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His as Payment: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


Only in darkness can I feel the light…

The thought was revealing. A monster’s personality. My father coined the word ‘primal’ for his second born son, a spawn he’d shared proudly with everyone in and outside the traditional family, the Borgata. The term was perfect for a man ascending to the throne.

I was ruthless and heartless both in business and in the ways of pleasure, preferring more sadistic methods of passion. My first love would always be making money and I was rich and powerful in ways few could dream of.

I was also on borrowed time.

That was the way of crime families, only one step away from hitting the front page of the New York Times. Murdered in cold blood. Horrendous acts of revenge.


The statements fit our way of life, but given the power and influence, we didn’t give a fuck about our chances of meeting the grim reaper. What we did care about was eradicating our enemies.

This was the same for the men I’d gathered into a special club, ill-advised at best and one kept secret from our fathers. After all, we were considered mortal enemies. However, there was an additional connection, a friendship my father had with the Chicago Don, one that had transcended various turf wars over the years. Carmine Francesco was four years my father’s senior, but by all accounts, he had a firm hold on the Midwest. And my father? Brutal.


And some said ready to turn over his kingdom to his son.

I took a sip of my drink, savoring the delicious and very expensive bourbon. The five bureaus, as many referred the mafia kingdoms, remained masters of the underground, controlling everything from transportation and the country’s supply of heroin to the movie and music industry. Few Americans truly understood our far-reaching tentacles.

Or the danger we presented.

I eyed the last man to enter the private room, holding back a vicious sneer at his swagger. “You’re late.” I swirled the tumbler, concentrating on the way the melting ice clicked against the thick glass. This wasn’t my first drink of the day nor would it be my last. We had business to conduct, brutal business. Decisions we made tonight would consume the lives of our enemies.

I didn’t care for Lorenzo Francesco, merely tolerating his acceptance into our club; however, he was considered royalty within our ranks. I’d known him for years, loathing his tactics. Sadly, shunning him could mean a horrific turf war—even with the friendship between fathers. Lorenzo was certainly more powerful than the others. Or perhaps I should say, well connected.

“Dominick Lugiano, my friend.” Lorenzo held out his arms as he approached the table, staring directly into my hard, cold eyes.

“Sit down, Lorenzo,” Aleksei barked, the Russian accent more prevalent than usual. He was a second-generation immigrant, his father, Aleksandr Petrov having strong-armed his way into Philadelphia. The Bratvas were savage, angry, and barbarian in nature, but effective in dealing with those who opposed them. I had complete respect for their regime.

Lorenzo chuckled and adjusted his suit jacket before easing into his usual place, tapping his fingers on the table. “Where the hell is the waitress?”

“Keep your voice down,” Miguel remarked. The Miami syndicate was well known for their brutal tactics, but certainly none greater than those in New York. Still, the Garcia family was highly respected among the various kingpins.

I took a sip of my drink, keeping my own rage at bay, noticing that the fifth in our group was paying zero attention, preferring to text on his phone, no doubt to his agent. Kelan Rock preferred his life as a movie star to accepting his role as the up and coming Don of Los Angeles. I had a feeling the man would have a difficult road in the future.

As if on cue, the only waitress ever allowed in our private section eased into the room. She was beautiful, albeit barely twenty-one, and considered off limits to all of us.

A terrible shame but one we honored collectively.

I wouldn’t mind introducing her to the darkest side of kink.

I held the conversation until she’d positioned the drinks, enjoying the leering eyes of every man surrounding the table. We never varied from our selection, one she knew very well. She earned her tips in various ways, her lovely figure being one of them. When the door was closed, I leaned over the table.

“Why are we here?” Lorenzo lifted an eyebrow, his contempt at our meetings obvious.

“Drummand Hargrove.” I waited as the name sank in, glancing at every one of my associates. They were well aware of my unconditional tactics, but this meeting was geared toward eliminating my satisfaction of an issue. Their role was limited to necessary support; paving the way with law enforcement and street thugs. Comparing notes was merely a perk of our industry. We took a vote and stood by our decision, no matter the consequences.

