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Broadway Baby by Alexandra James – Sample

Chapter OneBroadway Baby by Alexandra James 

“What the hell?” Rolling over in bed, thirty-three year old Shelby Bishop squinted as she made out the time on her clock. It was three twenty-three a.m. and the doorbell rang yet again.

Leaving the comfort of her bed and muttering about doormen who let anyone in, she made her way through the spacious apartment to look out the peep hole. “Damn.”

Opening the door, she shook her head as the three young stars of the newest Broadway musical she was starring in came into her apartment. “What are you doing here?” she demanded.

“I wanted my mama,” the co-star of her show, up and coming nineteen-year-old Lily Prescott, drunkenly slurred.

“Guys, doesn’t her mother live in Manhattan?” Shelby asked as the girl moved from her friends and clung to her.

“She does, but she didn’t want to go there. Besides her mother is out of town again,” Steve, Lily’s onstage brother, explained as he ran his hand through his dark waves. “We tried, Shelby, honest. I didn’t even know she was drinking. You know she doesn’t normally drink because she wants to protect her voice,” he sighed.

“We offered to take her home once we got her away from a wanna be model with store bought tits,” Lily’s blonde stage sister, Cally, who had helped carry the petite star to Shelby’s door added as she looked at her shoes and then back to the woman that had become a mother figure to them all. “But she begged us to bring her here. I don’t know why. She just kept saying that you didn’t get to not be her mama. It was weird.”

“Pretend daughters,” Shelby rolled her eyes. “Thanks for making sure she was okay. I will talk to you all before the show on Tuesday. Go on home.”

“Thanks Shelby,” Steve finally relaxed. “Oh, and no worries about the model, she may have been buying the drinks, but Lily didn’t actually make out with her. We got to her first.”

Shelby nodded, closing and locking the door after the younger actors left. “Alright, Lily, time to get you into the shower and then into bed.”

“Don’t wanna shower,” Lily whined. “Want my mama.”

“Well you have me,” the older woman’s hazel eyes clouded as she helped the younger actress to her guest bathroom. Lily was barely four feet ten inches and it wouldn’t have taken much to get her drunk. Alcohol poisoning was a real danger in this case, and Shelby sighed knowing she’d have to be sure to get some water in her diminutive costar before putting her to bed.

Sitting the drunk teen on the toilet lid, Shelby turned the shower on and then helped her undress. Placing Lily into the shower, she smirked when the water hit Lily, causing her to start.

“What, the—” Lily grumbled, opening her eyes. Shelby grinned as she saw the realization dawn on Lily’s face that she was in the shower being watched by her co-star.

“Mama?” Lily asked, “How did I get here? The last thing I remember clearly was the tall redhead with the nice…”

“Still drunk, I see,” Shelby grumbled letting the barely warm spray rain down on Lily for a few minutes before she turned off the shower and then helped wrap the petite girl in a towel before moving her into her bedroom. She wanted to keep an eye on her and she figured she may as well try to get some rest while being close to Lily if the teen needed her in the night.

Pulling one of her t-shirts from the drawer, she pulled it over Lily’s head and figured that it would do as a nightshirt. She then brushed and braided Lily’s hair before tucking her into her large bed. Moving to her bathroom Shelby brought out two aspirin and a glass of water. “Take these, and drink this.”

“Okay, Mama.” Lily did as asked without complaint before falling back onto her pillow and closing her eyes.

Putting the glass in the bathroom, Shelby returned to her bed and crawled in. Looking at the clock again she sighed. Four seventeen a.m. Thankful that neither of them worked the rest of the weekend, Shelby got comfortable and fell back to sleep not even noticing when her stage daughter turned and snuggled up against her.

* * *

Feeling pressure on her chest, Shelby opened her eyes and looked down smiling slightly when she saw her young costar clinging to her in her sleep. Finally deciding she needed to answer the call from her bladder, she managed to escape Lily’s grasp and made her way to the bathroom.

