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Her Alien Doctors by Sara Fields – Sample

Chapter One

Jenny Monroe had never taken orders from anyone ever in her life and she certainly wasn’t going to start now. She worried her bottom lip as she sat in the overwhelming silence.

She’d been dragged into this room not long after the food fight by one of the guards. Impatiently, she tried to bide the time and amuse herself so she examined the room around her. Attached to the wall was a twin-size bed complete with a firm, but comfortable mattress. Next to the bed was a small cream-colored nightstand with a single drawer. There was a wooden straight-back chair against the wall. There was nothing of particular interest in order to distract her from what was to come.

With a huff, she looked around, surrounded by the suffocating barren white walls. There was only one door out of the room and that had been locked. Totally alone, she sighed.

The room happened to be in the mysterious, forbidden wing of the detainment center, where they took the older girls for classes and training to prepare them for marriage. Jenny had always been extremely curious about the happening of this section of the station, but no one would tell her anything about it. It was frustrating to say the least.

Crawling toward the nightstand, she curled her fingers around the handle of the drawer and pulled it open. As expected, there were a handful of disciplinary implements. Looking around, she grabbed the wooden paddle, a leather one, and a heavy oak hairbrush and stuffed them under the mattress, just in case anyone had been assigned to give her a surprise visit. Her bottom tingled at the thought and she reached back to soothe her nervous skin.

The guards had dressed her in a plain white nightgown that only dropped to about mid-thigh. Underneath, she wore simple white panties trimmed with light pink lace. She touched the soft silky fabric and shivered. Sitting back down on the bed, she frowned in annoyance. She hoped they’d let her go back to the general population soon.

Instead, no one came and she was left alone with her thoughts for an impossibly long time. Pouting, she leaned her head back against the wall. The guards at the space station had unfairly stuck her in solitary. She laughed when she thought about the food fight in the cafeteria. It had felt worth it at the time. Now she was not so sure.

She’d always had a rather difficult life. Her dad had died when she was young, leaving her to live with her two sisters, Becky and Tania, as well as her mom. Her family had struggled to make ends meet and to keep Jenny hidden from prying and malicious eyes. They had lived in a very destitute area of New York, which had always been poorly regulated and largely undocumented. Most families went unrecorded in her district and many parents did not register their children with the local government, not that the rich officials would ever even hazard a step where she had lived each day of her miserable life.

Having been the youngest of the three, her presence on Earth had been illegal, since her mom had never been given permission to give birth to her. She always went out of her way to help care for her sisters, which was exactly the reason she had ended up here at this stupid training center in the first place.

She had lived there all her life, under the radar, that is, until the senator and his daughter had caught her stealing from his estate. The police had exposed her status as an unauthorized third child and now she was suffering the consequences. As a result, the judge had sentenced her to exile to a detainment center in the far reaches of space. The station’s purpose was to train her for purchase as a bride for the Intergalactic Federation.

The sound of a lock turning in the doorway broke her out of her thoughts of the past. The clicking of a pair of heels on the floor captured her attention and she looked up to see Warden Taylor stride into the room.

Jenny glared up at the warden with ire. The older woman had her chocolate-colored hair wound up in a little bun, tied up so tightly that Jenny swore it gave her an instant facelift. Her harsh brown eyes stared back at Jenny, fierce and angry all at the same time.

“What do you want,” Jenny challenged boldly. She cringed when the older woman smirked back at her. Small wrinkles appeared around the warden’s eyes as she lifted her eyebrows slightly in excitement.

“I’ve already dealt with Aimee for her leading role in your little group’s shenanigans. You’re next on my list to handle, and will deal with the other two later. For your role in spreading rumors and your involvement in the food fight in the cafeteria, it’s necessary that you be disciplined for your naughty behavior. I’ve been giving your punishment some thought and I think rather than sending you off for marriage just yet, you’ll need some further, specialized training. So, I have decided that you will be sentenced to an examination in the medical wing. You will spend some extra time there over the next few weeks and months to fine-tune your abilities, and then we will reevaluate what to do with you when the time comes.”

“What did you do to Aimee? And what are you going to do to Michelle and Isabella?” Jenny asked nervously, not liking the sound of what the warden was implying.

“Aimee has been sold into marriage. I will evaluate what is best for your friends and discipline them as I see fit. Either way, the fate of your friends should not be your concern. Instead, I want you to focus on your own education.”

“You’re a crazy bitch, you know that? What does ‘focus on my own education’ even mean?” Jenny countered, her fury increasing by the second.

“The doctors are going to have a fabulous time teaching you, I can guarantee that. They love a challenge and you, Jenny, are going to be a big one,” she said with a chuckle.


“Oh, yes. There will be three doctors in charge of your training. Try to behave. I hear those three are rather adept at coming up with unique ways to punish naughty behavior. Your first appointment will be in just a little while.”

