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Doctor’s Orders by Jaye Elise – Sample


Three thousand five hundred fourteen.

Christ. When he actually took the time to work out the numbers, he was startled to find how much time had gone by.

Exactly three thousand five hundred fourteen days since he’d left his house. Since he’d had the balls to venture past the gate. Since he’d been on a real vacation. Since he’d dared to face the world.

Three thousand five hundred fourteen fucking days.

And just when his frustration threatened to take over, his anxiety kicked in. A sickeningly crippling anxiety that reminded him that he didn’t need the world out there. He had everything he needed right at home. Groceries and clothes delivered, the Internet to keep him connected to his work and to what was going on in the world, and digital media galore to keep him entertained. Everything right at his fingertips.

Well, not quite everything.

He had tried dating a few times since his self-imposed exile began, but inevitably ran into a wall due to his agoraphobia, his unconventional sexual appetites, or some combination therein. And up until a year ago, he’d had Sara. Kind, understanding Sara. When it came to mutual kink, she wanted exactly what he was offering, no strings attached. Their arrangement had lasted—once a week for nearly three years—until Sara had discovered that she did in fact want some strings.

And she definitely didn’t want to tie those strings to him.

He’d understood.

Since then, he’d been alone. And lonely. He sighed, lacing his fingers behind his head and staring up at the ceiling in his bedroom.

Maybe it was time to try again.

Chapter One

Well, this was it. Janie Michaels’s time had finally come. Over the years, she had talked herself up to this point too many times to count, but she was ready. Ready to pursue her darkest fantasies.

After a lifetime of fantasizing, dreaming, and masturbating herself to her most intimate and wanton desires, Janie had finally bucked up enough courage to pursue a partner to help her indulge her fetish. A textbook introvert but an adventurous lover, she had dabbled with D/s and loved the bondage, discipline, and power dynamics she had exchanged with experienced doms. She also enjoyed being dominated and spanked when she deserved it, but she’d never been able to let any of her partners know what she really wanted, what she needed from them.

But this need was slowly building, becoming more palpable with each passing day, slinking its tendrils through her mind, body, and soul and, at times, making it hard for her to focus on anything else. When her fantasies started affecting her sleep, she knew that she had to take action. Had to find someone to give her what she craved.

In no uncertain terms, Janie was looking for a man to give her her first enema. She’d wanted this experience as long as she could remember, although she had no preconceived notions of what her mystery man would look like. She just knew what she wanted—an alpha male, confident and experienced, ready to take her in hand, fill her bottom, and ensure that she retained the fluid as long as he wanted.

In fact, despite the intensity of her fantasies, she’d never even dared to give herself an enema, knowing that the experience wouldn’t be half as powerful without a willing, knowledgeable partner to help bring the scene to life.

But Janie was done waiting, tired of putting her needs on the back burner of her life. At thirty-five years old and living an all-too-beige existence, it was time to make her move. She was about to take the plunge into full color. With a glass of wine in hand, she logged on to the fetish site and created her account. Unfortunately, as she soon discovered, the very act of writing out—in full prose—the nature of her predilections and what she was looking for were almost enough to send her packing.

What kind of freak am I? They’re all going to judge me, laugh at me, find out who I am, and ruin me. I can’t do this. Who am I kidding?

But before she let her negativity derail her and drag her away from her goal, she took another slug of wine, clicked ‘submit,’ then logged off the site to get a breather and a handle on what she had just done. She also took the opportunity to attend to her aching clit.

Grabbing her favorite vibrator from her nightstand, Janie stripped down to just her lacy bra and slipped under the duvet of her comfy bed. Turning the speed directly to the highest setting and pressing the tip against her straining bud, she wanted to rip the orgasm from her body as quickly as she could, given how worked up she’d gotten while filling out her profile.

All of the naughtiest images she could conjure came to mind, flooding her senses with a heady throbbing. Her pussy was already dripping with arousal.

Taking a large nozzle in her tight, virgin bottom.

Being forced to retain a substantial amount of soapy fluid.

