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Dark, Dirty Daddy by Morganna Williams – Sample

Chapter One

“Are you ready?”

Naomi Gains stared at the email with those three simple words, her tummy flipping backwards and her mouth going dry as she contemplated that very question.

Was she ready? The pulse springing to life between her thighs at just the thought of exploring all the dark impulses and desires that ran through the deepest recesses of her mind made her shiver with anticipation.

Places nice women didn’t go… nice women didn’t fantasize about being spanked… being tied up… submitting themselves completely to a man and letting him do what he would to their vulnerable body.

All her life Naomi would have said she was a nice woman but there had always been the little niggle at the back of her mind that wanted more from a man than gentle caresses. Just the word ‘spanking’ had always sent a jolt of heated awareness straight to her clit… an awareness that she’d done her best to ignore but now it was everywhere… spanking… BDSM… dominance and submission.

She’d never had time before; she’d always been the one to take care of everyone else. Naomi had always been the strong one. She’d taken care of her mother when she’d gotten sick… been the rock her younger siblings had leaned on when their mother finally succumbed to her illness and died.

Naomi wouldn’t change any of those things—she had loved her mother and her siblings—but she was tired of always having to be strong. She was always the one in control taking care of things and other people. Sometimes she just wanted to let someone take care of her… to give up control and just be still.

The world had opened up with the advent of Fifty Shades and the other books that followed… books about even darker desires and characters that were unashamed of their wants and needs. As Naomi immersed herself in the erotic fiction she found her fantasies evolving and growing until spanking was just the tip of the iceberg.

The daddy doms in her books took care of their charges, loved them, cosseted them, and spanked them when they needed it. All of which was beyond seductive to Naomi.

It was no longer enough to read about the heroines in her books getting their every desire fulfilled; Naomi wanted to experience it for herself. She needed to experience it.

Six months ago she’d started a dialog with a dominant on Facebook; he was a daddy dom and together they’d talked about her desires, things she’d never shared with another person until him. After realizing she was serious about exploring her sexuality, he’d given her the name and email address of a dominant that specialized in training submissives and baby girls and she’d hesitantly sent her first email.

Ezra Dean had responded and asked her what she was looking for; Naomi had told him about the aching need she had to experience what she’d been reading about for years.

They had talked about her darkest desires and everything she longed to explore. Naomi had told him everything from her desire to be spanked and punished to her curiosity about double penetration and being shared by two men.

They exchanged emails first before starting to chat on Kik, a messenger app common among kinksters. They talked almost every evening for over four months, getting to know each other, forming a friendship of sorts… a bond… developing a level of trust.

Ezra Dean told her she could come for a two-week training session to determine if she wanted more than a two-week fling in the lifestyle. He promised they would explore every fantasy she’d shared with him while he pushed her limits to see the depths of her need for submission.

He’d explained that he would not go easy on her; while he considered himself a daddy dom, he was stern and exacting. She would take any punishments he deemed necessary. Everything was at his discretion… her pleasure and her pain.

If she came to him for the two-week session she would in essence be giving herself completely to him for the entire two-week period.

She would present herself to his home in Dallas with a small weekend bag and the clothes on her back. Ezra actually didn’t live far from her; she lived in Grand Prairie, a town just outside the larger city.

He would expect her labia to be completely free of hair at the time of her arrival or she would face her first punishment. For her protection she would have the safeword Jumanji, which if uttered at any time during her stay would end everything. Ezra assured her should she give the safeword it would be no harm, no foul; she would simply return to her life and he to his, all explorations into her darker side at an end.

Pulling herself from her musings, Naomi looked again at the words on the computer screen. Taking a deep breath, she typed, “I think so” and hit send.

“When you know so, little girl, you know where to find me.”

Naomi gasped at the words as she opened the new email. It sounded like goodbye. She hastily typed another reply. “I’m sorry, Sir. I just want to be sure.”

There was no reply.

Ezra smiled as her latest email popped up. “I’m sorry, Sir. I just want to be sure.”

“I have to be sure too, little girl,” he said to the room at large as he signed out of his computer and rose from the desk to pour himself a drink. It was important she come to him of her own free will with no coercion from him.

