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Brody’s Little Brat by Adaline Raine – Sample

Chapter One

Kara Mitchell waved to the security guard as she drove her car past his booth. She lived in a gated community named Little Haven, whose residents all participated in or encouraged a certain type of lifestyle—age play.

Some of the residents believed all age-players engaged in role play. Many did see age-playing as a form of role play, but some age-players let themselves regress to a younger, happier mindset, one without bills, job stress, or other adult-oriented issues. The length of time in a younger mindset varied. Kara knew of some members of the community who chose to be “little” twenty-four seven, while others made a schedule that limited the time spent age playing. The members were encouraged to choose whatever rules made them the happiest as a couple.

Kara’s boyfriend, Brody Thomas, decided to move them here one night about a year ago, when after a mental overload, Kara had lashed out badly and refused to calm down. Their argument had escalated past her boiling point, and she’d almost hurt herself—although not purposefully. Still, it had forced Brody to add additional rules to their already active domestic discipline dynamic and to decide that moving to Little Haven would be a good idea.

Kara already followed certain rules about respecting herself and Brody, as well as balancing meals and taking time for herself, but the new rules were different. On nights she chose, or when Brody decided her stress had built up too much, he would be in a new role: daddy.

If she acted out while in her teenage mindset—sometimes she felt about fifteen and some days she felt older—she got punished. Usually the consequences involved a spanking, but not always.

If she broke the rules while in a more adult state, there were also repercussions. Those usually involved a spanking as well, but sometimes Brody was more creative than that.

They both functioned well in the arrangement, though at first, Kara had to get used to Brody being her daddy. She kept it a secret from her family and friends since she still needed to sort out in her head how a twenty-six year old woman could let her boyfriend take such a role, but to be honest, she didn’t have many people to keep it from anyway. Her siblings were all much younger than her, and she could count the friends she had back home on one hand.

Kara blew out a breath. She needed to get to the house and apologize, instead of thinking about the past. She’d slid and broken the rules more than once over the past two weeks. Brody would no doubt punish her when she arrived home. Kara had legitimately forgotten to contact him and let him know she was hanging out with two classmates to finish up a project, and hours had passed by without her checking in with him.

Shit. What would I do if he didn’t tell me something like that?

She knew she would be out of her mind with worry. She’d really messed up tonight.

As she pulled her car into the garage and turned off the engine, she wondered if she should just run inside and beg for forgiveness right off the bat.

Sighing, she opened and closed the car door, then headed inside. The entry door led straight into the kitchen, and Brody sat as still as stone at the table, worry splashed across his features.

“I’m so sorry…”

“Are you okay?” he stood and met the distance between them. “Did your cell phone battery die?”

Brody Thomas didn’t look like the sort of man who would hold his girlfriend accountable, a man who had a hand as hard as a paddle and a belt that left red stripes after it kissed her bottom, but he definitely was that kind of man. In many ways Kara was the luckiest woman in the world, but she didn’t feel lucky at the moment.

His stern demeanor didn’t change, so she focused on his brown eyes. They normally sparkled when locked on hers, but now they were dark chocolate and angry.

Kara looked down as the blood rushed to her cheeks and she studied the tiles on the kitchen floor. She thought about the first time she had approached Brody and—after only two short weeks in a relationship with him—had asked him if he wanted to be in charge. He had laughed at first, and she remembered she’d initially giggled and played the silly girl card, but then he’d grabbed her close to him and sat her in his lap. Then he’d captured her chin and whispered against her ear, “There was never a question of that.”

Kara had nearly creamed her panties when he’d held her in such a fashion, but then just as quickly he had moved back and kissed her nose and told her how cute she was. Any woman with functioning eyes would have rated him as extremely hot, but Kara noticed that he never acted cocky.


Brody’s voice pulled her back to the present and she snapped her head up.

“I’m sorry, no, my battery is just fine.”

She bit the inside of her cheek as he reached for her hand. She knew better than to hesitate and she fought a huff.

“Then let’s go into the bedroom and address your lack of courtesy.” Brody’s voice was stern and incredibly sexy at the same time.

