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Her New Masters by Rose St. Andrews – Sample

Chapter One

Becky positively trembled with sexual energy. Never in her life had she known anything so exciting. Granted, she was only twenty, but Daniel, her old master had taken her virginity at eighteen. It was just that it had been so mechanical. It had been, had always been about his pleasure, his wants and needs, and thus she had never known sexual climax or delight. She hoped that would be different with James. Based on their long chats and messages, he seemed a decent fellow, which was why Daniel had agreed to her sale and the unorthodox manner of her transport to Green Brier, James’s planet. She was wrapped head to toe in some sort of plastic wrap; her breathing mask was so large she couldn’t see out of it, its top edge completely covered her eyes. That was surprising given her sizeable figure. She was five-nine and curvy; Daniel had always said he loved her ample breasts. She also wasn’t strapped into the crate, and thus she couldn’t feel anything as she floated about.

It was a wild sensation!

She settled against the bottom. The ship was obviously preparing to land. Becky couldn’t believe the feelings building within her. She was helpless, confined, controlled, and it caused the blood to pound in her ears and between her legs.

Is this what passion feels like?

Squirming and wiggling, she tried to take deep breaths while she waited to be unloaded. Time was hard to judge, but she knew it had to be at least half an hour before she heard dim voices off in the distance, and still more time before they drew near to her crate.

“What’s that one say?” a deep voice said.

“Lot Four-Two-Double-D,” a younger, softer man replied.

“Ah, here it is: livestock, female, one, property of James McG.”

“Hey, isn’t that nice? Mr. McGregor finally got himself a pet. Can we take a look?”

“Ian, we don’t have time for that, we’ve got a schedule and quota to meet. Add it to the queue going to decon and move on.”

“Yes, sir,” he grumbled.

Becky felt motion as her crate was slid onto an anti-grav loader and then she coasted along with the occasional bump and thump as her crate and others were jostled together. Moving upwards out of the hold of the ship, she finally came to a stop, and the hum of a laser cutter resounded above her. The lid of her crate was lifted away, mechanical hands wrapped about her shoulders and legs, and she was lifted out. Her mask slipped down as they moved her and thus she was able to see. Her brow wrinkled. Two men in hazmat suits stood across the room and operated controls, and she was in a place so white it was practically blinding.

This can’t be my new home and master!

“Initiate decon process,” the tall man said.

The other nodded and flipped a series of switches. One of the mechanical arms swung down right in front of her face and a laser cutter in its index finger activated. Her eyebrows went up and she let out a squeak, a mix of surprise and fear. It fired. She shivered, and the plastic wrap over her mask was sliced open. Down her body the hand went, cutting away the wrapping. The other hand lifted her mask away. She opened her mouth and flexed her jaw, and tried to sit up. Becky gasped.

I can’t move! “Hey, what’s going on?” she squealed.

The short stocky man chuckled. “Guess the little pet isn’t used to Gravity Grips. Sorry, little one, but you can’t move until you’ve been checked over and cleaned out. Begin phase two.”

Before she could even think about what he was saying to form a response, the hands returned. Their palms glowed bright red and hovered back and forth over her body.

Oh, I get it, bio-scanners. Huh, why would…? Wait, I know, they’re worried about me bringing some sort of new microbe onto the planet.

“Subject clear,” the computer said.

“Move to phase three,” the tall man said.

The table bent and folded, shifted, and her legs were forced wide apart. She swallowed hard. Her pussy was now on display, something that no one other than Master Daniel had ever seen. Sweat trickled across her naked flesh. The hands moved between her legs. Her teeth chattered in fear as she watched, helpless to do anything about them, and they touched her there.

“Ah… ah, wha-what are you doing?” she choked out.

“Just relax, missy,” the shorter man replied. “We’re required to examine you thoroughly and insure you’re compatible. Although, from the initial readout, it’s clear you’re human, so that’s not an issue.”

Becky shook and shuddered, the hands probing and poking her clit and g-spot. In her entire life, only Daniel had ever touched her there, and now a machine was doing it in front of two strange men, and they were ignoring the whole thing as if it wasn’t important! The cold metal made her hot, her thigh and stomach muscles flexed, and she gulped air trying to stay calm. She closed her eyes, desperate to not face the fact that the men were hovering over her. Her toes curled, the sweat ran harder, and then came relief. The hands withdrew, her breathing slowed, and her body calmed down.

