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Fertile: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


Post-Apocalyptic Year 2102


“They’re going to hunt you down, ravage your body for hours, punishing and fucking you. Then you’ll belong to them. They are savage beasts. The true monsters of the apocalypse.”

How many times had I heard the damning proclamation from the others in the village? I shuddered at the thought, refusing to give into fear. I knew what they were.

And I knew exactly what they hungered for.


I’d spent years in some form of captivity or another, fighting the scourges of the earth. I’d kill them as necessary. I’d gotten very good at killing.

A roar floated above the trees, what few species of birds remaining from the apocalypse cawing at the morning sky, racing away in fear. The sound was savage, just like the ogres responsible.

Since my arrival they’d warned me about the beasts living in the forests, hunting for prey. Strong and virulent, they captured and caged any human they came into contact with. They warned me I wouldn’t be protected, unable to fend for myself if I stayed out too long.

But I didn’t listen…

Once upon a time I believed in fairy tales, rugged knights on great white steeds coming to rescue me. I’d envisioned their steel armor shining in the afternoon sun as they rode through town, annihilating anyone who stood in their way. I’d been certain one day the nightmare would end, my saviors arriving in dawn’s mist, whisking me away to some magical land. A place where every wish came true.

Then real-life monsters chomped at my heels. They were coming for me.

Hunting me.

Ready to devour me.

The elders within my sacred city had been right, but I refused to surrender. The monsters would never take me alive.

The huntsmen pack were little more than wild creatures searching for the finest breeding stock. And I was considered prime meat.

One night when I was little more than a child, my entire world had collapsed, once magnificent cities and towns devoured by walls of flames, searing human flesh as it ate through skyscrapers. The initial bombs sent from Russia had taken out almost forty percent of the United States, leaving carnage in its wake, but the gas used later by the American government had been worse. Our own leaders had betrayed their own, all in an effort to gain power. Nothing had made any sense, the terror paralyzing.

Other countries had been severely affected as well, although all the lines of communication had been broken. I certainly hadn’t been too young to understand the effects of the EMP, another device used by some third world country in response to our bombs, turning formally civilized nations into primitive cultures. While the wretched visions had faded with time, nothing would erase the horrific screams, people pleading for mercy.

There was no such thing.

The gas had dissipated after two years and life for some had returned to normal, including mine. I’d entered college early, one of the few government-run organizations that actually allowed the privileged children to attend. Everything had changed, shifting toward socialism, a necessary evil we’d all been told. For a time, almost fifteen years, the powerful and wealthy maintained a beautiful life, sheltered from the reality of what was occurring outside of locked-down cities and underground facilities.

The day I’d learned about the true horrors was the very day I turned my back on the government and even God.

Run. Run. Run!

I heard the sound of hooves, the thunderous noise approaching my position from deep within the forest. I had no more than one minute, maybe two before they arrived, murderous creatures hell bent on capturing me. My fingers were almost numb as I pried at the harness, desperate to free the prize I’d secured, a small amount of nourishment for my people. “Come on. Come on, baby. Don’t fail me now.”

I nicked my finger attempting to cut through the thick rope. My knife had seen better days, the once razor-sharp edge dull and almost useless. I continued whittling away, darting glances over my shoulder. The rumble of the earth was jarring. There had to be at least four of the bastards hunting, maybe more.

The last string cut, I jerked away the hunk of deer the huntsmen had secured to a pole, wrapping it crudely and shoving into my bag. I grabbed the few medical supplies I’d collected from an abandoned home and took off running in the opposite direction. I’d been outside the compound walls for far too long. However, today’s haul had been worth the risk. I hadn’t anticipated on finding one of the huntsmen’s traps, my good fortune making me almost giddy for the first few minutes after the discovery.

My people were starving, food supplies dangerously low. My daily forages for anything to keep us alive had been somewhat worthwhile as of late. The huntsmen had left carnage in their wake, stealing everything from what few villages and towns remained—including every female of childbearing age.