Kara shuffled her feet as she held onto his hand, and he reached back and wrapped his arm around her. His touch made her wet even though the threat of the paddle loomed just over her head like a dark cloud. He had let the first two times slide, and she wished in that moment she had submitted to his rules earlier. “I really don’t want a spanking right now.”

Brody sighed as his hand touched the bedroom door and twisted it open. “I should have addressed your lack of consideration when you forgot to tell me earlier in the week.”

Kara pulled back from him and angry words suddenly flew from her mouth. “The first time was because I got stuck in traffic and it would have been highly irresponsible of me to flip open my phone in the middle of the freeway just to text you that—” Her mouth shut immediately as he shook his head.

“Kara, we came up with these rules together.”

He stepped inside and sat down on the black and gold comforter spread across their bed, then motioned for her to sit next to him. “When we first got together, you were about to get evicted, you had unpaid bills, and you were living off the dollar menu. You could never find any time for friends or family, and your grades were slipping. You begged me to hold you accountable this way.”

Kara sat down next to him and pulled her legs underneath her. She stared into those gorgeous eyes of his and tried to come up with an appropriate response.

She had been craving this type of attention since her childhood but had never found a way to ask for it. Brody refused to let her slip up with any of her commitments—including bills or studies—and he never faltered to discipline her when her choices had to do with personal responsibility. And his discipline was even more serious when it came to her self-esteem and negative emotions.

“I won’t let this slide again. You mean too much to me.” Brody took her hand and gently but firmly slid her over his lap. He reached under her hips and unbuttoned the blue-black jeans. She turned over quickly and clutched the waistband.

“Can’t you just spank me over them?”

She had splurged last week on a tattoo that danced across her lower back just above her tailbone. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, especially since Brody hadn’t spanked her in several weeks. She’d arrogantly thought a few more weeks would go by until she needed to tell him. She loved her ink, but he would probably be angry that she hadn’t asked to budget for it.

“What is going on with you tonight?” Brody pulled her up to look into her eyes. “Tell me what the problem is.”

“I didn’t tell you about something that I went out and bought, and it wasn’t that expensive, but I should have told you.” Kara bit her lip. How much more trouble could she get into?

“Honey, just tell me now.”

“I’m not in the mood to be spanked, and these jeans are tight. Just let me go to bed.” She watched as the deeper meaning of her statement hit him and his grip tightened around her waist. The pants fit her fine, but she’d hinted at her weight.

“I’ve been patient with you tonight, but that’s it. Stand up and take them off. Now.”

Something strange came over her and she jumped up and off his lap. She pulled off her jeans in several breathy movements and threw them at his face. “Here! Take them!”


Kara stomped her way out of the bedroom, ignoring his attempt to talk any more. She stormed down the hallway and threw herself onto the couch. She had no idea what the real root of her problem was, but she knew it was the first time in over a year that she had thrown such a tantrum. It was just a stupid tattoo, not even a very expensive one, but she knew he would see it as a lack of respect to his rules about the budget. And all this on top of her ignoring the rules about checking in with him for the past few weeks.

Kara knew Brody’s recent lack of attention was probably the underlying cause of her brattitude. He worked as a freelance contractor and recent projects had been keeping him busier than usual. But knowing the cause didn’t help her emotions, or help her relax. She really wanted his attention, and the lack of it always sparked a chain of events. She ended up lashing out, forgetting to inform Brody of where she was, coming home late, etc.

“Ugh…” Kara settled deeper into the cushions. She needed to apologize now, but she wished she’d simply talked to him, instead of throwing a fit.

* * *

Brody watched Kara stomp off, a vile tone to her words, but he remained on the bed. It would be pointless to spank her now with the type of mood she was in.

What emotions was she holding inside? Since they had moved to the community, much of her stress had been eliminated. This place allowed her to act in a teen type of mindset on days she felt like it or whenever he sensed her becoming overwhelmed. They moved to this place to help, not to give her more stress.

He stood up as he formed a plan. Her tantrum could not be ignored, so he would have to come up with something to show her she was still responsible for her behavior.

