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Captured and Kept: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One

“Cavemen? What in God’s name are you talking about? There’s no such thing,” Danielle Carver, ‘Dani’ to what few friends she actually had shifted in her seat, staring incredulously at the girl across from her.

“I’m serious, girl. They do exist. There are four burly, mysterious, and rugged men who frequent our amazing little town on a regular basis. And let me tell you, wow baby.” Lisa fanned her face, winking. “They’re built in all the right places. Huge hands and feet. Muscles that are tight like steel drums. Melt in your mouth delicious. Just think about how big their cocks must be.”

She’d known Lisa Banner for about six months, since the day after her ridiculous, stupid, mind-blowing move to Bumfuck, Oregon. Well, Baker City was a quaint little town, surrounded by some of the most stunning views this side of the Mississippi, but she remained bitter. The reason for her move across country?

One useless asshole of a man.

She was twenty-five and should have known better, for God’s sake. Her father had taught her to be a survivalist, convinced the apocalypse was right around the corner. Maybe he’d been right, only not in the way he was thinking. A bead of sweat trickled down the side of her face, a bodily function indicating she was lying, even to herself. Okay, so there’d been more than one reason for a fresh start—hunting for a new job, salvaging some kind of career. Still, the jerkoff didn’t have to dump her in the manner he did.

“I think you’ve been watching too many movies or desperately need to get laid,” Dani suggested, catching rather nasty looks from other customers in close proximity.

Lisa poked her. “You’re the one who needs a wild sexual event. Isn’t that right? At least that’s what you told me over several margaritas.”

Visions popped into her mind, images of big, strapping, and very rugged men using her body in every fashion they desired. Her mouth and throat were suddenly parched. Reaching for her glass, she almost knocked the thing over. “Shit.”

“Uh-huh, you do understand.” She laughed then leaned in even closer. “I’m not joking about this. I’ve seen them myself and yes, I’ll admit, I hungered for them. No judging me!”

“Who’s judging who?” Dani asked, forced to admit her curiosity was piqued. She needed some kind of excitement in her rather dull existence.

“They really are larger than life, but they don’t talk. They don’t engage with anyone. I’ve never seen a vehicle of any kind and you know they’re coming from the mountains. I’ve heard there are caves there,” Lisa said, shrugging.

She narrowed her eyes, resisting bursting into laughter. “They aren’t walking down from the mountains, Lisa. That’s like twenty miles.”

“They could!” she insisted. “As mighty and roughhewn as they are. Mmm… They have long beards and hair that you just want to drag your fingers through. Powerful legs. Whew. If you ask me, they’re no doubt dangerous men craving beautiful young females. Virgins. Sadly, that leaves me out of the picture.” Her laugh was raucous.

A blush formed along Dani’s jawline, a vision of her naked and collared body tied to a stake, four men exactly as Lisa described using her in every manner they so desired. Her pussy clenched from the insane but delicious thought.

“You okay? You look flushed.” Lisa’s one eyebrow was lifted, her expression teasing.

“I’m fine. Let’s assume you’re right about this. How can cavemen exist?” Dani asked casually as she sipped on her Coke, tossing away the image. She had a deadline approaching, yet another article on the best muffins in town for the local newspaper. She’d been lucky to get the job but writing fluff pieces about food and the next art festival wasn’t her thing. Her training as an investigative reporter was instilled in every molecule in her body. She wanted a meaty piece, something everyone could sink their teeth into. At least that would get her mind off of Peter and his latest conquest. Cavemen sounded interesting, but Lisa was prone to wild stories and even crazier behavior.

Lisa glanced out the window of the diner then checked her watch. “I’m calling it like it is. Everyone in town says these dudes are prehistoric cavemen who adapted to our ways. They come and go, vanishing as if they were never here. Been doing it for months. Even heard some folks talk about a group of guys trying to track them down. You know nothing exciting happens in this town, so their arrival is big news. I can see the story on Nightline or hey, maybe the Today show.”

The girl had more than just a wild imagination. Still, Dani was a tiny bit intrigued, a story forming in her mind. If she could sell the idea to her boss… No, he saw her exactly like the kind of reporter she loathed—simply an extra. She sucked on her straw, her mind going to dark and evil places. “Everyone in town. How come this is the first time I’m hearing about this?”

“Well, let’s see.” She gave a Dani a haughty grin. “You spent the first four and a half months inside that crappy apartment of yours chained to the bed while Peter performed kinky acts all. Over. Your. Body. Then, you’ve spent the last month and a half pining away for the creep, and writing stories for that rag newspaper you work for. That’s precisely why.”

