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Guardian by Sara Fields – Sample



Something was off.

I stood there on the cliff, looking out into the mountains. The breeze raced through my hair, whipping it around my face with wild abandon. There was a strange scent on the air, metallic and bitter and I crouched down, trying to figure out the source.

The sun was cutting through the rocks, just dipping behind the highest peak to the west, coloring the sky in a brilliant display of hues that radiated sheer beauty. For a moment, I allowed myself to enjoy the tranquility that came with such a sight, but the howling of a wolf pack not too far in the distance broke my reverie.

It had come from the east. A childlike scream pierced through the wind, echoing in the valley and bouncing off the rock. I clutched the spear in my hands and zeroed in on the location of the sound before I sprinted down the trail that led into the gorge. I stepped on rocks and branches along the way, not paying any mind to the stinging pain burning across the soles of my feet. My leather shoes could only protect me from so much. I’d probably have to stitch them together tomorrow or make another pair. Either way, I was going to have work to do.

This time, another scream echoed in the canyon, only this time it was distinctly feminine. She sounded angry. The excited yips of several wolves followed, and I ran even faster. I rounded one corner and then another. I lost count of how many turns I took until suddenly I was upon them.

A woman and two children were cornered in a narrow valley by a pack of wolves. At a quick glance, there were fifteen wolves, which was rather large for a pack. They were quite skinny, crouching low and growling with vicious intent. They must have been ravenous to choose to hunt these three unfortunate souls instead of the bison wandering down on the plains below.

The woman’s eyes were wide and afraid. She’d pushed the children, a boy and a girl, behind her and was brandishing a torch before her to ward off the hungry animals. It worked for a second or two, but there were too many to keep them off her for any period of time. With every sweep of the torch, they moved in closer, more than ready to brave the fire in hopes of getting something to eat.

She noticed me, but the wolves hadn’t yet. I dipped lower, wrapping my fingers around a hefty rock. I tightened my grasp on the spear in my other hand before I roared in challenge to the terrifying beasts before me.

Immediately, I sprang into action. I gave no care to how many there were and how incredibly outnumbered I was. I fought because the mother and her children could not.

I protected them. I didn’t know who they were or why they were here. All I knew was that they needed a guardian.

I would be that for them.

I tried to draw the wolves backwards to clear out a path for the mother and children to escape. It took time, but eventually I was able to goad the wolves into attacking me. I fought, wounding some, but soon enough it became clear there were too many. Even for me.

I swung my spear wide, forcing the wolves back enough for the woman and her children to get out.

“Run. Go!” I screamed. She didn’t hesitate. Not even for a second.

The woman seized both children’s hands and sprinted as fast as she could. A stray wolf saw their path and moved to cut them off, but I was faster. I speared it in the chest and it yipped loudly. The other wolves took advantage and attacked me from behind. One bit into my shoulder. Another tore into my thigh and yet another ripped into my wrist. I yelled and the woman paused, and I shook my head, practically growling back at her too.

“Get out of here. Do not sacrifice your children for the likes of me,” I declared fiercely.

Her eyes teared momentarily. “Thank you,” she whispered.

I never saw her again.

My world became one of blood and gore and violence. I soon lost track if it was my blood or the wolves’, but it no longer mattered. My movements became slower. My vision grew hazy. It became exceedingly difficult to keep a hold of my spear. I’d long lost my rock somewhere in the dirt. Still, I refused to give up. I would keep fighting as long as I kept drawing in air.

Eventually, I fell to my knees. My palms caught me from falling forward and I lifted my head only to capture the gaze of the largest wolf of the pack. It was the alpha.

He walked up to me with his head held high and my sight blackened for a second. A quiet yip echoed, and I turned, only then noticing the entrance to a den.

Their den…

The wolves weren’t trying to kill anyone at all. They were simply protecting their own too.

I placed down my weapons. My heart thumped and I swayed as I tried to keep myself upright, but it was a losing battle. I showed the alpha wolf my palms, showing him that I meant no harm and he lifted his head as if he understood.

It didn’t much matter now though. My wounds were too great. I was losing too much blood.

I turned my head, seeing several small forms move out of the entrance of the den. It was a litter of pups.

