She felt it rub along her naked backside. It was warm and Trevor always took his time as he massaged and explored her upturned rear. She knew it could sting, but at the moment his palm felt wonderful. It was wide and firm, and even though he sat at a desk for a living, his hands were callused from years of woodworking and gardening.

Maggie couldn’t help letting out a little moan of pleasure as she felt his hand slip between her cheeks and down toward her most intimate parts. She was soaked of course, and Trevor’s fingers running across her lower lips didn’t help. He would tease her and depending on his mood might or might not let her come. This was part of her punishment, she knew, but it never failed to make her crazy when he tortured her.

It had been a couple of minutes, and Maggie shifted, the position starting to get to her. Between the pressure on her abdomen and the blood rushing to her head, it was quickly becoming uncomfortable.

She knew that the position was purposeful. Trevor had talked to her about it before. He believed a spanking wasn’t supposed to be comfortable and the position was meant to make her feel vulnerable and give him easy access to both her backside and her pussy.

The shifting, however, was the start of the third phase. She knew that Trevor would take it as a sign that she was uncomfortable enough to begin. He pulled his hand away from where he’d been stimulating her and returned it to her backside. His fingers were slippery, and he amused himself by wiping them dry across her butt.

Next came the pats and the lecture. He would always start with a few light pats. They never hurt, but were enough to get her attention. “You’ve been naughty, haven’t you, Magpie?”

Maggie squirmed through a half-dozen pats before she could answer. “Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry.”

“Tell me why you’ve earned this fucking, Maggie.”

Maggie swallowed. The pats were getting harder now. He’d gave her a handful on one cheek and then mimicked the gesture on the other. They still didn’t really hurt, but she was all too aware that this was just a preview. “I wasn’t honest with you, and I lied to you, and I didn’t tell you that I was being naughty,” Maggie managed to get out as she wrinkled her nose and realized how silly what she said sounded.

Trevor apparently thought the same because he stopped the pats and chuckled. “You’re getting there, aren’t you, baby?” he replied before returning his hand to her backside.

Maggie wrinkled her nose again, knowing that the question was rhetorical. With the pats also stopping though, she realized that Trevor was going to move on yet again. She was close, as Trevor called it, not only to getting to that point where she was feeling like a little girl, but realizing that she was on the verge of getting a spanking like one too.

Trevor gave her right cheek a squeeze and then finally pulled back his hand. When it came back down again, Maggie yipped as the sting registered. She squirmed again but was pulled in as Trevor wrapped his arm around her middle, locking her into place. This, she knew, was the final stage of the ritual, and with that thought she felt the second true spank.

Panic started to course through her as the heat slowly built in her backside. Trevor was done with the teasing and warmups. He was now focused on just one thing: turning her backside the color of an angry sunset.

As if picking up on Maggie’s thoughts, Trevor suddenly started to increase the speed of the swats. He was alternating cheek to cheek, as he liberally peppered her backside with spanks. Higher and lower he smacked, making Maggie squirm and wiggle. She was getting verbal as well, as the spanks started to peak. It always sounded like not such a big deal, but during the thick of it, spankings hurt. They hurt a lot, and at the moment Maggie was regretting every moment of her naughtiness.

“Oh, Daddy! Ow! Please, oh!” she started to beg.

“We’re not even halfway there yet,” Trevor cautioned her. “You’ve got it coming, little girl.”

Maggie’s eyes went wide and then closed. She could feel the moisture starting to collect behind them. Her backside though was another matter. It was hot. It was on fire, and it hurt so much.

The spanking didn’t stop, and as Maggie continued her protests and vain attempts at escape, it only grew harder. Trevor was hitting his stride now. She knew her backside was probably already scarlet, but he wouldn’t stop until the tops of her thighs and her under-cheeks matched.

It was getting too much now. The swats were loud and echoed off the pale pink walls. Maggie cried out for mercy, but Trevor showed her none. “You know better that that, young lady,” he scolded.

Maggie sniffled and felt tears start to streak down her cheeks. This seemed to make the spanks harder. Trevor redoubled his efforts again, but this round was shorter. A dozen, or perhaps two landed before he abruptly stopped.

His hand became still as it rested on her scorched rear. She was crying, but wasn’t given more than a few seconds’ reprieve before Trevor tapped her hip. “Up, little girl. We’re not done yet.”

Maggie nodded and managed to get to her feet. Her hands automatically went to her rear, but Trevor caught her and swatted them away. “You know better than that too. On your knees on the ottoman. Face the chair,” he commanded.

Maggie obeyed. Trevor was already undoing his pants and she knew from experience that if she argued now just how painful that belt he was taking off would feel. As she got into position, Trevor continued to give her directions. “Good girl, now lean forward, arms on the chair. I want that butt up in the air.”

