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Captive Mate: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One

“Destiny is a predetermined future that cannot be altered by space, time, or living creatures. It is set in motion the day someone is born, challenged often by those who believe they can conquer the fates, altering them completely. But they will always fail.”

—Tanya Fields


“Mine. You are coming with me.” The huge barbarian beast glared at me with hunger in his eyes. As he dragged his two-tiered tongue across his succulent lips, I swooned from his close proximity, the heat resonating from his massive body overheating every molecule. He was glorious, chiseled to utter perfection, his copper burnished skin accentuated by long, luxurious reddish copper hair that I wanted to tangle my fingers in.

However, I’d learned a long time ago aliens had hidden agendas.

“I don’t belong to you. I don’t belong to anyone.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, little human. I am now your master. You will obey my every command.”

“What if I don’t?” I swung the knife in the beast’s direction, daring him to come any closer. He was enticingly gorgeous. My pussy was wet and had been since the moment he’d slithered into my dreams months before. Now, the once pleasurable moments of eroticism, allowing myself to enjoy the searing touch of a fantasy creature, had turned into a nightmare.

He planned on making me his.

That wasn’t going to happen. I would kill him first.

Everything about him was overpowering, including his forwardness and his masculine scent. Although I was no expert, still a virgin in fact. And right now, I longed for the creature who’d appeared from the shadows to become my first.

Hold on. Whoa. What the hell was I thinking?

The dude standing in front of me was nothing more than a brutal savage, acting as if I should drop everything in my life and come with him.

Oh, the asshole had another think coming.

“Then you will be punished.”

I snorted and lunged forward, nicking his stomach with the sharp edge of my blade. Sadly, I was no killer, horrified at what I’d done. I couldn’t believe I was concerned over the well-being of an alien predator who’d entered my room without being invited.

When he dared to bare his sharp canines, issuing an angry growl, I cocked my head. “Nice try, big boy. The tiny nick didn’t hurt you one bit. Now, I suggest you get out of my dream and my room before I inflict more pain and suffering. Got it?” I kept the knife swishing back and forth, barely able to keep my eyes off the thick bulge between his legs. Oh, this dream was much more vivid than I’d had before. It was quite possible I didn’t want to awaken from it either. That wasn’t in my best interest.

There were companies who specialized in making dreams and fantasies realities. What if that was the case at this moment? What if the big, brawny creature standing in front of me could inflict serious harm? Then again, what if he could provide me with the ultimate in pleasure?

I shuddered from the thought. There had to be a reason almost every dream for the last six months had had this same alien in it. At first, he’d merely watched me in the shadows, never uttering a word and certainly never touching me. But things had escalated. Two nights before, I’d dreamt the beast had spread my legs, driving his long, sinfully amazing tongue deep inside my slickened folds, lapping up my juice for hours.

I’d awakened not only in a bath of perspiration but with my pussy muscles clenching and releasing, smack in the throes of a wild climax.

“Mine,” he repeated, as if doing so would force me to obey him.

“Not on your life, buddy. Get the hell out of my dreams and my life.” Even though I was bold in my statements, I was swimming in a sea of uncertainty. The huge creature could do anything he wanted to me, and I couldn’t do a thing about it.


I’d never been afraid of them as a child. After all, I’d been raised to embrace the hundreds if not thousands of species that filled the universe, dozens of galaxies sporting every color of the rainbow on skin, scales, and every type of fur imaginable. I’d grown up learning about hundreds of species in classrooms and through the various social media sites. There were dating apps designed to bring humans together with the alien of their choice.

If only for a sensual night of rough, raucous sex.

I’d been interested, desire tearing through me like any other young woman, but I’d forbidden myself to partake in any aspect of intergalactic connections. I was beginning to wonder why. What I longed for was the perfect man or beast, one so dominating that he took my breath away.



Unbridled and very dangerous passion.