At least the ones given the special serum the day they’d entered into puberty. I was one of the unlucky few, now fertile as a rabbit. I loathed the concept. But my fall from grace, entering the world of omega women had come much later than the others, forced by a truly evil man.

A man who no longer treasured anything but his growing wealth.

I bristled from the thought alone, desperate to get back to a simple but free way of life.

While my adopted people had taken great steps in hiding our little city, we all knew one day our luck would run out.

I prayed to some freaking God above that today wasn’t the day. I was in no mood for a fight. Exhausted and hungry, I wanted nothing more than to get back to the safety of my sanctuary. The huntsmen’s approach had cut off my initial path, leaving me few choices.

I raced through the woods, zigzagging to alternate my path, remaining low to the ground as I headed for the river. The huntsmen were consummate trackers, their skills legendary. The water would help mask my scent, a strong fragrance used to attract mates. I wasn’t certain about the dead deer carcass. Another chance I had to take. While I’d only taken a small amount, the meat rich in vitamins would help heal our sick and dying.

Please, God. Please.

Disease was rampant, taking down dozens of villages within weeks.

The roar of the horses continued to draw near. My heart was racing, my blood pumping to the point I heard echoes in my ears. I’d never been so frightened. I’d also never been this close to a pack before.

I’d heard wretched stories from so many broken families, their heartbreaking tales would forever burn into my mind. Three factions of what was left of humanity had risen from the ashes, forced to live in filth and squalor while the precious government leaders remained protected underground at first in order to rebuild Washington DC. Living in the lap of luxury. At first, my entire family had been considered the Elite, a class all to itself, given riches including a beautiful mansion far removed from the horrors of everyday living.

My father had worked hard, trying desperately to change things to a more equitable life. His choices hadn’t been well received.

But soon things had changed. The guilt would never leave me, my vehemence at doing the right thing the very reason we’d been forced to go on the run. Then we’d been labeled as dissidents, a menace to society.

As if there’d been a society left. There was utter chaos. The government would never stop hunting, their ordained soldiers just as brutal as any group, only they had myriad precious weapons to protect them.

I’d been able to hide amongst a group called the laborers, worker bees forced to aid the government with rebuilding, but the cruel treatment and brutal punishment from those in charge had turned so many against our illustrious and vile leaders. The subsequent rebellion had eradicated thousands of lives, thousands of male survivors sent to prison camps, others executed for betraying their country. Women had become products, vital for continuing the race, those of childbearing years rounded up. That continued to happen on a monthly basis, soldiers and other vile creatures scouring the countryside for victims.

What I knew and what I’d seen I kept to myself. No one would ever know the horrors inflicted or the punishments doled out for the slightest infractions. Only my nightmares would ever remind me that I’d once been a part of the regime.

Some prisoners had escaped, forging a life in dilapidated towns, living among the crumbled buildings, broken sewer lines, and rats. Hiding. Others had been driven to the forests and mountains, many dying from wild animals and horrific weather conditions. The lucky few survived.

Lucky, my ass.

I was one of thousands who’d survived for several years, escaping the tyranny of a man so many of the Elite trusted with their lives. As if my life held any meaning. I’d lost everything I cared about, including my mother, father, our beautiful cabin burned to the ground as my sister and I had been forced to watch. We’d run, trying to find safety but she’d been caught, ripped away from me by a band of soldiers. I’d escaped, finding safety in an old toolshed, leaving my baby sister to fend for herself.

The guilt was crushing.

One day I would kill the bastards responsible. If my true identity was ever discovered, I’d be sold into slavery.

Or worse.

Maybe I deserved such a fate.

The second group were little more than animals, predators feasting on human flesh.

Huntsmen were terrifying, mostly discarded men forging a pack-like unity, more like mountain men who’d turned survivalists after the Great War and the frequent bloody attacks. Ex-military. Mercenaries. Convicts. They were barbaric in nature, huge in stature, and very dangerous, their bodies altered by a variant serum, turning them into little more than savage beasts.

