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Chosen for Their Use by Ivy Barrett – Sample

Chapter One

Wrapping both hands around her warm mug, Kyla Harms fought the urge to pitch it at her best friend’s head. This was the third time in two days Erin had regaled her with tales of imminent peril.

“If I don’t escape today, I know they’ll come for me,” Erin cried, her big blue eyes shining with unshed tears. She tucked a strand of long red hair behind her ear, a gesture Kyla had come to understand was intentionally designed to make her look young and vulnerable. Erin was very convincing when submerged this deeply in her damsel-in-distress routine, but Kyla had seen it all before. Too many times. Besides, Kyla had known Erin since childhood, had watched her hone these skills as she realized how easily others could be manipulated.

Erin sat on the edge of her narrow bed, one of two in the tiny room they shared. There were no decorations on the walls, nothing to break up the off-white monotony. The only difference between the ‘guest quarters’ in Protectorate Headquarters and a prison cell was the unlocked door—though it was guarded—and the small window that looked out over an arid field now serving as a shuttle lot. Much of Fort Hood, Texas had been dry and desolate, even before Skarilian bombs leveled most of the military base that used to dominate the area. The dismal setting was even more depressing now.

“What changed this morning?” Kyla kept her tone lightly challenging, hoping Erin would realize her melodramatics had become tiresome. “It’s been two weeks since Chancellor Savator officially refused to release you. Why is the need for escape worse today?”

A bit of Erin’s fight deflated. She sighed heavily and lowered her gaze to her lap. “Savator notified my potential mates this morning. He gave permission to five different pods to begin ‘courting’ me. We both know what that really means. They’ll pressure me, seduce me, until I finally give in. I can’t do this. I’m going absolutely insane!”

Taking a deep breath, Kyla relaxed her shoulders and regained control of her emotions. Erin’s fear was clearly real, even if exaggerated. “How can any of us expect to remain sane when the universe keeps changing the rules?” Kyla said with a sad sort of smile.

The question drew her thoughts back to that night five weeks earlier, the night when this disaster began. After another mind-numbing week cashiering at the local discount hypermarket, Kyla had been susceptible to Erin’s suggestion that they go dancing. Dance clubs were really not Kyla’s thing, but Erin loved the attention. They stepped outside to escape the crowd for a few minutes when they’d been kidnapped. Kyla still wasn’t sure if it had been a random act or if they’d been hunted down because of their genetic compatibility with the Ventori. All she knew was the kidnapping had only been the first unbelievable surprise.

No sooner had they realized their kidnappers were Mexican drug runners than they, along with a truckload of other human females, had been rescued by the Ventori. They’d been taken aboard one of the Protectorate’s spaceships only to have the high command demand they be brought to Protectorate Headquarters.

Now most of the other females had been taken to Camp Accord, a Ventori colony somewhere in Colorado. Kyla hadn’t even known there was a Ventori colony on Earth. They certainly were being hush-hush about the whole thing.

There were only five humans left at Protectorate Headquarters: Erin, Kyla, and three strippers Kyla didn’t know that well. Erin had been singled out because she was a virgin, a rare thing indeed among human females in their twenties. And Kyla supposed she was here to keep Erin from freaking out. Apparently, she wasn’t very good at her job.

Erin stood and stepped closer to Kyla, eyes wide and unblinking. Somehow, Erin managed to look young and helpless, even in the ugly camo and black uniforms all of the females were required to wear. “Ventori Defenders don’t play by the same rules human males do. If I don’t get out of here—”

“One of the defender pods will claim you.” Kyla cut to the chase. The Ventori soldiers were organized into pods of two to five males, and each pod would share a single female. It was the one aspect of all this that frightened Kyla. Being the focus of one, or even two of the defenders held a certain naughty appeal. Her experience with males in general was rather limited. She wasn’t a virgin, but she was definitely not ready to take on five lust-crazed Ventori. Still, her anxiety was infinitely more reasonable than Erin’s melodramatics. “The same is true for each of us. We’re all Rh negative.” Which meant they were able to carry Ventori young. Apparently, most human blood contained a protein that was highly toxic to unborn Ventori. Genetic compatibility wasn’t something the Ventori had expected to find with another species. But now that they knew, they had no intention of squandering the opportunity.

