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Cuffed and Claimed by Missy McKay – Sample

Chapter One


No one could have told me seeing blue lights in the rearview mirror would be the beginning of a new wonderful chapter in my life…

The rain outside is drenching everything around—not to mention blurring out my view of the road ahead of me. I knew it would have been better to wait until tomorrow to travel to my best friend’s wedding in my hometown, but with the appointment set for 10:30 a.m. to try on dresses, I would have needed to leave at the ass crack of dawn. I’m not much of a morning person. I haven’t been back home for over ten years, since I was twenty-two. There really hasn’t been much of a reason to return back to the small town I once called home. My parents now live in Florida to avoid the harsh winters that New Hampshire promises each year and my job in marketing took me to Manhattan.

I personally don’t care for relationships in general because I was engaged at an early age right out of high school. We planned to wait until we graduated college before we got married, but I was lucky enough to find him in bed with someone else before the plans got on their way. Ever since then I haven’t wanted to spend time building a relationship with someone. I feel like they are always doomed to end in disaster, so what’s the point. Regardless of how I feel, I do hope that Kallie has found her happy ending because if anyone deserves it, it is definitely her. She’s a hopeless romantic whereas I’m the realist. What I would call partly cloudy she’d call partly sunny. The way she talks about Jason makes him seem like he is right out of a Fabio-covered romance novel. She has never been this close to anyone; well, anyone but me.

This trip is taking especially long thanks to the nasty weather, but the normal Friday night traffic doesn’t really help either. The traffic seems to be crawling tonight more so than ever. You have to love the New England roads—one lane and no choice but to be stuck behind the old geezer who can’t see at night until the one passing lane in miles finally opens up.

After I’ve been on the road for a few hours, the rain starts to let up so I open my window to get some fresh air. The smell of pine trees makes me aware that I am getting closer to home—a smell I miss way too much. All I can smell in Manhattan was hot dog stands and smog. I have to admit to myself I miss living in New Hampshire, but I’d have to change my job to farming if I moved home. I know there are probably many jobs available in Concord, but nothing with possibilities like I have in Manhattan. I have to be honest with myself and admit I left because of John. It was just too difficult being around after everything happened. It ruined my love for my hometown; it ruined my love for love. It would always be tainted by that scumbag I had actually thought loved me.

I take the exit for Hillsboro, NH—the town before where Kallie lives and the last bit of civilization. She lives way out in the woods—well, technically Deering is all woods. There isn’t even a gas station in the small town. Hopefully Kallie will still be up so I don’t have to wake her because she’s a terrible little monster when she doesn’t get enough sleep or it gets interrupted.

Taking the left at McDonald’s in Hillsboro, I realize not much has changed around the small town. There’s now a larger grocery store than the old Cricenti’s Market where I used to work and maybe one more gas station than I remember. Hillsboro has one main road that is a few miles long, which we used to drive up and down for entertainment back in high school. So many memories flood back in my mind just driving down the road. As I make the turn on Route 149 toward Deering, I notice beautiful new apartments right along the river. At least something has changed. I really did forget how stunning the views were around here.

Kallie lives about fifteen minutes from where I’m at now in her parents’ old house on Cross Road. There was one thing I could always count on with these roads; there’s never much traffic. And I know these roads like the back of my hand so I can drive as fast as needed. I turn up the music when one of my favorite songs comes on the radio and start singing along with ‘The Sounds of Silence’ by Disturbed. Normally, Disturbed isn’t my type of music but I really love this cover of theirs.

I’m surprised to feel calm being back home in a place I never thought I could feel comfortable in again. The trees are still glistening from the rain, creating an almost serene picturesque scenery welcoming me home. I really love my Mercedes because it glides around corners with ease and I enjoy driving it like it was stolen. That’s what Kallie always said when we’d go out—“Drive it like it is stolen.” We definitely had our fun back in the day.

I see blue lights flashing behind the car and immediately start to panic. Great! Just what I need with only minutes to go to Kallie’s place. I pull the car over to the edge and put my hazards on. The police SUV pulls to the side of the road behind me and comes to a stop. I don’t know why, but I always get nervous when it comes to being pulled over. It reminds me of that feeling you’d get when you were sent to the principal’s office; a bit of nervousness and a whole ton of “Oh, shit, I’ve been caught.” I look down at my navy blue silky blouse I’m still wearing from work and pull down the neckline until I’m sure a good amount of my cleavage is out.

I can’t really see anything behind me because the officer has a bright light shining my way and the blue lights flashing aren’t really helping the cause either. I hear the door of the cruiser close and know the officer is making their way toward me. I say a little prayer to myself hoping it is a male officer. I’m thanking my lucky stars the rain has almost trickled off to a sprinkle because that would just mean a grumpy officer and I’d certainly be getting the speeding ticket.

