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Claimed by Daddy by Vanessa Brooks – Sample

Chapter One

“They sent you to spy on me?”

Lacy’s heart hammered. Rico’s eyes narrowed. He moved toward her with the deliberate grace of a predator. She backed up and pressed herself against the wall. There was no escape.

“N-no, I-I…”

“You know what I think about little girls who tell lies, Lacy.”

She swallowed. “Well, I-I was supposed to inform them of anything I-I thought was useful to them but honestly, Rico, I haven’t…”

“Is that so, tesoro?” he purred.

She shuddered, recognising the threat that lay behind his seemingly innocent words. Rico was a dangerous man to cross. “I-I swear it on my life.” She sounded desperate even to her own ears.

He grinned yet the smile did not reach his eyes, which glittered with a kind of primeval excitement. Her mouth went dry. She had no idea what course of action Rico was about to take. He might fuck her or kill her… or both. She whimpered.

He reached her, and with arms raised, he caged her in; there was no escape.

“Daddy is not pleased,” he growled.

Even though she might be facing death, her core clenched at his words. Rico’s voice had the power to melt chocolate.

“Until I know I can trust you, I plan to keep you tied, spread-eagled on my bed so that I may fuck you whenever I wish. What do you say to that, little spy?”

She should be planning her escape but his words stole her response to flight. Damp pooled between her thighs. What the hell was wrong with her?

Stepping back, he shrugged out of his suit jacket, loosened his tie, and undid the top button of his shirt. Seating himself in the bedroom chair, thighs spread wide, he appraised her.

“Strip for me, tesoro,” he commanded.

Her gaze was drawn to the bulge of his erection straining against the beautiful cut of the suit pants he wore. She licked her bottom lip. Her resolve to somehow escape seemed to melt away.

“Eyes on me, cara mia; you will have plenty of time to savour my assets, but right now, it is my turn to enjoy yours.”

Flushed with shame, she lifted her gaze to his and began to remove her tight red sheath dress, slowly, sensually, just the way he’d taught her. She stripped until she stood in naught but her high red heels. The tips of her breasts hardened under his smouldering Latin gaze.

He crooked a finger. Obediently, Lacy moved to stand before him.

“Part your legs, little spy.”

Shifting her legs apart, she waited, knowing not to question. His warm hand slid up her leg to the apex at her thighs.

“So wet, despite not knowing your fate, but perhaps you want to die happy, hmm?”

He slid two fingers into her drenched slit. She moaned.

“Have you anything hidden up here?” His fingers pushed further inside and frigged her roughly.

“It seems not… but what about those other hidey holes? I should check them also… Bend over my knee.”

She stared at him in horror; did he mean what she thought he meant? An unsolicited slap to her backside shocked her out of her reverie.

“What are the consequences of not obeying your daddy?” he asked in a deceptively mild tone that Lacy knew not to trust.

With a whimper she cast herself over his lap.

“Good girl, you obeyed, albeit somewhat tardily.”

A flurry of sharp smacks landed on her behind, which caused her to gasp.

“You know the penalty for hesitation,” he justified the harder slaps to make his point.

What came next made her wish that he’d continued to simply spank her. He smoothed the orbs of her buttock cheeks apart, sweeping his thumbs along her most private cleft. Sudden pressure against her back passage caused her to buck; an inarticulate whine of complaint fell from her lips. It did no good, his finger invaded and pressed inside, knuckle deep into her ass.

“Any gadgets lodged in here?” She detected dry humour in his voice.

“No!” she denied, squirming in discomfort and humiliation.

“Hmm, me thinks the lady doth protest too much! Perhaps I need a deeper probe; my cock should be able to tell if something lurks deep inside this hot, tight little butt.”

As she lay motionless, barely able to breathe with shock, his words resonated in her head…

“Excuse me, ma’am, but you need to fasten your seatbelt.”

Penny blinked owlishly up at the flight attendant; her finger marked the place she’d reached on her reader.

“I’m sorry?” she asked.

What a time to interrupt me, just as I’ve reached the best part of my story!

“Ladies and gentlemen, please ensure your personal items are stowed away safely and follow the instructions of the cabin crew. There is no cause for alarm, we are simply experiencing an unexpected spell of turbulence. The seatbelt signs will remain on until we fly clear of this unstable weather.”

