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Her Cowboy Daddy by Dinah McLeod – Sample


Her Cowboy Daddy by Dinah McLeod“Mmm. That’s it, right there,” she gasped, widening the distance between her perfectly shaped legs.

Colton slid his hands underneath her beautiful, firm ass and pulled her to him, grunting when her legs wrapped around his back. She was a beaut, no doubt about it, but she could do with talking a little less. It seemed like she’d done nothing but run her mouth since he’d met her two hours ago and while that was fine at the bar, once he’d brought her back to his room he’d expected her to leave him in silence so that he could work.

And work he did, kissing every curve, arousing every nerve until she was a quivering pool of jelly in his very skilled hands.

“Don’t stop,” she groaned.

“Does it look like I plan to stop?” he growled, searing her with a stern look. “Just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

“Do you want me to sit, or—”

He hadn’t expected her to take him literally and couldn’t help but smile. “Lie back then, darlin’.”

Colton didn’t like to think in times like these. He liked to get down to what he did best—well, one of the things he did best, anyhow. He was real good at riding bulls, swilling whiskey, and pleasing the ladies. He wouldn’t be satisfied until the woman underneath him was screaming his name—he always aimed to please. The only problem was, hard as they tried, not many women could return the favor. Oh, they got him off, sure. He was sure he’d cum all over Vanessa’s pretty tits, if she’d let him, but that wasn’t what he was looking for.

He wanted a woman who could get his blood hot, who could excite him. The right girl would be beautiful, of course, but she needed to be so much more than that. Feminine and sweet, yet sexy, smart, and interesting. He had a list full of what he wanted in his forever girl and the more women he met, the more things got added to it until he was sure that such a girl didn’t exist. Take Vanessa, for example. She’d seemed pretty and interesting by the dim light of the bar. They’d talked for hours before she’d coyly suggested they spend some time alone together. He hadn’t expected her to jump his bones the minute the door shut behind them. Maybe he should have stopped her, but the minute she began unbuttoning his shirt, his cock had done all the thinking for him.

Which was how he found himself looming over her this very moment. Dipping his head, he inhaled the heady musk wafting from her slick pussy. He dipped a finger into the pool of her lust and then licked it clean, closing his eyes to savor her unique flavor.

“Did you… did you just…?”

“What?” he asked, unable to hide a grin. “Don’t tell me no one’s ever tasted you before?”

“No.” She sounded somewhere between wondering and disgusted.

“Well then, darlin’, you’re in for a special treat.” He gave her his failsafe charming smile and watched as she relaxed. “Don’t you worry about a thing. Let me take care of you.” His voice was so smooth and reassuring that when he was done talking, she was even smiling back at him. She had a sweet smile, he reflected.

Dropping his head once more, he eyed her golden tan. The hair around her pussy had been trimmed and made the aroma of her lust even more intoxicating. With his tongue, he parted her pussy lips and dived in, spurred on by her gasp of surprise. It was quickly followed by moans as she tightened her legs around him. Clearly, she was enjoying herself, but that was nothing new. Not to Colton, anyhow.

He sucked on her clit and brought her so close to orgasm that she was clawing her nails down his back. Only then, when he could feel her about to let go did he sit up and wipe his mouth.

“What are you doing?” she cried out, sounding breathless.

“Don’t you worry, darlin’. I’ve never left a woman on the brink before. I promised to take care of you, didn’t I?” With that, he unzipped his jeans, allowing his stiff, hard cock to spring out of his pants. He could hear her catch her breath, a sound that turned to a groan of ecstasy as he plunged into her wet depths.

He closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of penetrating her, of her hot little body underneath his own. He thrust harder, deeper inside her, spurred on by her mewl of protest. Before he could get ahold of himself, he gave in to all of his pent-up frustration and unleashed himself. He let go and gave in to his secret need, the one that always pulsed just beneath the surface, and allowed himself to dominate her. And dominate he did. The poor, sweet girl had never seen it coming. He clasped her slender wrists together and kept them bound above her head as he pounded into her again and again.