I collapsed, fully content with the knowledge that the woman and her children would live to see another day, as would the wolf pups safe in their den.

A warm finger pressed in between my eyes, and I groaned, unable to feel my arms or my legs.

“It might be too late for this one,” a voice sounded, and I furrowed my brow in confusion.

“He shows the proper qualities. If we move quickly, we might be able to salvage him,” another replied, and I tried to open my eyes. It was as if they were sewn together. I was able to move my arm a little bit, but an agonizing wave of pain poured over me like a wave of boiling hot water. I groaned, unable to move any further.

“Please,” I managed to murmur, and something jabbed into my right arm. In the following seconds, the pain began to lessen until it disappeared entirely.

My body went numb and finally, I was able to open my eyes. My first instinct would have been to evaluate my body for injuries, but the sight before me took immediate precedent.

The voices belonged to something that wasn’t human.

If I had been capable of movement, I would have raced backwards. I would have run as far as I could to escape such unnatural beasts, but my legs didn’t work like I wanted them to and when I finally glanced down to take stock of myself, I almost wished I hadn’t.

My left foot was at an unnatural angle and my right leg was chewed open to the bone.

I turned my gaze back to the aliens standing before me.

One was at least eight feet tall. The other maybe seven. Their skin was purple, almost metallic in the sun, and they were staring at me with a singular focus.

“Who are you?” I asked uneasily.

“We are here to make you an offer,” the taller one replied gently.

Chapter One

Emma Hart

I’d been through some shit in my life, but the prospect of camping outside in a tent with eleven other girls in some weird bonding exercise meant to set us straight was pretty much the most ridiculous experience yet.

It would only be for a week. I kept telling myself that, but it didn’t make it any better.

I’d bounced between foster homes as a kid. I’d seen every type of parent from the ones who hit their kids to weird Uncle Joey who looked at me with far too much interest at the dinner table to Grandma Maisy who had at least thirty cats and still wanted more. I’d gone hungry at some places and been the poster charity case for some rich couple who wanted to look special to their community in others. At some point, I stopped keeping count.

As I stared at the spider web spanning the hiking trail right before me, I couldn’t decide if all of this was worth it. Maybe it would have just been easier staying at juvie for another year or two instead.

A spider as big as my palm raced across the thick web, and I shrieked.

I hated this place.

“It’s your turn to take the front of the line, so go,” Eliza chimed in from behind me and I looked back at her with the most deadpan expression I could manage. She was the most gung-ho of the group in this whole group bonding exercise and every word out of her mouth rubbed me the wrong way.

From what I knew about her, she’d come from some rich family and had gotten caught up in some sort of raunchy gambling ring complete with drugs, sex, and booze, all from the ripe old age of seventeen. It had created some big scandal, or so I’d heard, and her family had paid some ridiculous amount of money to some hot shot lawyer to get her off with a few years of juvie and when this wilderness program came up, her parents practically bought her the first spot.

“Why don’t you take my place instead? You’re so good at it,” I replied sarcastically, but the tits for brains was apparently tone deaf and hopped forward like it was the most coveted position in the world.

“Okay! Let’s go!” she chimed in. She raced forward and I had to stifle a laugh as she ran right through the spider web. Her expression faltered for a second, but she quickly plastered on a million-dollar smile to cover it up. She didn’t glare at me like I expected her to, but I’d have to sleep with one eye open tonight.

With a sputter, she turned back ahead and skipped off like it was the best day in the world. The rest of the girls followed, and I stood back, letting them go by. The twelve of us were supposed to work together to survive. On the first day, we divvied up the supplies so that all of us carried an equal weight. Already, I was sore and there were so many more miles to go through this tree-filled wasteland.

If I wasn’t here with this particular group, maybe I would have considered it pretty. I don’t know.

The powers that be had flown us all the way to Montana to Glacier National Park. Then they had just left us and told us that our ride was about one hundred and ten miles away at the southern border of Canada. We’d have to work together to make it the whole way.

I’d never been much into group things. I’d always been something of a loner. Except for Sophie. I’d always had a weak spot for her.

I’d been seventeen and she was only ten.

I tried not to think about it, but my mind went there anyway.

