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Captured for Their Use by Ivy Barrett – Sample

Chapter One

Celeste Mortenson paced the confines of her small cabin, cursing her impulsive decision to face off with Ram, leader of the Yashonty rebels. She’d been surrounded with massive Ventori Defenders at the negotiation, literally stood beside Chancellor Savator, meanest of all the alien warriors. She’d felt safe, and the foolish presumption had resulted in this. She looked at the dismal cell that surrounded her and groaned inwardly. Becoming a Yashonty captive was not what she had planned.

Her baby sister, Brianne, had disappeared nearly a month ago. All the clues pointed toward the rebels, so Lorna—their older sister—and Celeste switched into rescue mode. Desperate for specific information, Lorna insisted that Celeste slip a tiny transceiver under her skin and then Lorna allowed herself to be captured by the Yashonty.

Celeste had been adamantly opposed to the reckless strategy, but Lorna ignored her objections and set things in motion without Celeste’s knowledge. Lorna intended to transmit detailed intel that would allow Celeste to rescue her and Brianne. It hadn’t worked. Despite Lorna’s best efforts and her willingness to risk severe punishment or even death each time she sent a transmission, none of the facts proved where Brianne was or who had taken her.

Ram led the rebellion. If he wasn’t responsible for Brianne’s capture, he knew who was and could easily find out her current location. So Celeste had focused in on Ram.

Determined to learn from her sister’s mistakes, Celeste had frantically looked for a way to gain direct access to the ruthless Yashonty. She’d studied every scrap of information available on the mysterious rebel leader but came up empty time and again.

That’s when she’d contacted the Ventori Protectorate. The Ventori had rushed to Earth’s defense almost two years ago when a group of hostile aliens known as the Skarilians attacked without provocation. The Protectorate formed when their planet was decimated by the same alien horde. No one understood what the Skarilians wanted or why they destroyed with such impunity but the Ventori did what they could to assist those lacking the technology to defend themselves.

The meeting with Ram was arranged and they tried to anticipate all the curveballs Ram could throw at them. But the surprise hadn’t come from Ram, at least not directly. A traitorous Tavorian gatekeeper, Vikrin, had joined the rebellion and no one knew. He’d opened a portal for Ram, and the rebel leader simply picked her up and stepped from the Colorado foothills to his ship with her slung over his shoulder.

It had been humiliating and surreal. And the worst part was it had likely been for nothing. She hadn’t seen Ram, or anyone else, since her arrival thirteen days ago. After Ram set her on her feet, he simply walked away. She’d been escorted to this cabin at weapon’s point. One of the Yashonty soldiers told her to change out of her business suit into a sheer, sleeveless… nightgown was the closest human equivalent to the shapeless garment. She’d been alone in the room when she changed clothes, but the guard immediately opened the door and demanded her original garments, so she knew they’d been watching her on some sort of surveillance.

That was the last time she’d seen any of the rebels. Her food replication kiosk was activated remotely, and a clean dress/nightgown was placed just inside the door sometime during the night. A tiny bathroom with an even smaller shower adjoined the main living space, so all of her basic needs were met. All she lacked was freedom, mental stimulation, and the ability to help her sisters in any way.

“Having fun?”

Celeste gasped and whipped her head around, jarred out of her frustrated musings. Vikrin, the Tavorian gatekeeper responsible for her capture stood just inside the door. She tensed, glaring at him. He spoke heavily accented Ventori, one of eleven languages Celeste spoke thanks to the comm-bots implanted in her temporal lobe. She also spoke Tavorian, which was unusual for a human. As an envoy for the Department of Alien Affairs, communicating with the visiting species was essential to her job.

She hadn’t heard the door slide open. How had he gotten in here? “What do you want?” she snapped in Ventori. If it hadn’t been for this traitor, the Ventori would have been able to protect her while she spoke with Ram. There was no guarantee Ram would have released Brianne and Lorna, but he might have revealed something important or agreed to some sort of trade.

“You look better than I expected.” Vikrin’s gaze traveled up and down her scantily clad body, gleaming with unwelcome interest. “It’s been almost two of your weeks. Has Ram tired of you already?”

Ram hadn’t touched her. No one had. She certainly wasn’t complaining, but it surprised and confused her. Lorna had spoken with Celeste briefly right after she arrived. Though Lorna avoided details about her situation, it was obvious she’d been claimed. Lorna insisted she was unharmed and that Brianne was also safe. Celeste wanted to believe her, needed to think both her sisters were all right. Even if that were true now, all three were still captives of the Yashonty. There was no telling how long this reprieve would last. Vikrin was proof that her fears were justified.

