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Claiming His Mate by Claire Conrad – Sample

Chapter One

Markus, Prince of Delti, Temple Prison Cell on Planet Zatari

Chains clattered against the wall as I pulled and fought the thick cuffs that circled my wrists. The lightweight metal cut into my skin and blood coated my palms for my efforts. Bracing my feet, I pulled hard, my chest muscles straining, hoping against hope that the bolts in the walls behind me would break free.

The last thing I remembered was entering Zatari territory in the hunt for my missing sister. Now, here I stood in a seeding room, cock hard, body raging with chemicals, naked as the rest of these fools. Fools who had their rock-hard shafts deep down a willing woman’s throat. They weren’t even chained as I was, completely content being used for the seed.

No, instead of the night of pleasure these men would gladly endure, I was fairly certain these bitches would kill me once they discovered who I was. I wasn’t a volunteering stud to be pussy milked of my seed.

The Fier injection they’d given me was torture enough, racing through my bloodstream, making my cock hard as a rock and my pulse race. Sweat dripped from my temples as I fought to think, to reason, to maintain control when all I could think about was fucking, rutting into the first slick pussy available.

I closed my eyes, unwilling to endure the sight of so many naked women, their breasts bare, their mouths spread wide as they pleasured the other men in this small room. The men’s harsh groans and bucking hips were a distraction I did not need. Nor did I wish to witness the shine left on their rods by the wet mouths sucking them. I wanted to feel the wet heat of a woman’s mouth, the tight suction as she ran her tongue over the blunt ridge of my shaft’s engorged crown.

Unfortunately, the Fier Potion was not being used to prepare my body for a night of fucking. It was not meant merely to keep my cock hard and ready for an eager pussy. The injection had other effects. The drug kept my power to read and influence the minds of those around me suppressed, and without that power I could not escape.

Even so I shared the fervor building in the men’s bodies, the need to fuck, and fuck hard, to come over and over again inside a hot, wet pussy. Instinctively, my hips bucked and pre-cum dribbled from me, dripping onto the floor at my feet.

“Careful, my loves. Don’t let them come. We need their seed for the ceremony.” The words startled me and I opened my eyes to see an elder Zatari priestess walk the room, giving instructions to the ten females sucking and teasing the cocks of the other men. The elder wore a black gown and black slippers. She was tall, as all the Temple warrior-women were, but her hair was silver with age and her sharp blue eyes held no desire as she watched the women on their knees. No, her eyes rested on me, and were filled with cold calculation.

Hoping the Fier Potion had burned out of my system, I reached for my power, pried open the place deep within where the soul of the planet filled me with power, with knowing, and found… nothing. Their potion was working. With a high enough dose, I would die. But that wasn’t what they wanted. No, the old woman walking toward me wanted me empty, without control, without strength, and without the will to resist.

I locked down my hatred and watched her with eyes I knew would be as cold and empty as her own. This woman had severely underestimated her enemy. These women on their knees readying the men’s cocks for breeding were Zatari Temple warriors. By the weapons they carried and the white robes they knelt upon, I guessed I’d been captured and taken to the Temple of Law.

“Release me.” I made the demand fully expecting her to refuse.

“I think not. We are not finished with you yet.” The elder arched one eyebrow at me and slowly and deliberately inspected my naked form, taking her time studying the cock bulging between my legs. With every second that passed, my hatred for her grew. The five Temples of Zatari had been at war with my people, the people of Delti, since long before my birth, and would most likely be at war with them long after my death. Both sides routinely tortured and killed any enemy unlucky enough to be found trespassing. Today, that trespasser was me.

“What is it that you want from me? I will not volunteer to be a breeder.” These women needed the breeding ceremonies because they’d taken on the lifestyle of the mythical Amazonian societies, the legendary women who had walked the planet of Delti long before the Plague Wars destroyed it. They blamed the male half of the race for all war, for genocide and for plagues, for pollution and the devastation of the planet that had destroyed thousands of years of human culture. Not that I disagreed, but a society with no men? I couldn’t grasp why any woman wouldn’t want a firm hand to guide her, to protect her, and to fuck her into submission. Women always found pleasure under my hands. Why would these women deny themselves the pleasure of submitting as a hard cock filled them from behind?

“We do not need your permission to take your seed.”

My stomach clenched with rage and the chains rattled at my irritation. “You would break the treaty, after a hundred years of peace?” My people, my father, ruled the other half of the world, a society where peace had been made with the planet and the old power it offered had been reawakened. We were strong of mind, connected to the soul of the mother, the planet itself. We could read the minds of others, communicate telepathically, create illusions or see through lies created by others, influence thoughts, recognize our Fated Mates…

A nubile young female wearing a translucent white robe entered the room and walked to stand before me. Her hair was long and fell nearly to her waist. Her dark eyes matched her black hair and she dropped her robe revealing full round breasts and nicely curved hips.

