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Her Shameful Confession by Emily Tilton – Sample

Chapter One

Lindsay had a daddy. Usually that made Lindsay very happy, but this morning, with Rick, Lindsay’s daddy, away on a business trip, it made her… well, not sad. Definitely not sad.

But when Lindsay’s daddy had to travel, well, Lindsay got, you know, needy.

Lying in bed on the third and final morning of Rick’s trip, knowing she had woken up too late to text with him, let alone video chat, Lindsay felt needier than she thought she had ever felt in her life. It turned her face bright red—she didn’t even have to get out of bed and look in the mirror to know that—because she knew it was her own fault, and she knew that if she had asked him nicely her daddy would almost definitely have told her she could take care of her neediness. Now, though, Lindsay didn’t think she could follow the rules, even though she and her daddy had agreed on them so clearly and completely before he left.

Lindsay blushed because she knew she was about to touch herself down in the place where Daddy said she wasn’t allowed to touch herself without permission, except to keep it clean.

When Rick had first made that rule for her, three months ago—two weeks after they had started dating and the morning after they had had sex for the first time, to date it precisely—Lindsay hadn’t thought she would have any trouble obeying her daddy in this area he clearly thought so important. She had even giggled.

“I don’t do that,” she had said as they lay in bed together, with Rick’s hand between her legs, claiming the part of her he had decided to talk to her so seriously about—the part that had seemed such a burden to her from the age of eighteen until her current advanced age of twenty-three.

“You don’t do that, what?” Rick had said seriously, and accompanied the question with a movement of his fingers that had made Lindsay buck against the possessive hand with a little whimper.

It had all come back, then, just as it all came back now, three months later.

“I don’t do that, Daddy,” she had whispered, and she tried to whisper it now in bed with Rick away on his business trip, but she stopped after “I” and bit her lower lip.

Lindsay had a daddy. A strict daddy, when he needed to be, who took Lindsay over his knee and spanked her very hard. A daddy who had told her in no uncertain terms that if she ever wanted to play with his little pussy, she must ask him for permission, because if he found out that she had done it without permission…

She whispered again, with her hands at her sides in little fists next to the silk of the little nighty her daddy had told her to wear every night while he was away, with nothing under it.

Nothing at all.

She whispered again, “Please, Daddy. Not the belt. Please, not the belt.”

Lindsay had never gotten the belt from her daddy. Once, when she had sassed him about how long he took to make dinner one night, Rick had taken off his thick jeans belt and wound it around his fist, while Lindsay, sitting at the table waiting for the wonderful steak her daddy had made for her, trembled. Daddy had put the steaks in the oven to keep them warm, and then he had made Lindsay take off all her clothes and get a towel to put on her chair.

Trembling, she had obeyed, and when she had returned from the bathroom with the towel, she had found that Rick’s thick brown leather belt sat beside her placemat on the table. While she ate the delicious meal her daddy had cooked for her, Lindsay had had to look at the belt. Every time she had seen it, her heart had given a leap of fear, even as down below her little pussy, shaved for her daddy’s pleasure, gave a clench of shameful need.

After dinner, Daddy had told her to stand up and put the towel over the back of the chair. Lindsay had bitten her lip when she felt how wet she had gotten it during dinner, but she had obeyed her daddy.

“Bend over the chair, pumpkin,” Lindsay’s daddy had told her, and Lindsay had known she had to, because she saw her daddy’s belt sitting right there on the table, and she knew that some naughty girls got the belt on their little bottoms when they sassed their daddies.

“Why, Daddy?” she had asked, though, looking over her shoulder at Rick, who had taken off his shirt and his pants and stood next to the table only in his incredibly sexy black briefs. Lindsay had been able to see her daddy’s hard penis outlined in the briefs, and she had known of course that he would have big girl time with her now, but would he whip her first? Her heart had leapt in panic.

“Daddy’s going to fuck you, now, pumpkin, and I want you to look at Daddy’s belt while his penis is in your little pussy. Remember what I told you about Daddy’s belt?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Lindsay had whispered.

“What did I tell you?”

Lindsay had felt a deep crease furrow her brow. “You said I would get the belt when I need it, to learn to be a good girl for my daddy.”

Rick had nodded. “What else did Daddy say? When will you always get the belt?”

That had been the moment when, thinking about how she had giggled the very first time Rick brought it up, Lindsay had realized she might someday have a problem.

“If I touch my little pussy without asking,” she had whispered.

“Whose little pussy, pumpkin?” Rick had asked, one eyebrow raised so that Lindsay had felt herself clench down there.

“Your little pussy, Daddy.”

“That’s right, pumpkin. Now kneel down and get Daddy’s penis out. Get me nice and ready to fuck my little pussy.”