“Colton… Colt… please,” she gasped. “Please… oh, Colt,” she mewled.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much, he thought, grinning to himself as he tightened his grip on her slender wrists. He could feel himself reaching his happy place—a place where, for the briefest of instances he would orgasm and be able to let go completely, his need satisfied for a perfect moment in time. Then, all too soon the heady, delicious sensation of it would fade away and the clock would begin ticking again, counting down to the next time when he’d have to get his fix.

When he came, his orgasm was explosive. If Vanessa’s scream was anything to go by, hers came right behind his own. He sighed in relief and lay back against the pillows. He tried to keep his desire to be in charge under wraps the best he could, but like it or not, it always seemed to come out when he was in bed with a woman. He was always afraid to have to face the girl in question afterwards, never sure if he’d find horror or disgust in her eyes. Thankfully, Vanessa seemed to have recovered herself just fine, and she’d gotten off to boot.

“That was… interesting,” she offered, batting her long eyelashes at him. “No one’s ever made love to me like that before. Maybe…” She reached over and began tracing her fingers up and down his arm. “Maybe we could do it again sometime.”

Colton turned to her and offered a smile as he took in her dark, mussed hair and freely swinging breasts. There was no doubt that she was a beautiful woman. And yet, he knew he wouldn’t be seeing her again. There just wasn’t anything between them. No magic, no spark—not that he was the kind of guy who normally believed in such things. But when it came to finding the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with—which he did want to, no matter what anyone else thought of him—he thought that he should feel something when she looked at him like Vanessa was right now.

“I’ve had a very good time getting to know you,” he started as he sat up. He took a deep breath before he pressed on—this was probably going to get ugly, but he needed to be honest. “But if we’re being honest, I don’t really see this going any further.”

Vanessa had been wearing a coquettish, post-sex smile that began to fade by degrees. He could tell the moment his words fully registered, because she leapt off the bed, looking angrier than a wet cat. “You can’t see this going any further?” she demanded, gesturing to her beautiful, naked body. “What does that mean? You can’t see fucking me again, is that it?”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

“Funny, you seemed to be having plenty of fun earlier. I mean, if anyone should be complaining here, it’s me!”

“Vanessa, you misunderstood—”

“I mean, you’re the one with the weird kinks, but do you see me judging?” she demanded through narrowed eyes. “No! I was willing to see past all that and give you another shot!”

“Uh, I appreciate that, it’s just I don’t really see a future between us.”

“Really,” she snorted. “Well, you seemed to see plenty of a future when I got my shirt off.”

“You’re right, I shouldn’t have let things go so far—”

“Oh, so now you’re saying you regret it?”

“No, nothin’ like that,” he protested, though to tell the truth, he was beginning to. “I just meant—”

“Oh, forget it!” she shrilled, snatching her blouse off the floor. “I don’t want to hear it anymore! You’re just some fucked-up cowboy with a weird sex fetish! Is that drawl even real?” Without waiting for an answer, she’d barely thrown her clothes on before she sprinted for the door. She snatched up her boots and walked out without even bothering to stop and put them on.

Colton knew that he should go after her, try to apologize, but another part of him knew that there was no use. She was good and pissed and there wasn’t going to be anything he could do about it. If she didn’t want to believe that he was really a good guy, there wasn’t a thing he could say to convince her.

With a sigh, he fell back onto the bed, trying to let the dust that Vanessa had stirred up settle. She’d been more ornery than a wet cat, and though she probably would call him a liar, he was sorry for it. He’d known nearly as soon as they’d started to get physical that he couldn’t see himself with her. He never should have let it go further, but the truth was, he got lonely sometimes. Looking for ‘Ms. Right’ was a tough business.

Hopefully, whoever she was, she was out there somewhere. Maybe she was even thinking about him right now. He knew one thing—she wouldn’t question his drawl or call his sexual preferences ‘weird.’ Sighing to himself, he added it to his mental checklist, wondering why he even bothered.