“This one, Lady Hathra?” She addressed the elder, but ran her hands across my chest making me ache for more skin-to-skin contact even as contempt filled my mind with the urge to kill the old woman standing behind her.

“Yes. Bathe him. Make sure he is ready. The High Priestess herself shall breed him tonight.”

“Yes, my lady.” The female took her time looking me over and I gritted my teeth to prevent myself from begging for relief as the elder in black left the room. The damn drug nearly stole my sense of reason, of self. I wanted this sexy young woman’s lips around my cock. I wanted to strain against the chains and fuck her sweet mouth until she gagged on my hard length.

And when I got out of these chains, when the potion wore off and I had my strength once more, I’d throw every woman in this room over a spanking bench and punish them until their asses were blazing hot.

This was my fault. I’d been a fool to think I could sneak past their technology, let alone find any trace of my sister or her abductor. I hoped my half-brother, Hunter, was having better luck on Lunar One. After the wars, the base on the Zatari moon had become a military stronghold for the first few decades. But now it was nothing more than a place for the elite to play. Beyond easy reach of our two warring kingdoms, the base was run by powerful unions who sold anything and anyone they wanted.

As the female stroked my right shoulder with a wet bathing sponge, I admitted the truth. Barring a miracle, my odds of surviving the night were slim. If my captors discovered my true identity, they would either torture me for information before demanding ransom from my father, or execute me immediately.

Or worse, breed me to their warriors until my body gave out like a racehorse’s and my heart burst. I heard soft drumbeats coming from somewhere nearby and the soft fragrance of burning herbs and oils floated in the air. The women were beautiful, and despite my determination not to lust after them, the sight of so many rounded asses, the sounds of wet cocks sliding over eager lips, was driving me to the brink of madness.

The other men, the breeders for today’s activities, lined the walls, their bodies dripping sweat. Each of the men displayed an agony of need in the lines of strain on their faces, the trails of sweat running down their bare backs, and, most impressively, in the engorged penises jutting from their bodies. Their heavy balls, most likely achingly filled with seed, hung between their legs. The poor fools were so ripe they were nearly purple. Thick veins pulsed up their long lengths.

These men had no desire to be freed. No, they begged to serve these women and their dark purposes. Begged to breed with them. The Fier Potion had been given to all the men, but the Zatari’s guests were not prisoners like me. They were volunteers willing to trade their seed to these women in exchange for payment. This preparation time was only a buildup, foreplay, in advance of their night of all-out fucking.

I groaned as the female bathing me stroked my cock and balls with the warm sponge over and over. She grinned. “I’m not allowed to taste you, but I can do this.” She wrapped her hand around me—although I was too thick for her fingers to close—and rubbed the tip of my cock with her sponge. My eyes nearly rolled back into my head as I gritted my teeth against her sweet assault.

Damn it! No! I had to keep my wits about me.

Like me, the men in the room were large, strong, and had deep wells of power locked away by the Fier Potion. No power meant no power, no control, no freedom. With enough of the poison in their blood, they forgot their pasts, they forgot themselves and turned into rutting animals. With the chains binding them too short for any man to stroke his own cock, they were truly in the women’s thrall, their release solely at their hosts’ mercy.

As the female stroked my balls and ass I held myself completely still, unwilling to show the slightest weakness. Nothing could entice me to touch any of these Zatari women. They were a heartless, vicious bunch. I would never curse a son to a slave’s life, nor a daughter to grow up in one of their five temples.

The dark-haired woman finished with me and the other women left the room one by one, the men calling after them to return, to finish them off, their cocks dripping and showing off their readiness for the ceremony that would begin soon. I was running out of time.

A firestorm of fury poured through my bloodstream and I pulled with every ounce of strength against the chains. I pulled until my muscles burned and trembled. I bellowed my wrath.


Leaning back against the smooth wall, I was soothed by the deep, biting cold of the stone against my overheated flesh.

There had to be a way out. As soon as this drug wore off, I’d call on my power, force one of these women to release me and be gone. And if the potion didn’t wear off, if my mental command didn’t return in time? Well then, I’d be dead and two planets would once more be at war.

My father, the king of Delti, would avenge his children’s deaths. To lose a son would be bad, but to lose my baby sister, Selene, to a bastard slaver we’d tracked to the Zatari elders’ council? In my father’s eyes, Zatari would be wholly responsible for the abduction of a royal princess. Millions would die. My father was a bloodthirsty bastard on a good day. Gods only knew what he would do with an excuse to start a war.

