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Cruel Masters: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


“You fucked with the wrong men, Caroline. Or should I call you Kendra?” Sebastian Randolph glared at me, his cerulean blue eyes darkening from his anger.

His rage.

While I wanted to issue a nasty retort, my tongue was suddenly tied, the vision of his powerful aura sending a wave of electricity down my spine. I was equally in awe of his dominating mannerisms as well as his command of everything around him. He took no shit.

And I’d challenged him, egregiously lying to the man.

There would be hell to pay, but I would never back down to the ruthless bastard.

He slowly walked around his desk, his eyes never leaving me. “I’m not the kind of man who takes deception lightly. You crossed a line, one that cannot be passed without consequences.”

“What the hell are you trying to tell me?”

His laugh was smooth as velvet, the tone sending another wave of shivers skittering down my spine. “If I were a decent man, which I’m certain you’ve determined I am not, I would merely toss you out of here, banning you from the property. However,” he said, the sound more like a husky growl, “I’m also the kind of man who handles punishment myself.”

I was thrown by his words and when he closed the distance, looming over me with his six-foot three-inch frame, I faltered, unable to find my voice.

His smile was just as alluring as the man himself, all brawn and ripped with testosterone. When he brushed his fingers across my cheek, almost in a loving manner, I was lured into an impossible world of his sensuality. He lowered his head until our lips were only centimeters apart. “And I’m definitely not a decent man. Now, you will stay exactly where you are like a good little girl or your punishment is going to be much more severe.”

I was paralyzed, my muscles twitching, caught in a fog until I realized that he’d walked away, leaving me cold and aching, my pussy quivering. The thought of being attracted to him was revolting, but he was the epitome of every girl’s fantasy.

Very slowly he opened a drawer on his credenza, selecting something from the center. When he turned to face me, a smile curling on his lips, I was forced to hold my breath.

With every step he took, getting closer and closer, I had difficulty remaining where I was.

But I refused to walk away.

In his hand was a whip of some kind, an implement with a wooden handle and a thin strap. He rubbed his fingers across the leather as he walked even closer, taking his time and allowing me to appreciate what he held.

The combination of anxiety and the most bizarre excitement surged into every inch of my body. I realized I was swaying forward and backward, unable to catch my breath.

“As you must know, as CEO and part owners of Extreme, my partners and I are ruthless, dangerous men who enjoy exterminating our enemies.”

Exterminating? I swallowed hard as he continued his approach, trying to will my muscles to react so I could race out of his office.

But I remained, just like the good girl he commanded me to be. I’d rushed into a battle that I couldn’t win.

Now I was going to pay the price.

Sebastian snapped the implement, the whooshing sound something I would never forget. When he grabbed my arm, dragging me toward his desk, I was unable to fight back. Another growl escaping his mouth, he raked his arm across the desk, eliminating any hindrances. Papers and files, his laptop, and a coffee cup went smashing to the floor, the crashing sound reverberating in my ears.

He tossed me over the edge and when I pushed up against his desk, my anger finally overriding the shock, he pressed down on the small of my back, crowding against me as he leaned over. The weight of his body, the heat he emitted was extreme. And his scent was intoxicating, a combination of timber and exotic spices.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, Kendra, and you’re going to take your punishment without fighting me or I assure you that you won’t like the additional consequences.” As he eased my long hair from my face, blowing across my skin, all I could do was shiver.

After pulling away, he yanked my skirt, ripping the material in his effort to tug it over my hips.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I demanded, still fighting him, kicking out and connecting with his legs.

He smacked me hard, his palm firmly slapping against my bottom. “And you won’t be needing these.” The second he wrapped his finger around the thin elastic of my panties, snapping his wrist, I let out an intense moan, the sight of my thong being tossed to the floor horrifying. I was half naked in the middle of the man’s office. Anyone could walk in. Anyone could see me being disciplined.

No. No. No!

I refused to accept this bullshit. Jerking up, I managed to turn around to face him but almost instantly, he shoved me back down.

