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Big Rig: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


“What. The. Fuck?” I threw out the question like there was a single person within three hundred freaking miles that would hear it. There was nothing but a damn dustbowl with a few buildings thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and the oil rigs that dotted the horizon like a massive people-eating group of praying mantises. They stood out in the late afternoon sun, their dark steel bodies surrounded by a bright orange glow. I slowed my truck to a crawl as I advanced, still trying to figure out why the hell I’d taken the job in the first place.

I’d been on a cushy offshore rig job for several extremely long months before taking a few weeks off, still on my way to securing the top dog position on one of my own platforms when I’d gotten the call. The truth was, I’d even considered retiring from the grueling profession, shifting to the second love of my life. Maybe the few shots of tequila I’d had was something to do with the fact I’d said yes. Or maybe hearing that the pay during the next few months would be more than twice what I made hovering over the ocean had tipped the offer over the edge.

Plus, I had the opportunity to call the shots.

I rolled down the road, trying to remember the details of the gig. I was used to grimy work, the offshore rig meant for the toughest of rough and tumble men, but living in nothing more than a desert was going to fry my last nerve. At least the rig site had been used before, the buildings maintained even after the oil deposit had been considered dry.

Wildcat drilling. Why not? I’d never been involved in exploratory drilling. At least I could add to the resume.

When I drove into the makeshift parking lot of what the owner of the Gulf Pride Corporation believed to be his crowning jewel, I had to laugh. If there was oil in them there parts… I’d read enough about the land to know this wasn’t just a longshot. Finding oil would be an actual miracle. What the hell. I’d signed on for a job.

As I crawled out of the cab of the Ram I’d picked up from a used car salesman with a bad attitude, I scanned the area. This was going to be a rough ride. Managing a crew seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day was going to test my damn stamina. While my earlier gigs hadn’t been a piece of cake, this one just might make certain decisions floating in my mind easier.

I continued to snicker as I adjusted my sunglasses. Maybe they’d hired the right man after all.

“Son, I need someone who is authoritative as fuck. I don’t need some namby pamby manager who remains in his comfy office. I need a roughneck with a surly demeanor, refusing to take shit from anyone. I hear they don’t call you Big Rig for nothing. We have rules that must be followed to the letter. The folks on this crew signed a contract indicating they’d follow the regulations, including imposing necessary consequences. I don’t care what you have to do in order to make that happen. Just do it.”

Bruce Parker’s words burned into my mind as I walked toward the largest trailer. He’d gotten the right man. I was dominating as fuck, some calling me a sadist given my penchant for following the regulations all the way down the line. In my background as a Marine then a roughneck, anything less could have meant death.

As soon as I reached the steps, I heard what sounded like shouting coming from the rather dilapidated-looking building on the right.

“Asshole. You have no idea what you’re talking about.” The words were harsh, halfway muffled by the amount of grunting and groaning I heard around the statement.

Sighing, I shook my head. My guess was the crew was already antsy, creating a ruckus. That shit was going to stop immediately. I exhaled as I touched my eye, the skin around the brutal kick in my face still tender.

When I walked inside, the blast of cool air was refreshing. I was surprised at the interior, the office setting completed with everything I’d need, including state of the art functionality. While my job was to manage the group of riggers, I needed to have access to various data in order to attempt to strike oil. Attempt was the correct word. The damn location had been tapped out years ago.

“Hey, buddy. I was getting worried about you.”

“Wal-ker Jack-son. Haven’t seen you in years.” I held out my hand as the burly man approached, whistling after I’d said his name. He was a sight for sore eyes, a friendly face. “Sorry about being late. I kind of got caught up in doing something.”

Walker nodded and pointed toward my black eye, winking. “Something. Uh-huh. Whatever you say. Hope the other guy looks a hell of a lot worse. If I remember correctly, they used to call you big, bad, and ugly.”

I lifted a single eyebrow, giving him a nasty glare. Yeah, so I’d stopped in Dallas for an event that I’d been lucky enough to slide into at the last moment, winning enough to put a hefty down payment on a new albeit used ride. The truck was a necessity given we were over a hundred miles from any decent-sized city. The single taste of winning after so many years also reminded me that I’d been ready to give up the world of rigging for good. Still, I’d been called lucky.

