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Claiming Their Mate by Morganna Williams – Sample

Claiming Their Mate by Morganna WilliamsChapter One

Madison nervously eyed the big glass doors looming ahead of her; she hated job interviews. So much was riding on the success of the interview; if she didn’t get this job, she was going to lose her apartment.

Unfortunately, even in a crappy neighborhood in a poorly kept apartment building, rent fell due and they wouldn’t take an IOU.

It wasn’t like she had anyone to ask for help. Right after she’d finished high school, both of her parents had been killed in a car accident. She chose not to dwell on the loss but rather be thankful for the wonderful parents she’d been gifted with, though their time together had been relatively short. Many weren’t so fortunate in who they were born to.

After their deaths, Madison had moved to the city, thinking it would be easier to find a good job there than it would be in podunk rural Texas. Since then she’d gone from one dead end job to another until she finally found a good job and she thought she’d finally be able to make some friends. Then without warning, her boss had announced they were going out of business and let everyone go.

She really needed this job.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed through the large doors into the cool interior of the building lobby.

A security guard looked up from his desk at her in askance. “May I help you, miss?”

“I have an eleven o’clock appointment with Mr. Gentry,” Madison said with her best professional smile.


“Madison Anders,” she said primly.

The guard checked his clipboard then nodded. “Yes, Ms. Anders, take the elevator to the top floor and Mr. Gentry’s secretary will take you to him.”

Madison walked quickly to the elevator before she could change her mind. She knew this was a long shot. Looking at the ornate molding and the art on the walls and in the elevator, she swallowed nervously. This was not the setting for a short fat girl with cheap clothes.

This was going to be a job more suited to a tall slender blonde who oozed confidence from her pores, not a little nobody who had difficulty walking with her head up.

The whole ride up all she could think about was the pending rejection of her interview. Tears threatened; where would she go when her landlord evicted her?

A loud ding indicated Madison’s arrival to the office on the 17th floor just before the mirrored doors opened to reveal the huge office.

Her jaw dropped; the entire floor was one big office, the space filled with enough plants to make the rainforest jealous, sunlight filtering in from the completely glass ceiling. If it weren’t for the controlled temperature, she would think she’d stepped outside.

A petite woman with blond hair smiled at her reaction. “It’s a little shocking when you see it for the first time. Mr. Gentry likes space. Follow me, Ms. Anders.”

Madison closed her mouth and followed the little woman through a maze of potted trees and big-leafed plants, expecting to hear cries of jungle animals at any moment. |The woman stopped in front of a large desk, touching Madison’s arm gently to draw her attention from her astounding surroundings.

When her eyes fell on the man behind the desk, Madison bit back a gasp as she met the intensity of his gaze. Something primal shot straight to her core, sending a shudder through her. He was the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. He was so big his broad body seemed to fill the entire area behind the desk. Coal black hair clipped tightly to his head set the frame for his roughhewn features. Bright blue eyes pinned her in place, with little bolts of amber seeming to flicker in and out of sight. A muscle began to tick at the side of his square jaw as he took a deep breath.

Madison was mortified by the dampness pooling between her thighs. She’d never reacted like this to anyone! Even her private fantasies didn’t cause this level of arousal. No man had ever aroused her at all; in fact, if it weren’t for the fact that she had a very active fantasy life, Madison would have thought herself to be frigid.

She’d tried to date a few times, but all the men she met just left her cold and completely uninterested, until now. In all her thirty years, no man had moved her at all; why had her body picked this man? It was completely inappropriate to lust after the man about to interview her for a job, and the man was an Adonis. He was not an attainable goal for a girl like her.

A flush rose to her cheeks as she sank into the plush chair the secretary indicated. Madison stared at the top of his desk in an effort to focus her scattered thoughts. How was she going to get out of here without humiliating herself?

“Thank you, Gloria, I won’t need you for the rest of the day. Go home,” Mr. Gentry said. His voice flowed over her, its deep husky tones like whiskey laced with honey. If she found anything strange in the request, the woman didn’t say so; she simply nodded and walked briskly back to the elevator, leaving them alone.

Madison continued to stare helplessly at the desk as the silence between them grew. She was afraid to look up and get caught in his dark gaze again.

She heard him rise from behind his desk and a moment of panic consumed her as she thought seriously about sprinting for the elevator.