Sniffling, Maggie again obeyed. Trevor’s voice was distant and she knew he’d crossed over to the closet. They kept a little box of supplies on the shelf in there for moments like these. As she waited, however, her thoughts returned to her throbbing backside. She ached to rub it, but right now all she was allowed to do was wait and endure the burning.

It seemed like forever, but was probably only a minute or two before Trevor returned to her side. He ran his hand over her butt, giving her a tap before again letting his finger dip down into her lower folds. “You are dripping, baby. You are a naughty one, aren’t you?”

Maggie blushed, but was forced to admit, “Yes, Daddy.”

“You like it when Daddy spanks you, don’t you?” Trevor continued, purposely pushing his fingers in and out of her pussy.

Maggie squirmed at the touch. “Please, Daddy.”

“Please what, baby?”

“Fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me hard.”

“Ah, such language,” Trevor mockingly scolded before pulling out his fingers and swatting her across the backside.

“Oh, ouch!” Maggie cried out.

“Naughty girl,” Trevor chided. His fingers moved, but this time to Maggie’s darker hole.

Maggie groaned in frustration, but squirmed as she felt Trevor’s fingers again. This time though they were cold and she knew that he was spreading lube in preparation for the next part of her punishment.

“So you want me to fuck you, do you?” Trevor teased, pushing a single finger gently into her anus. “You like this too, don’t you?”

“Ohhh,” Maggie moaned. The force of his finger into her tight bottom hole was uncomfortable, but alluring as well. The lube was cold and slippery and as he pressed, Maggie felt her need grow. “Please.”

“Move your hips down,” Trevor commanded, “and spread your legs wider.”

Maggie did as she was told and was rewarded by Trevor’s hand on her back. He pushed her gently a little lower and then she felt his manhood touch her. His cock was a lot bigger than his finger and as it rubbed back and forth between her bottom cheeks it literally gave her goosebumps.

He pulled back and Maggie could hear Trevor using his hand to stiffen his already engorged penis. Any other time she would have been happy to help, but this was a punishment and she wasn’t allowed to do anything she wasn’t invited or directed to do. It didn’t take long, however, for Trevor to again press up against her.

“I think this is appropriate, don’t you think? Since you were so sneaky, going behind my back and lying to me, I think it’s time I go behind you as well.” With that pronouncement, Maggie felt Trevor’s tip pry into her. She was tight, as his cock was much bigger than his finger. As the force grew, she couldn’t help letting out a gasp.

“Lean back,” he suddenly commanded, stopping her unconscious efforts to escape the impeding penetration.

Maggie bit her lip, but was able to push her hips up higher, locking them into place. Now secure, Trevor again pressed into her, this time getting much more than the tip of his cock into her most private hole. Maggie found herself blinking back tears. It hurt, not as much as the spanking, but it was tight and uncomfortable, and she couldn’t help feeling like she was being punished.

“Good girl,” Trevor praised. His words were reassuring and she was pleased that he was happy with her submission.

Trevor slid himself out and then back into her. It was better this time; still tight, but not as painful. Knowing they’d gotten past the worst of it, Maggie was able to relax, feeling Trevor slide in and out several more times. “We are still going to finish the spanking,” he warned, giving her a surprising swat. “Don’t forget this is a punishment, Margaret Nicole.”

“Yes, sir,” Maggie managed, wincing slightly at the use of her full name.

Trevor’s thrusts were picking up speed and the natural rocking of the ottoman was giving him a respectable resistance. With Maggie’s hips locked and her arms pushing back on the chair, she was able to give him a good angle. Trevor was pressing hard now, faster, and Maggie felt more than just his desire. Her own inner fire was growing and she was torn, not sure if Trevor would allow her to come as well.

Regardless of the pressure, Maggie found herself enjoying the rocking motion, and with the pain now starting to mix with pleasure, she knew that Trevor would soon reach his climax. He was grunting, little soft noises with every thrust. Faster now, harder, and finally, he froze. A tremor coursed through Trevor and Maggie knew he had ejected inside her.

The tightness now over, Trevor slowly pulled away. She let out her own shiver as Trevor wiped the rest of his seed off his head and across her backside. “You didn’t come, did you, baby?”

“No, Daddy, I was close though,” Maggie responded, hopeful that he might finish the job.

“You were awfully naughty,” Trevor whispered. He had leaned forward, closer to her ear. The roughness in his voice made her involuntarily shudder.

“I know, but I’m also awfully sorry. Please, Daddy, please let me come.”

“I don’t know,” Trevor half-teased, his fingers running across her backside and back down through her cheeks. He flicked her clit before sliding a finger between her lower lips. “Do you think you deserve to come?”

“No,” Maggie practically wailed in remorse. “I was bad this time, really bad.”