Dani couldn’t help the way her middle finger just ended up in the air in front of Lisa’s face. If she’d actually been chained to her bed, she might still have a happy life. “Funny. Take it on the road. And I’ll have you know The Enforcer isn’t a ragtag newspaper. Thank you very much.” Okay, so she’d cried more tears over the jerkoff than she cared to mention, but that was done. Finished. Caput. She was a new woman ready to take on the world. And yes, the newspaper wasn’t widely distributed in the area, but they did some solid news. Some. Every once in a while. “Let’s get back to these cavemen. Who are they?”

“That’s just it. Nobody knows. They come into town once every couple of months and have been since just after you moved here. They never say a word to anyone. Not a single word. They purchase supplies and disappear into thin air, like wild wolves vanishing into the night.”

“Last I heard, cavemen don’t wear clothes. Are they walking around naked?”

Lisa huffed. “No, goofy. They’re wearing clothes, but even prehistoric men can adapt.”

“And wouldn’t have survived this long.” She had to laugh. What in God’s name was the girl talking about? She could see trying to get her boss interested. Jacob would grill her to death, sorting through every detail, even pictures if she was so lucky to get a few, and after making her wait for an exorbitant amount of time, he’d laugh in her face. No, she couldn’t risk the chance he’d toss her off the job completely. She had no money, a truck that had seen better days, and her father wouldn’t allow her to crawl back home. She was stuck, like glue, like fly to honey, like… Yep, she desperately needed one rock solid article and soon.

“I heard the sheriff went looking for them one day. Didn’t find a trace. Disappeared like the wild creatures they are. They’re supposedly dangerous men, rough and tumble, rugged and dark, sexy and…” Lisa licked her lip in an exaggerated fashion.

Dani resisted rolling her eyes. “How would anyone know if they’re dangerous if they don’t do any talking? Do they brandish guns, threaten women and children? Do they carry sharp spears, killing wild animals on the way?” She had to admit, she could almost envision the dudes, long arms, chunky legs, thumping through town, terrifying everyone. She exhaled and rubbed her forehead. Why did she have perspiration forming along her hairline?

“This is serious. As I said, they all have long beards and you know the look, like they could cut your heart out with a spoon.”

“No, I don’t know the look.” In fact, Peter was a pretty boy, the kind of boy next door with slicked-back hair and glasses. He even wore button-down shirts every day. Why she’d been attracted to him in the first place was beyond her. Now, here she was, stuck in a job that was going nowhere. Failure at this point wasn’t an option. She had to get her life back on track.

Her father loathed failure of any kind.

He’d been a strict military man, until he’d become convinced the world was ending, which subsequently derailed his brilliant career in the military. The man had insisted he’d seen all the signs of the apocalypse, fueled by government indiscretions. Uh-huh. Well, at least he hadn’t believed in aliens. Shaking her head, she was on her own, making her way in the world. This was make it or break it time. She’d believed in her father once. That had been enough.

“I tell you what. These guys are like clockwork. They come in at high noon, walk the city, and are gone by one p.m. I’ve watched them the last two times they came into town. They follow the same path, go to the same stores. Totally silent. All in formation. You up for an adventure?”

“Doing what?”

“Just some sleuthing.” Lisa jabbed her in the arm. “Oh, come on. What other exciting plans do you have for the afternoon?”

Her imagination was on fire. What if she could figure out what these rugged men were doing and write an earth-shattering story? The idea wasn’t bad. Her mind shifted into visions of a Pulitzer Prize, complete respect in the industry, becoming rich and famous. Her nipples tightened at the prospect. A little investigation would help her determine if the concept was a possibility.

“I can tell you’re thinking about it,” Lisa teased. “Come on. Live a little.”

“What the hell. The computer and the muffins can wait for a couple more hours.”

“That’s the spirit.” Lisa grabbed her purse, tossing a few bills on the table, and guided Dani out of the diner. “Look, it’s almost noon. They usually go to the hardware store, then the ammunition place over on Third. I think they hit the liquor store, but I’m not certain and last but not least, Maggie’s Groceries. In and out in one hour, if not less.”

“Huh.” She thought about the concept. Maybe they were working on some project, forcing them to live in the woods all by themselves.

“Maybe they’re mass murderers or assassins. They could work for the government.”

