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Conquering Their Mate: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One

October 2145


“Fiona, run! Get out of here before they capture you.”

The man’s reddened face was highlighted only an instant before he disappeared, yanked into the smoky abyss, his screams echoing.

I took off running, weaving my way through the tangled mass of people, all trying in desperation to leave the examination room. My instinct led me down a shadowed hallway, able to see the blinking red emergency lights flashing over my head. Everyone was pushing and shoving, completely disoriented from the continuing blasts, metal and glass raining down.

Smoke was everywhere, forming an intense haze. I ducked, sprinting toward what I prayed would be an escape from the melee. Bursting through the door, I took the stairs two at a time, explosions rocketing the concrete walls as if they were thin plaster. I knew there was no location that would keep them from finding me, the aliens who’d been deceived, seeking help amongst humans who lied for a living.

I was caught in the middle, yet I knew I was the one they’d been hunting all along. Taking a deep breath, I coughed before slapping my hand over my mouth, stumbling forward as I made my way to my office floor. I knew we were surrounded, men and women of science now reduced to terrified beasts, praying our lives would be spared.

Leaning against the door, I dared glance out the small window, scanning the hallway. There was no way I could see anything, the acrid smoke too thick. I had no other options but to try to hide, wait for the cavalry to arrive. Somehow, I realized the army and the marines wouldn’t make any difference. Their weapons would be useless against this form of stringent attack.

The moment I opened the door, another rumbling boom propelled me forward until I was slammed hard against a wall. I could hear the wails of many, even over the roar of gunfire. Using every ounce of strength I had left, I willed my body to move, ignoring the pain, refusing to fall into panic mode. I was a survivor, a woman who’d been through worse than this. My eyes burned as I crept along the hall, finally reaching my office. My entire body shaking, I managed to slap my hand against the small pad, praying to some God that the security system still worked.

As the door started to open, I threw a glance over my shoulder. Everything seemed to be in slow motion but there was no one behind me, either man or creature. When I was secure, I cowered in the corner, hiding behind my desk, catching my breath. This wasn’t like me. I’d never been the terrified woman, needing any man to support or protect me in any manner. I had no issue fighting to the death, if that’s what was necessary.

But here I was, cowering and waiting for them to arrive, only this time capturing their prey. They were the kind of monsters nightmares were made of and only a few humans had understood the ramifications the day they’d arrived.

The aliens.

They weren’t a stereotype. They didn’t just zoom in, brandishing their lime green ray guns and annihilating the entire planet. They simply…


At first, I doubt anyone had any idea of what was going on. There were a few disruptions in satellite connections, distortions in telescan reception, hindering the various reality shows everyone was addicted to. Then there were strange sightings of vivid strings of color dancing across the sky. Questions were raised with no answers. There were no announcements from any of the illustrious government world leaders, no warnings that we were no longer alone. There was…


But I knew. They’d arrived, watching. Observing.


Perhaps I’d always known that there were other beings living in distant solar systems, waiting to invade our planet. My nightmares as a child had been horrific, graphic representations of what could be. No one believed me. Not my parents. Not my teachers. They’d smiled, giving me praise for having such a wondrous imagination. Years went by and even I began to suspect that I was crazy, until the dreams shifted, visions appearing in the middle of the day. I knew they were coming. My parents balked at my ideas, convincing me that my nightmares were illusions, but I’d seen their faces, their terrified expressions as they sheltered me.

They knew I was right.

When people began vanishing in the middle of the night, no one of importance of course, only a few officials took any note, attributing the disappearances to family crises. Depression and suicide were the leading suggested causes.

And the stories were quickly buried.

Everyone wanted a normal life, to share in the joys and sorrows that had been promised to them soon after birth. Yet, my hackles remained raised. Call it my precognition or being hypersensitive, but my understanding was entirely different. And I was terrified at the outcome.

After only a few months, male leaders of their kind made their first appearance, moving among us, as if they’d always been here. Gorgeous in their almost violet hue, their massive carved bodies and chiseled faces were like Gods, seducing the female race with their alluring tangerine eyes. They were much taller with hair to their shoulders, fluid in their motions, and seductive in subtle ways. There was limited hysteria, but the aliens assured everyone that they were our friends and within a short period, their kind mannerisms had won over the hearts of almost every human. Almost.