“Let’s put it this way, Kendra. If you attempt to move again, I will have you arrested.”

“For what?”

He chuckled again, the sound so dark and laced with evil. “I assure you that I don’t need a reason to lock you away. The police will do exactly as I say.”

I’d read all about his tactics, his joy when destroying people. There was no getting out of this. He had law enforcement wrapped around his little finger. Why had I become so determined to try to take him and his partners down singlehandedly? I’d lost my mind.

“I can see you’re beginning to understand your predicament. Lie across the desk and grip the other side. If you move even an inch, we will start all over again. Either that or you can wait in my office until the police arrive.”

A lump formed in my throat, but I did as I was told, resting my face on the cool wooden surface, digging my fingers into the edge of his massive, ornate desk. When I heard the whooshing sound along with the snap of his wrist, I clenched my eyes shut.

The first crack was startling, the hard strike forcing me to suck in my breath.

The second brought a wave of stinging sensations dancing down the backs of my legs.

The third and fourth sent a sizzle of anguish into every muscle.

“No! Stop. Please stop. I’m sorry.” Why did I apologize to the animal? He certainly didn’t deserve any conciliatory behavior. He was a monster, a man who enjoyed every second of his power, demolishing companies, firing employees. He was capable of anything and I was determined to bring the entire company down, breaking them at the knees.

“It’s too late to be sorry, Kendra. No one is allowed to deceive me. No one.”

He delivered several brutal strikes, every lash coming down in rapid succession. The anguish tore through me, the heat bursting across my bottom. I wanted to fight him, but it was no use. I was completely at his mercy.

“You anger me, Kendra. And it’s never good to enrage a man like me. I could snuff out your life within seconds.”

Another series of moans slipped past my lips as the spanking continued, adding to the utter humiliation of being treated this way. I was sick to my stomach, sounds of the savagery echoing in my ears.

And he refused to stop, spanking me long and hard, taking his time to smack my upper thighs. I could tell he was enjoying the hell out of this. Was this the way he handled his employees in order to keep them in line?

When he touched my bottom, the tips of his fingers caressing as if he gave a damn, I bristled. “You’re going to fucking pay for this.”

This time, his laugh was hearty. “And I will enjoy watching you try. Tell me, are you wet?”

Was he fucking kidding me? There was no way something like this could arouse me.

Yet as the wafting scent of my aching pussy floated to my nostrils, I became mortified.

Sebastian slipped his fingers between my legs, thrusting them into my pussy. “Yes… Very wet.” He pumped several times, the sickening realization of what he was doing quickly turning into something else entirely.

I was tossed into a moment of bliss, my muscles clamping around his fingers, drawing them in deeper. Panting, I bucked my hips, purring like some crazed woman. I couldn’t believe I was aroused by this… horror. As a warm blush swept up from my neck, crowding onto my cheeks, I couldn’t stop the strangled whimpers from rushing up from my throat, giving away just how turned on I was.

“Yes. Very wet. But we’re not finished yet,” he stated in an authoritative manner. He leaned across his desk, pressing his finger on the phone, the one item he hadn’t tossed to the floor. “Ms. Parker. If you would be so kind as to come into my office for a few minutes. Oh, and bring as many employees as you can find.”

“Of course, Mr. Randolph. I’ll be right there,” the voice echoed into the room.

“What the hell are you doing?” I demanded, once again trying to get the fuck away from this… madman.

He slammed me down, crowding his big body over mine. “Tsk. Tsk. I’m going to be forced to start all over again. Now, to answer your question. It’s good for my employees to see what happens when rules aren’t followed.”

Another wave of embarrassment became an explosion. I sputtered, tears forming in my eyes. He was going to humiliate me in front of his freaking staff. A part of him wanted to beg him to change his mind, another part ready to find anything I could use to bash his brains out.

Sebastian brushed the damn leather strap across my bottom, caressing me with the horrible implement. I was sick to my stomach, even more lightheaded than before.