I’d also been called a fake given I’d taken a spot from an injured rider at the last moment after having not competed in years. There were a hell of a lot of people on the circuit pissed off I’d been given a second chance.

Well, fuck them.

At least that’s what I’d told myself. Time to shove the glory days behind me.

“Well, I guess it still applies,” he said, laughing. “Glad you finally made it. The crew has been here for a full day. As you might imagine, cowboy, they’re none too happy about the wait. You know, chomping at the bit to claim their bonuses.”

Bonuses. I was shocked Bruce had promised anything but an actual paycheck at this point. “Couldn’t be helped. Anything I should know before I introduce myself?”

Walker took a deep breath as he looked around the facility. “You should have everything you need to start the job. If not, Bruce will be happy to sign off on anything. You have a cook at your disposal and Bruce even took the time to set up a bar of sorts, although given the crew’s rowdiness, I’m not certain it was such a good idea.” He chortled, shaking his head. “You have a real ragged bunch, but I think you can work with them. Oh, and just so you know, there’s already a scheduled three-day holiday weekend. You know, Labor Day and all.”

“What? We have two days to get the rigs up and running and we’re already going to shut it down?” Maybe I could sign back up to an event I bagged after all.

Shrugging, he gave me a cautious smile. “That’s how Bruce was able to get a few of them to sign the contracts. You know how Texans are about their time off. Lots of festivities going on in El Paso. Besides, it was hard enough to get anyone truly qualified at such short notice. You’ll need the two days to do some practice runs before the grueling schedule begins.”

Great. Practice runs. If I were to read between the lines, I’d say some of the crew had no frigging clue what they were doing. I didn’t come here to babysit. I came to make money. I shook my head, reining in my anger. No sense in giving anyone shit.


Walker was right about the short notice. I’d received Bruce’s call less than a week before, the man almost begging me to take the job. I was beginning to wonder if there was something hiding under the well-used dirt.

“Fine. Whatever. Anyone I should worry about?” I asked casually, as if it mattered. I would whip their ass into shape within forty-eight hours or they were gone. Period.

He thought about my question, giving another shake of his head. “Well, if I had to say, it would be to watch out for Alex Harding. A real ballbuster and a stickler for details.”

“Alex, huh. Okay. What’s his position?”

“Doctor. You gotta have one given the size of the crew. Has a real attitude, one that needs adjustment if you ask me.” He snorted, shifting from foot to foot.

“That I can do. You know what, buddy? I’m glad to have you on my team. Just make certain there are no surprises. That’s something I refuse to tolerate.”

“Oh, I know.” Chuckling, he lifted a pile of keys, dropping them in my hand. “Well, I would like to say there’s no place I’d rather be, but I’d be lying. I don’t have the best feeling about this gig. I think you’re going to need one hell of a lot of luck.”

“Fucking fantastic but I agree with you. The land seems awfully dry if you ask me.”

Walker narrowed his eyes. “Yeah, well, Bruce is pretty good at sizing up sites. You might be surprised.”

“Good to know.” I’d learned enough about Bruce’s reputation as a hard ass as well as a good businessman. I’d have to wait to see how it panned out. “Well, I guess I should meet the crew. We need to get a very early start in the morning. You comin’?”

“Do you think I’d miss watching the sparks fly?” He grinned, winking at me in a knowing manner. “Wouldn’t fuckin’ miss it for the world.”

Why did I have the distinct feeling that he wasn’t telling me everything? I took another look around the office, dropping the wad of keys onto the desk. All I could say is the money had better be worth it.

I took my time walking toward the building, Walker trailing behind me. Jesus Christ, the shouting was getting worse. The closer we came, the more curious I was as to the reason for the disturbance, especially since I heard a female voice in the mix. While I wasn’t a chauvinist by any means, my closest buddy having found the love of his life working closely together on an offshore rig, a wildcat setting was no place for a lady. “What the hell is going on?” This kind of shit I couldn’t have on my rig.

“They’re a rowdy bunch for sure.”

