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Claimed: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Chloe Kent – Sample

Chapter One

Dread coiled around Skyler Williams’ spine as she removed her boots, rendering her completely naked. She turned to help her friend who trembled so badly she couldn’t unzip her tunic, fearing a Navigator would take pleasure in tasing her for being too slow in following their instruction.

“They brought us here to kill us,” Tammy cried, her huge blue eyes soaked with tears and fear.

“We don’t know that yet. All we have to do is do as they tell us,” Skyler said, as she bent to untie Tammy’s boots. But even she knew nothing good would come from this. Did they know that some of the girls had joined Codex6, the resistance that was plotting to overthrow their megalomaniac leader and return basic rights to all humans, irrespective of class?

Pulled from her designated factory job where she packed little cakes of lavender and vanilla soap into fancy boxes decorated with ribbons and bows, Skyler and twenty other girls from different Sectors had been bundled into a tram, their alarming queries answered with an electric shock that made it feel like their insides had been dipped in raw cayenne. Skyler had experienced the misery of such a strike thrice in a row once before, leaving her with the memory and a scar on her hip. She couldn’t afford to draw any more attention to herself.

They’d been brought to a long-abandoned abattoir and ordered to remove their clothes — black long-sleeved tunic uniforms, white underwear, and black boots, standard attire for all females designated to the Sectors.

A band of Navigators, brainwashed of any emotion, in their metallic blue jumpsuits, stood in a squeaky-straight line before them, guns in hand and aimed at the girls as if they were facing a firing squad; the floor beneath their feet nothing but a massive sieve…to drain away their blood.

Tammy sobbed hysterically as they moved forward and each took a girl, slamming her into the wall, then handcuffing her wrists to the chains hanging from the ceiling. They worked in sync like the human robots they were, oblivious to the pleas and cries of the naked girls before them. They were only Sector girls, the lowest class on New Earth.

As the Navigators stepped back, a team of men dressed in pristine white entered the room. Her heart thudding, Skyler frowned as the medics entered, armed with giant red hoses. A command was issued at once and a blast of ice-cold water hit their naked bodies, whipping them like leather, cruelly and unmercifully.

Skyler flailed, scrambling to catch her breath as she tried to turn her back to the onslaught. Chained to the ceiling, none of them could escape the bullets of frosty water tinged with the unmistakable smell of a strong disinfectant, one Skyler was sure was used on animals. The sting on human skin was unbearable.

She hated everything about her life now. The world had gone to hell, but instead of the fiery-hot flames of the underworld, they were punished with endless winters after an asteroid had hit the earth and peeled off a layer of its surface like a strip of sticky tape ripped uncleanly from a cardboard box. About 90% of the population had been wiped out those excruciating fifteen years ago. She had only been eight years old then. Earth had become New Earth and was governed under a single tyrannical monster with distinct ideas on how the human race should be governed.

The shrill screams of the other girls became one as she lost count of time. She had no idea how long the torture lasted until finally it stopped.

After being uncuffed, rough, heavy-duty towels were flung at them. She wasn’t given an opportunity to check on Tammy before they were instructed to dry themselves with haste, jabbed here and there with batons if they were too sluggish or quivered too much.

They were then handed underwear and silk dresses to wear, all white in color, each dress marked with a number on the left side of the bodice and a pair of low pumps for their feet. One Navigator handed out a few hairbrushes and some hairpins and they were instructed to put their hair up. Yet another Navigator handed them a tube of lipstick to spread across their lips with the aid of a small hand-held mirror. He waited impatiently for one girl to finish so he could move the stick of lipstick down the line. Once done, they were ushered onto a bus which was suspiciously clean and uncannily warm, and were ordered to be silent.

As they left the dreary, poor darkness of the Sectors behind, Skyler’s pulse started to beat wildly.

As if they had entered a whole other world since the asteroid, The Hills where The Nobles lived came into full view, flooded with hundreds of ten-meter-long streetlights to give the illusion of a bright sunny day. Palatial houses, shopping malls, and billboards advertising high-end fashion and the latest live plays could be seen everywhere. Specials on interspace travel were advertised as well, courtesy of the asteroid. Outer space had become interspace, doorways to other planets were created and introduced the universe to all kinds of other planetary life most members in the Sectors had no notion of. They couldn’t even begin to imagine such a sight as an alien. And an Interspace Peace Treaty had been signed by all planets to ensure planetary order.