All hungry for a taste of a female, to plant their seed.

The rumors surrounding them were that they were dumb as stumps, a horrific side effect of the gas used to keep us under control, acting on primitive instinct alone. I’d heard of hundreds of women who’d been abducted against their will, taken to whatever camps the hedonists had built to mate and breed. The beasts were mute, savage, and very sexual in nature.


I’d made a promise to myself years ago that I would never be taken alive by one of them. Fuck them.

The third group made my skin crawl. Scavengers were even worse, although they were truly slave traders. Hidden behind masks, they were said to be horribly disfigured from the gasses used, barely recognizable as humans. Their goal was to round up every laborer, flesh they could trade for food and drink, weapons and other equipment.

An extension of the government. Or so everyone believed.

The few who continued to believe in God chose to hold onto a prophecy born out of the horrific holocaust—a hero who could restore humanity, a true leader amongst thieves and murderers. I held no such belief.

My entire body ached, my legs giving way several times. The terrain was rough, getting worse the deeper I moved into the forest, the foliage so thick the canopy blocked out the sunlight. I’d gone much further than I ever had, moving in a direction that I’d been warned to stay away from.

The horses kept coming.


They were closer.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Everything in the forest shifted from the power of the massive steeds.

My mind reeled, the fear turning almost paralyzing. I dropped down, taking several deep breaths. I wasn’t going to be able to outrun them. Crawling forward, I moved behind a scrubby bush, thorns immediately digging into my skin as I fought for some level of coverage. I bit back a cry, crouching lower. My entire body shook, goosebumps floating along my arms. I’d been such a fool to think I could get away with stealing from them.

The rumble increased, the noise furrowing into my stomach. I could hear the horses snorting, the way their hooves stamped down on the ground in both fury and fear. They were coming. They were coming!

A single whinny was followed by a horrific roar, the bellow deep and masculine, brutally savage in nature.

This was nothing more than a battle cry.

Then silence.

Sweet, terrifying silence.

I sensed their presence all around me, could almost smell their stench, the notion making my skin crawl. Patience wasn’t one of my virtues and never had been, but I hesitated, waiting for one of the jerks to make a move. After at least five minutes, my legs became to cramp. God damn, the bastards were cagey.

I dared peek around the leaves, holding my breath. I could just make out the four horses, beautiful majestic creatures in various colors. Chestnut. Ebony. Ivory. Palomino. They were truly regal, their silky manes floating in the light breeze. The men were equally as impressive and all completely different. Then I locked eyes onto one of the men, by far the most mesmerizing.




For just a second in time, everything dropped into slow motion, allowing me to inhale the very thought of his roughhewn, dangerous nature. And I could swear that I’d seen him before. The thought was fleeting, albeit leaving me wet and hot all over, my skin crawling from some wicked anticipation.

Shame rushed through me from my body’s reaction, my breath skipping. Shivering, a wet pool developed between my legs, staining my already damp panties. My nipples hardened, swollen and aching. How could I react this way to a monster? A barbarian who only wanted to feast on me, capture and cage me to use for his every carnal desire? I shrank closer to the tree, biting back a moan as my pussy clenched.

My body as well as my mind betrayed me. Without thinking, I glanced again, hungry to see him. To touch him. No. No! He was my enemy and I was going to escape their clutches. Period. My people were counting on me. I couldn’t let them down.

The barbarian exhaled, lifting his head and taking a deep whiff. Dear God, had he detected my scent? An omega’s scent was more powerful than anything else to true primates, alpha warriors like the huntsmen. Then he narrowed his eyes, a slight smile curling on his mouth.

He turned the horse, slowly scanning the perimeter as he held out his hand to the others. The group of marauders seemed to obey his command, pulling on the reins of their horses. As he tilted his head, his gaze falling onto the clump of bushes, I could see his gorgeous eyes even in the waning light. They were blue like the deepest ocean, adding to the sultry look of his features. His nostrils flared seconds before he jumped off his ebony steed, huffing under his breath. Even the huntsman’s massive chest was rising and falling. The man was riddled with exasperation and I was the cause.