My hopes increase as I catch the hint of a deliciously masculine sandalwood cologne. I lean purposefully against the door, knowing it will squish my already large boobs out even further. I see one of the most handsome men I’ve ever laid eyes on in my entire life standing before me. He must be about six feet tall, broad shoulders and thick muscles accentuated by his police uniform. The shiny black fabric fits him perfectly in all the right places.

Even though he isn’t smiling, I can see where his dimples would be on his gorgeous face framed with short black hair. He has piercing blue eyes. I’m surprised to see a little facial hair as I thought all cops had to be clean shaven, but I am digging his look. He’s all man. I’m mesmerized by the man standing in front of me and I can’t help but wonder if he is a male stripper and this is all one big joke because I have never seen a police officer look so good before. I’ll probably never see another one look quite like him.

“Good evening, miss. I suspect you might know why you are being pulled over.” His voice is overwhelmingly deep when he speaks, breaking me out of my fantasy of a male stripper. Handsome or not, I don’t like cops because of this exact attitude. I never did understand why they bother asking if we know why we’re being pulled over. It’s as though they want to shame people into accepting the ticket without any fuss. He’s standing there waiting for my answer, looking deliciously menacing.

“I really have no clue why you are pulling me over, Officer.” I’d rather play the ditzy girl card than let this cop make me feel guilty. His frown lets me know he isn’t too happy with my reply. To be honest I don’t really care at this point. It’s late and it was already such a long day at work. I just want to get this over with and get to Kallie’s place. He might be a hot cop, but he is also an arrogant cop.

“You were going more than twenty miles per hour over the posted speed limit for this road—I’ll need your license and registration.” I see him glance down at my cleavage and smile internally as his lips twitch slightly. Boom! Hook, line, and sinker. I lean over to my passenger seat and grab my purse.

“Here you are.” I hand him my license and registration for the car. “I really apologize about the speeding. If you look at my license, you’ll notice I’m not from around here. I really hope you can be lenient on a city girl traveling alone out here.” I give him my biggest puppy dog eyes I can handle without laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of my comments. I know I am laying it on a bit thick with the ditzy routine, but guys fall for it every time. Men can’t help themselves; they always feel the need to help a damsel in distress.

“Miss Martin, charm,” he waves his hand at me, “or whatever you call what you are doing will not help you get out of this ticket. I’ll be right back. Don’t move.” His voice comes through rough and irritated. I see my hopes of getting out of this ticket go out the window, which is maddening, but it is what it is. I’ll handle the ticket after this crazy wedding week is over.

“Wherever would I go, Officer?” I mock under my breath, but he without a doubt hears my exact words and spins on his heels back around toward me. Now my heart feels like it will jump right out of my chest. I wonder if I can just roll up the window and it will make him go away. No such luck. He leans in with his forearms against my window jamb, bringing his gorgeous face so close to mine, I feel dizzy with his scent. I wish he wasn’t a cop because I’d give anything to snake my arm around his neck and taste him. He’s so damn sexy and domineering.

With a small whisper close enough to my ear that I can feel his breath, he explains, “Miss Martin, were you aware that going as fast as you were can end up with you being arrested because it’s considered to be reckless driving?” He must take notice of my eyes widening because his tight face turns into a devilish smile as he adds, “Not to mention the rain and the reckless behavior could cause harm to one of these poor country people out here and we wouldn’t want to let a city girl like you who’s used to getting what she wants just get away with it.” He says ‘country people’ with a southern hillbilly accent. I know he’s seething mad. This isn’t going to end well for me at all.

My mouth snaps shut as he pulls away from the door and walks toward his cruiser. I watch him walk away through my side mirror, wondering how a specimen like himself ended up here in our Podunk town. I exhale a large sigh and hope he comes back with a different temperament than before, but somehow, I know that isn’t going to happen. Why couldn’t I have met someone like him in a bar and not like this? This officer is everything I’d look for in a man; his lips are full, pairing with deep dimples when he smiles. His strong angled jaw only enhances his already regal look and it’s easy to see he takes great pride in his body with corded muscles in his arms sneaking through his uniform. As if all of that wasn’t enough to make my mouth water, he even has tattoos wrapping around both his arms.

Chapter Two


She knows she’s absolutely stunning and she thinks she’ll get off without a ticket, but I think she just needs to get off. She’s wound up tighter than any woman I’ve ever met. I wanted to lean through that window to take hold of her hair and feel the smooth silky locks in my grip as I bend her head back to devour her. If not for her nasty personality, she would be quite beautiful.

I scan her driver’s license into my computer and am surprised to see a warrant pop up for her arrest from 1996 in this exact town for not paying a speeding ticket. Hmmm, so she is from out of town, huh? This makes me smile, knowing I’ll get to pull her smart ass out of the car and put her in my cuffs. My night is without a doubt looking up. I was annoyed to have to do a traffic stop with only ten minutes left on my shift, but she was about to kill herself or someone else driving the way she was in this area.

