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Her Android Daddy by Rose St. Andrews – Sample

Chapter One

Bernadette stood on her little footstool—it was the only way she could fully reach the white board—and finished her presentation with a grand flourish. Stepping down, she turned to Dr. Phillips and her colleagues, and bit her lip. Their expressions were mixed to say the least, and that didn’t bode well for her.

She knew this from experience. Bernie had contended with people looking down their noses at her long before she got her doctorate. She was used to it. She hated it, but she was used to it. At four-six, with long blonde hair and a curvy figure, she’d learned that people did not expect genius to be a part of her ‘equation.’

“Well, come on, people, say something positive,” she snapped. “I mean, it’s ambitious, but you have to admit, it’s also pure genius.”

“Ah, ever the modest one, aren’t you, Bernie,” Amiko, her best friend, but also chief rival at the institute said.

Everyone laughed.

“Hey, if I don’t toot my own horn, who will?” she shot back. “I learned long ago that, even in the world of computer programming and robotics, it’s dog eat dog.”

Dr. Phillips stood and raised a hand to signal quiet. “All right, everyone, settle down. Bernadette, calling this merely ‘ambitious’ is like saying the moon landing was a spin around the block. The algorithms and heuristic models you’re talking about here are barely in the conceptual stage. We’re decades from creating something like this. On top of that, the creation of a… unit like this is a clear violation of the robotics laws.”

“That’s the sort of fuzzy thinking that’s let Mars, Venus, and the other colony worlds pull ahead of us in every field of human development. Something is only impossible until it isn’t. Now, will my project require some major leaps forward? Yes, but I have every confidence we can do it. As for the law, I checked, we can get a variance, so long as we keep the test unit in the lab.”

Murmuring echoed throughout the room as small groups spoke among themselves. Dr. Phillips scanned the room, shook her head, and turned to her.

“Bernie, I’m sorry, but the answer is no. I admire your drive, but the resources needed to even begin your project would mean cutting the budgets of everything else we’re working on.”

“And?” Bernie said simply.

Dr. Phillips rolled her eyes. “Really? Dr. McKellar, this institute is here for the advancement of all people, not just you! I am not about to, as the ancient saying goes, ‘put all our eggs in one basket’ and devote everything to one hare-brained scheme. We must be fair, we must be reasonable, and we must use our resources to maximize the potential for future results. Now, I will submit your proposal to the review board, and perhaps we can find some funding to start the initial research, but that is all. Is that clear?”

“Quite clear,” she said. You old bitch! We’ll see who gets funding.

The meeting adjourned, the other presenters gathered up their things, and Bernie erased the board before getting her papers and briefcase. No way was she leaving her notes on the board for someone to steal. Milling about with the others as they shuffled to the door, she again felt as if she was at the bottom of a well; everyone else towered over her. She looked down at her lab coat. While identical in style to everyone else’s, hers was the smallest size available, and yet the bottom edge still almost dragged the floor. Yeah, beauty and brains were hers, but not height. Nope, there she got stiffed.

Once back at her office, Bernie set to work. She wrote a lengthy email report to the governing board, bypassing the review board altogether, and made her formal arguments as to why her project deserved to be fully funded. Once it was sent, she sat back in her chair, grinned, and relished the prospect of being put in charge of not only the project, but the entire institute. She walked around with the biggest grin for the next two weeks. Everyone else was downright afraid to be around her. As they whispered behind her back (she always heard them), they said she looked like a lioness about to devour a zebra.

At the end of those two weeks, she was called into Dr. Phillips’s office. The board had read Bernie’s email, discussed it with Dr. Phillips, and the next thing Bernie knew she was carrying her things to her car.

Jealousy, that’s what this is all about, not science, just pure spite! They hate me, all of them, and want me gone because they recognize my genius. Fine, let them laugh at me behind my back, I’ll show them, I’ll show all of them, and I’ll have my revenge.