What a shame.

Resisting a chuckle, I licked my dry lips, trying to control my breathing. In the silence, I could hear the ripple of water. I was close to the river, the only water available for miles. For right now, I would remain in hiding.

The savage moved in a complete circle, ending a few feet from where I was, looming over my secluded spot. I was completely taken aback by his gorgeous physique. He was nothing like I’d imagined—a beast with horns and an evil-looking face. Everything about him was unexpected, including the thick bulge between his legs. I bit my lower lip, clenching my fists.

He stood well over six and a half feet tall, dark hair falling well below his shoulders, luxurious strands that I envisioned running my fingers through. His body was chiseled, the filthy clothing barely covering well-honed muscles, a broad chest, and muscular arms. Almost every inch of naked skin was inked with crude but vibrant tattoos. He was dark and dangerous and delicious and… His beard was several inches long and unruly, a mustache covering his upper lip, but none of the hair could hide his roughhewn good looks. He was magnificent in every manner.



The single reminder was all I needed to rein in my raging desires.

After taking another long stride, the barbarian stopped within two feet of where I was hiding. He stood still, taking another whiff, his actions exasperated. I heard the most intense growl erupting from his throat and I could swear he was going to reach in, grabbing me around the throat, swinging me like a ragdoll. Another snort then he turned, moving quickly back to his horse and jumping on. Issuing a single battle cry, he took off in the opposite direction, leading the others away.

For now I was safe, but for how long? How long before they came back for me, ready to use my body, devouring me?

Chapter Two



The term was disgusting, but exactly what I was supposed to be thinking about. Hungering for. Hell, no. Every inch of my skin tingled, my nipples still hard as rocks.

Shock and awe trickled down my spine. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t discovered me. Maybe some form of sick luck was on my side. I held my breath for a full minute before daring to crawl out from behind the bushes, glancing back and forth for any sign of them. The huntsmen had disappeared, maybe crawling back to the hole they’d squirmed out of. Hoisting my items, I took slow and deliberate steps toward the river, my plan still in motion. There was no telling how many of them remained scouring the woods.


If I could make it downstream at least a half mile, I could backtrack through the less dangerous section of the forest until I reached our little city.

I crept forward, stepping over fallen twigs and limbs until I was able to see the water. A rush of emotions swelled within, an elation I hadn’t experienced in one hell of a long time. There were few joys living in terrible conditions, a dilapidated village mourning losses every day. Mesmerized by the water, I continued to take cautious steps.

“Ompf!” The second I tripped, my possessions flew out of my hands and I landed with a hard thud on the rocky ground. Pain tore through me, blinding and breath-stealing. And suddenly I was no longer alone. A presence. No, not just one. Several. I was surrounded. They’d known where I was all along, lying in wait. I threw a look over my shoulder. The assholes were cunning, leaving their horses elsewhere in order to sneak up on me. Maybe they had some level of intelligence after all.

A whimper left my mouth before I could cease the sound, agony drifting into every muscle. I stumbled forward, clawing toward the river’s edge, snagging my bags along the way. I only had a few feet to go. I could do this. I could make it. A surge of energy swept into every muscle and I bolted, making it a solid ten feet before huge hands wrapped around my arms, jerking me back. The force toppled us both to the ground.

“No!” Using every ounce of strength, I flailed against my attacker, twisting my body in an effort to free myself.

He was too strong.

The scent of him was all male, testosterone mixed with the dampness of the forest.

“Let me go, you fucker! I’ll kill you.” I struggled to reach my knife, managing to wrap my hand around the handle.

The brute rolled me over, hunkering down and peering at me, those same damn blue eyes twinkling in the filtered sun. He was amused. The bastard. I swung the knife, nicking him right across his chin, taking a hunk of his beard in the process.

