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Captured: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Sample


Once upon a time a fair maiden who was considered a piano virtuoso believed in fairytales, the kind with big, brave, and dominating knights capable of riding their strong steeds toward the damsels in desperate need of their protection. Of course, there was one girl in particular I was most interested in, the one living in a gilded cage with a brutal father in control of every aspect of her life.

That girl was like Rapunzel, captured in a beautiful castle high on a hill, waiting for her prince with a hopeful heart. She longed for him to steal her away from the prison she’d been locked in since childhood, taking her to a dream resort where the sun always seemed to shine, the sand was soft between her toes, and the turquoise water was soothing to her broken body.

She knew if she found the man of her dreams, they would fall madly in love and live happily ever after.

But as with all hopes and dreams, the sinful thoughts of being wrapped in heated moments of passion were replaced with darker ones.

Ones depicting acts of kink so sadistic that without her strong will, she would be broken.

When she believed herself to be waking from a horrible dream and nothing more, she quickly learned there was no such thing as a sweet, honorable knight or a land where no harm would come to her.

There was only the reality of a life she’d been born into.

She quickly learned there were worse prisons than the gilded cage she’d been placed in. After that, the fair maiden lost her innocence.

And in turn her mind as well.

To the darkness.

His darkness…

Chapter One


“Shush, little sparrow. Be a very good girl for your master.”

I could almost swear I heard the seductive words, yet I was only imagining them. But it sounded like something he’d say. Him, the man who’d captured more than just my body in his web, the monster who’d also taken what was left of my innocence.




The three were inexplicably woven together like the fine mesh of a spider web. But the creature inside the spun silk was even more deadly.

That was him, the man stalking me.

The predator determined to claim me.

The monster I was certain would imprison me.

The dark sky was illuminated by the flash of neon blue lightning splitting the sky into two separate pieces. One forged in the fire of earth’s creation. The other captivating the imagination of terror and evil. Maybe I was being a little dramatic as I stood in front of the window, staring out at the malevolent storm that had taken hold almost two hours before.

The windows rattled from the powerful thunder, the rumbling something I felt in my feet and calves. I used to love thunderstorms, the wonderment of Mother Nature spectacular. Not any longer. That’s when he came, waiting to claim his prize.

As another flash of lightning crisscrossed the sky, the luminous light was enough to allow me to see an object at the edge of the forest surrounding my father’s house. Neither the darkness of night nor the dense forest could hide what I’d seen on three different occasions.

A man.

He was watching me, staring up at my window, never moving. I pressed my palm against the cool glass, trying to control my rattled breathing. As the next rumble of thunder boomed, a jolt of current hit something in the distance, and the moment of sizzling fireworks presented an eerie blue glow splashing across the sky. For a brief second, I was certain I’d captured a quick look at his face.

Then it was gone.

So was the man.

But I knew he remained just inside the row of trees surrounding the perimeter of my father’s estate. The man was forever watching. I shrank back, almost stumbling on my own feet as I fought to turn off the light next to my bed. The moment I touched the switch, I was pitched into total darkness. I was a stupid, stupid girl, waiting for him at the window as if he was an admirer instead of what my instinct told me he was.

A stalker. A dangerous man who wouldn’t remain content with just watching for long. My gut told me that. And what was wrong with me that I was taunting him wearing only my boy shorts and a tight tank top, my fully aroused nipples exposed? It didn’t matter that the barely there clothes were something I always slept in. I was taunting him on purpose.

Because you hunger for his touch.

I moved against the wall, still only a few inches away from the window. My heart was thudding in my chest, my palms sweaty. There were even beads of perspiration over my upper lip. They hadn’t appeared out of fear but excitement, the longing for something dark and filthy skittering into my mind as it had done the second time I’d noticed him.

I closed my eyes, imaging what my stalker looked like. Tall with broad shoulders and piercing eyes the color of the bluest sky. Muscular with vibrant ink crawling up both arms, intertwining around the thick cords of his neck. Large hands. A chiseled jaw and a cock the size of a stallion’s.