Lindsay’s face always burned when her daddy told her to suck his penis. It was so big, after all, and it got so hard when her daddy wanted to put it inside her. Still, she had knelt on the carpet and pulled down the black briefs slowly and respectfully, the way she knew her daddy liked.

“Open your mouth, Lindsay,” Rick had growled, then, as if he had gotten impatient for the feeling of his little girl’s velvety mouth around his hardness. The growl had made Lindsay blush even more, but she had felt herself flow down below as she had obeyed. Then her daddy had thrust his penis inside her lips, and held her head as he moved in and out. The thick shaft had grown even longer and thicker inside her mouth, and Daddy had given a groan of pleasure that made Lindsay’s little clit ache.

Then Lindsay’s daddy had said, “Okay, pumpkin, stand up and get over the chair. Remember to look at the belt while I fuck you.”

Now, in bed, with her daddy away on his business trip, Lindsay knew she should stop thinking about the night he had made it clear that he really meant to whip her if she masturbated without permission. She knew, if she didn’t want to face those terrible consequences, to learn that terrible lesson, she had to stop remembering what Daddy’s cock had felt like when he’d fucked his little girl over the chair, with the belt coiled on the table in front of her.

Lindsay had to stop moving her fingers over the pussy lips Daddy made her keep bare and tidy for him, and she had to take her other hand away from the bottom Daddy liked to put his big penis in after a spanking, to make sure his little girl had really learned her lesson. Lindsay always whimpered when her daddy fucked her little bottom, and she whimpered now, too, because she couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t keep from pushing her naughty middle finger into the tiny button of an anus that her daddy always praised when he enjoyed it with his cock. He told her it was so nice and tight for him, and such a nice place to put his seed, and she was such a good girl for taking the penis there, that Lindsay always felt proud of herself even though a little girl shouldn’t have such a big thing up her bottom, should she?

With her finger there, though, in the naughtiest place of all, and her other hand in front, its two middle fingers rubbing and rubbing and rubbing, so that Lindsay bucked against her own hands the way she always bucked against Rick’s, when he got her ready for fucking, what could she do but turn over in bed? What could she do but raise her bottom the way the chair had raised it for Daddy to fuck, for Daddy to whip with his belt if he decided his little Lindsay needed discipline?

“Oh, no,” Lindsay whisper-moaned. “Oh, no, Daddy. Please… please…”

There was something in her night table, too. Daddy had left it there, because he trusted his little girl only to use it when he told her to. It was long and hard, and it had ridges. It had a button that made it buzz, so that when her daddy put it inside her Lindsay always thought she might faint.

She couldn’t. She couldn’t get the toy that Daddy called Lindsay’s Special Helper. Rick had said that if she were very, very good while he was away, he might let her take it out while they video chatted, and use it while he watched.

She couldn’t. She just…

Lindsay scrambled toward her night table, leaving her left hand on her bottom as if to remind her what was going to happen to her when her daddy found out, and reaching her right hand to pull out the drawer, to get out the long, pink vibrating dildo.

When Daddy put the special helper inside Lindsay, he always made her turn on her tummy and push her bottom out to him. Once, as Lindsay blushed furiously, he had even put it inside her little bottom. Usually, though, he moved it up and down along the pout of her naughty pussy, pushing a little deeper each time, until Lindsay screamed, “Please, Daddy. Please put it in.”

Now, when she had decided she would break all her daddy’s rules, she somehow wanted to feel like she did it in a way her daddy would approve of. So once she had the special helper in her hand, and she had pushed the button that made it buzz and tremble in her fingers, she lay over a fluffy pillow with her right hand holding the toy down underneath, between her thighs, and she moved the bulbous, tapered tip up and down, making it so wet with her naughtiness that she knew it would slide in just like her daddy’s penis after she had gotten him ready in her mouth.

Then she whispered, “Please, Daddy. Please put it in. Put it in my little pussy.”

In her imagination, Rick pushed the vibrator into her. Lindsay gave a little cry of joy that her daddy liked to make her feel good, liked to reward her this way, with something hard in the pussy he loved to fuck. She imagined that the special helper was her daddy’s big cock, and she moved it in and out the way he moved in and out when he used her for his pleasure.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Lindsay whispered. She pushed away the troubling memory that she had decided to break her daddy’s rules and concentrated on the fact that Rick had put the special helper in her night table drawer, so it was his fault, at least a little. Maybe he would spank her, but he wouldn’t give her the belt, would he?

Then the mental picture of herself, naked and bent over the chair, with her daddy’s thick belt flashing down across her little bottom-cheeks, came irresistibly into Lindsay’s mind, and she started to come, and come, and come.