After their appearance, my dreams were filled with brutal dark fantasies, vivid images of being taken by one in particular, a creature whose face remained in the shadows, but who had utter control over me. And every morning I was wet, cum soaking my thin panties, often leaking onto my fine linen sheets. I’d had the dreams before, for years in fact.

What I knew with utter certainty was that theses aliens, magnificent creatures of another world were here for two things. The first? Conquering. They needed a safe haven, a location outside of their world. The second? Mating. They would ravage the women they craved, using them in unimaginable ways, commanding and punishing their bodies as they were required to surrender.

And I was next on their list.

Closing my eyes, I recounted the thirty minutes prior to the attack. I should have seen it coming. I should have known the single man I’d trusted for far too long was responsible for the destruction.

As well as ensuring my capture.

“Dr. Dupree.”

The voice was grating, even this early in the morning. I had no use for second grade assistants who truly had no understanding of my work, or that of the government. “Yes?” I kept walking, the click of my heels against the cold tile floor echoing in the hallway. I had a deadline, more than one, and I was determined to finalize the last test necessary in order for the powers that be to leave me alone. I snickered at the thought. I was almost to my door when I heard the assistant jogging in my direction, huffing from the weight he carried.

Hesitating, I allowed my hand to hover over the pad, waiting until the eager man closed the distance. “What do you want?”

“You’re wanted on level two,” he huffed, trying to offer a smile. There was nothing to smile about while working in this facility. Everyone was drained from a grueling schedule; long hours to perfect certain key cures that had plagued the United States for a full decade.

“I do not have authorization for level two. You know that. I have work to finish, Gerald. Please give my regrets for whatever this is.” Level two housed some of the most intricate operations, scientific experiments that were deemed highly classified. Given my record with the Federal System for atrocities to mankind, what clearance I had kept me contained on a single floor.

“No, you don’t understand, Fiona. You’ve been given full clearance.”

No one used my given name, which meant a serious event was occurring three levels beneath me. I kept my cool before turning toward him and for once, I could see fear in his eyes. “What’s going on?”

“Visitors. Your presence has been requested, or I should say demanded.” He almost choked spitting out the words.


“Captain Hicks.”

The name no longer gave me a thrill as it once had. Logan Hicks had been my lover for almost two years. A dominating man, his sadistic methods of providing pleasure had turned me into a pain junkie, his submissive whore, as he enjoyed calling me during our weekly sessions. I resisted showing any emotion but knew that if the captain was in the building, there was a national security breach of some kind. Interesting that he was on level two, the location I’d hungered to visit, a lab free from governmental constraints. The rumors regarding the work within the hallowed chamber were tantalizing, but no doubt untrue. “Fine. I’ll be right there.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll let them know.”

I waited until Gerald was a solid twenty feet away before easing my hand back to the pad. The blinking blue light, indicating I was matched to the computer, allowed me into my austere office. I’d been holding my breath, perhaps from my own fear of screaming obscenities or even from moaning like a frustrated little girl. How many nights had I longed for Logan’s touch, his command? Even his torturous whip?

Too many.

Coming down from my experience had taken months and still, I longed to be used. Taken. Wiping perspiration from my brow, I refused to give the man the satisfaction that he still usurped control over me. I had work to do and a project to finish. The mantra was growing old.

I counted to ten before placing my things on my desk. Whatever was going on would at least be entertaining.

Considered the youngest doctor with expertise in holograph imaging, I’d made a name for myself throughout the United States, portions of the New Republic of Russia and Eastern Botswa. However, only my most trusted allies knew of my real talent, a calling I’d been born with. Healing. I was a natural healer, able to use my hands to detect damage and disease, even microscopic organisms infesting the human body, yet my abilities frightened far too many people. After the near apocalypse almost fifty years before, anything out of the norm was deemed illegal or immoral. I’d once been shunned, forced into a labor camp, called a witch, and beaten for my gift. Americans were terrified of my abilities.

That was only five years before.