“Lucky us,” Erin muttered. Sarcasm threaded through her softly spoken words.

She seemed to have abandoned her little-girl-lost facade for the moment, so Kyla tried logic, hoping to appeal to the sharp intellect she knew Erin possessed. “Try to imagine what it would be like if humans were doomed to extinction. Pretend we’re the last generation alive and the Skarilians murdered every human male. How would that feel? What would you be willing to do to change the fate of your people?”

Erin met Kyla’s gaze for a moment, and Kyla thought she’d finally gotten through. Then Erin’s bottom lip rolled out and started to tremble. “I wouldn’t kidnap innocent Ventori males and force them to breed with me.”

Kyla shook her head, frustrated by her friend’s myopic attitude. “Yes, you would. Any of us would. The human survival instinct is every bit as strong as the Ventori. But that’s not what the Ventori are doing. All Chancellor Savator required was that you interact with a few of your potential mates. If you’re not interested in any of them, you’ll be released.”

“Screw Chancellor Savator,” Erin snapped. “Despite what he thinks, he does not control the whole damn world!”

No. He just protects it. And Kyla wasn’t sure she’d mind screwing him. In fact, she’d fantasized about that very thing more than once. She’d never spoken with the chancellor, but she—along with all the other unclaimed females, except Erin—was fascinated by him. Strength and authority emanated off him like heatwaves off the midday sun. His features were bold, rugged, yet undeniably handsome. He might have arrived in a spaceship rather than on horseback, but he reminded Kyla of a modern-day warlord.

Erin tossed back her wavy red hair. It swished around her shoulders, then cascaded down her back. “We both know what happens whenever they focus on one female. The woman is turned into a mindless sex slave with a bright red bottom.”

The last phrase caught Kyla’s attention. “Is it the sex that terrifies you or the spanking?”

“Spanking? They do a whole lot more than that when their female misbehaves.” Erin sounded honestly upset for the first time in the conversation.

“So don’t misbehave.”

Erin glared at her. “Have you forgotten about Olivia, or Becky?” A violent shudder shook her slender frame. “I laid awake all night thinking about what Becky suffered. It was so humiliating and so… wrong.”

Kyla had trouble sleeping too, but restlessness and arousal kept her from resting, not the dread Erin apparently felt. Without warning or explanation, holographic recordings of the public punishments had been shown during the evening meal the night before. Apparently, things weren’t running smoothly at Camp Accord if two harsh punishments had to be administered in less than a week.

“They raped her in the worst possible way in front of everyone,” Erin lamented. “I don’t know which is worse, being violated or having an audience while it happens.”

“It was not rape,” Kyla insisted, refusing to accept her friend’s gross exaggeration. “Becky not only agreed that she deserved punishment before any of them touched her, she asked each of her mates to fuck her before they did.”

Erin waved away the argument. “That just proves how brainwashed she is. No one wants a massive cock shoved up their ass.” Her voice dropped to an angry whisper as she said the last sentence.

Kyla wasn’t so sure. Becky’s first defender had taken her roughly, punishing her for lying to them and endangering herself. Becky had seemed ashamed and regretful, but when it was over, she turned to her other mates and asked them to continue. The other two took their time, arousing Becky with their fingers and a vibrator before, and while, they each fucked her ass. It had all been darkly erotic and much more stimulating than Kyla ever would have guessed. She lost count of the orgasms they wrung from Becky’s trembling body. And by the end of the demonstration, Kyla couldn’t help wondering what it would feel like to be the focus of all that attention.