“The state senator?” Aleksei finally asked.

“The very one.”

“What beef do you have with him?” Miguel was already smiling as if he knew the answer.

I took a deep breath before answering. “He’s systematically trying to shut down our shipping and trucking businesses, forcing extra tariffs and making it almost impossible for our workers to make ends meet. They haven’t been able to pay their… taxes in the last two months. In addition, he’s behind a new set of proposed regulations on casinos, which is a total crock of shit given his proclivities. As you can imagine, none of this sits well with my father.” I always chose my words carefully.

“I bet not,” Aleksei snarked. “Your father is a vicious man. Why doesn’t he deal with this?” The words were offered with pride.

“I heard your father is considering giving you the nod,” Lorenzo stated.

I slowly turned my head in Lorenzo’s direction. News of this nature always traveled fast. There was no hiding the fact I’d been prepared to take the throne, but my father wasn’t ready to give up the reins. Our family had a firm hold on New York. What we’d been able to accomplish during the last six months had been considerable. Cleaning up the streets in a way our fathers refused to do. I shifted my gaze back to Aleksei. “Because his tactics would create a war.”

“What’s this senator’s nemesis?” Lorenzo toyed with his drink.

“Gambling and women.” My answer was succinct. I had him in my clutches with no way out.

“Two things that don’t bode well on the political circuit. I heard he was considering a run for president.” Kelan finally joined in the conversation, his light blue eyes sparkling. “Heard some fascinating shit about what he likes doing to very young girls. Tying them up. Beating. Not a good guy.”

Lorenzo burst into laughter. “A shithead. Perfect. What do you want in return for allowing him to keep his… reputation?”

I leaned back, envisioning my prize as my cock throbbed and my balls tightened. I wanted to crush him in a manner he’d never forget. “His daughter.”

There was no conversation. The vote was unanimous in my favor.

The ballroom was decorated in various hues of silver and blue; from what I’d heard the colors of the senator’s alma mater. I couldn’t care less, but the swanky party was perfect for exacting my revenge.

“Champagne, sir?” the girl asked, batting her eyelashes as she gave me a seductive smile. In her hand was a tray full of crystal flutes.

Preparing for the upcoming celebration.

“Absolutely. I’m in a fantastic mood.” I grabbed a glass, allowing my gaze to linger on her voluptuous breasts. I was hungry as hell tonight. The taste of the bubbly was spectacular. The senator had spared no expense in touting his brand of bullshit. “Tell me, do you have any idea where the senator is?”

“I think he’s in the next room,” she purred.

I lifted my glass in appreciation before glancing toward the main opening. If the accounts were correct, Senator Hargrove would announce his candidacy at precisely nine p.m. He was a man of many things, including a static regimen. I could appreciate that, even though he was a true lowlife. I’d been given the opportunity to see pictures of his extracurricular and very kinky activities. The asshole was a true pig.

I enjoyed the scenery, walking through the crowd of celebrities, influencers, and low-level politicians hanging on the senator’s coattails. This would prove to be a fascinating evening. When I saw her, I stopped short, gazing from afar. I was a man who usually took what he wanted without care of recourse, but the game was far too important to risk giving Drummand any concept of an upper hand.

But I could enjoy the view.

Caroline Hargrove was magnificent, her copper-colored hair flowing all the way down to the small of her waist. With her standing under a burst of shimmering light near the bar, surrounded by a group of admirers, I was able to enjoy every aspect of her beauty. She was fortunate to have her mother’s looks, beautiful in a voluptuous manner. Her hourglass figure and long legs had always created a twitch in my cock and tonight was no exception. She was Drummand’s only child, at least that had been acknowledged in the press. Very protected, her life had been more of a fairytale.

She’d attended the finest schools, graduating college a little over a year ago with a degree in business. However, her true love was painting, and I’d already found out that she had a gallery showing tomorrow night. I would be there. She was witty and charming, even more so when surrounded by her friends. In public, she attempted to toe the line, but was extremely opinionated and desperately in need of discipline. I couldn’t wait to peel away the layers, exposing the glorious and very submissive side that I knew dwelled within her.