The stunned look on his face was my reward.

“Get away from me!” My cry seemed to bring an additional round of amusement.

After rubbing the tip of his index finger across the single prick of blood, he blew hot air all over me as he shoved me down, shaking his head. The asshole actually thought he was going to control me? Not a chance.

I gave him a sweet smile, breaking his concentration. Big mistake. He loosened his hold, allowing me to kick out, catching him smack in the face. The force and angle were just enough to create some momentum. He tumbled backward, roaring as he hit the ground.

The others seemed surprised, unable to act quickly. Meanwhile, I scrambled to my feet, taking tumbled steps forward, falling face first into the water. The frigid temperature was shocking, oozing into every pore and muscle, constricting movement of any kind.

Laughter. At least two of the bastards were laughing at me! How dare they! I let out my own roar, struggling to move in any direction. This time hands wrapped around my waist, yanking me into the air.

The bastard shook me several times. I didn’t need words to know what he was doing. Insisting I stop all movement. Well, fuck the brutal jerk. I kicked against his shins several times, slapping at him even from my awkward position.


I was dunked under the water, my air supply immediately cut off. The fear was as biting as the cold, claustrophobia wrapping around me like a strangling noose. There was no escape from the beast. He was far too strong. My only choice?

Play dead.

After a few additional seconds I went limp, allowing my limbs to float freely. I had no idea what to expect, whether the beast would even care. I was petrified, paralyzing terror shifting into every muscle. Controlling my raw emotions was the single thing that might keep me alive.

A quick jerk and I was brought to the surface, the beast dragging me toward the slender shoreline. I was surprised at this almost gentle nature, carefully laying me on a patch of grass when he could have dumped me on either the craggy rocks or the puddle of mud. I kept my eyelids almost totally closed, open just enough to allow me to catch a glimpse of his concerned face.

And those sexy blue eyes as he peered down.

In an almost frantic move he brushed hair out of my face, issuing several guttural sounds in obvious exasperation. He tapped my cheek not once but twice then threw a look over his shoulder, his movements rapid, the savage sound continuing.

What he hadn’t realized was that my hand was still firmly planted around the knife. He’d made another mistake, one he wouldn’t soon forget. I took aim, fighting to make my frigid muscles obey. While I attempted to target his heart, the piece of shit blade barely made a dent in his massive thigh, the thick muscle thwarting no more than a basic blow to his ego.

As he dropped away, thudding hard against the mud, the others in his pack burst into laughter, their boisterous sounds obviously pissing him off.

At least my sudden strike allowed me one more advantage. I knew this would be my last. My energy was sapped but I refused to give into a monster of any type. There wasn’t a muscle in my body that wasn’t screaming as I clawed my way into a standing position. No time to rest on my laurels. I shot off into the trees, no longer feeling the tree limbs as they bit into my skin or the numbness in my feet. I wasn’t worried about the supplies I’d lost because I would find more.

I had my life and it was worth living. Damn them all to hell. I mattered.

I envisioned them lumbering after me, which further fueled the fire burning from deep within. As I weaved in and out, going faster and faster, images of wild beasts bored into my mind, my vivid imagination almost getting the better of me. I continued on, losing traction as my endurance began to wane. A hint of despair attempted to take over, self-doubt causing a wave of nausea.

Until I stumbled on the bank of horses grazing comfortably on a luscious patch of grass. Stopping short, I wiped my mouth, trying to catch my breath before making a split second decision. I fought a dark and nasty laugh as I approached the big black steed, brushing my fingers down the side of his face. “Hiya, boy. You’re gorgeous.” Thank God. Thank fucking God.

He whinnied, glaring at me with his luscious chocolate brown eyes. There was no fear in them, no worry of what I was about to do. Memories of a happier time floated into my mind, being allowed to share in the joys of being around majestic animals of several breeds long before so many had been forced into extinction. I continued petting, remaining cognizant of every sound around me. He seemed to sense I meant him no harm.

