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Her Christmas Cop by Meredith O’Reilly – Sample

Chapter One

“Come on, Princess, we have to get going or else we’re going to be late,” Daddy called to me from downstairs.

“I’m coming,” I shouted back from my little bedroom. I was standing in front of my floor-length mirror, trying to decide if the outfit I’d picked out would be suitable or not for today’s events.

Last night once I got home from work, Daddy had told me tomorrow we were going to go to the mall and see Santa. I couldn’t believe it; I, Morgan Castillo, was going to be meeting the man in red. The guy who decided if I belonged on the naughty or nice list. I really needed to make a good impression. If I didn’t, I ran the risk of getting coal and I did not want that!

I was wearing a red dress made of wool that went down to my knees. It was perfect to keep my body warm from the awful snowy weather outside. Along with my dress, I had on a pair of white pantyhose and black patent leather shoes. Everything matched perfectly and gave me the look of being younger than I was. I liked that. It helped to keep me in my headspace. It also helped that I was a small person, standing at five feet two inches and weighing in at one hundred and ten pounds. No way would anyone believe I was twenty-seven years old.

My dark brunette hair was brushed back into a ponytail, showing off my twinkling brown eyes and the freckles that were scattered across my face.

“Morgan, we need to go now,” Daddy ordered from the door frame. I pressed my hand over my heart as it suddenly beat harder. I hadn’t heard him come up at all. For such a big man—he was six feet tall and two hundred and ten pounds of pure muscle to be exact—he sure knew how to be quiet when he wanted.

“Sorry. I just want to make sure I look my best for when I meet Mr. Claus. This is a really important day for me, you know,” I stressed, not taking my eyes away from my reflection. Maybe I should put on a bit of makeup and really draw attention to my eyes.

Daddy came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my torso, bent down, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I know it is, but if you keep fretting over your appearance, by the time that we finally get to see him, Christmas will be over.”

Sighing, I knew he was right. Santa wouldn’t care how I looked, just as long as I behaved myself. And truth be told, I had already gotten everything I could have ever wished for, thanks to the man standing behind me.

As I watched our reflection in the mirror, my mind flashed back to when we first met four years ago…

Jared Castillo and I met in our senior year of college. We had both attended a party, where I had succeeded in getting black-out drunk, thanks to my ex-boyfriend, Brett. Jared had taken me back to his apartment and stayed up the entire night taking care of me. The next morning, once I came back to the land of the living, he nursed me through the absolute worst hangover of my life until the following day.

Once I was back to my normal self, he gave me a lecture I’d never forget. He bent me over his knee and spanked my bottom with his hand two dozen times until I was sobbing. After he applied some lotion to help ease the pain, he made me promise that I’d never drink to the point of blacking out again.

I had sat there, dumbfounded that a stranger had the nerve to punish me like a child and then lecture me on what I had done wrong. A small part of me wanted to get up, leave, and never see him again. But a larger part was so turned on by his dominance and care for me. Never had anyone taken the time to make sure I kept myself safe and learned my lesson like Jared had that day.

Once he finished speaking and asked if I had any questions, I told him I only had one… what his phone number was.

He chuckled, and gave it to me, along with his name. It was amazing to have found someone who got me so well. He didn’t laugh when I went on a random tangent about my internship as a microbiologist over dinner. He didn’t judge me for any of my quirks or when I admitted that I had gotten super turned on when he had spanked me. He was Mr. Perfect, in every sense of the word.

After that, we started to experiment and discovered we both got equally turned on when he took control in the bedroom. I loved when he used one of his many implements on my body. The way he snapped the flogger against my flesh, oh, it was enough to make me come just thinking about it. And if he wore his police officer uniform when he did it, I was putty in his hands before the first stroke.

As understanding as he was about all the other kinks I enjoyed, I was afraid he’d laugh at me about my ageplay one, so I hid it.

It wasn’t until our wedding night I had finally revealed to him my desire to be his baby girl. I was afraid if I told him while we were dating or engaged that he’d think I was crazy and would dump me. Yes, it was wrong of me to wait, but I was so nervous that finally, while still wearing my white dress, I spit out the truth.

To his credit, he took the news well. We discussed what drew me to this type of play, why I didn’t tell him sooner, and we decided we wanted to keep that part of our relationship sex free.

I felt so relieved after our conversation that I didn’t protest when afterwards he bent me over the bed and spanked my bottom harder than before. I had learned my lesson loud and clear: don’t ever hide things from him.

