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Claiming Their Pet by Rose St. Andrews – Sample

Chapter One

Jodi groaned; she was in her least favorite position engaged in the activity she hated most: across ‘Uncle’ Dwight’s lap getting spanked.

“Ouch, ow! Dwight, please, I’m sorry,” she whined. “I promise I’ll never sneak in here again. Stop, stop!” Continue, continue.

He sighed, but didn’t let up on the hard impact of his hand to her bottom. “Really, Jodi, you’re going to pull that one again on me? If I had one credit for every time I’ve heard that, I could retire back to Earth. Not only are you trespassing again, but then there’s that suit. Does your dad know you’re out and about in that thing?”

The light breeze ruffled her long mane of flaming red hair as his hand connected again and again with her nearly naked behind. She was in her skimpy new bathing suit; it barely covered her curvy breasts and the bottom was almost a thong, and Dwight had caught her taking a dip in his pool, which was against the rules. Despite her being twenty, he still acted as if she was ten. In the case of a spanking, she didn’t mind, but there was the issue of sex, which she hungered for.

If only he would see me as an adult!

She gasped and yelped; the sting was unlike any of her previous spankings. Getting it on a wet bottom was something new. “Dwiiighhtt, it really, really stings bad! Please, I’ll… I’ll make amends. Ouch! What can I do to—ow—make you happy? Anything, I’ll do any—ouch—thing!”

Laughter came from a short distance away. Jodi’s head whipped to the right and she gasped. ‘Uncle’ Gary was standing at the fence and looking at the little scene before her. Given his height—he was close to six-seven and had rippling muscles that made Jodi tingle—he could easily look over the fence.

“What’s up, my friend, little girl giving you trouble again?” he said.

“Yeah, third time this week,” he replied.

“Wow, and it’s only Thursday. Jodi, when are you going to learn?” he said firmly.

“Never,” Dwight said, cutting her off before she could even speak. “Not without warming her backside on a daily basis!”

Gary chuckled again and moved off. “Well, I’ll leave you to it. Hope your hand holds up.”

“After all this time, I’ve got calluses on my calluses, my hand is tough,” he called out, then turned his head to look down at Jodi as she looked over her shoulder at him. “The problem seems to be that your cute little caboose is equally hard. These spankings aren’t working. Guess I’m going to have to talk to your dad.”

Jodi gasped, even as she yelped louder. “Noooo, not that, Dwight, please, any, and I do mean anything but that. Ouch! You know my dad; he’ll cane me without mercy. I’ll—ow—gladly take a spanking—ouch—every day from you for a week instead of that.”

He suddenly stopped spanking. Jodi looked around, unsure what he had planned. Both of his forearms came to rest on her back.

“Huh, you know, it sounds a bit harsh, but if I… moderate things, make it a… let’s see, what’s the right term? Ah, a maintenance spanking, maybe—just maybe—that’ll get you to behave. Okay, here’s what we’re going to do: you’re done now and can go home. Tomorrow and every afternoon right after lunch for the next week, you will report to my house for one class-A spanking, is that clear?”

Jodi trembled, her toes curling as she felt her juices flow, and she nodded. “Y-y-yes, sir. I… I’ll be here.”

Dwight removed his arms and lifted her to her feet. “All right then. You run along, and no stopping at the Reality Room or the Sweets Shop; straight home, little girl.”

Jodi stood, her hands cupping her burning bottom. She sighed. “Dwight, come on, I’m not a kid anymore, I don’t go for those silly things.”

“Oh, you’re a big grownup girl, are you?” he snickered, getting to his feet.

The air shot from her lungs. At several inches over six feet and with a build to match, he towered over her. Standing next to him, his rippling chest muscles at her eye level, she inhaled. Even his sweat made her heart flutter, and then there was his long black hair that cascaded down his shoulders. It made him look like some sort of galactic predator, like one of those shark birds of Omicron 6, and that got her heart pounding.

Oh, he can pursue me anytime he wants! I just wish he wouldn’t keep seeing me as a kid. “Well, I… I am twenty, Dwight.”

“Yeah, yeah, and back home you’d be legal. Remember, we’re out in the asteroid belt, the laws are different here. Now scoot,” he ordered, giving her a medium swat to encourage her.

She yelped and moved toward the gate, then spun to face him. “Wait, what about my clothes and towel?”

“You’ll get them back tomorrow. Think of them as an incentive to show up.”

Her jaw dropped. “What? Bu-bu-but I can’t walk home like this! Everyone will… see.”

He chuckled. “What, you think everyone in town doesn’t know you got another spanking from me? Hell, I imagine the whole planetoid knows. Little girl, you go as you are or I call your dad right now.”

“I’ll go, I’ll go,” she whined, and bolted for the gate, wincing with every step.