Naomi had to be sure she truly wanted to submit. True submission was a gift freely given, it couldn’t be taken. Power exchange was an intricate dance of dominance and submission.

Nothing was more beautiful that a strong woman embracing her submission and giving herself freely over to his dominance. Naomi had to first trust herself before she could trust him to lead her as she explored the depths of her darkest desires.

Ezra had introduced many women to the freedom they could find in submission. Naomi was a special woman and from everything she’d shared with him over the last four months it was clear she was a natural submissive with a definite spanking fetish.

He would enjoy exploring the depths of her passion and freeing her from the prison of her mind. She would find the ability to fly beneath his guidance. Ezra wanted her more than he probably should since this was just a two-week adventure.

The role of first dominant and teacher was one he’d had many times in the past and one he always enjoyed but something about this woman was different. Taking a deep breath, he shook his head at the direction of his musings. Once she got here she probably wouldn’t be any different from the submissives he’d worked with in the past.

They would have a delightful interlude of exploration but when their time was at an end he would say goodbye and help her to find a permanent dom.

The next step of course was hers; he couldn’t take it for her.

Ezra drained his glass, hoping more than was healthy for him that she would indeed take that step.

A week went by with Naomi sending one more email and getting no response. Naomi frowned down at the calendar; her two-week vacation started on Friday. This was her only chance to experience what she’d discussed both with Ezra and her Facebook friend Kyle. If she didn’t go to Ezra on Friday, she’d have to wait another year.

She knew where Ezra lived; he’d given her all his information and encouraged her to research him. He’d explained any man she was planning to submit herself to should be fine with giving her his information or she shouldn’t meet him. Safety had to always be in the forefront of anyone’s mind embarking on this journey. “Always remember, Naomi: Safe, sane, and consensual.”

Did she have the gall to just show up at his home and take the consequences of her actions?

Damn straight! It was the only option available to her since he’d stopped replying to her emails.

Chapter Two

Naomi parked her car in front of the large stately home located in Highland Park. The lawns were all well manicured, accenting the architecture of the old beautiful homes in the neighborhood. Ezra’s house was Tudor style complete with two turreted windows. Taking a deep breath, she climbed from the car with her overnight bag over one shoulder and her purse under her arm.

The moment of truth was upon her; could she really brazen her way into Ezra’s home and begin two weeks of training with him?

Palms sweating, Naomi walked toward the large oak doors with a knot of dread in the pit of her stomach. She gasped when the door swung open wide.

“Naomi, I’ve been expecting you.” Ezra stood in front of her, taller than she’d pictured. With broad shoulders and a wide chest, he was an imposing figure of a man. Short dark hair framed a strong, sculpted face with a squared jaw and sensual full lips. Piercing blue eyes seemed to pin Naomi in place.

“I… umm… you were expecting me?” she asked hesitantly.

“We agreed on starting your session today and I knew if you decided to overcome your fears and explore your submissive nature you’d be here. Of course that doesn’t mean you won’t be punished for showing up unannounced,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

Naomi blushed. “I don’t understand. Why did you stop talking to me?”

“This had to be a decision you reached on your own with no coercion from me, Naomi. You have to choose to submit or it isn’t true submission,” Ezra explained. “I just had a hunch you’d come to me.”

He held out his hand and Naomi took a shuddering breath before placing hers in it and following him into the house. The sound of the door closing behind them made her jump.

Ezra smiled at her. “First I need your purse and bag. They’ll be given back to you at the end of your stay.”

“I’m not giving you my things!” she exclaimed; she was used to handling her own business and that included the whereabouts of her bags.

“You will give me your things or face the consequences,” he told her firmly.

Naomi frowned. “But…”

“I will provide everything you need, young lady,” he stated.

“I need my stuff though… my hair products and makeup and…” she argued quietly, determined to at least have her own stuff to help with the newness of everything else.

“Arguing already, are we?” Ezra asked with an arched brow. “I see we need to begin your lessons immediately.”

“I didn’t mean to argue exactly,” Naomi hedged as she backed away from his suddenly advancing form.

She was stopped by the feel of the wall at her back and licked suddenly dry lips as she stared up into Ezra’s intense blue gaze.