At the time, our foster parents were pretty shit. Diane had been addicted to meth. Joe knew better than to fuck with me, but that hadn’t stopped him from sneaking into Sophie’s bedroom at night. She wouldn’t tell me what he did, but that had been more than enough for me to want to rip his balls right off.

I wasn’t going to let her stay in an environment like that. Not when I could do something about it. So, I did. I did something that would follow me for the rest of my life.

I’d stolen a car and hightailed it down I-10 with her in hopes of escaping into Mexico where the two of us would have been freed from the foster system forever. I had plans to rent a room with the money I’d saved from odd jobs here and there. I was going to find a job and take care of her as if she was my actual family because she was the closest thing I had to one.

I hadn’t planned on getting caught at the border.

Apparently, Diane had chosen that day to get clean and when she noticed her car missing from the driveway, she’d called it in as stolen. When I got to the border crossing, they pulled me out of the line and I had just assumed Diane left some sort of drugs in the car, but it hadn’t been for that.

I’d been arrested that day, charged with grand theft auto and kidnapping and sentenced to five years in juvie. My sentence would have been less, but Sophie had made me swear to never say anything about what happened to her. I didn’t, but I did spill a few details about the drugs in our foster home and from what I knew, Sophie had been placed somewhere else, which was a small comfort.

I’d asked enough questions in the years since, and I’d finally gotten word she’d been adopted by a nice couple who insisted on sending her to the most expensive private schools in New England. I was twenty now and she was in middle school. From the pictures I’d been able to scrounge up on the internet, she appeared happy and healthy and that gave me much relief.

I’d never stop checking in on her, but at least I knew she was okay.

Eliza started singing some annoying tune at the front and the rest of the girls joined in. Apparently, they were all into this group bonding thing. I hung back, not wanting to be pressured into singing too.

I didn’t have any talent there. I knew better than to steer out of my lane.

Irritated, I wandered off the trail a little bit just to get some peace and quiet. It would be far more enjoyable for me if I just did this by myself. I walked for a little while until I found a stream. I sat down on a big rock, dipping my fingers into the icy spring water as it rushed by. It wasn’t a very deep brook, but if I waded in, I guessed it would probably come to my knees at its deepest point. The small whitewater rapids were soothing to watch, and I lost myself for a little while just watching them rush by.

There were tiny minnows in one of the calmer sections. They darted this way and that. Eventually, I got up and followed the small river a ways until it widened to a much larger pool. When I dipped my fingers into the water, I found it much warmer.

I looked around, noticing how private this little oasis was. The trees surrounding it were so thick it was like a wall, not to mention the sharp cliff sides of the rolling hills that would eventually give way to the Rocky Mountains.

I looked back. There was no sign of Eliza and the rest of the group, which meant a blessed reprieve from her terribly annoying songs.

Would it be so bad if I just took some time for myself and enjoyed a swim?

I didn’t have a swimsuit, but honestly it didn’t much matter. There was no one here and even if the other girls happened upon me, we’d all seen each other naked anyway. The showers back at juvie weren’t exactly private.

I shrugged my backpack off my shoulders and placed it up on a rock where it would stay dry. With a heavy sigh, I kicked off my shoes and stripped on the sandy beach. I tossed my sweatshirt and shirt on top of my bag. My khakis came next. I contemplated swimming in my bra and panties, but the sun was starting to descend toward the horizon, and I wasn’t sure if there would be enough time to dry them off after I was done.

So. Those came off too.

What’s a little skinny dipping when you’re already a felon anyway?

Chapter Two


I lumbered through the woods, keeping back from the group of about a dozen young women trudging along the trail. One of them was singing along the way. Her effort was admirable, although much of it was incredibly off-key. They all seemed to be in pretty good spirits, but there was one who seemed to be hanging back.

She was wearing a sweatshirt with the hood pulled up, so I couldn’t quite see her face. One thing was clear though. She was utterly miserable.

When no one was looking, she paused, pretending to tie her sneakers before she slipped off the trail and left the others.

I knew the area and there was a lesser used path in the direction she had headed. I doubted she could find it though. She didn’t appear to be a girl who was particularly used to the wilderness.