After that night, we didn’t discuss anything ageplay-related again for three months. Truth be told, I was a bit worried about it. I kept expecting to come home and find all his stuff gone with a note attached to the door saying he couldn’t take my crazy desires.

Of course, the complete opposite happened. I had come home from work to our apartment. Before I got out of the car, he opened the passenger door and gave me an address to drive to with him. I did as he asked, curious where he was taking me. When I got out, we were in front of the cutest house I’d ever seen.

It was a triplex and had yellow siding and white trim all around it. There was a cute pathway that led to the front door, along with a small flower garden right under what I assumed was the family room window. The house was beautiful, but I couldn’t understand why he had brought me here.

I turned toward him and he had a huge smile on his face as he pulled out a pair of keys I’d never seen before. It finally dawned on me what they were for and why we were here.

He confirmed my suspicions when he announced that he had purchased this house for us.

I couldn’t believe him. He had gifted me with the most perfect home in the entire world. I jumped into his arms, giving him the biggest hug, before grabbing the keys and running to the front door.

We entered in on the second level, which was where the kitchen, dining room, and front room were. The thing I loved about it was there were no walls in between the rooms. There was just one big open space, so it’d be very easy to move around.

On the lower level were the family room, a powder room, and a small sliding door that led to a fenced-in backyard and small patio. I was so happy to finally have my own backyard. My entire life, I had lived in apartments, so the fact that I could now have my own garden thrilled me to no end.

Once I was finished admiring the back, I headed to the third floor. It was easy to spot the master bedroom and bathroom, they were very large. Jared declared the second room we walked in to be his study. When I went into the third bedroom, I was stunned at the sight.

The walls were painted a beautiful lavender color. There was a twin-sized bed pushed up against the wall, with a cute net with butterflies around it. A small nightstand was next to the bed and not too far away was a dresser.

Pushed in another corner was a rocking chair, with cushions that matched the walls. Next to that was a bookshelf filled with books. I walked over to the closet and swung the door open.

On the inside door was a full-length mirror. Besides that, the closet was brimming with clothes. I looked through some of them. They were all cute outfits young girls would wear, but they were in my size.

I spun around to face my husband, tears in my eyes. “Sweetie, I can’t believe this. When you didn’t bring the subject up again after our wedding night, I thought you didn’t want to have an ageplay relationship, but didn’t want to hurt my feelings by telling me. Then you do this,” I said, waving my hand in the air. “Thank you so much, Jared.”

He had a huge grin on his face as he pointed his finger at me in a scolding way. “Young lady, you’re calling me the wrong name. When we’re in this room, I’m Daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I couldn’t hold the tears off any longer and I was flinging myself into his arms. I loved this man so much. He had just made all my dreams come true and then some. How did I get so lucky?

“Morgan, are you listening to me, young lady?”

Daddy’s voice brought me out of my memory. I turned and smiled up at him. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry. I was just remembering the day four years ago when you brought me here for the first time.”

He grinned down at me. “Ah, yes, that was an amazing day. I was so worried you wouldn’t like your room though.”

What? He had never told me that before. He was crazy! “Not like it? How could you ever think that?”

“Well, for starters, I bought a house without your input at all. Then I decorated your little room without even consulting you. I wasn’t sure if you’d like what I picked out, but I wanted to surprise you and show you how much I loved the idea of having you as my baby girl.”

I hadn’t realized he’d felt that way at the time. Now that I did, it made my room even more special to me. He really had put a lot of thought and effort into it, to make sure I loved it.

“You had no need to worry. Every detail in my palace is perfect and I adore our home. Maybe if you would have decorated all the rooms, I would have been upset, but you didn’t.”

Thank gosh he hadn’t. He had caved and painted my little room lavender, but if left to his own devices to paint the other rooms, we’d be living in a blue house. The man was obsessed with the color.

I was pulled out of my memory when he said, “I’m glad to hear it. Now, we really need to get going or else we’re never going to make it out the door to see Santa.”

“Okay, okay. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” I said, pulling out of the embrace and reaching for my coat. I pulled it on and then let Daddy zip it up. Once we were bundled up, we were out the door.

By a miracle from above, we found a parking space in the first row of the crowded mall parking lot. It seemed like everyone and their mother were here shopping today. Then again, Christmas was in a week and a half, so people were rushing to finish their gift buying.