The words were filled with every longing that had filtered through my system since I reached adulthood. I was no fool in that a solid majority of creatures of the universe were all looking for two distinct and very similar things.

A good time and someone they could mate with. It would seem if there were gods, they’d grown tired of the battles and wars, lives lost, and property destroyed.

Offspring of every species had become rarer. There were rumors of course that the God of Creation himself was attempting to right the wrongs caused by greed and the lust for power. But I wasn’t the kind of girl to believe or care. There was also a belief the bastard had all but destroyed Earth eons before, but there would always be ugly rumors. I should simply enjoy what was happening instead of worrying about the consequences.

Except that my dreams had manifested into something that felt more like a premonition, which was a gift I’d experienced as a child. I thought I’d grown out of it or had blocked the ability on purpose. Now I wasn’t certain I wanted to fall prey to what could be the truth about my destiny.

Oh, God. I hated that word, a favorite of my mother’s vocabulary.

The beast took a single stride closer, my entire body crackling from the electricity shooting between us.

“I said get out. I won’t tell you again.”

The humongous alien allowed his heated gaze to fall down the length of my body. Only then did I realize I was completely naked. What the fuck? I’d gone to bed with PJs on. I was certain of it. Was this dude magical too?

This is nothing but a dream. Remember?

Yep. I could believe my inner girl voice. Sure, I could. If that was the case, then I could do or be anyone I wanted to be. So I lunged toward him again. Before the blade had a chance to cut a tiny portion of his gorgeous skin, he snapped his long fingers around my wrist, jerking me around and wrapping his other arm around me. The force he used yanked the knife from my fingers. Now I watched in slow motion as it was tossed into the air, flipping several times.

The wild beast caught it with his bare hand. The blade must have sliced through his skin, but I saw no blood. Then as if the knife was a matchstick, he snapped it into two pieces, tossing it aside. Oh, I had a very bad feeling about this. Very bad.

Then he pulled me so tightly against his body that I was instantly on fire, the hard throbbing of his cock pressing against me unlike anything even the inner bad girl had ever experienced.

“Bad little human.”

His voice was deep and husky, his words vibrating gently in my ear as he eased his large palm beseechingly slowly up my stomach, tickling my skin with the rough brush of his fingertips. Then he cupped and squeezed one breast, using enough pressure I couldn’t keep a moan from escalating in my throat.

He nipped my earlobe before driving his tongue into the shell of my ear, his hot breath keeping me fully aroused. My nipples were rock hard, aching to the point I was ready to beg this beast to pluck and suck them. What was wrong with me?

There were always aliens hunting for humans. We were a tradable commodity. The sex trade was still a tremendous issue, our soft skin a draw, especially to creatures who looked like reptiles on steroids.

But this beast was perhaps the most handsome creature I’d ever laid my eyes on. Plus, he had a possessive quality that indicated a ‘touch her and die’ attitude. Meaning he had no intentions of letting me go.

“Just let me go,” I managed.

“That will not happen. You now belong to me. And you will be punished.”

Uh-huh. For all the fantasies of hearing a male of any species say those words to me, the reality was terrifying. Was this reality or a drift of my mind into insanity? I’d heard it ran in the family. I struggled in his arms but there was no way to get loose from him. None.

To add insult to injury, suddenly he tossed me stomach-down across my already rumpled pillows. Then without explanation or a moment of hesitation, he grabbed something from my dresser and brought it down against my bottom. Three times!

What. The. Fuck?

He was making good on his promise, spanking me like a bad little girl. I’d never been spanked like this in my life. Not once. Holy shit, it hurt. And holy hell, he was using my old wooden hairbrush on me. My possession! How dare he!

“What are you doing?” The pain was blinding. I was out of breath from the strikes, the thudding sound still echoing in my ears. Maybe in a dream the anguish was amplified. Whatever the case, I managed to scramble to my knees, crawling forward on my bed.