Lisa had one of the best imaginations Dani had ever experienced, one reason they’d become fast friends. “I think you might have been watching too many episodes of CSI, girl.”

“Wait right here.” Lisa pulled her aside, hiding in an alcove of a small shop. “Just wait and stay quiet. Don’t want to scare them off.”

“Yeah, ‘cause they’ll come after us with big, fat clubs.” Dani rolled her eyes.

“Maybe they have big, fat cocks instead.”

She frowned, her thoughts drifting to Peter. She’d enjoyed their relationship for a few months anyway, his pristine methods originally turning her on. When they became prissy in her mind, that’s when things started to go south. She hungered for a real man, rugged and carved in all the right places, well hung and savage. Maybe she really needed a Neanderthal instead of a caveman. Wait, they were one in the same. She pressed her fingers over her lips to keep from bursting into laughter.

“Quiet,” Lisa advised.

“Uh-huh.” They stood in the sun, waiting for what seemed like fifteen minutes.

“Lisa. This is crazy.”

“Five more minutes. Just five.”

“Five, then I…” Dani’s words trailed off and she hadn’t realized she’d taken a step out of their hiding place. A sight unlike anything she’d seen caught her attention, as well as everyone else standing on the street. “Oh, shit.”

“See, I told you. There they are in all their fine glory.” Lisa shimmied her hips. “Hubba, hubba.”

Four men walked down the street, one trailing after the other. Men? They were larger than life, shoulder-length hair swinging in the light breeze and the way the golden sun had captured their silhouettes left her mouth watering. Long, muscular legs, chiseled hips, and lean waists filling dirty jeans. Flannel shirts barely covering their massive chests, and thick boots rounding out the rugged ensemble. They each had impressive beards and thick hair, and Lisa was right, the kind that deserved to have fingers run through seconds before the long strands were tossed over her naked body. Three of them were all dark with a single blond in the sea of darkness. She was frozen to the spot, lightheaded from her nasty girl thoughts.

Yummy was the only word to use to describe them. Her thoughts drifted to being ravaged by all four, stripped of her clothing, and taken in a brutal manner over and over again. They’d slide their massive fingers past her swollen folds, thrusting into her wet cunt as they whispered words of ownership. Then they’d slide their thick, throbbing cocks into her hot little mouth. She swallowed several times, blinking in an effort to shove the sinful vision aside. How could she want this? From strangers? Dangerous men? She rolled her eyes, huffing under her breath. Nothing exciting like that was going to happen to a girl like her.


Besides, she was a reporter first and would get to the bottom of who they were and what they were doing.

Lisa jerked Dani’s shoulder, tugging hard enough that Dani yelped and by damn, the sexy blond turned his head in their direction. “Oh, my,” Lisa whispered. “Can you imagine what he looks like without his clothes?”

“Uh-huh.” Dani had no idea what to think. She could tell that anyone in close proximity to them scuttled away, absolutely terrified. From what she was able to see, the cavemen weren’t carrying any weapons, so why be so damn petrified? She had a notion to strike up a conversation with one or more of them, see if she could get any reaction at all. Why not? “I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t you dare! What are you doing? You can’t just go up to them. What if they abduct you?”

“Stop being a ninny. Jesus. They’re allowed to be here. They’re not breaking any laws. Just give me a second. If everyone else in this town is scared of the boogeymen, then I’m going to do a little investigation, just like you wanted me to do.” Whoever these men were, they certainly piqued her interest in just about every manner.

“You’re crazy! I’m coming with you. Somebody has to protect you!”

“Then keep quiet. I’m going to Maggie’s Groceries to wait.” Dani glanced at the direction they were traveling then smiled shamelessly. “We can get there the back way. If they’re so religious about their activities, we’ll be waiting for them to arrive.” Her pussy clenched, her nipples erect and sensitive, scraping across the material of her bra. Perspiration was trickling down both sides of her face.

“Squee! This is more interesting than my normal days. You have guts, girl.”

Dani had always been adventurous, refusing to back down from anything or anyone. That had gotten her into trouble more times than she could count, including certain articles she’d written in the past. Her previous boss hadn’t taken kindly to her inflammatory exposés about various politicians. That’s why she’d been reduced to doing cupcake stories. News in the business traveled fast. No, she’d keep this idea under wraps until she was certain.

As far as sexual escapades? That was an entirely different story. She experienced one other man than Peter and the two nights had been just about as exciting as watching clothes dry. She might as well be a virgin given the action she’d seen in her life. Maybe it was time to break out of her comfort zone in more than one way.

