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Captured and Claimed: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Delta James – Sample

Chapter One

Darby Gautier entered the shower in their master suite at Rivière Du Loup to join her mate. She embraced him from behind, running her nails lightly down his steely abs and lovingly grasping his cock as it quickly began to respond to her attention. She nibbled along his shoulder blades and rubbed her stiffened nipples down his back.

“There you are, ma chou,” he said, turning in her embrace. He stroked her back and cupped her derriere, giving it a light squeeze. “Have you been behaving yourself this afternoon?”

“How can you ask that, my alpha?” she purred at him.

Jean-Michel laughed. “Because I know you all too well.” He squeezed her lower cheek a bit more firmly. “Does my mate need to be reminded with a trip over my knee that I expect her to conduct herself appropriately this weekend?”

“Depends on how you define appropriate.”

Darby nuzzled his neck and began to kiss her way down his torso as she sank slowly to her knees. He tangled his hands in her blonde, curly mane and moaned appreciatively. She looked up at him, asking his permission wordlessly to pleasure his now erect cock with her mouth. He nodded. Their eyes locked as she parted her lips and Jean-Michel gently thrust his hard staff between them and toward the back of her throat.

“Such a good mate when you want to be,” he crooned.

Darby said nothing but continued to lick and suck Jean-Michel in the way she knew he liked best. At first, he allowed her to control some of the movement of her head, but as he became more aroused, his hands tightened in her hair. Stilling her movements, he began to fuck her mouth. She grasped the back of his thighs with her hands and relaxed her throat, allowing him to thrust himself more deeply. She was just able to taste a bit of his pre-cum, when he fisted her hair and drew her up his body as he pushed her against the shower wall.

“Did you not want me to bring you pleasure, my beloved?” she whispered as his head descended, capturing her nipple in his mouth. Her sharp inhalation made him nip the turgid peak before sucking strongly on it. “Jean-Michel,” she sighed.

“Shh, little wolf, your alpha has need of your comfort before we go downstairs.”

His mouth moved to the other nipple and began to lick, suck, and nip it as well. One hand moved between her legs. As she brought her hands down to try to direct his fondling, he grasped both of her wrists in his strong grip and drew them over her head, growling seductively. He grinned as he felt her honeyed essence begin to leak out of her sheath and onto the fingers he had set to playing with her outer lips and clit.

Darby writhed in his embrace. Her last fleeing, coherent thought was that she would never be able to get her fill of his lovemaking. Jean-Michel’s all-consuming love kept her wrapped in its warm embrace even when they were not together. She physically ached for him when they were apart. The upcoming week was going to be decidedly unpleasant for both of them.

He thrust his fingers into her warm, wet heat, causing her to call his name quietly. Jean-Michel moved his head up her breastbone and throat to take possession of her mouth. His tongue began to duel with hers in the same rhythm that his fingers pleasured her below.

Darby’s breathing became shallow and erratic as she felt her climax becoming imminent. Her pelvis began to rock in concert with his fingers that stroked her relentlessly.

“You are not allowed to come, ma chou.”

“What?” she cried breathlessly. “Jean-Michel, please?”

“Now what good would it do my poor, hard cock if my woman climaxed without having it lodged deep within her so she’d have something to pulse around as she orgasms? That’s a naughty mate. You may end up over my knee yet this night. But for now…”

He let the sentence dangle as he removed his fingers from her cunt and spun her around so that she was facing the wall. He nudged her legs apart and Darby responded by bracing against the shower stall and widening the space between her thighs so that he would have easier access to her heated sheath.

Jean-Michel ran his hands up the front of her body, caressing her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers before returning them back down and grasping her hips. She felt the head of his cock seeking the entrance to her core. It had found its way there so many times, it needed no assistance. They had often joked that it was like a heat-seeking missile and the deepest portion of her pussy was its target. He grunted as the head of his cock pushed past her labia and sank deep within her.

Darby responded as she always did when he dominantly possessed her. Not only did she achieve more than one orgasm when they made love but most often would climax as he mounted her and drove his cock deep into her core. While Jean-Michel took great pride in his ability to pleasure his mate, he also ensured that she never forgot which of them was alpha and which was not.

“Oh, God, you feel good,” she sighed, leaning heavily on the wall.

His only response was to grasp her hips more firmly as he began to plunge more deeply and with more strength. The noises he made were half human and half wolf, but all male. Jean-Michel was a man of strong passion and unbridled libido and Darby blessed every day she woke next to him that he had claimed her as his own.