Only to be ripped back by the beast, his hand snagging my ankle. Then he started the spanking in earnest, keeping his huge hand pressed against the small of my back. I yanked at the bedding, kicking my legs in an effort to get him to stop. I even managed to drive my feet into parts of his hard body more than once, but there was no way of getting him to stop.

Finally, I was exhausted, panting as he continued to discipline me. The heat sizzling my skin was like an eruption of flames. But even worse, my pussy was throbbing from the building desire. I was so wet that the scent of my longing wafted between us.

When the bastard stopped what he was doing, rolling the edge of the brush down my spine, I tensed. Then he used one of his knees to push my legs further apart.

Oh, I had a very bad feeling about this. As soon as he slipped the brush between my legs, every muscle and synapse erupted in a wildfire, generating wave after wave of crackling electricity.

“Oh. Oh. This is…” No, I couldn’t allow him to know how pleasurable I thought this was. Yet when he thrust several fingers deep inside my pussy, I was certain I would come on the spot. “Oh, whew. Oh…” I bucked up from the bed, this time the action involuntary, as if trying to encourage him to fuck me. The vivid dreams had obviously been too much for my psyche to handle.

He pumped his fingers several times. Then he dared to curl them, hitting my G-spot. Holy cow. This was… I couldn’t finish the thought, the sensations far too intense. As another wave of heat swept over me, I was drawn into the most pleasurable moment of my life.

Then he yanked the moment of ecstasy away, resuming the spanking, bringing the thick brush down from one side to the other. For a few seconds, I was still lost in the sweet relief of bliss. Then the agony slammed into my system again.

“Stop. Don’t!”

“Then you will obey. Yes?”

His voice was even gruffer than before. “Sure.”

“I require respect.”

Was this dream beast kidding me? Fine. I’d go along with it. “Yes, sir.”

He kept his hand on my bottom, tapping a single finger against my bruised and aching skin. Then he tossed the brush to the side but directly in my line of sight.

“If you disobey me again, your punishment will be much worse.”

Okie-dokie. Now I knew I was out of it. But fine. I’d enjoy the ride then find a way to drive the bastard out of my system. There had to be a way. “I won’t, sir. Never again.”

“Good girl.”

Praise coming from this mysterious beast? Groovy. I took a deep breath, holding it as I flopped against my soft bedding. Maybe my unwanted visitor was leaving. That would be good. I needed rest before my next exams. This wasn’t boding well for remembering everything I’d learned.

Not when I remained like a live wire or a drug addict needing a fix. I closed my eyes, willing him to leave, trying to find the sweet location of peace that I’d used in stressful times. Images of places I would never visit on a planet that barely existed any longer floated into the front of my mind.




Hot cabana boys. Whatever they were. My mother seemed to think they were fabulous.

There. I felt more at ease, already drifting off to sleep once again. When I awoke, light would fill the Earth Station, life returning to normal. I smiled and nuzzled into the pillow, doing what I could to ignore the pain since it wasn’t even real.

When I felt the weight of the bed shift, I lifted my head, twisting it to look the other way. “I thought you’d left,” I giggled, obviously overcome with exhaustion from studying so hard. Vivid dreams weren’t all they were cracked up to be. Or maybe I was having a hallucination.

“Not until I take all I want. I’ve waited far too long.”

“Okay, I’ll bite. What do you want?” That was the moment I realized the apparition was also completely naked. And oh, my stars, he was a thing of beauty to look at. Broad shoulders with an even broader chest, which was heaving from the heavy breathing he was doing. Then there was what humans called twelve-pack abs. I counted them. Was there such a thing even with aliens?

I allowed my gaze to fall to his groin and the fully extended cock. There was no way a creature of any kind could be that well-endowed. None. He was Adonis on steroids.

“Wait. What are you doing now?”

He lifted me off the bed with one hand, requiring me to straddle him. I shouldn’t be shocked that the tip of his cock found its way to the opening of my pussy. This was magic after all. But the surprise came in full force when he yanked me down, filling me completely.