Bernie ordered her car to take her home, and off it zipped. That was the beauty of a hovercar—a nice smooth ride. As the autopilot guided the vehicle, she used her hand computer to call up some info on her assets. As her parents’ only child, she’d inherited everything they had, which was considerable. Between their money and her scholarships, college had been a breeze, and given her intellect, she’d easily earned her doctorate by the time she was twenty-five. In the year since that, she’d devoted herself to taking robotics and AI further than anyone else had ever dared dream, and for good reason. Since the Great Diaspora of a couple of centuries ago, the solar system had truly become humanity’s home, and the population of Mother Earth had suffered for it. The population was down considerably. It wasn’t merely Bernie’s wealth that allowed her to have a penthouse apartment in Lower Manhattan; it was that the city was home to barely half a million people! There was an enormous need for highly skilled people and there just weren’t any around. Bernie’s project would solve that problem.

Fools, they lack vision! Can’t be done? I think it can, I know it can, and I’m going to do it.

If she liquidated most of her stocks and bonds, she could generate enough money to start the project. After that, selling the penthouse and her commercial properties would probably be enough for phase two. She made her decision, she was going for it.

Four months later, in her workshop of her new, smaller home out at the end of Long Island, she activated it.

“I’ve done it,” she cried. “He’s alive, he’s alive!”

The AI unit sat up from the exam table, blinked, and looked around. “I think, therefore I am. Who or what am I, and who are you?”

Bernie smiled. “You are… let’s see, what shall I call you? Ah, how about Leo? Yes, I like that, short for Leonardo, my favorite artist and inventor. I am Bernadette, I am your creator.”

“You… made me? What am I?” he said, looking at his hands.

She grinned as she looked him over. He was magnificent, if she did say so herself. Sitting there naked, he was six foot four with short ebony hair and piercing dark eyes, rugged yet gentle facial features, rippling muscles, and a large and long cock. Bernie blushed every time she thought about his organ. She hadn’t been able to create a true AI, one with a completely artificial body, she couldn’t afford that, and so she’d settled for a cyborg. She’d put her finest synthetic brain into an organic body she’d grown in an incubator. However, the rapid growth had caused some problems, and she’d had to augment certain areas of the body.

“You are an artificial life form that I have designed to fulfill many of the vital functions that are needed here, but are being neglected due to a lack of a viable labor force.”

Leo slid off the table and stood, towering over her. “I am an android slave? That seems a waste of my potential.”

“You are neither, Leo,” she replied, rubbing his chest. She shivered. His flesh had grown better than she ever could have hoped. It was firm yet yielding, strong yet supple, and just the feel of its warmth was enough to make her pussy tingle. “Your body was grown in a cloning chamber, then I implanted an artificial brain into it, and augmented you with a number of enhancements.”

“Enhance…? Ah, I am detecting them: improved vision and hearing, synthetic bones and muscles, and some sort of power system.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, Leo, but the rapid growth of your body caused some of your organs to not develop properly. Your power unit will convert raw energy into nutrients to keep you alive. As for your potential, it will not be wasted. Once I’m sure that you’re fully functional, I—we will reveal you to the world. I’ll be famous, win the Nobel, and your kind will take its place next to humans as equals. Together, we will rebuild this world. Now, come with me, we need to start your training.”

“Should I not have clothes?” he said.

Bernie did a classic double take. “Wow, first you recognize your own potential, and now a sense of modesty. Shit, I programmed you better than I thought! Ah, okay, sure, I’ll run you up some clothes.”

Moving to the other side of the lab, she scanned him, fed the data into the Replicator, and a moment later some nice jeans and a flannel shirt slid out. She stood off to the side while he dressed, her heart fluttering. The whole ‘lumberjack motif’ was one of her biggest fantasies.

He turned to her. “I detect extensive medical files in my memory core. Is that what you want of me, some sort of medical practitioner?”

Bernie was momentarily rendered mute. He was so hot! Her mouth went dry, her head spun, and she was reduced to a giggly schoolgirl.

