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Frantic: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields – Sample

Chapter One

There was nothing I could do. I was a prisoner.

I heard the whispers of the men and woman who held me captive. Murmurs of punishment and retribution for my sins that got louder and louder as we approached the city walls. I’d been convicted and sentenced without even being given a chance to defend myself. The Central Gathering and the city of Tharia had dictated that I needed to be publicly disciplined for what I had done.

A representative had injected me with the suppressant drug, keeping my primal urges at bay for the time being, but there were only so many doses that I would be allowed. Eventually, the entire city would be able to witness what I really was. They’d all know my shameful secret.

Eventually, the drugs were going to wear off and my punishment would really begin.

I gritted my teeth as the wheeled carriage bounced on a rock, bringing me closer and closer to Tharia and the reckoning I had coming. We’d been traveling for days and were due to arrive very soon.

I pressed the back of my head to the wall behind me. I was bound to the seat by the window, my wrists tied to the handrails and my ankles secured to the floor. I had tried to wriggle out of my bonds for days, but it was no use. The ropes were too strong. It was useless to resist. No matter what I did, I was going to be taken back to the walls where I’d be punished, in full view of those who lived in the city. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath in and out and that’s when I noticed that the carriage had rattled to a halt. Opening my eyes, I saw the greens of the wilds coming to an end and the city walls of Tharia rose up, not far in the distance.

We had arrived.

Fuck. Me.

I heard people bustling outside, members of the Central Gathering who had accompanied me on the journey through the forests back to the city. To be honest, I should be thankful to have been returned. I could still be out there, being rutted by every alpha who came my way just because of my genetic background.

I was an omega. Bound to the primal, sexual urges that raced through my veins. Fated to be pushed down on my back and bred by an alpha. Instincts that were written deep into our genetic code. Unavoidable unless suppressed by powerful drugs.

I shivered, imagining what was to come.

It had been quite a bit of time since I had my last dose of suppressant. Yesterday afternoon in fact. Licking my lips, I did the calculations in my head, knowing that the drug should stay stable within my system for twenty-four hours. I had just a few hours of my sanity left. When the drug was broken down in my body, it would stop working and allow the feral instincts of the omega within me free. I would go into heat. I’d beg to be fucked by an alpha. I’d plead to be used. I’d spread my legs, no matter how shameful it may be.

I rolled my upper lip in anger. This shouldn’t be happening to me.

Really, the whole thing pissed me off. I hadn’t even been given a chance to defend myself. I didn’t regret what I had done. My only twinge of remorse had been that I hadn’t won Alix’s affections and he’d chosen Raven over me instead.

I’d wanted revenge. She’d stolen my promised promotion and I’d planned to ruin her. She was an omega too and I’d done everything that I could to expose her hidden secret, only it had seemingly revealed mine too. Her alphas had known what I was, had sensed that I was an omega too, and they’d thwarted my plans.

Now I was being punished for it.

The door to the carriage opened and a man clad in mostly black climbed inside. He was much bigger than me. I gritted my teeth, arching back into the seat and trying to fight him, but it didn’t matter. He was too big. Too strong. He untied my wrists from the chair first, before binding them together. Next, he freed my ankles. Tossing me over his shoulder as though I was a simple bag of flour, he carried me from the carriage and took me outside once more.

I lifted my head, taking in my surroundings. The lush green forest met my eyes first and I took in a quick breath at its beauty, but the comfort it brought me only lasted a moment. The man carrying me walked toward a wide, grass-covered clearing, where a thick wooden pole stood atop a wooden stage. There was nothing on the stage except for that pole and what appeared to be shackles.


I gulped hard and started struggling against him, using my legs and elbows to kick and punch him, whatever I could do to escape. I wriggled hard and pinched him with my fingers, using everything in my power to try to get away from him but it was as though he was a cement wall. Eventually, I paused as he approached the wooden stage and climbed up the six stairs to the top. An additional three men climbed the stage with him, and he finally put me down.

With a deep terrified breath, I tried to run, but the men were too fast. All of them trained betas meant to deal with errant omegas like me. They made quick work of my clothing, stripping layer after layer from my body in a clinical fashion. The cloth bit and pinched at my skin, but that didn’t stop them. They held my arms, others grabbed my legs, pinning me as they disrobed me. In no time at all, I was entirely naked. I tried to cover myself, but it was useless as they took me and pressed my back to the pole. Rope wound around my body, lifting and cupping my breasts in a lewd fashion. My arms were bound over my head in an effort to keep me from touching myself. My legs were spread and bound by the ankles to hooks in the floor, leaving me bare and vulnerable to whomever found it amusing to watch what was to come.