Someone teasing her body and ministering to her most intimate needs.

Being bound and helpless, entirely dependent upon her partner to allow her to release.

In near record time, Janie shuddered and jolted as the orgasm rolled through her body, leaving her limp and satisfied. At least for now.

After a light dinner for one—all of her dinners were for one these days, now that she had kicked Jerkwad Gary to the curb—her curiosity got the better of her and she logged on to the site once again to see if she had received any responses.

Janie was floored to find that there were already five messages waiting for her in her inbox. Maybe this won’t be as difficult as I thought, she mused.

However, upon closer inspection, every single one of the messages was a total bust.

Number One was a guy looking for someone to give him enemas.

Nope. Incompatible, but good luck to you, buddy.

Numbers Two and Three were spam e-mails inviting her to join a variety of fetish chat forums outside the site.

Nope. Not interested.

Number Four was an egotistical maniac who was already ordering her to take off her clothes and fuck herself with her biggest dildo while she read his message. Evidently, he hadn’t even taken the time to read her interest profile and didn’t realize that she was deathly allergic to dickheads.

Nope. Creep.

And Number Five—the ‘best’ of the bunch—was a guy who seemed interested in what she was looking for, but couldn’t be bothered to use any punctuation or to even spell the word ‘enema’ correctly.

Nope. Literate would be nice.

As she stared dejectedly at her computer screen, frustrated and somewhat irritated that she had gotten her hopes up only to have them dashed, a private message window popped up like a beacon in the corner of her screen.

Rafe: Hello and good evening. Are you new here? I haven’t seen you around before.

Before replying to his perfectly punctuated, grammatically correct message, Janie clicked on his username to find out more about this ‘Rafe.’ Single, white, heterosexual, male. Lives in the Midwest. Forty-three years old. 6′ 3″. Interests include D/s, bondage, medplay, enemas, and women who make him laugh, think, and challenge himself. Member since 2011.

Well, this might just be a possibility, Janie thought as she whipped off her response.

Janie: Hello, Rafe. Nice to ‘meet’ you. Yes, I’m new… and feeling a little out of my element, truth be told.

His response was immediate.

Rafe: I remember feeling overwhelmed when I first got started here, but there’s no need to worry. Just be honest about what you want, guarded with whom you trust, and remember to have fun!

Janie: Thanks for the advice, Rafe. And excellent use of ‘whom,’ by the way! 😉 So, what’re you up to tonight?

Rafe: Well, aside from making the acquaintance of a bright, funny young woman who seems to share my interests, not a whole lot.

Flirting already, are we, Rafe? Well, I might as well follow your advice and be honest.

Janie: Thanks for the kind words and yes, it does seem that we share quite a few interests. Although ‘theoretical’ might be a better way to describe my experience, as opposed to ‘practical.’

Rafe: Please explain.

Janie: Well, I’ve never actually indulged my fetish before. I mean, I’m convinced that I’ll love it, but I’ve never had the courage to seek it out before now.

Rafe: And what fetish might you be referring to?

Janie: Haven’t you read my profile??

Rafe: I have. I just want you to tell me. Time to stop hiding and to be honest about what you want. Look, I know what it’s like to feel that nobody will ever understand what makes you tick, but I also know how wonderful it feels to finally be able to share that part of yourself with like-minded folks. It’s remarkably liberating. Give it a try?

Struggling with her emotions and with Rafe’s sixth sense about her situation, Janie briefly contemplated closing the chat window, shutting down her account, and calling it quits. For good. She jumped up from her desk and paced the hallway of her condo, trying to rein in her emotions and come to a decision. Taking stock of her comfortable, yet humdrum surroundings, she wondered if maybe she was at a turning point in her life. Perhaps, against all odds, this stranger was right. Maybe it would feel better once she let her pervy little cat out of the bag.

After a few minutes of hemming and hawing, she repositioned herself at her computer, resolved to see the conversation through, even if it didn’t lead anywhere. Another message from Rafe awaited her upon her return.

