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Financial Discipline by Carole Archer – Sample

Financial Discipline by Carole Archer (Post 200x300)Chapter One

“Have you ever been spanked Lindsay?”

“What?” Lindsay Jeffries stared at her boss. Her eyes widened. “What?” she repeated, hoping she’d misheard him.

Peter Simons, editor of the Eastfield Echo newspaper, smiled warmly at the 34-year-old reporter standing in front of him with her cheeks flushed.

His eyes twinkled with amusement. “It’s a simple enough question. Have you ever been spanked?”

Lindsay continued to stare at him.

He smirked as she shuffled uncomfortably. “Has either of your parents, a teacher, maybe even a boyfriend, ever had cause to take you across their knee and spank your bottom, for bad behavior perhaps?”

“No,” she snapped, outraged that her boss would ask her such a question.

Peter smiled. “Thank you. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Lindsay shook her head slowly. “No, I haven’t ever been… what you asked.” She blushed, stammering over her words. “What the hell business is it of yours anyway?” she demanded.

Peter laughed. “Lindsay, calm down. With that fiery temper I’m amazed no-one’s ever taken you across their knee and given your bottom a good walloping. I’m sorely tempted to do it myself, so mind your manners unless you want to find yourself kicking and crying across my lap as I light a fire on your behind.”

Lindsay’s eyes widened again. “If I’ve done something wrong you can talk to me about it, but you’re certainly not going to… beat me.” Lindsay glared daggers at her boss. Who the hell did he think he was, threatening her with something so demeaning?

Shaking his head, Peter smiled sympathetically. “Lindsay, sit down please. Let’s try again. I’m sorry I’ve embarrassed you. You haven’t done anything wrong. I don’t intend to spank you. I certainly have no intention of beating you! Please sit down and I’ll tell you why I’ve called you in.”

Lindsay glared at him. She was furious. How dare he humiliate her like this? She walked around his desk and stood toe to toe with him. Peter smiled and put his hands gently on her arms. She knew he was trying to calm her down but his actions made her angrier and she aggressively shoved him away.

Before she had time to comprehend what was happening, his fingers were gripping her arm tightly and she was pushed face down across his desk. She kicked and struggled but he held her firmly with one hand on her back. She continued to struggle but eventually gave up when she realized she couldn’t break free. She guessed he was bluffing, trying to get her attention and make her listen to him. Well he certainly had her undivided attention now as she was bent humiliatingly across his desk.

Looking over her shoulder, Lindsay gasped loudly as she saw Peter raise his hand in the air. She screwed her eyes tightly shut and tensed her body. She couldn’t believe he was actually going to hit her. His palm cracked down on her bottom and she squealed in shock. She was shocked by how much it hurt and she kicked her legs in response to the pain. She howled in pain as he landed a second smack, equally as hard, on her right cheek. Reaching back with both hands, she rubbed desperately at her bottom as she whimpered pathetically. The force of the smacks had temporarily stunned her into silence.

“Lindsay, are you going to sit down and talk to me or do I need to take you across my knee and give you a proper spanking?” Peter inquired.

Lindsay’s cheeks flushed. She couldn’t believe he’d smacked her bottom and was distraught by how much it stung. She rubbed desperately at her buttocks but the itchy sting didn’t seem to ease at all. She certainly didn’t want any more and she most definitely did not want to find herself across his lap. That would be even more humiliating. Lindsay sensibly became compliant with his demands and whispered quietly. “I’m sorry. I’ll behave. Please don’t do that again.”

She was relieved when her boss helped her up and wrapped his arms around her. It meant she didn’t need to look at him. She couldn’t believe how embarrassed she was. She clung to him and fought back tears. She was really shocked at his behavior and questioned whether it was appropriate, but she was the first to admit she had a temper and willed herself to calm down and hear him out. He obviously had something important to say and her behavior had clearly angered him.

When he guided her to a chair and forced her to sit down, she squirmed on the seat. Her bottom still stung and she couldn’t stop thinking about what he’d just done to her, even though she desperately wanted to blank it out of her memory and forget it ever happened. The sting in her bottom didn’t make that possible at the present time.