Thoroughly imprisoned, I tried to wriggle in my bonds, but they had no give. I was trapped. The men descended the stairs and left the stage, returning to the carriage and leaving me behind. Other men were stationed by the wall to observe my sentence and ensure that I didn’t get away. They’d probably be the ones to ensure that I was taken back into the city after it was all over.

I hiccupped with anxiety and fear. I was doomed.

The sun was high overhead, warm on my pale skin. My long red hair shone in the light, whipping around my face with the gentle breeze that meandered through the clearing. The wilds were quiet, the only gentle sounds ones of birds and bugs chirping off in the distance.

It was peaceful for now, but I knew that wouldn’t last long.

The weight of my punishment finally hit me then. I was going to go into heat very soon and everyone in the city would be able to witness my shame. It wouldn’t surprise me if the whole ordeal were recorded and showcased to the city as a warning. Everyone would be able to observe and judge my shame as I was punished for what I had done.

What was my crime?


Raven had been another omega who’d taken everything from me. My job. The man I adored. The prestige of working for Genwell and discovering the more permanent suppression drug meant to keep our genetic urges at bay. I’d only found out about her status by hacking the anonymous census data and used it against her, destroying her mission out into the wilds and forcing her to come to terms with the omega inside her. I had shown the entire city what she was. Only it had all gone wrong. Alix had been an alpha too and chosen her instead of me. Alix and two other strong alphas from the wild had rescued her and taken me too.

And now I was going to pay for everything.

My skin heated, warming under the light of the sun, and I panicked a little, looking up at the sky and trying to determine what time it was. The sun was high overhead, indicative of around noon. I had less than an hour of suppressant left in my system.

It was as though I could feel it breaking down inside of me, my liver enzymes hard at work metabolizing the drug so that my body could no longer depend on its effect. Eventually, my omega would rear her head, liberated from the weight of the suppressants and free for the first time in my life.

My nipples hardened, tingling as the gentle breeze passed over them, and I breathed in an unsteady breath. Deep in my belly, my insides began to curl up and tighten. My heartbeat began to quicken and I tensed all the muscles in my body.

Sweat beaded on my forehead and I could almost sense as the blood surging through my veins heated, rising one degree after another as I prepared to enter an omega heat.

All of this was the signs of my estrous, coming much sooner than I had expected. Maybe my liver was more efficient than most or it was later than I had estimated, but either way, it didn’t matter. In that moment, everything fell into place. I knew what was going to happen and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I was going into heat and somewhere out there was an alpha who was going to come and fuck me through it. Worse, I knew that eventually I’d beg for him to do it. I’d curse him if he didn’t. I’d plead for him to fill me with his seed over and over again until I had nothing left.

I lifted my head, watching as people gathered on the viewing area atop the wall. They were quite a way up, at least forty feet, safe behind the glass of the dome, observing my nakedness as I stood tied to the pole.

I shivered and my nipples tightened even further. My shoulders hunched forward as I cried out in pain, my breasts feeling heavy and weighted with desire. I turned away, shame and humiliation welling up from deep inside my soul, and I whimpered.

The more time passed, the hotter I became. My skin crawled with heat and more sweat began to bead at my brow, rolling in droplets down my face and off my chin. I even felt them dripping between my breasts. My nipples ached, painfully hard and sensitive with only the wind playing at the vulnerable tips. My bare pussy twitched, and I began to feel the first evidence of arousal between my legs. I was beginning to get wet for the very first time in my life.

In the city, the drug suppressed feelings like this. We didn’t have sex. Babies were made in test tubes. It made things much simpler. It helped the population to focus on careers, keeping the city constantly progressing.

It helped not to think about what was coming, but soon my body demanded my attention.

I swallowed; my mouth was dry. My lips cracked and I groaned, the dry scrape of my tongue sliding against my cheek.

“Water, please,” I begged.

One of the men watching over me walked over from the wall and joined me up on stage. He had a water bottle with him, and I opened my mouth. He gently poured water onto my tongue and I gulped it down. He stayed with me for a while longer, until I had drunk much of the water, and then he eventually left to return to his station, leaving me alone to my retribution once more.