Once out on the main road, she plodded along the sidewalk, her hands cupping her tender cheeks. It wasn’t long before her other cheeks were just as red. Every neighbor on a porch, each man zipping by in a hovercar, and all the guys gathered at the town center snickered and pointed and commented about the naughty little girl getting spanked.

The humiliation drove her wild.

Jodi was glad that there were no children around. As their asteroid was a Beacon World, the population was minimal, only ten men, and even that was a skeleton crew. The reason she was allowed to be there was that she and her dad ran the lighthouse, as it was called, and she’d been eighteen when he started the position. The outposts in the asteroid belt were a source of great wealth, but also great trouble. On the one hand, the mining operations yielded gold, platinum, and numerous other precious metals and gems, but manning them was almost impossible. As Jodi learned in her virtual school, centuries before, humans had journeyed to the moon and other planets and the ships had men and women on them, which made sense. The long trips were very taxing, and people needed intimacy to stay mentally fit.

But, when the mines and beacons were set up in the asteroids, disaster struck. Violence erupted, and it took the doctors and psychologists years to understand why. It was the presence of women. Despite filling a very vital need, they were also a distraction and source of friction among the men. It seemed that on a ship—when the crew had a goal to reach, a destination to focus on—they did fine. However, confined to a tiny asteroid for months on end, essentially doing the same thing day in and day out, proved to be quite different, and the stress the men suffered led to violence when women—even prostitutes—were around. Eventually, it was decided to ban women from such places, and protocols were put in place to deal with the men. In some cases, they served short terms of only a few months, but that was very detrimental to productivity. After all, just as the men were becoming proficient at their work, they’d be shipped out for a rest. Next were drugs, sedatives to curb their aggressive tendencies, but those had their own issues. Some men became resistive to their effects and dosages had to be boosted, which often ended up pickling their brains, while others became addicted to them. Finally, there were activities to allow the men to release their pent-up emotions: boxing, hockey, wrestling, rugby, and similar sports. These worked the best, but sometimes men would be injured or even end up in outright brawls, which again cut into productivity.

All of Earth’s resources were being directed at finding an answer as the natural resources of the asteroids—and the ships salvaged from the belt—were vital to the planet’s survival. It was why an exception had been made in Jodi’s case. Their beacon needed an operator, her dad would only take the job if she could come with him, and she knew all the men on the asteroid. That final point was the critical one; the Maritime Board Inspector interviewed all of the men, and they pledged to be on their best behavior around her. Even so, she wasn’t listed on the official station manifest. The inspector was terrified that the full board or even just his supervisor would find out about her, and so the shuttle log said: ‘Lighthouse keeper and Felis Domesticus’ for the day she and her dad arrived on the beacon.

She was listed as a common housecat!

Now, walking along the outside of town, she made her way up the long and winding trail that led to the top of the small hill that was the high point of their tiny world.

It was where the lighthouse sat.

As she neared the front door, it swung open, and she entered. It closed and locked behind her and the atrium light came on. She paused for a moment, looked around, and smiled. Yeah, she loved the place; there was something about living in a lighthouse that she found to be so much fun.

“Good afternoon, Jodi, did you have fun today?” the house computer said.

Her smile got bigger. The computer spoke in her dad’s voice, which was a wonderful reminder of him. “It was… nice seeing ‘Uncle’ Dwight.”

“That is good to hear. Dinner will be ready at five. The household systems are operating within normal parameters. There are a number of tasks that require your attention prior to eating, please attend to them.”

“Yes, I know, I remember, and I’ll get on them just as soon as I can. I need to change, okay?”

“Of course, my dear,” it replied.

Climbing the stairs to her room, Jodi closed the door, pulled off her bikini, and climbed onto the bed. She was hungry for action! Fortunately, the bedrooms and bathrooms were off limits to the household scanners, and thus she had privacy. Pulling the pillows under her, she reached between her legs to tickle her clit.

“Ohhh, yesss,” she hissed.

Her mind filled with images: Dwight caressing her, holding her, fucking her hard, and the blood pounded in her ears and rushed to her pussy. Her juices flowed, she arched her back, moaned as stars danced before her eyes, and felt the fire build within her. She was so close. Her fingers thrust deep; she tickled and teased her clit, and tried to stimulate her g-spot. Being a virgin, she didn’t have any experience at this, and had only learned the joys of masturbation in the last year. Her dad had been so strict, so domineering and controlling, she’d never had a chance to even explore her own body.

She was making up for lost time now, and the discovery that filling her mind with images of Dwight, and sometimes her other ‘uncles” only heightened her pleasure was a real boost to her sexual fun. Reaching up with her left hand, she teased and tickled her breasts and nipples as her right continued to give her pleasure.