“Wow, she is one fine female,” Tall Man said. “Well, other than not being a virgin. That’s unusual, isn’t it? I mean, when was the last time a pet came through that wasn’t one?”

The other man chewed his lip. “Huh, I can’t recall. You’re right, it is rare. Hey, which means she’s a specialty buy! Oh, I wonder who wants her that bad?”

“Well, we can’t go pulling up her P.O. now; we’ve got work to do. Move on to the next phase.”

Becky licked her lips, wondering what that entailed, and then the table rose in the air and flipped over. She squealed in fear. Yet, she stayed put; it was as if she was glued to the table. Then she figured it out; the Gravity Grips had to be some sort of gravity-boosting devices that essentially held her to the table. She shivered as a portion of the floor began to rise toward her. She was going to be sandwiched between them and she was scared that they were going to squeeze her. The floor panel touched her bare breasts and she stiffened. The table released her, she dropped onto the panel, and the table lifted away. Yet, she still couldn’t move. She was now locked to the panel and it began to distort and change shape. In a moment, she was head down, ass up, and the mechanical hands were drawing near again. She bit her lip, then grimaced as cold fingers spread her cheeks and lube swirled across her anus. An instant later, a long probe entered her.

“Ohhh,” she wailed. “Wait, what is that? What are you doing now?”

“Cleanser initiated,” the computer said.

Becky yelped as fluid gushed into her. She wiggled and fought against the restraints, but it was no use. She was trapped. More and more of the warm liquid entered her ass, filling her up to the point she felt swollen and bloated. The probe withdrew, leaving a massive butt plug as it left her body. Just as Becky began to relax, she felt a long metal digit once more enter her pussy. She squealed as that too was filled and plugged. The panel flattened out and the grips released her. Slowly pushing up, she hoisted herself up onto all fours, and slid off to stand. Her hands flew to her ass and pussy.

The plugs were locked tight inside her.

“Ohhh, I’m so full,” she groaned. “When can I… get rid of this stuff?”

“When you get to the stockyard,” Tall said as a door slid open. “Move through there, follow the lights, and you’ll get to a stall.”

“What about clothes?”

The stocky one chuckled. “None of that until you’re sold, little one. Buyers will want to get a good look at you, at all of you.”

“Buyers? Wha-what are you talking about? Where’s Master James? I’m his.”

Both men laughed.

“Little pet, we don’t have time to explain our world to you,” Stocky said. “Now move! The quicker you move along, the sooner you can go to the bathroom.”

Becky whimpered, covered herself as best she could, and slowly made her way down the hall. The metal floor felt cold against her bare feet, and the place was deathly quiet. As she came to an intersection, a light came on to her right and the one behind her went out. She kept walking, weaving her way through a maze of passageways. Finally she saw bars in front of her; as she drew near to them, the wall behind her closed.

Once more she was trapped.

A laser shot up at her from the floor. She jumped in surprise and looked down. Unsure what was going on, she felt the plugs dissolving, and figured it out.

Ah, laser-induced metal vaporization, very efficient, but how come there isn’t any heat? Oh, I know, it’s one of those cold lasers and the alloy dissolves at below body temperature. Wow, very high tech! Huh, what about…?

As if in answer to her unspoken question, a toilet emerged from the wall opposite the bars. She dashed to it and relieved herself. Sitting there, she finally had a chance to look beyond the bars. A wide room lay there and cells like hers lined the opposite wall. She didn’t need the gift of second sight to know the same was true on her side.

Moving to sit on the floor and take stock of her situation, she chewed her lip as she thought. This is a slave market! I don’t get it, where is James? Why am I here?

“Well, well, take a look at this fine filly, gents,” a man said.

Her head swung to the right as half a dozen men came into view outside her cell. Her toes curled to see the lust in their eyes as they licked their lips. They practically drooled as their eyes played up and down her firm form.

“Wow, she’s got quite the figure,” another said. “Come on, little critter, show us all your charms.”

Becky trembled and wrapped her arms tightly about herself. “Go away!”

The men laughed.