I threw my head back with a silent scream as my muscles struggled to accept his huge girth. He’d taken my virginity without foreplay or thought.

The craziest thing of all was I loved it. Every sensation. The wildly increasing heat. The need building to a frenzy. And I craved more.

“Oh, my God. That’s awesome.” I no longer recognized my voice as I clawed at his shoulders, gasping for air. Then the crazed beast didn’t need to command me to ride him like a wild stallion, whatever those were. I did so without hesitation, pumping up and down, my pussy aching. But it felt so good, as if his big, fat cock was meant to be driven inside of me.

“My bad little human,” he said with a deep growl that rumbled through my system.

I’d wanted to kill him. Now I craved fucking him. The irony wasn’t lost on me. However, this was what all good dreams were made of.

He continued fucking me, yanking me up and down like a ragdoll. I wasn’t certain the alien knew how to be gentle, but at this point I didn’t care. The hint of pain from the beast first entering me was gone, now replaced by what could only be described as pure, uncensored ecstasy. I could get hooked on this.

There was such a strange attraction to the being, as if our two chemistries were combined, the electricity soaring. My skin felt so alive, but on fire and there was a strange spark in his eyes. I was certain he was going to erupt in flames at any second. As he yanked me up and down, I lolled my head. This wasn’t about passion or any level of tenderness. This was about raw fucking, his taking of me.

And his ownership.

The thought popped into my mind, and I opened my eyes wide. What if a small part of this was real?

All rational thought stopped the moment the most powerful orgasm of my life swept through me like a tidal wave, beating the hell out of the vibrators I’d used. I was lost in a sea of dancing colors.

“Oh, I’m going to…” The bouncing was more ferocious, and I fisted my hand around his long strands of hair to keep myself tethered to him. As the climax reached its peak, my scream could likely be heard from space. “Keep fucking me. That’s it.”

Then I sensed his body tensing, his breathing as irregular as mine. There was something so intoxicating about his deep, rumbling growls, the savage sound just like an animal would make moments before mating. I realized my eyes were closed, savoring the moment before finding myself in a deep REM sleep.

“Look at me, little human,” he commanded, and I sensed his stern order was not to be denied.

I opened my eyes slowly, blinking several times to try to focus. Then I felt his cock swelling deep inside of me, stretching me to my limits. The roar of passion between us was unbelievable, as if we were always meant to be together.


“I will return for you when the time is right. But as of now, you belong to me.”

Then all seemed to fade to black.

“What the fuck?”

Startled, I heard the lilting voice of my dorm mate as she bounded into the room, flicking on the harsh overhead light. “What?” I jerked up, taking gasping breaths, blinking to try to remove the fog from my eyes.

“You were screaming. Well, not at first. You were telling someone to fuck you.” Tory’s eyes suddenly opened wide. Then she pressed her hand across her mouth.

That’s when I glanced down. Oh, fuck me. I was completely naked. What the hell had I done in my sleep?

“I will return for you when the time is right. But as of now, you belong to me.”

The alien’s words lingered in the back of my mind, and I licked my dry lips, yanking at the sheet. Then I stumbled off the bed, realizing the insides of my thighs were sticky.

“What happened?” she asked. “That dream again?”


“Whew. Girl. I need one of those. A fantasy of some kind.” Tory started jabbering on about something, but I was lost in concentration, unable to get the image of the creature’s face or his delicious body out of my mind.

Then I turned around and stared through the open blinds toward the sky. Even on this blasphemous Earth Station, there were twinkling stars, a reminder that humans weren’t the only creatures out there. And suddenly, I was petrified. When I slipped my hand between my legs, I took a deep breath. Then I pulled my fingers into the light.

The substance was… fluid mixed with blood. My blood.

As if I’d just lost my virginity.

Oh, my lord. What was happening?