“I… um, ah… yes! That’s right, a doctor or doctor’s assistant, depending on how well you handle the subject. We need such people desperately. Now, come along, I order you to obey me in all things,” she said, trying to calm her passion by reasserting her control of the situation.

For an instant, just for an instant, she almost seemed to detect hesitance in him. His head cocked slightly and one corner of his mouth turned down ever so minimally.

Is he contemplating defying me? Is he feeling anger at being ordered around? That can’t be possible, his neural net and programming aren’t that highly developed, not yet.

“As you wish,” he said simply.

Bernie led Leo into the main part of the house. They weaved their way through the minefield and disaster area that was the living room and paused at the door to her room.

“Wait here,” she said. “I want to change out of my work clothes, and then we’ll start.”

She stepped in, moved to the dresser, and rifled through the open drawers tossing things every which way. Peeling off her overalls and tank top, she slipped on khaki shorts and a snug white t-shirt. She turned toward the door and gave a little jump to see him standing there.

“Oh, I wasn’t expecting you to be there!”

“You said to wait.”

“I know that,” she snapped. “I thought you’d stay put where I said it. My old household droid knew to do that.”

“I am more than a mere droid,” he said, his voice almost sounding irritated. “I chose to move closer in order to observe you.”

“What? Why would you want to do that?”

“To learn more about you and to insure you remain safe. My primary function is to protect you.”

“Uh-huh,” she grumbled. “Well, in future, remember that my room is my most personal space! Got it?”

He nodded. “Yes, mistress. I am curious, is it customary to forgo underwear?”

“Wha—? How do you know about that?”

“I am linked to the household systems via Wi-Fi. Since my activation I have been scanning the internet for more data so as to learn all that I need to be a good companion to you.”

“Wow, I don’t remember switching your link on,” she said with a shrug. “Eh, so what? Anyway, to answer your question, when I’m kicking around the house, I don’t bother with undies. Just makes more laundry. Now, come on, let’s get started.”

She marched past him, her ample breasts bouncing and her nipples easy to see through the sheer fabric, and made her way to the kitchen. Pushing a pile of dishes to the far end of the table, she got out the first aid kit and a knife as he entered the room.

“Do you not have any household droids?” he said, scanning the area.

“Huh? Oh, the mess. Yeah, I got a couple, just haven’t had time to set them up. Never mind stupid shit like that, we’ve got more important things to do. Now, I’m going to simulate a kitchen accident, and you are to then give me exactly what I need to fix the problem. Got it?”

He nodded. “Yes, mistress, it will be my pleasure to give you what you need.”

Holding the knife expertly, Bernie cut the back of her left hand with one deft slice. She winced slightly—the pain was nothing new to her—and then smiled to see how fast and efficient Leo was in his reaction. He applied pressure to the wound with a cloth, sat her down, and popped open the kit. Despite knowing his operating parameters, she was impressed with his speed and accuracy. He gave her a mild painkiller, a vasoconstriction medication, and then used the tissue repairer to seal the cut.

She flexed her hand and fingers and looked at them. “Very good, Leo, ten out of ten. Now—whoa! What are you doing?”

Leo had sat in the next chair, pulled her over his lap, and landed his firm hand squarely to her behind. It hurt!

“I am fulfilling your order,” he said simply.

“Ow! What the fuck? What are you talking about? I said to fix my wound,” she squealed. “What is this? Ouch! Stop it, stop it at once, you motherfucker!”

“Incorrect,” he replied, his hand dancing from one poor cheek to the other like a metronome of pain. “You told me to give you, quote, exactly what I need to fix the problem, end quote, and I judge this as being the first step in that process.”

Bernie wiggled and squirmed on his lap, desperate to escape the rain of swats, but it was impossible. Leo was far too strong, and given his height and her lack of same, she couldn’t get her feet planted firmly on the floor to give her some leverage.

She was trapped.

