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The Doctor’s Wife by Casey McKay – Sample

Chapter One

 Dan stretched his arms above his head as he walked back into his office. Three hours in emergency surgery resetting a teenager’s leg back into place. He was sure the kid had dreams of becoming a big football star; didn’t they all? He didn’t care if the young jock never had plans to play football again; he would make sure he at least had the choice.

Dan just wished these emergency surgeries could happen at more opportune moments. They always seemed to happen late at night, or during the middle of a holiday weekend or some major life event he yet again had to bow out of. He’d known what he was signing up for when he’d entered med school and had figured the pros outweighed the cons, but that didn’t mean he always had to be happy about it.

Take tonight, for instance, and his Friday night plans. God, when was the last time he had even dared to make plans on a Friday night? A nice romantic dinner… Things were just getting kicked up a notch, and then his pager went off.

He hadn’t missed the disappointment in her eyes before she caught herself and gave him a reassuring smile. How much longer would the people in his life be understanding? When would the patience turn into resentment and regret?

He glanced at the clock. Almost midnight, too late to salvage anything. She would be asleep by now. He scrubbed a hand across his tired eyes and searched for his cell. Maybe there was a glimmer of hope she had texted him that she was waiting up. Before he got to the phone in the bottom of his bag, there was a knock on his open office door.

“Special delivery for Dr. Connolly.”

He looked up in surprise, then a slow smile spread across his face. “Kind of late for a delivery, don’t you think?”

The woman stood in his doorway in well-worn jeans and a threadbare t-shirt. The ensemble did nothing to hide the luscious curves that lay beneath the fabric. She sauntered into his office like she owned the place and kicked the door shut behind her. “Oh, I don’t know. Seems to me that it’s right on time.”

He held back a chuckle at her obviously rehearsed line. Sitting on the corner of his desk, he folded his arms across his chest. “It’s been a long time since you brought me a delivery, Christina.”

She walked toward him, her blond waves bouncing on her shoulders as she took the few steps to close the space between them. “I would say too long. Wouldn’t you?” she asked him in a sultry whisper.

He reached for her, grasping her waist and pulling her to stand between his outspread thighs. Crushing his mouth onto hers, he took in everything she had to give. Her scent filled his nostrils as he took a deep breath. He tangled his fingers through her hair, holding the back of her head in place as he invaded her mouth with his tongue.

Yes, it had been too long since she had paid him a visit. Every time they’d promise each other it was the last time because it was risky meeting at the hospital after hours. If they were caught, his reputation, his career—everything could be on the line. But this woman, she was his weakness. He had never been able to deny it, never would deny her, and for a man with a big ego and a lot of pride, that was hard to admit.

He felt warm liquid on his scrub pants and broke off their kiss. Looking down, he saw that the top had popped off the cardboard cup of coffee. He grabbed her wrist, steadying her hand as coffee sloshed out. “Careful,” he directed as he guided her hand with the cup in it to the desk. Once it was safely out of the way, he held her hand in his. “Did you burn yourself?” he asked as he reached for a tissue, wrapping it around her hand to mop up the coffee.

“Shit, sorry,” she stammered. “No, I’m fine.” She reached down to his pants. “Did I burn you?”

“No, luckily, you thought ahead enough to deliver me some lukewarm coffee,” he said and gave her a wink.

Her cheeks reddened and she giggled. “The thought was there,” she said as she lifted a shoulder.

Taking the paper bag she held in her other hand, he said, “And what do we have here? A stale doughnut to go with my lukewarm coffee?”

“It’s a muffin, they were out of doughnuts.”

He tossed the bag onto the desk, then stood. He faced Christina and put his hands on her hips. “You didn’t even get my order right,” he admonished.

“You didn’t order—” she started, but trailed off when she caught his expression and realized it was all a part of the game they were playing. Her blush deepened and she looked down at her feet. “Oh, sorry.” Peeking up at him through her lashes, there was a hint of a smile playing across her face. She looked so goddamned sweet, he wanted to sweep everything off his desk and take her right there.

