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Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor by Emily Tilton – Sample

Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor by Emily TiltonPrologue

Really, none of it was Natalie’s fault, Adam knew. Any reasonable person—and Natalie’s three daddies all seemed to be reasonable men—could see that. Although she would end up thoroughly punished if they had anything to say about it, they all knew that she had never set out to submit to three men at the same time. Hopefully, being thoroughly punished would prove the best part for her in the end, and it was obvious to Adam, to Dan, and to Tom, that having three daddies had simply happened to her for reasons she didn’t quite understand, and certainly couldn’t have controlled.

Adam’s theory on the matter, at least for now, as the three of them settled down around the coffee table in Dan’s sumptuous living room to plan Natalie’s punishment, was that when he had brought out her submissive side three months earlier, she had begun to radiate submissive signals. Adam believed that all dominant men had a sort of attunement to those signals, whether or not they—or the submissives sending them—knew it.

Because Natalie had just started to live that part of her identity in her play sessions with Adam, she most certainly didn’t know that when a lovely young woman—twenty-two, petite, with long auburn hair and blue eyes—cast her eyes to the floor with a blush upon meeting them, and giggled when they said something like ‘naughty girl,’ she would attract the kind of dominant man she had always longed for but had never before known how to get.

“I think,” he said to Tom, who looked about 5′10″ or so, had sandy hair, and was handsome in a sort of teddy-bearish way that suited his daddy-babygirl ageplay tendencies perfectly, “when she met Dan, after she’d only been playing with me for a couple of weeks, and then met you a week after that, she probably thought heaven had decided to pay her back for having to wait so long to find even one dominant guy.”

Tom laughed. Dan, the oldest of the three of them, and the most prosperous from his private practice as an orthopedic surgeon, called from the bar, where he was making martinis, “And she probably thought that fate might make her wait for another twenty years before she met another one.” Dan was also the tallest of them, even taller than Adam’s 6′1″ height, lean as a rail, with the hair going grey at blond temples the only sign that he had passed forty. His aristocratic bearing, together with his medical training, never let you forget that he could take charge of any situation if necessary.

Adam succeeded—he thought—in concealing his completely-uncalled-for irritation. Clearly Tom and Dan had taken the idea of sharing Natalie much more in stride than he had. I brought out her submission: she’s mine, a voice kept whispering. But he knew he had to quell that voice.

“I’m sure,” Tom continued, still laughing, “that the way Natalie sees it, she almost has an obligation to herself, and to us.”

“To do what?” Adam asked.

“To submit to us, I guess. If karma is going to send her three daddies, how can she refuse? And she never made any pledges of exclusivity, right? To any of us?” Tom could sometimes slip into accountant-speak—‘pledges of exclusivity’ had the ring of the ledger, Adam thought.

But Tom was right, of course. “Nope, not at all,” Adam said. “And she warned me once that she wasn’t ready to make more of a commitment than to see me again.” Yes, she warned me, he thought with a hint of bitterness. But I didn’t see it coming.

“Why should she have told us about each other, and hurt us needlessly?” Dan said, bringing Adam and Tom’s martinis over to the coffee table.

“Is what she must have thought, yeah,” Adam said. “But.”

Dan nodded. “But.”

Tom chuckled. “Her butt has to pay.”

Dan snorted. Adam groaned.

“Just to be clear,” Dan said, sitting down with his own martini, “none of us is angry with Natalie, right?”

Adam took a deep breath. Angry, no. Hurt, yes. He shook his head. Tom said, “Nope. I can’t imagine being angry with her, frankly.”

Dan chuckled. “Me either. Our Natalie is such a sweetheart.”

Tom grinned. “Actually, that’s how Adam and I figured out what was going on. He was telling me about this scene he played with her, and how she got really turned on when he started to move things into ageplay a little.”

“It was the candy thing that tipped us off,” Adam said. “She’s got a sweet tooth the size of Manhattan, and, well, she said this really dirty thing that turned me on incredibly—and it turned out she says it to Tom, too.”

“What was it?” Dan asked, with a mischievous smile.