Tonight, she held court, four female friends gushing over every aspect of the evening.

I’d learned as much about her as possible, finding out aspects about her likes and dislikes, from clothing to wine. I knew exactly how to entice her darkest fantasies, spark the woman who was living in a glass cage. I would ply her with gifts, pervert her with my depraved desires, and undo her with my touch. I’d give her the kind of unbridled pleasure she never knew existed and all for a single price.


I polished off the champagne and checked my watch. Perfect. I didn’t care what table I set the glass down on as I left the room, finding the senator all alone in a suite meant for a king. I stood in the doorway, studying him. He seemed edgy, his lips moving in silence as he read words from a piece of paper. No doubt his fabulous speech for the American people.

I didn’t bother knocking, taking long strides inside.

He finally sensed a presence, jerking his head from his steadfast focus. “Dominick. What… What are you doing here?” The fear in his voice was palpable.

“Why, celebrating your upcoming announcement, Senator. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.” I patted my chest as I looked around the room. They’d furnished the space with food and drink, plush seating, and not one but three oversized televisions, all to glorify his bullshit. I walked toward the bar, making myself a drink then stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, peering out at the gorgeous city. My city. And all the while, he didn’t utter a single word.

I was able to see his reflection in the crystal-clear glass, even the nervous tic that had appeared in the corner of his mouth. I was certain the man was sweating in his very expensive Armani tuxedo.

“What do you want, Dominick? I will be on camera in five minutes. I don’t have time for this.” The flutter in his voice was telling. He was terrified.

“What do I want?” I issued the words slowly. “I’m curious, Drummand. Are you planning on confiding all your sins to your constituents?”

“What sins?” The anger had increased in his tone.

Excellent. I took two sips of my drink, not bothering to answer until he took a step in my direction. “Why don’t you pick one? Gambling? Whoring? Would you like to inform the crowd and the American people that you owe almost two hundred thousand dollars to my family?”

“What? You bastard. I’m in the process of paying that back!” he insisted. “Besides, I spent the majority of that money at one of your casinos, a carbon copy of the one you’re trying to get approved with the board of supervisors.”

“Are you threatening me, Drummand? As you can imagine, that would not be in your best interest.”

He recoiled, his face and neck turning a ghastly shade of green. “I’m not threatening anyone, Dominick. As I said, I’m in the process of paying you back every dime.”

“Mmm… Yes, well, the interest is killing you. Besides, that’s not the point.”

“And what the fuck is the point?”

I turned sharply, closing the distance. “The point is that I own you, Mr. Hargrove. Nothing you do can occur without my approval.” I adjusted his bowtie, giving him an evil grin. “I certainly don’t have any intention of preventing you from running, if you obey my rules.”

“Rules? Christ, that’s ridiculous. People don’t give a shit about gambling. Hell, half the people in this town wager on something,” Drummand hissed. “I can explain that away in a heartbeat.” He dared laugh.

“Well, maybe you’re right. Then how are you going to explain this?” I pulled out a single photograph, one of the most damning that Kelan had sent. “What you do to young women is disgusting, Drummand. This girl in particular appears underage. Did you know that?”

I wasn’t entirely certain whether the man was going to have a heart attack. His face turned a bright crimson, his eyes bulging. Coughing, he moved toward the drink on the coffee table, gulping the entire contents. After the liquor had been consumed, he pointed his shaking index finger, the threat almost charming.

“How. Dare. You,” he managed.

I laughed, pulling yet another photograph out of my pocket. “I know all your dirty little secrets, Senator Hargrove. There isn’t anything you can hide and no matter what you do or if you try and run, I will find you.”

“You are a bastard.”

The second picture was much more devastating, exposing a secret no one knew. He’d failed miserably. His desire for young women would be his undoing.

His mouth twisted, his body swaying.

“Yes, that may be true. Here’s the thing, Drummand. I don’t give a shit what you think. I don’t give a shit about you at all, but I do believe you care about your reputation, the various businesses you’ve turned into an empire. And I am certain that you don’t want to go to prison.”