Blinking away the tantalizing memory, Kyla looked at her skittish friend. “It’s just sex, Erin. Did you plan on remaining a virgin your entire life?”

“Of course not.” Finally, her protective mask dropped and a bit of her true spirit shone through. “But I pictured giving myself to a man—a human man—who I cared about deeply. If I’d wanted a quick lay, I would have hooked up with someone years ago.”

“They don’t want ‘a quick lay.’ They want to mate with us, to form a permanent bond that allows us to share thoughts and feelings. That’s a deeper commitment than we’re going to get with any human male.”

Crossing her arms over her breasts, Erin resumed her petulant glare. “We’ve been imprisoned in one place or another for a little over a month, and already you sound just like them. I thought you were stronger than this.”

“And I thought you were capable of thinking of someone other than yourself.” Kyla regretted the harsh words even as they left her mouth. “I’m sorry. That wasn’t fair.”

“Is that how you really feel about me? That I’m being selfish because I don’t want to spread my thighs for a bunch of horny aliens?” The hurt in her voice made the questions penetrate even deeper.

Erin was either sincerely upset for a change or the best damn actress Kyla had ever met. “I didn’t mean—”

“Yes, you did! I see it in your eyes. You think I’m selfish and immature.”

Selfish, sometimes. Immature, absolutely. Erin was the quintessential pampered princess, complete with powerfully rich parents who enabled her at every turn. Kyla’s mom had been their live-in housekeeper for many years, and they’d graciously allowed her to bring her only child. Despite her close friendship with Erin, Kyla felt compelled to move out as soon as possible. She had no desire to step into her mother’s life. She just wasn’t sure what she wanted for her own. Mating with a pod of sexy aliens had never crossed her mind. Until recently.

Shaking away the rush of memories, she refocused on Erin’s current drama. “I think you’re frightened by the unknown,” Kyla stressed, but Erin just shook her head. “I don’t think you’re selfish.” Too often.

“Then help me get the hell out of here!”

It was a neat little trap, and Kyla had stepped right into it. She clenched her jaw to keep from really unloading on her manipulative friend. “Where will you go, even if you manage to get past their perimeter guards? There is nothing out there anymore. That’s why the Ventori chose this location for their headquarters. The Skarilians bombed the hell out of everything in a ten-mile radius. The only thing still standing is this section of the old base.”

One of Erin’s dark red brows arched, and a cunning smile curved her lips. This was the real Erin, the wily, spirited person she seldom revealed to anyone else. “I stole a skimmer.”

Kyla closed her eyes and counted to ten. Erin wasn’t going to stop. She would pick at this until it bled. “On full charge, skimmers are lucky to go five miles. You’ll never make it across the wasteland.”

“Not on one charge, but I’ll make it.” Stubbornness lifted Erin’s chin. “I’ve already collected provisions that will last four or five days. The skimmer is charged and ready to go. All I need is someone to distract the guards long enough to allow me past the final checkpoint. There are plenty of places to hide in the wasteland, and all of the skimmers have built-in navigation. There’s no way I’ll get lost out there.”

“What about food and water, some sort of shelter? What if it’s cloudy for the next few days? You can’t charge a skimmer without sunshine. How will you survive?”

“I have all that stuff and more strapped to the skimmer, and the forecast predicts sun, not rain. I’ve been working on this for weeks.”

“Where will you go after you cross the wasteland?” Erin wouldn’t survive one night in the desert alone. Still, Kyla was curious to see how seriously Erin was taking this.

“My cousin and her husband live in Waco. It could take a week or more on a skimmer, but I know I can make it eventually.”

Was the nav-system on a skimmer traceable? Likely, the skimmer itself had some sort of identification pulse. Most of the Ventori equipment did. If she went through the motions, helped Erin make her dramatic escape, then Kyla could notify the guards so they could go rescue Erin. Would she settle down after she tried this, maybe accept the inevitable? With a frustrated sigh, Kyla admitted she’d run out of options. Erin was going to attempt this, with or without Kyla’s help. With would be a lot safer.