Rafe: Still with me, Janie? I didn’t mean to frighten you off, but it sounded like you could use a shot of courage. Please don’t run. Not from me. And most definitely not from yourself.

Janie: I’m still here. Just trying to grapple with some heavy emotions, you know? This is a first for me and I’m still a little anxious. And no, you didn’t frighten me off. You’re absolutely right, in fact. A little courage is just what the doctor ordered.

Rafe: Glad to hear it! Now, are you ready to tell me something?

Janie: This is starting to feel like the beginning of a Twelve Step Program for Perverts! LOL

Rafe: I suppose it is… and now you’ve got me jonesing for some burnt coffee and grocery store donuts! Thanks a bunch, pal… 😉

Janie: Ha! Okay, okay… here goes nothing. I joined the site because I’m looking for someone to give me an enema. It’s something I’m intensely curious about and I’ve never been able to try it before. Happy now, Oh-All-Knowing-And-Wise-Fetish-Guru?? 😉

Rafe: Very much so! Congratulations and welcome to the club, Janie! It just so happens that I joined this site a number of years ago because I was looking for someone who would enjoy being on the receiving end of a nice cleansing. Sounds like we might have the start of a match here, huh?

After a few seconds, another message pinged in the PM window.

Rafe: Oh, and while we’re on the subject, as much as I love the ring of ‘Oh-All-Knowing-And-Wise-Fetish-Guru,’ (thanks for that!) you can feel free to call me Rafe. Or, if you’re ever up for something more, ‘Doctor’ will do.

Every last muscle throughout her core and her sex clenched up with this last message. Was she up for something more with this charming stranger? Could she put herself out there and accept the vulnerability of placing her desires and fears in the care of someone else? Moreover, and the most pressing issue of all—now that her fantasies were more imminent than they’d ever been—would she be able to submit to and embrace a full enema experience without safewording?

Only one response seemed appropriate to Rafe’s quippy message.

Janie: Duly noted… Doctor.

Rafe: Janie, does your response mean what I think it does? Tell me exactly what you want.

Janie: Yes, my response means what you think it means. If you’re willing, I’d be interested in talking more about our mutual interests… and seeing where that leads us.

Rafe: I am most definitely willing, Janie. And I’m grateful to you for taking this next step with me. If you’re comfortable with the idea, how about we jump on the phone so we can talk?

A few seconds later:

Rafe: But I may be getting ahead of myself here. Perhaps I should share something with you first and then let you decide if you’d like to move forward. Fair?

Janie was as intrigued and nervous as she’d been all night, but she wasn’t about to let her foot off the gas now.

Janie: Fair. Please elaborate.

Rafe: If we decide to move forward together and you agree to be my ‘patient,’ so to speak, there will be rules. There will be discipline. There will be consequences for infractions. I will be in charge and you will be submitting to my demands and to the treatments that I deem necessary. I understand from your profile that you’re familiar with the inner workings of the D/s lifestyle, but is this something that you could agree to? Could you be comfortable blending D/s and our fetish?

Her arousal seeped into her panties and coated her thighs as she read and reread his message. Could she be comfortable blending the two? Was he kidding? It would be a dream come true. She let a couple of minutes pass as she crafted her response.

Janie: Yes, Doctor. I would definitely be inclined to blend the two and, provided we decide to move forward, would strive to be a perfect, willing patient for you. Would you be able to share your rules with me so that I can have a better picture of your expectations? (On a related note, I’m so incredibly aroused right now, I can barely stand it.)

Rafe: Good God, woman! Are you trying to kill me via licentious messaging? If so, by all means proceed as you were. I also happen to be throbbing myself, so I definitely know what you’re going through! And yes, let me share my rules with you and we can discuss them when you’re ready. Take your time, Janie. There’s no rush.

Seconds later, Rafe’s list popped into the frame. Ten rules laid out in black and white.

As her eyes shot from one to the next, she tried to settle herself and read each one calmly. Well, as calmly as she possibly could, given that her heart was beating in her throat.