“Damn you,” he struggled, wheezing. “What do you want from me. What?

I slipped the photographs back into my pocket. “Simple and in agreeing to my demands, the gambling debt will be wiped off, the pictures secured in a vault meant for my eyes only. Just in case you try and betray me.”

“Just fucking tell me, for God’s sake. What? I don’t have anything. The businesses are crap, every dollar I invested gone. I’m wiped out. But then, you already know that.”

“True, but there is something much more precious to you. Isn’t there?” I moved closer, giving him a polished smile. His confusion fueled the ache in my loins. “Your daughter.”

“I… I don’t understand.” He darted his eyes back and forth across mine.

“Caroline. She’s mine. Completely and forever to do with anything I damn well please. You’re going to help explain to her that she’s been sold to me. Now, you can do that in any manner that you like, but in forty-eight hours, I’m coming to collect.”

He spit, coughed, and his entire body began to tremble. “You aren’t serious. I can’t sell my daughter. I won’t. You’re a lunatic!”

“Oh, I’m very serious, Drummand. You’ve fucked with my family and my businesses for long enough. It’s time I fuck with you. This is entirely your choice. If you want to run for president, thereby accepting my offer, then I’ll be the first to applaud your announcement. If you don’t show up at the press conference or simply give an innocuous announcement, then I’ll understand, and my men will be coming to collect every dime you owe me. And that money will be collected, punishment given for your infractions. And the pictures? They’ll arrive at the police station sent anonymously. I think that’s clear. Don’t you?”

Closing his eyes, he rubbed his jaw, the glass almost falling out of his hand. “You are worse than your fucking father, Dominick. You’re a demented bastard.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” I finished my drink and patted him on the shoulder. “I’ll be looking forward to your speech.” Chuckling, I dropped the glass, moving toward the door. I stopped just long enough to offer one last incentive. “I suggest you heed my warning and my request, at least if you’d like to keep your daughter alive.” I knew the words would haunt him, keeping him in line. I had no intention of harming Caroline, but I would have no trouble destroying the asshole.

Without saying another word, I walked out of the room, closing the door in order to give him some privacy. What I didn’t bother telling him was that I planned on tasting the merchandise before the deal was even finalized. The beginning of her submission. I already enjoyed the game.

As I walked back into the ballroom, I headed immediately for the lovely Caroline, bypassing her friends. They acknowledged my presence with murmurs of appreciation. I ignored them. Caroline was my prize. Tonight, I would taste her one way or the other. I waited as the girls flocked around her, fawning over her as if she could singlehandedly alter their lives.

“Where is the gallery?” the redhead asked, smiling in an alluring manner as she noticed my advance.

Caroline shrugged. “The Reynolds Gallery.”

“That’s fantastic!” the buxom blonde squealed. “I’m so proud of you.”

“We’ll see,” Caroline said under her breath.

She was very talented, but Jim Reynolds, the owner of the gallery, was a pig and had no doubt underpriced her paintings; his commission also unacceptable. The man was the king of porn, the gallery merely a front. His private art collection was his bread and butter, selling for hundreds of thousands on the overseas market. Dark kink was all the rage.

The crowd grew livelier, wait staff coming from all directions with flutes of champagne.

“I’m certain you’re very proud of your father,” I said casually.

She darted her eyes in my direction, chuckling under her breath. “He’s a brilliant man and yes, I am.”

“Who is he?” the redhead whispered, her eyes shimmering with lust.

“Fuckable,” another answered.

Caroline laughed with her friends, pretending not to pay a damn bit of attention. I wasn’t put off in the least. She had no idea what was in store for her.

I grabbed two glasses of champagne as a waiter passed, handing her one. At first, she attempted to wave it off then allowed herself to look into my eyes. When she accepted, our fingers touched and while I was no romantic by any means, there was a keen electricity jetting into my cock. My mind moved to the vile and ungodly things I wanted to do to her. “To your father’s success.”

“I appreciate that, but he’s already successful,” she stated, the command in her voice sexy as fuck. “I didn’t get your name. Are you one of his… followers?”