“Hmm,” he said and paced the room, as if he were thinking things over in his head. “You messed up my order and then spilled coffee on both of us. That could have been dangerous.”

She linked her hands behind her back, her head still lowered, her hair falling in her face. After a moment, she raised her gaze and met his eyes. “Yes, sir,” she whispered.

“I believe you should be punished for that,” he added, trying not to smile at her answering gasp.

Her chest rose and fell faster as her breathing increased.

“In fact, these are odd mistakes to make, especially for you. Are you feeling well, Christina?”

Raising her eyebrows, she stared back at him, and then the corner of her mouth twitched up. “Um, I guess I’ve been feeling a little weird today.”

“A little weird? Is that a medical term I don’t know about?” He came to stand in front of her.

She giggled at that. “I don’t know, doctor. You’re the one with the medical degree, not me.”

“I see and you’re also feeling a little sassy today, as well,” he said, pretending to flip open a notebook and writing in the air with his finger. “So the symptoms so far are ‘weird’ and ‘sassy,’ anything else to report?”

“Dan,” she protested, through laughter that she couldn’t hold back.

“Dr. Connolly,” he reminded, giving her a censuring look of mock-sternness.

It seemed to snap her back to attention because her laughter ceased. “Dr. Connolly,” she repeated, and blinked back at him.

“Did you have something else to add?” he asked.

“No, sir,” she answered, biting her lip and sticking her chest out as she linked her hands behind her back again.

It had been a long time, but it was a familiar dance between the two of them. One he had been craving for a while. “Then let’s move this along, I think we need a full exam.”

“A full exam?” she asked, and looked back at him with wide eyes. “I don’t think—” She shook her head, but followed behind him as he exited his office.

“Yes, a full exam, and that punishment I mentioned,” he answered, throwing her a look over his shoulder as he made his way down the hallway. Her cheeks were tinged pink, but she scurried behind him, having to quicken her step to keep up with his long strides.

They passed a few nurses on their way, who all wished him a good night. When they got to the elevator, he pushed Christina inside and selected the floor he had in mind. She looked back at him with uncertainty.

“Trust me,” he told her.

She didn’t respond, but the look in her eyes softened. He knew this was all becoming more real than perhaps she had intended in his office. Maybe she thought he would just take her there, on the desk like he’d fantasized about. But something in him wanted more, and those carnal desires had been awakened the second she’d crossed his threshold.

The elevator dinged to alert their arrival on the main floor. He linked his hand through hers and tugged her behind him, making his way down the hallway. He swiped his key card to gain access through the locked doors.

“The new wing?” she asked as the door banged shut behind them.

The hospital had added a new wing to the main floor, adjacent to the emergency room. A clinic that would be open to the general public for more affordable health care options. It wasn’t due to open until the following week, as there was still some bureaucratic nonsense holding up the process. But it was ready and waiting for new patients, and he couldn’t wait to put it to good use.

“Should we be in here?” she asked as he hustled her into one of the exam rooms.

He flipped on the overhead fluorescent lights and closed the door behind them. “It’s not open to the general public, but my key card worked, so it doesn’t mean I can’t be in here,” he told her.

She raised her eyebrows at him and he sensed another protest bubbling up. Grasping her shoulder, he turned her around and placed a sharp smack on the seat of her jeans. “No more questions, you’re under your doctor’s care now,” he ordered. “I’ll need you to remove your clothing and get into a gown, I’ll be right back.” He didn’t wait to see if she complied with his commands as he exited the little exam room in search of supplies. If she didn’t listen, all the more fun for him. He liked when she willingly submitted, but he didn’t mind persuading her either.

He flicked the lights on in a neighboring exam room and grabbed what he needed, making a mental note to put everything back where he found it. Walking back into the exam room where Christina was ready and waiting for him, he found her standing in a mint green paper gown. She looked unsure and slightly annoyed.

He tossed the medical paraphernalia onto the counter and stalked toward her. Bending down, he captured her mouth in a hard kiss, wiping the annoyance from her face. He grasped her ass in his hands, her bare cheeks peeking out of the slit in the crisp gown. Never disconnecting their kiss, he hoisted her up, crushing her against him, and carried her to the table.