The Doctor’s Orders

  1. No recordings, photos, or videos of any kind. Our activities are only for our enjoyment. Discretion is of the utmost importance.
  2. All medical devices and implements will be new and unused.
  3. The Doctor may wish to perform multiple procedures on the patient. Prior to any procedure or treatment, the Doctor and patient will discuss limits and preferences.
  4. Sexual contact is a possibility. Prior to any sexual congress, the Doctor and patient will discuss limits and preferences.
  5. There will be bondage elements in most scenes. Patient should be prepared for restraints.
  6. The patient will be clean-shaven or waxed at all times. This includes legs, armpits, genitals, and anal areas.
  7. The Doctor’s orders are not up for discussion. The patient will select safewords and will use these should she decide that she needs to slow down a scene or stop it altogether.
  8. Failure to follow the Doctor’s orders will result in punishment. Punishment will be dictated by the Doctor and the patient will comply obediently.
  9. Sessions will take place at the Doctor’s house and nowhere else.
  10. At any time, for any reason, either the Doctor or the patient (or both) may decide to end the relationship. Both parties will respect this decision and will commit to remaining private about the details of the relationship. Every aspect of the relationship—beginning, middle, and end—will be dictated by the maxim ‘Safe, sane, and consensual.’

Ten minutes and another glass of wine later, Janie’s fingers bounced along the keyboard once again, seeking some guidance and answers from her newfound mentor.

Janie: Hey there. Back now.

Rafe: So, I’m assuming you’ve had a chance to read through the rules. Any thoughts? Questions?

Janie: Plenty of both, actually. Would you be up for that call now? I know it’s getting late, but I’d like to go through these with you sooner rather than later. I guess I just want to know, one way or the other, that I can do this. That I can do what you expect of me.

Rafe: I completely understand where you’re coming from and it’s definitely not too late for me, if it’s not too late for you. And yes, it’s always better to have the tough conversations up front and set expectations early on. No use getting anyone’s hopes up if this isn’t going to work, right? Here’s my cell. Call when you’re ready.

Rafe’s number flashed across the screen and Janie had his number dialed in before she’d even given herself a chance to breathe. As the phone rang in her ear, she slipped back under the covers and began to touch herself, rubbing her clit in slow, lazy circles. Not enough to make her come. Just enough to keep her on the edge.

“Janie?” The rich, deep tone of his voice stirred her from her reverie and, for the briefest of moments, she lost the capacity to speak. “Janie, is this you?”

“Y-yes, it’s me, Rafe. Uh, it’s nice to hear your voice. You sound… kind.”

“It’s nice to hear you too, Janie. You have a gorgeous voice. Thanks for calling, by the way. I definitely think this is a much easier way to communicate, although if I have to confess the whole truth, I was kind of enjoying writing back and forth with an intelligent woman who quite obviously understands the finer points of grammar and spelling.”

“Can I get an amen?” Janie chimed in exuberantly. “I mean one of the guys who messaged me spelled ‘enema’ e-m-e-n-a. Really?”

The two shared a boisterous laugh followed by an expectant pause. Janie waited for Rafe to start the conversation, too nervous to actually delve into the purpose of the call. He didn’t disappoint.

“So, you read my rules and you’d like to discuss them, correct?” She mumbled her assent as he continued. “How about we go through them, one by one, and we can clarify any points as we go through?”

“Sounds great… Doctor.”

Janie heard a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the line before he responded, “Christ, Janie, just hearing you call me ‘Doctor’ with that sexy voice of yours is making me rock-hard again. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken on a new patient,” he trailed off.

Not knowing exactly how to process this last bit of information, she started in on the list. “So, uh, Doctor’s Order number one. This one seems completely straightforward and I appreciate anything and everything we can do to maintain our privacy. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I want you to know that I will always protect the sanctity of anything we share, should you decide to follow through with this.”

His words, and the sentiment behind them, were so endearing, Janie felt a new warmth creep through her chest and a renewed confidence in their intimate conversation. “Order number two makes plenty of sense as well. I mean, I’m all about being green, but some things just shouldn’t be recycled, am I right?”