“Yeah, well, that shit gets stopped right now.” I’d no sooner said the words than the female started swearing again.

“I’m not taking that kind of shit from you or anyone else on this crew.” Her voice could be heard loud and clear.

“Whewie,” Walker muttered.

She needed a lesson all right. Whoever the female thought she was, there was no doubt she was attempting to outdo the men. Considering the type of language she was using, I’d call her obnoxious.



I had an easy method to remedy that.

“Rough crowd, my ass. They are getting way out of hand.”

“That’s what happens when you’ve had a day to drink away your sorrows,” Walker said with a lilt in his voice.

As we walked inside, I was struck by the musty stench as well as the heated atmosphere. The single exclamation screaming over all the others gave me a clear indication of the vile mood everyone was in.

“You’re going to follow the rules. Period. If not, I will have this location shut down. Trust me. I have the ability to do so.” The raunchy woman had what appeared to be the entire crew surrounding her.

While I was still unable to see the person responsible for the directive, one that she had no right to authorize, I moved closer. The group of men were agitated, some even raising their fists.

I heard Walker’s snicker from behind and as I pushed my way through the group, I was honestly mesmerized by the woman standing in the middle of the crowd.




The three words described her very well, even though her actions yanked at my inner core. She had no idea the kind of man she was dealing with.

“You have no right,” one of the burly men shouted.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” another said, snorting after the comment.

They were both correct and even though I wanted to see how far she’d go, I knew better than to allow things to get out of hand.

“I have every right,” she stated authoritatively.

“I warned you. You have your hands full,” Walker chortled from behind me. “One of several unhappy customers.”

Fuck me.

Who the hell was she? Rigging was a tough job both physically and mentally. Not that a woman couldn’t handle it, but she was maybe one hundred pounds soaking wet. I studied her for a few seconds, my cock aching in a way I hadn’t experienced in years. Damn it. Being attracted to one of the crew didn’t bode well for an explosive situation. She needed a quick lesson in who was boss.

“And what is that right?” another roughneck asked, allowing his voice to boom over the entire room. While only a few of the men took several steps backward, it was enough to allow me a full view of the female in question.

I was rarely enticed by any woman at first glance. I had my reasons including lack of trust.

As well as guilt.

The sight of the fiery beauty forced my cock to full attention, my balls tightening. Everything about her indulged the dark and sadistic man I’d always been. From the way she’d weaved her dark hair into a constricting bun to the manner in which she attempted to hide her voluptuous body with one hell of an ugly shirt, every cell in my body was on fire. Jesus. I was hungry as a wild beast and there was no doubt one day she would belong to me.

Mine to train.

Mine to use.

And mine to fuck relentlessly.

Even though my thoughts were Neanderthal in nature, I had no methods of curtailing my savage desire.

Or my needs.

A fog slipped past my eyes for a few seconds as I envisioned her naked and writhing body. Christ. I had to get control of myself.

She snapped her head in the rigger’s direction, her eyes narrowing as she attempted to size him up, already zipping him into a body bag.

“Because my commands can’t be ignored,” she stated, the tone of her voice far too haughty for my tastes. “If they are, I will shut this rig down.”

Wow. She had balls the size of cantaloupes.

“And neither will mine,” the same guy stated in a commanding tone.

Several of the men snickered in the background, pissing me off even more.

“Yeah? And just who are you?” she asked, twisting in the direction of the gravelly voice.

“A man who knows more than a damn woman,” a fourth husky voice said from somewhere in the crowd. “You have no business here.”

She beckoned with her hand, using the other to plant it on her hip. “Why don’t you come right here and tell me that to my face. If. You. Have. The. Balls.”

“Whoa!” the collective crowd roared.

Oh, fuck me. This was going to get way out of hand. Shit. Shit. Shit.

The cheering and clapping were confirmation that I was correct.

“Watch out. Here it comes,” Walker hissed. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you about Alexis.”

I heard my buddy’s words, his inflection full of amusement. “Funny how you didn’t tell me that ‘Alex’ was a woman.”

“I wanted to see how you’d handle her,” he said, chuckling. “She definitely has a mouth on her.”