Chapter Two

Earth Station Eighty-Eight

Educational facility

Year twenty-eight ninety


This was a very bad idea. Terrible.

The dream had filtered into my mind all day, so much so I was thankful I’d managed to shove it out of my mind for almost nine months. I’d been busy with school and interning at a lovely veterinary hospital, so exhausted at night I almost never dreamed.

Why go now?

I was finally using Tory’s birthday gift, which I’d ignored until now. Now I knew why. The horrific yet sensual dream that had haunted me for weeks afterwards. The fact my OB-GYN had confirmed I’d lost my virginity when that wasn’t possible had kept me on edge. I had to have a screw loose to allow a dark fantasy of any kind to occur.

I leaned forward, making faces at the girl in the reflection surface, trying to talk myself out of it. A fantasy experience of a lifetime. Who did that? Someone who had a little bit of money and a desire to enter a realm in which they’d never feel comfortable participating in real life.

If I had to admit it, I’d be forced to say I had an ego. I always had. I’d excelled in everything I did from sports to higher education. I came from amazing parents who adored each other. They were highly respected, and I’d grown up never wanting for anything.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t a nice girl. In fact, my mother had called me too nice. Accommodating. In other words, I was easy to walk all over and had been several times in my life. Maybe that’s why I’d put all my time and effort into my beloved animals, changing majors, studying to become a veterinarian.

That was also likely the reason the couple of boyfriends I’d had in my life had been borderline abusive wanting only one thing. Sex. Sex. And more sex. I spent my days studying, my nights sleeping, not partying like a wild girl.

What I was about to do was without a doubt the wildest thing I’d ever done in my life. And I was merely a ripe old age of twenty-four. Fulfilling a fantasy. Taking a walk on the wild side, whatever that was. The expression was one I’d learned from my parents.

At least I could admit my faults. Dealing with people was one of them. The other? Embracing my kinkiness. Sure, I owned a vibrator or two, but had I ever done anything truly kinky? Nope. Not me. Not this girl. Even now, as I stood in front of a holograph imageboard, I was hesitant to give truthful answers.

That is except in my dreams. Laughter bubbled to the surface. This was just a natural step in entering the real world of kink. So my bestie had told me. Why had I listened to her?

Every desire fulfilled. Every fantasy allowed. Nothing to hold you back. We strive to ensure you’ll experience pleasure beyond your wildest expectations, or the credits will be returned in full.

The corporation’s moniker was right there on the wall, in the holograph image and nestled in every contract at least twice. My bestie had obviously used up months’ worth of leisure credits to provide me with such a tremendous gift and I’d almost allowed them to expire.

Exhaling, I glanced at the questionnaire again, chewing on my inner cheek. Fantasies. I had them. Every woman did. I’d just never acted on them, other than the use of a few kinky little implements now and again. I was as vanilla in the bedroom as it got. But here, I could be as kinky and filthy as I wanted to be. Hmm…

Rough or passionate.

The letters were three dimensional on the air screen, each one color coded to represent the ‘hotness factor’ of every question. This one was bright orange. Spicy. How come there wasn’t a selection for both? Okay, fine. Rough.

Adventurous or sensual?


Acts of discipline?

Discipline. Hmmm… That had to mean spanking. Right? It was a yes or no question without choices. Great. I hesitated, shifting from one foot to the other. Someone, I sensed the droid controlling my fantasy was becoming impatient. Fine. Yes. I dragged my finger across the image screen, forcing another one to appear.

Consensual or nonconsensual.

Now I had to take a pause. This was nothing but a fantasy derived from my deepest, darkest thoughts but the question was one I’d never asked myself before.

Liar. Liar. Pants on fire.

I rolled my eyes and allowed my finger to hover from one answer to the other. “Hmmm… So, droid? Can you find me the biggest, baddest alpha male in the universe?” I issued the question out loud, although I wasn’t entirely certain the android controlling my little fantasy was either listening or programmed to give a shit.