“You’re certifiably insane!” Jenny yelled, jumping to her feet. Her hands fisted by her sides and she lifted her head, furious at the woman’s audacity. “You can’t be serious. I won’t stand for any of that!”

“Jenny, you won’t have a choice. You’ve been sentenced here to be prepared for an eventual marriage to an alien from another world. The time of your freedom on Earth is long past. Instead, here in space, I choose your fate. Please me and excel in your training and eventually, you will find your happiness. Trust in the process.”

“Whatever. Leave me alone,” Jenny said, exasperated and angry. She sat down and crossed her arms, turning her head away from the warden. Her stomach was turning at Taylor’s news and she felt a little nauseous. Footsteps scuffed against the tile floor and she heard the door open and close, indicating the warden’s exit. Once again, she was left alone with her thoughts.

What could the woman possibly mean about medical training? None of the other girls at the detainment center had mentioned anything of the sort. The warden’s words had made her incredibly nervous. A spanking had been the worst thing that had happened to her here at the station and that certainly couldn’t be considered medical training. She licked her lips and chewed on her cheek. Anxiously, she ran her hands through her bone-straight lavender hair, smoothing out any knots she found in the process.

For the sake of finding something to do, she got up and dug out the hairbrush from under her mattress. She started to brush her hair so that it was shiny and soft. She was proud of her uniquely colored hair. When she was younger, she had assisted another family who had owned a barber shop. She had helped them to gather some extra food and medical supplies when the man’s wife was pregnant by stealing from the local grocery store. As a result, they’d given birth to a healthy baby boy and the family had been forever grateful to her. The husband had given her their most expensive treatment as a reward, their highly sought after permanent hair coloring solution.

She had chosen a beautiful purple color that had reminded her of lavender and lilacs. It was the color of wildflowers and it fit her personality to a tee.

Her friends back on Earth had all been jealous. Her hair grew in the color she had chosen and never had to be dyed again. It was perfect for her. One of her friends, another third child, had saved up enough and gotten the treatment too, only with a hot pink color that everyone envied.

Jenny continued brushing her hair until it was velvety smooth with no tangle in sight. With a sigh, she placed the hairbrush down on the nightstand. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Frustrated, she growled aloud and lay back on the bed. Closing her eyes, she fell into a light slumber, tired from the events of the day.

Not long after she fell asleep, she awoke to a soft, gravelly male voice. Startled, she jumped and quickly opened her eyes. Blinking away the sleep, she pushed herself up onto her elbows and turned in the direction of the unfamiliar voice. Seated in the wooden straight-back chair was a large man. She tried her best to focus on him and figure out who he was. Furrowing her brow in confusion, she sat up further and pulled her knees into her chest.

His eyes were a brilliant light blue, like the color of the sky on a cloudless day. His body was incredibly large and exceptionally well-muscled, at least from what she could discern from the outline of his clothing. Bleached blond hair adorned the top of his head, cut in a short neat buzz cut that she suddenly yearned to touch. A strong jawline and thick neck molded down to sturdy-looking shoulders. He wore a white lab coat over top of navy blue scrubs. He looked the picture of a young, professional doctor, but her body was reacting with an entirely different idea. She felt lightly feverish and was ashamed to realize that her nipples had hardened underneath the nightgown she was wearing.

Her eyes grew large as she took in the sight. His face remained placid and calm as she studied him. It wasn’t until he sat back in the chair that she noticed that he had a clipboard in his hands.

“Who are you,” she asked, her voice shaky and unsure.

His expression warmed visibly as a gentle smile touched at the edges of his lips.

“My name is Eric. I’m here to initiate the first part of your training here in the medical wing and to help prepare you for your examination.”


“Yes. All women admitted under the doctors’ care are examined. There’s a multitude of things that we need to test so that we know what your capabilities are, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Once we have an official exam file on record for you, the other doctors here will form a treatment plan for you that will best prepare you for your future wedding to your perfect match.”

“I don’t understand,” she responded, feeling incredibly overwhelmed. “Can’t I just return to my cell and promise not to do anything bad again?”

The doctor chuckled softly for a long moment and then shook his head.

“Sorry, Jenny. Things don’t exactly work that way around here,” he responded. He stood up and offered her his hand. “Come on, let’s go get things started. I’ll take your vitals and then the others will join me for the rest of your examination.”

“What? No way! I’m not going anywhere!” she exclaimed.

He sighed and glanced over at the nightstand, where she had stupidly left that evil hairbrush. Walking over to the small piece of furniture, he opened the drawer and made a soft grunt of frustration.

“I was hoping we wouldn’t have to start out on the wrong foot, but I can see you’re going to need a firmer hand than most of our patients here. Now, where could you have hidden the rest of the implements?” His gaze focused back on her.