The steward waited for the announcement to finish before he replied, “Ma’am, take your reader and cell phone and place them under the seat in front of you.”

“What’s happening?” the elderly lady seated to Penny’s right asked. The flight attendant pulled out the seatbelt and clipped it around the woman.

“Just a spell of bad weather, ma’am, nothing to worry about,” he said.

Penny put away her phone and reader as directed. Straightening, she clicked her belt into place. The plane plummeted, losing height. Lurching sideways, the steward disappeared from view. All the lights went out. People screamed. Her stomach dropped along with the aircraft’s rapid descent.

“Help!” she yelled. Somewhere a child shrieked. Then everyone began shouting in panic.

A horrible, spiralling, free-fall sensation caused a rush of nausea. Lights flickered on and off. Flashing intermittently, they caused a strobe effect. Her head hurt. Penny glanced over at the old lady sat next to her. The woman slumped forward in her seat; she appeared to be unconscious. Suddenly the plane stabilised and for a few moments everything returned to normal, but then the lights cut out. Once again the cabin was plunged into total darkness, causing another rise of hysteria amongst the passengers. Penny felt as though she were spinning deep into a black tunnel.

Regaining consciousness—Did I actually black out?—she found the lights were back on and the plane flew smoothly. She held her breath, certain the lights would go off again. Panting, her heart raced. The fear, a palpable thing, slowly receded. Her pulse returned to normal, and she was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Time moved on and moments passed. Around her the other passengers had quietened. Penny turned to check on the elderly lady seated beside her. To her surprise, instead of the older passenger, a smartly dressed young woman smiled back at her politely before turning away to continue reading her glossy magazine. Penny frowned; perhaps a member of the crew had swapped the elderly passenger to another seat. She hoped the poor dear was all right.

Twisting to look about, she glanced around at the other passengers; they all seemed to be remarkably calm after their nightmare dive. A man across the aisle picked up his drink and took a leisurely sip. Had he been sitting there before the turbulence? She recalled two women with loud voices… perhaps she’d dreamed the whole scary thing? She reached for her belt; it was still fastened. Raising her gaze to the seatbelt sign, she saw it was on red. Obviously those around her were more seasoned travellers, used to this kind of event. Relaxing back in her seat, she felt heartily glad the drama appeared to be over.

London Heathrow seemed more busy than usual as she fought her way through the crowd surrounding the luggage carousel. Emerging from baggage handling, Penny studied the taxi driver placards, looking for her name, pleased she’d had the forethought to book a taxi after the long flight. A tall male suddenly appeared before her and swept her into his arms; she froze.

What the hell?

“Baby, I’ve missed you!” the man said. Penny noted the American accent. She stared up at him in surprise. He appeared to take the tilt of her head as an invitation and lowered his mouth to hers. He was handsome, and boy, could he kiss. When he finally released her, she staggered slightly. The guy slid an arm about her waist and steadied her. This was obviously a case of mistaken identity.

“Come on, Penny-pie, this a-way.” He urged her forward into the throng of jostling people. She dug in her heels.

He turned and looked at her in surprise. Then his face cleared. “Ah, my baby needs to potty?”

What?” she asked, dumbfounded.

“Okay, I’m sure I saw a sign, yeah, over there.” He began to guide her in another direction.

“No, no!” She yanked her arm away from his and stood her ground. She had to stop this before it went any further. “Look, whoever you are, I don’t know you. There has been some mistake. I am Penny West.”

He narrowed his eyes as he interrupted her. “I don’t have time for games, Penny. Daddy has a business meeting this afternoon. I’m on a tight schedule, so be a good girl and go to the bathroom. We need to head on home.”

“Hey, I told you, I don’t know you, mister! There has been a mistake; I am not who you think I am. Please just go away because I also have a business meeting to attend.” Penny reached for her luggage handle but he held on. She attempted to wrestle her wheelie case from him. A sudden stinging blow to her backside stilled her. Had he just spanked her? In public?

“Did you just strike me?” she asked, incredulous.

He reached out his arms and cupped her face. Blue eyes fringed with black lashes blazed into hers.

He reminds me of someone. Perhaps I have met him someplace?

“Enough. Any more of this nonsense and instead of a warm bath and cuddles when we get home, it will be corner time and a hot bottom. Got it, brat?”