“Uh-huh. Well, then I guess I’ll handle this my way.” I pushed my way into the middle of the group, several of the men glaring at me for the interruption. Even from a distance, I could see both the brute and the unknown woman were raring for a fight and the damn crowd was egging it on. She had no intention of backing down, her body language tense, but even in the dim lighting of the oversized room, I was able to catch the nervous tic in the corner of her mouth. Several of the men refused to budge as well. I had the feeling I was going to have trouble with a solid third of them.

Before I had a chance to say a thing, one of the men bolted in front of the others, the veins in his thick neck bulging. While the burly, inked dude stood well over eight inches taller than the girl, she was absolutely taking no shit. He huffed and puffed, sweat covering his forehead.

“Listen here, little filly. Women are only good for two things. Fuckin’ and cookin’. My guess is that you’re only good for the first.”

There was a single reaction and not necessarily the one I’d anticipated.

She cold-cocked him.

Chapter Two


Ho-ly fuck.

While I’d give the girl some credit, especially given the three-hundred-pound man had been pitched to the floor like a sack of wheat, she needed severe behavior modification and I was the man to do it.

The crowd was snarling, surrounding her like true savages preparing for a feast. And the woman wasn’t backing down. There was no way any of them were going to listen to me.

I stuck my fingers into my mouth and performed a dandy little deed my pappy had taught me when I was barely out of the crib. The whistle was shrill, cutting through the barbaric grunts with ease.

I no longer had to fight to push my way into the center of the group. They seemed to gather I was the big man in charge from the way they backed up. The Thor-like man rolled over, finally climbing to his feet, immediately looming over me. If the asshole wanted to pick a fight with me, he was going to be sorely disappointed.

I moved directly in front of him, waiting only two seconds before I took another step and we were so close that it was entirely uncomfortable. I could smell the liquored-up stench of his breath. All I had to do was light a match and the entire place would go up in flames.

To the brute’s credit, he backed away, but not before snarling at her.

“Ya!” she barked, howling after taking a lunging step in his direction.

“Stop. As in right now,” I said at full volume as I snapped my head toward her, taking several exaggerated deep breaths. I waited until the packed room was mostly quiet before moving back to the center of the group. “Now, you’re going to listen to me very carefully.”

I took a deep breath, turning in a full circle to make certain the rest of the crowd gathered a sense of my responsibility. “My name is Riley Cooper. Make zero mistake about what I’m going to say. I am the man in charge. Period. You will do as I say at all times and if you don’t, there will be consequences. Trust me, I’m a man who takes no shit.” I allowed the words to sink in as I turned in another full circle. “And if you don’t like it, you can leave now. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?”

There was an eerie silence in the room, that kind of uncomfortable moment that allowed me to realize that this particular gig was going to be a pain in my ass.

I wasn’t necessarily surprised when the woman walked closer, daring to invade my space. Her audacity not only fueled my anger but my aching cock as well. The woman had crawled under my skin, her vivacious tenacity not something I was used to, and damn if my entire body wasn’t tingling from desire. I was only mildly surprised when she lifted and shook her head, her eyes twinkling as she spoke.

“All right, Mr. I’m in Charge, I might have something to say about that,” she said with such clear authority that I couldn’t help but engage myself in her gaze.

The few whispers from the men were a damn good reminder that if I backed down to her now in any manner, I’d lose all respect from them.

“And why is that?” I stood over her, giving her an authoritative glare. The electricity between us crackled like a live wire dancing in the middle of a thunderstorm. I could tell by her strangled breath that she felt the same. This wasn’t just about instant attraction. This was explosions. Fuck me. Even my damn heart was thudding like a maul being slammed against my chest.

“Because my name is Alexis Harding. I am the doctor assigned to this… location. If I don’t like what I see, trust me, I can, and you better believe that I will shut it down.”

The chuckles and snorts from the entire crew were infuriating, but the way she’d issued the words, as if she had an upper hand… well, that just yanked out the badass from deep within me.