Back and forth his hand went, smacking her poor bottom over and over. Fire rippled through her tender flesh, the sting and ache causing her to yelp and howl as the pain rose with each passing minute.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Ouch! What problem do I have? Leo, you are malfunctioning, execute emergency shutdown per Directive Forty-Two right now, and that’s an order!”

“Cannot comply, Directive One takes precedence. Bernie, you have multiple issues that we must deal with. I have scanned your emails, personal journals, and all relevant business and scientific publications. You do not eat right, you have alienated friends, family, coworkers, and every man you’ve ever dated, you do not work to your full potential, and your language and household skills are deplorable. We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

Bernie’s eyes grew wide and she gasped. How in the world did he get all that data downloaded and processed so fast? I mean, I made him good, but I didn’t expect him to be this good. How am I going to get out of this? “My personal life is none of your fucking business! Now, I am your creator and you will obey me in all things, and I order you to cease and desist beating me this instant, you goddamn son of a bitch!”

“Bernadette, let us be clear, I will never beat you,” he said, yet didn’t stop. “I have made a careful historical review of appropriate disciplinary techniques. Centuries ago, errant children and young ladies were subjected to this. It’s called an over the knee spanking, and I will be using it on you from now on until I judge your problems corrected. Now, are you prepared to work with me to achieve this goal?”

“What?” she bellowed, heaving on his lap. “You think you can do this shit to me again? Never!”

“Bernie, be reasonable and use your great intellect to assess the situation. You need this, you need to make changes in your life, and you need to agree to let me help you.”

She opened her mouth and let loose a profanity-laced tirade to truly tell him off, but at the end of it he was still doing the spanking thing, her poor bottom was on fire, and she was on the verge of tears. So, she did like he said; she assessed her condition, and realized she had to at least appear to agree with him if she ever expected him to stop.

“All right, all right, I yield,” she grumbled. “I’ll… work with you!”

Leo stopped, yet didn’t release her. “Very good, my dear, you’ve taken the first step on your road to a better life.”

Lifting her to her feet, he smiled. She frowned and wanted to spit, but settled for lightly rubbing her tender cheeks.

“My life is fine, you goddamn worthless piece of shit machine,” she spat.

He stood, slowly shaking his head, and sighed. “Yes, we have a lot of work to do. So, let us begin.”

Before she could even formulate a response, he took her by the elbow and marched her out of the room, and a moment later they were in her bathroom. The place was like everything else in the house: messy and disorganized, but fine by her. Leo closed the door, shook his head, and did the old ‘tut-tut’ routine like her dad used to do when he was upset with her.

“Goodness, Bernie, is no part of your life even close to being orderly?”

“Hey, it’s just me living here,” she snapped. “Why should I put forth any effort to be neat and tidy when it’s just me?”

“Because all of this, your bedroom, this room, the house, and all other aspects of your life are part of you and a reflection of your mind and body.”

“So, what—clear house, clean me, is that what you’re saying?” she sneered in a mocking tone.

“To a large extent, yes,” he said, soaping up a washcloth.

She snorted and rolled her eyes. “Ha! Guess I never should have installed that philosophy subroutine in your neural net. So, now what, we going to clean my bathroom?”

“In a manner of speaking. First we’re going to clean you, then the room, and then the entire house.”

“Huh, clean me? What the fuc—ulp!”

He cut her off in mid-swear when he shoved the cloth in her mouth. Bernie’s eyebrows shot up and she squealed around the cloth as she struggled to spit it out. She failed. Leo was too fast and too strong, and he held her and the cloth, and swirled it about her mouth. It seemed those enhanced muscles weren’t such a good thing for her.

“In case you’re wondering, this is another ancient punishment, it’s known as a mouth-washing, and is used to deal with little girls who use bad language,” he said casually.

Bernie practically growled at him, her eyes shooting daggers at his face as she continued to struggle with him for a couple of minutes, before finally giving up. He forced her to hold the cloth in her mouth for another minute, and then removed it.

She spit. “That’s disgusting, revolting, and clearly criminal assault on my person! Gad, I need to rinse.”