Now I get to spend the next few hours with her and I can’t say I really mind except for her bratty attitude. I would love to put her over my knee and spank her ass until it is red and on fire from my hands. I frown as I start to put two and two together while looking through her record. My best friend, Jason, is getting married next weekend and his fiancée’s maid of honor is coming in from Manhattan. This has to be her and damn if I’m not in trouble if I have to spend a whole week around her.

I get out of my cruiser and shift into my dominant self because I’m fully prepared for her to be shocked and angry. I need to control this situation so it doesn’t get out of hand. I make a radio call before I walk back toward her to the other cruiser on duty, who also happens to my best friend from college. “Jason—I am arresting your future wife’s best friend on Route 149 for a warrant from 1996, just past Old County Road. I don’t need any backup at this point. Copy.” I say this as nonchalantly as possible, hoping he doesn’t flip his shit.

“Copy that, Kai. Why are you arresting her? This won’t go over well with Kallie,” Jason responds.

“I can’t let her go—I already scanned her identification into the system. She never paid a speeding ticket.” I wish I wasn’t so worked up over her so I could just give her a warning, but the fact that she pissed me off makes me want to go through with the ticket.

I hear the radio click back on followed by a laugh. “Looks like you’ll be explaining this one to Kallie. But you are right—no going back now. It’s on record.”

“I’ll talk to you later. Don’t tell Kallie—I don’t want her to get stressed out. I’ll tell her tomorrow at lunch.”

I debate telling her who I am to make this go easier, but based on her attitude I decide to have a little fun. Hopefully, she’ll forgive me tomorrow once I explain.

I walk up to the window, surprised to see her as calm as can be. “Miss Martin, I need you to turn the vehicle off and remove the keys from the ignition, leaving them on the dashboard then step out of the vehicle slowly. You have a warrant for your arrest from 1996 that has yet to be settled.” She has a genuine shocked look on her face and seems unable to move. I see her smartass smile fade with the realism of the situation. “Miss, please follow my orders.”

Her head snaps my way and she must be livid to have the courage to say to me what she does next. “Orders—that’s all you asshole cops want to do is give out orders.” She turns the engine off and throws the keys down next to her before almost knocking me over when she swings her door open into me. She’s feisty and I kind of like it. I’m looking forward to getting to know her better and watching her submit to me. Submission is always better when you know you’ve earned it and I’ve made it my mission to earn hers.

“You need to knock off your temper tantrum or this will not go smoothly for you, I promise. I can make this easy or hard for you—your choice.” I give her a stern look, noticing just how short she is for the first time. She meets my eyes without faltering and I love the challenge of forcing her to look away. I wonder what she would be like surrendering to me for a night; I’m not really sure she would surrender easily and sometimes that is where all the challenge is. She has my ideal look for a submissive—on the shorter side, enough curves for me to clench onto, and an angel’s face. Too bad she has the devil inside her tonight, but I’ll bet she doesn’t behave like this all the time.

“Turn around and put your hands on your door—I’m going to grab one arm at a time to bring it down to your lower back to put these handcuffs on you.” I dig my hip into her backside to hold her firmly to the door once she complies. I pause to give her enough time to understand what is about to happen, which gives me the chance to breathe in her scent. I lean in before taking hold of her arms, whispering against her ear, “Don’t make this hard on yourself; just do as I say and this night will be over before you know it.” By policy I don’t have to cuff her. I could just ask her to get into the back of the cruiser, but this will be so much more fun.

She chooses to remain silent for the next few moments so once I feel her breathing calm I pull her right arm down to the small of her back and click one of the cuffs around her petite wrist. I feel her breathing turn hurried and she starts to panic under my hold. “Hold still, Melanie.” It’s the first time I’ve said her first name and I really like the sound of it on my lips. I push my hip against her a little firmer and lean my body weight against hers to help still her movements. It has been a long time since I’ve met someone who tests my control. She doesn’t have any more room to wiggle so I grab her left arm, pull it down to meet her other one, and click the other cuff on. She’s all mine. I’d love to flip her around and fuck her hard against her car. I sigh, knowing it’s going to be a long night and if I guess correctly, an even longer week.

Chapter Three


I don’t know what’s happening to me; I like the feeling of being in his cuffs and I can feel my core clench and my pussy flood with wetness when he uses my name. It sounds so right coming from his beautiful lips. I want him to spin me around and take me right here on the side of the road, but that is fantasy from all of the books I’ve been reading. I’d been obsessed with reading BDSM romance books since Kallie lent me one. At first I thought she lost her marbles reading them and I haven’t admitted it to her, but I am undeniably hooked on them. Some weeks I read three or four books, often finding myself skipping out on lunch or plans just so I can finish them.