They crossed the street, moving into the alley as they made their way toward the local grocery store. Once inside, Dani walked straight to the back of the store, finding a location that would allow them to observe any customers coming in through the front door.

“What if they come inside?” Lisa asked, hiding behind a display.

“Then… Then, I don’t know. Have patience.”

They didn’t have to wait long.

True to Lisa’s predictions, the door opened, and the four sexy, rugged, and rough-looking men stormed inside.

“Look at those long legs,” Lisa whispered.

Dani was looking at other well-endowed attributes, her mouth dry, the wet spot between her legs now as uncomfortable as hell. “Just stay quiet.”

“That’s hard to do!” Her voice carried, sweeping down the short aisle and straight to the man in the front. He stopped and sniffed, scanning the store, his eyes penetrating. The other three flanked his side, doing almost the exact same thing. The blond took a deep breath.

There was absolute silence in the store, the few customers standing in awe.

If Dani didn’t know any better, she’d swear they were able to detect her condition, the scent of her pussy juice soaking her damp panties. Shrinking back, she bit back any sound as they walked past the girl at the counter, separating and moving down different aisles.

“What do we do now?” Lisa whispered in her ear.

“Watch. Wait.” But for what? She thought about striking up a conversation, but what good would that do if they didn’t talk? Her naughty girl, the vixen in her head who usually gave bad advice piped up and this time, she listened. Be sexy for once and daring. Unbutton your shirt. Walk toward one of them. Flirt. You can do it.

Flirt. She was completely out of practice but what the hell? Snickering, she popped two buttons on her shirt and fluffed her hair.

“What are you doing?” Lisa demanded, gripping her arm.

“Seeing if they’re real men.” Breaking her friend’s hold, she backed up and moved to a different aisle.


Careful wasn’t in Dani’s vocabulary, at least not today. Standing in front of her was the sexy blond. In his hands were several items and he was bending over slightly, unable to see her approach. She sashayed closer, inhaling. Even the smell of the man, a mixture of testosterone and some exotic timber was titillating, making her breasts swell and her pussy clench. She was wet in all the right locations.

When she was only a few inches away, she pretended to stumble, yelping as she was pitched forward. In the most glorious slow motion, she was thrown utterly and completely into his arms. He’d dropped the items and by no fault of his own caught her, the hard thrust of the forward movement jetting her against his chest with enough of a thud her breath was ripped from her body.

He was like hard granite, perfectly formed by the Norse Gods.

“Oh!” Panting, she palmed his chest, her fingers clutching his shirt, clinging to him as if she’d just fallen off a cliff. Everything about the caveman was rough and tumble and she longed to run her fingers through his long beard. Her breasts were crushed against his chiseled muscles and she had a perfect view of his angular jaw and full lips. There was a split second where neither of them moved and she could swear he was going to drag her into a heated kiss, tongues entwining. His intense cerulean blue eyes penetrated every thought, every synapsis in her brain, leaving her completely befuddled.

The spell broken, he merely growled once, his eyes sweeping down from her face to her chest, his hands firmly clasped around her buttocks.

For a few glorious seconds they remained locked in place and she could swear he was kneading her ass cheeks. And all she could think about was being naked, waiting for her master to discipline and fuck her, thrusting his thick cock deep inside like a savage. She was out of her blazing mind.

He certainly didn’t need to speak any words to let her know without a doubt what he was thinking, what he was hungering for: her naked body served up on a silver platter. His cock was hard as a rock, thick and long, throbbing against his jeans as he pressed his groin against her belly.

Panting, she wiggled her hips more than once, mindful of her blatant actions. Lordy. The man was… Exactly what you crave. A savage, forceful man. Oh, the damn little voice. “My, you’re all big and handsome and studly.” Had the ridiculous words actually come out of her mouth? This wasn’t flirting. This was being reduced to a puddle of goo, her behavior more like a thirteen-year-old.

A possessive sound slipped past his lips as he leaned closer until his face was a mere two inches away from hers. Taking a deep whiff, he ground his crotch back and forth.

Dani could swear he muttered two distinct words. ‘Bad girl.’ She swallowed, aware her face must be flushed given the amount of heat coming off her body. Or maybe his.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed one of the other cavemen stalking the aisle, his dark eyes narrowed as if either angry or disgusted. “I’m so sorry. I slipped.” As she attempted to pull away, his grip remained firm, the obvious lust-filled expression keeping her weak, her legs quivering.