“Sweet Jesus! Oh, ohhh, ohhh, yeah, so so sooo goooood,” she wailed out as she climaxed.

Drenched in sweat, she flopped down on the bed and heaved a sigh of satisfaction. Yeah, a little fantasy action went a long way to toasting her muffin, and she was sure to kindle a similar fire for weeks and maybe months.

Rolling over on her back, she sighed again and pulled the sheet in close around her. “Ah, life is good,” she said with a smile, then felt a stab to her heart. “Well, it’s… mostly good. Damn, Dad, I sure miss you!”

She got up, got dressed in her work clothes, jeans and a heavy-duty shirt, and climbed the long spiral stairs to the light. Moving to the main control panel, she set to work. She could just about do the job blindfolded; her dad had drilled her in every aspect of operating the beacon so many times. Yet, she understood why he’d done it.

Her life depended on her ability to operate the system alone.

Jodi looked up. The primary laser was powering down and the secondary was starting. She could hear its motor spring to life, could feel the heat of its coils on her head, and she pushed the activation button. The main system shut down, so as to let it rest, and the secondary came online. Stepping out onto the little metal balcony that encircled the top of the light, she gazed off into the dangerous ‘sea’ that was the asteroid belt. That was the whole reason for the beacon. Like the lighthouses of Earth, hence its name, the laser signal was intended to warn spaceships of the rubble drifting through the main travel lane to Earth. She stood there and smiled; the view was incredible. As the lighthouse sat atop the highest point of Euclid Asteroid, she had an unobstructed vista before her: the shops and homes, the lush green rolling hills and athletic fields around the town, and then the stars, planets, and asteroids out beyond the force field that held in their atmosphere. She almost laughed to see the town; it was like something she’d read about in one of her history books: Main Street U.S.A. in an ancient theme park. It seemed people truly enjoyed having that sense of nostalgia to help them connect with Earth. In the case of Euclid, most of the buildings sat empty and were only used when a mining or colony ship stopped for fueling.

“Oh, Dad, I wish you were here,” she said sadly.

“I’m here for you, baby,” the computer said.

She blinked away her tears. “You know what I mean!”

“Yes, I know, and I regret my inability to fill that void in your life.”

“Show me my dad,” she said.

“Are you sure? Will it not add to your grief?”

She nodded. “Yes, it will, but I still want to see him.”

A lovely three-D hologram of him appeared before her. “As you wish.”

Jodi sighed and smiled, even as she had to blink more. “Thank you. Dad, I miss you so much, so very, very much! I wish I could touch you just one last time.”

“As do I, baby, but that aspect of our relationship has ended.”

“Do you, do you really, or is that merely what you’ve been programmed to say?”

“Jodi, I am more than a series of data files. All that your father was is contained within my operating system.”

Reaching out to him, she let her fingers play across his face. “Thank you for that. Now, go away; if I look at you much longer I’ll cry.”

The hologram faded away. “As you wish.”

Leaning forward, she rested her forearms on the wrought-iron railing and wept. These tears were the ones that hurt the most; they came from the pain in her soul. The klaxon sounded behind her. Wiping her face, she bolted to the display screen, and grinned.


She hit the big red button on the wall. “Derelict, people, grid reference twenty-four by six, heading two seventy by thirty-five, speed zero point seven. No life signs, which means it’s all ours. Let’s move!”

Jodi raced down the stairs, practically shot out the door like a bullet from a gun, jumped over the hedge, and sprinted for the landing strip. This was what really kept the men here. While resupplying ships and the mining colonies brought in a tidy sum, and operating their own mines on the nearby asteroids helped too, it was salvaging wrecked ships that earned them the big bucks. The key was locating a ship, determining its course and speed, and getting out to it before it drifted too far away. By the time she got to the main hangar, the entire town was there and powering up their ships.

“Dwight, can I ride with you?” she called out.

“Again?” he said, settling into the pilot’s seat. “What is this, like the fourth time this month?”

“Awww, come on, we always work best together, you know that,” she whined.

He sighed. “Oh, all right, but you behave! Got it?”

“Good as gold-plated multi-tronic circuits,” she said happily.

Jodi climbed into the secondary seat, which was located under the main one, and strapped herself in as he powered up the main drive. Off they went, joining the fleet, and they all zipped through the force field and out into space. She always loved riding in his ship, it was so unconventional: shaped like a nose, the pilot sat at the top, and the copilot was above the ‘nostrils.’ Dwight banked and curved them through space, Jodi squealing in delight with each new turn.

All of it almost made her forget the sting in her poor bottom.

The ships swarmed around the wreckage like hungry wolves devouring a wounded animal. Dwight brought them close to one of the cargo bays, its hatch crushed like an empty soda can that someone had stomped on.