“You did mean to argue, young lady, and I’m about to show you what happens to disagreeable little girls,” he said as he caught her elbow firmly in his grasp and tugged as he went down on one knee.

Naomi gasped in surprise to find herself upended over that knee and staring down at the marble floor. “Wait! You can’t!”

“I believe you’ll find that I definitely can,” he said while pulling her flouncy skirt up to her waist and tugging her panties down to her knees.

Not only was she about to receive her first spanking but Ezra was staring down at her bare bottom! Naomi felt her face flush as she wondered what he thought about her rounded ass. Would he like it? Did he think it was spankable?

Those thoughts were quickly driven from her mind as his hand landed on the under curve of her left bottom cheek with a hard splat. “Owwww!” she yelped and jerked in response to the intense sting left from his hard palm.

She had very little time to think about how it felt before his hand fell again in the exact same spot, intensifying the sting he’d left the first time. “Ooohh! Not there! You should spank somewhere else!” Naomi yelled in protest as it landed the third time in the exact same spot.

“Are you daring to instruct me on how to spank you, young lady?” Ezra asked with a note of incredulity filling his voice. “It seems we have a lot to work on, don’t we?”

“I’m sorreee!” she wailed as his hand fell hard and fast in the same spot she’d been trying to protect. “I wasn’t trying to tell you how to… to… to… oh, please!”

Naomi had no idea how many time his punishing palm had fallen on her poor left ass cheek but it seemed the shape of his hand would be branded there for the rest of her life.

Two more swats landed harder than any that had fallen previously and he paused with his hand resting on the offended area. “Any more instructions for me, little girl?”

A lone tear tracked down her cheek as Naomi vigorously shook her head. “No, Sir! I’ll be good, I promise!”

“It’s time to finish this lesson then,” Ezra said decisively as he began to spank the tender crease of flesh on her right bottom cheek with the same vigor the left had received.

Naomi couldn’t keep from kicking her legs a little as Ezra ensured she had an evenly roasted backside. “Owww! I’m so sorreeee!”

Ezra paused again. “Am I going to have any further argument about your bag and purse?”

“No, Sir!” she cried, giving a jerk of surprise when his hand landed five times in quick succession on her upper thigh. “Ooh, owww!”

“Just ensuring the lesson is complete,” he told her conversationally as he spanked the other thigh then slid his hand between her thighs.

Naomi groaned in embarrassment, knowing she was soaking wet from the spanking.

“Such a wet little pussy,” Ezra commented as he lifted her to stand in front of him. She stood staring at him transfixed with her skirt still rucked up in the back and her panties around her knees, watching as he licked her juices from his fingers with relish.

Naomi’s clit jolted with heat and another flood of wetness coated her thighs at the sight of such carnality. “Oh, my.”

“You need to understand that for the next two weeks I am your daddy… your dom… I own you and that delicious little body. Unless you use your safeword I will do what I want, when I want. If I choose to bend you over this hall table and fuck you, I will,” Ezra told her without apology.

Naomi was equal parts scandalized and aroused; her skirt was still around her waist with her bare bottom hanging out and the evidence of her desire leaking down her inner thighs, and she could barely catch her breath. Her heart was slamming against her chest so hard as she stared up at him. She had to protest, didn’t she? Licking her lips, she whispered, “You can’t.”

Ezra grabbed one of her wrists in each hand, forcing them behind her back and pulling her flush against him. “Do you want to use your safeword?”

She gasped, horrified by the thought. “No!”

“Then the decision is not yours to make. It’s mine.” His blue eyes stared down into hers for a moment before he spun her around and bent her over the table resting against the wall. She felt him grab the panties still around her knees an instant before she heard the fabric tear as he ripped them from her.

Ezra kicked her legs farther apart as one hand began slapping down on her ass once more. He liberally peppered every inch of her upturned backside with hard stinging swats before he pulled her hips back.

Naomi heard the sound of his zipper and looked at him over her shoulder. His smoldering gaze burned into her as he grabbed her hips once more and fitted the broad head of his cock to her weeping entrance.

He pressed against her needy opening and retreated again and again until she was practically whimpering with need. “Please!”

“Who is in control here, Naomi?” Ezra practically growled the question.