She gritted her teeth at the many holograms of their evil president—Robert Foister, who had turned everything on earth into an unrecognizable dictatorship, separating the surviving the humans into the Sectors and the Nobles.

She didn’t need anyone to spell out where they were being taken as they slowed at their destination. Her insides had already twisted in revolt. Foister’s house, unashamedly massive and sickeningly opulent, stood on the highest point of the hill, a gaudy mess of overzealous architecture, fit only for an ego-hungry tyrant like him.

Her skin prickled painfully, and she blinked back the irritating sting of tears at the back of her eyes. She had played in the very corridors of his house once before, as innocent, and heedless as any eight-year-old and the thought of returning there now made her sick to her stomach. Absently, she fingered the number tag attached to her dress. Three.

The Navigators ushered them into a grand hall lit by a sprawling chandelier. Twenty chairs were arranged in rows of four and the walls were lined with tables ladened with food. A Noble woman stood at the entrance to receive them.

“Have they been disinfected?” she asked a Navigator.

“Yes, Madame, twice, as instructed.”

“Good,” she nodded. “Take a seat, girls.”

The girls obeyed meekly, unsure what to expect next.

“It is my honor to welcome you to the humble abode of none other than our very revered president, Robert Foister,” she said, standing before them now.

Shocked murmurings echoed around Skyler.

“It is also my privilege to inform you that for one lucky girl here, her dreams are going to come true, and it comes with the most amazing prize. Now what if I told you, one of you here has the power to wave a magic wand and have your whole family be relocated to the Hills? It’s that simple. Just by being here, you can have your family’s status card uplifted to Noble. And of course, who can be a Noble and live on the Hills without a majestic house.” She nodded to a Navigator behind them and a screen materialized in the air before them. A beautiful house emerged from the air, much like all the others gracing the Hills. The Navigator clicked through the images of many beautiful bedrooms, a heated indoor swimming pool, a magnificent kitchen. The sheer extravagance of it all leaped from one shot to the next.

“Your family, and that includes your extended family as well, mind you, will also be given an exceedingly large lifetime stipend and will want for nothing. You want this for your families, girls,” she said, injecting what Skyler knew was false emotion into her voice. “And this is your chance to give the people you love the best life possible, right here on the Hills.”

The stirring of murmurs that erupted from the girls grew as the new information sunk in. But for Skyler that served only to deepen her frown.

Tammy looked at the speaker with transformative hope in her eyes. She had a family of ten, all housed in a tiny four-bedroom, tin-walled dwelling. This could mean the world to Tammy, to any of the girls here, for that matter.

Skyler lived with her elderly foster aunt, uncle, and her adopted four cousins. She loved the Beningans unconditionally. Her heart lurched as she thought of her uncle with his arthritis-gnarled hands still sweeping the streets, waiting for his papers to come from The Hills that would allow him to stop working. The papers that never came. She thought of her aunt who was going blind and could barely operate the sewing machine at her designated job. And her cousins whose futures were hopeless anyway in this godforsaken place. Their newborn children’s too.

“I know this is too much excitement to take in at one time,” the Noble woman continued. “So, for now please, accept the generosity of your host, our president, and partake in the array of food and drinks and then afterward I’ll furnish you with the rest of this wonderful opportunity. Help yourself to anything. Don’t be shy.”

Glancing around her, as the girls excitedly and ravenously sampled the food, a sinking feeling weighed Skyler down as the truth finally sank in. They were being sacrificed for some sort of dark and deviant fate and they had no say in the matter.

“Tammy, listen to me,” Skyler whispered, taking her friend by her arms. “We need to get out of here. They’re going to…They’re going to—” But her words slipped into a cloud of disarray.

Compelled by some invisible force, she looked up and all around her. Her skin tingled. Her heart pounded as if she were being watched. Observed. Examined. Stripped. A triple strike that assailed her mind, heart, and body, leaving her exposed and breathless. Her head swam with lascivious images beyond her imaginative capacity to create, infiltrating every part of her body, from her breasts to the center of her thighs.

A hard, male body, foreign, looming and…unhuman, pressed against her, parted her legs, and then with his massive hands separated the folds of her pussy, dripping wet already. She gasped aloud as he scooped out copious molten heat from deep inside her only to curl his tongue around his fingers and suck off her essence.