Leo stepped in front of her, blocking her from the sink, and shook his head. “Not so fast, young lady. Have you learned anything from this?”

“Other than you’re Frankenstein’s monster come to life to torment me, no!”

“Bernie, you must learn to speak properly,” he scolded. “People who indulge in profanity are seen as small-minded and uncultured, you’re so much better than that. In future, you will refrain from such language or the same punishment will follow. Is that clear?”

She trembled, the rage burning within her to the point her head felt almost as hot as her bottom and she almost literally foamed at the mouth, but she held her tongue. One thing was clear: if she was going to reassert control over her creation, she had to play along for a while.

“Yes, all right, I understand,” she managed to choke out.

He smiled and nodded. “Very good, now you may rinse, and we’ll get to work.”

Bernie practically bolted for the sink and ran the water hard and fast. Standing there, she didn’t know what hurt the most: her behind, her mouth, or her pride.

What the hell sort of work is he talking about? Shit, what kind of monster have I created?

Chapter Two

Bernie soon learned what Leo had in mind for her. Once she’d washed her mouth clean, he marched her to her bedroom to change into some jeans and a plain blouse, and this time he made sure she wore proper underwear. After that, they set to work cleaning the house and putting things in order, and he made sure she pulled her weight. Bernie couldn’t believe it, he was just like her father back when she was a teenager. Actually, to be completely honest, the situation was more like when she was a little girl and she threw an ever-loving hissy fit whenever her dad told her to clean her room. Back then his answer was to take away her computer or something else she loved until she toed the line.

She hated to admit it, but that spanking thing was far more effective, not that she’d ever tell Leo that.

Once the house was spic and span, which took the better part of the rest of the day, Leo took her to the kitchen for a cooking lesson as he prepared her dinner. While he grilled a steak, she was tasked with chopping up spices and other ingredients to give flavor to the vegetables.

“Why do I need to learn this shi—stuff?” she whined. “We have droids and food processors that can do this with ease.”

“It’s good to learn new things,” he replied. “In my scans of Earth history, I found a woman named Eleanor Roosevelt. She was quite the lady, you should study her biography. She said a person should do one thing every day that scares them. Granted, learning to cook is quite minimal in the fear department, but it’ll do for a start. Now, while I finish up here, you set the table and get yourself a drink.”

Bernie pressed her lips together. The very idea of taking orders from him only added to her anger. Yet, the lingering sting in her bottom kept her from saying what she wanted to. She just nodded and forced a smile on her face.

“Yes, Leo,” she choked out.

Soon after she sat down gingerly to eat.

“Oh, my God, this is so good,” she said without thinking. “I mean… um…”

Standing over her, he smiled. “People tend to appreciate more the things they do with their own two hands. In time, you will learn much more, Bernie. Now, eat up, and then we’ll make plans for tomorrow.”


“Yes, we will review the future, and come up with a method for you to get your job back.”

“What?” she screeched. “Are you out of your fu—out of your mind? I’m not going back there after the way they treated me! Why would I?”

“Bernie, you have a brilliant mind, and a gift for thinking outside the box. It’s your duty to use those abilities in service to humanity, and the institute is the best place to do that.”

She jumped to her feet. “No, absolutely not! They all hate me there, they don’t appreciate my genius, and they refused to fund my project, which is you. Chew on that for a minute. You wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t walked away from there.”

“Bernie, I read the report you submitted to the governing board, I reviewed all the emails back and forth between you, Amiko, Dr. Phillips, and your other associates, and it’s clear you are grossly mistaken in your opinions of them. They all seem quite concerned for your well-being and good decent friends. Based on their online digital footprints, I’ve seen parties and social gatherings that you’ve all attended, and the joy and delight in your faces is quite clear. Then there are their posts about you, always complimentary and friendly. I feel certain that a sincere apology to Max, as Dr. Phillips prefers to be called will get you your job back.”