“You are,” she replied breathlessly, suddenly everything in her going boneless as she gave up her control and the last bit of resistance left her.

Then he drove inside her to the hilt with one hard thrust. Naomi shuddered as he stretched her tender tissues without regard, withdrawing only to slam back inside her even harder. This wasn’t a tender loving; she was being claimed and conquered. She was being well and truly fucked and she reveled in it.

Ezra pounded in and out of her like a jackhammer, driving her pleasure higher and higher. The raw sound of wet flesh slapping together and her hoarse cries filled the air.

Naomi cried out her body clamping down on his still pistoning cock as an orgasm ripped through her. He didn’t give her any respite, fucking her without mercy as one of his hands reached around her to catch her clit between two fingers.

“Oh, god… oh, god… I can’t!” she cried out as her body twisted beneath his in helpless pleasure.

“You can and you will. Your pleasure and your pain belong to me! Give me what’s mine!” Ezra commanded as he fucked her even harder while pinching her clit.

Naomi came again with a scream as Ezra gave one last thrust and finished inside her. She shivered as he withdrew from her, suddenly feeling very small and alone. Tears clouded her vision as he lifted her to stand before him on shaky legs.

“Shhhh, little one,” Ezra whispered as he pulled her against him. “Everything is going to be okay. You’re okay. I promise.”

She relaxed against him, comforted by his words and no longer feeling alone.

“Stay right here.”

Naomi stood docilely watching as he walked into what she assumed was the bathroom and came out with a wet cloth. He caught hold of her again when she would have backed away.

“Be still, little girl, so I can clean you up.”

“I can do it,” she murmured but the protest was halfhearted even to her own ears. She was surprised to find herself holding still for Ezra to gently clean her with the warm wet cloth.

Ezra smiled as he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. “I know you can but that isn’t the point. It takes a strong person to submit, Naomi. It doesn’t diminish you in any way. You are a strong capable woman and your submission to me is sexy as fuck.”

Naomi was in awe of this powerful man. He quite simply stole her breath.

“Your bags, please,” he said firmly as he held out a hand.

“Yes, Sir,” she said softly as she handed him her things, feeling naked without them.

“I will put these away. When I get back I expect to find you naked with the rest of your clothing folded neatly on that bench.” Ezra pointed to the bench in the entryway.

She felt her eyes go wide and opened her mouth to protest but Ezra arched a dark brow her way and she realized it would be foolish to argue. Lowering her eyes to the floor, Naomi nodded.

“Use your words, little girl,” he told her sternly.

“Yes, Sir,” she said through suddenly dry lips.

“For the duration of your stay with me, Naomi, you will refer to me as Daddy. Am I understood?”

Naomi looked up at him with a flush stealing into her suddenly hot face. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl,” he said with a satisfied nod before turning and walking from the hallway.

Naomi licked her lips as she began to unbutton her blouse and wondered exactly what her daddy was going to do when he saw she hadn’t shaved herself bare. Had he felt it when his hand was between her legs? Of course he did, you ninny! He just fucked you silly. She wanted to die on the spot at the thought. It had been so long since she’d gone on a date, her lady bits were actually not even appropriate for company.

She grimaced as she looked down at herself and realized she could do a lady Sasquatch proud with the amount of wild hair growth on her nether regions. Why had she not remembered to shave or at least groom this vital area?

She winced as she removed her skirt. Her ass was on fire and that had only been a hand spanking. What would happen when he used an implement on her poor bottom?

Naomi flushed guiltily when she felt her arousal actually dripping to her inner thighs. She quickly finished folding her clothing then stood there thinking about how it would look to someone walking in finding her naked in the entry way sporting a bright red bottom. At least she assumed it was red… it certainly felt red!

“Oh, my, I do have a naughty little girl on my hands, don’t I? I felt a little hair against my fingers and brushing against my cock when I fucked that sopping slit of yours but I didn’t quite expect this level of disobedience.”

She jumped as his deep voice mused from right in front of her. Looking up, she found her new daddy staring down at her crotch with a disapproving frown. If her face got any hotter, surely she would spontaneously combust.

Was it possible to die of embarrassment? Sopping slit… the words were mortifying and at the same time sent another gush of wet heat between her thighs.