The crackling sound of twigs, the rumble of the earth behind me dragged me back into reality.

“Just you and me, boy.” Grabbing his reins, I shimmied onto the horse, immediately lowering down and rubbing my hand across his mane. “Let’s go. Take me to safety.”

There were no additional words needed, the massive horse taking off, darting in and out of the trees. I hunkered low, enjoying the power of his thunderous moves. For a few seconds, I was free.

Free of the tyranny that had become my world.

Free of the indignity of the wretched conditions.

And free of the mental tethering that had kept me in chains, nightmares haunting my every sleep.

They were precious moments, just a girl and her horse.

Sadly, I’d underestimated the huntsman and his prowess. Within seconds, he’d taken another horse, now matching my stride, his long hair flowing in the wind. He made no attempt to stop me, merely rode side by side, his pace exactly the same as mine. As the forest became denser, the terrain rougher, my instinct kicked in.

The bastard was boxing me in.

With a single snap of his hand, he grabbed my horse’s reins, forcing the majestic steed to slow. While I jumped off as we were still moving, I knew within two seconds I’d met my match.

And there was no way the brute was going to allow me to get away again.

He fisted my hair, dragging me against his chest, grumbling under his breath as he ripped the knife out of my hand.

“What now, you jerk? What are you going to do? Punish me?” I laughed, still fighting. Still trying to get out of his grasp. I pummeled his rock-hard chest, hissing as he pinned me against a dense oak tree.

A snarl curled on his lip as he lowered his head, his jaw clenched. He held the tip of my own blade just under my chin, twisting the sharp knife back and forth. I glared at him defiantly. He would never be allowed to see me sweat. The sensation of his throbbing cock pulsing against my skin gave me a series of shivers, electricity shooting through every cell and muscle. As the scent of him filled my nostrils; so rich in testosterone, so magnificent in exotic spices, my body betrayed me once again.

I was wet, my pussy tingling and my fantasies turning carnal, longing for him to plant his mouth over mine. Swallowing, I took several deep breaths, daring him with my eyes. He slid the same heated gaze down in a provocative manner as he folded the blade, shoving the knife into his pocket.

Then he hovered, his lips dangerously close to mine. His succulent lips. My breasts were crushed against his pecs, my hands involuntarily stroking as if we were lovers. In his eyes I could see burning desire, raw and biting as if he’d longed for the touch of a woman.

This wasn’t natural, merely a product of altered genetics.

No. No! I couldn’t want this. I refused to succumb. No man would ever have control of me.

Rallying back, I clawed at his face, managing to scratch a solid four inches before he caught my hand, snapping it back against the bark. “Get away!”

The expression on his face turned cold, savage, the growl he emitted chilling me to the bone. He closed his eyes briefly. With my hand still firmly planted in his, he yanked me away from the tree, plopping down on a fallen log. I could swear he was cursing under his breath, the furrow in his brow increasing.

I heard the others, the thudding sounds of hooves creating another wave of reverberation against the earth. Soon I would be surrounded once again.

He wasted no time tugging at my pants, finding the button and zipper.

Horrified, I struggled to get away, flailing like some big, dumb kid. “What are you doing?” As if he was going to answer me.

The huntsman merely gave me an admonishing look, chastising in every manner as he fought to jerk down my pants.

“No. No! Don’t you dare! Please. I mean…” Pleading wasn’t going to do any good. I’d lost whatever advantage I believed I had, forfeiting any concept of surprise. My ridiculous slaps against his face barely registered, other than to bring about another round of barbaric growls.

When he managed to jerk down my pants, his eyes fell to my panties, his chest heaving before he wrapped his finger around the thin material. One solid jerk around the elastic and my sex was on display, further fueling my utter humiliation.

He brought the thin cloth to his mouth and nose, taking a deep whiff before shoving them into the waistband of his pants.

“What are you going to do?” I whispered the question, my entire mind and body shaken from the experience.