She’d been dreaming about this revolting creep, woke up twice with her heart pounding. She couldn’t remember what he’d been doing in the nightmare, but it left her feeling weak and nauseous.

Like ice creeping over a lake, dread spread through Celeste. Was Vikrin here to make her nightmares real? He was Tavorian, and they were known to be xenophobic snobs. “Do you have a reason for being here or did you just come to gloat?” She refused to show fear, to reveal any emotion but hate to this disloyal bastard.

Vikrin moved closer. She held her ground, glaring into his strange fluorescent blue eyes. Most Tavorians had gray eyes or grayish blue, but there was no hint of gray in Vikrin’s piercing stare.

“Has anyone used you?” He sounded baffled, even disappointed. “The change should be well underway by now.”

“What change? What the hell are you talking about?”

He shook his head, ignoring her questions as he looked her up and down. “This makes no sense. They should be mounting you like a bitch in heat.”

“Go to hell,” she sneered, but her hands were shaking.

He chuckled, but horror echoed in his gaze, horror every human understood thanks to the Skarilians. “I’ve already been and have no intention of ever going back. Now answer the question.”


“No, you won’t answer, or no, they haven’t enjoyed that firm young body?” His gaze fell to her breasts and lingered. “There is certainly nothing wrong with the presentation, must be the personality.”

She said nothing more. If Vikrin intended to rape her, he’d have one hell of a fight on his hands. Unlike the warrior races, the Tavorians depended on magic more than physical brawn. She tensed, self-doubt making her legs weak. Who was she trying to fool? Celeste had survived FBI training, barely. But unlike her sister Lorna, Celeste had never been a field agent. In fact, she’d never even been in a fight. She was an envoy, a diplomate. Her battles were fought with words, not weapons.

Well, she’d better start talking her way out of this, or she’d regret it for the rest of her life.

Vikrin fell silent as he circled her slowly. He muttered under his breath, apparently lost in thought. When he finally faced her again, his eyes were gleaming slits. “Why take you if he has no interest in fucking you? And why is he not interested? You should be irresistible to them by now.”

What was that supposed to mean? “Must have realized I’m loaded with STDs.”

He rolled his eyes. “Has Ram even tried to fuck you?”

She just glared.

“No matter. If Ram doesn’t want you, one of his officers will. Everyone knows there’s a new female onboard. It’s only a matter of time before one of them demands access to you.”

She agreed, which was why she’d barely slept for the past two weeks and jumped out of her skin each time she heard footsteps in the corridor. “Thank you, Captain Obvious,” she muttered.

“Captain Ob…” Understanding dawned, and his expression hardened. “I’ve been debating if the third injection is necessary.”

Injection? Her stomach clenched, and her heartbeat faltered. Had her nightmares been more than disturbing dreams? Had this fucker been sneaking in and injecting her with who the hell knew what? She was so horrified by the thought that she almost lost track of his tirade.

“This step stimulates attraction, makes it so intense it can be dangerous. If they aren’t fucking you bloody by now, you clearly need it. But I had been dreading what they might do to you. Your attitude makes this easier.” With no other warning, he lunged for her.

Instinct took over, and she swung her elbow toward his face as she brought her knee up into his groin. Both blows encountered empty air. The gatekeeper was suddenly behind her, arm wrapped tightly around her neck. She screamed and thrashed, reaching back and arching wildly as she stomped on his instep. It did no good. He jerked her head to one side and injected her with something that stung like hellfire. She screamed again.

“What the fuck is that!” His hold on her neck suddenly released. Stunned and terrified, she rubbed the area just below her ear as she spun around.

Gone. He just wasn’t there. If the side of her neck didn’t burn like fire, she’d wonder if she’d imagined the entire incident. Twice now, Vikrin hadn’t opened a portal. He’d simply… flashed from one place to another. She’d never seen a Tavorian do that, wasn’t aware that any of them could.

She sank onto the edge of her bunk, dazed and extremely concerned about what he’d injected into her body. If Vikrin wanted her dead, why wait three days to kill her? Because Ram hadn’t wanted her? No, the gatekeeper gained nothing by Ram ‘using’ her. The sting was starting to fade, but her heart still thudded madly.

Now that her panic was starting to recede, she was able to think more clearly. She believed in critical thinking. If she analyzed this objectively focusing only on facts, she could figure out what the hell just happened. Tavorians were separatists and pacifists. It went against everything they believed for Vikrin to join the rebellion. So why had he switched sides? Maybe if she could unravel his motivation for throwing in with Ram, she’d be able to figure out what Vikrin had done to her.