“Now are you going to be a good girl, or do I have to start you off with a spanking?” he asked her.

The corner of her lips quirked up and she narrowed her eyes. “Do you want me to be a good girl? I’ve never been a very good patient,” she answered.

He gave her a knowing look. “I think you’re looking to get a spanking. Is that why you came down to my office tonight?”

She shrugged her shoulders and swung her feet, kicking them against the bottom of the table.

“Well, first things first.” He placed a blood pressure cuff on her bicep, securing the Velcro in place. Then he used the pump to inflate the cuff. Placing his stethoscope into his ears, he listened to her pulse as he read the gauge. “Mm-hm. Looks normal, but you can never be too safe,” he said, enjoying the questioning look on her face. “I’m going to need you to lie back and roll onto your tummy,” he directed.

She started to loosen the Velcro, but he stopped her hand.

“Leave that, lie back,” he directed.

She stared at him as she heeded his command and lay back against the padded table covered in a paper sheet.

He steadied her with a hand on her shoulder as she scooted up the table, bringing her legs to rest on top with the rest of her body. Once she was completely on the table, he aided her in flipping onto her stomach. The gown fell open, leaving her entire back and ass exposed. He took an appreciative look before he moved to the counter to collect what he needed.

She turned her head to the side to look at him. “What are you going to do?”

He didn’t answer, just gave her a grin.

She rolled her eyes in response and he couldn’t resist giving her ass an open-handed smack. She let out a short squeal, but he ignored her and moved to her other side.

Snapping on latex gloves and making a show of it, he snapped the wrist with a bit of flair. She looked back at him and twisted her mouth, trying to hide the amusement on her face.

He picked up a tube of petroleum jelly and squeezed a quarter-size amount onto his index finger.

“What are you doing?” Christina, having remained silent through most of this, spoke up.

“I need to take your temperature,” he told her, getting more joy out of her answering groan than he should have.

“Dan—” she started and squeaked in protest when he slapped her thigh with his free hand. “Dr. Connolly,” she said with an exaggerated emphasis, “you don’t need to take my temperature.”

“Oh, but I do,” he told her, and gave her an evil grin.

“Fine, do it this way,” she said, and opened her mouth.

“Don’t worry, that will be filled soon enough,” he said, and winked at her again, barely containing his chuckle at his own joke. Moving down the table, Christina crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together, tensing up her cheeks as he approached. He held his lubed finger up and caressed the back of one of her thighs with his gloved hand. “Just relax and open to me.”

She gave a mewl of protest and hid her face against the table. “I don’t want to.”

“Really?” he asked and lifted his eyebrows.

She blew out a breath and uncrossed her legs, but her body remained tense and she kept her face hidden against the table.

“Just relax and let the good doctor take care of you,” he suggested in a soothing tone.

When she finally let out a giggle, he went back to caressing her thighs, trying to get her to relax. Heaving out a sigh, she let her muscles go soft, her thighs falling open in the process. He decided to take a new approach; he rolled the gloves off his hands, being careful to wrap the unused lube into the glove, and flipped them into the trash can.

He slid the rolling stool out from under the counter and took a seat. Rolling himself up to the table, he grabbed Christina’s ankles and gently pulled her down. She made a noise as he pulled her far enough to fold her waist over the edge, and she grabbed at the edges of the table, steadying herself.

Her thighs were spread open and he sat between her legs. Her nether lips, glistening with her own sweet honey, were puffed up and waiting for his attention.

Leaning forward, he tentatively licked into her. She moaned as she jumped at the contact. He used his thumbs to spread her open and laved her with his tongue, tasting her essence, the scent giving him a heady feeling. Letting himself get lost in her, he tickled and teased her clit with his tongue and fingers.

She started moving her hips, gyrating up and down as her moans grew louder. When he impaled her with two of his fingers, she cried out. Thrusting his digits deep inside her, he lowered his mouth again to her molten core, and she cried out in pleasure again as he felt the walls of her channel contracting around his fingers. His mouth tilted into a smile as his wife lost control. He loved being able to make her come so undone. Watching her come was almost more satisfying than coming himself. When her cries subsided and she lay limp, he rose and walked to the head of the table.