Jean-Michel began to pummel her pussy as he brought her to another climax before beginning to seek his own release. Faster and harder he pumped his cock in and out. It seemed to her to be expanding and scraping along her inner walls. She began to hit her own peak again and could feel him spill himself into her, bathing her pussy with his thick, creamy cum. As his own climax neared its end, he wrapped one strong arm around her waist and leaned heavily on the wall with the other, his forearm muscles and biceps bulging as he held her tight against his body.

As the storm of their passion subsided, Jean-Michel nuzzled and nipped her neck.

“I fear, mate, you have unmanned me yet again long before I had tired of your orgasms. I will have to address your naughty behavior this evening with a spanking of the erotic kind as I also finger you and make you come for me lying across my thighs.”

Darby sighed and brought one of her arms down to embrace the one of his that still held her close.

“And what if I don’t want to be spanked?” she asked seductively.

Jean-Michel chuckled, “Than I shall have to spank you harder until you decide to yield to your mate’s baser desires and indulge him.”

He withdrew from her despite her protests. He turned her back into the circle of his arms and kissed each of her eyelids, the tip of her nose, and then her mouth. She sighed and melted into him. He kissed her forehead.

“Finish your shower, sweetheart. I’ve got some cigars and I understand there’s a good bottle of whiskey from Ioan to be shared with my brethren. But, I will leave my heart and soul in your most capable and loving hands.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” she said with a giggle. “Fuck me hard and once you take the edge off it’s back to normal and getting ready to leave for Wolf Meadow. Why do I put up with you?”

He laughed. “Because you have no choice, remember? You tried to get away from me several times as I recall and each time earned yourself a spanking before I fucked you into submission.”

“I think you like the fucking more than you like the spanking.”

“You are correct. Luckily for both of us, I don’t have to choose… and both work in harmony to keep my most beloved mate sated and happy.”

She giggled again. “Yes, they do. Now unless you plan to fuck me again, get out so I can get dressed. I’ve already packed my bag.”

He turned her around and patted her bottom with affection. “You’d best behave, little wolf, or else that erotic spanking may become one with more sting than you’d like.”

Darby smiled as he exited the bath and then began to quickly wash herself. He was going to be furious with her before this was all over. She only hoped she could avoid him taking his belt to her backside.

Chapter Two

Northern Coast of Spain—the previous year

Shannon Livingston had been on a dream vacation after her graduation from law school. She was in Florence strolling along the streets by the canals when she’d been grabbed. Her memories of that time were difficult if not impossible to recall. She’d been drugged and finally, after weeks of being moved from place to place all over Europe, had ended up at a villa on the coast of Spain. The place was owned by a man named Ramon deMoncada. It was beautiful, but Shannon never saw its beauty because Ramon deMoncada was a pig—one of those polished aristocrats who believe they are superior to all people in all things.

DeMoncada blithely told her that her old life was over and he’d be preparing her for a new and improved one. He happily informed her that she had passed all of her medical tests with flying colors and that given her age and beauty he had big plans for her and that she would be the crown jewel in his collection to be auctioned off shortly before he closed down his newest business venture for good. Shannon flew at him in a rage, but deMoncada had little trouble in fending off her attack.

“You are a spirited thing. There are many of our kind who will find taming you to be a particular treat.” He turned to his men. “Strip her and let her begin to understand her new place in life. Restrain her with her arms attached to the beams overhead. Do not stretch her. I want her to be able to be reasonably comfortable. Make sure she has something under her feet. We don’t want to risk her taking a chill.”

She was removed from the room by two thugs. They dragged her down a long hall and down a flight of stone stairs into what she was quite sure was a dungeon or perhaps even a torture chamber. The two men stripped her of her clothing in a clinically detached manner. She tried to struggle and break free, but they were too strong. They attached very soft cuffs to her wrists and did as deMoncada had instructed—her arms were overhead but she did not have to stretch up onto her toes to offer them any degree of comfort.

She stood for what seemed to be a long time. There was some natural light coming in from high windows. Shannon could see no escape there. The two thugs returned, bringing in a cot with what looked to be a relatively comfortable mattress. A frail, bent woman followed shortly and made up the bed with sheets and blankets. As Shannon looked around, she could see there was a toilet and sink—no privacy but she figured it was slightly better than some of the cruder kinds of bathroom facilities she could think of.

“Where am I?” she whispered to the woman.

“It does not matter,” came the heavily accented French voice. “What you knew before is done. Do as he says and things will be much easier for you.”

“Can’t you help me? Get a message to the American embassy?”

The old woman snorted in disgust. “They would be of no use to you nor would the High Council. He bought and paid for them to turn a blind eye to his ventures a long time ago.”