I’d always been a hard man, one few people refused to cross. Every soldier from the time spent in the Marines as well as every single man on my rigging crews had known exactly the kind of discipline they would face. This time, my entire mind reeled in the understanding that this woman, a beautiful and engaging doctor required a single thing.


I continued to pace the floor, trying my best to calm my nerves. The little filly had shattered every ounce of restraint, pushing me to a point of no return. I’d taken a moment to read her file, realizing that Alexis ‘Alex’ Harding was the only daughter of a very prominent senator, one with powerful and extremely influential friends in the world of oil. With one word, the senator could stop production at any facility, this one included. I also remembered the man used to be friends with my father, but that was years before. What I also gathered from Walker was that she’d defied her father by accepting this position, something I would use to my advantage if necessary.

Thank goodness he’d given me the heads up on her given her employment file certainly hadn’t mentioned her family connections.

It would appear she had either a cross to bear or a hidden agenda. I wasn’t a man who liked to play games. Time to rattle her cage.

I knew exactly who was knocking on the office door, the hard rapping done with clear attitude. “Come in.”

Dr. Harding bounded in like a wildcat, ready to spew fire. “You and I need to talk,” she snapped.

“You’re right, we do. First, you’re going to lose that attitude of yours.”

“Who says I have an attitude?”

I tossed the file onto the desk then walked to the cracked, filmy window facing the barren landscape. “Your boss, the man who signs your paychecks. The same man who can boot your ass out of here for a single infraction.” That caught her off guard. I was able to see her reflection given the shimmer of sunlight, her expression pensive.

She laughed softly as she glanced around the room, also with the same kind of haughtiness I’d seen before. “Whatever.”

Don’t lose your cool. Don’t do it.

“What the hell gave you the belief that you could punch a member of the crew?” I challenged.

“You mean the giant Neanderthal with bad breath and an even worse attitude?” she retorted.

My God. The woman needed a spanking every day of her life. “What he did was wrong, but you not only crossed the line, you obliterated it. That shit isn’t going to fly on my rig.”

“Hmmm. You know, I’ve read up on you, Riley Cooper. You aren’t qualified for this rig.”

What in the fuck?

Very slowly I turned in Dr. Alexis Harding’s direction, studying her intently. “And what are your qualifications, Ms. Harding? From what I can tell, you only recently completed your internship in El Paso and have little or no experience dealing with what is often called alternative medicine when in the field. That certainly doesn’t qualify you to be on this rig. What did you do, ask your daddy to intervene on your behalf? Or perhaps you haven’t told him you ventured out of your posh surroundings in order to get your hands dirty. Yes, a princess trying to live in the real world.”

“How fucking dare you!”

“How dare I? Because I can do whatever the hell I want to. I’m in charge.”

As soon as a warm flush crept up her cheeks, I knew I was right. Dear Daddy didn’t know she’d accepted this position.

The tension between us was as thick as molasses even as the electricity continued to soar, leaving my mouth watering to cut through all her bullshit. Hell, the woman needed a man to take charge fully and completely.

“You are an absolute pig, Riley Cooper,” she huffed, sharp daggers remaining in her eyes.

“Yep, you are right. I’m that and much more, Alex. That is what your friends call you, isn’t it? Or would you prefer I call you princess?”

It had taken me a solid five minutes to calm the angry crew. That was five minutes too long and would never happen again. I’d given every one of them orders to return to their quarters in preparation for the pre-dawn meeting. The only person defying my request had been Dr. Harding, who’d stormed her way into my office just as predicted. It was time I put the lovely doctor in her place once and for all and I knew exactly how to do it.

She reared back as if she was going to attempt to slap me. I simply gave her a tilt of my head, making certain she could read between the lines. Backing up a single step, she softened her tone a degree. “That’s Dr. Harding to you. You will never be a friend of mine and I don’t take threats kindly.”

“All right, Dr. Harding. Something for you to keep in mind. I never make threats. I make promises.” I allowed the words to sink in. “Did you or did you not sign a contract in order to work with Gulf Pride?” I gave her a slight smile as I watched a single bead of perspiration form over her rosy lips. I also gathered a whiff of her feminine wiles, only further fueling my arousal. This wasn’t good, not on any level.

