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Captor: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


Pain seared every nerve ending, the agony unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I couldn’t catch my breath, the anguish as if lightning bolts were shooting through me. Burning heat encapsulated every inch of skin, consuming my flesh like a fresh meal for a monster who hadn’t fed in years.

I had to get away. Run. Run!

As soon as I tried to move my arms, the strange feeling of being immobilized shoved a wave of terror into my mind. I couldn’t move, not a single muscle. No. Oh, please, no.

“Let me go. Please.” While my tone remained demanding, the strength that I’d fought to keep was fading along with my hope of returning home. My vision foggy, I couldn’t imagine what additional horrors I would face.

Everything was a struggle, including turning my head, my chest heavy just trying to take a deep breath. The glaring lights produced a halo only inches above my head, preventing me from seeing anything but muted faces.

But I knew the bastards who’d captured me were monsters.

There had to be at least five of them, all moving in practiced formation. Of course they didn’t answer. The only sounds were of some machine clicking and spinning, likely sucking the life out of me. I wanted to go home to my tiny but amazing apartment where I felt comfortable, happy, and safe. I blinked furiously, wincing from another wave of pain. This place was horrible, the stench curdling my stomach.

I tried to move, but every muscle was immobilized whether by shackles or drugs. A stupid whimper threatened to push up from my throat. I did what I could to squelch the sound, finally able to turn my head a few inches. That did no good. I was blinded from the harsh light, unable to capture a decent view of anything surrounding me.

A strange noise erupted all around me, a deep rumbling of some kind. I heard what sounded like voices, only I couldn’t understand a single word. There were more sounds, shattering glass, and a dull thud. Finally, a snarl.

But some… thing was coming.

Whoever the creature was, he was pissed. The creature continued to growl as heavy footsteps sounded in the distance. Then they seemed to get closer.

And closer.

Someone help me. Please!

Was I speaking?

There was an almost quiet moment as the being hovered over me, his heavy breathing overriding the clicks and hisses from machines.

“I specifically said she wasn’t to be marred in any way.” The voice was gruff, so deep that I felt vibrations pulsing in my stomach. It also seemed far away, pulling me into a vacuum.

“You can’t trust the humans. You know that,” another male voice said. The tone was strange, almost melodic. Where was I?

“I will handle the humans.” A growl sounded all around me, ominous and dark. Then I felt heat close to my body, explosive heat.

And a touch.

“Let go of me.” Using every ounce of strength I had left, I yanked at whatever was holding me down, squealing when I was able to lift my arm.

“Shh… You’re going to be fine. Who hurt you? Can you remember?”


I hurt all over, every muscle spasming. I tried to focus. Was I blinking? Think… Soldiers. Alliance. “I… men…” Why was I bothering to answer?

“Yes, the men who took you. Name? Number?”

Images smashed against my brain.

“Don’t you dare touch me,” I yelled. The memory seemed so fresh. A gorgeous morning. A blue sky. The lottery. God, the lottery. I tried to pull out of the vision, but was captured in the moment.

“Catch her!” They chased after me. I managed to fight them. One beat me. Oh, God.

An image. A face. A number.

“Two. Seven. Six. Nine. One,” I yelped, jerking up from the table as additional images flooded my mind. I’d been taken. I’d been chosen.

“Sire, she’s a fighter,” a strange voice said. “We’ll need extra restraints.”

Was that a real voice?

A fighter? What was I supposed to be fighting? After taking a deep breath, I managed to fist my hand as I swung my arm, thrilled I’d connected with something or someone solid. Then another wave of pain nearly electrocuted my system, sapping what little energy I had left.

“You did well, my little pet.” The soft, soothing voice had returned, sending a beautiful shower of tickling sensations all through me, almost alleviating the pain.


“You’re not going after the human soldier. That’s not allowed,” the other voice continued.