“Dominick Lugiano and I don’t follow anyone.” I turned my attention away from her on purpose.

“Oh. Interesting. Most people do.” There was no name recognition of any type, or if there was, she was a consummate actress.

She obviously had no idea I wasn’t ‘most people.’

“He’s hot.” The small blonde moved closer to Caroline, whispering in her ear.

“In a way,” Caroline said, yawning as if on cue.

I resisted commenting. The game was far too enticing. The crowd seemed jazzed, the music increasing in volume. Drummand was almost ready to make his appearance. My cock twitched once again, hungry for more than just a taste.

“Father is late.” Caroline had a disgusted tone in her voice.

“Only by a few minutes. Greatness takes time and I know this is a tremendous decision for him,” I offered.

“Yes, it has been. My father is a true believer in democracy.” She almost choked on her words.

“And you don’t believe?”

Caroline laughed, the sound bitter. “There is very little I believe in any longer, Mr. Lugiano.”

“Dominick. Please.” Her friends crowded around me, no doubt checking off a tick list regarding my worthiness. “And I’d be fascinated to learn more.”

A blush crept up from her neck, adorning her lovely cheeks. “Dominick,” she repeated. “And a Hargrove doesn’t air their dirty laundry. Not for anyone at any time.”

Her first subtle but very telling gesture. My dark desire was off the charts. I envisioned her naked body writhing under mine, her lovely wrists and ankles shackled.

“A wise move.”

She exhaled in an exasperated fashion. “I’m much more intelligent than my father. But of course, don’t tell him that.”

I’d heard she was spoiled. The confirmation only added fuel to the fire.

“Touché, Caroline,” I said under my breath. She was becoming more fascinating by the minute. My hunger for her had originally been about crushing her father. Perhaps the end game would be more intriguing than I’d thought.

I noticed Drummand waiting in the hallway, flanked by his chief of staff and several other minions. He appeared to be having a difficult time, pacing back and forth, peering into the room every so often.

I moved closer to Caroline. “You look stunning tonight. You are your father’s daughter.”

Another blush.

Another darted look.

Only this time, I noticed a twinge of desire in her eyes.

My cock was throbbing, my balls tight as a drum. I leaned even closer, inhaling. The exotic scent of her perfume was a sensual and very powerful aphrodisiac, increasing my animalistic hunger.

That was the exact moment Drummand found me, his anger evident on his reddened face. He backed away from the door.

She didn’t seem flustered by my rather forward actions, merely offering a sarcastic smile, her hand fluttering over her mouth. She had an air of arrogance, something I would remember. “He’s never late. I wonder what the problem is,” she stated for all her friends to hear.

“He will be right with us.” My command was off hand, as if I didn’t give a shit.

And I wasn’t wrong.

I was never wrong.

Senator Drummand Hargrove strutted into the room, a huge smile on his face. If there was anything bothering him, not a single soul in the room could tell. He was a damn good actor. However, I did notice he slipped me a single look before approaching the platform, planting both hands on the podium. The crowd gathered closer, ready to glom onto every word.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Drummand began, his cool expression polished. Professional. Everyone in the room leaned forward, the entire crowd silent as church mice. The only sound was the constant clicks of cameras. The influential senator would certainly be tomorrow’s headliner on the New York Times. I couldn’t wait to read the toxic banner.

He cleared his throat, daring to take another glance in my direction. I wondered just how many people noticed the two beads of sweat oozing down both sides of his face. “Thank you so much. Your support means everything to me.” The crowd cheered again. He waited until the noise died down, milking the audience. “I’m here to announce my candidacy for the president of the United States.”

The roar of the crowd was deafening, cheers and whistles drowning out everything else in the room.

But his heartbeat.

I heard it from where I was standing.

I took my time finishing my champagne before clapping and by then, at least ten people glanced in my direction.

Including the senator.

I gripped Caroline’s elbow, lowering my head as he continued to watch. “I’m certain your father has everything under control. Why don’t we grab a drink elsewhere?” I asked the question just loud enough for her friends to overhear. I waited exactly five seconds for her answer. When it didn’t come promptly I headed for the door.