Chapter Two

After his lunch meeting, Rick went back to his hotel room, impatient to video chat with Lindsay for a few minutes at least before he had to go back downstairs for another negotiation session. After a few rings, his sweet little girl’s face appeared on his phone.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said in a cheerful voice that immediately struck him as meant to cover something up.

“Hi, pumpkin,” he said, pretending he didn’t notice anything amiss. “How was your morning?”

“Fine, Daddy,” Lindsay said breezily. “How was yours?”

“Good!” Rick said enthusiastically, for his meetings had indeed gotten off to a promising start. “I don’t have much time right now, pumpkin, and I know you’ve been a good girl, so…”

A look flashed across Lindsay’s face that made Rick have to expend a good deal of effort to keep himself from frowning. His pretty girl looked away from the phone, and he thought he saw a little red creep into her cheeks. If the tone of her hello had made him a bit suspicious, Rick now felt pretty sure Lindsay had something to confess.

For a moment he considered demanding that she tell him what she had done, but he immediately thought better of it. Lindsay Green still had mixed feelings about needing her daddy’s firm hand on her little bottom when she misbehaved, Rick knew, even if she had a difficult time discussing them.

It had taken a leap of faith on his part, really, to tell her he thought she needed what he could give her—that little Lindsay needed a daddy. Their first kiss had laid the groundwork of course—had made him suspect that the lovely, petite blonde girl with the big blue eyes, whom he had met at the gym, might have a little inside her lithe, small-breasted but very grown-up body. He had almost told her she had a spanking coming, when she had arrived late for their fourth date though he knew she had had plenty of time to get to the restaurant on time without being late.

Afterward, at his place, when he had put his left hand behind her head as he kissed her deeply for the first time, the whimper of need Lindsay had emitted had told him that she would at least like him to take the lead. So he had unbuttoned her jeans with his right hand, and he had put that hand inside them, as she pressed herself against him, the whimper changing into a little cry of surprise and almost of alarm to have an older man make it so clear that he felt himself entitled to her pussy.

Rick was seven years Lindsay’s senior, a thing he had already ascertained she liked a lot, though he had also known she felt a good deal of ambivalence about liking it so much. Whenever he had brought up anything in conversation that touched on their age gap, like his approaching tenth college reunion, he had been able to read on her wrinkled brow that his being older stirred needs she couldn’t quite acknowledge.

That first time he had touched her so dominantly between her thighs, her body’s response at any rate had been unmistakable. He had broken the kiss then, and spoken in his daddy voice.

“Go into my bedroom and take off everything but your panties, Lindsay,” he had said. “It’s time.”

Time would become big girl time soon enough, but that night Rick had simply made sure with his tone of voice that his little girl understood what he meant. Her new boyfriend—only the second man with whom she had had sex, it turned out—would be in charge in the bedroom. For a brief moment, the look of uncertainty as to her own feelings about his seniority had returned to her brow, but then, her lip caught between her teeth, she had turned to obey his command.

Then she had turned back, her face bright red.

“What if I don’t?” she had asked very quietly.

Though Rick had been able to figure out, simply from the way she chewed her lower lip and turned her right knee inward a bit, precisely what Lindsay both hoped and feared to hear, he had still taken a moment to decide on taking the momentous step. After all, it meant taking a kind of responsibility for this rather wayward but very bright waitress, who should be doing more with her life and her college degree. As the silence had stretched on, though, Lindsay’s adorable face and wide blue eyes had made up his mind for him.

“If you don’t get in there and strip down to your panties right now, Lindsay,” he had said in a slow, steady voice, “I’m going to have to spank you.”

Lindsay’s lips had parted, and she had visibly begun to pant a little.

“You wouldn’t,” she had whispered.

“I would,” Rick had confirmed. “I told you. It’s time.”

Again the parted lips, with not a sound coming out of them. He had been able to see the question forming there: Time for what? But the deepening blush upon Lindsay’s cheeks had told him her modesty didn’t permit the question. She had turned, with a last look over her shoulder, and gone into his bedroom.

When he had followed a minute later, and found her still dressed and sitting on the bed, as Rick had rather expected he might, he had known that Lindsay herself had decided what it was time for. Rick had stopped just inside the doorway, and said softly, “Lindsay, honey, have you ever been spanked? Did your daddy spank your little bottom when you were naughty?”

A tiny whimpering sound had come from Lindsay’s throat, and her cheeks had gone bright pink. She shook her head rapidly.

“Time-outs,” she had squeaked.

“You got time-outs instead of spankings?” Rick had asked, and she had nodded.

“I don’t give time-outs when a girl is naughty, Lindsay,” he had said slowly. “When a girl knows it’s time to take off her clothes for me, so I can have my way like a daddy should…”

Lindsay had gasped at that, but Rick had simply continued speaking.