Lindsay eyed her boss suspiciously as he sat opposite her. She ran her fingers through her long red hair and breathed slowly as she tried to push what had just happened out of her mind. Her cheeks flushed red and she looked down at the desk.

Lindsay was very curious to know what her boss wanted and why he’d started with such a ridiculous question. She regretted that he’d followed up the question with an effective demonstration. She was still stunned by how much her bottom stung and also the instant calming effect the sharp smacks had on her behavior.

Peter smiled as she looked up. “Now that you’re calm I’ll explain. I’m sorry I had to do that Lindsay, but you gave me little choice. That’s one fiery temper you’ve got.”

Lindsay sighed. “I’m sorry.” She was still slightly irritated that he’d slapped her bottom, but she also felt guilty that he’d believed it was necessary.

Peter shook his head. “No worries, but you might want to calm that temper down if you seriously want to be considered for the senior reporter’s position. You know Malcolm’s planning to retire in about a year and I’d love for you to be in the running for the position. I think you’d be an excellent replacement, once you have a little more experience.”

Lindsay smiled now. She was sad that Malcolm was leaving as he was a close friend as well as a very well respected colleague, but the chance to step into the job of her dreams meant everything to her. Knowing that her editor was considering her for the vacancy instantly lifted her mood. She might have considered going to HR and complaining about Peter’s behavior, but now she was willing to do almost anything to please him and gain that longed for promotion. She immediately pushed her thankfully brief but still painful and humiliating spanking to the back of her mind.

“Let’s get back to my reason for calling you in this morning. I received a phone call last week from a Mrs. Jones, who was very concerned about her 25-year-old daughter Emma. She’s been seeing a financial advisor for help with her debts and according to her mother he took Emma across his knee and spanked her bottom hard for not following the budget he’d set her.”

Lindsay raised her eyebrows and squirmed in her seat, feeling immediate sympathy for Emma. “So why don’t they go to the police? Surely they could have him arrested for assault?”

Peter shook his head. “Emma refuses to back up her mother’s story. She says it’s all lies.”

Lindsay frowned. “So how do we know the mother’s telling the truth and isn’t making up stories about this guy?”

Peter nodded. “That’s a possibility, which is why I want to send a reporter in, and see how his operation works.”

Lindsay nodded. She could understand why the girl didn’t want to talk to the police. She certainly wouldn’t be too keen to tell anyone what her boss had just done to her. Even if she had approached HR to complain about him, she felt pretty certain that she would have backed out from complaining simply because it would be too embarrassing to admit to someone else what had actually happened to her.

“Mrs. Jones said her daughter was very distressed on returning home from an appointment with her advisor. She’d had to quiz her for some time until eventually Emma sobbed and lowered her panties to show her mother her very red bottom. She said he’d spanked her because she’d overspent.”

Lindsay’s eyes widened. She guessed her own bottom was a bit marked from the two hard smacks she’d just received, but wondered how much of a spanking Emma had taken to be in that state. She briefly pondered if she could take such a spanking herself and wondered how long the evidence of her own short spanking would remain. She was absolutely certainly that if she lowered her own panties, there would be a very red handprint emblazoned on each buttock. She squirmed as she wished the sting would ease.

“So why didn’t she talk to the police?” Lindsay asked.

“Emma told her mother that George had only spanked her for her own good. He hoped she’d learn a valuable lesson and insisted on her agreement before doing it. She actually defended him to her mother and said she’d deny it ever happened if the police or anyone else asked questions. She believed she deserved it, she was only distressed because it hurt so much and she could get no relief from the incessant stinging.”

Lindsay sighed. She could understand the girl’s reasoning. Despite the sting in her own bottom, she felt guilty for making it necessary for Peter to have to do that to her. She knew she’d deserved it and she was surprised to acknowledge to herself that she would definitely speak up in his defense if it was necessary.

Peter continued. “Her mother did call the police, but Emma told them George West is a good man and has been nothing less than professional in helping her clear her debts and learn how to manage her finances sensibly.”

“So who is this George West? Do we know anything about him?” asked Lindsay, now very interested in the story that could give her promotion hopes a very helpful shove in the right direction.