The door parted, the two halves disappearing into the wall. Celeste shot to her feet and prepared to defend herself, but it wasn’t Vikrin. Actually, it wasn’t just Vikrin. Ram, obviously angry, dragged Vikrin in by the front of his shirt and threw him halfway across the cabin.

“Is this what I think it is?” Ram held up an injector identical to the one Vikrin had used on her. Was it the same one? Ram spoke in clipped Ventori. It must be the only language both Vikrin and Ram knew.

“It will not kill her,” the gatekeeper insisted. “The compound has been tested extens—”

“Which compound?” Ram snapped. “What the fuck did you do to her!”

If the rebels had been spying on her, why hadn’t they seen Vikrin sneak in here before? He’d said this was the third injection. Celeste crossed her arms over her breasts and waited for the gatekeeper to answer. He was a head shorter than Ram but equally arrogant.

Vikrin’s pale gray lips curved into a sly smile as he said, “I’ve granted your fondest wish, General. Just say thank you.”

“I’m not in the mood for your word games. Explain.” Ram’s voice dropped in both tone and volume, becoming an ominous growl. Of all the species she’d encountered since the Skarilians attacked, the Yashonty were the least human-looking. Ram was about the size of a Ventori, well over six feet tall, but he was more leanly muscled. His skin was ink-black with a fascinating blue cast that was accented by light. His features were sharply angled, cheekbones high and hollow, and the unusual tilt to his eyes made them appear even more exotic than their lavender color. A bony ridge encircled the back of his head from temple to temple. Ash-gray geometric markings ran up both sides of his neck and covered the hairless top of his blue-black head. What hair he had was white and only grew below the bony ridge. She didn’t consider him ugly, just strange and menacing.

“We can give you access to the Skarilian base,” Vikrin told Ram. The raw power emanating from Ram made Vikrin appear even smaller. His waist-length hair blended multiple shades of gray and blue into a color uniquely his. His features were balanced, and the paleness of his skin made his bright blue eyes even more piercing. “But as things stand, you still need the Ventori for compatible females.”

Celeste tensed. If this had something to do with genetic compatibility, it couldn’t be good news for her. The Ventori controlled the process enabling human females to produce offspring with aliens. The technology had only been tested with the Ventori, but rumors indicated that the process could be altered to accommodate a wide variety of species.

“Did that answer my question?” Ram’s pale purple gaze drifted toward her, then back to the Tavorian.

“I’ve made her a life-bringer,” Vikrin stated emphatically.

“You lie!” Ram looked at her again, his eyes lingering this time. “The Yashonty code is not yet ready. Noj told me he’s weeks, perhaps months away from human trials.”

Vikrin was using her as a guinea pig? Celeste staggered back a step, horrified at the possibility. If what he said was true, he’d injected her with a protein, enzyme, or virus that would trigger targeted mutations in her genome. She only knew enough about genetic editing to be utterly terrified.

“Prime Medic Noj might be struggling, but Pryar is not. According to Pryar, the resequencing is complete. Now all you need to do is fuck her repeatedly to find out if the revision was successful.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Celeste blurted. As usual, Vikrin was full of shit. She was not going to become Ram’s fuck-toy because of this bastard’s lies! “The Ventori couldn’t accomplish what you’re claiming, and they’ve been working on this for months.”

Vikrin glanced at her but continued to speak with Ram. “Pryar knows more about the process than any human. The Ventori are warriors. Their weapons might be more advanced than ours, but our understanding of genetics is unprecedented. Why do you think I was so insistent that you capture these three females? If you had taken me seriously to begin with, none of this would have been necessary.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Celeste snapped, moving closer to the Tavorian traitor.

Vikrin finally addressed her directly, his expression tense and impatient. “As you know, your blood type makes you more compatible with alien males. Further testing revealed that you and your sisters already possess a rare genetic mutation that will make this process particularly effective. If it works as well as Pryar’s team believes, they will replicate your anomaly and incorporate it into the transformation process, thereby increasing the success rate and making the option available on a much larger scale.”

“You will reverse this,” Ram ordered. “Whatever changes Pryar made must and will be undone. I never agreed to human testing, and I never would have forced this on anyone!”

Vikrin shook his head. “It’s much too late for that. The mutation is nearly complete.”

This couldn’t be happening. Celeste’s heart thudded in her chest, mouth so dry she could barely swallow. “Who the hell is Pryar, and how did he get my DNA?” She’d had Lorna’s, Brianne’s, and her blood tested when she heard about the Rh-negative connection, but she knew nothing about a genetic anomaly.

“Ram has as many spies among the Ventori as Savator has among the rebels. Maybe more,” Vikrin said with a smirk. “The Ventori are notified of all Rh-negative findings.”