The man responsible for my release? Captain Hicks. I owed him my life. The thought was revolting. Why would they request my expertise? There were too many thoughts racing in my mind, causing my mouth to water. I took the stairs down to level two and the closer I came to the secured door, the more a series of vibrations skittering down my spine took hold. I clenched my fist, fighting the same anxiety I’d experienced so many times. You’re not good enough. You’re not wanted.

Hissing, I smirked as I lifted my hand to the pad, waiting for the impressive red lights to flash, indicating I was in the wrong place.

A quiet rush of blue was followed by the door sliding open. I’d been allowed into the secretive location. I took tentative steps inside, inhaling the air. There was no scent, no way of knowing what experiments were being performed, but there was a slight disturbance in the air, an electrified rush of sensations.

I could feel them. No, I was connected to him. The being.

The alien.

He was here in this building. The creature burrowing into every dream. Hugging the wall, I had to fight to keep from hyperventilating. There was no reason for my nipples to be as hard, tight, and aching. I also couldn’t be longing for my master to use them, pinch and twist, clamp them while he fucked me. The concept was ridiculous.

But I’d never wanted anything as badly.

My reaction had nothing to do with the infamous captain, one of the most decorated men in the country. This was…

“There you are.” His face was filled with anger, reddened, his skin reeking of garlic. He must have been hiding in the shadows.

Recoiling, I glared at my boss, biting all the nasty words I wanted to say. I simply tolerated his repugnant innuendoes, his abrasive mannerisms. One day, his dick would end up in a vise. “I’m here, Walter. What is going on?”

“We have a request for your presence, against my judgment I might add, but I’m no longer in charge.” He pushed a strand of hair behind his oversized ears.

“They figured you out?” I couldn’t help but issue the retort. If he’d been relieved of duty, placing Captain Hicks in charge, this had everything to do with the government.

“Stay quiet and listen. There is a special patient and it seems the captain was determined to have you here, ignoring protocol.” The snarl on his face was what I’d come to expect from the pompous jerk, a man whose decision regarding my employment had been overruled by the government. By Captain Hicks to be exact, something he’d never allowed me to forget.

“Fine. This should be enjoyable.” I was ushered inside. The clean room was stark: white walls, LED lighting, and myriad pieces of medical equipment positioned around a steel table. There were at least a dozen scientists, all in white coats, all huddled together. Captain Hicks stood like a beacon of domination, his contrasting black uniform eye-catching in the sea of complacency. I knew several of the men and women standing close to this patient, none of whom I had ever had a chance to work with. They were sequestered at all times, only venturing into the cafeteria for food and coffee. They never spoke, never made eye contact with anyone outside their elite group.

They’d been trained well.

My heels clipped against the tile floor as I walked in, drawing attention to my presence. Logan was the first to acknowledge I’d entered the room, but only by the shuttered glance he gave me, one filled with aspects of control. Hunger. I purposely looked away, my skin crawling from being so close to him. The door was shut with a vacuum close and all was quiet, at least until the good captain cleared his throat. I wasn’t surprised seeing a handful of army soldiers. While they weren’t holding a weapon in their hands, they certainly were ready if necessary.

“Thank you all for being here. We have a special assignment that will need your areas of expertise. Join us, Dr. Dupree. You may be able to enlighten us. Already several tests have been run to no avail. Your particular brand of medicine just might become necessary.” Logan kept his tone of voice even as he beckoned me, but I knew the underlying methods he used, the quiet and almost comforting manner of breaking you down, driving you to the point of submission or madness.

The others threw a disdaining glance in my direction. They knew of my incarceration, even though my record had been expunged, a promise made in order to accept this position.

I advanced, taking my time, ready to issue a series of rakish remarks until I noticed the aliens standing in the far corner. They wore uniforms of their own, tightly woven material that hugged every curve, accentuating their muscular thighs and massive chests. One was obviously the leader, his uniform carrying various colors like banners across his breastbone. He was tall, his carved body at well over six and a half feet, the purple hue more muted than seen on television, yet his eyes danced in the light. The bright orange color drew me in and the second he tipped his head, everything seemed to be a blur. He was scanning me, his eyes raking down the length of my body in a familiar fashion, as if he could see underneath my clothes.