Tom laughed. “She kneels down in front of you, and says ‘May Natalie please have her special candy now?’”

Dan gave a little snort of laughter.

“And then if you tell her she can, she unbuckles your belt and takes down your pants and underwear with this angelic smile on her face, and…” He coughed, looking embarrassed.

Adam laughed. “If we’re going to do this thing, we probably need to get comfortable talking about this stuff. It’s probably easier for me as a professional dom, but we all should try to be forthright. What Tom means to say, Dan, is that Natalie sucks his cock like it’s the sweetest peppermint stick on earth, and, while she does, she keeps talking about how sweet it is, and how she wants her daddy to put it everywhere, and if you do sixty-nine while she’s having her special peppermint stick she’ll come over and over—especially if you tell her what a good girl she is.”

Tom nodded, a little sheepishly. “Like you said. Our Natalie is a sweetheart.”

“And yet,” Dan said, “it was something almost the opposite of that which tipped Adam off in my case, right?”

“Right,” Adam said, turning to Tom, to explain. “She likes the sterner stuff, too.”

“And medical play,” Dan said. “I caned her for playing with herself, like some old Victorian family physician, and she loved it, even though I took it pretty far with the examination and then with the punishment. She must have come five or six times while I was, well, let’s call it examining her for signs of immodesty.”

“And she said something else that seemed like it had to be the same girl,” Adam continued, “when she was talking about playing with herself. She called it ‘playing in my secret garden.’”

“Really turned me on,” Dan confessed. “So it seems like part of what’s going on here is that Natalie has a range of cravings, when it comes to her submission. I’d like to think, of course, that I could meet all those needs, but I have to admit to the possibility that I might not. I’m not an ageplay guy, for example.”

“And I’m not a medical guy,” Tom said with a little fake shudder that made the other two laugh.

“It’s true, as far as it goes,” Adam said, thinking about how much it cost him to admit it, “that if Natalie wants to submit to three men, she should give it a try.”

“But not without telling them,” said Dan with finality.

“Which ends up in dishonesty,” said Tom, nodding. “She definitely needs a lesson in being completely honest. And unfortunately for her adorable little backside, I think we’re the daddies to give it to her.”

Chapter One

“We’re leaving Monday,” Adam said.

“What?” Natalie replied, astonished. How could she possibly be ready to go to Fiji in three days?

“You heard me,” replied Adam, his eyes flashing her favorite warning look. Their relationship wasn’t about discipline, really—that was much more what Natalie did with Dan—but Adam liked to play with the tropes, and it always got Natalie hot and bothered.

They were having dinner at Adam’s house; he had made her favorite—a frittata with caramelized onions that melted in her mouth—and then he had casually told her that he was taking her to Fiji.

Natalie had always wanted to go to the South Pacific, and she knew she would be able to take the vacation time, since she didn’t have any projects coming up, but she’d have to cancel dates with Dan and Tom, and she didn’t really feel good about that.

How had she gotten herself into this? It was easy enough to tell herself that it hadn’t been her fault that Dan and Tom had wanted to dominate her, but another way of looking at it might be a little less favorable, though also a little more true: beginning to live a submissive lifestyle had made Natalie eager to play as much as she possibly could. During that first month, when she had started submitting to all of them, it meant saying “Yes, daddy” whenever a dominant man said, in one way or another, “Do you need a spanking, young lady?” After the first month, though, Natalie didn’t have enough free time to meet yet another daddy, and so although she might have continued attracting daddies until she melted into a puddle of submissive arousal, she finally just had the three—and that was all to the good.

But wasn’t that her right? Especially after enduring the beginnings of a young adulthood full of handsome boys who apparently would never think to tell a girl to get over their knees for a spanking.

They had flocked to her in college—at least the ones who weren’t intimidated by her tendency to ask professors difficult questions and actually listen to the answers. Natalie had been a sorority girl, because her mother had been a sorority girl, but Natalie had drawn the line at coming out.

“I didn’t like those girls in high school, mom. If I come out, aren’t I saying that I want to marry the same kind of guy they want to marry, and then spend the rest of my life hating them by the swimming pool?”