Peter nodded. “I’ve done a little research. He worked as an accountant and was very popular. He invested his money wisely. He’s 55 years old, took early retirement three years ago and set up his own debt management company. It’s a legitimate business and he seems to have helped many of those who’ve gone to him for help.”

Lindsay listened intently as her boss continued. “As his clients tend to be women in their 20s and 30s with very poor credit ratings, I decided to see which of my staff would be best suited to this assignment. You come out well on top.”

Lindsay scowled. She was once again outraged and glared at her boss as she addressed him. “I find it really offensive that you looked into my finances. You had no business doing that.”

Peter held up a hand to silence her and allow him to continue. “Lindsay, you’re without doubt the best person for the job and if you get me a good story, I can guarantee you will be on the shortlist for the senior reporter’s job. I thought that’s what you wanted.”

Lindsay’s eyes filled with tears. “You know that’s what I want and I’ll do whatever it takes to get it, but are you absolutely certain I have the worst credit rating?” Lindsay was surprised that she actually felt more embarrassed that Peter knew the level of her debt problems than she felt about him spanking her bottom.

Peter reached across the table and squeezed Lindsay’s hand. “Sorry, but I looked into the financial background of all of my staff and I have to say your credit rating is appalling. You’re by far the worst, which makes you the best candidate for the job.”

Lindsay sat quietly, swallowing hard, trying to stop the tears that threatened to come flooding out. She’d struggled with debt for years and seemed to find herself getting deeper and deeper by the day. She’d tried consolidation loans, but seemed to suffer from some kind of compulsive spending disorder. No matter how hard she tried to budget, she always caved in. Maybe a sound spanking from George West, along with a bit of helpful advice, might be just what she needed. She cringed at the thought of a stranger spanking her, but she was so desperate she’d try almost anything.

She hoped the higher salary of senior reporter would help with her finances, if she was lucky enough to get the job, but that was a long way off and at present she was struggling to keep her head above water. She guessed talking to George might actually give her some useful ideas if nothing else. If there was no story to be had, he might just prove to be her salvation.

Lindsay blinked back tears as she looked up at her boss. She was reluctant to admit to him that she was having real financial problems. “Yes I’ve got a bit of debt, hasn’t everyone? That doesn’t mean I’m going to let some stranger delve around in my finances and spank me if he feels so inclined.”

“I’ve made you an appointment at 9 AM tomorrow.” Peter handed her a card with George’s details on. “Make sure you’re there. He’ll expect you to take proof of all your debts so I suggest you go home and sort out your most recent bills. You’ll also need a list of household expenses so he can agree a weekly budget with you.”

“What if he threatens to spank me? Isn’t that enough?”

Peter shook his head. “I’m sorry Lindsay. Threatening to smack someone’s bottom is not a crime.”

Lindsay squirmed in her seat, her bottom still stinging slightly. “No, I don’t want to do it.”

“Lindsay, come here.” Peter’s voice was stern as he held out his hand towards her. She swallowed hard and quickly brushed her tears away before taking his hand and allowing him to pull her towards him.

“Lindsay, I’m not going to lie to you. A spanking is a punishment and is designed to hurt. I’ve given a fair number myself and the recipient has never been happy while kicking and crying across my knees as my hand cracks down on their bottom. I always make sure they understand why they’re being spanked. They might be sore for a little while, but they learn from it. You might even benefit from George’s help, if indeed Mrs. Jones’ allegations turn out to be unfounded.”

Lindsay shook her head.

Peter tightened his grip on her hand. “Lindsay, you can argue until you’re blue in the face – and red in the bottom if necessary – but you are going to do this assignment. You’re not the reporter I thought if you don’t, but maybe I have got you wrong and you’re simply not as committed to the job as I thought. That’s a shame because I had high hopes for you.”

Lindsay’s emotions were in turmoil. No way was Peter going to spank her, though it was obvious that was his intention. She’d scream the office down if he tried. She blushed as she recalled his comment about reddening her bottom, thinking how humiliating it would be for her boss to turn her across his knee and do that, but the thought of a stranger doing it was somehow worse. A couple of smacks over her boss’ desk had been bad enough. Now he wanted her to submit to a spanking from a stranger. She was horrified at the thought.