Deciding she needed coffee, Shelby headed to the kitchen and wished that she could have slept past eight-thirty. Figuring she could always have a nap later, she was heading to lounge on the couch and wait for Lily to wake up when she noticed something on the floor by the front door.

Placing her coffee mug on the end table, she moved toward the door and picked up an envelope addressed to her. Recognizing Lily’s handwriting she returned to the couch and got comfortable tucking her feet under her. Taking another sip of her coffee she opened the envelope and removed the letter inside.

Dear Shelby/Mama,

I’m sitting here in my dressing room after our final number together and wishing that so much of the musical was true. I know it may seem strange to you, but I love that I get to play your fourteen year old daughter eight times a week.

When I’m on stage I can pretend that you really are my mama and even though I know it drives you nuts when I call you that off stage I can’t seem to help myself. I just wish it was true so badly sometimes and my mouth tends to speak before my brain catches up.

I guess what finally possessed me to put this all down on paper is the ad-libbing you did for the matinee today. In fact, Marvin told me that you’d be doing it from now on in every show. Yeah, that bit in the show when you turned me around and swatted me a few times. Marvin wanted to make sure I was okay with it since he thinks it was perfect for our characters. He couldn’t believe that a director such as himself didn’t already think of it.

Anyway, I told him it was fine with me if we did that at every performance. You didn’t really swat me too hard and for the first time in a very long time I felt like somebody cared about me. I know it was in the moment on stage, but I will look forward to that scene until the show’s run is over.

I know I’m rambling and this letter isn’t making much sense but I don’t know if I can put in a letter what I am truly needing or feeling like I need. I didn’t have much of a childhood. I’ve been working on stage since I was nine and my mom treated me more like a mini-adult than a kid. I guess it’s just nice to be a kid again with a mother who really cares about what I do, even if it is just in the context of a musical.

I think I’m going to go out tonight with some of the other ‘kids’ from the show and have a couple of drinks. It doesn’t take much to get me drunk and then maybe I’ll have the courage to give you this and ask you to talk.

Then again, it may just go into the garbage after I sober up. I don’t want to go home, my mother left on a trip again, and I really don’t want to be alone. I hope I can get Steve and Cally to bring me to your place.

Sorry if I’ve made you uncomfortable or just confused the crap out of you. Believe me, sometimes I’m scared and confused about what I’m feeling as well.

To hell with it, I’m going to stuff this in an envelope and burn it tonight. I can’t chance you changing how we work together. I don’t think I could stand it if you didn’t want to work with me anymore.




Staring at her now cold coffee, Shelby folded the letter and put it away. Letting her mind wander, she tried to decide what she wanted to do with the new found information. Of course she knew what Lily was talking about; age play. And that was interesting, for it was something that she was neither adverse to or a stranger to.

Shelby was a dominant woman by nature and when she had tried to add age play and spanking into some of her previous relationships (both male and female), it had never truly worked out. Maybe because she wanted to be in control twenty-four/seven, or maybe she’d just not found the right partner, but it seemed that Lily perhaps wanted the same thing. Yes, she wanted a mama, and maybe even more. Shelby knew that Lily tended to gravitate toward women in her personal life and wondered if she could make this work.

There was no doubt that she was attracted to the petite creature. Her mahogany locks framed her face and the smattering of freckles off set her deep brown eyes to a tee. And then there was her size. She was so petite it was easy to get caught up in the idea that she was a young teenager. It had been easy for her to play the fourteen year old because of her stature and because she looked as young and on some days even younger than fourteen in real life.

Putting the envelope on the table, Shelby made a decision. Slipping from the couch, she headed down the hall and into her bedroom. It was time to wake up Lily, and let her know just how upset Mama was with her antics the night before. But first, they had to have a very serious and grown up talk.

* * *

“Lily, wake up,” Shelby encouraged as she gently rubbed the teen’s back.

“Tired,” Lily muttered.

“I know, but you need to get up. Come on, time for more aspirin and water.” Seeing that Lily wasn’t moving Shelby shook her head. “Lily Anne Prescott, move now!”