“Stop worrying,” Tammy said, her words sounding like an echo in Skyler’s head, forcing her to rip her attention back to her friend. Tammy’s eyes were no longer soaked with tears and fear as they had been not so long ago. “Have some wine,” Tammy offered as she sipped and grimaced. “Did wine always taste this bad?” she asked as she determinedly took another mouthful. “Isn’t it wonderful? I was so sure we were going to be slaughtered in the abattoir and now this. This. Can you believe it? I want to win, Skyler. Whatever it is, I want to win this for my family.”

Losing her grip on reality again, Skyler shook her head, trying to dislodge the stark, graphic visuals that kept skewering her mind. She couldn’t hold onto a clear thought long enough. Had she been drugged? Did they drug Tammy as well?

“Tammy, it’s all lies. They’re bribing us with lies. Please—”

But the man-like beast in her head, his face unseen, growling from deep in his chest, tossed her onto his bed then drove his thick, heavy cock inside her, pinning her down with its ferocious weight as he sucked her nipple into a crimson bead before his sharp teeth clamped down into her tender flesh.

What was happening to her? She slapped her hand across her mouth to stop herself from crying out aloud in front of everyone. But instead, she whimpered into her palm as her head exploded with the image of him slipping his hands under her ass, forcing her to arch her back as he stretched her virgin body to fit the rest of his enormous cock.

She clenched her thighs to contain the mental onslaught which came out of nowhere, aware of the sudden, sticky heat inside her panties. She shook her head repeatedly to shake off the insanity of her thoughts, yet more distorted images continued to torture her.

Skyler grabbed her friend’s hand, aware that only one Navigator stood guard at the exit of the hall. She had no plan, but she knew that they had to leave. They’d been unashamedly bribed into obedience. Mentally fattened for the something that was being withheld from them because it couldn’t be clearer, the sacrifice would mean their lives.

But the hazy image of the male she had seen in her mind’s eye returned. And now there were three different indecipherable faces. She was being taken by three unhuman males, spread wide and unmercifully, her whole body licked with each of their tongues, her pussy sucked with each of their mouths before she was penetrated, possessed as if they owned her, with each of their cocks.

Breathing heavily, oblivious to Tammy’s voiced concern for her now, she swirled around the room. Someone…something was doing this to her.

Chapter Two

Airyck, King of Asarog turned his head from side to side, and barely contained himself enough not to rip off the garments shrouding his body.

He didn’t think he could endure the stifling fabric Wistan had insisted he wear and vowed to make fish bait for the phrnas out of his youngest brother once he got back home. But Drykin, his other brother and ever the diplomat had agreed they had to make a good impression on their future bride, and coming to her in proper New Earth attire was one way to ease her into the concept of becoming their queen. Anything to mask the fact that Asarogians were larger than any human, with a fierce reputation planet-wide.

“The female?” he asked New Earth’s ruler, Robert Foister. He had humored the man long enough with their etiquette; he drank their alcohol that tasted like something their females on Asarog would drink and he couldn’t wait to shred the shirt off his armor, what Earthlings called skin.

“Of course,” the man said, unable to completely hide his almost petrified nervousness as he looked at Airyck, no matter how hard he tried to be on equal footing with him. “I thought you could view them unannounced first.” The small man’s untrusting eyes searched for a sign of approval, none of which he received. He then stumbled to pick up a device from his desk and a hologram image of a group of females, sampling food and beverages, spread out into the air before them.

Airyck took a deep breath. One of those females would be their mate-eternal, and as soon as he got back home the process of impregnating her would start without delay. Any fitting female would suffice, since they shared the same hematological systems but still, he scanned the candidates briefly…until his gaze landed on her.

While it happened in an instant, the staggering sensation catapulted him into the beginning of time for one seemingly endless moment. He rose from the chair, aware for a second how everything around him seemed so small and inconsequential, then neared the laser image before him.

The startling sight of her image was so overpowering that she triggered open the gateways of mental transference between him and his brothers who were more than 200 million miles away, vivid enough that they could see her through his eyes and he could hear their thoughts in his ears. The way his pulse, what Asarogian kings called their sphygmic rhythm raced, his blood roared, and his cock hardened, his brothers experienced the same.

“Sweet drox,” Wistan said softly, swearing in Asarogian and Drykin repeated his sentiments. None of them had ever been so riveted by a female of any kind before, a surge so dynamic he was sure they wouldn’t be able to ignore her even if they had entirely unplugged their thoughts from existence.

She would belong to them, instantly and eternally, simply because her beauty echoed in their armor and her breath thickened their blood. She was their emulent. Undeniably, irrevocably theirs.