She stared up at him, rendered totally speechless. An odd tightening began, deep down in her stomach.

“Penny Jayne, you will answer your daddy,” he drawled.

How does he know my middle name and what’s with the ‘Daddy’ thing?

“All right, if that’s how you want to play it.” He began to tow her. “When we get to the car a certain little girl will be getting a reminder of the meaning of good behaviour,” he said gruffly.

Her mind raced with options. She had a brainwave. “Wait, um, Daddy, I do need to go to the loo.” The man nodded but kept walking.

Could he possibly be a kidnapper? No, surely this was a case of mistaken identity, as she’d first surmised. Perhaps this was some kind of a ruse. It was April first, the day for jokes, but she didn’t have any friends who were likely to pull a stunt like this. She only had business associates, and Allie of course, but she couldn’t see her sister teasing her with a drama like this. Allie had too much to think about with a husband and two small children. This guy had to be up to no good. If she could get into a toilet she would have the privacy to phone the police.

She nearly bumped into his back and realised he’d halted.

“There you go. Be quick, babe.” He pointed to the facilities. Since he had a tight hold of her suitcase she scuttled away into the sanctuary of the ladies’ toilets. Locked in a cubicle, she shakily retrieved her phone. It wasn’t enough that she’d thought she was about to die aboard a plane, no, now she faced kidnapping by a lunatic! You couldn’t write this stuff! First she tried her secretary. The number wasn’t there. Penny brought up her contacts.

What the hell? All her contacts were different, except Allie’s number. Dread swamped her; she dialled 999.

“Let’s run through this again, shall we. You say you are Penny West and yet your passport confirms you to be Mrs. Penny Forrester. The man who met you from the airport, who claims he is your husband, has a driver licence that shows he is in fact who he says he is, one David Forrester, your husband. Your address is registered as The Firs, College Road, Dulwich Village, SE 21. Nice address if I may say so, and this is also Mr. Forrester’s registered address.”

“No! I told you, my address is Flat 4, 220 Southwood Road, Highgate…” She could hear a strident note of panic enter her voice. Why was no one here taking her seriously?

And as I said before, I had that address checked out and the flat isn’t even registered to you. The present owner has resided there for over six years. So, the way I see it, Mrs. Forrester, is that you most likely hit your head during the turbulence you mentioned experiencing during your flight from New York. I strongly advise you to see a doctor. Have you suffered any previous episodes of confusion before?”

She glared at the paunchy, dishevelled policeman sitting across the table from her. “I tell you categorically that I am not Mrs. Forrester. I have not hit my head… Oh, God, this is ridiculous!”

The man stood. “I am sorry but I can’t find anything to substantiate your claim. I suggest you go home with your husband and see a doctor as soon as possible. Good morning, Mrs. Forrester.”

She stared after his retreating back. What the hell?

Mr. Forrester, David, the man who claimed to be her husband, appeared in the doorway. She stared at him and it dawned on her why he looked familiar. With his deep blue eyes and dark hair, he resembled the singer Elvis Presley, but this man was rugged, he lacked the smooth olive skin of the singer, also his jaw looked squarer.

“Penny, let’s go.” He sounded terse. “Now!” he snapped as she simply sat and stared at him.

She stood up and retrieved her passport. Staring bemused at the name on her passport, Mrs. Penny Jayne Forrester, her conviction wavered. How could this document be wrong? It had travelled all the way to America and back in her bag. Perhaps she had banged her head during the flight after all?

Slowly she closed her passport and placed it in her bag. David held out his hand to her and after a moment’s hesitation, she placed her palm into the stranger’s clasp.

Chapter Two

“This is your house?” Penny gasped as the taxi turned down a private lane and onto a horseshoe gravel driveway.

“Our house,” he corrected.

She wandered up and down the shingle frontage of the imposing yellow brick Victorian detached house and admired the surrounding garden full of spring flowers.

“Penny,” he called.

She hurried over to where he stood; the front door was open and he gestured her inside. Once in the hallway, she gazed about in awe. This was the kind of place she’d always dreamed of owning. It was even decorated exactly to her taste. Placing her hand on the rounded brass knob of one of the closed doors, she opened it. Stepping through the doorway, she found herself in a living room.

“I love that mirror!” she exclaimed, gazing at a Victorian mirror hung above the fireplace.