In retrospect, that was probably why Natalie had taken so long to realize that she craved domination: being submissive, in Natalie’s Midwestern suburban culture, had to do with things like deb balls and not being able to go into the bar at the country club because you didn’t have a cock. Every time she got intrigued by a reference to corporal punishment, or, later, things like ageplay and medical play, the independent part of her brain said “Yuck! That’s what the debs want, right?”

But it definitely wasn’t what the debs wanted, as Natalie finally found out when she played with Adam for the first time.

They had met at Natalie’s software company’s office Christmas party. Someone from accounting named Joanne had brought Adam as her date, but Joanne had gotten wasted, and Adam had deposited her in a chair while he got their coats. Natalie had watched the scene unfold—she was there alone except for her colleague in marketing, Martha Burton. Martha had pointed Adam out to Natalie, saying, “Your type, right?”

Was he ever. Thirty years old, it looked like. Definitely over six feet tall, brown hair, smoldering brown eyes, intensity seeming to emanate from the pores of his skin. Thankfully, Martha’s type was a little more carefree, so that when they both overheard him say to Joanne as he lowered her into the chair, “You’re in trouble, young lady,” Natalie didn’t have any competition.

In fact, Martha said, “Are you crazy? A guy who calls a girl ‘young lady’?” when Natalie said, bolder than she thought she ever had been in her life, “I’m going to talk to him.”

So she followed him into the office where they had put the coats, and when he turned around and saw her, and smiled with a radiant heat Natalie thought she could measure in thousands of BTUs, she said, “I’m Natalie.”

He said, “I’m Adam.”

And then she cast down her eyes, blushing. Later, she imagined that he must have smiled even more broadly at that.

“Natalie,” he said. “I think my evening just got a great deal better.”

Now Natalie felt like her face was on fire. She was wearing her favorite little black dress, at least. But suddenly she became conscious—she didn’t even know why, at that moment—that beneath the dress she had on the most boring beige panties imaginable. As soon as she realized that, she realized also that she had begun practically to gush into them at the sound of Adam’s voice.

“Can I venture a guess as to why you’re here?”

She looked up at him with wide eyes. “Yes,” she whispered.

“Did you hear me call Joanne ‘young lady’?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I have to get Joanne home right now, but I assure you that there’s a great deal more where that came from. Would you like to have lunch sometime, and we can talk about it?”

“Yes,” she whispered again.

He reached into his pocket and took out an actual little black book. “Why don’t you tell me your number, then?”

* * *

They had lunch the following Saturday. On the phone, Natalie suggested a weekday, but Adam said, “I’m thinking there’s a good chance that you’ll want to have the afternoon,” with a kind of assurance that brooked no refusal, and made Natalie’s panties wet yet again.

Her panties were much nicer, too. The day after meeting Adam, she had self-consciously decided to put on her one pair of sexy panties, a lacy black thong—she wasn’t sure why, but it probably had something to do with wanting to deserve to be called ‘young lady’ by that kind of man. Adam didn’t seem like the kind of guy who wanted to call a girl in beige panties anything, let alone ‘young lady.’

She wore the thong again the day they had lunch, and, throughout the meal, regretted it. Adam, without apparently intending to, made her conscious once a minute (it felt like once a second) that her bottom was practically naked under her jeans. That in turn made her aware of her breasts under her white camisole, though at least she had a T-shirt and sweater to cover her there.

They ate at an upscale burger place, and Adam expressed approval of the unfussy way Natalie ordered: a cheeseburger and a salad.

“I like that in a girl,” he said. “Nothing about what kind of cheese it is, or whether the beef is really grass-fed.”

“Well,” Natalie replied, a tiny bit defensively. “I mean, it’s a cheeseburger.”

Adam laughed. “And you’re from the Midwest.”

“Born and bred outside Chicago.”

“Not me—I’m a California boy.”

“Oh, where?”

“San Francisco,” he said, with a smile that seemed to turn Natalie’s stomach to jelly, though she didn’t even know why.

“So, not a surfer?”

“Well,” he said. “I do like to surf sometimes, but I’m definitely not a surfer.”