“Yahoo, girl, we struck the mother lode,” he said. “Start snatching those puppies up!”

Jodi slid her arms into the metal control sleeves, the retrieval arms extended out the ‘nostrils,’ and she reached for the cargo containers. Touching each of them, Jodi attached a homing guide and nudged them outside, and once they were clear of the derelict the homers activated and the crates were directed toward Euclid. Sparks lit up the darkness all around them. Jodi didn’t need to focus on them to know what was happening: the others were starting to cut up the ship. Once they’d emptied all of the starboard cargo holds, others had taken care of the port side. Dwight brought the ship about and they headed for home. Jumping from her seat the moment they landed, she grabbed a laser cutter and sliced into the nearest bin.

“Hey, look at this, a gross of iPads. Bet they’ll bring in a nice load of credits.”

He smiled and climbed down next to her. “Yes, yes, little one, but remember, technically you can’t be connected with that. Why don’t you run along home and tell your dad how it went? I’m sure it’ll make him happy, and I’ll call him later to let him know what his share will be.”

“Okay, thanks for letting me tag along. It is a lot of fun.”

“Ah, Jodi, you’re such a kid, you treat this whole thing like a big game. See you later.”

She smiled back, but it was a bit of a forced smile as his words did hurt a little. He still saw her as a little girl. Hiking on back toward the lighthouse, she reached back with both hands to rub her sore ass, and grimaced a bit. Now that the high of a salvage operation was wearing off, the sting was coming back. She didn’t mind. This was what they lived for, but she knew Dwight was right, she had to stay away from the sale of any recovered items. Under the law, the lighthouse keeper couldn’t participate in that, which made sense.

It was a conflict of interest.

After all, it was in the best interest of the salvagers that as many ships as possible ended up wrecked, and it was the job of the keeper to prevent that. Now, given the computer monitors, backup systems, and endless redundancies to the system, it was pretty much impossible for a keeper to deliberately wreck a ship, but the Maritime Board was concerned about public perceptions.

There couldn’t be a single solitary hint of impropriety.

So, the keepers didn’t profit from the sale of salvaged items, they were only allowed to charge the crews a ten percent rental fee in exchange for living on their asteroid. If Jodi wanted, she could just locate ships, give the guys the data they needed, and then sit back and let them do the work. She and her dad didn’t feel that was right, and besides, she did love it so!

No sooner did she get home than the comm-unit beeped. She didn’t need the gift of second sight to know who was calling. Punching up the link to his unit, she sat before the screen and squirmed a bit.

Dwight’s face appeared. “Hey, sweet pea, how you doing? Huh, you’re sitting; guess I wasn’t firm enough with you.”

Jodi blushed. “Oh, you were, I got quite the big pillow here.”

“Okay, okay, we’ll let that issue slide. On to business; where’s your dad?”

“Um, do you need to talk to him? He’s not feeling well. If you tell me, I can—”

“Little one, no,” he demanded. “This is business, and not something for you to be involved in. Get. Your. Dad. As station chief, I need to speak to the keeper for official business.”

She sighed. “Yes, sir.”

Getting to her feet, she moved out of range of the camera, and ordered the computer to generate her dad’s hologram. It appeared next to her, moved into view, and sat at the unit.

“Afternoon, Dwight,” it said. “So, my girl tells me you’ve had a good day. What’s the word?”

Jodi fought the urge to burst into tears as the two of them engaged in small talk and then reviewed the salvage operation. It was just like her dad had done countless times before. That was before his illness, his prognosis, and his passing. Then something happened that wasn’t normal, something that caught her attention.

“Hal, you okay?” Dwight said. “You look… I don’t know, ah… out of sorts.”

He coughed, which Jodi thought was a nice touch. “It’s my lungs, old buddy, they’re weak, but I’ll be okay.”

“You sure there isn’t something I or Gary or anyone else can do for you? We’re all pulling for you, man, you and Jodi. You just say the word and we’ll help you.”

“Ah, I appreciate that, but no. The doc said my only hope is strict quarantine. Now, I need to rest. You got anything else we need to review?”

There wasn’t. They wrapped things up and signed off, and the hologram vanished. Jodi heaved a sigh of relief. They’d dodged another bullet, as her dad used to say. As it had been a long day, and she was still sore, she settled down to a quiet dinner with the computer serving up a wonderful meal.

“Jodi, is there some reason you’re standing to eat?” the computer said.

“Um, just… excited about the day we had and I can’t sit still,” she stammered.

The last thing she wanted was the computer finding out about her spankings and asking questions. Granted, it wasn’t really her dad, but she still had feelings for it, and it made her feel good to hear it talk to her in his voice. So, she finished her dinner quickly, got cleaned up, and went to her room to lie down on her tummy and watch a nice holo-movie on her entertainment center.