“You should, it was your find. Remember you bid higher than we’d agreed at the auction? But you won it,” David told her.

Turning slowly, she absorbed the decor, from the pale grey flocked wallpaper to the matching grey couch, dressed with slub-toned tartan throws. The parquet floors were polished in a rich honeyed wood. David moved to a side table and picked up a photo frame.

She gingerly took the picture and stared at herself standing beside David Forrester. They were both dressed in wedding outfits and looked radiantly happy. There was no doubt it was her in the picture, but how could that be? Perhaps she had a twin and they’d somehow switched lives, yet how? Her head throbbed; she felt overloaded, stunned.

“My head aches,” she muttered.

“Okay, sit yourself down there for a while. I’m going to take your case upstairs. I’ll run you a bath and make us some tea while you soak.”

“Thank you. That sounds nice,” she said, lifting her lips to give a wan smile.

“I know there’s something wrong, but do you remember what happened to your wedding ring? I noticed you weren’t wearing it at the airport.”

“A wedding ring? Hell, I don’t even remember you!”

“Okay, stay calm! I just wondered, that’s all… I’ll go fill the tub.”

When he’d left, she rummaged in her bag and pulled out her phone to call her sister.

“Hey you, are you home yet?” Penny relaxed at the sound of her sister’s voice.

“Allie, thank God! Something really, really strange is going on.”

“What’s happened? Are you all right?” Allie’s tone sharpened.

“Yes, but you are not going to believe this, I’m married. I got off the plane today and this American guy met me at arrivals and told me he was my husband!”

“Ha, ha, very funny, damn, Penny, I thought for a moment there something was really wrong!”

“There is, Allie, I am serious! I rang the police and they took us to the station for questioning. The really weird thing is that I have a passport with my surname down as Mrs. Forrester.”

“Penny, have you been drinking?”

“What? No!”

“Is David there, can I speak to him, please?”

Penny dropped back against the couch cushions. “Oh, Allie, not you too,” she whispered and cut the call, then cast the phone aside. Her heart hammered. She felt sick.

“Baby, your bath is ready!” David Forrester’s voice floated down from somewhere above her. Wearily she clambered to her feet and went into the hall. There was a slam of a door and a strange whine that came from the back of the house. Penny moved up the hall past the stairway. Turning left, she stopped in her tracks. A large golden retriever stood in her path, its tail wagging. A man came up the passage from behind the dog.

“Welcome home, Mrs. Forrester. I took Honey for a nice long walk. Knew you was back when she went wild as I pulled up in the car,” he said.

“Oh, yes? Well, thank you.” Penny stared at the dog. It walked forward slowly and moved around her, sniffing at her feet and clothing. She looked up and caught the man frowning. Quickly she bent to pat the animal but it sidestepped from under her hand.

“Well, now isn’t that odd? What’s up, Honey dog? There’s your mummy come home!” he said, hunkering down beside the dog and patting her back.

The animal whined. She turned around, heading back down the passage where she’d come from.

“I’d say she’s upset with you for leaving her. Let her sulk awhile, she’ll be fine. I’ll be off then.” The man turned to follow the direction the dog had taken.

“Y-Yes, thank you, goodbye!”

“Call me when you next need her walked,” he called.

“Penny!” David’s voice yelled impatiently from above.

“I’m coming!” she replied testily and headed for the stairs.

On the landing, the sound of running water led her through a spacious bedroom into a large bathroom. David appeared in the doorway.

“I have had to add more hot water. What took you so long?” he asked.

“A man arrived with a big dog.”

“I’ll bet Honey was real pleased to see you!”

“Not really, she seemed suspicious of me, which should tell us something.”

“Say what?” He frowned.

“Well, aren’t dogs supposed to sense when things aren’t quite right?”

“I guess. She must have picked up on your confusion. Right, let’s get you out of your travel clothes and into the tub,” he said, clapping his hands together.

“Thank you, but I can take it from here,” she said frostily, stepping back.

“Are you sure?” He sounded disappointed.

She stiffened. “Yes, quite certain. Thank you.”

“Well, if you’re okay? I’m going to call Doctor Blake and set up an appointment for you. I’ll make us some tea. Put on your onesie when you’re done here, and join me in the kitchen.”