She said nothing more and scurried away as fast as she could. Shannon was left alone again. She knew time had passed for the light had changed both its directional angle and intensity.

The door opened and the one they called deMoncada entered. He circled her, looking at her with a critical eye.

“You need a little weight; you’re a bit too thin, but the bruises have faded. Those who put them there have been terminated. They had specific instructions not to mar you in any way. I did keep pictures though as the alpha who wins you will want to know you have spirit.”

He ran his hand down her back, stopping to cup each of her buttocks and give them a gentle squeeze. Shannon kicked backwards trying to injure him. His response was a swift stinging swat to her behind.

“Naughty. You do not strike out or kick when you are being handled. You will provide pleasure to the alpha who wins you. That is your primary function in life—to please your alpha. You will do that by always being responsive, enthusiastically taking his knot, and carrying his children. You will most likely be bred repeatedly and produce heirs and hopefully some females as well. Tell me, are you a virgin?”

“None of your fucking business,” she spat at him.

Another sharp blow was delivered to her backside.

“You will learn to speak with respect.”

“I thought you didn’t want me marked in any way.”

DeMoncada chuckled. “That is the beauty of the bare hand on a female’s bottom; it gives her cause to think twice about misbehaving, leaves a lovely imprint of her master’s hand and some color, but both will fade, restoring it to its natural beauty.” Once again, he fondled her buttocks. “And yours is exquisite. It is just the right size and firmness for a man to enjoy as he fucks you with the right amount of bounce when he chooses to spank you.”

“You can’t do this to me. I’m an American citizen.”

“And that would matter to my kind because? You have no idea what has happened to you. My plan is do some preliminary work with you so I can show you to your best advantage. The alphas who will bid the highest will want to see to most of your taming. Now, are you a virgin? Either you tell me now or I will have a doctor brought in to examine you and he can answer my question.”


Again, deMoncada’s response was a hard strike against her bottom.

“That is not respectful. Normally, I would let some of my pack members have a chance to work with you, but I fear you would excite them past reason and they might damage you. That I cannot have.”

He trailed his hand around to her front and lifted one of her breasts before fondling her nipple. Not getting the response he wanted, he pinched it. Shannon made a small gasp in pain at the shock of the mistreatment. He smiled as it started to bead. He stroked her breast again before moving to the other. This time when he played with her nipple, it responded.

“Very good girl. Your body learns quickly and enjoys being pleasured.” He tweaked her nipple again. “Virgin or not?”

“Not,” she cried.

He stepped in closer and inhaled deeply. “Hmm, interesting. Your nipples are responding to being handled, but it does not smell as though your cunt has begun to produce that female essence that is so delightful to the tongue and makes her sheath luxurious. I will teach your body to respond readily and easily.”

He ran his hand down between her legs and pinched her clit, which responded as her nipples had, causing him to smile.

“I see. You need to be handled in order to become aroused. Well, that could be because you have not been handled enough and your body needs to learn to respond. We will work on that. The fact that you are not a virgin but have never been taken by my kind will drive your price up considerably. Being the first to breach you with a knot will be important to many who will bid on you.”

He stroked between her legs, but never put his fingers inside her. Again, he circled around her and played with her buttocks, this time running his finger down between her cheeks and playing with her bottom hole.

“Knock it off,” she hissed.

It wasn’t that Shannon hadn’t experienced her fair share of sexual encounters. In fact, she had been bound and had control taken away from her by partners. But that had been done as part of a game and the loss of control had been titillating. What she didn’t like was being kidnapped and strung up in a dungeon by some aristocratic bastard for a game not of her choosing and any response it produced was fueled by her anger.

“Never been breached there?” he chuckled. “That too will add to your price. Do you suck cock well?”

“I’ve never had any complaints,” she replied.

DeMoncada laughed. “All fire and spirit. Yes, this should be enjoyable. I will have you released and your supper brought to you. I expect you to eat all of it. If you do not, you will be punished. Best you start to learn to mind those who are dominant over you.”

Shannon was still for a moment. There was something surreal about this whole thing. One minute she was in Florence, Italy, and the next some madman was fondling her and telling her she was to be auctioned off. But to who? And what did he mean by alpha?

One of the thugs came in and released her. She found that her arms were more tired and sore than she thought they would be. He smiled as he gazed upon her nakedness.

“I need my clothes,” she said disdainfully.

The thug laughed. “If our alpha wanted you clothed, he’d have given you something to wear. He wants you naked. I don’t blame him. You’re a pretty thing.”