“You’d never make it,” his rough deep voice came gruffly from right behind her; she felt his breath ruffling the hair at the crown of her head. Madison’s senses swam as his scent enveloped her. It was spicy, like cloves and cinnamon on a winter’s day. It wrapped around her and soothed her frazzled nerves, making her want to lean into him.

Madison froze, feeling like a trapped animal at the mercy of a predator. He inhaled through his nose right next to her ear. Was he smelling her? Why did the thought of him smelling her cause her womb to contract?

Large hands took hold of Madison’s upper arms and pulled her to her feet, bringing her to stand facing him, their bodies almost touching.

She continued to stare determinedly straight ahead, her eyes focused just below his massive chest. The man was huge and made her feel almost tiny, which in itself was a novel experience. Even though Madison was short she was not a small girl, but he was broader and at least 6′3″ with not an ounce of fat on him.

“Look at me,” he said firmly.

Madison shook her head as the panic began to build again, feeling if she looked at him it would alter her somehow.

“Do not defy me,” he said sternly, his hold on her arms tightening in warning.

Madison looked up reluctantly, unable to fight the pull of his voice. The minute their eyes met, big hands came up to cup her face, preventing her from looking away again.

The amber flecks once again in his eyes seemed to swirl around in the blue as his gaze once again captured hers.

“I feel I have searched for you for an eternity,” he said with a sigh, his thumbs strumming lightly across her cheekbones.

Her green eyes widened, and Madison tried to shake her head in denial.

“Don’t tell me no,” he said roughly. “You feel it as surely as I do. You belong to me.”

“No!” she cried, finally managing to pull her eyes away from his to dart frantically around the room for an avenue of escape.

He allowed her to pull her face from his grasp, watching her as she backed away from him. She could see the animal in him thrilling to the possibility of the chase, a hunt to run down his mate. She shook her head, banishing the thought and wondering where the fanciful notion had come from. She was sure he would not allow her to leave the room, but she had to try.

She turned to run, even though some part of her wanted to beg him to take her. She ran toward the elevator, her primal urges scaring her almost as much as the man did.

She didn’t make it three steps before he was on her, catching her up in his arms and flipping her to face him as he bore her down to the floor.

Madison gasped as his mouth came down on hers, his tongue immediately thrusting, devouring everything in its path as he claimed possession of her mouth. He left no part of her mouth and lips untouched, tangling his tongue with hers as she found herself drawn into the depths of his mouth.

His kiss alone had her whimpering in need, shock and fear leaving her as she shamelessly rubbed against him seeking relief from the tension rapidly building in her body, the moisture pooling between her thighs preparing for his possession.

He nipped lightly at her lips before flipping her to her stomach beneath him. “I will woo you later, little one. I must claim you now.”

Madison continued to writhe, lifting her hips in supplication as her body begged for something she didn’t understand.

“Shhh… I know how to make it better, baby.” His teeth closed around her shoulder through the fabric of her dress, causing another shudder of need to run through her body. His teeth held her in place as his hands worked her dress up over her hips then ripped her panties from her body, leaving her bare to his gaze. His hands cupped the insides of her thighs, forcing them further apart, then he was there pushing firmly into her swollen folds, forging a path for himself.

She cried out as she felt him sinking into her where no man had been before. Her body tightened as if to deny him, but he wouldn’t be denied; with one sharp thrust he joined them completely, tearing through the delicate bit of tissue that would have kept him out.

Madison tensed at the brief pinching pain, but it was quickly replaced with pleasure so intense that what started as a cry of pain ended on a soft scream of pleasure, the slight pain of his teeth in her shoulder only intensifying her need.

He pounded into her relentlessly, taking possession so thoroughly she knew she’d never be the same.

Madison barely recognized her voice as she pleaded with him huskily, “Please… I need…”

His body answered her plea, his hands pressing her shoulders down as he released his teeth from her shoulder and changed the angle of his entry to become deeper, his thrusts meeting her womb.

Her soft mewling cries filled the air as he pounded harder and harder into her until her back arched and she shuddered beneath him, her sheath convulsing around his shaft in a climax that took her breath.

Still he took her without mercy, building the pleasure again to an almost unbearable level.

“I can’t,” she whimpered, overwhelmed and afraid of the intensity

“You can and you will,” he said sternly, one hand holding her hip so she couldn’t retreat, the other sliding down her belly to press his fingers against her clitoris, pressing firmly down so with every thrust his shaft slid across it, rubbing it back against his fingers, sending sensation through the little bundle of nerves from every side.