I glanced toward the rest of the group, deciding it was best that I follow the loner and make sure she didn’t get lost or hurt in her solitary endeavor.

My paws pressed into the dirt, my claws digging in and urging me onward. I shook my head and followed the lone woman deeper into the forest. I was careful to make sure I was as quiet as possible.

Humans didn’t particularly like running into a giant brown bear. It tended to freak them out. It had been that way for as long as I could remember.

I took a deep inhale, fully taking in the scent of the forest. Fresh water flowed in a river to the west. Pine trees grew in mass in the east and the brisk mountain air whipped around me like a comforting blanket.

I’d walked these lands for centuries. I was a solitary creature, but my life had purpose even amidst my lonely cause.

I was a guardian. It was my duty to protect the Earth.

In the time before history was recorded, an alien race discovered Earth and the sentient life that existed on its surface. The human species was just beginning to rise, but they were far from ready to interact with advanced lifeforms, so the aliens created me to protect them. Intergalactic decree forbade interference of any kind until the species was deemed ready, but there were, and still are, many alien species out there that would ignore such an order in search of resources. Much of the time, their intentions were far more nefarious.

Occasionally, it left an entire planet in ruin.

I was designed especially for Earth. I was bear. I was warrior. I was also alien. I was three lifeforms merged into one, but it was my purpose that was more important than any singular part of me.

My role on this planet was not to interfere with the progress of humanity in any way, but simply to keep watch over them. The only time I was to get involved was if another alien species arrived and interacted with the humans without permission from the Intergalactic Dynasty.

I’d moved from place to place throughout the centuries, but the northern reaches of Montana and the border of Canada were some of my favorite locations in the world. I could wander in my bear form mostly undisturbed. I could interact with people if I wished.

It was my nature to protect however, and I sometimes put aside my orders not to interfere to rescue a child from drowning or to lead a lost hiker back from the brink.

I had a feeling this woman would soon need a guiding hand. The forest was a dangerous place in the dark.

I had clothing stored away in various locations all over the woods. I slunk off to a nearby cave and shifted into my human form. I slipped on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt. Thick socks and a pair of hiking boots protected my feet. When I emerged from the dark, I found her trail and followed it to a nearby river and swimming pool.

Her tracks were slow, thoughtful even. She wasn’t running or rushing along but meandering as if she was enjoying the embrace of nature all around her. I rounded a corner, and a flash of pale skin caught my eye. I paused, wanting to evaluate the situation before I approached her.

God. Damn.

The sun caught her hair in such a way to make it shine like exquisite golden thread. I stared, taken aback by the vision of beauty swimming in the hot spring pool. To my knowledge, no wayward hiker had ever discovered this little hidden oasis until today.

Not only that, but she was swimming entirely naked.

She stood up and the water sluiced down her back, sparkling like diamonds in the light of day. The muscles of her shoulders were strong and defined. She lifted her hands to push her hair back and my gaze dipped down, taking in the enticing sight of her bare backside. I pulled in a heated breath.


Her ass was perfect. Each cheek was full and luscious, the perfect amount to fill my hands as I pounded into that sweet little pussy.

I stopped, turning my head. I tried to keep my gaze off the seductive little creature, but as my head was turning back toward her, I already knew it was a losing battle.

She tilted her head in my direction, but her eyes were closed, and she couldn’t see me. I leaned back against a tree trunk, using the thick brush to hide my presence.

My cock throbbed like an iron spike in my jeans. It was so hard that I soon found it impossible to ignore.

Human women didn’t necessarily arouse me. Not like this.

Never like this.

There had been a few rare occasions in the past when I’d enjoyed the pleasures of the female form, but there was nothing that could have prepared me for the wild attraction I felt for this woman. I wanted to touch her. Claim her. Mark her with my seed and make her scream my name until her voice echoed so loudly the mountains moved for her. I wanted to make her mine in the most primal sense of the word.

My desire pulsed heavy and deep.

I wanted her. I shouldn’t. To touch such a delectable creature would certainly be considered interference because once I had her, I was certain I would never be able to give her up.

I took a deep steadying breath. I had to get it together.

I couldn’t lose control like this.