Even though she knew she didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of escaping, she lunged at him, trying to knock him down and get past him. He easily deflected her blows. He said nothing more but tossed her onto the bed and left.

Christ, what am I going to do? Catherine must be going insane. Her sister would have been expecting to hear from her months ago. Was it months? Weeks? At some point she’d lost track of time. She needed to find a way to keep it straight. She shook her head. She needed to think. There had to be a way out… and she would find it.

Her food was brought by the old woman who said nothing, but put the tray on the bed beside her.

“You have to help me. Helping him now makes you an accomplice after the fact. They can put you in jail for that.”

The old woman looked back at her. She had perhaps the saddest eyes Shannon had ever seen. “There is no help for you. Learn to please them. Obey them in all things. It is the only way.”

Catherine watched as the door closed and heard the lock click.

“No!” she screamed as she threw the tray and its contents at the door, smashing all of the dishes.

It didn’t take long for deMoncada to reappear. He had the old woman clean up the mess and without a word walked over to Shannon, sat down on the bed, and pulled her over his lap. Before she ever had a clue as to his intent, his hand cracked down on her backside in the first of many hard swats.

She kicked and screamed but could not get away from him. He was too strong, had her legs trapped between his, her ass propped up on his thigh and held her upper body down with the hand that was not inflicting the spanking. Worse, she could feel his cock becoming more and more aroused the longer he spanked her.

Shannon had never been spanked in her life and she didn’t like it. It hurt. Apparently, deMoncada was experienced at this sort of thing as he quickly covered her entire bottom with harsh blows before moving lower to the juncture of her butt and her legs and then lower still to the tops of her thighs. As he began to methodically move back up, Shannon ceased to struggle and began to plead and cry.

“Please stop. I’m sorry I threw it. I won’t do it again. Please.”

“When you are being punished you are to call me or the one who buys you sir, alpha, or master.” He stopped spanking her. “Do you understand?”

“Yes…” a hard swat landed again on her well-punished backside, “…sir. Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir. I won’t do it again.”

DeMoncada let her up but did not allow her to move away. Instead, he pulled her onto his lap. The heat from the spanking was reinforced by having to sit on her painful bottom. He did not hold her close or offer any comfort. Instead, he fondled her breasts, causing her nipples to stiffen at his touch. Shannon wanted desperately to get away from him but feared he would go back to spanking her. He ran his hand down her torso and slipped it between her legs. He played with her swollen clit, and she moved her hand to stop him.

“Naughty. You do not resist when I seek to pleasure you. If you do, I will assume you need to be punished instead. Do you wish to be punished?”

“No, sir.” She used that term as it seemed the least offensive and objectionable of the things she’d been told she could call him.

He stroked her labia. He ran his fingers around the outer rim of her pussy but did not insert his fingers into her. He picked up some of the lubrication that was a result of her forced arousal and brought it to his lips. He sucked on his fingers, which caused her to shut her eyes to keep from gagging. The man was a pig. He petted her between her legs and chuckled.

“Much better. I will have more food brought to you. You will be watched to see that you eat all of it.”

He let her stand. And then led her to the bed where he directed her to sit down. DeMoncada left and Shannon slowly exhaled the breath she didn’t even know she’d been holding. This bastard wasn’t playing with a full deck. Pissing him off could have serious and painful consequences, although she took heart in knowing he didn’t want to permanently damage her as it would lower her sale price. If nothing else, she could sense deMoncada was a greedy sonofabitch.

One of the big male guards brought another tray of food. Dutifully she ate what was offered and never made eye contact. The guard picked up the tray and left her alone as the sun began to set and the light slowly faded from the windows.

Tears started to well in her eyes and she forced them back. She would not cry. She would survive and she would get even. She was an excellent attorney. She would own this castle before it was over.

What she couldn’t understand was why she was still being held captive. She might not know the exact time since she’d been taken but time had passed. Why hadn’t anyone come? Had they stopped searching for her? Had they ever started? Did Catherine even know she was missing?

As time passed, Shannon found she couldn’t always control the way her body responded to deMoncada’s training but she could control her mind and she did so whenever possible. She had never known a hatred such as that which she felt for him and what he was doing. It was that hatred that allowed her to go to a place in her mind that he could never, ever reach.

She knew there would come a day when someone would drop their guard—there would be an opening for her to make a bid for her freedom. On that day she would be gone. She would kill whatever bastard thought he could buy her. Then she would find and kill deMoncada. That was a vow she made and it was her hatred and that vow that kept her going. It made it possible for her to seem to be becoming what he wanted. In the same way she would call him sir, she would never let him suspect he had not killed her spirit.