“Yes, I am, Rykane. Have the engineers prepare an entrance module. I am paying Earth a visit. Make certain the landing surface has the same coordinates as where the human was located.”

I tried to concentrate, keeping my eyes open and watching the two… aliens. A whimper escaped my mouth. The larger of the two glanced down at me, pressing his… his… paw against my cheek.

“Rest, little pet. I will not allow anything else to happen to you.”

“They will not like your interference on Earth,” the second creature stated.

“As if I give a damn. I can do anything I want.”

There was no one who would come to my aid. My kidnapping had been allowed.


Approved by all the powers that be.

The same massive form loomed over me, the being’s larger than life frame mostly obscured by the bright white light.

“Do not touch her,” he stated. The sound was gruff and mean. “She’s been through enough. Fucking humans. I should have known better.”

“But Sire, she’s a human,” a female voice insisted.

“Get away from her! Now!” the savage man growled again. “If anyone of you touch her, you will. Face. My Wrath.”

As some of the fog lifted, I was able to breathe a little easier, but the memories remained ugly and biting.

This was no fantasy.

A planet. I’d been taken from Earth, but they spoke English. Of course. The communication system, a translator. Shuddering, I felt my mouth opening and closing, twisting as I tried to form words in my throat, but everything seemed to be in slow motion.

The looming monster leaned closer, his features muted, but I could feel his hot breath cascading across my skin. He smelled of… flowers. How was that possible? I felt a light touch, as if he was brushing his finger across my forehead.

“Now, little Earthling, we will begin. You will feel pleasure by my hand.”

Begin what? What was he talking about? Pleasure? I couldn’t understand what was happening, and I was getting weaker by the minute, my stomach churning.

The ugly lighting kept a wide shadow around his face, but as he lifted his arm, I became fixated on the sharp claw at the end of his finger. He was going to hurt me, cut me somewhere. I bit back a whimper, now completely immobilized, forced to endure fear and hysteria while he could do anything he wanted.

He cocked his head, his breathing labored. Excited. He was thrilled about having me in his possession. As he lowered his hand, I closed my eyes.

Please. Please. Please. Please.

My throat was tight but as soon as he touched the side of my face, a strangled moan released.

Every sound he made was more like a deep growl, the low rumble pulsing in my ears. He took his time trailing the single digit down my cheek to my neck, rolling the sharp tip under my jaw from one side to the other.

A series of shivers coursed through me as he dragged the edge down between my breasts. There was no way to keep from whimpering the second he swirled it around my nipple. Within seconds, my tiny bud became hard, pleasurable sensations rocketing through me. I was disgusted as my arousal continued to increase, leaving my pulse racing as my heart skipped several beats. What was he trying to do to me?

From what little I could see of him, I sensed he was enthralled at the changes in my body, thoroughly enjoying himself as he shifted very slowly toward my other breast. He took his time sliding it back and forth underneath before flicking his claw across my nipple. The instant hardness kept tremors dancing in my body.

Dak ra keba,” he whispered, his language even more guttural than when he spoke English. There was movement behind him, a flutter of activity as others like him shifted around the room. What were they doing, measuring my reaction? The thought was revolting.

He continued teasing my nipple until both breasts ached, the effect creating a tingle between my legs. My God. I was so aroused my mouth was dry.

His exploration went further, sliding the tip down my stomach. “Cata brotagna refulakin.” His tone changed, no longer a whisper of words but a command.

Another creature immediately responded, directing others on its team to move closer. Within seconds, my legs were pulled into an embarrassing position, spread wide open, both bent at the knees.

“No,” I managed, although the sound I emitted was more a slur than anything. I tried to wiggle, unable to turn my head but the cold air as it hit my naked pussy made my stomach turn. My legs were positioned in such a way I was fully exposed. While I couldn’t see what was tethering me into place, I was totally immobilized.

He emitted another animalistic growl, continuing to trail his finger even lower, taking whiff after whiff. I couldn’t stand to watch the horror any longer.