I miss his body against mine as he grabs my upper arm and spins me around to face him. He places his arms around my head, blocking me against my car as he braces against it. I feel so small and fragile around him, especially being cuffed and completely surrounded by him. I try once again to get out of being arrested. “Officer, please don’t do this. It is incredibly late and my friend is expecting me at her house tonight—I can’t make her worry. Please.” That last please sounds like I’m asking or begging for something other than getting out of this arrest. Who knows, maybe I am.

He tips my chin up with one of his rough hands and smiles. It is the first time I have seen him truly smile and he looks so much more handsome when he does. I would do anything to keep him smiling rather than seeing his brooding face. “I’ll call her for you when we get to the station, Melanie. I cannot let you go with a warrant on your record. It’s my responsibility to take you to the station.” His smile is genuine, and he has softened some. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have sex with him. I’ve never had an attraction to a police officer before this but there is something about his uniform clinging to his muscular frame that drives me absolutely wild. “It probably won’t take long at all to get this settled. You will be released as soon as you settle your outstanding ticket.” I am not sure I want to be free from him—just free from the arrest.

He starts leading me toward the car. The warmth of his hand wrapped around my arm is sending thunderbolts of electricity through my body. He is soft and gentle as he opens the back of the cruiser and helps me into the car, making sure I don’t bang my head. He closes the door once I am inside. I don’t like the feeling of being trapped in the car and suddenly feel all alone as he walks away from the cruiser. I miss his touch and attention. I try to calm myself and focus on getting the situation taken care of as soon as I get to the station. I see him head back to my car, noticing just how incredible his ass looks as he walks away. He opens the passenger side door and grabs my keys. Before he gets into the cruiser, I see him lock the car. I am thankful because a bunch of wedding presents and supplies are in the trunk.

“Thank you for grabbing my stuff and locking the car.” I try to smile because I figure being sweet will be better than causing trouble with him. He doesn’t seem like the type to put up with my attitude. “It’s been a rough night traveling from Manhattan and I’m utterly exhausted. Please accept my apology for my rudeness earlier. I don’t really know what got into me. This isn’t how I normally act.”

He looks at me in the rearview mirror and I see him smirk back at me with a twinkle in those blue eyes. “It’s obvious you don’t like authority.” He couldn’t be more right. He turns a little more serious as he adds, “You have to learn if you behave badly that there are consequences.” He raises his eyebrows as if checking for my agreement.

“I said I was sorry,” I sigh. “What the fuck do you want from me?” The officer looks as though he is considering every bit of what he wanted from me and I don’t think it is just my apology. He pulls the car to a rough stop and after he puts it in park, he steps out of the vehicle and opens my door. I immediately slide to the opposite side of the cruiser.

“Where do you think you’re going?” His chuckle makes me shiver. “Slide back over here or I’ll come in there after you.” I just look at him so he climbs in as promised and I kick at him as he comes closer, but his hand just closes around my ankle and he slides me back to the side of the car he’s on. He steps out of the car with his hand still wrapped around my ankle like a manacle.

“I’m not getting out of this car,” I hiss.

“Yes, you are.” He reaches in, letting go of my ankle and grabbing me behind my neck instead. “Duck and step out.”

I don’t know why I comply with his order, but it is something about the tone he says it in. As soon as I’m fully out of the car, he turns me and pushes me roughly against it, my chest heaving against the still wet car.

“You can’t just expect to behave badly and get off with a smack on your hand because you apologize,” he whispers against my ear as his hand trails down my back, stopping at the top of my ass. His other hand is still gripping me around my neck. He pulls his hand away suddenly and without notice brings it down hard against my ass. Did this fucker just spank me? Before I can think twice his hand is returning for another and another.

My whole body is quaking with the feel of each whack from his vicious hand. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I try to turn around, breathless.

“I’m doing what someone needed to do ages ago. You’re out of control with your behavior.” He keeps me from turning around and pushes me harder against the car. “Admit it—you need this.”

My thighs are shaking and suddenly after several more smacks against my ass I am thankful for being held up between the car and the officer.

“Please…” The whisper barely leaves my mouth, but I know he’s heard it by his small laugh. I should feel angry and disgusted, but I don’t. Instead I feel completely outside of my own body. I want more. I want him to take me against the car.

“I’m… I’m sorry.” I can barely get the words out between the mixed emotions passing through my body: confusion, regret, and utter horniness.

He releases the hold on my neck and pulls back in an instant. “Now I believe you are truly sorry.” Without another word he opens the door and guides me back inside the cruiser, shutting me inside with my out of control emotions. My ass aches, but my pussy aches way more. I sit in the back of the cruiser silently thinking about what just happened for the ten-minute drive to the station.

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