They had found, here on New Earth, what they never expected to find in their lifespans, even on their home planet Asarog.

She solidified their connection the moment she looked up and around her, as if she could feel the weight of the effect she had on them as it cascaded over her. Airyck zeroed in on the little bead of her pulse as it struck up and fluttered harder now at her throat. She touched it with small, perfect little fingers, her sweet soft hazel gaze, gleaming now with curious but frantic suspicion, darting around the room.

The change in her physiology didn’t go unnoticed by him and his brothers. If they closed their eyes, he was sure they would smell the wetness of her pussy that their mental attention on her had instigated.

Three sets of thoughts merged into one, ending with their cocks thrust inside her soft soaking flesh, fucking her until she purred for them to bathe her with their seed.

“Her,” Airyck said shortly, his jaw rippling. Even in his deep state of mental arousal, his voice hoarse, his cock aching, a warning as insidious as it was confusing planted itself inside his head. Somehow or the other, he knew the fragile little flower with her gleaming dark hair, who had grabbed him and his brothers by the balls then messed with their fucking pulse like no other female ever had, was going to be a planet’s worth of trouble.

He had seen that in her defiance, blatant as day, as second nature to her as her luscious pink lips themselves. There wasn’t one compliant bone in that hot little human body of hers.

Skyler thought she would retch again and tried her best to swallow it down. Her head spinning faster than the rollercoaster at the amusement park her dad used to take her to, she tried to sit up and explain to herself what was going on.

But woozy and unbalanced, she laid back down again on her side, and from a peek between her eyelids, she saw three giants standing in a row, watching her, filling her vision. Their muscle-crafted torsos were bare, and their skin appeared to be a dusky orange, a deep sultry tan, with three blue opal stone-like things slashed into the left side of each of their chests.

Yeah right, she murmured with a dry mouth, discarding them immediately from her head. But they seemed to stay.

Oh God, there were orang-ish giants watching her.

She raised her hand to her face to see if she had developed a strange new kind of peripheral gigantism but for the life of her she couldn’t bring her hand to her eyes; her arm seemed disjointed, as if it didn’t belong to her.

Moaning, she rolled her heavy body to the other side. Then the very walls started to dance toward her, inches away from sweeping her up with them. She shut her eyes and gave up. Too tired to do anything but sleep.

The next time she opened her eyes, the once slushy membranes in her head no longer jostled her around like she was at sea, as much. She swallowed slowly, then failed halfway when her arid throat squealed at her. She gasped for the breath she lost then slowly tried to sit up. At that point she remembered the giants who had been watching her.

Taking a deep breath, she prepared to eradicate the vestiges of her unexplained fever and attempted a peek at them again. She turned her head in the direction she had found them earlier then heaved a sigh of relief. She had stopped hallucinating.

“You’re awake,” a tiny voice said softly. Skyler turned toward the voice and grimaced. She had just swapped super large male giants for a female version.

“How are you feeling?” another said, coming toward her, holding out a glass with an unusually blue liquid to her. “You must be very thirsty. Here. Please, will you have a drink?”

Skyler sat up and tried to back away from the two approaching female creatures, sure they were all figments of her imagination. She touched her forehead and her clammy skin slid against her palm. How sick was she?

“I don’t understand…” she said, looking at the two of them, still hoping they’d disappear and she’d find herself in her tiny bed in the Sectors.

“What don’t you understand?” one of them asked gently. Much taller than Skyler, their dusky-orange complexions looked as smooth as silk, their eyes beautifully large with lids threaded with dark long eyelashes, to match the short pixie-like gleaming hair on their heads.

Dressed in slim-fitting long dresses that looked warm and cozy to the eye, they were utterly beautiful to look at.

“Where am I?”

“You are on the planet Asarog where soon you will be our queen. But right now, you are in our infirmary. You seem to have had a bad reaction to the inoculations you were given back on New Earth, to guard your immunity for life here on Asarog. You have been ill, but I assure you, you will feel your complete self as soon as we administer this one injection.”

A bolt of jagged-edged lightning hit Skyler full on. The disinfecting torture at the abattoir, the weird speech by one of the women of the Nobles promising their families a mansion on The Hills. Tammy…Oh god. What had happened to her friend?

“What’s Asarog?” No, she didn’t care. She sprang from the narrow bed only to have a blast of cool air dance over her sweaty body. Her naked sweaty body.

“Where are my clothes?” she cried, but her hoarse voice only allowed her a mere squeak.