“If you continue to be disobedient, I will be forced to rip off the remainder of your clothes. I don’t think you want to be spanked entirely naked in front of my employees. Or do you?”

“No. No!”

“No? I suggest you learn respect. Let’s try that again.”

“No. Sir.” My voice was dripping with contempt.

The sounds of the door opening and hushed voices began to unravel my sanity. I closed my eyes for fear of seeing even one of them. I knew if I did, I would never be able to walk out of the asshole’s office.

“We’re here, Mr. Randolph,” his secretary said quietly.

“Excellent. Thank you. Crowd around, everyone. This is a very good opportunity for you to see what happens when behavior becomes unacceptable.” Sebastian took a deep breath, allowing me to see him twirling the damn implement in his long, well-manicured fingers. “Now, excuse me while I get more comfortable for phase two.”

What the hell was phase two? I already ached, my bottom on fire. What was he going to do to me?

He remained at the side of his desk, allowing me to see everything he was doing. Taking his time, he removed his jacket, folding and placing it on one of his plush leather chairs. Then he unbuttoned his sleeves, rolling first one then the other over his elbows. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. The shirt was form fitting, highlighting his muscular physique, his exquisitely long torso. He was one gorgeous man with his intense blue eyes and shaggy blond hair. He looked more like a model than an executive of a billion-dollar company.

I finally forced myself to close my eyes again, but not before catching sight of four employees who’d moved to the couch, all making themselves comfortable and within perfect view of the ugly display.

“Oh, you need to keep your eyes open, Kendra. I want you fully aware of your surroundings,” Sebastian commanded in the same velvety smooth tone as before.

My nipples ached, hard as pebbles. I couldn’t believe I was turned on by the man in any regard. He was nothing but a criminal, a wart on society.

Then why was he so damn good looking?

But I did as I was told.

Sebastian resumed his position, taking another deep breath before resuming the round of punishment. With every hard crack of the whip, the employees seemed enthused, even pleased at what they were seeing. They whispered amongst themselves, nodding several times.

The pain was nothing in comparison to the embarrassment as he gave me smack after smack. I lost count, fully surrendering to the limited comfort of the desk. All I could concentrate on was my rapid breathing, the way my pulse skipped.

And the brutal hammering of my heart.

When he finally tossed the implement onto his desk, I was able to take a deep breath.

“You were actually a good girl, Kendra. I must admit, I’m shocked but pleased.” Sebastian rubbed his fingers from one side of my bottom to the other. My God, the man was studying the marks he’d made on me. I knew my butt cheeks were bright red, matching the heat level exploding into me.

“Can I get the hell out of here?” Asshole. Jerk. Creep. I’d be forced to ensnare him in some other way.

“I’m afraid you must have misunderstood me, Kendra. Your spanking was just part one.”

What? What was he trying to tell me?

I realized soon enough when I heard the sound of his belt buckle then his zipper. What… What the hell did he think he was doing?

Terrified as well as exhausted, I managed to press my palms against his desk, pushing myself up and glancing over my shoulder. Oh, my God. Blinking several times, all I could do was whimper as he released his cock.

His huge, throbbing cock, the tip almost purple from his raging desire.

“What in God’s name do you think you’re doing?” There was more demand in my tone of voice than had been in his. He was a nutcase if he thought I’d accept him fucking me.

“Anything I want. And before you ask why, it’s perfectly simple. I own you. Every. Single. Inch.” Sebastian grinned, highlighting his dimples as he approached, yanking me back several inches, ripping my legs wide open.

I was stunned, unable to react, the shock and continued humiliation paralyzing every muscle. When he rubbed his cock up and down my pussy, my entire world began to spin, my tight channel immediately spasming. No. No. This couldn’t be happening.

But as he pressed his cockhead between my swollen and dripping folds, I fell into a surreal world.