I gripped the rough bark of the tree, trying to ignore my growing need, but it soon became too much for me. She turned her body around and I took in the vision of perfection that was all of her. Her perfect breasts would fill my palms to the brim. Her curves were lean and slender, but utterly intoxicating. The cusp of her thighs was entirely bare.

I swallowed hard. My cock throbbed harder.

She dove back into the water and floated on her back. Her pretty pink nipples were pebbled tight, the cool mountain air chilly against her bare skin. She ran her hands along her body slowly, her eyes mostly closed before she sighed impatiently.

What was she up to?

She climbed out of the water and lowered herself onto a towel that she’d pulled from her bag. She lay down on her back and palmed her breasts. With her fingers, she tweaked her nipples several times and I had the sudden urge to pinch them and bite them myself.

No. She wasn’t… was she?

The naughty little thing arched her back as she slipped her fingers between her thighs. Her legs spread just the slightest bit and I saw the glistening evidence of her arousal on her pink folds. I groaned in silence as she gathered her own wetness and spread it over her swollen little clit.

Her soft sighs of pleasure were the most delicious thing I’d ever heard. I lifted my nose and tested the air, scenting her arousal almost immediately. It carried with it the aroma of freshly baked peaches and cream combined with raspberries and beautiful innocence.

I wanted a taste, but I knew that if I touched her, I’d devour her whole.

I tried to distract myself by focusing on the fact that it was getting dark soon. The trail was hard to follow in the night and she’d probably get lost. I couldn’t leave her alone out here, not with the sun setting soon.

I couldn’t lead her back to her friends this way. I had to do something because if I got anywhere close to her right now, I’d throw her down on the ground and fuck her like she was meant to be fucked.

I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans. I pushed the zipper down and grasped my cock in my fingers. I could feel the blood pulsing inside my engorged length, and I squeezed it tight, feeling several drops of pre-cum gather at the tip. I collected that liquid and glided it down my cock, using it to stroke myself several times, slowly at first.

Beside the pool, the woman moaned, the sound only just loud enough to carry on the wind. My hearing was hypersensitive, and it was like music to my ears. Her tiny little fingers moved quickly, dancing over her clit with deliberate intention.

She was going to make herself come.

My hand stroked up and down my cock, envisioning what the little minx would look like down on her knees staring up at me, ready to take all of me in between those pretty lips. I imagined her lying down in my bed, spreading her legs for me and begging for me to fuck her hard enough to leave her sore long after I was through with her.

My hand moved faster and faster, and I groaned. She was too caught up in the building of her own orgasm to notice, but I quickly pressed my other fist to my mouth so that I could keep quiet.

Her body was illuminated by the sun, and when the leaves swayed, dark little shadows swirled along her skin. I couldn’t get enough of the sight of her locked in pleasure and when her tiny little moans reached a fever pitch, I felt my own release brewing from deep within. My balls tightened and my cock pulsed hard. I roared into my fist as my seed shot forward, splashing against the leaves of the bush in front of me. At the same time, she screamed with her own pleasure, covering up my sounds with hers. I fisted my cock several more times, making sure that I was completely empty and entirely spent.

I sighed, looking at my pool of cum down in the dirt.

What a waste.

It would have looked so much better marking her pretty face.

Far more casually now, I stroked my fingers up and down my length. Irritatingly, my cock wasn’t softening. If anything, it was just as hard as it was before.

The woman hummed quietly. Her lips were curved up in a beautiful smile, her cheeks pinkened from her release. She was practically glowing as she lay there in the sunlight, drying off in its warm embrace.

“Maybe this won’t be so bad,” she whispered, and I cocked up an eyebrow in her direction. What did that mean?

She didn’t say anything more. I stayed for a while longer, watching her lay languidly on her towel until she opened her eyes and looked to the sky. She sighed with annoyance, finally pushing herself up and venturing toward the rock where she’d thrown her clothes.

I watched her dress with a sense of disappointment and relief. Despite my best efforts, my cock was throbbing again, but I felt marginally more in control than before. Still, I would see if she would be able to make it back to the trail on her own. Night was coming in just a few more hours though. She’d either make it back to the group or she would spend the night with me.

Either way, I’d make sure she was safe.

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