His eyes drifted to the large sequined box that held Kara’s favorite naughty playthings. She always liked the treasures—vibrators, butt plugs, ball gag, and lots of lube—but tonight those things would be included in her punishment. Hopefully when everything got settled, Kara would tell him what the real problem was.

Brody reflected on the past few weeks, then realized that his skills had been contracted out to three different clients, and lately his time had been dedicated solely to those projects.

“Shit… Kara…” Brody ran his hands through his hair. She’d slipped on their rules a few times, and he’d completely overlooked her gentle push for attention. When the two of them first got together and he’d set rules, she’d pushed a lot. Her poking had been short-lived though, since his consistent responses had showed no budging on the rules.

But his working hours had trumped everything lately—especially his time with Kara. He still needed to respond to her tantrum, but the situation pulled at his heart. He made a mental note to set aside more time for them this week, then he left the bedroom to get Kara.

Kara flipped the television on, but her attention kept going back to the situation with Brody. Why hadn’t he followed her out here? Why hadn’t he grabbed her and spanked her as promised? A large knot formed in her stomach and she grew uneasy.

Why was I so disrespectful? I could have just told him about the tattoo. I know it would have been all right.

She glanced at the hallway again. What if I pushed him too far this time?

Her face grew hot and wet as unexpected tears poured down and over her cheeks. How could she have been so disrespectful? Brody had literally taken care of everything the past year, even adding in a travel budget so they could return to their home state to visit family a few times a year. He was the one who put everything together, without ever getting angry or lashing out, and she really owed it all to him.

She’d switched to a local college, which was roughly a half an hour or so away from their house, and she’d filled in the gaps with online choices, which gave her more time to focus on herself and slip into her younger persona.

But Brody had decided she needed to cut back her credits at school, so she only had four classes this semester. Twelve little credits instead of her usual load of fifteen. She was so much smarter than that!

Tonight was one of the nights she was supposed to come straight home and get into her younger clothes so she could tackle the rest of the week. Her classes were stacked over three days, and she seemed to have the tendency to brat off by the third day of classes. But if—after all the homework or projects were completed—she regressed to her younger space at night on the same days she had classes, she got through the week without any issues.

Brody knew that, of course. Not only was he super smart, but he paid attention—close attention—to what she responded to and how she reacted to certain situations.

In the beginning, back at their old apartment on the East coast, he would sometimes end up punishing her every night straight for a week. That hadn’t happened all that often, but she’d had the tendency to push him and rebel. Since moving to the new community, and since Brody had added more rules, she hadn’t bucked too much. Well, at least she hadn’t until now.

Kara wiped pitifully at her cheeks and peeked over at the hallway. A strong sounding set of footsteps echoed on the hardwood floor, and she returned her attention to the screen. She did not want to see the disappointment undoubtedly etched on his handsome face.

Brody said nothing as he walked over to the television and turned it off. He produced a tissue with a flourish and carefully dried her eyes, then extended his hand and waited.

Kara drew a sharp breath at the sight of his outstretched palm. She raised an eyebrow up at him and set her hand in his.

“But—” she started to say but he held a finger to her lips.

“We’ll talk about it later.” In moments they were headed back to the bedroom. “Right now, we need to reset the course you’re on.”

“I… I… I… kn… know,” she stammered as her heart raced. He probably had darker things in mind than just using a paddle.

Brody let her go and reached behind her. He easily unclasped the hooks of her bra and let it spill out into his hands. Kara immediately drew her hands up to cover her breasts, but he swatted her hands until she let go.

It was not modesty that had brought Kara’s hands up, but instead it was her notion that she had an imperfect body, and he knew it. He slid a finger into either side of the waistband of her panties and removed them effortlessly.

Kara squeaked as he stripped her. He was not in a sexy mood and she wasn’t sure what he was planning. “But—” she started again.

Brody took great care to wrap one long piece of her dark chestnut-brown hair around his hand before he pulled her close to him. She admired how pretty her dip-dyed teal, purple, and magenta pieces looked tucked between his fingers. She wished she had a camera! Then she glanced up at his face, and it reminded her he was not playing around.