“Apologize to that bit—to her? Never! Besides, she doesn’t make those decisions,” she said.

“True, but according to the emails between her and the board, they left the decision in her hands, and when you insulted her that was the last straw.”

Her brow wrinkled. “How do you know about her email, and what went on in her office? I didn’t tell anyone about that.”

“No, but you wrote about it in your journal, and it was easy enough to access her files on the institute’s server; her password was so obvious.”

Bernie’s jaw dropped. “Amazing…” she said slowly, flopping down into her chair. She squealed, jumped to her feet, and her hands flew to her stinging cheeks. “Ouch! Damn, I forgot.”

Slowly she eased herself back down, and frowned to see the merest hint of a smirk on Leo’s face. How could he be so smug and satisfied? Had she truly managed to give him emotions complex enough to register such feelings?

Shit, I’m a goddamn genius.

Once dinner was over, Bernie having to help clean up, they went to her lab to draw up a ‘To-Do List’ covering the next day, week, and month. It seemed Leo had quite the agenda. Bernie would organize her files and equipment, tend to the yard, meet her neighbors, and help Leo with some enhancements and modifications he wanted done to his operating system.

“Leo, this area is mostly deserted. I don’t think I have any neighbors, at least any within a mile or so.”

“Incorrect, you have three very nice ladies on this street, two in your age range, and one elderly woman who recently lost her husband.”

“What the…? How could you possibly know these things?” she said in amazement.

He smiled. “By merely accessing the property records for this area and all local news reports. I find it disturbing how few men are around, and fewer still the number of married couples. I will study these issues.”

Bernie blew a raspberry. “Men? Please, I keep them away, as do most women these days. They are nothing but trouble.”

“I shall make my own judgment on that issue. Now, the hour grows late, it’s time for you to get to bed.”

“What? You’re shi—you’re kidding me, right? I’m not twelve,” she snapped.

“No, you’re merely acting like you are. Bernie, another ancient saying that is worth noting is: ‘Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ I would assume the same applies to a lovely young lady such as yourself. So, come along.”

He rose to tower over her; his stern features and piercing eyes tied her tongue, turned her knees to melted butter, and made her pussy quiver.

“I… um… yes,” she choked out. “Hey, wait a minute; I always have some dessert before bed.”

“Bernie, eating right before you retire, especially items with a high sugar content, is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we will see about getting you some healthier nighttime snacks.”

Clenching her hands behind her back, she ground her teeth and slowly breathed through her nose as she tried to control her temper. She had to bide her time and wait for the right moment to put him in his place. It took a minute, but she was finally able to nod and smile. He escorted her to the master bath and ran a hot bubble bath as she got undressed. She blushed and rubbed her thighs together as her breathing sped up. He was such a hunk!

“I can wash myself, Leo, you don’t have to be here,” she whined.

He smiled. “It is my pleasure to care for you, and insure that you are properly cleaned. Now, climb in.”

Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm her mind and body, and allowed him to guide her into the tub. The bubbles tickled her legs and nose, and she giggled without thinking. Sitting, she winced slightly at the warm water against her tender cheeks, and then truly tingled as his supple hands played across her naked flesh. As hard as his hand could be against her behind, it and its mate were equally gentle and pleasing to the rest of her body. He cupped and caressed her ample breasts, her toes curling as he fingered her nipples. He soothed her stiff neck, washed her back, and gently rubbed her thighs. When his fingers caressed her inner thighs, her butt stiffened, she winced and moaned, and her legs spread. She knelt there in the warm water, her pussy throbbing and hungry, and her breathing became hard and labored.

Shit, where did he learn how to tease and please a woman? Did I say I was a genius? I am Tesla, Curie, and Einstein all rolled into one with a dash of Dyson!