“Mr. Lugiano. Dominick.”

Her lilting voice was right behind me. I resisted adjusting my throbbing cock.

“Yes?” My question was asked without turning around.

“I’d love to take you up on that offer. These types of events bore me to tears.”

I lifted a single eyebrow, satisfied with the outcome of the evening thus far. I said nothing as she walked past me, tilting her head and giving a sultry gaze, the stunning scarlet dress hugging her rounded curves. Every move was provocative, tempting, only she had no idea she’d met her match.

After all, I was the big bad wolf.

The hotel bar was filled with Hargrove supporters, eager and very hungry young men and women, praying for an opportunity to work with the rising star. Caroline’s look of disdain as we walked through added to her haughty attitude. The fact she ignored everyone as she paraded through the crowded space, heading directly for the bar, wasn’t surprising.

I adored the nervous tic on the corner of her mouth, the pulse thumping in the side of her neck. She was attracted, her erect nipples straining against the bodice of her dress. Every gesture was provocative in nature, even her laugh meant for seduction.

After being seated, the drinks in front of us, she continued to hesitate before speaking.

For this, I had limited patience.

“My father believes he can handle the office of the presidency better than anyone who has come before him, and his followers believe it,” Caroline snarked. “Unfortunately, they don’t know him very well.” I noticed a hint of sadness in her voice, but it was quickly replaced by a shake of her head and a nasty glare at the television. The candidacy announcement had been replayed several times, the entire bar clapping and cheering as if his statement had never been heard before.

“Everyone has secrets hidden deep within the darkest portions of their soul, Caroline, and the majority of them would shock the faint of heart.”

She didn’t seem taken aback in any manner, her well-manicured nail continuing to rim her wineglass. After dipping her finger just inside, she brushed the tip across the seam of her mouth, darting her tongue to catch the single bead. “I suppose you’re right. As my father would say, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

“A very true statement. Within our corrupt political system, there are far too many people hiding behind a mask they believe made of steel. Even forged metal has a way of unraveling, exposing every human frailty.”

“Should I assume this is said from experience or your obvious disdain with our country’s government system?” She swiveled the barstool, crossing and re-crossing her legs.

The scent of her feminine wiles was overwhelming.

“I’m experienced with many aspects of politics both in business and in pleasure, Caroline. Just like there is a fine line between love and hate in a relationship, there is also a microscopic line between integrity and dishonesty.”

“You talk in riddles and mysteries, Dominick. While I realize the majority of women would find this intriguing, perhaps even sexy, I’m not most women.” She purposely turned away from me, her expression one of absolute boredom.

Her statement infuriated me in several ways. She was ceremoniously dismissing me. The evening had been concluded and sweet Caroline could never understand that her father had made a deal with the devil. When it came time to collect, she would quickly learn her place as well as the required manners. No woman ever talked to me in this manner. I’d had women push me away before, pretending they had no interest, but their bodies had always betrayed them.

All I’d had to do was spank their sweet little pussies, making them cry with need, begging to have my cock shoved inside. They’d opened up like a flower, hungering for my touch, including the brutal discipline I offered. Caroline would succumb. She would bow down to my dark desires without question.

I pushed away my drink and stood, adjusting the lapels on my jacket. Leaning over, I whispered in her ear, “You and I will meet again and when we do, you’ll soon learn that I’m also not the kind of man you’re used to experiencing. Have a good night, Caroline.” I took long strides through the crowd, reaching the hallway. The slight sound of her stiletto heels hitting the cool tile floor was like music to my ears.

Then I felt a hand on my arm, a slight tug.

“How dare you just walk away from me,” she hissed. “No man ever walks away from me.”

Within three seconds, I pushed her just inside a shadowed hallway and against the wall, yanking both arms over her head. I captured her wrists with one hand as I crushed my chest against hers.

She issued a single moan, pursing her lips as she struggled.