The other female doctors were flushed, and I could feel the heat resonating off their bodies, could see the light shimmer of perspiration glistening on their faces. They’d never been this close to an alien, which meant the scientific studies being performed on a normal basis had nothing to do with our engaging, if not dangerous visitors. The alien’s gaze lingered a few seconds too long. Uncomfortable as hell, I fingered the opening of my blouse, making certain the sacred buttons were in place.

Logan kept his hand in the air, curling his fingers, his expression reeking of impatience. I kept him waiting, taking my sweet time to move as close as I felt comfortable, still unable to see the creature lying on the cold slab. I could see his clear disdain, could almost read the man’s mind, the punishment he would like to evoke.

I gave him a respectful nod even as I turned my attention to the alien. I knew as much about their kind as any human. They were from the planet Cenzan in a solar system several thousand lightyears away. They’d learned to adapt to our ways, speaking whatever required language as necessary. The rest of my limited knowledge had been based off news broadcasts.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have the honor of introducing you to Captain Shandar Drateq of the Federation of Cenzan as well as his first officer, Kalek Zanton.” Logan’s introduction was dry, even laced with a hint of bitterness. It appeared he’d been forced into this detail as well, although knowing the man, I suspected ulterior motives. Fascinating. He took a step back, refusing to give the alien any honor or respect by bothering to look him in the eyes.

The alien captain moved forward with a slow gait, his hands behind his back, his expression impossible to read. But dear God, the creature reeked of testosterone.

“My third in command is ill. We have not been able to heal him.” The velvety smooth tone was seductive, the baritone rich and alluring, drawing several reactions from the female doctors, even a few from the males. However, the alien seemed to be directing his comments directly to me.

I experienced a tightness in my throat, and an odd sensation in my pussy. Even my nipples were fully erect, scraping against the thin lace of my bra. Without being directed, I moved forward, studying the various pieces of medical equipment, the usual implements meant for humans. “What has been done up to this point?”

After a full two minutes of hesitation, one of the male doctors cleared his throat, stepping forward. “We’ve checked all the main vitals and run fluid tests for every human disease. Unfortunately, the compounds within their bodies aren’t similar enough to ours.”

“In other words, you’re shit out of luck.” I sneered at the man. Yes, I realized my statement was entirely unprofessional, but given the shunning treatment I’d received from my peers, I quite frankly didn’t give a shit.

Reeling back, the doctor’s face turned beet red. “We’ve performed as many tests as we feel are feasible at this time. I don’t know what you believe she can do at this point. I apologize, Captain, but I don’t know what we’re supposed to do. This is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to examine one of the Cenzans.”

Logan took a deep breath, finally turning toward the alien in charge. “I’m sorry that our experts haven’t been able to determine the cause of your officer’s illness.”

“Let the female try,” Captain Drateq stated, absolute authority in his tone.

His booming voice echoed in the chamber.

I could see just how irritated Logan had become, his jaw clenched, his eyes teeming with anger. There was also a shadowed expression that crossed his face, but only for a few seconds. Enough for me to see. The man was plotting something cataclysmic in nature.

“Fine. Dr. Dupree. If you will.” Logan made a sweeping gesture with his arm before taking a step backwards.

After glancing at the second alien, I walked closer to the creature lying on the table. I didn’t need to have my medical experience to know the male specimen was in significant pain. His eyes remained open, the normally intense color dimmed from his anguish. “What happened to him?” I gathered a sense of more than just an illness.

Captain Drateq took calculated steps closer, flanking my side. The heat from his presence was overwhelming, creating a ring of perspiration along my hairline. I was electrified, every cell in my body on fire, my muscles screaming as the rush of current flowed through every extremity. His scent was incredible, musky and full of what had to be testosterone. And there was more. His entire being was encapsulated with raging desire. I was thrown, taking several deep breaths, my pussy clenching as if I’d just experienced the most intoxicating orgasm of my life.

“We do not know,” he stated, the words so melodic, reeking with the kind of seductive baritone that sent shivers down my spine. “He fell ill, growing worse within hours. None of our medical personnel were able to provide any method of cure.”

“Get this over with, Fiona.” Logan’s words were somehow amplified in the wide-open space, his use of my given name pissing me the hell off. He’d never respected my credentials or the woman who’d earned them.

