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Daddy Knows Best by Normandie Alleman – Sample

Chapter One

“I still don’t know why we have to move to the middle of nowhere-ville.”

“It’s a community of people with relationships like ours, princess. A place where we can be as kinky as we want to be, and no one will care.” Neal Solomon reached over and tickled the spot between Tabitha’s ribs, which drew a reaction every time.

She giggled, a result of reflex rather than mirth. “Stop it, daddy. This isn’t funny.”

With a sigh, he returned his hand to the steering wheel.

“I don’t know that I want to be around kinky people all the time. What if they’re weird?”

“Like us?” He laughed.

“Daddy… there’s nothing weird about how I feel about you.” Tabitha Gibson’s mouth settled into a pout. Though she was twenty-six, she sometimes behaved much younger, which was something her thirty-year-old boyfriend and daddy dom Neal found charming.

“I agree.”

She grimaced. “But Minnesota? It’s freaking freezing here!”

“It wasn’t warm in Chicago,” he reminded her.

“I know,” she admitted grudgingly. “But why couldn’t you have found a place in Florida or something? I hear Atlanta is quite pleasant year round. I’m sure they have daddies and little girls there…”

“I promise I’ll help you keep warm,” he said, turning the car into the entrance of a gated community. The sign out front read ‘Little Haven.’ After Neal gave the man in the guard shack his name, he drove the car through the swinging wrought-iron gate and took a right, then a left onto Huron Ave. He drove slowly for two blocks and there stood their new home.

It was a two-story beige craftsman, with green shutters and rust-colored trim, the kind of home they’d never have been able to afford in Chicago. Opening the car door into a pile of snow, Tabitha gingerly placed a foot on the recently shoveled driveway. Someone had taken the time to at least clear them a spot, and she appreciated that. She climbed out of the vehicle, pulled her faux shearling coat tightly around her, and gazed at her new home. “It looked bigger on the Internet.”

Neal got out of the car and surveyed the property. “It’ll do.”

It was an understatement, of course, and Tabitha tried not to roll her eyes. Ever since she’d met Neal eighteen months ago when he’d been the mechanic who repaired her BMW, she’d known that he hated to argue. He avoided conflict as much as possible, while she thrived on it. The two had completely opposite ways of relating—she wanted to fight things out, while he wanted to smooth over their differences. When things got too contentious between them, he liked to throw her over his knee and show her who was boss. Not only did it distract her when he did that, but it made her swoon and forget all about what they’d disagreed over in the first place. Sometimes when she looked at him, her heart wanted to burst out of her chest, she was so overtaken with love for him.

But now as she looked around, Tabitha didn’t want to be here. She didn’t like the house, the new town, but what could she do? She’d agreed to it in order to keep the peace.

“I don’t know why you dragged me to this Godforsaken place,” she said irritably, looking around to make sure no one else was around to hear her. “With a bunch of outcasts.” Immediately after saying the words she regretted them, but she was too stubborn to take them back.

Neal looked at her with piercing gray eyes. “That’s it, Tabitha. I told you—you could complain all you want on the way here if it would help you get it out of your system, but you’ve done that. Now that’s enough. Let’s go inside.”

She frowned, but followed him anyway. “What if I slip on this ice?” she whined.

With a half-smile he turned and offered her his hand chivalrously. “I’ll help you.”

She took his hand and gazed into his eyes, which twinkled like the sun sparkling in the blanket of snow covering the front yard. How lucky she was that Neal handled her moods so well.

They traipsed up the walk and to the front door, which he opened with the newest addition to his key ring. When they stepped inside, the whoosh of the heating system was a welcome contrast to the frigid temperature outside. With a shiver, Tabitha let go of Neal’s hand and strode around the airy great room, admiring the two-story ceiling, impressive windows, and majestic view.

“This is actually pretty cool,” she said.

Neal winked at her. “I’m glad you like it. Only the best for my little princess.”

She rushed into his arms. “Thank you, daddy. I’m sure we’ll like it here,” she lied. Neal was so proud of himself for finding this place; he’d gotten himself a job and this house all because he thought it would improve her health. He’d been determined to whisk her away from her high-pressure career and all the stress that came with it, and he’d won that battle. For the moment.

He held her tightly and kissed the top of her head. “How would you like a nice roaring fire?”

“Oh, that sounds lovely. What about the luggage?”

“I’ll get that too.” He headed out the front door.

That’s what doormen are for, she thought, wistfully remembering Sam, the doorman at their building in Chicago. There were so many reasons to have a good doorman, what would she do without one? How would she ever find the best Chinese takeout or have her dry-cleaning sent out?

She sighed. With a sinking feeling, she suspected that she would be expected to take care of daily things like that. How could Neal possibly think moving here would be less stressful? Everything about this place seemed a lot more stressful to her.