“No more talking.”

Kara gasped as he tugged her hair, but she shut her mouth. He led her over to the bed by her hair, then slowly bent her forward at the waist until her arms were on the bed and her butt was in the air.

A cool gel tickled her ass moments before a plug slid deep inside. It met with little resistance, but she clenched and groaned as the sensation forced her to focus on what he was doing.

“Stand up.”

Kara straightened and turned around. She opened her mouth to protest when he popped a small red ball gag between her lips. As mortified as she had been to be plugged in her ass, the new sensation of the rubber in between her cheeks and tongue distracted her from the slight humiliation.

“Kara, I want you to stand here and think about what it does to me when you put yourself down. You made a snide comment about your pants being too tight, which sounds like you’re picking on your weight again. And that is on top of your earlier actions, and why you’re being punished right now.”

He led her to the corner and stood her against the wall. “You are beautiful and sexy, and I want to be with you. Whenever you put yourself down, you put me down too.” He laid two good smacks on her ass. “Now, put your hands behind your back and lace your fingers together.”

Kara stood there with tears streaming down her face—not from the burn from his hand but from the guilt she felt about the tantrum. She quickly put her hands behind her as instructed.

“Good girl,” he whispered against her ear.

Kara stood straighter after his word of praise and he ran his hand over the top of her intertwined fingers and assured her he would be back.

“If you freak out because of the gag, just remove it. I won’t be angry since we haven’t used it much, but I’d like you to keep it in.”

She nodded, determined to do as he’d asked. He patted her behind once before stepping away. She heard him leave the room but she kept in place. She really needed this tonight.

Brody wanted to stay in the room so she would not feel abandoned, but he had to make it clear her behavior was not acceptable. He admired her beautiful curves for a moment longer before he stepped to the door. Kara’s body was such a sensitive topic, and trying to find where her self-esteem issues stemmed from boggled his mind. His gaze lingered on her shapely butt with the plug inserted deep inside, but then finally he stepped into the hall.

He left the door open and glanced down at his watch. He couldn’t go far since she had a gag on. He’d told her she could remove it, if needed, but he knew she would do her best to obey him. If she panicked, she could forget how to release it. It was risky enough to have her turned away in the corner without eye contact. He had intended to let her stay still for five minutes, but since she had the gag, he decided to shorten the time.

He leaned against the wall and jabbed his fingers through his hair.

Why else is Kara pushing me?

He had already seen the tattoo when he’d observed her movements and her occasional wince while it healed. The plug, gag, and corner time had nothing to do with the expense of her body art. If anything, he loved when she came back with more ink. It added such beauty to her already sexy features.

Normally, he let her do what she pleased when it came to her ink, but if she were going to act up, he had to consider rules about that as well. What it came down to was that she had kept something from him in addition to not following the guidelines already in place.

Brody straightened and walked back into the bedroom. He removed the gag from Kara’s mouth and led her to the bed. Then he carefully sat her down and wiped her face and nose. She dropped her eyes, but he caught her chin and slowly tilted her face up towards his.

“I won’t let you slide on the rules again. Is that clear?”

Kara’s face flushed red as he gripped her chin, and she let out a choked sob. “Yes, sir. It’s clear.”

He smiled at the title, something she added to show respect when he punished her in a more adult way. He didn’t recall asking her to use it, but it made him feel even more connected to her.

He moved to the dresser and pulled out a soft pair of black yoga pants and a grey V-neck sleep top, then handed them to her. “Put these on. We’re going to go eat dinner, and then you’re going to come back here and go to bed early.”

Kara inhaled sharply but said nothing. She stood up, then reached a hand back towards the flare of the plug.

“Leave it,” Brody admonished and took Kara’s hands in his. “You are going to sleep with that in, all night, and then in the morning when you wake up, you will be spanked as originally intended.” He let go and stepped back. “I’m going to go heat up dinner. I expect you to follow me.”