“Oh, feisty,” the second said and turned to the first. “Lug, if you please?”

The man nodded and operated controls on a device stuck on the back of his hand. The laser in the floor returned, but this time it hurt as it struck her thighs and breasts.

“Little one, on your tummy facing the back, and then bend your body so as to lift that little ass of yours high in the air,” he ordered.

The zaps grew faster and more intense. It was clear they weren’t going to stop until she complied. So, with a groan, she lay down and slowly hoisted her behind up. Her face exploded in a shade of deep red as the humiliation rippled through her. The men ooohed and ahhed over her and made numerous comments regarding how much they’d like to get their hands on her ass, screw her brains out and so on, and then they moved on. As mortifying as the whole episode was, Becky couldn’t help but get a little buzzed from it. Their words, their talk of smacking her ass got her blood surging. Getting to her feet, she moved to the bars to scan the area. The men were further down the hall, making notes on their computer pads, and a clicking sound suddenly echoed around her. She spun about.

Snake-like metal appendages were emerging from the wall all around her.

Becky trembled anew and moved to the center of the cage. What the hell is happening now?

A series of squeals and wails came from nearby. She turned. The women in the other cages were suffering the same fate. Some were fighting tooth and nail, others sobbed and curled up on the floor, but she just smiled and nodded.

It must be some sort of universal processing protocol.

Standing there, trying not to move or shake, she felt the arms wrap about her. Her arms were pulled behind her back and secured, a harness locked around her, a spider gag was forced into her mouth and snapped around her head, and her ankles were shackled. Then the arms retracted, the ceiling opened, and up she went. Looking around, she saw the other women doing the same as they all came into a large open room. The floor closed under them and they lowered until they just hovered a few feet above the floor.

Huh, anti-grav packs. I wonder what they’re for?

Multiple doors opened in the walls around them and a large group of men entered. They went from woman to woman and attached each to a hook that dropped from the ceiling. Becky’s eyes grew wide in fear. The hooks had large round knobs at their ends and the men were stuffing them up the women’s asses! She tried to complain, tried to protest, but her gag rendered her practically mute. All she could do was grunt, and then squeal as the huge knob slid between her cheeks and entered her. The man also clipped her harness to the chain so she couldn’t swing away from it, and then some sort of supervisor came by. His uniform and air of command made it clear he was in charge. Consulting his com-pad, he directed the men to shift the women about (their chains were on tracks and could move).

Becky was pushed off into a corner by herself.

As the minions left, in came the buyers. These were clearly men of wealth and power; their clothes, their attitudes, and their fancy jewelry made that clear. They casually strolled about the room, checking out the women, poking and probing them occasionally, and making comments regarding the quality of the ‘meat’ being offered. That’s when Becky got it. The hooks, the chains, they were all about presentation. The anti-grav suits the girls wore held them up so that their weight wasn’t coming down on the hook and they were relatively comfortable. Everything else was about creating the impression of a meat market; the women were nothing more than slabs of beef to be graded and then sold to the highest bidder.

“Hey, what about this one, Tilk?” a tall gangly man said, pointing at Becky.

“Her? Oh, she has a reserve on her.”

The man snorted. “Yeah, right, we’ve heard that before. It’s usually a feint to save a virgin for a special buyer.”

“You holding out on us, Tilk?” another man said. “Keeping the good cattle for your friends, is that it? Come on; let’s have the full skinny on her.”

“Gentlemen, I’m shocked, shocked and amazed that you would even suggest such a thing,” Tilk said. “Such things do not happen here, not in the House of Tilk! Here, review her file yourselves, if you don’t believe me.”

Pushing a few buttons on the pad on the back of his hand, a series of holograms appeared before them. The men slowly read the data as they examined her. One looked in her mouth, swirling his finger across her tongue and tapping her teeth. Another cupped and caressed her breasts, and a third drove her wild as he lightly patted her bare bottom.

The first man grimaced as he read her report. “Yuck, what a horrible sexual history she’s had. No wonder you’re selling her as ‘damaged goods.’ I’ll pass. Come on, boys, there are some fine fillies over there.”

They moved on, finished the review, and then left. A moment later, the women began to shift and slide into a single file column. Becky was about midway through the line, and one by one they moved through the door the men had used. She hung there, waiting her turn, and as she drew nearer was able to catch glimpses into the other room.