“Hey, Wade?” Scarlett called for the third time as she sank deeper into the sudsy bubble bath she’d drawn herself. She inhaled deeply, closing her eyes as the scents of vanilla and lavender reached her nose. It was rare that she indulged in such long, luxurious baths, but after the day she’d had, she needed it. She’d been on her feet for almost ten hours straight, with little more than pocket change to show for it.

Finally, the bathroom door banged open and she turned toward the open doorway with an expectant smile. Her live-in boyfriend strode in and her smile evaporated as soon as she set eyes on him. He clearly wasn’t in a good mood.

“What?” he barked, confirming her suspicion.

“Oh, it’s nothing, just…”

“You keep calling me, it better not be ‘nothing,’” he sneered.

Scarlett sank even further into the water, more to hide from him than for comfort. “I was just going to ask you to hand me my loofah.”

He snatched the purple pouf from its hook on the wall and tossed it down on her with an annoyed shake of his head. “Is that all?”

“Um, well… actually…”

“What is it already?!”

“Uh, I just… well, I kind of was hoping you might…”

“Might what?”

She ducked her head as she spoke in a whisper, afraid to see his face. “I thought you might want to join me? I thought maybe you could… maybe you might wash my back?”

“I don’t take baths, you know that,” Wade scoffed. “Besides, you’re a grown woman. Wash yourself.” With that, he marched out, not even bothering to close the door behind him.

Scarlett bit her lip and inhaled deeply, trying to ward off the tears that threatened. Not that it bothered her—not really. After all, it had been a silly idea in the first place. Wade was busy, of course he didn’t have time…

It didn’t matter. He did plenty of other things for her. Well, not that he had lately, but he had in the past. And he wasn’t always so grumpy.

Scarlett sighed and brushed a lone tear away. The truth was, she just wasn’t happy. Wade wasn’t either, and she suspected that was probably mostly her fault. At first, when they’d met she’d thought he was everything she was looking for: handsome, funny, and attentive. But as time went on, he seemed to run out of jokes and he wasn’t so much attentive as he was… well, jealous. At least he still had his good looks.

Not that that was enough to build a good relationship on. She knew that, and yet, it seemed like every boyfriend she’d ever had ended up being ‘not enough.’ The problem must be with her. Maybe the things she wanted—someone who would look after her, take care of her, make her feel special, maybe those weren’t things she was ever going to find. The thought made her ache inside. She couldn’t even fully understand it herself, much less put it into words, but she wanted to be somebody’s everything. The only thing she could even equate it to was the way she’d seen fathers and daughters act in the movies. The little girl in the movies always looked at her daddy like he was the smartest, most caring man and the world, and he would look back at his girl like she was perfect no matter what she did. She’d never met her father, but she wanted to feel that way more than anything, but on a deeper, more intimate level. Was that so wrong?

She supposed it must be, because anytime she suggested taking even teeny, tiny baby steps in that direction—like asking Wade to help her in the bathtub, for example—he acted like she’d lost her mind. Maybe she had, but she knew that she couldn’t live without her secret desire. She had tried, but the more she tried to stuff it down deep, the fiercer the need was when it resurfaced, as it always did.

“Hey, I was gonna head out for a brew. Is this all you made today?”

Scarlett was jarred out of her thoughts when Wade came back in the bathroom, holding a fistful of bills in his clenched hand. She already knew just how much he held—her tips for the day, amounting to twenty-seven dollars. “Yeah. Give me just a minute and I’ll dry off and—”

“Don’t worry about it. I can see you’re busy.” He gave her a half-smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “I’m heading on out. Don’t wait up, I’ll see you in the morning.”


Wade turned around and walked away as though her objection hadn’t reached his ears. She tried to tell herself that he must not have heard her, but somehow, her heart just wasn’t in it. She briefly thought about jumping out and toweling off, but it was no use. If he didn’t want her to go, she wouldn’t have fun anyway. She’d no sooner dismissed the idea when she heard the door slam.

With another long-suffering sigh, she sank back under the cooling water and what suds remained. She closed her eyes and a vision of a tall, broad stranger sprang to her mind. He seemed too real, she could practically feel him. And then, she saw herself beside him, reaching for his large hand and calling him ‘daddy.’

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