He gave me one last hard look before yanking me over his lap. I wasn’t prepared for the solid and very painful smacks across my naked ass. No man had ever dared to punish me in any fashion because they’d known what my retaliation would have been.

Heat rose to my face immediately, the shame and guilt of the experience forcing a moan.

“Stop. Stop or I’ll fucking kill you!” But it seemed no amount of my exclamations was going to prevent me from receiving harsh punishment. Then my anger kicked in, the kind of blinding rage that had kept me alive. He would pay for embarrassing me.

He peppered my bottom, one solid smack after another.

The pain blossomed, blooming like an overexposed flower, jetting into my legs. Suddenly, the anguish was blinding as he moved methodically back and forth, his huge hand covering a good portion of both ass cheeks. I was shocked at the tingling sensations, my pussy quivering.

Shame rocketed into every sense of my being and I tried in vain to fight him once again, tossing back my arm and kicking out.

He was having none of it.

The brute wrapped his leg around mine, firmly keeping me in place as he grabbed my wrist and all without missing a beat.

Mortified, I moaned, the force of his discipline sliding me back and forth across his lap.

Across his throbbing cock.

I was so humiliated knowing the others were watching, no doubt laughing at the poor little piece of trash they’d captured trying to steal from them. I had to pretend that I was actually sorry for what I’d done.

“I’m sorry. Okay? Truly sorry for stealing from you.” And smacking you and cutting you and… My God. I was trying to talk to some creature. There was no way he could understand or care.

No amount of whining stopped the horrific discipline, the spanking continuing as if I was nothing but a bad little girl, a thief and a threat.

Fuck them. Fuck him.

At some point exhaustion flowed through my muscles, forcing me to stop fighting. I was ashamed at my body’s reaction, the way my nipples continued to ache from the thought of kissing him alone. I was one stupid and sick girl. No one could or should desire a filthy beast like the one keeping me his prisoner. The heat shifting across my bottom was increasing, leaving me panting as tears formed in my eyes.

Oh, hell, no.

This fucker wasn’t ever going to see me cry.

As if satisfied I’d realized my behavior was unacceptable, he stopped, but his hand caressed my bottom, moving gently back and forth. His breathing was still ragged, the gentleness of his actions lulling me to a quiet place.

I heard a muffled sound, another garbled groan from one of the other huntsmen. In response, the brute tipped his head back, roaring like the savage beast he truly was. Something changed within him, his body tensing, his breathing strangled.

One of the others made a second sound and I knew by the cracking of twigs that they were moving closer. I was ceremoniously dumped onto the ground, damp earth sliding between my fingers. The second I tried to scamper away, he yanked me back by my hair before hunkering down behind me.

That’s when I knew.

He was going to fuck me.

Everything in my body was absolutely paralyzed, bubbles floating from my lips as I attempted to scream. As if anyone would hear me or care. I could hear him ripping at his own clothes, the still exasperated grumbles under his breath.

The barbarian kept one hand firmly planted around my hair and when he leaned over, the weight of his body was all encompassing. Chest muscles crushed against my back. Heated breath cascading over my neck. His fingers crawling around my thigh, sliding between my legs.

“Oh!” Tensing, I clawed the ground, squeezing mud between my fingers. I shuddered, closing my eyes and pretending this wasn’t happening.

Rearing back, he stroked the insides of my thighs, the rough pads of his fingers driving a series of electric jolts crashing into every cell and muscle. All time seemed to stop as he swiveled his hips back and forth, his throbbing cock brushing against my heated bottom. The electricity passing between us was extreme and there was no way to hide my body’s reactions or the moan pushing past my lips.

After chuckling in a dark and dangerous manner, he teased my pussy, lightly fingering my clit before rolling his thumb around in endless circles.

Oh, God. Oh, God. The pleasure was immediate, my nipples so aroused, hard peaks longing to be plucked and twisted. Juice slickened my inner thighs, the scent wafting between us. I slapped my hand against the earth, panting like a crazed animal. This wasn’t me. This was shameful, wretched. I was sick to my stomach even as my pussy muscles clamped then relaxed several times.