If I died here, tonight, while these raving lunatics begged to donate their seed like stud dogs salivating over a bone, my father would attack.

That was unacceptable. I’d been so damn stupid landing in that Fier flower field, scanning their factories without properly cloaking my ship. But my ship had been damaged breaking through their automated perimeter defenses. I’d taken several hits. It would have taken me several days to repair the ship, time Selene might not have.

Perhaps if I told my captors my true identity, they’d act in their own best interests and ransom me back to my father quickly.

A loud snap filled the room as the airlock on the holding room door was opened once more. The old woman, Lady Hathra, now wearing white, walked in with a handful of elite Temple guards behind her. Gods, these women were beautiful. Elegant, strong, and confident. All traits I would normally admire in a female, when I wasn’t being held prisoner.

The elder looked me right in the eye as she spoke to her warriors. “Take them. It’s time to begin the ceremony.”

The moment they were released, the eager men jumped to follow their escorts. Hours of sex awaited them, countless beautiful women riding their cocks, taking their seed. And when these men were done? They would have a choice to make. They could remain here as a breeder. Many men, once under the influence of Fier Potion, wanted more, became addicted. If not, then the men would receive gifts. Ships. Stasis chambers. Med tech units. Medicine for treating diseases in their villages. Credits to purchase anything they could desire. The Zatari dangled a lure few could resist. A night of induced orgasms was the only cost.

I knew many men more than eager to fuck as many beautiful women as possible, although most preferred not to do so while in chains.

No weapons were ever offered as payment, none of the Temple warriors’ frightening biotech or weaponry. No, that they protected with a single-minded intensity I reluctantly admired. No one got their hands on Zatari technology, and if they did, they were always found dead within days.

The weapons had a reputation for being cursed. Steal from a Zatari priestess, and the thief almost always ended up dead.

I watched the men file out, kept my mouth shut, and waited to find out what this elder wanted from me. Lady Hathra stared up at me. She was old, her face lined with deep wrinkles that nearly swallowed her eyes. And the elder stood tall, the top of her gray head nearly reached my brow. But her beady eyes locked onto me and they were a hunter’s eyes.

Eventually, she tired of my silence. “What are you doing here, Prince Markus of Delti? What were you hunting in our fields?”

I studied her intelligent eyes and weighed my options. They knew my identity and I wasn’t dead. Naked, chained to a wall, and drugged, but not dead. How much did I dare tell her? My brother and I were convinced the slavers who had abducted Selene were linked to the Zatari’s illegal Fier Potion trade on Lunar One. If that were true, this woman might know where Selene had been taken, or at least have some idea where I should look.

“I’m searching for my sister, Selene. She was taken by slavers two days ago.”

She walked to within a few inches and rested her wrinkled hand on top of my shoulder. In her palm she held a small device unlike any I’d ever seen before. “And you thought we were responsible?”

Fire burned through me. Pain. Powerful, nerve-sizzling bursts of energy flowed from the hard object in her hand into my body. I growled at her as she turned my body into a pillar of agony. “What are you doing? My death will mean war between our peoples.”

Her smile chilled me to my very soul and I knew, in her eyes, I was already dead. “Oh, we know that, young prince. And we’re ready to eliminate your family from this world. You are weak, your powers unpredictable. You no longer have the strength to hold half of this planet. We plan to kill every citizen of Delti who does not abandon our planet and run home.”

I jerked from her touch, yanking my shoulder from beneath her hand. “Then what do you want with me, old woman?”

“The truth.” She stepped closer and I had nowhere to run as she placed her wrinkled hand on my chest. I pulled on the chains, blood dripping from my fingertips to splatter on the clean white floor. Pain and power poured into my muscles until my body contorted, until my knees collapsed and I dangled over the floor, my system overloaded. I hung, semi-conscious, suspended by the chains. Every muscle I had burned as Lady Hathra poured power into me like forcing lightning into a flask.

I fought to raise my head. “The truth? I doubt that. What do you really want?”

She ceased the flow of energy and I shivered with sudden cold. “Young fool. We will milk your seed and use it to create many fine warriors and slaves. We will drain your blood, cut your flesh, and break your mind open. It has been a long time since we had access to a royal with your knowledge and power. After we have taken everything, we will finally allow you to die.”

Her eyes glowed with fanaticism and I closed my own in defense against despair. One of her warriors injected me with another dose of Fier Potion and I wanted to shout a denial as my body responded to the increased quantity of the drug. My cock swelled until I felt it would burst open and I saw it was bulbous and purple. One touch and I’d come, whether I wanted to or not.

She hit me with another blast of current, and another, until I was covered in sweat and unable to lift my head. Killing her became my only reason for enduring. But would I survive long enough to complete the task?

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