“It is in your best interest to remain in the medicated chamber, my lady.”

“The what? No, I want my clothes, right now.” When they both didn’t fall over themselves to do her bidding, Skyler turned to snatch the sheet off the bed. Her movements were sluggish, and her fingers felt like thick sausages capable of nothing as she tried to drag the cover from the bed, but the damn sheet wouldn’t budge an inch. Was it attached to the bed somehow? A quick glance around the room—which looked like a hospital room, but not quite—made it evidently and eerily clear she might not be anywhere near earth anymore.

“It is a medicated chamber. The sheet, which contains all manner of medication and essential macros and micros are absorbed into your body as you lay under it, is attached to the bed. But now that you are awake, and saved us from having to disturb your slumber, please, will you lay down on your side, so we may give you the injection, to further stabilize you for life here on Asarog.”

Skyler’s gaze collided with a needle the size of a pole in the female’s hand. Oh, hell no. She held her head in both her hands, racking her brain to connect the dots and failed. Her first priority should be to get home, to the Sectors.

“That won’t be necessary,” she said slowly, straightening. “I just want to go home. How do I do that?” she asked as pleasantly as she could.

“You are to be our Queen. This is your home.”

Nothing made sense. “Look, I just need to get home. I don’t know what I’m doing here. I shouldn’t be here.”

“You are still a little delirious from your pyrexia. If you would let us inject this medicine into you, you will be back to normal in no time and your cognitive abilities will return as well. But we must give you this shot, or we will be back at square one again and that will endanger your life. Please, my lady.”

“No. You stay away from me.” She shielded them off by raising her hands. She was done trying to reason with them, and besides, there was only so long she could hold off without becoming highly hysterical and breaking down completely. “I need my clothes, that is all.”

The two females looked at each other, then at her. “We understand that this might be an adjustment and of course temporary amnesia is a symptom of interspace travel some do experience. Therefore, trust us when we say you need this injection. Without it you might cease…”

“Cease what?”

“Cease to breathe.”

Why was she on a strange planet away from home? What were they going to do to her? “My friend, Tammy. Tamara? Is she here as well?”

“Only you were brought from New Earth, my lady. Please, will you take this medication? We are running out of time. Your—”

Taking a deep breath, she cut off whatever alien explanation they were going to give her. “Take me to your leader.” Words she never thought she would utter in all her life.

“My lady, you must take this shot. Now.” They advanced toward her and Skyler reacted the only way she knew how. She capsized tables and chairs, anything to put an obstacle in their way so they didn’t catch her.

But what was she going to do, run around the strange room until she exhausted them?

But when the walls seemed to part like a wave, and the three giants from her previous hallucination entered, their realness utterly stunned her. She stood immobilized as their gazes swept across the dire state she’d created of the room, then landed back on her.

They were real. All three of them. She couldn’t stop herself from flinching at the sight of them. Possibly seven feet in height, their thunderously frightening aura, so different from the females, was unquestioningly savage and yet conspicuously imperial as the same time.

While the females had hair on their heads, the males did not. Bare of any other clothes except for leather-like pants which did nothing to hide their muscle-knotted long thighs, and boots which seemed bigger than her. Rock-hard veins twined tightly under their skin ran like a violent river down their long arms and into the backs of their hands. Their abs were like four rows of neatly packed boulders. Her whole body blazed from the inside out and she shuddered at the sheer unhuman power of them.

“What is going on here?” One of them spoke. She looked up from the three opal stones each of them wore which seemed to glimmer, on the left side of their chests, like a heartbeat. Who were they?

They came toward her and Skyler cowered, as first their shadows enveloped her then their startling gaze, extraordinary, powerfully brutal green eyes which penetrated right through her and scattered her senses everywhere. Fear thrilled though her body, her heart pounded in her ears and new wetness soaked her pussy. She stumbled backward at the familiar erotic onslaught.

She wasn’t unaccustomed to be being nude in front of strangers. The Foist had taken away a lot of things, including her modesty. Health spot-checks were conducted regularly by Medics and overseen by the Navigators where they were asked to strip down to nothing where they stood.

But now, with them looking at her nakedness like no one else had ever done before, her heart thundered. She felt naked and she couldn’t help her senses from peaking, from wanting to inhale that unfamiliar scent of theirs like her life depended on it. A strange heady combination of musk and…something akin to mint, a fragrance so overpowering, her nipples rose to hardened peaks and the core between her legs already wet, tightened achingly. What the hell?