“I agree you were, but I’m the one that makes the rules, aren’t I? I’m the one that decides when you come and when you must wait.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Maggie answered, wincing and trying to resist the ever-growing desire now deep within her center. He was playing with her, touching her just how he knew she liked to be touched. If he stopped now, she would surely die of pure agony. “Please don’t tease me, Daddy.”

“Why? You belong to me. You’re being punished, little girl. I can do whatever I want to do.”

“Please, Daddy, please, fuck me. Fuck me the right way.”

“Right way?” Trevor returned, suddenly stopping his movements. “Are you implying that I fucked you the wrong way?”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant,” Maggie quickly backpedaled. “I meant… ugh.”

Trevor chuckled and started to play again. This time though he was more subtle, softer, and gentler. It was just enough to give Maggie hope and to drive her insane. “What’s it worth to you? To get off,” Trevor said, his voice dropping down again.

Maggie moaned and spread wide, pushing harder on Trevor’s finger. “Anything.”

“Anything,” Trevor drew out, suddenly strumming faster. “Is it worth a paddling?”

“Yes!” Maggie returned with certainty.

“Really, a whipping, maybe?”

Maggie hesitated a moment, but nodded her head. She was almost there, almost on the edge. If he stopped now, she would scream.

“Is it worth a week of being my little girl and doing exactly what I say and when I say it?”

“God, yes,” Maggie declared. She was swaying her own hips now, pressing Trevor into that spot that got her right there on the edge. “Please, anything, please.”

“Alright,” Trevor agreed. “You may come, Maggie.”

Maggie nodded and focused on nothing besides her growing need. The position was uncomfortable and her backside was still sore. Her knees were beginning to ache from the prolonged kneeling. As she focused though, none of that mattered.

Suddenly there it was, that little spark, that little bit of magic that started to grow and course and wash over her like a bright summer storm. Like the electricity of lightning, it shocked through her, making the little hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she cried out in pleasure. “God, oh God, more, please, more!”

Then came the shudder as she let go and the wave overtook her. More goosebumps, but this time the good kind as she was suddenly too cold and too warm at the same time. Maggie felt herself dipping down, resting her head over her crossed arms on the seat of the chair. She was panting and only vaguely aware of how silly she must look.

Trevor gave her a minute, rubbing his hand across her backside and slowly up her back. She was still wearing the baby-doll top, but it had fallen forward with the tide of pleasure that was still receding.

“You ready?” Trevor finally prompted. Maggie looked up, giving him an evil eye, which made him smirk. “It’s a punishment, baby. We need to bring that high back down.”

“Why?” Maggie whined, turning and sticking out her lower lip in a pout.

“Because I’m the daddy and I say so.”

Any other time that sentence might have made her laugh, but at the moment she was too taken by the reality of it, that it made her heart swoon. They had been together a decade, had many ups and downs, but this was one of the few times she felt that he really meant it. She knew it wasn’t a game, and although she didn’t want the high to end, she understood why it had to. The price was worth it.

Finally, with a nod and a little sniffle, Maggie agreed. “I know, Daddy.”

“Good girl,” Trevor praised and helped her back to her feet. “Now I want you to go into our bedroom and bring me back the hairbrush.”

Maggie stiffened. “What?”

“You said if I let you come it would be worth a paddling. In fact, you said it would be worth a whipping. I suggest that you follow directions before I decide that’s more appropriate.”


“Magpie, don’t make me ask you again.”

Maggie frowned but knew he was only doing what he thought was best. He was right, she was being punished and for once, this time she truly deserved it. “Okay, Daddy, I’ll go get it.”

“That’s my girl,” Trevor praised again, as Maggie gathered her courage and left the room.

It didn’t take long for Maggie to retrieve the brush. They always left it sitting on top of their dresser. Trevor said it was as a reminder for her to behave, and there was some truth to that. The brush was one of the few things that she didn’t care for and getting paddled on top of the spanking she’d already received would probably not only make sitting for the next day or so uncomfortable, but would probably bruise her too. She wasn’t fond of either idea.

With a sigh, she snuck in a rub to her still reddened rear and then returned to her husband. She found him again sitting on the ottoman. He’d put his boxers back on, and was waiting patiently for her. With a little wince, she handed over the brush.

Without a word Trevor grabbed her hand and pulled her back over his knee. In the same position she’d started the night in, she found herself again looking at the carpet. He gave her no time for reflection before she felt the flat of the hairbrush strike her too vulnerable backside.

It was only at half force, but the pain over the previous spanking was more than enough to get her attention. She let out a yip, and then a gasp as Trevor suddenly opened fire. The proceeding paddling was quick, hard, and hot.

Maggie cried out almost immediately. She thought the spanking earlier had hurt, but that was child’s play compared to this one. At least two dozen swats descended on her already tender backside. She gasped and cried out, but it made no difference. Her struggling only succeeded in making Trevor pause and reposition her before he landed a couple of dozen more.

