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His Captive’s Heart by Meredith O’Reilly – Sample

Chapter One

His Captive's Heart by Meredith O'Reilly“I’m home!” I shouted as I walked through the kitchen.

“I’m up here, sir,” Samuel called out.

Trudging up the stairs, I loosened my tie as I went. It had been a long day at work, made even longer by the horrible traffic on the way home. All I wanted to do was eat dinner, climb into bed, and sleep for hours.

With that last thought, I reached my closed bedroom door. Opening it, I froze. Samuel, my boyfriend and submissive of two years, was spread across our bed and was rubbing his hand up and down his hard shaft. “Welcome home, sir.”

I felt myself grow instantly hard. He always knew exactly how to brighten my day. My sleepiness and hunger disappeared as I took a step closer to him. There was only one thing that I wanted right now. Samuel.

But first, I had to punish him. He knew the rules and that he wasn’t allowed to touch himself without my permission. I grinned as I pictured the shade of red his ass was about to become.

“I’m very pleased to see you like this, my dear, but you know the rules. You are not allowed to touch yourself unless I say so,” I said, taking a few more steps into the room until I was standing at the foot of our bed, looking down at him.

“Yes, sir,” he said shyly.

“That will be ten. Turn on your stomach.”

Samuel did as he was told, flipping over and scooting backward so his legs hung over the bed while his upper body lay on top of it. This position put his tight, fair-skinned bottom on perfect display. I had to bite back my moan when I saw that he had a thick, bright blue butt plug in his bottom. My naughty submissive.

“What is this?” I asked, grabbing the butt plug and twisting it. I pulled it out and pushed it back in a couple of times, eliciting a moan from him as he thrust his butt out.

“A plug, sir. I wanted to be stretched and ready for you.”

“I appreciate the thoughtfulness, but that will be another ten swats. You know the rules.”

“Yes, sir,” he moaned obediently, his excitement palpable.

I sat down on the side of the bed, unbuttoned my wrist cuffs, and rolled them up. I wasn’t going to really punish Samuel as he was only touching himself because he knew that I would be home soon and that I had been very stressed at work. With that being said, I still wasn’t going to let him off easy. I didn’t want my submissive to make a habit of breaking the rules.

With that decided, I took a moment to savor the sweet, seductive curve of his firm backside. I loved spanking it, watching as each successive swat made it glow brighter, and I loved hearing the little noises he made. Despite Samuel’s protests when getting a punishment, I knew he loved every minute of it. During and after the spanking, he always had a raging hard on.

Samuel made a noise of protest. Observing time was over. My submissive wanted to play, and play we would.

I ran my hand over his soft skin, smiling as a shiver passed through his body. He was ready.

I smacked his bottom five times—two to each cheek and one in the center. They weren’t terribly hard, but I knew they would leave a moderate sting that would turn into a pleasurable feeling in a moment.

He whined and wiggled his ass on the bed.

I gave the center of his ass a hard swat. “You know the rules, Samuel. No rubbing your cock against the bed at all when you’re getting a spanking. That spank didn’t count toward your twenty.”

“Sorry, master.”

I smacked his bottom again, this time placing several smacks across both his cheeks and the tops of his thighs.

Then I paused, running my hand over his heated flesh. His ass had turned a lovely shade of pink that was beginning to border on red. I watched the way Samuel’s shoulders rose and fell quickly as his breathing became irregular and his face flushed. He wasn’t crying; he was aroused. Excellent.

My cock began to stiffen further. His arousal was fueling mine. Knowing that he had a plug in his bottom and I would soon be filling it had my hard-on weeping pre-cum.

After I gave him the last eight spanks, his ass was a delicious shade of red and he was moaning against the bed. Clearly his cock desperately required attention.

I reached for the plug in his ass and pulled it out, then pushed it in again, fucking his ass.

“Sir, please!” he begged, bunching the comforter up in his fists.

Not wanting to prolong this any longer, I quickly stood, removed my pants, and reached for the condom and lube. Once my length was sheathed, I bent back over Samuel.

“Are you ready for me?” I asked, my voice raspy with excitement as I twisted the plug inside of him.

“Y-yes, sir. Please,” he begged, pushing his bottom toward me.

“Get ready then, my sub.” I pulled the plug out of him and earned another moan. Then I bent over him, ready to shove my thick cock into his sweet bottom hole…


I jumped, startled as my phone buzzed against the surface of my nightstand and jerked me back to the present.