“What would you prefer?” The voice was a shock, something so unexpected I felt more naked than I would have if I’d selected some form-fitting attire or if I was standing entirely nude.

“Um… A real bad boy? You know, a ruthless man who refuses to take no for an answer?”

I laughed because I was framing a hero from romance books of the past as well. That wasn’t in fashion any longer. There were no men in leather jackets taking a hot woman. I had to admit, hearing about the old days of how men were from my mother, who still read dirty novels, was enticing.

She’d even loaned me some of her prized possessions, books so erotic that I’d blushed more than once.

“I can program that in for you.”

I rolled my eyes. I could only imagine what the droid would come up with. Now I just needed to answer the questions without lying about them. At least my description was as far removed from my sinful dream as possible.

After groaning, I was truthful. Nonconsensual. There. Now all my dirty inner secrets were exposed. No one had to know. Right? Except the droids in charge of the expensive leisure time experience. But they weren’t human. They weren’t allowed to divulge a single answer for fear of being shut down.

It was funny how my bestie had known exactly what I’d needed for my birthday. Little brat. I read over the normal legalese, muttering as I read. “You will not hold anything that happens against the provider, or the persons, aliens, or robots portrayed in the fantasy.”

Well, duh. They weren’t real people or creatures. And who would want to have a sexual fantasy fulfilled with a freaking robot? Yucky.

“Same species or different?” I thought about the question for longer than I should. If I was going all out on a limb, then why not mix it up? I’d never been with an alien, although I’d had a few offers. Hmmm…

Alien. “Big, bad alien. By the way, droid. I want the god of all beasts.” I snickered at the thought. There was no such thing but why not test artificial intelligence out fully?

Why not enter into lala-land. Again?

Shut up, little voice.

I shifted to another page on the screen, the questions a little more benign.

Appropriate clothing? Yep. I’d selected comfortable and what my mother called slouchy. Since I wanted an adventure, arriving in a clingy dress and heels wouldn’t have worked. Pretend or not, I didn’t want to fall on my butt during the middle of it.

A dream or a possible taste of the future?

“Press select,” I said out loud although to myself. I had to make a choice. I wasn’t certain how a complex series of machines could possibly have a peek into the future but what the heck? I was a risk taker. Right?

The future was mine for the making, mine for the taking. That’s what my mother had taught me. Why not find out what the gods had in store for me?

Giggling, I pressed the appropriate button then stepped inside the capsule, placing the gaming command goggles across my eyes before lying down on the cushioned bench.

“Are you ready for the experience of your lifetime?” the droid voice asked in a far too sensual tone. Did it think changing the pitch would put me in the mood?

“Sure thing. Just one question. The possible future is really just a guestimate based on my answers. Right?”

“Karma is fickle and has already preselected your life.”

That was an answer.

“Okie-dokie.” I tried to relax, but I had a strange feeling pooling in the pit of my stomach. What if my future was provided letter for letter and I hated it? What then?

Stop. Just enjoy.

I remained fully clothed, as per my request given the choice of fantasies I’d selected. I certainly didn’t want to be caught dead completely naked in some strange setting when I’d requested rough and tumble style. Almost as soon as I closed my eyes, I gathered a sense of being pulled into a vacuum. I still couldn’t believe I’d shoved the coupon into the back of my drawer, only finding it when I was rummaging for my second vibrator.

I’d decided to treat myself after a particularly grueling week, longing to get away from the stress of everyday life. And live a little. What girl didn’t want her ultimate fantasy fulfilled? After answering the volume of questions, what karma had mind for me would start in mere seconds.

And I couldn’t be more excited, every inch of skin tingling.

And terrified.

The android whispered softly in the timbre of voice I’d chosen.

“Breathe deeply, Sunny. Allow yourself to feel the freedom of floating. Enjoy the ride.”