She turned her face to look at him when she heard his footsteps. “That was nice. Thank you.”

He smiled at her. “A little less tense now?”

“Mm-hmm,” she responded, her answer coming out more as a moan than a reply. She gave him a heavy-lidded gaze and he wondered for a moment if it was from lust or sleep.

“Can I continue with my exam?”

She looked back at him and smiled, giving a tiny nod of her head. “Yes, sir.”

“Alright, then,” he said, picking up the tube of petroleum jelly and the rectal thermometer. He didn’t bother with the gloves this time. Stepping back to the end of the table where she was still bent over the edge, her torso stretched across the top, and her arms raised above her head, he brought his hand down to the cleft in her ass. She widened her legs at his touch and he smiled at her compliance. Using his thumb and index finger of one hand, he spread her pale cheeks and placed some of the petroleum jelly on her puckered hole. The lube was merely a formality; the head of the thermometer so small she would probably barely feel it. This was more about the process. He liked preparing her for any intrusion he was making, knew it took her to another level: the embarrassment, the shame of knowing she liked it, the humiliation of being completely at his mercy.

She let out a moan as he rubbed in the jelly, and then he slid the tip of the thermometer into her.

Releasing her cheeks, he stepped back to the sink and washed off the excess lube. Drying his hands, he turned back and felt a jolt of lust shoot through him as he looked at her naked buttocks, the thermometer peeking out from between her full cheeks.

She lay on the table and waited for him to make the next move. She shifted, and at that moment when her face turned to the side, he saw her wince. Her discomfort at being stretched across the top of the table was evident. He moved to her side and massaged her shoulders and arms. She gave a sigh of relief as he placed them back on the table beside her.

Walking down to the end of the table, he skated his hand down her spine as he moved. He plucked the thermometer from between her cheeks and made a show of reading it. In reality he hadn’t been watching the clock and had no idea how long it had been inside of her.

“Temperature looks normal,” he proclaimed.

“Good,” she murmured.

He placed his hands on her hips and helped her stand on her shaky, post-orgasm legs. Pulling the gown down her front, he slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She stood on tiptoe and pressed her mouth to his, her hand coming up to his head. He kept his hair short, but she pressed her fingers into it and caught some between her knuckles, pulling with a gentle pressure.

He responded by fisting a handful of her blond locks, wrenching her head back as he pulled. A needy moan of desire escaped her lips and he kissed down her exposed neck, while nudging her closer to the table. She leaned against it as he lowered his mouth to one of her breasts, his hand palming the other one, massaging with his fingers. He switched breasts, drawing her other nipple into his mouth, teasing that one into a peak as well. The feeling of her hands at his waist, undoing the ties on his scrub pants, was almost his undoing as she unsheathed his erection. The buildup of the night: the flowers and romantic dinner, the plans he had made, followed by the fear and guilt he carried that this time he had messed it up for good—it all crested at the same time. His muscles in his shoulders screamed from the three-hour surgery he had endured, his mind on overdrive, and his body tired both physically and mentally. But this was like coming home. Lifting her at the waist, he brought her down to perch on the edge of the table as he plunged into her.

She moaned as he impaled her with his cock. Holding her hips in place, he thrust in and out of her and used his fingers to tease her clit, working her back up as he perched on the edge of his own orgasm. Feeling her walls contracting around him as her mouth opened in a silent scream, he gave one final thrust, spilling his hot seed into her with a groan. She pressed her head against his chest, panting for breath.

He shifted closer to her, his cock still semi-hard inside of her. “Happy anniversary, baby,” he murmured, and placed a soft kiss on her temple. A loud bang reverberated through the room; it sounded like the door to the wing closing. He knew he hadn’t imagined it when Christina stiffened in his arms.

* * *

Christina crouched into the smallest ball she could get into on the other side of the exam table. She had wrapped the paper gown around her and ducked down as low as she could as Dan went to investigate. He switched the light off when he left and she cursed him for leaving her naked and in the dark.