“Couldn’t agree more,” he burst out in a rumbling laugh that helped relax her. In fact, she realized that she’d do just about anything to make him laugh that way again. She enjoyed hearing his smile through the phone. But there were some serious matters that they had to tackle first.

“Numbers three and four seem similar. Can you walk me through those?”

“Of course. So, while you and I have been discussing the possibility of meeting in order for me to administer an enema, you may have noticed from my profile that I’m interested in other aspects of medplay. Have you ever considered something like this? Something beyond the cleansing? Say, for example, if I were to use a speculum on you? Or give you full gynecological exam? Is that something you’d be interested in? As I explained in the rules, I would never do anything without discussing it with you first.”

The finger that had been lazily tracing Janie’s swollen clit was now becoming more insistent at each of Rafe’s suggestions. “Uh, y-yes, I g-guess I’d be interested in trying those things. With you as my doctor, that is.” The orgasm sneaked up on her and sucker punched her as she uttered her last words. She moaned into the phone.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but sounds like you’re enjoying yourself right now, Janie. Does the thought of submitting to my treatments turn you on? Tell me the truth,” he purred.

“Yes. Yes, it turns me on,” she whispered as the last of her climax rolled through her and she collapsed back onto the bed.

“That’s excellent, just excellent. Now, number four is similar—as you’ve pointed out—but has to do with sexual contact. I’ve had a vasectomy and get regular checkups every six months. I’m in perfect health and, if the opportunity arises, I’d like to explore you sexually. Nothing happens without your express consent, but I want to have the opportunity to pursue this, okay?”

“Yes, I’d like that,” she responded, quietly yet resolutely. “I completely understand numbers five, six, and seven and I agree with your terms. In fact, restraints form a big part of my fantasies. Every time I imagine myself taking an enema, I’m restrained and at the mercy of the person administering it. So yes, yes, yes to that!”

“Glad to hear that, Janie—and thanks for your exuberance,” he chuckles before adding, “And what would you like to use for your safewords? You need one to slow down the scene and one to put an end to it immediately. These choices are entirely up to you, but I’d like to know them as soon as possible.”

“Uh, how about ‘lemon’ to slow down and ‘apple’ to stop? Yellow and red, right?”

“Gotcha. ‘Lemon’ and ‘apple’ it is.”

Janie swallowed the lump in her throat as she prepared to broach order number eight, the one that made her more nervous than all the other ones put together. “So, when you mention punishment, what exactly does that mean?”

“It means exactly that, Janie.” His response was swift in coming and his voice had a slight edge to it that had been absent earlier in the call. “I will make demands of you and of your body. I expect you to follow my orders and to comply with my instructions. Failure to do so will result in punishment. How does that make you feel?”

“I, uh, I’m not sure, Doctor. Will you hurt me?” she whispered almost inaudibly into her phone.

“Well, it won’t be comfortable, I can assure you, but please know that I’ll never permanently mark, scar, or damage you in any way. It’s my job to know how far I can push you, how much you can take, and what the appropriate punishment is for each infraction.”

“Could you, um, give me an example?” Janie slapped her hand over her mouth as soon as she uttered the question, suddenly terrified of the response she might receive.

“Of course, my curious little patient.” His chosen term of endearment soothed her unexpectedly. “Well, imagine that I’ve given a patient an enema and have told her to retain it for a certain amount of time. She’s unable to do so and loses control. This constitutes disobedience and she’ll be punished. Most typically, she’ll get another one. Twice as much for twice as long.”

Twice as much for twice as long? You mean, you mean…”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. She’ll work a lot harder to retain it in the first place when she knows that her predicament could be twice as bad, won’t she?”

Janie held the phone away from her ear, squeezing her eyes shut and trying to tap into her submissive strength. His voice brought her back to the present. “Of course, I’m also a fan of a good old-fashioned spanking now and again. Sometimes the tried and true methods prove to be the most effective ones. Now, do you think you’ll be able to comply with this? Best to know now if you can’t handle this aspect because this order is absolute.”