Once inside, Daddy and I headed straight for the line to see Santa. It ended up taking us twenty minutes until it was our turn next. Now that the moment was here, I was rather nervous. This was so silly and what if someone saw me from work? I glanced over my shoulder to check. Of course, Daddy noticed something was up.

“What’s the matter, sugar plum? You seem nervous.”

“This is crazy, we should leave.” I tried to skip out of the line, but he held my hand firmly in his.

He bent so our faces were level. “Why do you want to leave, sweetheart?”

“What if someone from work sees me? They’ll laugh.” I felt my cheeks heat up as I admitted this. Seeing as we had never left our house when we were in our ageplay roles, I’d never considered I’d feel differently once we were out and about. I didn’t like it at all.

“If someone we know sees us, then we can just tell them I was dying to get a picture with the man in red and you came with me for moral support.”

I couldn’t help the giggle that slipped out of my lips. I kept imagining my big, strong daddy telling people that he was the one who wanted to see jolly ol’ St. Nick. I’m not sure what people would say.

“Okay. That’s what we’ll tell people,” I agreed, feeling less apprehensive.

A woman dressed as an elf walked over to us. “It’s your turn to meet Santa Claus. Follow me, please.”

We did as she asked and we were now standing right in front of him.

“Ho ho ho,” he bellowed out in his deep voice. “Merry Christmas. How are you two doing this fine day?”

“Good,” I squeaked out as I felt my face heat up even more than it had been before.

Santa smiled at me, easing some of the embarrassment I felt. “Tell me, young lady, have you been good this year?”

“I… ummm… yeah?” I cursed myself for not sounding more confident.

“That doesn’t sound all that convincing, young lady. Are you sure you’re telling the truth?” he asked, looking at me skeptically.

I nodded, not trusting my own voice at the moment.

“Hmmm, I bet your father will tell me the truth,” he said, looking pointedly at Jared.

I almost gasped at his comment. It was one thing for me to view my husband as my daddy, but it was another for someone else to think that. I guess it wasn’t just me that thought I looked like a little girl.

Sure, I was short, but no one had ever doubted my age. Then again, I was currently dressed in a dress meant for little girls and I was with my husband who looked normal. So, it made sense.

Amongst all this worry, there was a part of me that felt very happy Santa thought I was indeed a child.

“My sweet Morgan told you the truth, sir. She has been very well behaved this year. For the couple of times that she was naughty, we corrected the situation right away.”

I smiled up at Daddy, pleased with his assessment, though I wasn’t sure if it was entirely correct. I had been over his knee for a bare bottom spanking because of my behavior more than a couple of times this year. But, I wasn’t going to tell Santa and risk getting mounds of coal.

“I’m glad to hear you nipped her bad behavior in the bud. It seems my naughty list grows longer and longer each year because parents aren’t doing that.”

Yeah, Santa had no need to worry. My daddy would never let me get away with misbehaving.

“Now tell me, little girl, what would you like me to bring you for Christmas?”

I had my two items picked out already, knowing that this question was going to come up. “I’d like a pink fleece sweater because I’m always cold. And I’d also like an American Girl doll, please.”

I didn’t think asking for those items was too much. I really did get cold more often than not, especially in winter, so a fleece sweater would be amazing.

The doll didn’t have as much of a purpose, except I had always wanted one. When I was ten years old, I had read every American Girl doll book there was. I had begged my parents to buy me one, but they didn’t because they thought they cost too much money and I wouldn’t want the dolls once I got older.

Well, the joke was on them because I still wanted one, especially the Felicity or Molly doll. They were my two all-time favorite girls.

“Hmmm. I’ll see what I can do, but I can’t guarantee anything. My elves up in the North Pole are very busy and they might only have time to make one of the presents that you want.”

“I understand, sir,” I said, but still kept my hopes that I would get exactly what I requested.

“Good girl. Would you like to take a picture with me?”

“Yes, please,” I answered, moving to his side. Daddy did the same and wrapped his arm around me as we all smiled for the camera.

“If you come with me, I’ll give you the photo,” the woman dressed as an elf said. It was time for us to go.

I turned toward the man in red one last time. “It was nice meeting you, Santa.” I reached down and gave him a hug.

“Ho ho ho, it was nice meeting you too, dear. Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas,” I called out before grabbing Daddy’s hand and following him out of the workshop area. The woman handed me the photo. Glancing down at it, I saw three dazzling smiles shining back. This was such a great token of our fun day. I would treasure it forever.