Exhaling, I slipped my hand under my nightshirt, pinching my nipple. The pain was a reminder that my thoughts were ridiculous but delicious. Seconds later, I eased my hand away, telling myself that I should be terrified of whoever was watching me. It wasn’t normal. Or maybe it wasn’t real. I wasn’t entirely certain at this point.

Yet I remained intrigued by who he was and what his intentions were. Maybe my imagination was getting the better of me. I moved in front of the window again, straining to see if he was still there. I had to wait several minutes before another lightning bolt illuminated the area. There was no sign of him.

The man watching me.

Hungering for me.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking you.”

I jumped, gasping for air. Had I really heard his voice?

“I can’t wait to drive my cock deep into your sweet pussy.”

As petrified as I should be, a strange tingling sensation flowed through me, a longing for his touch. Oh, God. I was losing my mind.


No. This couldn’t be happening to me. I’d already been through so much, finally able to see my future. It was right there, ready for me to grasp the brass ring. Now this.

Shuddering, I could almost feel his hands on me, ripping apart my nightclothes until I was completely naked in front of him. I could swear I felt his heated breath dancing across every inch of my skin as he fisted my throat, dragging me closer, crushing his mouth over mine. I closed my eyes, fighting the electric sensations as my pussy clenched and released.

I was thrown by the mesmerizing storm and the darkness, trying to keep from whimpering from the fear I felt, the crowding sense of suffocation becoming overwhelming. I rubbed my arms, fighting the horrific sense that someone was coming to get me. After a few seconds of hearing nothing, I eased onto the bed, fighting my ragged breathing as the thunder continued to rumble.

Finally, I was able to free some tension, even closing my eyes. I hadn’t slept in at least two nights, the exhaustion starting to get to me. I rolled over, yanking the covers over my head and as the sweet release of darkness began to take over, a warm feeling replaced the icy chill. And suddenly, I was floating, no longer able to stay out of dreamland. The warmth and comfort of my heavy blanket was exactly what I needed. Yawning, I felt myself drifting away into Never-Neverland.


The voice was dark, full of seductive promise.

He was here. I was certain of it.

Him. My stalker. The man always watching me.

Maybe if I didn’t move, he would go away. A girl could hope.

There were no footsteps, no sound whatsoever. And of course, I couldn’t help myself, after a tense full minute rolling over and peering into the darkness. “Hello? Is anyone there?” Oh, great. A horror movie in the making. I glanced at the door, petrified to see it was standing wide open. I had one chance of getting away from the bastard. I threw back the covers, jumping out of bed and taking off running toward the hallway. All I had to do was find my father or my bodyguards constantly interfering with my life.

An arm wrapped around my feet, whisking me off the floor, and a hand slapped down on my mouth and nose. I fought with everything I had. With his other hand, the intruder skimmed the outside of my breast while he lowered his head, taking a deep whiff. His heated palm shifted along my arm, causing tingling sensations. The moment he wrapped his long fingers around my throat, I pummeled my fists against him, the screams I issued muffled.

The horrible man was too strong, pulling me back into the darkness. He didn’t bother closing the door, as if daring anyone to see us. I managed to jam my elbow into his stomach not once but twice, which loosened his hold. After that, I kicked him with everything I had, knowing in my heart my heel had connected with his groin. Yet he didn’t issue a painful sound or even grunt. Only his hot breath scalding my skin as he breathed in and out gave any indication I’d bothered him in the least. But he was closer, his face barely an inch from mine.

“That wasn’t very nice, sweet angel. You are a very bad girl and you will be punished.” He eased me onto my feet, snagging the back of my tank top.

I let off a horrific wail the moment I heard the material being ripped, lunging forward only to be caught again. “No. No. No!” I slapped at the powerful man but somehow, he managed to wrap his hand around my shorts. A single snap of his wrist and the material floated away, leaving me completely naked in front of the brutal savage.

“Did you know I was coming, sweet sparrow? Did you expect to see me tonight?”