“A beautiful specimen,” he said in English.

“Not. A. Specimen.” I no longer recognized my voice.

The beast couldn’t care less. For a few seconds I felt nothing. Then the wave of vibrations skittering all the way to my toes was incredible, the tingles unlike anything I’d ever felt. I could swear I felt his hot breath cascading over me, the strange smell of him keeping my stomach churning. I fought to keep from screaming as the humiliation increased. How could they do this to me?

With every inch he trailed his finger down the inside of my leg, the arousal intensified as if tiny electrodes had been placed all along my skin. His touch became more tantalizing, flutters replacing nausea. I was thrown by how alive my body felt. As much as I tried to keep my eyes closed, it was impossible. I wanted to see what he was doing, how he managed to drive me closer and closer to sweet bliss with a razor-sharp claw.

Even with the wretched glare of the light, I could tell he was studying my reactions, indulging in whatever sick fantasy he had about a human woman. When he trailed his long digit closer to my aching pussy, I clenched my muscles, fighting even harder to get out of my bindings. It was no use, every move I made creating more pressure on my arms and legs.

He made a dull, gravelly sound, the tone sensual. The alien was hungry.

For me.

No. No. No!

I was wet, hot all over, my skin prickling as if I wanted this. I didn’t! I couldn’t stand the horrible hulking creature. The lottery. The damn lottery.

As his finger neared my swollen folds, I emitted a series of whimpers. To hell with trying to keep my resolve. I couldn’t stand this. I refused to tolerate being chosen. I would fight to get away, until the death if necessary.

I bucked hard, able to use my feet to jerk up by a few inches.

Or so I thought.

Maybe I was hallucinating, caught in some drug-induced fog.

There was no mistaking my full, unbridled arousal when he slipped his finger inside my pussy, pumping several times, roaring when I gasped.

Not from shock.

Or fear.

Or even anger.

But from a full-blown moment of rapture.

His touch remained gentle, as if a lover was finger fucking me instead of a giant monster. When he added a second digit, I stopped fighting altogether, almost all tension easing from my system, the extreme pleasure joyous.

There was no other movement in the room, no sounds except for his heavy breathing and my scattered moans. In my mind, I wanted to stop reacting, refusing to give him any satisfaction, but as he curled his fingers, I shifted into a surreal moment, glorious colors flashing in front of my eyes.

His actions became rougher, a reminder of the brute he was. I knew what he was doing. The ugly creature was trying to bring me to an orgasm.

And his actions were working.

As pulses of the imaginary electrodes rose from my toes, I thrashed again, wanting more. More. More!

He thrust harder, going deeper, adding another finger, the thickness of all three wider than a man’s cock. At least that’s what I imagined. Panting, every murmur I made sounded like a wildcat purring in the wild, enticing her mate.

His sounds became louder, the low rumble vibrating in my muscles. Tick. Tock. Seconds went by, maybe longer. Another haze formed around my eyes as the pulsing increased. More. Tingles.


Yes. Yes.

I was aware he’d breached my asshole, driving another long digit past the tight ring of muscle. That was all I could take, my mind losing all control, my body betraying me as an orgasm swept through me, razing every muscle, every nerve ending singed from flames.

My world was locked down as the climax began to ease. Sweet exhaustion rolled through me, the pleasure remaining like a warm blanket sliding against my naked skin. My body continued to shake for an extended period of time. Then I realized his fingers were no longer buried inside.

When I opened my eyes, I searched for the brutal alien who’d captured me.

But he’d vanished, leaving me cold and aching inside.

Aching for more.

Dragonia—Galaxy Alextra

Ten hours before


Tap. Tap. Tap.

“Would you stop the fucking tapping of your claw!” I snapped, issuing more than one growl as my way of admonishment.

“I would if the king would do his duties and stop pissing me off,” Rykane said, his gurgled laugh especially galvanizing this day.