The floor of a hospital exam room was not where she envisioned herself ending up this evening. She heard the murmur of voices outside and goose bumps ran across her skin. Had someone seen them? Why had she thought this was a good idea in the first place?

She knew why; sometimes she just couldn’t help herself. She knew where he would be; knew he would be tense from the emergency surgery. It had been a long time since she had brought him a ‘special delivery’ at his office. Once upon a time it had been routine for both of them. Something about the rush of being in public, or semi-public, as anyone could walk in at a moment’s notice. But she had been younger and stupid then. It didn’t feel like a rush now.

They’d both promised themselves and each other it was over. No more fooling around at the hospital. Too much was at stake. But sometimes she got tired of the routine they’d fallen into since they’d married. She missed the kinky sex she had with her hot doctor boyfriend. Now that he was her distinguished surgeon husband, it seemed more illicit to have kinky sex in a public place.

Dan had been named chief of surgery and with that title came a lot of respect. Somehow they had gone from oversexed college kids to pillars of the community within fifteen years. Christ, had it been fifteen years already? With the new title for Dan, they’d both decided the hospital trysts, even though they’d become infrequent, needed to stop.

She never had been very good at breaking bad habits.

She heard the door re-open and the light flipped back on.

“Where’s my little delivery girl?” Dan asked, amusement lilting his voice.

She couldn’t bank the anger that surged as a result of his amusement. “Who was that?” she hissed.

Hearing his footsteps grow closer, he came around the table and looked down at her. He lifted his shoulders and smiled. “Security guard,” he said.

She felt her eyes widen. “They have us on camera?” Now she wasn’t only angry, but also afraid they’d be found out.

His brow creased for a second and then he shrugged again. “No, I don’t think cameras. I think it was my key card swipe, it must have alerted them or something.”

“I don’t know how you can be so fucking nonchalant about this,” she hurled through gritted teeth as she tried to gracefully rise to her feet without flashing him everything, not that he hadn’t already seen it.

“Language,” he said, and raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t fucking care about my language, Dan, what if someone finds out!”

He pulled her in close; she tried to push him away, but he overpowered her. He pushed her arms down to her sides and stripped the gown away, wrapping her in a suffocating hold. She was sure he thought this was protective and calming; it only fueled her fury.

“Why are you angry?”

“Why aren’t you fucking freaking out about this?” she countered.

He kissed her hard on the mouth. She fought him at first, but when he pulled her in tighter, his lips bruising hers in their hold, she finally relaxed against him.

When he finally pulled away from her, he cupped her face in his hands. “I’m not freaking out about this because no one would blame me for making love with my beautiful wife.”

She felt her face flush and self-consciously tried to cover her nakedness with her hands.

“My beautiful wife,” he repeated. “How did I get so lucky?”

She blinked back at him, tears pricking her eyes. Slowly, her anger began to dissolve, and she felt satiated and tired. If Dan wasn’t nervous about the repercussions, she could let it go too.

“We should get home before the kids get up and wonder where we are,” he added.

“Well, there’s one perk to my mother staying with us,” she joked as she turned to get her clothes. “She’s taking them to the zoo tomorrow, so hopefully we can sleep in.”

“The zoo? Tyler agreed to go along?” he questioned, referring to their eldest. Her little boy had somehow turned into a moody teenager overnight. She was not prepared for the fourteen-year-old attitude that came out of that one.

“I don’t think she gave him a choice,” she said with a laugh. “Or she’s paying him. I really don’t care at this point; I just know they’ll be gone for at least four hours and I am more excited than a kid at Christmas. Does that make me a bad mother?”

“Not at all,” he said as he held the door to the hallway open for her. “Have I told you how amazing you are lately?”

“I’m sure you have, but it’s not something I get tired of hearing.” She couldn’t get the smile off her face as he walked her to her car in the parking lot and then followed her home.

They tumbled into their bed, hoping the kids would leave with her mother in a few hours without waking them on their way out.

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