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Examined and Corrected by Emily Tilton – Sample

Chapter One

Dr. Reginald Brown, late of the Royal College of Physicians, current proprietor of a unique college for young ladies in Westmoreland, went up to London in the spring of 1874 with all the fanfare that could attend the arrival of a physician whose practice lay in ensuring that girls understood how wholesome a thing it was to submit sexually to a natural man. That is to say, no fanfare at all as far as public declarations went, but a great deal of warm interest in the dining rooms and drawing rooms of many notable, not to mention noble, houses.

The doctor had won a significant victory, as those who ruled such establishments estimated it, in assuring the happy marriages of two young ladies in Sussex. Many gentlemen up and down the length of England reckoned him the author of their own marital (and also non-marital but rather frankly and simply erotic) happiness, and Dr. Brown’s role in these marriages would not ordinarily have occasioned much talk. But the circumstances in Sussex had made Dr. Brown’s friends anxious, and then the anxiety had passed entirely away. Many more persons, therefore, were discussing the doctor’s unusual methods and their potential than might otherwise have been the case.

Indeed, one might even hear at so august a place as the Atheneum Lord Aggleby say to the Marquess of Boggerney such a remark as, “Really that pamphlet of Brown’s—you know, the unmentionable one—seems to have something to it.”

The unmentionable pamphlet referred to in such conversations bore the title On the necessity of men’s exercising their natural rights in erotic matters. Only a very few gentlemen would admit to having read it, and never of course in mixed company, but all London knew it had sold out seven separate printing runs.

“Indeed,” Boggerney might reply, “they say he might even be proposed for the Royal Society.”

Dr. Reginald Brown himself knew that he hadn’t a prayer of election to the Royal Society, but he felt the honor even of ‘their’ mentioning it quite keenly. He would smile, when he happened to find himself party to a conversation concerning his prospects, and say, “So long as I can continue to render natural men and women happy in their bedchambers, I shall be content.”

He had to confess himself content also in the present moment, for his coming up to London had as its direct cause the institution by a select group of gentlemen (including two peers of the realm) of a scheme in which he agreed wholeheartedly. Above all, he found himself of like mind with the five men who had called themselves The Society for the Correction of Natural Daughters in the opinion that only he, Dr. Brown, could advise them in the measures necessary to set their efforts upon a firm footing.

Just at the moment, Dr. Brown had before him the first real challenge he had faced in putting the society’s arrangements into action. That circumstance, in particular, added greatly to his contentment, for he liked nothing so much as he liked a challenge. Now he wished nothing less than to establish to his complete satisfaction and that of the charter members that Dr. Brown could from the very start of their new society help them attain their goal: security and guidance for their illegitimate offspring on the one hand and the conferral on several fortunate younger men of the masterful erotic bliss known only to natural men on the other.

Miss Ginevra Audley, lovely unacknowledged daughter of the Earl of Winterdon by a young chambermaid formerly in his uncle’s employ, had fallen victim to the blandishments of a Hampshire farmer. Dr. Brown’s first step, just as he had promised in the letter to the five fathers who served as the society’s charter, had been to discover the circumstances surrounding the seduction.

The principal aim being to ensure the girls’ happiness, I advise that if possible the men who occasion their waywardness, as the eyes of the world see the matter, be given every opportunity to prove themselves fit and natural masters for them. Of course, in cases of self-pleasure, this will usually be impracticable even in cases where a particular man can be identified. I will endeavor nonetheless to determine even then whether the fault in the girl’s worldly modesty might be repaired by putting her in the power of the man to whom her body yearned to submit when she stole her illicit pleasure. In cases of seduction, the other category of offense regarding which you write to me in hope of my assistance, I am of the opinion that even when—as I believe will be the fact in the vast majority of cases—the seducer shows no promise of becoming a natural man, nevertheless it will aid greatly in the correction of the girl to be able to address her specifically on the matter of his unworthiness, before her first punishment and her first sexual use by the man upon whom the choice of your esteemed society shall fall.

Dr. Brown had gone down to Hampshire personally to make his inquiries, and to see whether any hope might be entertained of the farmer’s being or becoming the sort of husband, or even the sort of keeper, who could render Miss Audley’s future existence felicitous. As he had made clear to the natural men who had gone so far as to build for the society in the West End the house in which now, behind heavy drapes, Dr. Brown had his first interview with Miss Audley, he would not obey the rules of conventional morality when he determined what should be done to assure their daughters’ happiness.

I take it as settled fact (or I should not have consented to consider becoming your philosophical adviser) that the young ladies’ happiness represents your paramount aim. I think it important therefore to clarify my own views on the kinds of arrangement that can effect such happiness as I hope you will agree with me we should all seek to bestow upon them. These arrangements do not in the main conform to the world’s expectations even for gentlemen’s offspring outside the bands of wedlock, so I wish to be certain that you all agree with me that they are nonetheless desirable.

For one example, should I determine that a girl’s seducer, be he even so lowly a person in social standing as a footman, has it in him to master her honestly, manfully, and naturally, I should like you to know, gentlemen, that my advice would be that the girl’s father set them up in some modest situation in England, or send them in comfort to America or Australia.