It was an auction block!

Finally, it was her turn. The door swung open, the chain slid along, and she was pulled up onto a small raised dais. Before her, in sort of a U-shaped auditorium were hundreds of men.

Tilk stepped up next to her. “Gentlemen, next up is Lot Four-Two-Double-D.”

“Yeah, she’s sure got double D’s,” someone jeered.

Everyone laughed.

“She has a reserve on her of five thousand credits,” he said. “So, do I hear any other bids?”


Becky cast her eyes across the gallery, gazing at the assembled throng, and wondered about her future. There was still the matter of James. Where was he?

“Going once,” Tilk called out slowly. “Going twice. Going for the third and final time. And… sold to Mr. McGregor. Sir, you can pick her up at the pay station.”

Becky swung off to the side and out another door, even as her eyebrows shot up and she smiled as best she could around the spider gag. Here at last was her new master! She moved up next to a small table. James was already there, paying her fee, and he smiled to see her. A staff member worked the hook from her ass. She grimaced at the discomfort, but was relieved when it popped free, and then he hoisted her down to stand next to James.

“Hello, precious,” he said with a grin. “You ready to go home?”

She nodded.

The gag was removed, the harness dropped away, and she was untied. Becky sighed and rubbed her arms. It felt good to be free, but then she jumped as a collar was locked around her neck.

“Oh, Pa, I’m so glad to see you,” she said happily. Daniel had demanded she call him ‘master’ and thus it had a very negative connotation for her. “What is all this? I thought you would just pick me up at the arrival port.”

“I’ll explain as we head home,” he said, picking up a long cloak from the table. “Here, I brought you something to slip on.”

She smiled. “Oh, thank you!”

Wrapping the cloth about her, she let out a squeak of surprise as it started to move. She looked down and saw it twist and contort about her body, and finally settle down to cover her almost completely; only her hands and head were bare. It essentially became a unitard that hugged every curve of her body.

“You look very nice,” he said.

She blushed. “Thank you. Um, but what about the collar?”

“Sorry, but all pets are required to wear them. Now, come on, let’s go.”

Taking her hand, he led her outside to the bustling street, which made her head pound again.

Becky wasn’t used to being outside. Daniel had always kept her shut up in the house, which caused her to fear open spaces. However, her dread was tempered by two things: Pa’s gentle touch, and the sights that greeted her. Redemption, her home world, was a stark bleak world of concrete and steel, industry and commerce, and, most of all, shame. The rich and powerful twisted people to suit their own agenda, which was yet another reason she was glad to be free of the place.

Green Brier couldn’t have been more different if it had tried. It was green and lush, towering trees dotted the rolling landscape (even the distant mountains were covered in them), and happy people strolled and drove along the wide boulevard before her.

“Wow,” she said softly.

He grinned. “You like?”

“Oh, Pa, it’s… the pictures you sent don’t do it justice,” she said, and inhaled deeply. “It even smells clear and fresh!”

“Tammy,” Pa called out, raising his right hand to wave.

Becky opened her mouth to ask what he was doing, but her jaw dropped as she saw a taxi pull up in front of them. It was a rickshaw pulled by a woman who was trussed up and locked between the two long poles. She looked like a pony: bridle, blinders, and dressed in little more than a bikini.

Pa helped Becky to get in and then called out, “McGregor farm.”

He pushed a button, a leather strap swung forward and smacked the woman in the ass, and off they went. Becky sat forward and looked around as she heard other men shout, ‘Tammy,’ saw other taxis like theirs, and noticed that some had leather straps, some had whips, and still more had stout wooden paddles. She figured out that each taxi was equipped with an anti-grav motor. That way the woman didn’t have to pull the full weight of the rickshaw and its occupants.

“Searching for a handle on all that you’re seeing, little one?” Pa said.

She turned to him and nodded. “Um, yes, sir. So, this is what you use slaves for?”

“One of the things. Most men buy one as a companion, a slave, or—like me—they want a little pet girl.”

Becky smiled, her heart pounding, and couldn’t help herself. She had to ask the question that had been burning within her for years. “So, does that mean you’ll spank me as soon as possible?”

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