Madison screamed as a second even stronger climax ripped through her, sending the spasms centering in her womb through her entire body, leaving her shivering in his grasp as he growled his own release.

The feel of his hot seed hitting her overly sensitive walls sent her from the crest of one orgasm straight into another, the pleasure so intense it caused black spots to appear before her eyes as she flirted with unconsciousness.

As he withdrew from her body, she couldn’t help a little mewl of pain at the tenderness of her once virgin flesh. He collapsed to his side, pulling her tightly into him, one arm beneath her head and the other wrapped around her waist. “Madison,” he growled her name as if tasting it on his tongue.

Madison laid against him, still shivering in response to his possession, an occasional shudder running through her as she recovered.

As the passion began to fade, her fear returned. Who was this man who could make her forget everything she had previously thought of herself? She’d let a stranger take her like an animal and she’d responded with passion and need.

When she heard a deep rumbling snore, Madison knew she had to leave. To escape while she could; there was no doubt if she didn’t, this man would completely dominate her life.

At least until he grew tired of her; no man who looked like Jared Gentry could ever want someone like her long term. She couldn’t allow herself to be open to that kind of devastation.

Madison moved slowly, carefully sliding out from under his arm. She couldn’t bring herself to even look at him as she quietly pulled her wrinkled dress down her hips and smoothed it as well as she could down her legs, wincing slightly at the aches in her body.

Her panties were a thing of the past and though she would have liked to clean the sticky mess from her thighs, she knew there wasn’t time. It was imperative she get out of the building before he woke.

Quickly grabbing her purse from the chair in front of his desk, she walked gingerly toward the stairs. The elevator bell would have definitely woken him, she thought as she let herself quietly into the stairwell.

The place between her thighs still throbbed with tenderness and remembered pleasure with every step she took. The feeling reinforced that she’d made the right decision; Madison shuddered as she imagined taking her clothes off again and sinking down onto the floor and into him. She barely knew herself around him and felt she had no control of her body. Escape was her only option.

At the 15th floor she left the stairwell to take the elevator the rest of the way. Her body wasn’t up to another fifteen flights after the workout she’d been given upstairs.

Madison breathed a sigh of relief as the doors opened to the lobby. She gratefully left the elevator and headed to the big glass doors heralding her freedom.

The guard stepped in front of her; was he sniffing the air around her? “Ms. Anders, I think you should wait while I call Mr. Gentry,” he said.

“No. I don’t need to wait. I didn’t get the job,” she replied, trying to skirt around him.

“He would want you to wait,” the guard said firmly as he reached to take her arm.

Madison did the only thing open to her at the moment; she kneed him as hard as she could between the thighs. Not her normal response to someone not threatening her, but she couldn’t allow him to call Mr. Gentry.

The guard gasped and dropped to the floor, clutching his privates with a groan sounding suspiciously like a growl.

Madison guiltily patted his shoulder. “I’m sorry but I have to go.”

She gave the man a worried look before turning and running out the glass doors.

Jared sat up with a frown when he heard the elevator doors ding. A low growl escaped when he realized Madison was gone. He looked up to see his second, Ethan, helping one of his guards into the room. The man was doubled over cupping his balls.

“What happened, Ethan? Where is our mate?”

Ethan gave him a funny smile. “Our mate is what happened. Braden tried to stop her from leaving the building and she took exception.”

“Madison kicked you?” Jared asked incredulously. Their mate seemed to him to be a quiet gentle woman.

“I smelled you on her. I knew she was your mate and when I tried to detain her she kneed me and dropped me like a stone. I’m sorry, Alpha.” Braden dropped to his knees before him with his head bowed in supplication.

Jared shook his head, still trying to process the fact that his mate had dared to run at all, much less take out one of his guards in the process. He stroked Braden lightly on the head in reassurance. “Clearly you weren’t the only one to underestimate my little mate. Don’t worry, Braden, I know where to find her. Ethan, get the car.”

As he dressed Jared smiled at the thought of his sweet little mate dropping the guard. He would be amused if she hadn’t done it while running from him. Behavior she would soon learn was unacceptable.

They had waited years to find their destined mate; now that he’d found her he would never let her go.

Ethan would love her. Of course Madison would have to accept she was mated to one werewolf before he explained she was actually mated to two.

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