Human females were unaware of this, of course. Most had their blood tested because they were afraid of being targeted—which was exactly what the testing did. Just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, she’d learn something like this. Celeste raised her hand to her mouth and blinked back angry tears. If she’d inadvertently brought her sisters to the attention of the Yashonty, she would never forgive herself.

“The Ventori scientists flagged your and your sisters’ blood for further study,” Vikrin continued, “so Ram’s agent passed on a portion of your samples to us.”

“Is this why Brianne was targeted?” She dreaded the answer, but she had to know. Had she done this to Lorna and Bri? She’d been trying to protect them.

“Yes and no.” Rather than explain, Vikrin looked at Ram. Was he unsure how much the general wanted her to know?

After a tense pause, Ram began, “My crew is too well-trained for their own good.”

Celeste was about to demand an explanation for the cryptic statement when Vikrin said, “The general refused to take my urgings seriously, so I told a hunter team to capture Brianne and made them think the general had authorized the mission.”

“When they completed the mission,” Ram took up the tale, sounding none too pleased with the gatekeeper, “the hunters turned over Brianne and the others to their supervisor. He knew nothing about the unauthorized mission, so he processed the females as usual. By efficiently doing his job, he created a web of complications I’m still untangling.”

It took two of them ten minutes to say absolutely nothing. God, these jerks were frustrating, “Is Brianne on this ship or not? Lorna told me Bri was safe. She said they were both safe. Was all of that bullshit? Just tell me what’s going on.”

Ram’s eyes narrowed, and his features hardened into a mask of displeasure. “You’ve spoken to Lorna since you’ve been on this ship?”

She closed her eyes as dread shoved through her anger. She always blurted out every thought she had when she was pissed, but Lorna would likely pay for this blunder. Warm fingers curved around her chin and slowly tilted her head back. She could feel the heat of Ram’s body, sense his leashed power. Reluctantly, she opened her eyes.

“Answer me.”

Did Ram know about the messages Lorna sent? Was it best to tell him about that or admit someone onboard had arranged for a quick holo-com when Celeste first arrived?

“I don’t repeat orders.” His tone was even grimmer than his expression. “Failure to reply honestly will result in punishment.”

Shit! The chances that Lorna’s transmissions had gone unnoticed were slim to none, so she opted for what he likely knew already. “Lorna allowed herself to be captured so she could send me messages. We were hoping her investigation would lead us to Brianne. Her last message indicated that it had.”

“Lorna did not know Brianne’s fate the last time she sent you a message.” He shook his head. “I don’t make idle threats, but I will deal with this in a moment.” He lowered his hand and turned back to Vikrin, still looking angry. “What were you hoping to accomplish by forcing this change on Celeste? There are strict rules regarding the treatment of life-bringers. You know this.”

“We don’t know if she’s a life-bringer or not. I’m confident the answer will be yes, but she must be bred to find out.” Vikrin paused and squared his shoulders. “We don’t need the Ventori. They will only complicate what you’re trying to accomplish. As Celeste will prove, I can provide life-bringers for all your warriors.”

“Leave us,” Ram said.

The Tavorian didn’t hesitate.

Hoping to distract Ram from his conquest, Celeste said, “Vikrin told me that was the third injection. Why didn’t anyone react when he gave me the other two?”

“I will inquire.”

Well, that bought her about three seconds. Not even enough time to organize her thoughts. Celeste knew this moment would come, had been dreading it since Ram brought her onto his ship. He moved even closer. She forced herself not to back away. Showing fear would only make him more ruthless. The Yashonty respected strength and bravery. Pity was an alien concept.

“If what Vikrin said is true, you will have your choice of protectors.”

That left a massive ‘if’ between her and safety. Rather than dwell on the fact, she went in a different direction. “And if I prefer not to have a protector?”

“That’s not an option on this ship. I must maintain order.” His voice took on a husky purring quality as he asked, “Are you a virgin also?”

Also? Did he know about Brianne? It sounded like he did. Is that what he meant about the hunters not asking questions? “Why do you ask?”

His arm shot out and he grasped the back of her hair, tilting her head back far less gently this time. “Answer now, or I’ll find out for myself.”

Okay, now was not the time to worry about Brianne. “No. I’m not a virgin.”

“Good.” He released her hair but remained close, towering over her. “Until we can determine whether or not you can bring forth Yashonty life, you are a comfort-giver. It is my right as commander to claim any comfort-giver I want. You will offer me comfort.”

“I’m not offering you anything.” It was impulse, an instinctual reaction to his bullying behavior. It was also pointless and unwise. Her refusals meant nothing to Ram. Alien females were a commodity to the Yashonty.