My thirst quenched, I sighed and trembled as my core clenched harder and I began to identify the feeling as desire. My thighs quivered with it and the folds of my pussy grew wetter with my arousal.

I closed my eyes and I was suddenly aware of every single nerve in my body. They started to come alive, electricity surging across each axon, and I whimpered softly. The feeling was so foreign, but so intense that there was little I could do to stop it.

I knew what was coming. I’d seen the process of an omega’s estrous and studied it in order to develop a drug that induced it with the sole purpose of revenge. Nothing I could have read or watched could have prepared me for the intensity of the feeling of desire developing within my very own body though. This was far more powerful than I could have ever realized.

I remembered the woman who I’d studied during her captivity. Her silver hair. Those pretty eyes. The way her skin had pinkened when she’d entered her heat.

Her screams haunted my memory. The sounds of her pleasure, of her begging to be taken hard and rough, of the alpha’s palm reddening her ass when she disobeyed. She’d moaned and screamed, and her legs had flowed with her slick, visual evidence that her body was preparing her for breeding.

Just like mine was now.

The ball of arousal tensed deep in my belly and I moaned out loud, just as the first wave of slick dripped down my thighs and then my calves, gathering in a puddle on the wooden stage beneath me.

My toes curled against the smooth cool wood beneath them. My spine pressed up against the pole behind me, using it for support as my body betrayed me. I lifted my eyes and found that the crowd from the viewing area had grown and more people were joining as more time passed. My punishment had garnered an audience.

I had the sudden urge to touch myself, to explore the folds between my thighs, to rub the place between my legs that was begging for touch. My hands tried to grapple with the rope that bound them tight, trying to free myself, but it was useless. I couldn’t slip free and run my fingers along my body, even though I desperately wanted to.

I wanted to touch myself. I needed someone to drag their fingers along my body and bring me pleasure, to touch the needy bud that was beginning to pulse between my legs. Honestly, I didn’t give a shit who touched me. It could be the men watching over my punishment for all I cared.

The more time passed, the more restless I became.

I craved to be fucked. I wanted to feel a hard alpha cock between my legs for the very first time. I needed to feel the head of his shaft burst through my virgin barrier and I wanted to be full of his alpha seed as I begged for more.

I felt feverish. My heart pounded and my core clenched painfully tight with desire. I was going mad with lust and I could feel every excruciating moment as my feral instincts took hold of me. I rolled my lips in the direction of the men watching over me.

They weren’t as large as an alpha would be. They were probably betas, but I didn’t care. They all had cocks and I just wanted one of them. Any one.

“Please. Fuck me,” I begged them, since my pleas for water had fallen on sympathetic ears. None of them responded. They just ignored me.

Betas didn’t respond to an omega in heat. Our pheromones did nothing to them. Our pleas fell on deaf ears. The only one that would hear my call now would be an alpha.

After a moment, I screamed in anger and frustration. The men weren’t listening to me. They didn’t care. They were just here to oversee my sentence and ensure that I was adequately punished. Desperately, I looked out into the woods around me, turning my head as much as I could and searching the trees for evidence of an alpha coming to claim me as his.


One hour passed. Then another.

I began to grow wild. My skin crawled with arousal and I yearned to touch myself. I tried to bring my legs together, to rub my thighs in such a way as to bring myself pleasure, but I couldn’t. They’d spread my legs too wide specifically for the purpose of preventing me from touching my own body, of giving myself any semblance of relief from the powerful surge of my oncoming estrous.

Tears gathered in the corners of my eyes and dripped down my face.

I whined and whimpered as my feelings of desire strengthened. My body quickly worked to betray me as I pleaded and begged for the beta men to fuck me. The crowd watching my shame grew in number, observing me as my hips began to lewdly gyrate back and forth. I spread my legs as wide as I could, no longer caring that they could see every inch of my treacherous body. I just wanted to come. I needed to feel an alpha’s cock surging between my legs, and I’d do anything at this point to get it.

Delirious with my arousal, I muttered and pleaded for mercy. My skin crawled with my passion and my legs were drenched with my slick. My inner walls fluttered with lust, begging an alpha to come along and fuck me senseless.

My breasts rose and fell as I struggled to draw in air. Each lungful reminded me that my pussy was painfully empty and that the only thing filling my body was oxygen.

Fuck. This was so much worse than I’d imagined.

Please. I hoped a wild alpha would sense me soon. I needed his cock and I needed it now.

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