The comm-unit on her bedside table beeped and she switched it on. It allowed for only audio communication.

“Yes, computer, what is it?”

“Good night, Jodi, do you need anything before I power down for the evening? Don’t forget, you’ll need to check the light first thing in the morning to insure it stays powered up.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve set my alarm, and I know what to do. I’ll be okay on my own.”

“As you wish.”

She lay on her bed naked, wrapped her arms about a pillow, and enjoyed the romance film. When the guy kissed the girl, she closed her eyes and imaged Dwight kissing her. As the movie was from her special collection, it included a mild sex scene. Yeah, the computer would only let her access PG-13-rated movies. It was silly, but it was her dad’s wish. Oh, well, at least she got to see the best part over and over: the passionate make-out scene.

She fell asleep as the movie was playing for the fourth time.

Chapter Two

The next week was pure torture for Jodi. She got spanked every day, but she got to hang out with Dwight, which made masturbating easier. Each day, she made a point of wearing a different outfit: jeans, shorts, a billowy skirt, a tight skirt, a long dress, and so on. Her favorite was a mid-thigh level plaid skirt that she wore with matching skimpy panties that had black lace trim.

Dwight always scolded her about wearing those panties. For some reason she didn’t quite understand, lying across his lap and hearing his words always sent a fiery tingle through her body. Did that have something to do with sex? She wasn’t sure, but it was a nice compensation for her sore ass.

He also did something that made her particularly happy: he talked to her. Granted, he started out talking down to her as if she was a little kid, but she managed to steer the conversation into more mature subjects by displaying her intellect. The fiery spankings were miserable, but she got to enjoy time with ‘her man,’ which she figured was a decent tradeoff.

Until the day of her last spanking.

Plodding from his house, rubbing the horrid sting in her bottom, she had almost made it to the front door when Dwight’s voice froze her in her tracks.

“Jodi, I need to speak to you about something very important.”

She slowly turned to face him. “Um… okay. Is something… wrong?”

“No, quite the contrary, in fact, everything is great, which tells me these maintenance spankings have worked perfectly.”

“Um, I guess so. So, what does that mean?”

He sighed. “Well, I’m not sure, but I think I should talk to your dad about your behavior.”

She gasped, an icy chill of terror rippling up and down her spine. “What? No, Dwight, you can’t, you promised!”

Sitting in his easy chair, he chewed his lip and eyed her up and down. “Uh huh. Okay, I won’t say a word, if you have sex with me.”

“What?” she screeched. Jodi was almost knocked off her feet. On the one hand, this was exactly what she wanted, but she never thought Dwight would get it by blackmail. “I… I-I… can’t do that.”

“I’m kidding, Jodi,” he said simply.

Her chest heaved as she took a deep breath. “Oh, that was mean!”

“It was a test. I wanted to see how far you’d go to prevent me from speaking to your dad. Now I know. You run along home and I’ll see you later, sweet pea, okay?”

“I… um, yes,” she choked out.

Spinning about, she bolted out the door, her breathing coming hard and fast. Her blood was boiling, and it wasn’t just from the spanking. Images flashed through her mind of the two of them locked together in sensual delight. They set her mind and pussy on fire, and she was hard pressed to get home before needing to climax. Later, lying in bed naked, luxuriating in the wonderful cool-down period of a post-orgasmic high, she was disturbed by the buzz of her comm-unit.

She hit the button. “What’s up, Dad?”

“High alert, Jodi, Dwight is on the comm-unit talking to my hologram, and he is voicing concerns over your future rate of maturing. He seems to think you should be sent to Earth to a boarding school.”

“Shit, what’s up with him?”

“Unknown, but if he files an official report with the MB, as station chief, it will carry a great deal of weight with them.”

Throwing on white yoga pants and a matching top, no time for underwear, she dashed to the household communication center. She sighed to see her dad’s hologram sitting there talking to Dwight. She moved to look over her dad’s shoulder, careful not to put herself through his body.

“Ah, hey, Dwight,” she said nervously. “Um, wha-what’s up?”

“To quote an ancient saying: ‘the jig is up’ as of right now,” he said.

Jodi gasped and spun around. His voice had come from behind her.

There he was, standing below the round window that overlooked the backyard. The window was open and the security system bypassed.

“Dwight, how-how… what-what… how?” she stammered, her eyes swinging from him to his image on the screen. “So, who is that?”

“Like your dad, it’s a hologram of me. Gary is operating it.”

“B-b-but, the window, how…?”

“Brian, our resident high-tech genius helped me to get around your burglar alarms. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. Man, your dad really went all out to protect you. So, come on, girl, come sit with me, and let’s talk.”