Shelby took deep breaths as Lily groaned, pulled herself up, and accepted the aspirin and water with no more arguing. Shelby had been sure to use what Lily referred to as her “mom” voice. Lily had told her that voice was scary on a good day, and Shelby hoped it was even worse with a hangover.

“Do you have to yell?” Lily asked.

“I’m not yelling, young lady. Not yet anyway,” Shelby muttered under her breath.

“Why couldn’t I sleep? It’s not like we have to work today.” Lily’s whining made Shelby more determined than ever to address the teen’s letter and behavior.

“Because we need to talk,” Shelby said as she scooted on the bed and put her back against the headboard. Before she could say anything else, Lily had snuggled against her and made herself quite comfortable.

“Are you ready to talk?” Shelby asked when Lily’s head tilted upward from Shelby’s shoulder to look at her.

“I guess. What do we need to talk about?”

“How about the fact that you were brought here last night drunk?”

“So? Everybody drinks.”

“You know that isn’t true, Lily. Now, despite the fact that it’s not very good for your vocal cords, there is also the small detail that you are under age. You will not drink again, Lily. Not out in public and not to point of intoxication. Do you understand me?”

Seeing Lily only shrug, Shelby decided to ignore the quiet attitude and press a little harder. “We will finish our discussion about drinking later, Lily. However, right now I need to talk to you about a letter I found this morning.”

“A letter?” Lily squeaked.

“Yep, a letter. Anything you’d like to add to what I already read?” Shelby’s voice was encouraging but Lily shivered anyway.

“Do you think I’m weird or hate me?” Lily whispered.

“No, Lily.” Shelby moved so Lily was sitting up. Putting her thumb and finger on Lily’s chin Shelby held it firmly and looked into her face. “I do not think that you are weird, nor do I hate you. In fact, I admire the courage it took for you to write that letter to me. Now, before you say anything else, let me tell you a few things about me. Okay?”

“Okay.” Shelby released Lily’s chin and Lily immediately sought comfort from the older woman, leaning her head on Shelby’s shoulder once again.

“First, I know what age play is, Lily, and I’ve experienced it in former relationships. It doesn’t always work out the way you hope, but I’ve gotten more experienced, and I know this time will be different. As you know, I like to be in control, sweetie. And by that, I mean control twenty-four/seven. I can’t be in a relationship where I am not the dominant partner. I’m not going to lie to you, Lily. I am attracted to you, but I never thought you wanted anything from me other than our friendship.”

Lily shook her head. “I like that you’re in control, Shelby. I like that a lot. I think this could work, but do you mean as a couple?”

Shelby nodded, “If that’s something you would like, yes. If not, we can still explore the age play aspect without a romantic relationship.”

“No!” Lily exclaimed a bit too quickly. “I mean, I like you, Shelby and I’d like to try to be in a relationship with you. I just never thought I’d have a chance with you.”


Lily nodded shyly. “I mean you’re successful, and beautiful, and so put together. I’m just this gawky little kid who can’t even hold her liquor.”

“Hey, you are a talented young woman with a lot of potential.” Shelby once more held Lily’s gaze by trapping her chin between her thumb and forefinger. “I don’t want to hear that anymore from you.”

* * *

Lily nodded, her movement somewhat hampered as Shelby continued to hold her chin firmly. As nice as it was to hear Shelby compliment her, she didn’t know if she could believe it. After all, Shelby Bishop was five feet eight inches in her stocking feet, with dark hair that had enough natural wave to make it seem perfect all the time. Her hazel eyes were so expressive, and her voice had helped garner her two Tony awards and another nomination for the coveted award. She still couldn’t believe that Shelby wanted not only an age play relationship with her, but a romantic one as well.

Lily had a couple of girlfriends in the past, but nothing too serious in her young life. She knew right now, more than anything, she wanted to try this with Shelby. She wanted it to work because even though she wasn’t sure if what she was feeling was merely infatuation or something more, she wanted to have the time to find out.