“How soon do you want to leave?” Kyla sounded as frustrated as she felt.

Erin just stared at her for a moment, clearly dumbfounded by the question. “You’ll do it?”

“What choice do I have? You’ve obviously made up your mind to go.” And Kyla had made up her mind not to let Erin kill herself pursuing this foolish pipedream. There was no escaping this new reality. Humans owed their continued existence to the Ventori and the Ventori required one thing in return for their protection—carnal compensation.

The phrase made Kyla smile. The planetary government might have made it seem less tawdry with detailed contracts and planet-wide programs, but all the labels didn’t change the nature of the Ventoris’ needs. They wanted willing females with whom they could have sex, or in some rare cases, claim as mates. Despite what Erin thought, they weren’t rape gangs roaming across the land ravishing every female they encountered. They were lonely soldiers who had fought and bled, some had died, as they drove the Skarilians out of Earth’s star system. Now they wanted companionship and comfort, maybe the chance to build a life worth fighting for. Was that really too much to ask after all they’d done for humankind?

Erin was trying to live in the past, a futile outlook that was guaranteed to make the adjustment harder.

Crossing to the window, Erin gazed out into the twilight gloom. “It should be fully dark by the time we get the skimmer and reach sector eight.”

Sector eight was the only area of the Protectorate Headquarters compound that the Ventori Defenders had yet to reinforce with a defense grid. The section bordered the wildest part of the wasteland, so potential invaders were unlikely. Erin had thought of everything, except the harsh reality of survival in the desert. Erin was likely presuming that the wasteland was always hot. Kyla knew from her love of nature shows that nights in the desert could be miserably cold and treacherous. Many, if not most, of the desert dwelling predators hunted at night.

Erin looked at her with hope shining in her baby blue eyes. “Can we leave right away?”

Kyla knew it was probably pointless, but she had to try one final time. “I really wish you’d reconsider. Maybe we could get the chancellor to agree to—”

“The only thing Chancellor Savator needs to agree to is releasing me. We both know that’s not going to happen.”

She was right. There was too much interest in Erin already for the chancellor to risk setting her free. If Erin were released right now, numerous pods would follow her, hunt her, fight for and ultimately claim her. The only thing Erin could control was when and how she was claimed.

“Then let’s go, before I change my mind,” Kyla concluded.

Clearly thrilled with the outcome, Erin hugged Kyla firmly, then headed for the door.

Their first obstacle was the guard stationed in the hallway outside their door. Security had grown lax as the weeks progressed and fewer and fewer of the humans remained at Protectorate Headquarters. All of the guards presumed none of the females were foolish enough to try and cross the wasteland. Their purpose was to keep the females from causing trouble.

This particular guard frequently left his post or appeared inattentive to his duties, more evidence that Erin had planned her escape well. She eased open their door and then motioned Kyla to follow. They crept down the corridor in the opposite direction from the guard. The burly Ventori stood with his back against the wall, head bowed, eyes closed. They ducked around the corner at the end of the short corridor, and Erin led her into one of the storerooms. Kyla had never been in the room before, but obviously Erin had. There was a window in the outer wall big enough for them to climb through.

“It was nailed shut, but I pried it open,” Erin whispered, clearly proud of her accomplishment. She slid the glass pane upward, then carefully took off the screen, maneuvering it into the room rather than letting it fall to the ground. “It’s a bit of a drop, so remember to bend your knees when you land or you’ll twist your ankle.”

Kyla nodded, curious to see how far they’d get without detection. There were guards all over the compound. The sooner the better, if she had her preference.

They both made it safely to the ground and Erin headed out with clear purpose in her movements. Had the crazy chit studied patrol routes and guard placements? She definitely seemed to know when to duck into shadows and when to run like hell. Kyla had always known Erin was much more intelligent than she pretended, but this was surprising.