“What were the instructions I gave about presenting yourself to me at my home, young lady?”

Naomi gulped. “You said I was to be shaved bare, but Daddy, I was so excited I forgot,” she told him in a rush as she looked up at him with the most winsome smile she could muster.

When Ezra smiled, her shoulders relaxed but his next words sent her body rigid once more. “I believe a trip to the spa to see Mistress Jade is in order to demonstrate to you exactly what happens to naughty little girls that disobey their daddy.”

She shivered under his stern regard as she wondered how a spa would be a deterrent and exactly who Mistress Jade was. Before her mind could dwell on those thoughts he handed her a trench coat.

Naomi stared at it dumbly.

“Put it on,” he said succinctly.

“But I’m…” Naomi trailed off as she saw the heat in his eyes and realized she was seconds from another lesson. She grabbed the coat and pulled it over her naked body, shivering at the thought of leaving the house with only the coat covering her nudity.

She looked up at him with a little shudder as she processed the way the slick material felt rubbing over her nipples and across her hot bottom as she moved.

“Shall we?” he asked with such politeness, it would never occur to an observer he was speaking to a woman who was completely naked beneath her coat and sporting a red bottom he’d given her.

“Yes, Daddy,” Naomi said obediently as he led her from the house.

Ezra helped her into the backseat and then seated himself beside her. “Levi, we’re heading to the spa to see Mistress Jade. I’m afraid little Naomi has misbehaved and needs to be taught a firm lesson.”

The driver’s dark eyes slid over her form as the edges of his mouth quirked up slightly before he nodded and turned to put the car in gear.

Naomi bit her lip and looked anxiously up at Ezra. “What are you going to do?”

He smiled. “I’m not going to do anything, my dear. I’m simply going to watch as Mistress Jade prepares you thoroughly for me. You were given instructions you failed to follow so now it will be handled for you. I can assure you once your afternoon at the spa has concluded, you will take my instructions very seriously.”

Butterflies began a mating dance in her tummy at his words and a shiver slid down her spine as she wondered what was in store for her. While she watched, her daddy slid his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed a number.

“Hello, Jade… yes, she’s arrived and I’m afraid she’s already been very naughty. I’m bringing her to you to prepare her thoroughly for me and to demonstrate what happens to little girls that don’t follow instructions.” He watched her as he listened to whatever the mysterious woman on the other end of the line was telling him then smiled. “Perfect. Thank you, Jade.”

When he hung up, Naomi opened her mouth to beg him to go easy on her but he forestalled her by holding up one finger. “Not a word, young lady. You and I will talk when you’re finished at the spa and not a moment before. While you’re there, remember I’m watching and everything Jade does to take care of you is at my direction. Her hands are my hands, everything that happens to you happens because I have deemed it necessary. Be a good girl and behave so you don’t end up in further trouble.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She was surprised to find the words easily slipping from her and she relaxed against the back of the seat. The woman wouldn’t cause her harm any more than Ezra would and if things were more than she could stand, Naomi knew she could use her safeword.

Ezra almost groaned as those words came from between the sweetest pair of lips he’d ever seen. The pictures they’d exchanged had not done his little Naomi justice.

He loved hearing her soft husky voice say, “Yes, Daddy” far more than he should. His cock twitched in his pants as he imagined all the little sounds he would wring from her… cries of pleasure and of pain as she learned the depths of her need.

As he looked out the window at the cityscape of Dallas, he didn’t see it. Instead Ezra was picturing her standing naked in his foyer. The pleasure he’d felt seeing her sweet little mound covered in all that hair. She’d been delightfully mortified and embarrassed by her lack of grooming but he’d relished the opportunity to punish her… to push her.

Naomi’s need to submit was plain in her darting green eyes as she tried but failed to maintain eye contact. They’d naturally shot to the floor every time she’d looked away.

Ezra had been so affected by the sight of her naked before him, it had been all he could do to bundle her into that trench coat and carry her to the car when what he’d wanted to do was back her against the wall and spread her wide so he could drive his aching cock into her hot little pussy.

A smile quirked his lips as he remembered that famous episode of Seinfeld. He was definitely the master of his domain and he would remain in control at all times.

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