“And no woman will ever talk to me that way. There is a hierarchy between men and women and for the lovely ladies who have no understanding of following rules, there is discipline. You will learn that very quickly. In life there is extreme pleasure. There is also an equal amount of pain. It’s up to you which you’ll receive. You deserve punishment for your caustic mouth and your aggressive actions.” My breathing ragged, I lowered my head until our lips were almost touching.

“You. Wouldn’t. Dare.”

I chuckled darkly, blowing a swath of hot air across her neck, easing up until I was able to nip her earlobe. Every part of me wanted nothing more than to strip away her clothing, exposing every delicious aspect of her naked body before turning her over my knee. She would feel the sting of my hand, the lash of my belt, and the harshness of my hard fucking.

And she would beg for more.

Her cries of complaint quickly turned into moans of desire, her body undulating against mine. The feel of her breasts crushed against me ignited a flame from deep within. The hunger I felt for her was savage, unbridled in the most dangerous fashion. “Don’t tempt me, Caroline. I am a man of action. Something for you to remember.”

I captured her mouth, thrusting my tongue inside. The taste of her was the sweetest nectar of the gods, filling my mouth just as her exotic perfume unleashed the beast from deep within. I gathered another scent of her pussy, the slight hint floating between us as the moment of passion continued.

Rigid at first, her body betrayed her, responding to mine, completely uninhibited. She shifted her hips back and forth, grinding against me, no longer struggling to regain what she believed to be the ultimate power.

She had no power with me.

She had no rights with me.

My desire had no bounds and the way she accepted my kiss, succumbing to my will as if she had none of her own was more tantalizing than I could remember. Time stood still, no sight or sound interfering. I could easily take her, tasting her sweet pussy and shoving my cock into her most forbidden places. I slid my hand down the length of one arm, brushing the tips of my fingers back and forth. I shoved my leg between hers as I caressed the soft skin of her breast, crawling down until I slipped my fingers under the hem of her dress.

Caroline moaned into the kiss, her leg trembling against mine. The second I fingered the thin lace of her damp panties, she shivered uncontrollably. But not with fear. With need. Ravaging need.

She craved brutal passion.

She yearned for a firm hand.

She would yield for absolute domination.

The second I leaned back, she attempted to strike me, unleashing the beast from his cage. I dragged her into the men’s bathroom, tossing her over the edge of the sink.

Gasping, she kicked out, wrenching her body in an effort to get away.

“I warned you not to tempt me. Your unruly behavior will never be tolerated.”

“Fuck. You! You don’t own me. Who do you think you are?”

I curtailed my anger, knowing that she needed a lesson in self-control as well as a taste of the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Using the power of my legs, I kept her in place as I yanked up her dress, exposing her rounded bottom and the thin strip of material sliced between the cheeks of her magnificent ass. My cock twitched painfully, the desire to thrust my shaft into her sweet pussy almost overwhelming. Everything about this woman pushed my every button. I would enjoy requiring her complete obedience.

I didn’t speak as I peppered her ass with hard spanks, moving from one side to the other. Her ass cheeks jiggled from the force, her strangled mewls floating into the dense air. I knew there were other men inside and whether they were floored or turned on didn’t matter in the least.

“Let me go, you asshole!” she wailed, slapping her hand against the glass.

I snarled, glancing at our combined reflection. The shame in her eyes was breathtaking, the light of fire from burning desire even more so. What surprised me was the look in my eyes.

Savage. Heartless.

The warmth on my hand was invigorating. I gave her several more brutal spanks, keeping my rhythm almost perfect. Her breathing turned into heavy pants, the wild look in her eyes the most powerful aphrodisiac I’d experienced in a long time. I knew she was excited as well as humiliated, the combination incredible. I was overwhelmed by the need to control her, to take her.

Use her.

When her bottom was covered in a warm blush, I stopped short, pulling her up and against me. “One lesson learned. I hope there won’t be another.”

But there would be. She would challenge every mandate, every command given.

One day, she would learn.

My directive was clear and everything about her world as well as mine was about to change. There was no turning back.

Claim my prize.

Capture her heart.

Crush my enemy.


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