“Na… No. Get out of here before I… cry for help.” There was no sound of confidence in my voice.

“No one will come to your rescue, sweet Emily.”

“That’s not true.” Only I wasn’t certain if he was right.

He was so strong, holding me with one arm as he took long strides toward my bed. Even though I continued fighting him, he was too strong, exhaustion settling into my muscles. I heard another sound and it took me a few seconds to realize what he was doing.

Dear God, he was unfastening his belt.

I was stunned, so shocked I couldn’t breathe or think.

“What are you doing?” I managed.

His chuckle was deep and ominous, sending a shower of goosebumps down my arms. “Punishing you, a necessity given your actions.” He tossed me onto the bed as if I was nothing but a rag doll. I could detect no anger in his voice or actions, but when he fisted my hair, maneuvering me until I was on all fours, unable to scramble away, I let off another scream.

It was instantly drowned out by a horrific clap of thunder, the powerful moment provided by Mother Nature allowing this horrible freak to take advantage of me.

I couldn’t stop shaking as he brought the belt done once, twice, three times across the tenderest part of my bottom. But that wasn’t enough, the bastard cracking it across my upper thighs twice. The pain was indescribable, bursting through me like white-hot heat. I sucked in my breath, digging my fingers into the comforter.

In my mind, I was somewhere else, my favorite beach. A concert. Eating ice cream. Yet as he continued the horrific round of discipline, the cracking sound of his wrist and the moment the thick leather reached my skin again and again something I would never forget.

One came right after another, the blur of my thoughts and fear shifting into something more abominable. I was wet, my pussy throbbing as my core heated up to a thousand degrees. The moment was sickening, my stomach churning.

Every sound I made was more of a whimper, every breathless moment dragging me further into a strange and unforgiving abyss. His grip on my hair had a leashing effect, which only added to the agony, but it quickly morphed into a toxic rush of pleasure. Juice trickled down the insides of both thighs, the humiliating feeling horrifying me.

He growled his appreciation, taking a few seconds to drive his fingers between my legs. “My wet little angel. I can tell how much you appreciate my touch.”

Was the bastard kidding me? I was tossed into a whirlwind of emotions as he swirled his finger around my clit. The touch was sensual, far too intimate and I couldn’t escape how damn good it felt. My breathing was more rapid than before, when he thrust his fingers deep inside my tight channel, I bucked hard against him.

“That’s it, baby girl. Take all you want. I assure you there will be more.” His deep growls intensified as he continued finger fucking me, now using his thumb to torment my aching clit. I was rocking, swaying, and perspiring from the overload of sensations. And within seconds, my pussy muscles were clamping and releasing around his fingers.

Oh, dear God, no. I was getting ready to climax. How could I want this? How could it happen? But it was, the sharp whimpers of sheer bliss erupting from my mouth unmistakable.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.” God, I would hate myself until the end of time but the rush of ecstasy as the orgasm erupted in my system was incredible, so much so stars in vivid colors floated in front of my eyes. When I started to come down from the rafters, he pulled his hand free. Suddenly, I heard a slurping sound. He was sucking the juice from his fingers.

I shuddered to my core but the attraction for this bastard, this horrible stalker, only continued to increase. He took his time cleaning his fingers before resuming the harsh spanking, methodically bringing the belt down one strike after another.

The pain was constantly morphing into euphoria, which my brain couldn’t seem to process. How could I want this? How was I dragging my tongue across my lips from pleasure? I wasn’t certain how long the round of punishment lasted. My skin was burning from scorching heat, the pain now a dull series of throbbing sensations. I wouldn’t be able to sit down for a long time. But I suddenly didn’t care.

“My good girl. My very good girl.”

Yes, I was his very good girl. I smiled, as if I was accepting my punishment. And when he was finished, he released his hold, allowing me to drop my head, attempting to recapture my breathing.

The sound of his zipper brought me back to reality, the weight as he placed one knee on the bed a telling statement.