She shrugged and turned away, refusing to meet his questioning eyes. Feeling his presence move closer, she shivered and held her breath. His hand reached out and gently, yet firmly, grasped her upper forearm, forcing her to stand. With his other arm, he lifted the mattress, revealing the rest of the implements she had hidden there. Swallowing nervously, she peeked up to see his expression and quickly looked away when she saw his stern disappointment.

“Now, that’s awfully naughty for a young lady like you to do, hmmm?” He picked up each one up and returned them to the drawer, each one making a loud and awful sound as it dropped down onto the wooden bottom. Chewing at her lip, she nervously waited for whatever was to happen next.

She watched anxiously as he righted the mattress and put it back into place. His hands reached back into the drawer and pulled out the brown leather paddle and tossed it on the bed. In a whirlwind of movement, he sat down on the bed and threw her over his lap. In a fraction of a second, her nightgown was pushed up to the small of her back and her panty-clad bottom was in his full view.

“No! You can’t do this,” she exclaimed, growing angrier with each passing moment. She reached back and tried to cover herself with her hand, but that only resulted in him capturing her wrist within his broad fingers. “No! Stop it! You can’t spank me, you… you asshole!”

“Such language. Sean isn’t going to like that. I suggest you learn to curb your tongue unless you want to be punished frequently.”

She jumped when his warm fingers caressed the curve of her lower backside, almost like an unspoken promise that they were about to cause pain to the sensitive skin back there.

“Your file indicates that you’ve been spanked quite a few times since your arrival, isn’t that right, Jenny?”

“Whatever, just get it over with,” she huffed with false bravado. She glared at the floor as her annoyance grew to higher levels. As usual, she could feel her traitorous body responding to the idea of discipline, something she had noticed the very first time she’d been punished by one of the guards.

Her breathing deepened as she pressed her thighs closer together, sensing the wetness that was already gathering there. The first time that happened, she thought it had been just a fluke, but when it happened a second and third time, she knew that something was wrong with her. Spankings were supposed to deter her from behaving badly, but instead her body seemed to desire them, even crave them. She felt so ashamed of herself.

As his fingers lay calmly against her skin, she couldn’t help but moan softly in anticipation. Her bottom cheeks tingled, knowing that her pale white skin was soon to turn a cherry red. His palm patted gently a few times on each side and she stiffened, held tight against his thighs. She was distinctly aware of just how large his hand was as it cupped her ass, noting that it seemed to cover one entire side all by itself.

“Please don’t,” she begged, her voice much softer than before.

“All you have to do is behave, Jenny, and you’ll be able to avoid punishments such as the one you are about to receive. A spanking will be good for your attitude and your well-being. You must accept that you are no longer in charge. Now, no more arguing. It’s time for your first punishment under my care.”

Her whole body tensed when his warm palm left her skin. The first spank seemed to echo loudly off the walls and by the time the second one sounded, she felt the sting hit her at last and she shrieked.

“Ouch!” she cried out. “I’ll be good, I promise!”

“I’m here to ensure that you keep that promise,” he replied in a no-nonsense manner. She tried to kick her legs to escape his punishing hand, but he continued to hold her firmly over his lap. No matter how much she squirmed, he met his target every time.

In a matter of moments, her whole bottom was hot and sore and the ache between her legs was becoming more intense with each passing second. She could feel the wetness trapped within her panties soaking the cloth. Every nerve in her bottom seemed like it was on fire, like it wanted more. She didn’t know what it was, but her body was insatiably consumed with her desire for something beyond this.

He paused for a long moment, trailing the tips of his fingers over her scorched skin. Slowly, he gripped her panties by the hem and pulled them down deliberately to about mid-thigh. She struggled at this sudden change, having not expected him to bare her yet. Cold embarrassment washed over her like a tidal wave.

Her bottom felt exposed and vulnerable. Despite her shame, she felt a fresh wave of moisture trickle down her thighs and she groaned at her body’s betrayal. She wanted to hate his treatment so much, but she couldn’t. If anything, her mind was fighting what her body so desperately desired.

She heard him take in a loud breath and knew he could see everything, including the wetness dripping down her thighs. Pressing her knees together, she tried to hide it as best as she could.

“Open your legs, Jenny.”

“I won’t!” she declared, setting her jaw in a thin line. Her face heated with embarrassment.

His grip on her waist tightened and he smacked the backs of her thighs multiple times, causing her to shriek out in response.

“Now, young lady, or you’ll get the hairbrush next instead of the leather paddle. You won’t sit comfortably for days if you don’t obey me.”

She whined at his words and was chastised with more harsh spanks to her thighs.

“Okay, okay! I’ll do what you want.”

He spanked her again, twice hard on each side and tears prickled at the edges of her eyes.

“The correct response is ‘yes, sir.’ Don’t make me tell you again.”