He thrust the entire length of his cock inside, my muscles screaming to accept his brutal actions. The larger than life man let off an intense bellow, his deep baritone sending another wave of vibrations into my arms and legs.

“So tight. Damn, you’re so wet. This is going to feel damn good.” Sebastian pulled out, slamming into me again.

And again.

The murmurs of the employees increased, allowing me to hear several words and phrases.

“She deserves it.”

“She lied to him.”

“She’s a horrible person.”

“Fuck her. Yeah, fuck her hard.”

They were just as insane as he was, maybe even more so. I was locked in some nightmare, unable to break myself free of the thick veil hovering over me.

Sebastian dug his fingers into my skin as he pounded into me, his husky growls turning into complete roars like the true savage he was. Everything became a horrible blur, my mind reeling from what I was being forced to endure.

But the worst part was how my body reacted, my pussy clamping and releasing several times, my nipples aching to the point of sheer anguish. This had to be in my mind. I’d lost every sense of rationality, falling into a deep, dark pit.

There was no stopping him, his actions becoming even more forceful, yet after another minute or two, or five as far as I knew, my body betrayed me all over again.

A climax burst into me, the tidal wave of extreme pleasure unlike anything I’d ever known. There was no stopping the moans coming from the depths of my being as he fucked me like a wild creature, consuming every inch of me.

One orgasm shifted into a giant wave, dragging me into ecstasy. As I gasped, the echo of applause coming from several of the employees was sickening, another pit forming in my stomach.

He let off a barbaric sound, as if one of victory then leaned over. “You know what happens to extremely disobedient women in my world?”

“Na… No. No, sir.”

“They get fucked in the ass.”

Wha… What?

I couldn’t respond, not a single word or even a strangled sound before he slid his slickened shaft up and down the crack of my ass then pushed the tip into my dark hole. I’d never been fucked in the ass. Not once. The thought was revolting, inducing a shiver of panic. I clawed his desk, scraping wood under my fingernails as he drove the tip past the tight ring of muscle, claiming my asshole like he’d claimed my pussy.

“Fuck, yes. Even tighter. Are you a virgin, Kendra?” He chuckled darkly as he continued ravaging me, growling like the beast he truly was.

The pain was blinding, my insides churning, and I was unable to stop the tears from slipping past my lashes. Everything about this was disgusting, including the sound of skin slapping against skin. How could he do this to me? There was additional clapping, although I could swear that I heard at least a few employees whimpering out of fear. They should fear this man and what he was capable of doing.

I did everything I could to keep any sound from giving him the satisfaction that he was getting to me. While the initial discomfort had been biting, even worse was the way my body began to relax, to accept the atrocity.

As if I was enjoying this.

And when the pain morphed into another round of bliss, I was forced to accept the final humiliation.

He’d managed to get my body to surrender to him.

The bastard.

I had no idea how long he continued fucking me. Then his bellows became ragged, his actions more powerful.

Seconds later, I felt the rush of his hot cum spewing inside my asshole.

The horror of what he’d done to me would linger for a long time.

And I made a promise to myself that I would bury him as well as his two partners.

No one fucked with me. No one.

Sebastian patted me on the bottom. “You can go about your business now, ladies and gentlemen. Let this be a lesson to you that you must remain obedient at all times. I hope I’ve made myself clear.”

“Yes, sir,” the group said in a collective voice.

I took several short breaths, hating myself for crying. The man didn’t deserve to see how much the incident had bothered me.

He guided me to my feet. “You did very well, Kendra. You are quite the formidable woman.”

Formidable? The man had to be kidding me. I might turn into a raving lunatic, hunting him down when he least expected it.

“Fuck you,” I half whispered and as soon as I tried to yank my skirt back into position, he exhaled in an exaggerated manner, yanking both my hands away.

“Well, sadly, I can see that you haven’t learned your lesson,” he said, sighing. “I think another lesson will help.” He grabbed both my wrists into one hand.

“Let go of me.” My God, he was stronger than I would have imagined.