“That was so amazing!” I exclaimed.

“It was,” Daddy answered, smiling down at me.

“And it was so funny that he thought I was your real daughter. But I guess I truly do look the part today.”

“Yes, you do, baby girl.” He smiled as he tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear. “Say, since we’re here, why don’t we walk around some?”


I didn’t have any Christmas shopping left to do. Being the planner, I was, I had had it all done before Thanksgiving. Still, I did enjoy getting to walk around, with people bustling around and Christmas music playing from the speakers. Plus, the mall was decorated so nicely. The elevators had garlands running up them. There were pretty strands of lights hanging from the ceiling. It was enchanting.

We ended up stopping and walking through a couple of stores. Daddy was looking for some new shoes, but didn’t find any he liked. Whoever said that women were pickier about shopping than men clearly had never met my husband.

When we passed the Build-A-Bear store, I squealed. “Please, can we go in? Please,” I begged. It had been forever since I’d visited this place.


We walked inside and I immediately went over to where all the stuffies were. There were so many! Different animals, teddy bears, characters from Paw Patrol, and so many more.

“Would you like to get one, honey?”

“Mhmm,” I answered, nodding my head rapidly, while not moving my eyes away from the display.

He chuckled. “All right. You can pick only one.”

Oh, man, this was a hard choice. I had to pick just the right one or else I’d regret it for the rest of the day. Scanning all of the items, I finally decided on a yellow bear with brown hair. She was supposed to be Belle from the new Beauty and the Beast movie. It was one of my favorite movies, especially because of her beautiful yellow dress and the fact that she had dark brown hair like me!

“This one, please.” I pointed to her.

Daddy got the bear from the bin and we walked over to the stuffing area. A woman sat there and didn’t say much to us. She just took my bear, filled her up, and handed her back to me. I didn’t like this sales associate. She really needed to work on her customer service skills.

“She’s perfect. Thank you!” I was so happy, I didn’t even care that we were in earshot of the mean lady. She could kiss my butt if I bothered her.

“You’re welcome, honey. But I think she’s missing something.”

“What?” I asked, looking down at her. She had her beautiful brown hair and me holding her. What else could she need?

“I think Belle would be very lonely if she didn’t have the Beast by her side.” It took me a moment to understand what he meant by this, but once I did, I about had a heart attack from excitement!


“Yes.” Daddy walked over to where the Beast’s stuffies were and he grabbed one.

“Oh, thank you!” I exclaimed, giving him the biggest hug I could. I couldn’t believe I was getting not one, but two new toys today. This was the best day in the whole world!

We had the woman fill Beast. Then my new friends were purchased and boxed up for us to carry to our car. As we left, I didn’t need to see a mirror to know I had the biggest grin on my face.

As we passed the food court, all the delicious smells coming from the area had my mouth watering and my stomach growling.

“It sounds like someone is hungry.”

I nodded. Breakfast felt like it was so long ago.

“Let’s stop here for lunch.”

We each decided to get a hot dog, fries, and a Coke. The meal was simple, but boy, was it delicious! As we sat there, I told Daddy my plans for once we got home. Now that we had a princess and prince staying with us, I was going to need to build them a blanket palace. It was only right. He agreed and said that he’d help me if I wanted.

Once we finished eating, we threw our trash away and headed for our car. After all the excitement of the day from meeting Santa to getting new toys, I was starting to feel sleepy. Of course, Daddy noticed right away.

“I think someone needs a nap when she gets home.”

“No, I don’t,” I protested and then yawned. Okay, maybe he was right.

He sent me a glance that pretty much said exactly what I had just thought. Ignoring it, I leaned my head against the window. I guess I could rest my eyes for a few minutes. At least until we got home. Then I’d play with my new toys.

It wasn’t five minutes later and I was sound asleep.

When I woke up, I was in my little girl’s room. Belle and Beast were tucked in on either side of me. Daddy must have carried me inside. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t woken up. Normally, I was such a light sleeper, but I guess with the holidays coming and the recent stress from work, I needed the extra sleep.

Rolling out of bed, I went to find my man. He was downstairs watching football. I walked over to him and took a seat by his side.

“Hey there. How’s my baby girl?”

“Good,” I answered, snuggling up to him. It always took me a couple of moments to fully wake up.