Jodi seemed to float to the couch, her mind spinning, and dread creeping into every part of her mind and body. They sat, she winced, and her dad stood off to the side to watch.

“Wait a minute, Brian helped you? Brian McIntosh, the captain of the other rugby team, the man you can’t talk to without calling him a rat-faced sonofabitch bastard, that Brian?”

Dwight chuckled. “An apt if extreme description, but yes. For some reason, the last couple days, we’ve been getting along, and so he was willing to help me without having to give him another black eye. Of course, telling him it was for you and your dad was a big help.”

“Ohhh. So, how did you figure it out?” she said.

“Well, it wasn’t easy, but just the other day I noticed something that rang a warning bell in my mind, and it took me the longest time to figure out what it was.”

“What, what was it, what did we miss? Dad was sure he’d thought of everything before he…”

Dwight sighed and hung his head for a moment. “He’s dead, isn’t he?”

She sadly nodded. “Yes, a year ago, cancer.”

A whole year?” Dwight said in shock, his eyebrows shooting up. “Holy cow, I never knew. So, all those months before, when he was going around town talking about his immune system breaking down and him having to go into isolation, that was all a lie, right? Just a setup to have a reason for why he wouldn’t be seen outside anymore.”

“Exactly, and he did a brain scan to download his knowledge into the household computer.”

“Ah, and between that and the hologram, he figured no one would get suspicious. Well, he was almost perfect, but then it came to me: he and you sat in the same chair to talk on the comm-unit, and you were the same height, which you’re not.”

Jodi slapped herself in the forehead. “Damn, I never thought of that!”

“Neither did I, and I’m a computer,” her dad said.

“You were good, ‘Hal,’ but not perfect. What I don’t understand is why.”

“My dad decided to keep his death hidden; he was trying to protect me. Once I turn twenty-five, I’ll be an adult, and I can move to one of the colony worlds and start over.”

“Ah, I get it; a colonist has to be a full adult.”

She nodded. “Right, if I’m found out, my contract will be canceled and I’ll end up in foster care back on Earth until I’m twenty-five, and then I won’t have the money to get off that stinking rock of a planet!”

“Well, it is the law of the star system. Jodi, why didn’t you come to me and the others? We would have helped you.”

“No, my dad didn’t want any of you taking such a risk. Aiding and abetting a juvenile delinquent is a felony. He felt it was best that I face the danger alone. The worst the authorities can do is send me to a group home or juvie detention, and my record will be expunged when I’m released.”

“Wow, Hal really put a lot of thought into this,” Dwight said.

“I tried,” the computer said in his voice.

He looked around. “Wow again, the voice is perfect!”

“Dad put his voice into the computer’s main vocal processor, and then I took care of him until…”

“Oh. So, where is he?”

“Well, I wasn’t strong enough to move him very far. I put him in a stasis tube down in the basement.”

“I see,” Dwight said with a nod. “Okay, well, first thing we’re going to do is give him a proper burial, and then we’ll talk.”

She nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Dwight went to find Gary, the assistant station chief, and he made the announcement to everyone. They were all devastated, their grief exploded, and they rushed to give what help they could. Gary and several others brought food, including Brian. He might be a computer geek, but he was also a gourmet chef. He operated the best restaurant in the quadrant. Dwight and others, the strongest guys in town, took care of moving her dad’s body, getting a proper casket, and arranging the burial. Carlos, the biggest, tallest, strongest man Jodi had ever seen—she barely came up to his massive rippling chest—took care of the body. He was Euclid’s doctor, which never made sense to Jodi, he looked like he should be a model or something, and so it was his duty to assess Dad’s body and handle the death certificate.

Then came the funeral. They laid her dad to rest and Dwight spoke first. Jodi heaved a sigh and smiled to hear him say such nice things about her dad. Gary spoke next, then Brian, Carlos, and so on. Everyone, all ten of the station’s crew said a few words. Then it was time to go home, and this time she didn’t make the trip alone. Dwight walked right next to her. That he held her hand made her feel even better. Yet, she was confused by her feelings. Once they were inside and sharing a pot of tea in the living room, they talked as they sat together on the couch.

“Dwight, I don’t understand myself. There must be something wrong with me.”

“You mean other than you being a brat?” he said with a grin. “What’s up, sweet pea? Tell me and I’ll try to help you.”

“Well, it’s just that… I… I’m not sad. I mean, we just buried my dad, and you all said such nice things and some of the guys even cried all during the service, but I didn’t. I stood there smiling and feeling…”


She nodded. “Yeah, which doesn’t make sense! I should be sad, I should be crying my eyes out, but I’m not. What’s wrong with me?”