“I’ll comply, Doctor,” she murmured sheepishly, imagining herself on the receiving end of a spanking from her mystery man. “I just wanted to have an idea of what I was getting into. I won’t let you down and I’ll follow your orders and accept your punishments willingly.”

“That’s a good girl. You’re so incredibly brave and strong, Janie. I won’t let you down either, my sweet girl.” Yet again, his words oozed into her soul like honey and filled her with a soothing warmth. “Now, moving on, I’m assuming that number nine might make you a bit nervous,” he continued. “But I’m afraid I have to insist on this one. I’ve got everything set up to my liking and specifications and want to be able to use my own space.

“That being said, for your own safety and peace of mind, I’m also going to insist that you share my name—it’s Rafe Elliott, by the way—my photo, phone number, and address with a trusted friend of yours. Obviously, you won’t be sharing the full nature of our relationship, but you can feel free to tell them that we’re meeting for a date and that you want them to know where you are. Sound good?”

“Thanks for answering the question before I asked it. This sounds perfect. And number ten—safe, sane, and consensual? That’s the sexiest thing I’ve read all night, Doctor!”

“I’ve gotta say I’m loving your energy, Janie—I can damn near feel your smile through the phone, woman!”

He was right. Janie was positively beaming, overwhelmed by the reality of finding a truly kindred spirit with whom she could share, and eventually explore, her secret desires. “Well, I guess you’ve given me plenty to smile about, haven’t you?”

“I’m glad you think so. Hey, not to get too creepy on you, but your profile says that you’re in the Midwest. That’s a pretty big geographical area. Can I ask where you live?”

“Of course you can, provided I can ask you as well. I’m up in Michigan. The Lower Peninsula. And let’s hope you’re not one of those people who considers Nebraska as part of the Midwest, otherwise we’re going to have some tricky travel conversations in the not too distant future.”

“Nah, we’re covered. I’m not too far away from you. Just over in Illinois. Near Chicago, to be exact.”

For the next couple of hours, the two spoke continuously, discussing everything from favorite movies to favorite sexual positions. He was a software developer and had spent his entire life in the Chicagoland area, with the exception of six years spent in the military in his early twenties. He was an only child and his parents had passed away a few years ago, leaving him alone in the world. His favorite book was The Catcher in the Rye and his favorite pizza toppings were pepperoni and mushrooms. And they both loved the movie This is Spinal Tap. Janie tucked all this information away and began to paint a mental picture of her new friend. She felt as if she’d known Rafe forever and, more important, she knew that he was just as interested in meeting her as she was in meeting him.

At around one a.m., she stifled a yawn—it was well past her bedtime and she would have to get up for work in about five hours—but she tried to keep the conversation going, reluctant to let go of him for the night. “So, what do you do for…”

“Ah ah ah, Janie. I heard that yawn, young lady. It’s time for you to get some sleep. We can talk again tomorrow, okay?”

Her fatigue coupled with his mild rebuke made her petulant and pouty. Now that she’d finally found a friend who could help her out, she had to say goodbye? It wasn’t fair. “But, I just…”

“What did I say, Janie?” he leveled the question on her in an authoritative tone she hadn’t heard from him yet. “Are you going to follow the doctor’s orders or will I need to punish you already?”

The mention of punishment triggered a fleeting bolt of adrenaline through her system, a surge that landed squarely in her clenching pussy. “N-no, Doctor. I’ll go to bed now. Sorry,” she responded meekly.

“That’s a good girl.” His tone softened immediately. “Now, I promise that I’ll give you a call tomorrow. What time do you get done with work? If you’re up for it, maybe we can do a video call and actually find out what we look like.”

After giving him the layout of her day’s schedule, Janie reluctantly said her goodbyes. “It’s been wonderful talking with you and getting to know you, Rafe. I’m just so… so thankful that we crossed paths.”

“Me too, Janie, me too. Now, let’s both get some sleep, have sweet dreams, and get ready to talk again tomorrow. Goodnight, my sweet girl.”

“G’night, Doctor.”

Within minutes, Janie was passed out, visions of her enigmatic doctor caressing the edges of her dreamscape.

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