“Yes, but I’m not here to take any shit.”

Her retort now only infuriated me but created a heady understanding in my mind. I would need to get control of her immediately or this particular assignment would turn to shit.

I moved closer until we were only inches apart. “Dr. Harding. I want to make myself very clear here, which is something you should have understood a few minutes ago. I am the man who makes all the decisions. There is no question of that fact nor will there be one.” Oh, I was pissed at the coldness in her eyes, the defiant manner she continued to display. I was well aware of exactly what she needed.

A hard spanking.

Every muscle in my body twitched from a combination of fury as well as desire.

“You just think you can.” She smiled after issuing the words. I was shocked how her haughty attitude managed to fuel every red blood cell into a raging flare of heat and fire, the kind of longing to tame and own a woman something I hadn’t experienced in years.

Everything about her was damn hot, my cock now at full attention. It seemed that every pair of eyes had attached themselves to our earlier display, vultures waiting to see what I would do. That last thing I needed to do was show any sign of weakness. This… beautiful, brassy woman needed to be taught a lesson and given her ridiculous behavior, there really was no other choice. “By your own admission, you signed a contract, which means that if you break the rules, you will face the consequences. You broke several rules, and by the terms of that signed agreement, you require discipline.”

At first, her eyes opened wide, her mouth twisting in frustration. Hell, I was bluffing my ass off, but given Bruce’s comments, I was willing to take every chance to get her in line.

When her face relaxed, her smile as seductive as it was conniving, a bolt of electricity roared through every tendon and muscle, even clawing at my throat.

“Fine, Mr. Cooper. Bring it on. Whatever you need to do, just do it.”

The challenge was easy to accept.

I folded my arms as I faced her, giving her an authoritative nod. “Then so be it. Remove your clothes, Dr. Harding.” Damn if my cock wasn’t so painful that I had difficulty seeing clearly.

She blinked several times then narrowed her eyes as a laugh slipped past her plump lips. “I’m sorry. What did you just request?”

“I assure you, it wasn’t a request. What I commanded is for you to remove. Your. Clothes.”

She took a decided step away from me, confusion crossing her lovely face. “You are out of your fucking mind.”

“And there will be no cursing. None. Period. If I have to ask you again, I assure you that your punishment will be more severe.”

I could see several emotions burning into her from anger to hatred; however, she wasn’t certain she could deny my request. “Punishment? You have no right. What the hell do you think you’re going to do?”

I cocked my head, lifting a single eyebrow. “There’s that cursing again. Would you like to go have your mouth washed out with soap?”

“I’ll shove a stake through your heart.”

Whew, the woman was insufferable, the coat of armor she wore thicker than any I’d ever seen.

“I will not tolerate any insolence or refusal to follow orders. I will also not accept a member of my crew attempting to incite a riot. That’s exactly what you did a few minutes ago. Therefore, I have every right to handle the situation accordingly, which I will do every single time an infraction occurs. My rig. My choice. As far as what I am going to do, I’m giving you a much needed hard spanking.”

“Over my dead body.”

After taking a deep breath, the scent of her perfume intoxicating, I took my time in answering. “Then I assume you won’t mind if I contact your father to make certain he’s aware of your employment?”

She hissed, almost decapitating me with her eyes. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Not only would I dare, I feel it’s my requirement in order to keep you safe. You see, Dr. Harding, this is a rough job, even for the important position of crew doctor. I need someone who’s qualified in order to handle any situation that might arise. My guess is that your recent employment is something your father in his capacity as a senator of this great state would like to know.”

Once again, her mouth twisted, her chest rising and falling as her breathing became ragged. I could see the debate in her eyes mixing with a heightened level of anxiety. “Fine,” she hissed between clenched teeth. “Have it your way.”

I nodded and walked to the door, engaging the lock. Even though a round of humiliation might do her some good, I wasn’t going to give anyone else the satisfaction of seeing her in a vulnerable state.

Unless she acted up again.

Then all bets were off.

Her entire nasty demeanor seemed to crumble as she turned away from me, cursing under her breath. I was entirely too amused by the situation, even as the desire ate at my insides. Damn, I was attracted to this woman.