Another set followed, perhaps two or three, but Maggie had long since stopped counting. By the time she again found herself curled up on her daddy’s lap, she was sobbing and hanging on for dear life. Trevor, however, was patient with her. He continued to rock her silently, letting the tears run their course and occasionally kissing her head or tucking away a loose strand of hair from her face.

“Can you listen now, baby?” Trevor coaxed, once the sobs had died down to the occasional sniffle and a hiccup.

Maggie nodded, her thumb unconsciously finding its way to her mouth as she used it to comfort herself further.

Trevor gave her a look before taking it out and patting her hand gently. “I’m sorry I had to be so hard on you, honey, but you had that coming. What you did was incredibly sneaky and dishonest. I don’t want you to ever, and I mean ever, lie to me about your whereabouts again, especially if you are using it as an excuse to mess around. Clear?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good. I’m glad you understand. And I meant what I said earlier tonight; for the next week you are totally and completely grounded.”

“I know,” Maggie nodded into Trevor’s chest.

“Good, because as I told you, you are going to be my little girl. I plan on being serious about that, even if I have to paddle you every night until you understand it.”

“You were serious about me being little,” Maggie said, not really asking a question before her thumb again found her mouth.

Trevor again took it out, giving her a stern look this time. “Keep that up and I’ll buy you a pacifier. It’s not good for your teeth.”

Maggie opened her mouth and then clicked it closed. There was being little and there was going too far. She definitely didn’t want to push it back too much.

“Good girl. Now how about we get you ready for bed? I want you to go lie down so I can clean you up,” Trevor directed, motioning her toward the daybed.

“You’re not going to make me sleep in here, are you, Daddy?” Maggie said, a little panic showing through her voice.

Trevor chuckled. “Of course not, Magpie. I am however going to clean you up, powder you, and put you into a clean diaper.”

Maggie frowned at that. “I don’t need a diaper, Daddy.”

“I know how deep you sleep after a good fucking, Maggie. I’m not going to chance you wetting the bed tonight.”

Maggie blushed at that. Over the years she’d tried different pull-ups and pads, but nothing seemed to protect her from accidents better than an old-fashioned diaper, especially overnight. As a result, diapers weren’t that uncommon for her, but it always felt weird when one was forced on her. Trevor was right, she would sleep deeply after a spanking and when that was combined with her bladder issues, it wasn’t that unheard of for her to have an accident. In fact, her first few spankings he’d given her were because of just that.

Ever since she was a teenager, she’d had trouble controlling her bladder. She’d asked Trevor for help, and he’d tried to put structure into her routine. Even now she was supposed to try to go every three hours, but that wasn’t always feasible. Eventually they’d agreed that spanking was the answer.

She didn’t really understand why, but knew her accidents were linked to stress. At first she thought that maybe she just needed a little encouragement to control it. After all, it was much better to focus on using the bathroom than to risk a spanking. It did help. She didn’t like that type of spanking at all, but there were still times when she would get distracted and an accident would occur.

As a result, they’d introduced different kinds of protection to her world. The incontinence pads and pull-ups helped, but an occasional diaper was sometimes necessary. Now whenever she was stressed, sick, or even in a situation like a long car ride, she would wear a little protection. Trevor usually didn’t interfere, giving her the freedom to choose when and if she needed it, but the old rule still stood: if she was too lazy or distracted to make the restroom or some sort of protection a priority and she had an accident, she’d get a spanking.

With a little sigh, Trevor helped Maggie off his lap and guided her over to the bed. As he directed her to lie down on her back, she felt a little strange as he retrieved a box of wipes, a bottle of powder, and a fresh diaper out of the bottom drawer of the dresser. He had done this many times, but it had been a while and it felt very strange to allow him to continue.

Maggie managed to lie patiently as Trevor began to clean her. He was slow and meticulous, and every time he fished out a new wipe she would shiver at how cold it felt on her still warm backside and more sensitive parts. He was very thorough, and Maggie was starting to feel warm again in other areas as he put aside the wipes and moved onto the powder.

Before she could get too comfortable though, he surprised her by crossing her legs at the ankle and suddenly lifting her lower body up. He then tucked the white diaper under her backside. It crinkled as he did so and she wrinkled her nose at how childish she felt.

Trevor spread a liberal amount of powder over her shaved mound, and rubbed it down her legs, into her crack, and everywhere in between. Again, the attention made her blush and feel warm, but she tried to be good and patient as he continued. Finally, as he finished with the powder, he pulled the plastic up between her legs and fastened the sticky tabs.

As he helped her to her feet, she couldn’t help blushing deeply as he patted her pampered rear. “Adorable,” he teased. “Now how about we get my little magpie tucked in?”

“Okay, Daddy,” Maggie couldn’t help replying as he took her hand and led her back toward their bedroom.

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