I turned my head, which immediately made my second in command look the other way. I might be the new king of Dragonia but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t fight any beast to the death inside what was known in the Galactic fodder as the Zone of Pain. I’d threatened to send him there on more than one occasion. I leaned back in my chair, flipping through the monitoring system that had been recently installed.

“I suggest you watch the controls and leave me alone,” I grumbled.

“I can do both,” he quipped. “Our planet needs a celebration. You need a queen, Sire. Choose and be done with it. Then we move on repairing our world.”

“Now you call me sire,” I snorted as I flipped to another screen. “Like you actually respect your king, Rykane.”

He made a guttural sound, coughing before walking toward me. “I’m serious. Our planet is in turmoil, our resources dwindling. You are their hero. You need to respect that and find a queen, just like it’s mandated.”

“By my father.”



What had I been able to accomplish other than slaughtering more of our enemies? Our air continued to be contaminated, our people suffering from hunger and exhaustion.

I glanced into his eyes and sighed. My second was right; however, I wasn’t interested in following my father’s protocol, at least not at this point. I was prepared to change what I considered his archaic rules, just like he’d done when taking the throne from his father. “I don’t have time for such things. This treaty alone will take far too much of my time.” Treaty. Alliance. Coalition. They were words thrown around by the Earthlings who’d drafted the book of Galactic regulations eons before. Ten planets in agreement, friendly at all times, there to protect or fight any war imposed on the included solar systems if requested. An Earthling term that I’d adopted as my own.


I didn’t trust the United Earth Alliance any more than the other reptilian species that had been invited into the group. Granted, I knew by instinct our species wasn’t well liked. My father had cut ties over the years, preferring to do everything by himself. He’d paid the price of arrogance with his life.

“I’m going to put this bluntly, my old friend. You are a brutal man that no one likes. Imagine the possibility that your own people don’t care about you at all.” Rykane kept his stern gaze, but he took a step away from me, cognizant of my fury for being challenged.

I laughed as I continued to scroll. “Except when I win battles.” I was scarred from constant wars and strife just like my people had become. It had taken some time before I’d considered them mine.

Mine to care for.

Mine to protect.

Mine to nurture.

We needed children, fresh crops, and more water. So much had been stripped away from us. No more. I would slaughter anyone who stood in my way. We had certain valuable minerals, which was likely the single reason we’d been invited into the Coalition in the first place.

“Perhaps, but your popularity has dropped significantly, Krakar. You’re not your father.”

No, I certainly wasn’t like my iron-fisted father. How many times had I been reminded of that over the years? I’d wanted change for our people and had vocalized it. Instead of answering my questions or listening to my recommendations, he’d berated me. He’d ruled by fear, not by respect.

It would seem I was falling into the same damning pattern of behavior. I’d heard the Earthly expression ‘like father, like son.’ I hated the sentiment because it was true. However, Dragonia was facing even more difficult times and I wasn’t entirely certain how best to right the wrongs or protect our fragile planet. What I needed at this point was relief from the burden of leadership. Why not take advantage of a perk offered by the humans for becoming involved with the Galactic Coalition?

“You’re certain you want to do this?” Rykane asked. “There have been some disturbing communications lately.”

“Meaning what?”

“Meaning rumblings of another attack.”

Snorting, I continued my search. “The Skotors don’t have the manpower.”

“What if it isn’t our greatest enemy but another species attempting to invade our planet?”

The question was one I’d wrestled with more than once. Unfortunately, it was plausible. “With the new engines in my prized possession, we can return to Dragonia in a matter of days.” The supreme fission engine added to the battleship I’d redesigned myself had doubled our warp speed abilities. It was something I was very proud of achieving. Sadly, many of our other battleships remained crippled.

“It took three days to destroy four of our major cities, great king. Need I remind you of that?”

“Need I remind you of your place?”

He hissed and turned away, cursing in our language under his breath. Even my best friend doubted me.