He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me in for a tight hug. I loved getting to be this close to him, feeling the warmth from his body and hearing the thump thump of his heart. It was one of the most relaxing places in the world to me.

I tried to pay attention to what was on television, but football had never interested me. The only thing I liked about it was how attractive some of the men were, though none were as handsome as my husband.

Something else caught my attention. Lifting my head, I smelled a delicious scent coming from the kitchen.

“Are you cooking something?”

“Yes, I’m making pot roast for dinner tonight,” he answered, muting the television.

“Oh, yum! That’s my absolute favorite!” I gushed.

“I know, you tell me every time I make it,” he said, smiling before kissing the top of my forehead.

Man, this really was my lucky day. First, I got to meet Santa, then I got two brand new stuffies, and tonight I was going to be able to eat my favorite meal. I definitely owed him a big thank you.

I moved so I was straddling him.

“What are you doing, Morgan?”

“After all that you’ve done for me today, Jared, I think I owe you something in return.” At the mention of his real first name, his eyes glazed over with lust.

Once we had decided that we were going to make an ageplay relationship part of our lives, we had come up with some rules. The first was that during the week I’d be big, then during the weekend I’d be little. The second was I’d only call Jared Daddy when I was in my little headspace. The third was if it was the weekend, and I called him Jared, it meant that I was in my big headspace and I was to be treated as such.

Generally, the only time when I came out of my headspace during the weekends was if I got sexually aroused and needed some attention. We had both agreed that neither of us were into sexual ageplay, so this rule helped us avoid it.

“What type of thank you did you have in mind?” he asked, placing his hands on either side of my hips.

“I was thinking you could fuck my tight pussy with your big cock or I could take it in my mouth and swallow all your seed.” I licked my lips and smiled at him. I very much enjoyed option number two. Getting to make a man as dominant as my husband lose control from what I was doing to him was such a turn-on.

“Hmmm, those are two very tough choices,” he murmured as he lifted the hem of my dress up and over my head. Then he unclasped my bra, pulling it off me, revealing my swollen breasts. He grabbed a nipple with each of his hands. He twisted and flicked them.

I moaned as I felt my pussy getting wet. He loved to play with my breasts.

“I think I’m going to have to go with option one.” He let go of my swollen peaks and pulled me in for a kiss, but stopped just before we touched. “Though, it really was my decision all along, wasn’t it, Morgan?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answered.

He gave me a quick peck and then brought one of my pebbled nipples between his lips. I gasped at the sensation of having his warm, wet tongue toying with me there.

He sucked on it and rolled his tongue across my areola before doing the same thing around my beaded peak. It sent tingles running down my spine. When he grabbed my hard tip in between his teeth and pulled, my hands clenched onto his shoulders as the pain traveled to my pussy.

“You like this, don’t you? You like being such a pain slut.”

“Yes, Sir,” I gasped, leaning my head back to push my breasts closer toward him. He continued to pinch me for what felt like forever until he let my breast go and then he eased the ache with his tongue.

“Please, Jared,” I begged, grinding my pussy against his groin. He hadn’t even touched me down there yet and already, I wanted to come.

“Let’s not rush the good stuff. Otherwise, it’ll be over before it had a chance to begin.”

“But, it’s torture,” I whined, continuing my movements on his lap.

He grabbed each of my nipples and gave them firm twists, stopping me from moving and causing me to moan loudly from the pain. “Yes, it is, but we both know you love it.”

He was right. There was something about feeling pain that made my pussy weep like nothing else. Still, it didn’t mean I wouldn’t beg for my release.

“Yes, Sir.”

He took my other breast into his mouth and gave it the same treatment the other one had just received. I felt like a rubber band that was stretched to the max and was about to snap. My husband truly did enjoy his foreplay.

It felt like an eternity before he pulled his head back and sent me a smile. “We need to change positions.”

With no other warning than that, he stood with me in his arms. He walked upstairs to our bedroom and threw me onto the bed with a chuckle.

I bounced once before his body was over mine, covering me. He pressed his hard shaft still covered by his pants between my legs. It had me wishing that there was no clothing between us so he could sink himself into me.

He bent his head, smashing his lips to mine. His tongue demanded entry and I gladly obliged. As he took command of my mouth, he grabbed both of my wrists in one of his hands as he pressed his pelvis into mine. I loved it when it felt like he was holding me down. He was in control and I had no option but to submit to his every demand.