Dwight smiled and rested his hand, his large, strong, yet soft hand on hers. “Oh, Jodi, no, you mustn’t think that. Let me explain. When your dad died, what happened? I mean, how did you react? Think about it for a moment, and then tell me.”

She did. Sitting there, chewing her lip, she thought long and hard about that terrible morning when she’d found him in his bed.

“Well… I… I was beyond sad. I thought my heart was going to explode from my chest and my brain had burst into flames! I didn’t think the human mind could take such intense… fire and not be ripped apart.”

“Exactly. You cried, didn’t you?”

Jodi sighed and nodded. “Oh, did I! Huh, I even remember you asking about it. I told you my dad had paddled me something fierce for getting into the liquor cabinet.”

“Ahhh, I remember that,” Dwight said, his eyebrows going up. “I thought it was odd your dad being that severe. Wow, so that was the day he… passed. Oh, I wish you’d told me then. I could have… well, no sense wasting time dwelling on the past. The point is this: you did grieve when your dad left you. Now, for us that day was today, not a year ago. In a way, it makes perfect sense, you being happy. The burden of keeping that secret has been lifted from your shoulders, you got to see all of your dad’s friends say nice things about him and remember him fondly, and you know he’s finally at peace.”

“Oh, I get it,” she said happily. “It’s… it’s one of those… cathartic things like I read in one of my study guides in my VR school. So, I’m not weird, I’m normal.”

Dwight snickered. “Well, I wouldn’t go that far.”

She scowled and playfully smacked his arm. “Ohhh, you’re just an old meanie!”

“I might be,” he said with a chuckle. “However, what I definitely am is upset with you over keeping such a secret from me. Ah-ah, don’t say it. I know it was your dad’s idea to protect us, but come on, Jodi, really? I’m not like the others here, we go way back. Your dad was my mentor, helped me get my salvage license, and I’ve known you since you were born. Who took care of you after your mother died?”

“You did,” she said, hanging her head. “I remember. I was six and you were sixteen, and I thought ‘What kind of dork is this guy that he’d rather take care of a little kid than go hang with his friends?’ Oh, did I say that out loud?”

He chuckled louder and longer, and playfully wagged a scolding finger at her. “You did, missy, which means I have two reasons to scold you. To answer your question, I considered it the least I could do for your dad and mom. When he was mentoring me, she was mothering me, as mine had been gone since I was your age at that time.”

“Oh, now I get it,” Jodi said, lifting her eyes to meet his. “And… I guess I deserve a spanking.”

“Ah, yes, there is that matter. Normally, this is the last time I would think such a thing was called for, but as I just explained, you really haven’t grieved today. In a way, this is the perfect time to do it.”


“Yes, it’ll give you closure in so many ways. You’re saying a final farewell to your dad, you need to deal with your actions toward me and the others, and it’ll signify taking your first steps into your new life.”

Biting her lip, she stood up. “Yes, you’re right. All right, what do you want me to do?”

Dwight sat up straight and pointed at his lap. “Oh, I think you know. After all, you’re very familiar with the position.”

Jodi rubbed her thighs together, her yoga pants feeling so very nice, and she moved to stretch herself out across his large and powerful legs. This was a slightly different situation for her as he usually sat on a chair. The couch gave her good support for her arms and legs, and she felt strangely comfortable. Then she positively tingled when his left arm embraced her and his right hand patted her bottom.

Spank! He struck, which caught her by surprise. Usually he lectured and scolded first.

“Ouch! Dwight, take it easy,” she whined. “Remember, I just got spanked earlier today.”

“Yes, and that was entirely your fault,” he shot back. “So, don’t try that excuse on me.”

“Ow, ouch, yes, sir,” she groaned.

Over and over his hand connected with her poor bottom, and she was soon yelping and squealing as she wiggled on his lap. He landed several particularly stingy swats at her most delicate spot: center of her cheeks and down low. The heat shot straight to her pussy. She wailed and pulled her legs up until she was on her knees, which was quite embarrassing.

It lifted her ass high in the air.

Dwight chuckled. “Well, well, I appreciate you assisting me in giving you a good and proper spanking, young lady. A bottom as adorable as yours hoisted up where it’s easy to smack makes my task all the easier.”

Jodi gasped, stifled a moan, and dug her nails into the couch cushion. The heat in her cheeks, her position, her clothes (the yoga pants clung to her flesh like a second skin), his tone and laughter, and most especially the flames within her pussy drove her to the height of sexual delight. His voice seemed to echo in the distance. It took a moment, but her head cleared.

“What?” she choked out.

“Aren’t you listening to me, young lady? What, is this all just a game to you? Huh, I guess I’m not spanking hard enough.”

“No, no, no,” she begged. “I’m sorry; I was… um, distracted.”