“What are you thinking, Lily?” Shelby’s voice broke the silence.

“That I want to try this with you. Whatever this may be.”

Shelby’s smile lit her face, “I’m glad to hear that, Lily.” Shelby’s hand moved down to rub Lily’s back and absently began to pat her bottom gently.

“Now, there are a few other things we need to talk about in regards to your letter.”

“Like what?” Lily asked loving the feeling of safety and comfort that seemed to be rolling off Shelby in waves.

“Like you seeming to want our stage life to be more real life for starters. Is that right?”

Lily nodded.

“Use your words Lily,” Shelby prodded.

“Yes, ma’am,” the words slipped naturally from Lily’s mouth.

Shelby was quiet for a long moment, “Have you had any experience with age play, Lily?”

“Not really, but I’ve read about it, actually researched it, and it seems like something I want, no, something that I need in my life.”

“And if we try this and it’s not what you need?”

“I don’t know,” Lily admitted.

“Tell me what you do know,” Shelby encouraged.

“I know that I get lost in my role every time we go on stage and I start wishing that I wasn’t just acting. It’s something that’s hard to explain but that feeling of warmth and security that you give me when we’re playing those roles, it’s something that I don’t really remember having.”

“What about when you were growing up, Lily?”

Lily scoffed at the idea. “Growing up? I stopped growing up and became fully grown about the same time I got my first professional job. My folks split when I was five, and my dad has never really been in the picture. My mom figured the more I worked the better for her pocket book.”

“But the stage?” Shelby continued to pat Lily’s bottom gently. “Surely there would have been more money in modeling or other media.”

Lily nodded. “I did some modeling, but she always told me that my voice would be the way to go. You know as well as I do that I’m not a traditional beauty and don’t fit any type of mold. I’m made for the stage and I love it. I just hate that I worked all the time instead of getting to be a kid.”

“Is that why you call me Mama all the time?”

Lily nodded slowly, “I like pretending you really care about me. It’s nice to have that even if it’s only pretend.”

“It’s not only pretend, Lily,” Shelby responded. “I do care about you.”

“Really?” Lilly looked into Shelby’s face with hopeful eyes and saw only gentleness and caring reflected back at her.

“Really. I am willing to give this a try if you’re sure you want it.”

Lily slowly nodded, “I am, but what exactly does it mean?”

Shelby shifted and pulled Lily onto her lap, cradling the teen as one might do with a small child. “It means that in this relationship I am in control. You will call me Mama whenever we’re alone—and in public if it’s someplace that we can do it without raising too many eyebrows.”

Lily gulped but nodded slowly. This is what she wanted, right? Might as well jump in with both feet. “What else?”

“I will make rules and expect you to follow them. And when they are broken,” Shelby raised an eyebrow and smirked as Lily stopped her protest, “when they are broken there will be consequences.”

“What type of consequences?” Lily asked quietly.

“I am a very firm believer in spankings for my little girl,” Shelby began. “But there may also be groundings or a loss of privileges. It all depends on the situation. However,” Shelby’s tone deepened and she looked into the teen’s face. “If you do something dangerous or lie to me then you will face a spanking.”

“How will you, I mean…” Lily trailed off not able to say the word. “How will you do it?”

“I find that bare bottom, over my knee, with my hand is usually pretty effective. Though sometimes very naughty little girls might need the hairbrush.”

Shelby held Lily and rubbed her back gently allowing Lily to digest everything she’d said. The quiet was suddenly broken by Lily’s stomach rumbling and Shelby found the blush Lily now wore adorable. “It seems someone is hungry. Come on, honey, we’ll go get you something to eat and then you and Mama need to have a long discussion about the choices you made last night.”

“Am I in trouble?” Lily’s voice sounded younger somehow and Shelby only nodded as she stood and held out her hand.

“You are, but we’ll talk about it after you eat.”

“Yes, Mama,” Lily agreed holding onto Shelby’s hand and allowing herself to be taken toward the kitchen and a new beginning. As she crossed the threshold of the bedroom however, Lily stumbled. “Mama I don’t feel very good.”