“Your need to indulge in carnal affairs could mean our death.”

As I rolled my finger across the screen, flipping from one picture to the other, I shook my head. “It would seem you have become more like an Earthling over the last few months.” I’d given him the worst insult I could have chosen but I couldn’t help but laugh when he gasped.

“That’s because you insisted I study the damn species,” he retorted, which was the truth.

“None of these female specimens are acceptable. Look at them. All blonde-haired and blue-eyed. I want something… what is the word? Spicy.”

“Then choose another species, for God’s sake, just like I recommended in the first place. Those who can spare their women have also entered into the lottery system. Besides, you know how our people feel about the Earthlings.”

“That’s based on the bullshit my father spouted off.”

“Maybe so but that doesn’t change the fact humans are not accepted on our planet. My best piece of advice is that you need to settle down. If the information I received is wrong, then you have time to regroup, indulge in your passion on your own planet. Things are calm in the universe, protections in place. At least we have that going for us. Your wedding and subsequent birth of dozens of children will provide stability for your people. Our people.”

Children. It had become more of a fantasy than a reality.

“Stability I couldn’t care less about. Having a woman by my side as queen isn’t going to change things, Rykane. You know that as well as I do. We will still have battles to fight, new insects to eradicate. We’ll continue to fight the weather systems in order to return our crops to the glory they once were. We’ll need to find a way to repair our airspace, or the toxins will eventually poison our people. The beast attacks are already starting to get out of hand.”

“Our scientists are close,” he interrupted. “We’ll set up a hunting party. Okay?”

“Our scientists aren’t close enough. We will still hope and pray for a miracle for our females that they can conceive again without complications. I understand what Dragonia is facing. That doesn’t mean I can’t have a companion. A pet. That’s all I’m looking for.” The overwhelming needs in order to repair our world were like a chain wrapped around my neck.

Of course, I knew what every Dragonian male and female thought about the Earthlings. There was only one species who we considered more repulsive, the Skotors. At least the insect-like creatures weren’t a part of the alliance my father had finally placed his people in only months before his death. Even I’d fought our entrance into the Galactic Coalition with everything I had. Now I had to deal with what had been left in my hands.

He sighed, mumbling additional curse words.

“I am selecting a pet. Period. Get everything ready.”

“I can tell I’m not going to change your mind.” He shook his head. “We’ll be within tele-transporting range within six hours. But I’m warning you that you’re making a mistake.”

“Don’t say anything else.” I’ve made many mistakes, at least according to my father.

“I’m your best friend. I’m going to tell you what I think even if you are king.”

“I’m sure you will,” I said, half laughing. Rykane and I had been through several battles together. We were both scarred from the horrific war play. He was a man I could trust without question, and I valued his opinions, but not regarding this. I deserved to have something that would ease the pain.

After a few seconds, I shifted to the restricted list. Rykane immediately snorted.

“Wait a minute. What are you doing?” he demanded.

On the restricted list, the females had already been spoken for, likely before they’d come of age or the ability to procreate. They were reserves for only the most powerful and influential. The lottery wasn’t restricted to Coalition members only. There were several groups, as determined by each planet, that were allowed the privilege as well. However, the rules stated I couldn’t choose one from this particular list. Too bad I’d never followed rules. My father had referred to me as the bad seed more than once. I’d taken that as a compliment. “Selecting my pet as I told you.”

“How did you gain access to that list? No one has it,” Rykane hissed.

I grinned at him. “You forget, my friend, that I have a way with communications systems.”

“On Earth that’s called hacking. You could be breaking several treaties. We are new members to the Coalition. I don’t think it’s in your best interest to be kicked out before you’ve gone to a single meeting.”

“So the hell what if treaties are broken? Are you naïve enough to believe other prominent citizens of various planets haven’t done the same thing? So you know, the one thing my father told me before he died was that there were additional perks for the Coalition members. I’m simply taking advantage of that in finding the perfect pet for my needs. Don’t act so horrified.”