I shot him a vile look before lowering my head, offering a kind smile to the heavily secured patient. Captain Hicks obviously feared for someone’s safety. “I’m not going to hurt you. That I promise.”

Whether or not the alien understood was difficult to tell.

“Remove his shackles,” I directed, glowering at Logan when there was no response. I sensed Captain Drateq’s rage was being curtailed.

“Do as she says,” Logan instructed one of his soldiers.

I waited until the soldier was free of the restraints before inching closer. Moving slowly, I eased the sheet from his chest, marveling at the alien’s physique, the muscular build and carved abs. I blocked out the titters coming from the other scientists as I placed my hands on the creature. The reaction was instant as well as horrific and while the whisper was hoarse, muttered, I knew Captain Drateq had heard me. “He’s been poisoned.”

Then all hell had broken loose.

I could hear my own heartbeat, matching the caustic sounds as the building crumbled. Ceiling tile floated down all around me, exposing the metal underneath. The booming sounds continued, even louder, as if the entire Cenzan race had descended, their fury unleashed. What I’d experienced, the few guttural words I’d whispered could mean the annihilation of everyone in the building, perhaps the entire planet. What I’d felt, the very moment of contact with the alien had awakened not only my senses but the very woman inside.


The cascading rumble turned into silence, utter and complete silence. Gone were the shattering noises, the smashing of glass. There were also no further sounds of any of the scientists, their screams and cries for salvation ceased.

I crept out from my hiding place, gulping several breaths, trying to make sense of what had occurred.

Then I heard footsteps, careful and methodical, as if they were in no hurry, as if they knew exactly where they were going. Fear unlike anything I’d ever experienced settled into my already ruptured mind, sending direct pulses to my twitching muscles. I shifted against the wall, my eyes locked on the door, counting the seconds as the slight pounding of their footsteps drew closer. Three. Two. One.

A single hard slam against the office door was all that was needed. Then he walked inside, trailed by at least three others of his kind. The captain. The alien. The man I’d seen in my dreams. Our eyes locked and for a few precious seconds, he allowed me to visualize my fate.

“You will obey us in every manner. You will belong to us. Do you understand, Fiona?” Shandar stood over me, his massive chest heaving, his eyes boring into mine. In his hand was a leather strap, his favorite implement of punishment, one I’d learned about from day one. I could do nothing but submit to the creature, my lover and master.

“Yes, sir.” I was naked, on my knees, my wrists shackled. Two others flanked my side, dangerous in appearance, their cocks standing at full attention. I gazed at their magnificence, tight muscles and washboard abs, their long legs perfectly carved. But their dicks were truly a thing of beauty, their balls swollen with cum. Each had two cocks, one smooth and thick, hanging low. The other was covered in hundreds of nodules nearly a quarter of an inch long. When one was sliding into my pussy, another in my ass, I was thrown into sublime ecstasy.

“She is learning,” the second in command stated as he tapped one shaft against my cheek.

Shandar rolled the strap down my spine as he fisted my hair, intertwining his fingers in my long locks. “And she will learn more in time, Kalek. Come join us, Braga. Feast upon her luscious form.”

“Yes, I will and more than once tonight,” Braga stated, his tone filled with heated lust. “Open your mouth, our sultry slave.”

I did as I was told, opening wide, waiting for my other master to take his place.

As Shandar smacked my ass, issuing one hard slap after another, the tip of Braga’s cock was placed at my mouth. I licked around his cockhead, savoring the way the bumps felt against my tongue, the taste of his pre-cum. I was hungry, famished for more. As he slid his dick inside, his eyes clamping shut, I began to suck, darting my tongue back and forth.

Braga pumped, his rhythm almost perfect, the tip hitting the back of my throat.

“She’s magnificent,” Kalek whispered as he cupped my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples. The pain was exquisite, sending a cataclysm of current into every cell in my body. My pussy was wet, juice trickling down the insides of my thighs. As Kalek slid one hand down my stomach, cupping my mound, his finger swirling around my clit, I moaned over the thick invasion.

“Yes, she is,” Shandar whispered as he cracked the strap.

The vision began to fade but the meaning was clear.

I would belong to them, to several of the male species from Cenzan. I would be forced to submit in every manner, disciplined for any infraction, succumbing to their brutal will.

And I would become their mate.

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