Shelby stopped and looked down at Lily. “No, I suppose you don’t feel very well. Do you have a headache?”

Lily nodded, “And a tummy ache.”

“Well then, let’s get you to the kitchen and feed you before we talk and give you a bath.

“Okay Mama,” Lily slowly followed Shelby from the bedroom to the kitchen.

* * *

Lily pouted as she stared at the dry toast and glass of juice in front of her. “I still don’t see why I can’t just have coffee.”

“Because little girls do not drink coffee.”

“But I always have coffee for breakfast,” Lily protested as she swung her feet from the bar chair in the kitchen and let her toes drum against the island.

“Stop kicking, Lily,” Shelby directed. “And you used to have coffee for breakfast. You will now be eating something and having juice or if you prefer almond or soy milk so it doesn’t bother your voice.”

Sighing heavily, Lily stopped kicking the island before turning in her chair to look up at Shelby, “Are you trying to kill me?”

Lily frowned as Shelby’s eyebrow raised and she put her piece of toast down. “Excuse me, little girl?”

“I’m just asking a question. I mean no coffee is bad enough but you want me to have milk too?”

“It’s good for you.”

“It’s gross,” Lily wrinkled her nose. “I only like milk, real milk, in milkshakes.”

“Mmmmm,” Shelby replied picking up the paper.

Ripping her toast into pieces Lily looked up at Shelby. “So could I have that for breakfast?”

Smiling when Shelby put down the paper to look at her, Lily scowled at the woman’s answer, “No, you may not have a milkshake for breakfast.”

“Well, I’m not eating this,” Lily declared pushing her plate of uneaten toast away. “My tummy doesn’t feel like eating.”

“You need to eat something, Lily. Trust me, you’ll feel better.”

“Don’t wanna,” Lily pouted and climbed off the bar chair.

“Where are you going?” Shelby’s voice stopped her cold.

“To watch cartoons?”

“The only place you are going is back on this chair so you can eat something.”

“I’m not hungry.”

Rolling her eyes Shelby walked over to Lily. Taking the girl by the arm she turned her sideways and gave Lily one hard swat. “Sit, now. I’ll make you some oatmeal.”

Rubbing her bottom dramatically Lily stared at Shelby for a long moment. “You spanked me.”

“I gave you a warning. Believe me you will know it when I spank you. Now go sit down.”

Groaning, Lily slowly did as Shelby asked. Putting her head on the kitchen counter she closed her eyes and sighed. Not getting a reaction she opened one eye and looked toward Shelby. Shelby was putting the teakettle on to boil water for the dreaded oatmeal.

Lily sighed again this time louder. Still no reaction. Wondering what she was doing wrong, Lily sat up slightly and put her chin in her hands. Seeing the oatmeal packet being opened and put into a bowl brought the loudest sigh yet along with a groan.

“Is there something wrong?” Shelby asked, the corners of her lips twitching upward.

“I don’t want any ole’ yucky oatmeal either. It’s almost as bad as milk.”

“It will settle your tummy,” Shelby held up her hand. “Not another word. I am making you oatmeal and you will eat some of it. Then you and I are going to talk.”

A short time later, Lily managed to choke down half a bowl of the dreaded oatmeal and drink all the juice under Shelby’s glare. “Go wait for me on the couch, Lily.”

Sliding off the bar chair, Lily pouted all the way to the couch. She had really wanted her coffee and that oatmeal was horrible. It did make her feel better, but she wasn’t about to admit that to Shelby.

Tucking her feet up under her, Lily leaned back into the couch and pulled a pillow into her lap. Hugging it she wished that she had some type of stuffed animal to hug instead.

Hearing footsteps Lily looked up and wrinkled her brow in confusion. Shelby was entering with two mugs. “Here,” Shelby held a mug out to her and Lily took it slowly.

“I thought I wasn’t allowed to have coffee.”

“Little you isn’t allowed coffee,” Shelby smirked. “But right now I think that adult you and I need to talk and I figured you might enjoy the coffee.”