“Yes, sir,” she said shakily and slowly obeyed his command. Hesitantly, she revealed the secrets between her legs, millimeter by shameful millimeter. When she had widened her knees enough, or so she thought, she stilled. His fingers touched her inner thighs and she jumped at the unexpected intrusion as he guided her to part her legs even more.

Closing her eyes, she kept still and silent, ashamed of what he was seeing.

His fingertips ventured further down her inner thighs, gliding across the wetness that had gathered there until he touched the lips of her pussy. Startled by the invasion, she keened and her body smoldered even hotter. His fingers pushed forward in between her folds until they settled on a spot where her entire body seemed to throb from. The whole act was oddly tantalizing, her with a red bottom over a man’s lap and his fingers exploring between her legs.

“Oh, my god,” she whispered, absolutely mortified.

He drew away from her pussy and she sighed with a feeling that she could only identify as a mixture of disappointment and lust. He laid his palm back on her warm bottom in a calm and clinical fashion.

“I shall note in your file that this kind of treatment greatly arouses you. That makes your value as a wife rise significantly,” he said, his voice level and confident.

“Please don’t tell anyone! It’s so embarrassing,” she begged. “I’m begging you, sir.”

“Remember, Jenny, you’re no longer in control here. We will do everything we can to find out what is best for you. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she whined, knowing that he expected no other answer.

“Now, let’s see how you respond to the leather paddle.”

She felt him reach over and pick up the dreaded implement and almost immediately, it was lighting a fire into her vulnerable backside. She squirmed and kicked, but Eric paddled her soundly, almost like her bottom had a big red target on it. He twisted his arm underneath her waist, raising her ass up even higher and revealing the sensitive area where her bottom cheeks met her thighs. He spanked her there and she couldn’t hold back her tears any longer no matter how hard she tried.

When her body shook a little from her sobs, she heard Eric drop the leather paddle back on the bed. His hands massaged her bottom in a soothing manner and it didn’t take long for her to calm down. With a sure grip, he grasped her around her waist and picked her up. He deposited her bottom down on his hard thigh and she yelped at the aching feeling as it ricocheted through her body.

Holding her close, he whispered into her ear, “Good girl,” and her heart pitter-pattered in her throat. At hearing those words, a warm feeling blanketed her and she couldn’t help but smile a tiny bit despite her drying tears. He held her in close to his chest, running his hand up and down her back in the most soothing way imaginable. When her breathing had calmed, he used his thumbs to brush away any residual tears from her cheeks and smiled tenderly back at her.

“Such a good girl…”

He had spanked harder than anyone before and she was frustrated and ashamed that he was making her show weakness. Never had anyone made her cry, but this man was different. She had hated everyone who had laid a finger on her before, but she couldn’t bring herself to hate him too.

After a few long minutes, he met her eyes, his expression serious.

“Open your legs, Jenny,” he commanded and she couldn’t help but follow his orders. Nervously, she widened her thighs and bit her lip. He nodded in affirmation, clearly pleased by her obedience. She watched as he touched her pussy again, taking note of the rampant arousal that was clearly visible on her folds. His touch was like lightning as bolts of electricity shot from her core to the tips of her fingers and toes. She leaned against him and moaned.

“You’re very responsive,” he mused, his tone thoughtful.

She could feel her face flush and knew her cheeks probably matched the redness of her punished backside.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know why I react that way,” she whispered, mortified with her body’s mind of its own.

“This has happened before?” he asked, his eyes curious.

“Yes, but not quite like this. It seems different with you,” she said, feeling slightly relieved that he wasn’t bothered by the wetness between her legs. At least he was a doctor, maybe he would understand what was happening to her.

“Don’t worry. This is very normal for some women. Many men will seek a woman such as you, who reacts like this to a spanking. It’s a very good thing, Jenny,” he assured her while brushing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes.

He helped her to stand then and pulled her panties back up. She wasn’t sure whether she should trust him just yet, but he seemed so sure of himself. Despite everything that had just occurred, there was no doubt in her mind that he had been kind and understanding. As far as she could tell, he wasn’t cruel, but she had to remember that she only just met him.

He had soothed her tears when she’d cried, which was more than the simple hug the guards had given her when she’d gotten in trouble before. Her bottom still burned, yet every nerve in her body felt alive. It thrummed with desire, almost as if it was a piece of kindling catching fire. He adjusted her gown so that it covered her body. Taking her hand, he led her out of the room and she followed, if a bit hesitantly.

“Eric? Where are you taking me?”

“I’m going to introduce you to the other doctors and then we will begin your entrance examination. We’ll take care of you. Try not to worry or be nervous. All the older girls go through this when they’ve been assigned to the medical wing. You’ll be just fine. In fact, you just might enjoy it after what I witnessed today.”

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