His comments about her not being committed to her job hurt deeply and tears stung her eyes. She felt the need to defend herself. “I am committed to my job. You’re wrong when you say I’m not.”

“Then go ahead and prove it to me,” Peter said softly, reaching up to wipe away her tears. “Show me how good you are.”

Lindsay sighed deeply. It seemed she couldn’t win this argument and no way was she going to risk Peter taking her across his knee and spanking her. “OK, I’ll do it,” she announced.

“Good girl,” Peter smiled, “but I need to forewarn you that George will certainly spank you on the bare bottom,” he added, causing Lindsay’s blush to deepen. “You just need to keep reminding yourself why you’re there and how much you want that promotion. That should be enough to get you through it. Take your Dictaphone and switch it on before you go in so we’ve got recorded evidence of what he does to you.”

Lindsay nodded and swallowed nervously, trying not to think about anything other than the possible promotion agreeing to this may bring. She didn’t want to think about who might listen to that tape and hear her humiliation. She hoped she could be brave and wouldn’t make too much fuss, though given her reaction to two smacks over her clothing, she couldn’t imagine she’d be able to keep quiet during a bare bottom spanking.

Peter smiled reassuringly at her. “Let’s sit down and we’ll run through the details. We don’t want you getting into trouble and getting your bottom spanked for not taking everything with you that you need,” Peter teased.

Lindsay blushed as she eased herself into the seat opposite her boss. She wasn’t at all comfortable with his constant reminders that she was more than likely going to be spanked by George. She found it hard to concentrate as her entire mind seemed focused on her impending spanking from George West, but she needed to concentrate on what Peter was saying to ensure she was in no doubt what was expected of her tomorrow. She couldn’t believe one person’s hand could cause her so much pain and she squirmed against the slight sting she could still feel after two spanks from her boss. She tried desperately to push the images out of her mind how she would react to and feel after a painful bare bottom spanking across a stranger’s knee.

She was unable to look at her boss for the rest of their meeting. She was too embarrassed. As she got up to leave he turned her to face him. “I’m sorry I had to give you a couple of warning smacks but that’s in the past. I don’t think any less of you and hope you understand why I felt it was necessary.” Lindsay nodded. She wasn’t happy about it, but she did understand that she had partly brought it on herself.

“Just be grateful that I didn’t turn you across my knee,” Peter smiled.

Lindsay held her breath. She still felt his actions had been over the top and unprofessional and she was still tempted to put a complaint in about him to HR, but she knew she needed to focus on the positives and the thought of one day getting her dream job of senior reporter surely outweighed a little bit of short term discomfort.

“I suggest you go home now and get all your papers together for your meeting with George in the morning,” said Peter, standing up and walking across the room to his door.

Lindsay got up and followed him, stepping through the open door. “Thank you. I’ll go and sort my paperwork and I’ll be at George’s first thing in the morning. I’m sorry I was a little difficult.” Lindsay shuffled around and looked at the floor as she once more recalled being face down across his desk and remembered all too vividly the sharp crack of his hand on each buttock and the immediate sting. “I appreciate this opportunity,” she added as she quickly left the room before her boss had chance to respond.

Lindsay blushed crimson as Peter’s secretary Sara smiled sympathetically at her as she passed her desk. Lindsay hoped she hadn’t heard the spanks that Peter had given her.

Lindsay hurriedly left the office and when she arrived home half an hour later she went straight to the bedroom and removed her skirt before lowering her panties and turning her back to the mirror. She was amazed to find there was no evidence that Peter had spanked her. Her bottom wasn’t even pink. She’d half expected to find two bright red handprints imprinted on her buttocks.

Lindsay went to her bedside drawer and gathered together her latest bills, mostly unpaid. She was so terrified to face the reality of her mounting debt problem that she’d recently started to ignore her bills and stuff them into a drawer, figuring that out of sight meant out of mind.

She sighed as she realized a debt management plan might just give her the chance to put her finances in order. Now Lindsay was torn between wanting George to help her while at the same time she desperately wanted to bring him down and get the big story that would give her a step up in her career. With more money, surely she’d be able to sort her finances without George or anyone else’s help.

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