Tingling all over, the realization he’d swatted her on the ass set her entire world on fire, fueling the raunchy side of her. Oh, God. Oh, God!

The second man issued what could only be described as a guttural breath as he came closer and the blond released her, but not before allowing a deep, throaty growl to pass from his kissable lips. Then she did the unthinkable. She slid her hand over his thick bulge, squeezing.

His eyes opened wide, a slight curl appearing on his upper lip. He snatched his items before Dani had a chance to offer help, darting one last look before disappearing around the corner. The second caveman stood for a few seconds longer, as if drawing a line in the sand.

Don’t fuck with us.

“Holy shit,” Dani whispered and tried to regain her balance, almost gasping for air. She could feel Lisa crowding her space. Hell, three other customers were peering at her, astonished at what they’d witnessed.

“That was… amazing,” Lisa muttered as she inched closer, her mouth slack. “Did he… swat you? Is that what I saw?”

“Uh-huh.” He did more than that. The sexy blond with the chiseled features and rugged body awakened every desire in her mind as well as her body. “Just before I felt him up.”

“You did not!” Lisa squealed.

“I did, and it was magnificent.”

“Sweet Jesus. I wish I had your courage.”

Dani walked up the aisle, her legs still like Jell-O. “Who the hell are these guys?”

“I’m telling you, they’re real cavemen, living in the forests of the mountains, feeding on wild animals to survive. Maybe they can’t speak.”

Dani slowly turned her head, giving her friend a look of sheer amusement. “Have you been seeing pink unicorns lately too?”

“Hey, don’t you dare vex me. Besides, what other explanation do you have, Miss High-and-Mighty Reporter?”

The question was a good one. She walked to the front of the store and stared open-mouthed, gawking at the window. “Did they… I mean, those guys, did they already leave?” she asked the girl at the checkout counter.

The raven-haired girl bobbed her head, smacking her gum as she issued a death glare in Dani’s direction. “Yup.”

“Do you know anything about them? Have you seen them before? Do they actually talk?” Lisa asked, her questions full of attitude.

“Seen them before, few times. Don’t bother anyone and I don’t ask any questions,” the girl said with clear disdain.

Dani jogged out of the store, looking up and down the street. They were nowhere in sight. It was at that moment, and she was certain she had full clarity of mind, that she decided to formulate a plan. She was going to track these men down if for no other reason than one. A hot. Sexy. Story. She was a reporter after all. This was her ticket, if not to stardom, then maybe to a real career. If there just happened to be some kinky, wild sex surrounding her research, then so be it. She was an adult after all.

“What a shame. I wonder where they went?” Lisa huffed.

She lifted her head, shielding her eyes from the sun. The gorgeous Elkhorn Mountains were the perfect backdrop to the cozy town, providing recreational activities for the entire family. The expansive mountain range, with its thousands of acres of forestland and hidden caves would make for a perfect hiding place.

For cavemen of course.

Dani glared at her computer screen then took another gulp of wine. She had exactly four words written on the muffin piece. Well, it wasn’t exactly just a muffin piece but on the tiny pastry shop that had just opened up, famous for their carrot cake goodies, but to her, this was nothing but trite crap. Still, she had a deadline looming and she really did like paying her bills.

Sitting back, she studied the cramped apartment, the very one she’d shared with Peter. At least he’d left without incident. Well, mostly. She had threatened him with some bodily injury if he didn’t vacate the premises. Sighing, she took another gulp of wine, determined to finish the story before she went to bed. Easing the wineglass onto the table, she placed her hands over the keyboard. “You can do this.” The pep talk only gave her indigestion.

She counted to five as she thought about the delicious muffins and how much customers would like them. Yes, they’d crave the intense, rich flavor as they dragged their tongues through the ooey-gooey icing. A smile crossed her face as she started to type furiously, her fingers flying. She laughed halfway through as she read over her sentences. The experience with the bearded men had certainly put her into an entirely different frame of mind.

Ten minutes later and she was finished. “Wow.” She wasn’t entirely certain her boss would appreciate the title, but what the hell? She was going to go for it. Craving Something Sinful and Sultry? Then Peanut’s Bakery is the Perfect Choice. Yeah, it would do. After reading over the piece and making a few changes, she attached the document to an email and hit send. Maybe she needed a jumpstart every day.

Four incredible cavemen.




A mischievous smile crossed her face, a series of wicked thoughts entering her mind, her nefarious ideas reaching new levels. She was going to find the sexy men.

No matter what she had to do.

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