“…and she doesn’t follow my instructions, what do you think happens, pumpkin?”

The whimper Lindsay emitted at that very first use of his pet name for her had almost become a sob.

“Spanking?” she managed to whisper.

Rick had nodded very slowly. “That’s right, Lindsay. When a little girl is old enough to have big girl time with a daddy like me, I make sure she understands what it means.”

He had taken a step forward then, and Lindsay’s eyes had gone wide as she shrank back a little further onto his bed. Then she had seemed to realize that despite her alarm at what might happen there, she had come into the bedroom of the man she would learn to call Daddy, and she had sat down on his king-size bed—even if she had disobeyed his instruction to strip down to her panties.

Rick had thought then, as he looked into her blue eyes, that he had never wanted to see a pair of panties as much as he had wanted to see Lindsay’s. The thought had crossed his mind of becoming a scary daddy, the kind of daddy who throws a girl over his knee and hoists her skirt to expose her panty-clad bottom, then rips those panties down and starts to teach her the lesson she needs.

He had decided not to go down that path, then, on Lindsay’s first night of big girl time with her new daddy. He had instead taken a second step forward to bring himself nearly to the place right in front of Lindsay, where he would with his six-foot height loom over his little girl. Lindsay had trembled, but she had not cowered away any further.

“What does it mean?” she had whispered.

“What does it mean, Daddy,” he had corrected, making her lips part and her breath come in little pants. It had been the very first time he had told her to call him by that sacred name.

“I…” she had started, and then she had swallowed hard. When she spoke again, her voice hardly rose to a whisper. “I can’t.”

“You can,” Rick had said gently, knowing with complete certainty that resistance and need had arisen in Lindsay’s mind in nearly equal measure. The resistance would melt away, he had felt sure, as the need increased. “I’m going to be your daddy from now on, pumpkin.”

“Oh, God,” Lindsay had whimpered, then. “What does it mean, Daddy? What does big girl time mean?” She had looked up at him with wide eyes, her lips still parted and her breath quick and shallow and needy. Her face had gone very red indeed.

Rick had taken the final step, and he had put his hand out to cup Lindsay’s chin. She had whimpered and trembled, but she had also turned her face into his fingers, and rubbed her chin against them, like a sweet little kitten desperate for petting.

“It means you and your daddy naked together, pumpkin. It means your daddy’s hardness inside you, the way your daddy wants it and the way he likes it.”

“But…” she had whispered, her voice dreamlike now as she looked into his eyes. “But I…”

Rick had felt sure he understood where her mind was going, so he had finished the thought for her.

“But you didn’t take off your dress and your bra and your stockings, when your daddy told you to, did you?”

She had shaken her head rapidly, the way a little girl does, and caught her lip in her teeth.

“So what does little Lindsay need?” As he had spoken, Rick had brought his left hand to rest gently on Lindsay’s neck, and worked his fingers softly under the silky blue fabric of her pretty dress. She had shivered, and a deep crease had developed on her brow. When her voice had come, its tone had been higher than her usual speaking voice, and the single word she spoke had sounded adorably youthful.

“Spankin’.” Lindsay’s eyes had dropped, and Rick had known she saw the bulge in his black pants. The light in his bedroom was dim, but he had thought her blush had returned in full force.

Rick had responded with words of loving authority, making his purpose very clear but also wanting Lindsay to understand that he knew that she needed tenderness as well as firm-handed discipline. “That’s right, pumpkin. Daddy’s going to spank you now. Stand up.”

Her knees had wobbled as she obeyed.

“I don’t know what to do,” she had confessed when Rick had sat down on the bed, his face now level with hers.

“I do, Lindsay,” he had said. He had put his right arm around her waist, then and begun to pull her toward him so he could bring her between his knees and upend her over his left thigh, but he had stopped when he felt her resist.

“But…” she had whispered. “But how will… I mean, what are you going to do?”

Part of him had felt so certain of her need for his loving discipline that Rick had almost responded by toppling her over his knee and showing her precisely what a naughty girl got from her daddy when she disobeyed him. But he had heard the anxiety in her voice, and he had decided he wanted to be the kind of daddy who talked things over with his little girl before he made her do as she was told.

“I’m going to put you over my knee, pumpkin. Then I’m going to bare your bottom, and—”

“Wait!” Lindsay had exclaimed, then, looking into his face with wide blue eyes. “I don’t… I didn’t… please, not… maybe not the first time?”

Rick had nodded slowly, smiling sympathetically, but he had known exactly what she needed at that moment, much better he had felt sure than Lindsay did herself.

“Pumpkin, it’s very important to me that you understand that the kind of discipline I give you is intimate, and it will always lead to more intimacy. I’m the kind of daddy who always has sex with a girl after I spank her.”

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