Without even thinking about it, Natalie went all in. When she heard herself, she figured it must be her body taking over her brain. “What are you, then?”

“I’m a dominant,” Adam replied, quietly but somehow also very forcefully.

Natalie felt her eyes grow wide, and she felt her bottom tingle. The thong between her cheeks suddenly pressed itself onto her consciousness in a way that made her look down at her placemat, as she pressed her lips together. And, of course, she blushed.

Thankfully the food had arrived at that moment so Natalie had a moment’s respite, but Adam knew how to press an advantage, and so after the first few bites were taken, he said, “Do you need a dominant, Natalie?”

She had the excuse of a full mouth, but of course she nearly choked on it at his words. Still, her thoughts had collected themselves at least a little bit by the time she had swallowed and had taken a sip of water, and she had to find an answer.

“I might,” she said, trying desperately to sound coquettish, which was not something at which she’d had a great deal of experience.

It was both the wrong move and the right one, because Adam said, “That sounds rather flirty, Natalie. It doesn’t become you. If you decided you wanted to play with me this afternoon, I would have to start out our session by spanking you for the insincerity involved.”

“What?” All coquettishness evaporated.

“I’m reasonably sure you heard me, young lady.”

“Oh, no…” The thong had been a terrible decision, she realized, because she felt so incredibly wicked inside her jeans that she didn’t think she could consider rationally what Adam had said. But what other choice had she had? Her underwear drawer had only beige polyester or black lace.

Then, with a thrill, and the certain knowledge that she would play with Adam that afternoon, Natalie realized that she was going to have to change the contents of her underwear drawer. The thing she had waited for, without even knowing that she was waiting, had begun.

“Do you think you can accept your spanking like a good girl?”

Natalie’s brain couldn’t even form the words to respond to that. A spanking, a real spanking. Where? How? In her apartment, over his knee? Or… lying on the bed? Not on her bare bottom, surely.

“W-would it… I mean… oh, God.” She realized she was pressing her thighs together tightly, as if to defend the area between them from this assault of ideas that she found too powerfully erotic to process fully. But the tightness there was making the lace of the thong rub against her pussy, whose inmost depths had decided to start spasming in helpless arousal at those ideas.

Adam said, “Nothing would happen that we didn’t talk about first. When I said I’m a dominant, I didn’t just mean that I’m oriented that way. I do it professionally.”

Natalie’s jaw dropped. “People do that for a job?

“Yes. At clubs and in private sessions. And it doesn’t involve sex, when it’s professional—at least for me. But sometimes I meet someone, like you, and… well, let’s not rush things, but if you and I do play this afternoon, it will be because I like you very much already, and I want to see whether we might want to spend more time together. Make sense, young lady?”

Natalie nodded. Her mind still spun from the news that Adam worked as a dominant. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that, but she did want to find out more.

“So, answer my question, please. One thing you’ll find about me is that when I ask you a question, you will answer it, or your bottom will suffer the consequences.”

“Oh, God.”

Adam smiled. “Don’t worry, I understand that it may take a while to come to terms with this side of yourself. I can tell you’ve never played before.”

Natalie nodded.

“Let me repeat the question, then. Do you think you can accept your spanking for insincerity like a good girl?”

A little whimper came from Natalie’s throat. “Um,” she said.

“See?” Adam said. “Now you’re being sincere. Inarticulate, to be sure, which I can already tell is something you’re not used to, but sincere. I prefer that infinitely to an attempt to betray your basically forthright nature.”

“Oh, God.” Jesus, couldn’t she say anything else? Anything else at all?

Adam smiled, and waited.

“Yes,” Natalie said.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I… I think I can… accept my, um, spanking like… oh, God… like a good girl.” She buried her face in her palms.

“Thank you,” he said, “but that’s not what I meant, Natalie. Yes, what?”

Then Natalie realized what he had in fact meant, and she was glad her face couldn’t be seen.

Unfortunately, though, Adam said, “Look at me, young lady.”

Cheeks burning, Natalie raised her eyes to her new dom’s.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir,” Natalie whispered.

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