There was nothing to cover herself with, not a single scrap of fabric she could have detached and used to shield her nudity, so she used her hands strategically at her most private places, her skin hot under her own touch.

“My lady refuses to receive the 5xTS shot. Her pulse will drop drastically within three to five minutes, Airyck. We’ve been trying to administer it to her to no avail.”

The male giant who spoke before sighed heavily then muttered something under his breath, and she was sure she heard the word discipline linked with the phrase complete lack thereof.

“My name is Drykin,” said another. “These are my brothers. Airyck is our oldest brother and Wistan, our youngest. We are the kings of Asarog,” he said, gesturing to the other two males standing beside him.

“Greetings, young future wife,” said the youngest, and his smile perforated her breath. He also bowed gallantly to her. She almost rolled her eyes at the odd demonstration. “She looks as fragile as the petal of a lerflow. I hope we don’t break her,” he continued, this time his thick eyebrows falling to the center of his forehead.

She stood ramrod straight, flicked her long damned hair over her shoulder, and while still covering her breasts and the vee at her thighs with her hands, aimed for as haughty and as dignified a look as she could on the outside. Inside an inferno of chaos reigned as everything fell into place.

The reason Sector girls were disinfected and spruced up was for nothing more than an auction. They were the candidates from which these aliens would choose. And they had chosen her. That’s why they’d been bribed with a mansion on The Hills for their families — because no one would want to be taken by an alien race and…and made their queen.

Oh, god help her.

Part of her raged, but the other part realized this meant Tammy was safe and Skyler just needed her wits around her to escape this planet and its scary kings.

“Please, could you return my clothes to me,” she said calmly, also as politely as she could. She had to keep her head intact.

But however badly she wanted to dispute that they fascinated her, she failed and found herself intermittently staring at them in perplexed awe. While all three shared the same height, were insanely muscular, their orange tanned skin with those three living stones on their chests, they each had a different shade of green irises beneath their very dark and extraordinarily long eyelashes.

“Clothes will be given to you once you have taken the injection. Now, I suggest you yield and take the shot,” Airyck, the oldest said, his mouth sculptured into a perfect stern line. She couldn’t help the sludge of red thickening across her cheeks, as her body continued to play some sort of bizarre, sensuous game with her. She wanted to reach out and touch them, catch their scent using the tip of her tongue on their skin and taste it. The folds between her thighs swelled ever more and standing with her legs as tightly shut as she was, quadrupled the achy discomfort. She was going mad.

But then a shiver worked its way down her spine. She should be afraid of these aliens. Very, very afraid. The physiological tingles she experienced were probably a hypnotic sway into compliance. They were tricking her. She couldn’t trust them and who knew what other personal controls that injection they insisted on giving her would take away.

“You come near me in any way and I’ll… I’ll…” She picked up a heavy steel lamp she had toppled over before and used it now as a weapon against the massive alien advancing on her.

“Airyck, we are running out of time,” a female voice cautioned as Skyler stepped back.

“I will give you one more chance to yield.”

“Go. To. Hell,” she said, emphasizing each word.

“So be it.” He continued his advance, oblivious to her threats that she would not hesitate to fling the weighty lamp in her hand at his head.

‘I want to go home,” she shouted, but he was too close, and she had no choice left. The lamp sailed out of her hand and while it completely missed the large specimen of male, it landed terrifyingly too close to one of the females where it thudded to the floor with an unusual sound. What the heck was the floor made of?

In the moment she gasped her horror that she could have hurt one of the females, the mean male giant of an alien, swooped in, bent and wrapped his massive arms around her knees then tossed her over his shoulder.

“Put me you down, you arrogant alien oaf!”

“It would be better for you if you held your tongue,” he replied, and the dominant tone in his voice made her want to scream and kick even more ferociously.

Before she knew it, she was she rolled onto her belly over his long, though brick-muscled thighs, trapped under his strength and still as naked as the day she was born.


Her insult was interrupted by one of the females. “An aid to numb her before we inject her, Airyck,” she said, when Skyler turned her head toward her and saw the female alien lean over with circular pad of cotton wool that she dabbed with liquid from a bottle.

“No. No. I’m not taking any more of your medicine. You leave me alone.” She writhed her body with all the strength she had. “No. Don’t touch me.”

“Keep still,” Airyck said, awfully calm and deadly at the same time. “Or I’ll use my hand to numb your ass instead.”

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