As if to prove her point, he rattled off the rules she’d foolishly hoped to avoid. “Every alien female must be claimed. Your male will provide for all your needs. That means food, shelter, and protection. Without a protector, you will be used by any male who needs comfort. If you refuse me as your protector, you will be offered to the next officer on the rotation. If I’m not mistaken, that’s Fiknar. He has three cabin mates. Would you rather submit to me, or four of my officers?”

She looked at Ram as she frantically weighed her options. She’d known she would have to submit to survive the moment Ram threw her over his shoulder. Human reality had changed forever with the first Skarilian bomb. If she had to have sex with someone, why not put herself in the best position to help her sisters? Because you’re not a whore! a lifetime of social expectations screamed, yet a strange, tingling heat cascaded through her body and pooled low in her belly. Something about Ram intrigued her. But he wasn’t even human! “I can’t. I won’t.” She tried to sound assertive, but her voice broke, and her hands were trembling.

“Fiknar and his cabin mates, or me.” He leaned down, bringing his face within inches of hers. “That’s the only choice you’ll get, human.”

She dragged in a nervous breath, and his exotic scent filled her nose. He was savage and ruthless. He would expect her to obey without question and submit completely to his will. The concept was contrary to her personality, to everything she’d fought for all her life. She was self-sufficient and independent, proud of the fact that no one controlled her. So why the hell were her nipples hard and her pussy aching? She pressed her thighs together with an inward groan.

“I have no interest in terrified females, Celeste. Decide now, or I walk away.”

One dominant alien or four? Either way, she was fucked. Choosing the lesser of two evils, and her best chance at helping her sisters, she took a deep breath and raised her gaze to Ram’s. “I choose you.”

He accepted her choice with a nod and sat down on the bunk. “Remove your dress and bend over my lap. Before we move forward with our agreement, you must be punished for lying to me.”

Celeste felt as if she were trapped in a nightmare. Hearing about these situations and experiencing one were very different things. Even staring into Ram’s pale purple eyes, she couldn’t quite convince herself that she was really a Yashonty prisoner about to be disciplined and then used in whatever way pleased him most. “What I told you about Lorna was true. She is on this ship hoping to gather information about Brianne.” Celeste was stalling, and they both knew it. There was no way Ram would be talked out of soundly spanking her. Why didn’t she just get it over with?

“That’s not how you learned that we’d found Brianne. You will be spanked. Nothing will change that, but denying that you lied will add to the severity of your discipline.”

She didn’t care about the spanking. Ram could ‘discipline’ her all he liked if he ensured her sisters’ safety first. “Brianne is on this ship, under your protection?”

“Asking me questions is a privilege you’ve yet to earn. You were given an order. Why am I still waiting for you to obey?”

She took half a step forward, then a full step back. “If I let you spank me, will you tell me exactly where Brianne is and when I can see her? I want to see Lorna too. I’m not convinced she’s as unharmed as she pretended.”

Apparently out of patience, he rocked forward, grabbed her by the wrist, and dragged her to him, all without standing up. She stood between his spread thighs, which put her eyes on a level with his. He placed his hands on her shoulders and locked their gazes. Damn, he was tall. She’d never seen a man… no, not a man. Ram was a Yashonty male. She couldn’t forget for even a moment that he was not human. He did not think like a human, had been raised with an entirely different concept of right and wrong. The aliens didn’t behave like humans because they weren’t.

“Are you willing to obey me, or not?” He didn’t sound as impatient as his actions made him seem, and she couldn’t begin to untangle the emotions in his expressive eyes. “I must have obedience from my crew. What kind of example does it set if I allow defiance in my comfort-giver?”

She licked her lips, feeling small and vulnerable framed by his powerful legs and muscular arms. It took a lot to intimidate her, but Ram was daunting. “Adult humans don’t spank each other.” It was a feeble excuse, but she couldn’t think of anything better.

“Some do.” His silky white brows arched in challenge. “But even if they didn’t, the argument is irrelevant. I’m not human, and you are on my ship. That means you must adapt to Yashonty expectations, not the other way around. If you move into the appropriate position right now, I will take your culture into consideration as I spank you. If I must assist you, I will consider that too.”

She turned to the side, willing herself to bend over, but her body refused to move. She was a grown-ass woman. This was ridiculous! Even as a child, she had never been spanked.

With a heavy sigh, he grasped the back of her neck and urged her down over his leg. He rocked her so far forward that her feet nearly left the deck. Then he flipped up her dress, baring her upturned ass. Humiliated and angry, Celeste automatically covered her butt with her hands. The position and her nudity, not to mention her complete helplessness, all added to her humiliation. Couldn’t she have a time out, or be grounded, or something? The ridiculous thought helped push back her building hysteria.