“Thank you. Oh, that’s divine,” Lily moaned as she tasted the wonderful beverage. “So what did you want to talk about?”

“Where we go from here,” Shelby took a sip of her coffee and continued. “I know we brushed on this earlier but I wanted to talk to you before Mama and Lily have their first serious talk. We also need to talk about our adult relationship.”

Lily put her half empty mug on the coffee table and pulled her legs up wrapping her arms around her knees. “Do you not want a grown up relationship with me anymore?”

“Oh, no, Lily, that’s not what I meant at all,” Shelby placed her empty mug on the coffee table as well and moved to pull Lily into her arms. “I just mean that we are going to discuss how our adult relationship will differ from Mama and Lily.”

“What do you mean?” Lily moved to curl into Shelby.

“First, I want you to understand that there will never be anything sexual between Mama and little you. When you are little, you are little and I am the mama. That is a line that we will not cross. Though I am hoping that Shelby and Lily have an intimate relationship,” Shelby added with a wink.

Lily blushed and nodded her understanding. “What about the other stuff? I mean I’ve never done this before.”

“The other stuff?”

“You know spankings and groundings and stuff,” Lily finally managed to get out.

“Ah,” Shelby bent down and brushed Lily’s lips gently. “Spankings can be for pleasure as well as pain, Lily.” Shelby stated as Lily gently touched her lips when Shelby pulled back from the kiss.

“Really?” Brown eyes looked up into hazel. “They can?”

“They can. Someday I will teach you about those types of spankings. Know, though, that when Shelby spanks Lily for punishment it will be much different than when Mama does.”

“How so?”

“For one, I’ll be dealing with the adult you, and I expect more from an adult than a little. So the spankings will be different, the punishments will be different. I won’t punish you like a little girl, but like a woman.”

“So coming here drunk?”

“Oh, that is a big girl punishment, sweetie. Throwing a tantrum over your new bedtime would be a little girl punishment.”

“What about accidently eating all of your Twizzler Bites at intermission?”

Shelby chuckled. “Oh I think that’s definitely little Lily. It was also the reason I swatted you the first time on stage. I went to my dressing room to grab some sugar and it had all been eaten.”

“I was out,” Lily grinned at Shelby. “Besides, you had the ones with all the tropical flavors. All Steve had were the black ones, ick.”

Shelby gave a full laugh and leaned to kiss Lily again. “You are a scamp, Lily Prescott.”

Lily giggled and hugged Shelby close, “I still can’t believe you want a relationship with me. All sides of me.”

“I want nothing more, sweetie. Now, about today. We are going to head to your place and pick up some of your personal things and bring them back here. After that, I think we need to go shopping for little you. There are a few things we’re going to need.”

“Like what?”

“You’ll find out,” Shelby grinned at Lily’s pout. “And then, right before bed, you and I are going to have a conversation about being brought home drunk when you are not supposed to be legally drinking yet.”

“Oh, am I in a lot of trouble, Shelby?”

“That depends.”

“Depends on what?”

“How much trouble you need to be in for this, Lily. After all, we didn’t have this type of relationship when you were brought here last night.”

“But we do now,” Lily shrugged. “Maybe a part of me wanted to be in trouble with you. I knew if Steve and Cally brought me here then I might at least get one night were I felt somebody cared. Cared in the way I needed, I mean.”

“Well, kiddo, I do care. And I’m going to show you just how much tonight before bed.”

Shelby watched as Lily began to draw a pattern on her leg as she became very quiet. Shelby waited for a few moments before speaking. “What are you thinking, Lily?”

“That having Cally and Steve bring me here last night seemed like a good idea at the time but now I’m wondering exactly what I was thinking.”

“Maybe that’s a good thing. After all, you now know that I do care and that we will be talking about this more later.” Shelby felt Lily shift again and became concerned at the look on the brunette’s face.

“Lily?” Shelby’s voice brought the teen from her thoughts. “What’s wrong?”