I was no omega. I was no breeder. I was no…

Nothing seemed to matter.

I summoned my willpower, the strength of the fighter I’d been all my life and struggled to get out of his grasp. With every two inches gained, he jerked me back four until his frustration became overbearing and another volley of harsh smacks riddled against my backside. I slumped down, gasping for air, tingling in all the wrong places.

He yanked my hair, forcing me onto all fours, ready for his hungry assault. Just the way he issued a low-slung growl was so dirty, possessive. The brute slid his fingers along the crack of my ass, smacking me again when I dared to tense. As he wiggled two fingers in between my ass cheeks, finding my dark hole, I bit back another scream. He couldn’t do this. No fucking way.

Another chuckle was followed by his hand shifting, cupping my mound and wiggling. The friction was indescribable, leaving my legs quivering, blood pumping through my veins.

“Please…” I wasn’t entirely certainly if I was begging him to leave me alone or to keep going. I was hot and wet all over, the clamminess of my skin a reaction to the intense pleasure. My mind floated, my body weak with desire. No matter how hard I tried to fight the effects of his utter seduction, my body refused to obey.

His actions became more aggressive, one then two fingers dipping inside, pushing past my already swollen folds. He reacted to my extreme wetness, every heated breath husky, dripping with increasing lust. He pumped his fingers deep inside, three becoming four.

My whimpers and moans fueled him, igniting the air between us. We were on fire, every nerve frazzled as I bucked my hips. “Mmm…” A haze formed in front of my eyes, my rational mind smashed to bits as pure adrenaline took over, a raging desire leaving me unable to focus. He was driving me to the point of madness. I was going to climax. Some horrible brute had achieved a sick goal. I was utterly humiliated, tears forming in my eyes.

Just as I was on the brink of a raw and powerful orgasm, he yanked his fingers away, still grumbling, still growling. When I realized his fingers had been replaced with the tip of his cock, I bristled, opening my mouth and experiencing a silent scream.

The barbarian wasn’t gentle as he thrust the entire length of his huge cock all the way inside. My pussy muscles ached instantly, constricting around the invasion like a tight vise. “Fuck. Fuck…”

He shuddered behind me, his massive body shaking as he dug his fingers into my hips. He let go of my hair, planting his hands on either side of my shoulders, taking even more control as he plunged in a savage manner. The force continued to build, pushing my face dangerously close to the muddy surface. All I could think about was two animals mating, wallowing in filth and dirt, their hunger far too intense to stop for any reason.

The pleasure was incredible, dragging me kicking and screaming into a pivotal moment of rapture. Stars floated in front of my eyes, my mind unable to wrap around what was happening.





His beastlike sounds intensified until he was howling at the sky, thrusting harder and faster, the slapping sound of our skin pressing together like some crazy piece of music.

“Uh. Uh. Uh.” My own husky sounds reeked of submission.

I could swear the earth rumbled as he pounded into me.

Then he pulled out, easing his big, thick cock past my bruised ass, pressing into my dark hole.

Oh. My. God.

I couldn’t believe this was happening.

But he wanted every inch of me.

As he pushed his shaft into my puckered hole, I froze. Pain tore through me as he spread me wide open, pushing past the tight ring of muscle. Then a dazzling series of sensations shifted along the insides of my legs, pooling between them before rocketing up along my arms. I was shocked at how full I felt, how my muscles strained to accept the brutal penetration.

Sucking him in.

My body hungered for more, longing to be filled and fucked. I fell into a lull as he fucked me, slamming his cock in and out, tossing his head back and forth. Beads of sweat trickled down, landing on my back and with every drop, I blinked.

I could sense his body tensing, heard the change in his breathing and I did the unthinkable.

I squeezed.

As he issued another keening roar, I knew what he’d done.

He’d marked me as his.

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