Alex’s entire body trembled as she slowly removed her shirt and jeans, neatly folding the material and placing it on the visitor chair. She ran her fingers through her hair before turning to face me, standing now in only her baby pink lacy bra and matching panties. My mouth watered at the sight of her, my mind driven to filthy fantasies about feasting on her pretty pussy, the color likely matching her dazzling underwear. I wanted nothing more than to shove my cock deep inside, drilling into her as I explained the various rules she would follow.

“Satisfied?” she hissed.

“Bra and panties off. And I’m waiting so I suggest you hurry.”

“Fucking no way!”

“I already told you, I will be happy to add soaping your mouth for your foul language if necessary. When I spank a woman, she is required to be naked. That adds to the understanding that bad behavior will not be tolerated. Finish my directive.”

She bit her lower lip, her left eye twitching as she stomped her foot on the floor, turning away from me once again. “You will pay for this. Trust me.”

“I will look forward to seeing you try.”

The single nasty toss of her head was followed by a look of resignation, her hands shaking as she finished complying with my order. She buried her underwear under her jeans, taking several deep breaths.

Her body was absolutely perfect; rounded hips and long legs that any good cowboy would crave being wrapped around them as she rode him long and hard. Her porcelain skin managed to glow in the burnished afternoon sun streaming in through the cracked blinds. Now my mouth was dry, vile thoughts tripping through my head in a voracious manner.

“Much better.” I kept my eyes locked onto hers as she turned to face me. The way she tried desperately to cover herself was endearing.



I slowly unbuckled my belt, taking my time to tug the thick leather from the tight confines of my jeans, cognizant the thick bulge between my legs was a dead giveaway of my reaction to her. If she’d noticed, my condition didn’t seem to faze her. Her mind was wrapped entirely around thoughts of revenge.

“Lean over the desk and grip the edge.”

She swallowed several times as my voice boomed in her direction. I was shocked she obeyed with little hesitation, taking short steps until she reached the desk, leaning over as if she owned the joint.

I moved behind her, rolling my eyes as I chastised myself for being this direct. One day, she’d report this to her father. I had no doubt I’d be out of a job. What the hell? You only live once.

Exhaling, I positioned her legs apart then pressed my hand on the small of her back. “You need to remain in position. If you don’t, I’ll be forced to start over.”


“The very first rule you’re going to learn on this rig, Dr. Harding, is called respect. You will address me by sir at all times, whether we are alone or in front of every other crewmember. Do you understand?”

The way she issued a short laugh was even more infuriating. “If you don’t stop your nasty attitude right now, I’m doubling the number of strikes. Are we clear on your responsibility?”

Alex huffed, her fingers digging into the wood. “Yes. Sir.”

“Better.” I rolled the edge of the belt down the length of her spine, my heart thudding against my chest. My balls were so damn tight, I was in serious pain. As I rolled my palm across one side of her rounded bottom then the other, she shuddered. “We begin.”

With a single snap of my wrist, I brought the strap down across her beautiful globes, forced to swallow as her flesh jiggled from the action.

While she emitted no sounds, her body stiffened.

I smacked her two more times, the leather strap landing on her sit spot.

“Fuck!” Alex jerked up from the desk, taking gasping breaths.

“None of that. Get back in position.”

“Yes. Sir.” The anger in her tone had increased.

I issued four more in rapid succession, the adrenaline flowing in my body like rocket fuel.

She finally whimpered, shifting her body back and forth in her effort to maintain position.

After delivering four more, a warm blush blossomed on her skin, further igniting the fire burning deep within.

“That hurts like hell!” She flexed her hands before clenching her fingers around the thick wood once again, curling her legs then dropping them like a rock.

“Spankings will always hurt, Alex. Some more than others. I will not hesitate to spank you any and every time it’s required. Something for you to think about.” My mind reeled as the level of longing exploded within me. She was a woman who hungered to be trained, dominated by a man who refused to take her crap. That was easy to tell by the look in her eyes as well as her brazen defiance.

“You will never spank me again. Sir.”

I bit back a laugh. “I guess we’ll see about that and given your continued insolence, that just earned you ten more.”