He broke our first kiss and then started to kiss the side of my neck. It felt amazing when he did this! I seemed to have a million nerve cells there because it felt like my body came to life in those moments.

All of his attention was driving me closer and closer to the edge. The kisses felt fantastic, but just weren’t enough to push me off the cliff.

Finally, he reached for my leggings. I lifted my bottom as he pulled them and my panties down to my knees with one hand. Then he unzipped his pants and freed his engorged cock. It always amazed me how I was able to fit it inside of me. His shaft had to be at least eight inches long.

“Is this what you wanted?” he asked, grasping the base of it and giving it a hard tug. A bit of pre-cum dribbled from the head. He swiped his thumb over it, so it didn’t get on his pants.

He brought his digit up to my mouth. “Taste.”

With one simple word from him, I found myself wrapping my lips around his finger and lapping up the small amount of his seed with my tongue. It tasted tangy and a bit salty, exactly how he always was.

His eyes burned into mine. “I’m going to fill your pussy with my seed. That’s what you want. Isn’t it, my little slut?”

“Yes, Sir, please,” I begged as my channel gushed with more of my juices. I loved when he talked dirty to me.

“Good girl.”

He molded his mouth to mine again and as he did that, he thrusted inside of me. I grunted at the small bite of pain that always accompanied him claiming me, even after four years of marriage.

“That’s right, my little slut. Take all I have to give to you.” He set a fast pace, pounding in and out of me. I loved it when we played rough.

He tugged on my ponytail, making me tip my head upward, revealing my neck to him. He peppered it with kisses again.

My toes were starting to curl as my orgasm continued to build. I ached to dig my fingers through his hair or run them over his back. I could never get enough of touching him when we had sex.

He continued to pump in and out of me until he pulled back and said, “Come for me, baby.”

When he dipped his head forward and bit my bottom lip, that last bit of pain tipped me over the edge into the abundance of pleasure that came with my climax. My body shook as all of my muscles spasmed.

He released my hands, finally giving me a chance to grab onto his shoulders. His hands traveled down my back and lifted me slightly, shoving his cock even further into my depths.

My pleasure was abating, but came back with new life when I felt him spread my ass cheeks and the tip of his finger entered my puckered hole.

This new, unexplored play had me screaming as another orgasm claimed me. My vaginal walls squeezed his shaft tightly as he held his finger inside of me, sometimes wiggling it.

I didn’t think I could take anymore. Finally, he grunted and I felt his warm seed fill me as I laid there, catching my breath. Gosh, four years ago I worried our sex life would get dull and boring. How wrong I had been.

It was quiet for a few minutes; the only sound was each of us panting.

“I love you so much, Morgan.”

“I love you too, Jared.”

We smiled at each other like the two fools in love we were. He gave me a peck on the lips, before pulling out of me.

He rolled over onto his side of the bed and then got up and disappeared into our bathroom. I knew what he was doing. This was a huge rule with him, one I wasn’t particularly crazy about.

He came back into the room, carrying a washcloth. Sitting to the side of me, he carefully washed my pussy. “You feel okay? I wasn’t too rough?” he asked, concern in his eyes.

No matter how many times that I assured him I wouldn’t break when we had sex, he always did this.

“Yes, sweetie, I’m great, better than great in fact. I’m awesome!”

He smiled down at me. “I know you hate me asking you how you’re feeling, but I can’t help but worry. You’re so much smaller than me. I don’t ever want to hurt you.”

I sat up. “How many times do I have to tell you, you won’t. I might be small, but I’m tough. I can take a good hard fucking anytime of the week.”

He chuckled. “You can tell me as many times as you want, but I’ll always worry. It’d kill me if I ever hurt you.”

“I know.” I climbed into his lap and he wrapped his arms around me. “But I also know you’d never hurt me. Men larger than you have been claiming women smaller than me since the dawn of time and it’ll happen even after us. Those ladies didn’t get hurt and neither will I.”

“True, but I’m worrying about you, not those other ladies.”

I rolled my eyes at his craziness. When was he ever going to stop being such a mother hen?

“Did you just roll your eyes at me, young lady?”

Uh-oh. He had a rule that I wasn’t allowed to do that in front of him, but I felt this situation called for it.

“Ummm, no?” I answered, but not convincingly at all. He had caught me in the act, and I knew it.

“Yes, you did. You know what happens now.”

Before I could answer, he stood and then tossed me back onto the bed. A second later, he was back on top of me as I giggled. Guess it was time for round two.

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