His hand left the back of her neck, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Had he changed his mind, decided to take pity on her after all? His next move proved her earlier conclusion that pity was alien to the Yashonty. Ram crossed her wrists at the small of her back and secured them there with one large hand. His other hand slapped her behind, first one cheek then the other.

Her eyes widened, but she bit back a yelp. This wasn’t just kinky foreplay. It hurt!

Again and again, his hand connected with her butt. The sting made her gasp and grit her teeth, but the heat was harder to ignore. It sank deeper with each spank, stimulating sensations that were both unexpected and unwelcome. Her pussy clenched and her clit tingled. What the hell was wrong with her? This could not be turning her on. She wouldn’t allow it!

“Stop it,” she yelled, struggling against his unyielding hold.

As she hoped, he spanked her even harder, driving back the unwanted desire. For a moment or two. Then her body came alive in a way she’d never experienced before. Radiating heat echoed each swat, and the ripples of warmth brushed across every erogenous zone in her body. Her ass still hurt, throbbing persistently, but pleasure threaded through the discomfort. She groaned and clenched her fists, driving her nails into her palms. To her horror, the additional sting only drove her closer to orgasm.

“You do not have permission to come,” he snapped.

She froze, mortified that he knew she was that close to losing control. “Stop. I don’t want… Don’t make me come like that. Please.”

He paused, his hand resting lightly on her burning ass cheek. “I smell fear as well as arousal. Why? You were not afraid before.”

“I’m sorry I lied to you. I will try very hard not to do it again.”

He chuckled, moving his hand to the small of her back. “Your wording infers that you expect to fail.”

“You want me to be honest.”

He pulled her up and rocked her back, placing her on her knees. “Celeste, there is no shame in finding pleasure through pain.” When she said nothing and continued to stare straight ahead, he tilted her head back and turned her face toward his. “Why do you find the thought so upsetting?”

“I don’t want any of this,” she whispered, but her pussy ached so bad it was all she could do not to beg for his cock.

“Your scent says otherwise.” He took one of her hands and guided it between her legs. She struggled when she realized what he intended, but it did no good. Soon her fingers, strongly assisted by his, explored her slick pussy and swollen clit. “Say it, naughty human. Admit that the spanking nearly made you come.”

She shook her head, squeezing her eyes shut. His hand released hers, and she breathed a sigh of relief, thinking he’d lost interest in the game. Instead, he pulled her up and pushed her back over his leg. But he didn’t spank her bottom. He shoved her legs farther apart and swatted her needy pussy.

She cried out, shocked at the pain—and horrified at the other sensations that pulsed through her abdomen.

“Say it!” He swatted her pussy again, catching her clit this time.

She screamed and twisted her hips. “You’re right! It turned me on. I almost came.” She pushed off his leg and tried to crawl away. He grabbed her arm, preventing her escape, but made no other move.

For a long silent moment he studied her, then suddenly ripped her filmy dress down the center, baring her body completely. “Stand and face me.”

Her legs felt like Jell-O, but she managed to get them beneath her. She tried to convince herself that her nudity didn’t matter. The dress hadn’t really hidden that much anyway. It just helped her feel less vulnerable.

“I said face me,” he reminded.

Reluctantly, she made herself turn. If he was going to fuck her, she’d rather not look at him while he did. It would be easier to distance herself from the act if she wasn’t staring him in the face.

He studied her objectively as if she were an inanimate object. She was an object to him, a possession to be used and discarded. That thought jolted through her, jerking her back to alertness. She had to please him, had to make him want to keep her. Ram could order the release of her sisters. She would never be in a better position to help them. She needed to obey.

He cupped one breast and then the other, not seeming to be overly impressed. She wasn’t surprised. Her ass and legs had always gotten more attention than her boobs. His gaze locked with hers as he slipped his hand between her thighs. She started to close her eyes, but he growled out, “Don’t.” He waited until she opened them again before he continued. He watched her closely as he stroked her slit and rubbed her clit. She gasped and moaned, hoping he’d let her come before he—No such luck. He moved on right before the tingling pressure released.

With his gaze still locked with hers, he pushed two of his fingers up inside her, his two longest from the feel of them. She tensed, inside and out. The invasion was unwelcome. Sort of. It was more like she didn’t want to want it, but she did. She wanted him to finger-fuck her so fast and hard that she came screaming while he grinned at her loss of control. She wanted him to command her, to—She refused to utter his favorite word, even in her mind. She did not want to be ‘used’ by him or anyone.

“You’re still really tight,” he muttered as he slid slowly in and out. “When’s the last time a male used this soft pink hole?”