Kara bit her lip as he strode to the door, but she didn’t protest. Good. Maybe she would go back to listening to him.

When Brody reached the kitchen, he heated up the rice. He’d left chicken in a pot on the stove, simmering in sauce, and he checked on it as well. His overall day had been busy and boring, but he’d made sure everything would be ready for Kara when she arrived home. His plan had included cuddling on the couch and watching old movies, but now she was all out of sorts. Hopefully they could eat dinner and she would get into a better mood.

Kara slid her clothes on, sans panties with the plug in place, then dragged her feet to the kitchen. She was not in the mood to eat, and she flopped down on the chair. The plug moved a little and she felt a rush of wetness in between her thighs. Kara wiggled her butt awkwardly on the chair as Brody set a plate down in front of her. “I’m sorry I didn’t ask about the tattoo.”

Brody dished out their meals and sat down. “The tattoo isn’t my concern. I already figured it out days ago.” He scooped a mouthful of teriyaki chicken into his mouth and chewed. “But you’re sliding on the rules, and I’m not happy about that.”

Kara followed suit. The chicken and rice were each in a different sauce, and the spices and flavors mingled perfectly in her mouth.

“I’ve been busy,” she huffed. She wished she could really eat. On her way home she’d stopped for a fast food run and had filled up on fries. And a shake. It had seemed a good idea at the time, and it had satisfied her hunger. Still, she knew she’d made poor choices, and the fast food hadn’t made her body feel as good as a balanced meal did. But she didn’t want to give Brody yet another reason to lecture her.

“Being busy doesn’t give you an excuse to break our rules.”

“Busy like you’ve been? You’ve been way too busy to even notice—” Kara clamped her mouth shut as she bit back more nasty remarks. She didn’t want the night to play out any worse.

“I know.” Brody reached across the table and took her hand. “I have been really busy with some projects. I’ve got multiple clients all blowing up my phone, and we haven’t spent much time together.”

Kara tugged her hand back. “Just because I can’t spank you doesn’t mean you should get off scot free—but nope, no consequences for Brody.”

“Finish your dinner and go to bed. I’ve lost my appetite.” Brody stood up. He busied himself with putting the food away. Leftovers never tasted as good as the original, and that thought added guilt to her already spinning emotions.

“I didn’t have one to start with,” Kara spoke through gritted teeth. “But you made it, so I’m eating it.” She picked her up her fork and scooped another bite into her mouth. “I don’t want you angry at me because I’m wasting food,” Kara spoke around the food, not caring about her table manners.

“Get up and go to bed. I’ll get to the bottom of the problem after I spank you in the morning. But for now, your day is over.”

She didn’t move and continued to put large forkfuls in her mouth.

“Kara, go to bed, or I will put you there.”

Kara had half a mind to throw the food, the plate, and the silverware onto the floor, but it would only serve to land her in hotter water. “Fine. Daddy.” She threw her chair back and stood up, then stormed up the hall.

She felt guilty about putting more responsibilities on him than on herself, but she didn’t want to explain all of her feelings to him. He encouraged her to give up some of her responsibilities, but she sometimes wondered if he ever felt resentful about their choices. His work was way more stressful than her current classes, and he didn’t take enough breaks for himself.

She really had it coming tomorrow.

Kara finally got into bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. She would eventually explain it all to Brody, but not tonight.

Brody cleaned up from dinner—or what was supposed to have been dinner, and then he made his way to the bedroom. He should have taken care of her a few weeks ago when this behavior started, but he’d mistakenly believed it would sort itself out. He pulled his jeans and t-shirt off, then got into bed without bothering to put on his normal lounge pants. He was still very worked up about the events as they transpired, and he just wanted to sleep.

After several minutes, he felt Kara’s hand take his, hesitantly at first, and then she linked her fingers in his. He didn’t respond verbally but tugged her until she turned over to lie on him.

Hating that they were going to bed under such crappy circumstances, Brody kissed the top of her head, but he had nothing else to say. She had a hell of a spanking coming in the morning, and hopefully she would explain what was on her mind after he disciplined her perky little ass.

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