DeMoncada continued to indoctrinate her to her new way of life. He seemed pleased that she was intelligent and easily learned the things he wanted her to. Even more, he was pleased with how her body responded to both gentle and forceful fondling. Numerous times he taunted her with the fact that her highly evocative nature would increase her price.

He informed her that only the wealthiest of alphas would be invited to the auction. To be a proper mate, Shannon would need to know things that had never been of interest to her. Things such as haute cuisine, wine, art, fashion were drilled into her until she could discuss them with expertise. He offered her nothing of substance and continually schooled her that her value lay not in her mind, but in her beauty and her ability to be a credit to her alpha in all ways as well as her alpha’s sexual plaything and broodmare.

Shannon lost track of how much time had passed when one day the door to her cell opened and a man she hadn’t seen before entered. He was wearing a lab coat and pushing a medical cart.

“Who are you?” she asked.

The man looked up. “That is not your concern.”

“I’m making it my concern.”

The man laughed harshly. “You have yet to truly accept your place in your new life. Now go sit on the bed. You don’t want me to have to tell our alpha you were misbehaving again, do you? I would have thought your last punishment session would have cured you of that.”

Shannon blushed with anger as much as shame but did as instructed. The last time deMoncada had punished her, not only did she receive the worst spanking she’d had to date, but afterwards he had introduced her to an additional punishment. Once he had finished spanking her, he held her in place and would not allow her to stand. Her bottom was on fire.

“I have given great thought as to how to get a better handle on your unwillingness to accept your new life and to behave at all times. Remember, little one, once your alpha has purchased you, he may have no compunction about marring your beautiful body. I can tell you that had I purchased you, I would have broken this willful streak long ago.” He petted the place between her legs. “And I would have breached you repeatedly and had the first of many babies in your belly. It is time I gave you a little something else to reinforce your new status.”

DeMoncada opened a tube of cream. It had a refreshing minty aroma as he put a small dab on his finger. Shannon felt him rub the cream on her anus before ever so slightly rubbing a little just inside the tight ring of muscle that guarded that orifice. She didn’t understand why he thought just pressing some cream into her back entrance would reinforce anything. And then it started to sting. Then the sting began to burn.

Shannon began to struggle to try to get away from him, even though she was fairly sure he would spank her further. DeMoncada laughed—it was a harsh and ugly sound.

“I thought that might get your attention. You will stop struggling and accept what has been done. Should you continue to fight, not only will I spank you harder, but I will find a small anal plug to be inserted and make you wear it while I fondle you. I do not think your new alpha could find an objection to his mate being shown the error of her ways with a small plug. And some may see it as the first step in training you to take their cock up your ass.”

“All right,” she said through gritted teeth. “I’ll behave.”

She forced herself to go still and to endure the burning sensation that now existed both internally and externally. DeMoncada reached between her legs and stroked her clit and labia in order to soothe and arouse. Shannon had to use every mental trick she had learned to detach from what he was doing to her and find a small, dark place in which to hide from the nightmare that had become her life. Why wasn’t someone looking for her?

The doctor broke into her memories as he lifted her head by holding it up with his hand under her chin.

“Open your eyes,” he directed.

Shannon did so.

“Good girl. Your eyes are clear.”

He ran a temperature-taking device across her forehead and seemed pleased with the reading. He proceeded to take the rest of her vitals.

DeMoncada entered with what Shannon assumed was a nurse and the two thugs.

“Is she ready?” he asked the doctor.

“Yes, my alpha. She appears to be very healthy and I think will make the transition well.”

“Then see it done,” he said to the doctor before turning to Shannon. “Now your new life will really begin, little one.”

He stepped back as the two thugs pushed her onto her bed and held her in place while the doctor put her in restraints to keep her from moving. They immobilized one arm and the nurse inserted an IV needle. The doctor then injected something into it.

“What are you doing to me?” she cried as she felt the fluid enter her system.

“We are making you better, stronger…”

“Good,” she hissed. “As long as you make me strong enough to kill all of you.”

DeMoncada laughed. “It’s a good thing you’re about to go into the transition, little one. Otherwise threatening me would earn you another punishment session. Remember, Shannon, I told you last time. If I had to discipline you again, I would coat a small anal plug with the cream and force you to wear it for several hours.”

He ran his hand down her body, pinching both of her nipples and her clit and smiling as her body responded.

Shannon cried out. Whatever they had injected her with burned within her body. It was as though she could feel it flowing throughout… searing her veins, arteries, muscles. It spread like a fire completely out of control. The pain was intense and when she thought she could take no more, blackness descended.

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