He was getting ready to fuck me and there was nothing I could do about it. Every sound he made struck me as if the man was more like an animal, every breath he took more exaggerated than the one before. I was torn with another series of emotions, panting as if I was enjoying this.

The sad truth?

Maybe I was just a little bit.

“It’s going to feel so good to be inside of you, my little angel.”

His voice was gruff, dripping with lust, the sound sparking a volcano inside. It was if he’d wrapped me in a cashmere blanket, allowing his desire to become mine. I was torn between anger and terror, hatred, and deep longing.

He gripped one hip, digging his fingers into my skin while pressing the tip of his cock against my aching pussy. When he thrust his entire shaft inside, I issued an audible shudder.

“Yes. Just like I know you’d be. Hot and wet and so very tight.” He pulled out, this time driving it in very slowly.

I clutched the bedding, gasping for air. He was so big, so huge that I was tingling all over. The next two minutes were yet another blur, the wondrous feeling of excitement and heat tearing through every cell and muscle. He gripped both hips, digging his well-manicured nails into my skin, taking me as a man would a possession. I was pitched forward and backward, the force knocking the wind out of me.

He used his knee to push my legs open as wide as possible. I was completely vulnerable to the brutal man, the rocketing sensations unlike anything I’d ever experienced. The feeling of being taken was incredible, something I could never admit to anyone.

As he cracked his hand against my bottom, I moaned with the pleasure of what he was doing. Another sweep of sensations rushed into my system, heating my core even more and as I struggled to catch my breath, an even more powerful orgasm caught me off guard. I threw my head back with a muted cry, my eyes open wide.

The unknown stalker continued to drive into me, his grunts and growls even more primal and possessive. I clawed at the bedding, every molecule on fire. One climax morphed into another one, the moment of shock and awe continuing.

And as the hard slapping sounds of skin against skin continued, he let go of my hair, allowing me to loll my head as a roar of ecstasy powered into my system. His cock continued to throb, expanding even more. And seconds later, the beautiful intensity turned into a raw sense of satisfaction as the man who’d taken me erupted deep inside.

He continued to slide in and out for an extended period, the man still hard as a rock. As he wrapped his body around mine like a hard cocoon, I couldn’t breathe all over again.

“I will return, my sweet angel. Then you will be mine until the end of time. Now, sleep and dream of our encounter. And know you will be protected.” He eased me down to the bed, gently repositioning me before standing to his full height. In the shadows, I still couldn’t see his face, but his scent lingered, the sticky feeling on the insides of my thighs a sweet reminder of the craziness that had been the last few minutes.

He tugged the covers up to my shoulders and leaned over, kissing my forehead.

Seconds later, he was gone without closing the door behind him.

I took a deep breath, sleepier than I’d been before, rolling over and pressing my face against the softness of my pillow.

Tick. Tock.

Another rush of fear tickled me into being fully awake and I jerked up, gasping for air, my mind spinning like my stomach was churning. I rubbed sleep from my eyes, allowing them to get used to the darkness. The memories of what I’d just gone through surfaced and I couldn’t stop shaking.

But the door… It was still closed like I’d had it before.

Very slowly I slid my hand under the covers. What the hell? I was fully dressed. Pitching back against the bed, I slipped my hand into my shorts. There was no soreness, no wetness from the intruder’s cum.

Oh, my God. I’d had a crazy fantasy. I laughed, pressing my hand across my face. Whew. The crazy dream had seemed so real, so intense. I was exhausted.

I tugged the covers over me again, returning to a fetal position.

But I could swear the man’s musky scent lingered, filling the room with the hints of a deep forest and citrus, sandalwood, and exotic spices.

And I was utterly and completely terrified, but there was no mistaking what I knew in my head.

The man would return and he would make good on his promise. And I was more than curious as to who and what he was, a strange sense of longing remaining.

My father would remind me in his usual stern method that nothing good came from such horrific, damning curiosity except for harmful things.

That I very well deserved because I was a wanton, depraved girl.

Just like my dead mother had been.

Something my father would never allow me to forget.

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