Such a delightful way of describing her lady parts. Like cunt or pussy was any better?

“Answer me,” he snapped.

How long? She quickly thought back and was shocked at the answer. “Over a year.” She’d had plenty of opportunities for casual hookups, but there was no one special in her life. She wanted something deep and meaningful.

He didn’t react openly to the information. Without removing his fingers from her pussy, he worked some of the moisture farther back and eased his smallest finger just inside her other hole.

She tensed but forced herself not to close her eyes or resist him. He wasn’t hurting her. It just felt incredibly intrusive and obscene.

“And here?” He pushed in a bit deeper. “Has any male fucked you here?”

She shook her head. “Never appealed to me.”

He smiled, his gaze boring into hers. “It appeals to me greatly.” He pulled back then pushed all three fingers inward, driving steadily until she had taken their entire length. “And I like this even better.” He carefully fucked both holes at the same time. “But that requires two cocks, and I’ve only got one.”

She whimpered as heat swirled through her abdomen. Her clit twitched, and tingles dropped down her spine. “I don’t want to be shared.”

“You say you don’t want any of this, but your juices are all over my hand.”

“I can’t help what my body does. I don’t want this.” Yet orgasm’s familiar tension was rapidly gathering in her pussy and making her back passage clench around his sliding finger.

He fucked her faster, harder, lubricated by the arousal she denied so adamantly. “Come for me, little liar. Come hard on my fingers.”

She tried to fight it, wanted desperately to prove him wrong. But her body had its own ideas. She cried out in defeat and arched her back as pleasure burst inside her. Her pussy rippled and her ass clenched tight, trapping his fingers inside her. She grasped his shoulders as her body shook and her head swam with the intense sensations.

The tingling spasms were just beginning to fade when shame crashed down upon her. She covered her face with her hands and frantically blinked back tears. She would not humiliate herself further by bawling in front of her tormentor. Tormentor? He’d just given her the most powerful orgasm of her life, even if she didn’t want to think about how he’d done it. Most females dreamed about that sort of torment.

He slid his fingers out, and she tried to move back. He caught her wrist again. God, she hoped that wasn’t the hand he’d just been using to finger her ass!

As if he’d heard her thought, he shoved her torn dress into her other hand. “Wet that with soap and water then come wash my hand.”

Happy to oblige, she rushed into the tiny utility room and wet a portion of the dress with water then held another area beneath the soap dispenser. She avoided looking in the mirror, wasn’t ready to face what she’d become.

He sat exactly as he’d been when she left the room, on the edge of the bunk, legs spread. He held out his hand and watched her face as she cleaned all his fingers, even the one that hadn’t been inside her. “You’ve had your pleasure, but I’m still hard. That’s unacceptable.”

She’d expected this and easily guessed from his position what he wanted her to do. She tossed the dress aside and looked at the bulge in the front of his uniform pants. She generally liked giving head, but this felt different. Ram wanted to prove his dominance over her, wanted her to willingly kneel before him and give him comfort. That was much more humiliating than lying there passively while he took what he wanted from her.

“What’s the matter now?” He sounded impatient again, even frustrated. “Do you deny being satisfied by my touch?”

“No. Just give me a minute.” She held up her hand and turned her face away. “I’m adjusting to your expectations. This role is not natural for me.”

His warm chuckle made her look at him again. “We’ll explore that claim later. I ache, sweet slave. Give me your mouth.”

Slave. There it was the word she’d been avoiding since her kidnapping. She was a slave of the Yashonty, had been for the past thirteen days. The reality of what that meant hadn’t really set in until Ram spanked her. She was Ram’s pleasure slave. Nothing could change that fact. All she could do was decide how best to use what extremely limited power she had as long as Ram was pleased by her.

Focused entirely on that concept, she moved between his legs and knelt. “I’m sorry I seem indecisive. I’m not. I want to comfort you. This is just very strange for a female from my culture.”

He raised his hand to her face and traced her lips with his thumb. The tenderness was unexpected and soothing. “I understand that, and I’m trying to be patient. I’ll likely be more agreeable once you’ve emptied my balls.” He punctuated the statement with an uncharacteristic smile. They weren’t just words. He really was trying.

The simple change in his expression transformed his face. The harsh angles relaxed, and his eyes sparkled rather than gleaming with menace. He wasn’t handsome by human standards. He was much too exotic, too alien. But she found him captivating, and suddenly dreaded what she was about to do much less than she had before.

He unfastened his pants and drew out his cock, clearly expecting her to do the rest. She quickly wet her lips then took a deep breath and wrapped her fingers around the thick base of his cock. The shaft was bluer than the rest of his skin, but the flared tip was jet black. A drop of clear liquid beaded on the head. This shouldn’t take long.