“Thank you,” I said automatically and shifted on the table, making myself more comfortable. Then I took several deep breaths as lights flashed in my periphery of vision, shapes beginning to form. And I’d never felt so free in my life.


The horrible sound threw me. I jerked up, scanning the room. Wait. I was no longer in the laboratory setting. Now I was in a dark place, the only lighting torches of some kind lining the walls. Only they weren’t walls. They reminded me of being inside a damp cavern. The kind I’d never seen before. The surface appeared craggy.

And dear God, it was hot as Hades. I eased off the platform I was on, glancing down at my attire. I was dressed in what I’d arrived in, my veterinary scrubs and my favorite pair of Converse sneakers. Okay, they were my only pair, a relic from a way distant past, a gift from my mother. At least they were in my favorite color of shocking red.

I’d been lulled into an almost slumber, waking up to this. I wanted a dark fantasy, an adventure but where in God’s name was I? I shifted forward, trying to figure a way out. Then I noticed what appeared to be a tunnel leading into the darkest shadows I’d ever seen. I glanced around me, uncertain where I’d heard the horrific bellow.

There was nothing I could do but move forward and hope I’d run into the person who was supposed to seduce me. I took several steps, trying to figure out why my mind would select such a bleak setting.

I mean I hadn’t wanted a dance club or a fake ocean/beach scenario, but a dark, damp cave? This was the droid’s idea of a thrilling situation? I could see the robot had a sense of humor. Sadly, the droid had to grab the fantasy from my mind. Had I really been thinking this way? I guess it was possible. At this point, anything was. Maybe it was because I’d been working so many long hours. I continued forward, determined to make the best of this.

When I heard another growl, a very savage growl, I stopped in my tracks. Then something dawned on me. I’d assumed I’d be partnered with a human. What if the droids predicted my future with some kind of… alien being? Oh, God. I’d checked noncommittal on that question. The growl couldn’t have come from a typical human male. None of them were that rugged, especially in the passion department.

Okay, so maybe he had a pet. That would make sense. I did love animals, all kinds. Additional confidence settled in, and I shifted into the right mind set, allowing myself to enjoy the moment. It wasn’t every day a girl could live out her fantasy without fear of persecution.

I moved through the cavern, cognizant of additional sounds and vibrations coming from beneath my feet. And I could swear it was getting hotter, so much so beads of perspiration were trickling down both sides of my face.

With every step I took, I glanced over my shoulder. I had the feeling I was being watched, studied by a predator of some kind. I didn’t need to be afraid given this wasn’t real. Or was it? I shifted against the wall, a single yelp slipping past my lips from the touch. The surface was explosively hot. Fiery.

I heard a series of noises, hissing and spewing sounds coming from an unknown location. My skin began to crawl, hairs standing up on the back of my neck. Was something there? Had I also heard footsteps?

“Hello?” Dear God, my voice echoed. I leaned my head, taking a deep breath, my top already sticking to my skin. How could I get out of this? It was obvious something was fried within the fantasy system. I’d been sent to hell instead of a fantasy.

My voice echoed for several seconds.

Then I heard a dark, demonic laugh drifting from the direction where I’d come from.

I took off running, sprinting through one tunnel after another, praying to God there’d be something other than orange light. I was certain I could see something up ahead, a brighter light; even if it had a tangerine glow, it was better than being locked in a cave with a…

“Sunny. Come to your master. You now belong to me.”

The stark words caught me by surprise, the deep baritone igniting a fire deep within. Or had they shocked me? I had asked for a creature who refused to take no for an answer. I took a deep breath, holding it as I stopped moving altogether. The tone was sultry, dark, and soothing, like a warm blanket being slid over my naked body. There was a low rumble, the slight vibrations coursing through me electrifying.

Suddenly, I was hot and wet all over, but it had nothing to do with the temperature of the air.