While Neal brought in her four suitcases, his bag, and several stacks of firewood, Tabitha explored the house. The furniture the real estate company had used to promote their model home now occupied their new house. Little Haven had been kind enough to let them borrow the furniture until theirs arrived next week. Apparently the community had been in need of a maintenance man for a long time, and the board was so pleased when Neal applied for the position that they’d offered him several perks in addition to a great salary and a place to live.

The house was roomy yet cozy, with two upstairs bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen attached to the great room, and a separate library and formal dining room. The spacious master bedroom and bath were located on the ground floor. When she walked into the master bath, she did a double take. Not only was the room equipped with two sinks, it also boasted two separate toilet rooms. And one of them, obviously the women’s version, sported a bidet! When she saw it, Tabitha clasped her hands together with glee. She’d always wanted one of those. Neal’s sexual appetite for her often seemed insatiable, and she loved accommodating him. Having a place specially designed to clean herself afterwards would be a true luxury.

Glancing over at the oversized tub she pictured Neal giving her what he liked to call ‘a sensual’ bath. This would involve her sitting on his lap, his cock prodding at her backside, him sudsing up her breasts and delicately washing the intricate folds of skin between her legs. A warmth coursed through her, settling at her core, and she sighed. Okay, this place had definite possibilities.

Back in the main room, she found Neal placing logs in the fireplace. Even through his long-sleeved shirt she could see his muscles pulse, rippling as he worked. An old football injury had left Neal’s nose too crooked for him to be considered classically handsome, but his frame was as sinewy as a dancer’s and as strong as a bodybuilder’s. He hurled the last log onto the pile, lit a wad of old newspaper, and placed it underneath the bundle of wood.

Tabitha remained uncharacteristically silent as she watched him and waited for the fire to catch. The way Neal did things for her, ‘manly’ things, made her swoon. With a full heart, she tucked her complaints into the back of her mind and asked sweetly, “What shall we do for dinner, daddy?”

“Order a pizza?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Is my little princess hungry?” he asked, lifting a brow suggestively.

“Maybe,” she responded, coyly chewing on a fingernail.

“Come here. We need to christen the place, don’t you think?”

She glanced around and noticed that none of the windows in the room had any curtains, and that the front door was flanked by windows on each side, leaving them somewhat exposed.

“First, you need to get rid of those clothes.” Firelight glinted against his blond, wavy locks as he shifted to give her his undivided attention.

She started to comply with his request, but an uncomfortable feeling in her gut stopped her. As she looked around the room, everything felt foreign, strange. With a frown, she turned to him and whined, “Daddy, how are we supposed to live here? We don’t know anybody. All of my friends are in Chicago and there’s nothing to do here. It looks terribly boring.”

His face turned grim and he got to his feet. “Dammit, Tabitha, I put up with your griping for the last six hours.” He closed his eyes wearily. “Now hush. You’re going to have to suck it up and deal with it.”


He arched his eyebrows. “That’s it. If you can’t be quiet when I ask, I’ll have to gag you.”

She pursed her lips, but then gave him a triumphant smile. “Well, that’s too bad because all the gags are packed and on a truck coming from Chicago.” She shrugged daintily.

He placed a hand on the small of her back and pulled her into his arms, overtaking her mouth with his. His hands ran up under her sweater, and her skin reacted with a jolt of electricity. She melted against his chest and when he began undressing her, she didn’t object.

Stepping back, he removed his cords and shirt so he stood before her in his boxer briefs. Every muscle in his torso appeared carefully outlined, its planes and valleys accentuated by sharp angles and the resulting shadows. His body was a work of art, and though she’d marveled at his beauty a thousand times, she couldn’t suppress a silent gulp.

He pointed at the panties she still wore. “You gonna take those off?”

Wobbly with lust, she merely nodded and slid them down her legs.

“You haven’t been a very good girl today, you know that?”

“Maybe, but…”

“How ‘bout we talk about something else,” he cut her off. “Hand me those panties.”

Why did he want those? She picked up the scant wad of fabric off the rug and gave them to him.

“How wet is my baby girl?” he asked, a mischievous gleam in his eye.

“I don’t know.”

He shook his head at her. “Oh, darlin’, you have gotten so far off track. Daddy needs to get things back to the way they need to be.”

“What do you mean?” Standing there, naked, she was beginning to shiver. The fledgling fire wasn’t doing much to heat the room yet, and she rubbed her upper arms trying to warm herself.

“All the whining and backtalk, being lazy about following daddy’s instructions, not addressing me the right way, complaining constantly—the whole thing. I brought you here to help you, because I love you.”

“That’s great, daddy, but could you please get on with whatever you’re going to do, because I’m freezing.”

He shook his head again. “Open your mouth.”

With suspicion she unhinged her jaw slightly.


She huffed, but opened more, and he shoved the wet panties in her mouth. A muffled protest gurgled from her throat, but he just smiled and said, “Hush and get on that coffee table on all fours.”

She shot daggers at him with her eyes, but her pussy throbbed with need. The more he dominated her, the more aroused she became. Thank goodness the coffee table seemed sturdy as she climbed on. She’d hate for them to break the community’s furniture their first day here.