The main cluster of buildings quickly gave way to seemingly endless vehicle lots. Most of the ground transports had been confiscated from the human military, but there were six lots with ships of various sizes and functions. Common shuttles and wicked-looking fighters faced off across a wide dirt aisle. It was all surreal, even after weeks of direct exposure. It was still hard to believe that aliens had finally come to Earth.

An engine growled in the distance and Erin yanked Kyla into the darkness between two angular fighters. They huddled there until a hummer roared past, then continued along the aisle, keeping closer to the shadows.

The sun sank well below the horizon, releasing a multitude of stars in the cloudless sky. Already the breeze began to cool, hinting at a shiver-worthy night to come.

“Please hurry,” Erin urged. “The three on duty right now are much less likely to turn you in than the pod that replaces them.”

Turn her in? She wasn’t the one trying to escape. Bothered by her friend’s casual statement, Kyla struggled to keep up with Erin’s brisk pace. Would anyone believe Kyla had been attempting to save Erin from herself or would they presume she had been helping her friend escape? Ventori punishments were swift and harsh. She didn’t want to endure a humiliating spanking or the searing pain of the other implements Ventori used to chastise their females.

A familiar ache erupted deep in her core. She was afraid of the inevitable pain, but something about being bound and helpless fascinated and aroused her. She shook away the disquieting thought and focused on the present.

Three guards had just come into view when Erin ducked into a dilapidated storage shed. A section of the back wall was missing and the partially opened door in the front was immobilized by rust. Willowy Erin easily slipped through the narrow opening, but Kyla struggled to squeeze her curvier body through.

“That was fun,” she muttered as she followed Erin deeper into the ramshackle building. It wasn’t large and moonlight streamed in from gaps in the walls and roof.

Erin threw some tumbleweeds and a ratty tarp aside, revealing a skimmer loaded down with an assortment of supplies. “See.” She motioned to the small hovercraft. “I’ve prepared for this.”

Kyla nodded, starting to wonder if Erin might actually pull this off. “I wish there were some way you could contact me and let me know you’re all right. It’s going to drive me crazy not knowing if you’re safe.”

“You don’t need to worry,” Erin insisted. “I’ll be fine. I’ve planned for everything. I’m going to make it.”

Now that was truly naive. Erin’s cousin didn’t know she was coming and the variables Erin would be facing in the wasteland were astronomical. “When is the last time you spoke with your cousin?”

“It’s been a while,” Erin admitted. “I checked in with everyone in my family before the Skarilians went after the communication satellites. My cousins have lived in Waco forever. There’s no reason to think they won’t be there now. And if they’re still in Waco, I know for a fact they’ll take me in. My whole family is like that.”

“Lucky you,” Kyla muttered under her breath. With her it had been just her mom and an ever-changing string of useless boyfriends. But that was the past, a past that had no meaning in this new world. “You better get gone.”

Erin paused long enough to give Kyla a lingering hug. “I’ll owe you forever for this.” Then she climbed on the skimmer and started the nearly silent engine.

“Give me a few minutes to draw their focus, then head out as fast as that thing will carry you,” Kyla advised.

“The shed sits at the perfect angle. I can see the guards and the wasteland. I’ll know when you have them good and distracted.”

“Good luck.” Kyla waved one final time then hustled out of the shed. Openly flirting wasn’t her style, but the defenders were so sex-starved, all she’d have to do is make eye contact and they’d latch on to her like ticks. She’d play her part just long enough for Erin to get away, to feel like she’d succeeded, but not long enough for her to be put in any real danger. Then she’d tell the guards what was going on. The Ventori patrolled the wasteland on skimmers and with small ships so it shouldn’t take them long to locate Erin.

The Ventori pod guarding the sector stood in a small cluster, deep in conversation when they should have been observing their surroundings. As Erin said, they weren’t taking this very seriously. One of them heard, or sensed, her approach. He whipped his head around, gaze gleaming in the dimness. “Hands up,” he snapped, moving quickly toward her. “What are you doing this far from the females’ quarters?”