“Not from that list, Sire. You know that. I don’t care what your father told you. It’s just bad protocol.”

“Now you call me sire again. I can do anything I damn well please.” As I searched the files, ruling out ninety-nine percent of the candidates, a single picture drew my attention. I leaned forward, studying the young female’s face. I couldn’t care less about the human’s special list. I knew very well that Earthling men enjoyed keeping a mistress on the side, taking the virtue of a young woman. With my ranking, I could take any female I required.

Almost any female.

Yes, limitations had been put into place, but I wasn’t attempting to find someone involved in politics or their entertainment world. I simply wanted a beautiful, intelligent pet and nothing more.

I flipped to a few other screens then shifted back, reaching for my drink as I found one of the videocans that had been provided.

“Hi. I’m Sasha Wentworth. I don’t know what to say about myself.”

Her voice was like music from the gods. My cock twitched just hearing the way she pronounced the syllables.

“I’m twenty-three and I teach second through fifth grade history. I love being a teacher. It’s very fulfilling to watch their little eyes light up after they’d learned something.” She eased a stray strand of copper-colored hair behind her ear, smiling as she looked down. There was even a hint of embarrassment on her face.

Rykane leaned over my shoulder. “I doubt she’d be acceptable. She’s a teacher, a truly boring occupation on Earth.”

“Nice try. Perhaps you are correct, but she calls to me. She reminds me of two of their monster creatures. A kitten who will fight like a lion.” Her fiery red hair and eyes the color of one of their oceans forced my cock to ache, which hadn’t occurred in eons.

“I enjoy getting together with my friends and listening to music. I also enjoy drinking wine, at least when a decent bottle can be found.” When she pressed her hand across her mouth to hide her bubbling laughter, my balls tightened. I could envision her naked, wearing my collar and brand. I dragged a single claw across my jaw, my pulse quickening.

“She’s the one.” My excitement burst to the surface.

“I’m going to tell you this one more time. She’s forbidden. I’m telling you that you could create a Galactic issue. I don’t think you want to do that. You have your first meeting since becoming king in three days.”

Ah, yes. The quarterly required Coalition meeting. I’d been warned that missing the event could prove to be… costly. No one threatened me or my people. I didn’t give a shit who they believed themselves to be. After switching off the video, I sat closer to the screen, reading the limited information on her then flipping from one pictorial to another. There was something in her eyes that drew me in, calling to the beast within me. Yes, taming her would be my pleasure.

I turned my head one last time, no longer finding our conversation pleasurable. “Bring her to the ship or face my wrath. And make certain the Earthlings treat her with care. One blemish and I’ll have their heads on a platter, fishing out their brains for lunch.”

He backed away, glancing at the screen one last time then bowing. “So be it, King, but you could face disciplinary action.”

“Enough! Not with my status, Rykane. It’s about time you understood that I am master and lord.”

The clucking sounds he made were even more annoying.

“Fine. Sire. I will make it happen.”

“Make certain she is not harmed in any way. One last time. I want her perfect, ripe. I’ve heard about the reputation of the soldiers who claim those chosen in the lottery. If they so much as create a single bruise on her beautiful skin, they will face my retaliation.”

Rykane said nothing, but I could tell he was seething. He couldn’t understand that my daily episodes of rage were increasing, just like what I’d seen happen with my father over the years. Maybe I was apprehensive I was facing the same path to my demise. What I knew in my gut was that the comfort of a woman would soothe the savage beast inside me. If not…

As he left the room, I dragged my forked tongue across my lips. I couldn’t wait to slide it deep inside her pretty pink pussy. There was nothing like the delicate, sweet taste of an Earthling.

Soon, the boring teacher would learn to obey my every command.

She’d just become my favorite toy.

A creature to be used as well as treasured.

And my pet.

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