“I guess it’s finally hitting me,” Lily took a deep breath. “Wanting this type of a relationship as an abstract thought is a lot different than when it’s staring you in the face.”

“Or in your case, bottom,” Shelby teased moving her arm to pat the girl’s backside gently.

They sat in comfortable silence for a while, and Shelby was amazed that it seemed so easy for them to agree to this type of relationship. “How about that bath?” Shelby broke the silence and tapped Lily’s nose with her finger gently as those chocolate eyes looked up at her.

“That sounds nice.”

“Well then, I think it’s time for Mama to give Lily a bath.”

“Will there be bubbles?” Lily asked hopefully.

“Of course,” Shelby reassured Lily.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Lily slid from Shelby’s lap and allowed herself to sink into little Lily more fully than she ever had before.

* * *

“Wow,” Lily exclaimed as Shelby led Lily back toward the bedroom and into the attached bath. The bathroom was huge with a large sunken tub and separate shower. There was plenty of natural light from windows that ran along the top of the outside wall.

“Like it?” Shelby asked.

“I could swim in there, Mama! It’s huge.” Lily was obviously excited and Shelby shook her head at how easy it seemed for Lily to become little.

Sitting Lily on the top of the toilet, Shelby began to run the water for the tub. Remembering the three in one bodywash she had bought when her niece had visited a few months before, Shelby decided it would be the perfect way to introduce Lily to bath time. It made wonderful bubbles and made it easier to clean the little girl because she didn’t have to worry about separate soap and shampoo. Looking at Lily, Shelby’s voice was serious, “I will be right back with your bubbles. Do not move and do not try and get into the tub.”


Lily took the time to release the pressure on her bladder and was once more sitting on the toilet lid when Shelby returned with the bodywash as well as some clean clothing she had bought for her niece.

Pouring some of the wash into the bath she noted Lily’s eyes light up, “Are those the bubbles?”

“Yep,” Shelby smiled before turning from the tub and placing the bodywash on the counter and then retrieving a large washcloth and towel from the wardrobe along the wall. Placing the items on the counter with the clothes Shelby reached under the sink and retrieved a new purple toothbrush.

Lily smiled shyly and quickly moved to brush her teeth while Shelby turned the water off in the tub.

“Alright you, time to get you undressed and into the tub. Arms up,” Shelby directed, glad when Lily seemed to have no hesitation allowing her to help. Then again Lily was used to fast clothing changes between scenes and modesty was a luxury not really afforded one in the theater. You changed off stage in the wings as quickly as possible and whoever saw you, saw you. You got over it and moved on.

Shelby slowly took in Lily’s body and smiled at what she saw. She was perfectly proportioned for her size and Shelby could only imagine the things she could do when they started to play.

Patting Lily’s sparse curls that covered her most intimate area Shelby noticed the slight blush. “We’ll have to shave that after your bath. Mama’s little girl needs to be smooth. Now, into the tub with you.” Holding onto Lily’s arm, Shelby helped her into the deep tub and laughed when Lily ducked under the water and immediately began giving herself a bubble beard losing herself completely in little Lily.

“This is fun, Mama.” Lily giggled as she made a lone horn on her head with her hair. “Look, I’m a unicorn.”

“I see that,” Shelby chuckled. “And a lovely unicorn you are, Lily.”

Kneeling next to the tub, Shelby wet the washcloth and began to slowly wash Lily’s back. After a time, Shelby moved the cloth to Lily’s pert breasts and massaged the mounds under the cloth. As she continued to bathe her, Shelby explored other areas, making sure to attend to every inch of Lily’s body.

Wringing out the washcloth Shelby placed it on the side of the tub. Moving her hands to Lily’s hair, Shelby had her duck under the water again and gently massaged the soap through the long locks. Satisfied she had Lily move and put her head under the faucet. Turning on the water Shelby rinsed the soap from Lily’s hair and then had Lily sit up. Pulling the plug she chuckled at Lily’s pout as she helped her stand.

“Be careful, Lily, I don’t want you to slip getting out of the tub.”