He retrieved a wooden paddle from the side of the couch. He must have brought that with him in the car. She shouldn’t have been surprised. Her daddy loved to spank her bottom. It was his favorite means of discipline, and sadly, she required a significant amount of it.

When they’d first gotten together, it had seemed odd that he wanted to spank her for her bratty, bad behavior, but she’d grown accustomed to it, and even sometimes craved his hand smacking her ass. He’d slowly introduced her to the daddy dom/little girl lifestyle and it turned out to suit their relationship well. Tabitha needed someone to keep her in line, and Neal needed someone to nurture and protect.

“This ought to heat you up quite nicely.” The paddle landed on her upturned bottom with a smack. She moaned through her mouthful of panties and felt the blood rush to her lower region.

Thwack! Wood hit flesh, and the impact sent a rush of adrenaline zipping through her bloodstream. Another swat, then another. Her buttocks were singing now, the pain lighting them up like a holiday light display. She groaned as the smacks started to sting more and more.

“And you thought I wouldn’t gag you because you’d packed the gags.” He laughed. “Silly girl. Daddy knows how to improvise.”

The fabric felt soft and rough against her tongue at the same time. She preferred her pink sparkly ball gag, but having him fill her mouth with her own panties was deliciously humiliating. In the back of her mind, she was aware that she was testing his patience so that he would take charge and put her in her place—because she enjoyed submitting to him.

She was often torn between being her feisty, independent self and being his love slave. Deep down, she wanted to be both, and somehow Neal helped her achieve that. He loved her and accepted her totally, like no one else ever had, which was why she’d agreed to his harebrained plan to move here.

Another swat brought her back to the moment. Her ass burned now from his paddling, but she didn’t feel cold anymore. Quite the contrary, she felt warm and energized, though her pussy still throbbed with need. She hoped he’d give her some relief soon.

To give him a hint, she shook her booty slightly at him and managed to purr sweetly through the gag, her practiced way of nonverbal begging.

She heard him set down the paddle. His large hands caressed her screaming globes, and she delighted in the luxurious sensation of his touch. Mmmm.

“Now that you’ve been punished, it looks like you’re going to need a good fucking. Am I right?”

She swung her head in an enthusiastic nod and mumbled, “Yes, daddy,” through the gag.

He kissed the small of her back as his hands roamed her body. He nipped the flesh along her spine until he buried his face in the nape of her neck. Brushing her long blond hair aside, he whispered, “I love how you need daddy so much. I need you too.”

He tugged on her earlobe with his teeth before standing over her to inspect her naked body. “Open those knees wider.”

She scooted her legs farther apart, adoring and loathing the inspection at the same time. It made her squirm with discomfort, but there was something so freeing about having her most intimate body parts on display that it gave her a thrill.

He patted her still-warm buttocks, then cupped her pussy in his hand. His hands acted like a magic wand on her and when he spread apart her petals to reach her core, she listed on the table, wobbly with lust. “You’re glistening.” He groaned with satisfaction. “So ready for me.”

She flushed with happiness. Serving him with her body fulfilled her in ways she’d never dreamed. Using his index finger, he rubbed her clit, stroking it up and down, then switching to the exquisite little circles he knew would make her come.

But then he stopped.

“Daddy!” she squeaked.

He chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’m going to let you come—on my cock. I want to feel you come all over me.” His erection pressed hard against her pussy, then prodded at her entrance, poking, until he sheathed himself inside her.

Her walls enveloped him and she steeled herself for the onslaught of his lovemaking. Neal liked to fuck her hard, and she did her best to take whatever he gave her. Rough sex was the best kind, and having daddy pound her hard and deep was something she craved.

The pace was slow at first, as he was intent on extending the pleasure of each thrust. His hand reached under and toyed with her nipple. The feeling was so intense that she whimpered and fell to her elbows, resting her cheek against the hard wood surface of the table.

Suddenly he grabbed the majority of her mane and tugged her head backwards, lulling her out of her floaty state and giving her a slice of pain to go with the ecstasy his cock was bringing her. He held her head up by her hair as if the locks were reins and he was trying to break a wild mare. “You’re so fucking hot, baby girl,” he said, pushing deep inside her.

Letting go of her hair, he clutched her hips and impaled her with his rock-hard shaft. His strokes grew harder and faster, until she felt the tingling sensations of an orgasm fluttering in the distance. Just a few more… she bit her lip and focused. She wanted this climax, needed it after the day she’d had.

Brrring! Brrrring! Brrring!

“What the hell is that?” Tabitha rose onto her hands.

“I think it’s the doorbell,” Neal said and kept fucking her.

Her body chilled, and the potential orgasm vanished, as alarm bells chimed in Tabitha’s head. She was buck naked on a table getting her brains fucked out with her panties shoved in her mouth right in front of an open window. With a whimper, she gathered herself and directed her attention to the front door.

Indeed, there was someone standing there, and just as Neal grunted and came inside her, Tabitha locked eyes with the stranger.

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