Ashamed of the selfish thought, she bent and licked the drop off. His flavor was subtle but sweeter than a human’s. Curious now, she licked her way down the length and then back up to the tip.

“Gods above, female. Take it in your mouth and suck. I’m already aroused.”

She understood the urgency, had been feeling it a few minutes ago. She took his cock head in her mouth and sucked firmly, then slid her lips lower and sucked again.

He groaned and pressed his hands to each side of her head. “I’ll let you play next time. I need relief.”

It was the only warning she got before he took control. His hold increased as he tilted her head back, opening her throat. He rocked forward and back, fucking her face as he would doubtlessly fuck every hole she possessed. Rather than repulsion, she felt arousal reawakening, warming her core and tightening her nipples. Her body belonged to him now. He would use her as he saw fit. That fact had remained constant. Only her reaction had changed.

But why? Why was something she’d found piteous much of her life suddenly a powerful erotic trigger? She was a strong independent woman. Submission should be anathema for her. Tears gathered behind her lashes. She stubbornly blinked them back. It would take more than this to break her, a whole hell of a lot more.

As if to mock her determination, he pushed into her throat. She gagged, panicking at the helplessness and her momentary loss of air.

“Relax,” he cautioned without slowing down. “I won’t hurt you, or leave you without breath for long, but you will take all of me.”

True to his word, he kept his thrusts fast and deep. She quickly figured out how to suppress her gag reflex and timed her breathing to his outstroke. On impulse, she looked up and into his eyes. He looked rapturous, utterly lost in the pleasure he was receiving from her surrender.

He kept right on fucking her face, but she relaxed even more, taking him deeper, offering more. Soon her nose pressed against his flat belly and his cock slid well into her throat. A strange sort of power surged through her, feeding the smoldering fires of her desire. She was utterly passive, so why did this feel so damn good?

His taste grew stronger, and she started sucking hard each time he pulled back. She wanted more of that exotic flavor, wanted it flooding her mouth.

He groaned, shuddering, then drew all the way out. She tried to recapture him with her lips, but he held her back with one hand while he frantically pumped his cock with the other. His pale blue seed jetted out, painting her breasts and upper chest with tingling warmth. While cum still leaked from his pulsing length, he pushed back into her mouth. If he’d wanted her to taste him, why had he pulled out?

She sucked and swirled her tongue around his velvety tip. His flavor was much stronger now. He tasted like nothing she’d ever had before, definitely sweet, yet spicy with a hint of… something else. While she attempted to analyze the components, heat rolled from her mouth to her pussy. Her eyes widened, and she murmured in confusion as spontaneous pleasure erupted in her core. Her clit twitched, and her inner muscles rippled, even her back passage seemed to pulse. What the hell?

Ram chuckled as he pulled out of her mouth. “I take it from your expression, the rumors are true. Our cum makes humans orgasm?”

She nodded, still too dazed to form coherent words.

Shocking her further, he leaned forward and kissed her mouth. His lips sealed over hers, his tongue exploring. The contact was more curious than tender, but she welcomed the intimacy. “You did well,” he said softly, his lips lingering over hers. Then he raised his head and said, “You’re not going to like what happens next, but it is necessary.”

Her pleasant haze evaporated, and she tensed. “What happens next?”

“I make damn sure my crew knows I’ve claimed you.”

“And how do you do that?”

He said nothing as he righted his clothing, then motioned toward the door.

“I need a robe or something if we’re leaving,” she objected. Not only was she naked, but his cum was still visible on her breasts. She couldn’t see her ass, but judging from the tenderness, it was still pink. She closed her eyes, willing the deck to swallow her whole. He intended to parade her through the ship naked, ass red, breasts covered in cum. “Please, Ram. I’ll do—”

He fisted the back of her hair and glared. “You will call me Master. Like everything else, using my name is a privilege you’ve yet to earn.”

“How do I earn the privilege of some sort of covering, Master?” She nearly choked on the title, and her long-suppressed tears escaped. She wasn’t ashamed of her body, but it was all too much. Fear and tension had built up over the past three weeks. Brianne disappeared, and then Lorna, leaving Celeste to rescue both. She’d run herself ragged only to end up a prisoner herself. Her body was betraying her every time Ram touched her, and now he wanted to publically humiliate her. Every person had their limits, and she’d just reached hers. “Please. I can’t do that.” She motioned toward the door.

He started to say something, then sighed and hardened his expression. “I’m not amusing myself. This is for your protection.” He rattled off a serious of numbers. The door slid open, and he shoved her into the corridor.

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