Lily nodded and sighed in contentment as Shelby held out a large fluffy towel and helped wrap it around her. “This towel is soft, Mama. I like it.”

“Well then, you may use it whenever you take a bath,” Shelby informed her.

“Thanks!” Lily hugged the towel closer to her and stood still as Shelby reached for the comb.

Shelby was gentle as she combed out Lily’s hair before putting it in a loose braid. “There, that will be better as it dries. Now, go out to the bed and wait for me, Lily.”

* * *

Lily nodded and scampered to the bedroom to wait. Sitting down on the bed, she watched the bathroom door and wondered what Shelby was doing. Mama had mentioned shaving her private area and Lily wondered if she would truly do that.

Yawning, Lily allowed her mind to wander slightly. She still couldn’t believe that she was sitting on Shelby Bishop’s bed after having been bathed by her as one would a young child. The warmth in her tummy made her feel content and she knew without a doubt that if this thing worked with Shelby the way she wanted, she would never feel the need to search for a mama or a lover again.

Hearing footsteps brought Lily from her thoughts, and she once more focused on the bathroom door giggling when she saw that Shelby had her arms full.

“And what are you laughing at, little girl?” Shelby teased putting the items down on the bed.

“You looked silly carrying all of those things, Mama.”

Shelby smiled warmly at Lily. “I am so glad I amuse you, baby girl. Now, stand up for a minute so I can put a fresh towel down.”

After Lily followed her directions, Shelby said, “Okay, let’s get this on you, and then you can lie down.” She held up a lined tank top and helped Lily put it on taking the other towel and placing it in the bathroom.

“I need you to lie on the bed with your bottom on the fresh towel, Lily,” Shelby instructed.

“How come?”

“I am going to shave you, Lily. I told you that Mama likes her little girl bare.”

“Oh, will it hurt?” Lily asked.

“Not one bit,” Shelby reassured Lily. “It may tickle a little though or just feel funny. I need you to be a big girl and lie very still. Can you do that for Mama?”

Lily nodded, “I can do that, Mama. I can be your big girl.”

“Good,” Shelby leaned down and kissed the tip of Lily’s nose. “That’s my good girl,” she praised.

Seeing Shelby pull a can of shaving gel from the pile she had brought into the bedroom Lily wondered exactly what shaving her would entail. She didn’t have to wait long as she felt Shelby adjust her at the foot of the bed. Feeling as if Shelby had presented her sex on a platter Lily watched in fascination as Shelby grabbed another towel, a damp washcloth, and finally the razor from her supply pile.

Watching as Shelby finally picked up the shaving gel Lily tried to get comfortable as Shelby rubbed the gel between her fingers. Gasping briefly when Shelby’s hands touched her sex, she allowed herself to give in to the sensory experience she was being given as gentle fingers rubbed the shaving gel all over her nether regions causing pulses of pleasure as well as making her wonder what would come next.

Lily hadn’t been aware she was even moving until she heard Shelby’s, “Hold still,” along with a light tap that she felt on her thigh. Lily instantly stilled her leg but her breathing remained fast and the fact was, she was rather enjoying the experience of being shaved for the first time.

“I’m going to be using the razor now, Lily. I need you to hold very still for me.”

“Okay, Mama,” Lily whispered.

Feeling the blade running down her slowly and steadily, Lily breathed deeply, mirroring Shelby’s even breaths. The motions seemed to simultaneously go on forever and yet they also seemed over within a moment. All too soon Lily felt the damp washcloth being moved over her newly shaved area before it was dried completely with the towel. Lily watched once more as Shelby leaned down between her legs and stopped for a moment before feeling the gentle kiss on her now bare skin. Lily felt as if she were melting. Being shaved was certainly something she enjoyed more than she thought she would.

Wishing that Shelby hadn’t moved her head from between her thighs already Lily figured that they would have time to get to know each other better in that way later. Right now, Lily supposed Mama was probably deciding what they were going to do for the day after Lily was finished getting ready.

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