At least he’d noticed she was female. “I don’t do well in locked rooms. Do you?” She swayed her hips and tossed back her hair, hoping the maneuvers appeared natural. “I was wondering if you’d settle a bet for me.”

The other two guards had turned to face her, their gazes also fixed on her face. “You should return to your room immediately. It’s well past curfew,” the leader insisted.

“This will only take a minute.” She punctuated the sentence with her warmest smile.

“Not the way I do it,” one of the others said, sensual promise rumbling in his deep tone.

Even in the moonlight their skin looked unusually pale, or it would have been if they were humans. Ventori skin was always white or dove-gray. Conversely, their hair was naturally dark, or streaked with red, but affluent defenders liked to personalize their appearance, changing the color of their hair and the ‘marbling’ in their eyes to vivid and unique shades. It was too dark to see the specific coloring of these males, but the lack of detail didn’t keep them from looking dangerous. They were still enormous and menacing.

“I just want to talk,” she stressed, not wanting them to anticipate anything physical.

“What’s the bet?” The leader crossed his arms over his broad chest as he stared down at her impatiently.

“Amy says you guys can sniff out your potential mates, but Jenny insists we’re compatible with all of you. Do you know which is right?” She knew the answer. The situation had been explained in minute detail to all of the females, but the guards probably didn’t know that.

“They’re both right,” the leader told her, seeming to relax.

She made a face, hoping she looked confused not deranged. “How can they both be right?”

“You lack a protein in your blood that is extremely toxic to us, so technically you’re genetically compatible with all of us.”

“However,” the third guard finally spoke, “there are levels of compatibility and your scent will tell us how well your genetics match ours. The more likely you are to conceive, the better you smell and the more we’ll want you.”

Unsure if Erin was safely away, Kyla moved a little closer. “Would you mind… you know, sniffing me? I want to see if it really works.”

The third male lunged past the leader and pulled her into his arms. She gasped and brought her hands up to push against his chest. Holy shit, the guy was strong. He pulled her nearly off her feet as he pressed his face against her neck and inhaled over and over.

“Back off, Troft,” the leader commanded. “I can smell her well enough from here to know she’s not going to trigger rut.”

With obvious reluctance, the third male let her go and moved back into position behind the pod leader.

Had it been long enough? She hadn’t heard or seen Erin depart, but that didn’t mean she was still in the shed. How far should she let Erin get before calling in the cavalry? Torn between uncertainty and concern for her friend, Kyla opted for giving Erin more time.

“What is ‘rut’?” she asked softly as trepidation coiled in her gut. She had to keep them talking long enough for Erin to make her escape. But this was dangerous, and not just for Erin. “I’ve never heard that term before.”

The leader stalked toward her, his features hard and displeased. He caught Kyla by the upper arms and pulled her up onto the balls of her feet. “Why are you really here, little girl? We have a job to do and you’re disturbing us.”

“Sorry.” She sniffed and raised her chin, averting her gaze. “I didn’t realize I was such a bother.”

“You’re not a bother unless this is a twisted game.” One of his hands grabbed her butt and pulled her flush with the front of his body. His other encircled her torso, trapping her arms against her sides. The hardened ridge of his cock pressed into her soft belly. “You’re welcome to stay, if you’re willing to suck me off while the other two fuck you. If not, get the hell out of here!” He shoved her back so hard she stumbled and almost fell.

Happy to oblige him, she spun on the ball of her foot and prepared to run.

The third man caught her arm and jerked her back around. “She wants it. Why else would she be out here in the dark, all alone.” He reached for her breast, but she slapped his hand away.

“Let go!” She tugged against his hold, heartbeat racing as fear surged through her other emotions. “I just wanted to talk.”

The jerk ignored her. “It makes it more exciting for her if she resists.”