“Who are you?” I asked. Where his voice was strong and powerful, mine was shaking and barely audible. That wasn’t like me.

“The being who will fulfill your darkest desires. That’s what you want. Isn’t it?”

Why did the voice have to sound so familiar? Had I manifested the dream from months before into this moment? I had a feeling I had.

I was certain the wild beast was moving closer, but I couldn’t tell exactly from which direction. After taking a deep breath, I slowly turned toward the melodic sound of his voice. In the shadows he stood, a formidable form that had to be at least seven feet tall. I’d been asked about likes and dislikes, but not about the person or creature I preferred. Maybe because I’d wanted a peek into my possible future, trying to still my fears that had started months before. I’d worked so hard to drive what could have been a premonition back into its former prison that I wasn’t certain what I wanted any longer.

My skin continued to tingle. I was certain he’d taken a long stride closer, could swear I was able to feel his hot breath cascading across the back of my neck. To make matters worse, I was completely and utterly aroused, my nipples aching from how full my breasts had gotten, how taut my hardened buds had become.

“I don’t know.”

“I think you do.” He issued another throaty growl, the sound tickling every one of my senses.

I was suddenly wild with desire, my mind fuzzy from the dark and filthy images rolling through it. Whew. Okay, so maybe my hatred of the drone was wrong. Yet I had a sense of fight or flight. I had no idea what kind of creatures I was dealing with. Some fucked their mates then ate them. Since I didn’t specify which type of alien, I wasn’t entirely certain reality couldn’t step in, fucking with the fantasy. Whoa. Hold on. I’d never heard of anyone being killed in the middle of the game.

But was this a game when the company had promised I’d selected a scenario from my future? My mouth was suddenly dry yet the throbbing between my legs increased. “What do you want?”

“As I said. Come to me. Come now. You belong to me.”

Oh, this was getting out of hand. The last four words I remembered distinctly. There was no chance this was happening. “I’m sorry. I’m shutting this fantasy down. Thank you for your appearance. Now, go away.”

“That will not happen, little human.”

There was that voice again. His voice. A deep baritone that swept over me like smooth, soft velvet. I shivered from the rich tone.

As it had made me do before. In my dream.

“I don’t think I can do that. In fact, I think there’s been some kind of mistake.” Why had I raised my voice? As if the gatekeeper droids couldn’t hear exactly what I was saying? Whoa. They knew what I was thinking, the connections able to reach into my mind, yanking out my deepest, darkest needs. Then I’d added the bit about an alpha male. What did this say about me as a woman? As a person? As a human being?

“Come or face my wrath.”

Deep vibrations from his voice penetrated my very soul. I was awash with fire and heat, need and desire so intense I couldn’t focus. Couldn’t think straight. This was maddening. This was…

Not freaking possible.

He took another booming step closer, and I was instantly mesmerized by his insanely good looks. In my dream, the fantasy man had only been highlighted by the bright stars and occasional orb floating high in the Earth Station’s sky. However, there was no doubt I’d envisioned the same creature. With burnished red skin and hair that glowed even in the ugly orange light, he was absolutely magnificent. Even his eyes twinkled with an iridescent glow so intense that I was pulled into his aura, my nipples aching to the point of pain, my pussy clenching and releasing.

The beast wore nothing more than a loincloth, which highlighted his incredible physique.

And the outline of one big, fat, delicious cock standing at full attention. For a few seconds, all I could think about was whether even the tip alone would fit inside my mouth. Suddenly, my jaw ached and I pressed my fingers across my lips. Had I just issued a strangled moan of appreciation? Holy cow. His arms were huge, bigger than my thighs. What he could do to me was unimaginable.

But I wanted nothing more than to be writhing underneath him. Oh, hell, no. This was insane. He would tear me apart. He would… I couldn’t even finish the sentence in my mind.

What did I do instead of facing my greatest fantasy, allowing my mind to feel free and uninhibited?

I turned tail and ran for my life.

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