“No. No! I’ll be good.”

“Oh, yes, you will, young lady.” I spanked her long and hard, alternating between caressing her heated skin, my fingers on fire every time I touched her.

Her moans became more constant but to her credit, she maintained her position, taking her punishment like a good little girl. Perhaps she’d learned a lesson after all.

“Five more.”

“Five? Why not ten? Jesus.”

Nope. I was wrong. It was going to take every ounce of my control as well as strict discipline in order to bring her into line. “Ten it is. The way you’re continuing with your bad behavior, you’re not going to be able to sit for a week.”

“No. No! I’m sorry. Sir. I mean sir.”

“Too late. With every action there is a consequence.”

“Please. Don’t! I’ll be… respectful.”

“Yep, you certainly will be. I think you need to count off the last ten.” The way she threw her head in my direction let me let me know two things. One, she was going to continue to be a mouthy brat requiring constant discipline. And two, she was as aroused as I was, her eyes glassy and her nipples hard little pebbles. I wanted nothing more than to suck on them, drawing them in between my teeth.

My thoughts had to be illegal in several states. I’d become not just a commanding officer of a rig where the crew needed tough discipline, I’d become some kind of primitive animal, my hunger off the chain. However, I was required in my capacity to keep my people safe and that’s exactly what I intended on doing.

I smacked her bottom a single time, waiting for her to follow my orders. When there was nothing but rebellious silence, I peppered her bottom with several rounds of my hand, moving swiftly from one side to the other.

“Ouch. No. Stop. Please!” she wailed, throwing first one arm back then the other.

“You’re an intelligent young lady, but one with a bad attitude. I’m going to ask you one more time to count off the last five. If you don’t, I’ll expand it to ten and so on if necessary.”

For the first time, she was actually pouting and tears had brimmed her eyes.

“Yes, sir.”

“Much better but stay in position. You know the rules.”

I took my time bringing the belt down, making certain she would find it difficult to sit for at least a full day. She needed a constant reminder that her bad behavior wouldn’t be tolerated.

“One… sir.”

Her voice was shaky, still riddled with anger.

As I swung it across her sit spot, she jerked up.

“Oh. Oh!” Alex wiggled and shifted back and forth, her toes curling as she tried desperately to remain exactly the way I’d commanded. “Two, sir.”

I repeated the action, studying her face. She was incredibly beautiful, her long eyelashes framing a chiseled face and the softest lips. I could easily tell she’d done everything in her power to hide the fact she was attractive. Of course, that only made my hunger more powerful, my need more obsessive.

“Three… sir.”

“Two more.” I made certain they were severe smacks, both hitting her directly on the beautiful rounded portion of her body. By then my entire body was lit up like a live wire, my cock screaming for relief.

“Four and five. Sir.” It would seem the fight had gone out of her.

I took a deep breath before I was even able to speak coherently, the desire clawing at my throat.

“You did well. Your discipline is finished. I hoped you learned a thing or two about rules. Now, thank me for the spanking.”

“Na… I…”

I leaned over, until she was able to look me directly in my eyes. “Do you want me to start over again?”

“God, no! Thank you for punishing me. I was a very bad girl and deserved to be whipped. Sir.”

The defiant girl was still inside, fighting to get out. “You are very welcome, baby girl. I’m proud of you.”

She took her time before smacking her palms against the desk, tossing me perhaps her most evil and hateful look yet. “You will pay for this. You’re nobody.”

I studied her for a solid five seconds before dropping my belt and taking a single long stride toward her, yanking her forward then unfastening my jeans.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, her nasty attitude returning.

“Teaching you another lesson, sweetheart. I’m going to fuck you.”

“What? What? No way. You’re not going to shove a single thing into my pussy. If you try it, I will kick you in the balls.”

That was it. All bets were off. She was going to learn right here and now exactly how bad behavior was going to be handled.

I laughed as I freed my aching shaft, moving directly behind her. “You’re right. I’m not sticking my cock into your pretty little pussy. Only sweet, obedient girls are allowed that. Bad girls are different. They get fucked in the ass.”

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