“Like hell it does!” She used her other hand in an effort to break free. His fingers didn’t even move. Panicked now, she looked at the leader. “Tell him to let go. Please!”

“See,” Three stressed. “It’s a game. She’s into this.”

The leader’s gaze narrowed and he slowly inhaled. “I smell fear, but I also smell arousal.” A cruel smile curved his lips. “Does danger always make you wet?”

They weren’t making her wet. Thinking about Becky’s punishment had aroused her. “You’re both insane.” She glared at Three and refocused on freeing her arm. “Let go and I won’t turn you in.”

Three laughed, his eyes gleaming in the dimness. “You won’t turn us in because you’re the one breaking the rules.”

Tired of trying to reason with the asshole, Kyla sucked in a lungful of air and screamed as loud as she could.

Three rolled his eyes, then dragged her closer as he moved behind her. “We’re way too far out for anyone to hear you. Scream all you like.” He snagged her elbows with one arm, pulling them back until the pressure immobilized her upper body. She kicked back at him, then used him as leverage to kick out as the leader approached.

“Damn. She’s a wild one.” The leader seemed amused by her distress now and easily avoided her attempts to kick him. “There’s a simple way to stop someone from kicking.” His smug smile turned into an evil grin as he unfastened her pants and dragged them down around her knees.

Kyla stilled, terrified and shaking. She’d been worried about Erin’s misadventure, when she should have been protecting herself. “Please, don’t do this. It’s not a game. I didn’t come here for sex. This is not what I want!” Tears stung her eyes and blurred her vision.

“Are you sure about this, Ralt?” the other guard asked. He stood back, concern warming his expression. “All I smell is fear.”

The leader pushed his hand between her thighs. Kyla cried out, horrified by the casual violation and the shameful wetness on his fingers as he pulled away. The leader walked to his hesitant podmate and waved his fingers under his nose. “What do you smell now?”

The holdout looked at her, gaze narrowed with lust.

A harsh sob shattered Kyla’s composure. She’d fantasized about having sex with an aggressive Ventori, about being dominated and overwhelmed, losing herself in the pleasure until nothing else existed. This was different. This was cold and degrading. This was rape.

“Please. Don’t. Please, please don’t,” she whispered over and over. Even knowing she’d be ignored, she couldn’t stem the litany.

The leader jerked the front of her uniform open, then worked the sides off her shoulders. She was completely exposed now, helpless and accessible. She closed her eyes frantically searching for a way to disassociate herself from what was about to happen. Someone pinched her nipples while another tried to finger her pussy.

“Get her legs apart. I can’t reach her cunt like this.” That was the formerly hesitant guard. All three were participating now.

Unable to contain her anger and fear, Kyla screamed and screamed, tossing her head back and forth as she wildly fought Three’s restraining hold.

A hand smacked the side of her face, shocking her into silence. Her eyes flew open as anger flared through her other emotions. The leader stood in front of her, hand raised for another slap. “Settle down! That’s enough of that shit.”

Motion drew her gaze to the sky. Had someone heard her? Please, God let someone hear me. Nothing. The sky arched overhead, stars twinkling merrily as if to mock her peril.

“Lay her down,” the leader ordered. “Then we can get her pants off.”

Three pushed her forward, propelling her to her knees, then all the way down on her belly. She turned her head just in time to avoid having her face shoved into the dirt. Her hands were numb, but her shoulders burned. She cried out, her throat raw from all her screaming.

They removed her shoes, then dragged her pants down and off. Three and Leader worked together to strip her top and roll her onto her back. They spread her legs wide, holding her open with one hand and pinning her shoulders to the ground with the other.

She screamed again, the sound hoarse and filled with anguish.

Leader knelt between her wide-spread thighs. The last to join took Leader’s place, holding her down and open.

“Should have saved some of those screams for this.” Leader opened the front of his pants and released the biggest cock Kyla had ever seen.

Hopelessness choked off her breath and she quickly closed her eyes.

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