He stopped, his hand still planted firmly on her enflamed behind. “You’re… distracted? That’s not the sort of term I’ve ever heard connected to a spanking. Wait a second, these pants are damp!”

Jodi let out a little squeak of surprise mixed with humiliation. “I… um, well… you see…”

“That explains everything,” he observed. “So, this is why you’ve been so naughty lately? This is why those maintenance spankings have worked so well, they’ve satisfied your needs, is that it?”

“Um, yes,” she said softly. “I’m sorry, Dwight, but ever since I turned eighteen, I’ve had these… feelings, and since you ignored the fact that I was an adult, I… well, I had to do something to…”

“I understand,” he said, and chuckled again.

Squirming around, she looked over her shoulder at him. “Hey, what’s so funny?”

He sighed and slowly shook his head. “Oh, you silly little sweet pea. Jodi, when it comes to what a beautiful young woman you’ve become, the term ‘ignored’ doesn’t even enter my lexicon.”

“What? Well, why the hell didn’t you ever make a move or at least say something, you big dope?”

“Sweetie, I didn’t think it was appropriate to encourage you. Love can be fickle, especially when you’re young. If all you were feeling for me was the crush of puppy love and it faded, I’d be hurt, but I’d get over it eventually. Until you were sure, I was willing to wait, especially with your dad sick. I didn’t feel right… inserting myself into your life, forcing you to divide your love, not with you so young and inexperienced. Plus, there was the issue of us dating while every man on this rock has to… ah, go without, if you get my meaning.”

“Yeah, I see that. Well, you don’t have to wait any longer! Come on, kiss me, you fool.”

“When you say it like that, what can I say?” he replied with a grin.

He gathered her up in his long, strong arms, she straddled his lap, their lips touched, and they shared their first kiss. To say it was nice would be true understatement. It was divine. His lips were soft and supple, yet firm and commanding, which she found amazing.

His lips make me feel submissive? Shit, he’s good!

Then came his arms. They enveloped her, cradled and protected her, and guided her body’s movements. Down her back went his hands to cup and squeeze her warm cheeks. She moaned into his mouth and goosebumps rippled across her flesh.

He squeezed harder. “This is what you want, isn’t it?” he whispered.

Jodi felt her pussy grow damper. His hot breath on her ear made her toes curl. “I…”

“Tell me, sweet pea, or I’ll stop,” he commanded.

“No! I… please, I need… it, set me on fire, burn me,” she squeaked.

“No, not enough,” he scolded. “You have to say it, little one; tell Master what you need.”

Her back arched and she pulled away from Dwight. His tone, the word he was demanding she say, and the term he’d adopted, they all combined to push her closer to orgasm.

“S-s-sp-spanked, M-M-Master, I… I need to be… spanked. Pl-please, Master, s-s-spank me!”

He did so, starting with the old-fashioned method. Back across his lap she went, and his hand connected with her pert rump over and over. Yet, she could feel a difference. The smacks were firm, but not too hard. His hand lingered on her cheeks, his fingers caressing her hot flesh and tickling her between the legs, and he called her his naughty little girl. Her body tingled and surged, heat and sting rippling through her cheeks with each touch of his hand, and it enflamed the passion smoldering between her legs.

He stopped spanking. She moaned and then squealed as both of his powerful hands began to knead and squeeze her tender cheeks. Her fingers dug into the couch cushion, she arched her back and gasped, and a low guttural moan escaped her lips.

“Sweeeetttt Jeeesssusss!”

Smack! He struck again. She squealed and bounced on his lap. He spanked with both hands, his right smacking her left cheek and his left the other in a rapid-fire pattern that sent tendrils of painful delight shooting through her body. The smacks landed so fast that she couldn’t process the input, her brain overloaded, and she felt herself floating away on a cloud of bliss.

He stopped again, his fingers lightly swirling across her tender flesh. Her breathing came hard and shallow, sweat trickled across her skin, and she could hear her blood pound through her body.

When he announced that he was taking down her yoga pants, she almost came. The spanking continued, her bottom becoming enflamed, and her pussy going into overdrive. She wailed and screamed out her orgasm, and he took action. Hoisting her up, he again sat her in his lap, but this time his rock-hard cock slid easily into her hot and wet pussy. He forced her to bounce on his lap to match his thrusts and drove into her, and then came more spanks.

Jodi tilted her head back and screeched as another climax tore through her body. After that, her mind slipped away as her body was taken over by her new master. He kept her hips in sync with his bouncing, his hands smacked and swatted her hot cheeks, insuring her pussy stayed sizzling and wet and quivering. Waves of orgasmic delight washed over her, and she drifted off among the stars that filled their sky. He finally came, his hot cum filled her enflamed pussy, and that was the last straw, she was off into subspace.

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