For another, should the seducer be a married man who has found in his wife a settled resistance to the granting of his natural rights in the bedchamber, and who is not so circumstanced that he can correct her properly without it proving the occasion of misery to all concerned, I would recommend that he be allowed to keep the girl he has mastered, even if it should require pecuniary assistance from her father for him to do so. (In such a case I would also, depending on the girl, recommend that she have regular discipline and sexual use by her new master and those with whom he elects to share her, and that she be given permission to masturbate so as to ensure the satisfaction of her own natural needs when her master must leave her to her own devices.)

Finally, for a third and perhaps most extreme example, should one of your daughters fall into the power of a man who keeps a harem of young women, whether of the fabled oriental sort established by sultans or of the more modern variety practiced by exalted personages even in this enlightened nation, I would advise that the girl be left in her polygamous master’s power so long as he can be brought to promise the society that, as in the above example, she will be shared with such other natural men as the society shall recommend, as occasions for correction and pleasure arise.

If Dr. Brown could have satisfied himself as to the Hampshire farmer’s natural qualities—if, that is, the seducer had shown himself a man who might make Miss Audley happy despite her precarious social status—the girl would not have represented his first challenge. The illegitimate offspring of a father who could not own her as his progeny despite wishing every good thing for her, she would have settled down as a farmer’s wife, her husband happy in having both a pretty, submissive young woman in his bed and the generous settlement the earl would have contributed to their mutual prosperity.

He had not, unfortunately, been able so to satisfy himself, and Miss Audley therefore represented the first instance of the necessity experienced with some frequency by gentlemen like the five who had called upon Dr. Brown to advise them in setting up a society for the purpose of resolving the problem of their wayward young ladies. Miss Audley required correction that neither her father nor the Hampshire farmer who had taken her maidenhead could give her, and, if Dr. Brown could bring it about, her correction must prove the occasion of pleasure for the young man chosen by four members of the society as well as comfort for the fifth: her father the earl, who though he would remain entirely in ignorance of the punishment of Miss Audley and the pleasures of the natural man his friends chose for her, would know she had received the correction she needed.

The girl herself currently stood before Dr. Brown divested of every stitch of clothing and blushing furiously. Her embarrassment arose both from her nakedness and from the posture in which Dr. Brown had instructed her to stand, with her hands atop her head. He had summoned her here to verify his discoveries concerning her seduction, and, should he find his information correct, to inform Miss Audley of the course her life would now take, thanks to the society’s kind, and also their strict, offices.

He had appointed these spacious rooms, on the second story of the gracious yellow-brick townhouse constructed at the behest of the members of the society—the Duke of Panton, the Earl of Winterdon, Mr. Jeremy Smalls, esq., Mr. John Fisher, esq., and Mr. Henry Gerard, esq.—very much like his study in his college in Westmoreland. Because the society’s home had been built on such a grand scale, however, Dr. Brown had found himself able to incorporate into the chambers the necessary elements also of an examination room, including most importantly the special furniture and the special devices with which he carried out the instruction of young ladies in the natural needs of their bodies.

At some moment in the near future, he would enlist the assistance of Mr. Henry Deaver, the natural man chosen by the society as Miss Audley’s first master, in demonstrating to Miss Audley how those natural needs found their complement in a man’s natural rights. Here in this room, with the help of the chair and of the bench at which she now cast such fearful glances, she would learn, in a fashion utterly unlike what she had experienced in the Hampshire barn where she had yielded up her virginity, how a natural man took his pleasure with a girl whose body yearned for the penis as Miss Ginevra Audley’s did.

Today, though, Dr. Brown must prepare the ground for the young lady’s future mastering and her future happiness in submitting to the men who would enjoy her according to the rules of the new society.

“Do you know why you were brought here, Miss Audley?” he asked gently. He sat in his straight-backed wooden chair, which he had turned to face the beautiful young woman whose golden hair flowed in a thick braid down her back. Fully grown at eighteen, Miss Audley stood five feet, five inches tall. Her frightened blue eyes peered out of a pretty, heart-shaped face whose redness at her nudity seemed to come and go in attractive waves of color. Her breasts, well lifted in the posture Dr. Brown had commanded, were rather small, their pink areolas only penny-sized, and her hips girlishly slim. Between her pale, slim thighs, a pretty golden thatch could not quite conceal the tender furrow plowed too early by the Hampshire farmer, or the merest hint of Miss Audley’s inner labia, pouting naughtily from the furrow’s interior.

Still awaiting an answer, but content to leave Miss Audley pondering the question for the moment, Dr. Brown made a note in the record he had started when the earl had first notified him that Miss Audley’s schoolmistress had discovered the seduction.

Narrow hips indicate need for thorough dildo training both vaginally and anally, including regular use of a training belt. The vagina will be highly pleasurable for the penis, but care is to be taken since vigorous coitus by well-endowed men will leave the girl sore especially in the first months of use. Anal penetration by the penis should be restricted to her principal master until the anus has loosened considerably.

He looked up to see that tears had formed in the girl’s eyes.

“T-to… to be p-punished, sir?” she whispered, answering at last.

Dr. Brown nodded gravely. “Try not to be frightened, Miss Audley. Though I’m afraid you’re right that part of the reason your father has had you brought here is in order that you receive the strict discipline you need, and will now receive regularly, another part—at which you have almost certainly not guessed—will involve the greatest happiness for you.”

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