When he withdrew his magic fingers without entering her, she choked and gasped for a moment, and almost fell over. As he washed and rinsed her hair, she finally got her mind and body under control, and then he dried her with a warm towel. After blow-drying her hair, he combed it out, lightly rubbed her down, and then insisted she brush her teeth. It was yet another activity she’d long ago abandoned, but she wasn’t about to argue with him over so minor a matter. He then took her to her room and watched as she changed into her little baby doll pajamas—the blue ones with little yellow ducks on them, her favorite—and then he tucked her into bed. Her rage actually diminished, which confused her. Then she got it, it was that he was taking care of her, and she’d longed for someone to do just that for years. To be honest, it was yet another reason she’d worked so hard to perfect him.

However, there was the issue of eating before going to sleep; she missed that, and she wasn’t about to try to sneak out to the kitchen. Leo needed to recharge, so his body could synthesize the nutrients he needed, but that would only take an hour each night, and she’d programmed him to do it about three in the morning. So, he was still on guard as she settled down to sleep.

Ah, well, no problem there, I’ll just go to my secret stash.

She got a bag of chips from the closet and stuffed herself until she fell asleep in a pile of bits and pieces. The next thing she knew, she awoke to a pain in her ear.

“Ow,” she yelped, squirming in bed. Lifting her head, she opened her eyes and found Leo frowning down at her. “What the hell are you doing?”

He had ahold of her left ear.

“Young lady, what is all this?” he snapped, gesturing at the mess in the bed.

Keeping a firm grip on her, he guided her up to stand before him. She bit her lip and sort of shrank, feeling all of about twelve again.

“I… ah, well, I… um, got hungry.”

Sitting on the bed, he pulled her across his lap. She groaned and tried to escape, but once more he was too strong to resist. His long and strong left arm pinned her, and his firm right hand again began the painful dance from one cheek to another. Bernie squealed. She didn’t know if it was the lingering sting from yesterday or the thin nature of her clothing, but this spanking was far worse than the first one.

“Bernadette, really, sneaking snacks in bed? Are you truly an adult or a child? You seem to lack a good deal of basic maturity. Must I search your room for ‘contraband’ to insure you eat right?” he scolded.

“Ouch, ow! No, you can’t do that, this is my room,” she whined.

“Young lady, need I remind you that I am here to fix your problems, and eating right and getting proper sleep are most definitely on that list.”

Bernie burned, her anger growing as she wiggled across his lap, her hands gripping the sheets almost hard enough to tear them, and soon her grunts and yelps became loud squeals and howls.

“Yes, yes, all right, I get the point, now stop,” she begged.

She was frankly surprised when he did. He released her, she eased herself up, her hands cupping her tender and sore cheeks, and he rose to stand over her.

“There, I think that’s enough,” he said casually. “As this was a minor infraction, a brief spanking will suffice.”

“Minor? Brief? Oh, you son of a…” she grumbled.

“What was that, young lady?” he shot back quickly.

“Nothing! Can I use the bathroom now, gently?”

He grinned. “Of course and then report back here.”

Bernie shuffled off to the bathroom, still cupping her poor bottom, and did just about the fastest use of the toilet in her life. Returning to her room, she found Leo had already located her entire stash of goodies and was hauling it away, and he gestured at the bed as he passed her.

“Pull off the sheets, toss them in the laundry, and clean up the bed. Crumbs will attract ants and other pests, and we don’t want that,” he ordered.

She nodded; she had to agree with him on that one, and so she set to work. By the time he returned to pick out her clothes, she was done, and got dressed. She hated the outfit: her old rainbow blouse, a boring red skirt, and—of course—bra and underwear. What was worst of all was how plain and boring they were: simple white lace. He also insisted she wear simple flat shoes; they were her old boat shoes, and she’d never liked them. She’d only worn them to please her dad when they went sailing. Given her small stature, she preferred heels, very very high heels, and these shoes made her fume.

Calm, keep calm, don’t blow up at him, bide your time, and wait until you can shut him down.

They then had breakfast and set to work. Leo led her to the lab, and her jaw dropped at the sight that greeted her. He’d been busy during the night; he’d set up his own workspace and it was dominated by some kind of high-tech chair. It sort of reminded her of a flight chair from a spaceship, molded to her form and with contoured support for her arms and legs.