“I can’t do that just yet.” He dragged me around his desk, reaching his hand into one of his drawers.

I opened my mouth to scream when he pulled a butt plug from inside his desk. However, nothing but strangled noise pushed up from my throat.

“I know exactly what you need. Now, come with me.”

There was no getting out of his hold, the large man dragging me toward his open door.

“Whoa. No. Let me go. If you don’t…” What the hell was I going to threaten him with?

He seemed amused as he glanced in my direction before pulling me into his secretary’s office, only it was crowded with people.

“What do you think you’re going to do?” he asked, the damn smile remaining on his face. “You have no power over me, but you already knew that.” He shoved me into a corner directly in Ms. Parker’s office. “I need you to reach behind you and open those lovely ass cheeks of yours.”

“No. I’m not going to do it.”

“Then I’m going to have to lock you in a cage until you learn to obey. After that, the police will handle your disobedience.”

A cage? Was he kidding me? He’d managed to garner full control over me.

But he would pay. Oh, yes, he would face my wrath.

Shaking, I did as I was told, pulling open my ass cheeks and exposing my puckered hole for the world to see. My God, his cum was dripping down my bottom.

“As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Sheffield didn’t understand or appreciate the benefit of her punishment. What a shame.”

He kept me standing in the position for a full minute, allowing ten, twelve people to gawk at me. All I could do was pant, biting back a moan and keeping my eyes closed.

“I think the ass plug will be a sufficient reminder of your behavior as well as the fact you now belong to me. The added benefit is keeping my seed buried inside of you all day long.” He chuckled, the sound creating a moment of hatred as he pressed the plug into my hole, twisting until my muscles accepted.

Damn him. Damn my life.

“That’s beautiful. I think thirty minutes will be enough, but then we’ll see. I certainly have several other more extreme methods of punishment available to use if necessary.”

The sound of his polished thousand-dollar shoes walking away was perhaps the most horrifying sound of the day.

“Ms. Sheffield?”

I pressed my hand over my lips, blinking several times, biting back a moan as I realized how deeply I’d been caught up in my fantasy. What the hell?”

Why in God’s name had I envisioned Sebastian Randolph punishing and fucking me? That was absurd, revolting as hell.

My stomach churned, the butterflies turning into alligators. Every inch of my body was shivering uncontrollably.

“Ms. Sheffield?”

I jerked my head in the direction of the sound, trying to focus on the sight of the smiling woman sitting in front of me. “I’m sorry?”

“I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Randolph is almost finished with his appointment. It’ll be just a few minutes. He’s very punctual.”

The sight of Ms. Parker’s soft features and kind smile left a bad taste in my mouth.

“Um. Thank you.” Punctual, huh? Add that to the list of his… traits. Most of them were just as horrible as the ugliness that had formed in my mind. My pulse remained heightened, my blood pressure high enough I was lightheaded.

I was going into the room using my altered name and I would perform my task. I’d done my homework, had gathered every scrap of information I’d been able to find on Sebastian Randolph, Chase Cutler, and Dax Monroe, three men whose power and wealth had created an empire. There were a solid half dozen accusations that they were nothing but criminals, using their company to disguise their connections with some of the most dangerous crime syndicates from Chicago to New York. While they’d never been arrested, that didn’t mean they weren’t guilty as hell.

Today Kendra Sheffield the investigative reporter no longer existed. Today I was Caroline Sheffield, part owner of a bakery in financial crisis and I was begging for their help. I could pull it off with ease. A smile finally crossed my face, my arousal shunned.

I didn’t give a shit the three men were attractive, chiseled gods. They were horrible people. That’s all that mattered.

Yet my entire body was fully aroused from the thought, even if I’d come here to begin the process of destroying him as well as the two men who owned the company with him.

Others had tried to bring them down and they’d all failed.

But nothing was going to stop me from enjoying the moment when they were tossed behind bars.

Extreme Incorporated was going to go down in flames where they would burn in hell for the rest of eternity.

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