He didn’t wait for a reply. She watched him leave and closed the bedroom door behind him. Looking about the room, she noticed that once again it was decorated to her taste, pale calming shades of grey. The curtains and bed throw were lighter, a silvery grey, made from a rich velour. Crisp white bed linen and a large silver velvet cushion dressed the wide bed, with a row of closets opposite. Penny noticed another door. She padded across the light grey carpet in her stocking feet and turned the handle.

Unable to believe her eyes, she gazed about the smaller room. Unicorn wallpaper and matching curtains, a Beauty and the Beast cupboard, one door decorated with a full-sized picture of the beast, the other of Belle, wearing her famous yellow dress. Her eyes tracked around the room in amazement.

Against one wall stood a lovely single bed dressed with a lace canopy and a Beauty and the Beast duvet cover and pillow set. Positioned on another wall was the largest changing station Penny had ever seen. The plastic-covered changing mat was adult-sized and matched the unicorn curtains. No one knew which books she’d downloaded onto her Kindle except her, and yet here was her deepest fantasy come to life. She’d been reading age-play books for the past year or so. Downloading a free book from the genre had begun her secret fascination for the lifestyle. This was a nursery for an adult little.

First the house—not just any old house but her dream house. Now this—a perfect little girl’s room, decorated as she had always imagined. This was beyond weird, this was creepy. She remembered David calling her little girl, and himself Daddy.

God, what have I wished for?

She ran from the room and slammed the door behind her.

Lying back in the bath, Penny tried not to worry, but it was no good. Her whole world was topsy-turvy. Could she be losing her mind? She decided talking to a doctor might be a good idea.

She finished washing and climbed out of the bath. Catching sight of herself in the mirror, she leaned in and studied her reflection. She looked no different. Same honey-blonde highlights in brown hair, same green-hazel eyes and cupid’s bow-shaped mouth.

“You all right up there?” David’s voice called from below.

Hastily she wrapped a towel around her and raced to the door.

“Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute!” she yelled, terrified he might come up.

“Doctor Blake said she’d call in on her way home. Tea is ready.”

“Okay, thank you. I’ll be right down!” she shouted back.

Going to the closet, she found no all-in-ones. Crossing to the entrance of the little girl’s room, she hesitated before stepping back inside the room. Searching under the pillow on the bed, she found an adult-sized nightdress decorated with Beauty and the Beast, but no onesie. Opening the closet, she gasped. Inside, neatly hung on pink velvet-covered hangers, were the dress-up clothes that most small girls yearn for; hanging alongside those were many daily outfits more fitting for young girls, but these looked to be adult-sized.

Penny peered at the label stitched in the neck of a pretty strawberry patterned dress; a twelve, her size. She spotted three onesies hanging on the far end of the rail. One was unicorn patterned; the second teddy bear themed; the third was decorated with fairies and each carried a wand. Penny fingered each of them in turn, discovering that all three were made of the softest fleece. She selected the unicorn outfit. On the floor of the cupboard sat a shoe rack and among the shoes were girly slippers. Picking up the pair of white unicorns with small glittery mauve horns sprouting from each toe, Penny sniffed inside the slippers; they smelt of her lemon foot balm.

Shakily, she slipped from the room clutching her finds. She couldn’t think about how she felt about this discovery, not now, not while the world as she knew it had imploded.

Penny found the kitchen by using the route she’d seen the dog take. She stepped into a huge space quite different from the rest of the house; it was ultra-modern. Cabinets lined the walls in pale grey, topped by white work surfaces that twinkled with silver sparkles, which she guessed was some kind of granite. David leaned against a central island with Honey resting against his leg. He absently scratched the dog’s ears. Looking up, he grinned at her.

“Found your onesie?”

She noted the lilting question in his voice. “Yes, and I found a-a little girl’s bedroom.”

“Come and have some tea.” He moved a mug toward her and she joined him. It was made as she liked—weak Earl Grey with just a dash of skimmed milk. How did he know so much about her?

“You know, I’ve been pondering on how to treat you and I have come to the conclusion that since I’m the daddy in this relationship, I should take the lead. I’ve decided I am going to behave as I always do around you, but if I do anything, or say something that worries you, just tell me, and we can talk it through. I mean that pretty much sums up our usual approach to our lifestyle, so what do you say?”

“That sounds fair. I do have some questions though.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I thought you might.”

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