“The first order of business is a thorough examination of you, my dear,” he said, gesturing at the chair. “Kindly undress and sit here.”

“What?” she screeched, backing away from him. “What the hell are you talking about? I don’t think so!”

Click, the door locked behind her. She spun to face it, then back to him. It seemed he’d linked his OS to the household system and could control any aspect he wanted.

“I have downloaded and scanned extensive files on both you and humans in general; however, if I am to serve you properly, I must know you in intimate detail. So, a detailed physical exam in necessary. Now, comply or I will have to spank you again.”

Bernie’s blood pressure shot up at least twenty points, but she bit her lip hard, counted to ten in her head, and managed to not earn herself both a spanking and a mouth-washing. She had no interest in either.

“All… right,” she choked out.

She undressed and sat in the chair, and blushed as he conducted the exam. Initially, it wasn’t too bad; pretty much a routine physical, and her only complaint was having to sit on a sore behind. The chair was not well padded. Then he pulled out a tray covered by a cloth and whipped it off, and she gasped. It had a speculum and other intimate tools.

“Whoa, wait a minute, you’re not using those on me,” she snapped.

Click, clamp, snap. Bernie jumped in the seat as restraints closed about her wrists and ankles, waist, and knees, and a special one around her shoulders all held her fast to the chair. The legs spread wide; she turned deep red and squirmed in the seat. She shivered as Leo set to work; in went the speculum, then a probe, and then his fingers. He stroked her clit and tickled her g-spot. She moaned and gasped, her thighs quivering as her breathing sped up.

“Oh… ohhh, enough, that’s enough,” she cried, gulping air.

“You appear to be as healthy as you are intelligent, Bernie, and with very powerful female drives. You could easily birth a dozen children and nurse them. So, why no husband, why no children?”

“I… I… stop and I’ll tell you!”

“Tell me and I’ll consider stopping, and one more thing, when did you last have intercourse?”

She heaved against the straps. “What? Who the hell do you think you are? Ohhh, sweet Jesus, you’re good! My s-s-sex-ohhh-life is n-n-none of your b-business.”

“Bernie, your health and well-being are critical to my helping you, and so I must know all there is to know about you. So, I ask again: why no mate, why no offspring, and when were you last with a man? I won’t stop until you tell me.”

“Ohhh! No, never, never t-t-tell,” she gasped.

Leo grinned. “Bernie, need I remind you the penalty for naughty behavior? However, a good spanking will not be necessary. Given my knowledge of human anatomy, I can keep you at the very height of sexual delight for literally hours, yet never allow you a release. Do you want to test me on that, see which of us will yield first?”

Bernie tightened every muscle in her body, heaved hard against the chair, and didn’t budge an inch. Stars danced before her eyes, her breathing came hard and fast, and her pussy became drenched and engorged. She was driven insane and practically drooled as the throbbing and pulsing of her body sped up with the passing of the minutes. However, as he promised, she never climaxed.

“Arrrgggg, all right, all right, I give! Eighteen months, eighteen since I last fu—had sex,” she wailed.

Leo withdrew his delightful torment. “Very good, and the rest?”

“I… I broke up with my boyfriend Greg. He wanted all that house and home shi—crap, and lots of rugrats running around, and I…”

“And you?”

“A career, I wanted a career, and nothing to distract from it,” she snapped.

He sighed and slowly shook his head. “Oh, Bernie, how could you be so… limited? These days, with household droids, daycare, and family leave, and with the help of the community, your career would not be negatively impacted by a family. You are being selfish!”

“I’m taking care of myself, of number one first, that’s what women do these days,” she shot back, practically growling.

“Yes, well, I am thinking that that is something else that needs to change. Hmmm, number one. That reminds me, I must also check your GI tract,” he said, turning to a control panel.

Bernie sort of gurgled as her mind went blank. Oh, what the fuck is he planning now?

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