Shit. Wondering who had such incredibly bad timing, I pulled my hand out of my boxers and dropped my kindle as I reached for my cellphone.

The display read Mom calling.

Gritting my teeth, I dropped my head back on my pillow and took a deep, calming breath.

Thoughts of my mother had my cock deflating in seconds. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get back in to my story anytime soon, I answered my phone.

“Hello, mother.”

“Marcus! I’m glad to finally have gotten a hold of you. Where have you been?” she asked, her tone loud and boisterous as it always was.

“Sorry, I’ve been busy with work,”

“Oh yes, I forgot that you’d mentioned something a few weeks ago about that one case you’d been working on for months finally going to trial. The one with the gay husband versus the bitchy wife. Did it finally go to trial?”

“Yes, it finally did. The verdict came in yesterday. We won,” I said, a smile spreading across my face. I was still elated that I had been able to help the husband win.

“Aw, I’m so proud of you, dear. Why don’t you come over Wednesday night? We can celebrate. I’ll make my pot roast. It’s your favorite.”

“That sounds great, mom.” I could never turn down her cooking, no matter how busy I was.

“Excellent! Okay, then, I must run. Dad will be home soon. Remember to call me more often—or better yet, pick up the phone when I call you.”

“Yes, mother,” I said, feeling slightly like a young boy being chastised for forgetting to write his mother while away at camp.

“Goodbye, Marcus.”

“Bye, mom.” I clicked the end button, tossed my phone on my nightstand, and strolled to my bathroom. As I ran the faucet and splashed some cold water on my face, I began to think about yesterday, when the verdict had been announced for my client. Thinking about the memory still brought a smile to my face.

The courtroom was silent as the jury entered the room. My client was being sued by his wife, and before they’d married, they’d thought it would be a smart idea to sign a pre-nup. However, when the wife found out my client was gay, she’d sued him and claimed the pre-nup was invalid and that she deserved half of everything.

My client and his boyfriend had met with me to go over the events. They both thought that the wife was being very unfair and that the only reason she was suing her husband was because she was upset that he was gay.

I really felt for this couple. They were good people, and I’d fought my best for them in the courtroom. Now it was time to hear if the jury thought the husband was guilty or not.

“Have you reached a verdict?” the judge asked the foreman.

“Yes, we have, your honor. We the people find James Roberts not guilty.”

The courtroom broke into chaos. Some were cheering for the verdict, and others were booing it. Elated, I ignored the noise and focused on the huge grin on my client’s face, and I knew I had an identical one on my own.

“We won! Thank you, Marcus. I feel like a gigantic weight has finally been lifted off my shoulders,” he exclaimed, reaching over and giving me a hug.

When he pulled back, his partner Doug came up behind him and, grinning widely, placed a hand on his shoulder.

As we chatted about the steps Doug and James would continue to take after this, I found myself realizing that getting to know this couple over the past couple of months had been interesting. They had revealed to me that they were in a unique relationship. Doug was the dominant, and it was his responsibility to care for James and set boundaries for him—boundaries under which I had seen James flourish. During the stresses of the trial, I had heard Doug on more than one occasion tell James that he would spank him when they got home to help relieve his anxiety. I’d also learned that James got spanked if he broke one of the rules they had agreed upon.

Many people would never desire a relationship like theirs. However, I knew that I was one of the few that wanted one. The idea of having someone who I knew would take care of me, set boundaries for me, punish me if I didn’t obey those boundaries, and would dominate me in the bedroom was so alluring. I craved it, but sadly, I never thought I’d find a person who wanted the same things I did.

Now, in the bathroom, I shook my head, coming out of my memory as I reached for a hand towel to dry my face, then walked back into my bedroom and grabbed my kindle. I clicked out of the book I had been reading, and then I went to my library and began scrolling through the endless list of books I had.

I knew the chances of finding someone who wanted the same things I did were slim, so that was why I read BDSM books, in particular gay BDSM stories. There was something so incredibly hot about a man submitting to an Alpha male. I read all kinds of books in that genre, but I would read my favorite authors’ books over and over again.

As I often did, I clicked to visit my favorite publisher’s website, and suddenly an offer popped up on the screen. It said it was an opportunity for fans of erotic fiction to visit an actual kink club for a night and see firsthand how people in the lifestyle played.

I was intrigued by the ad. Clicking on it revealed a bunch of basic paperwork that I would have to fill out if I wished to be a part of newbies night, as the ad referred to it.

On a whim, I decided to do it. I filled out the paperwork, submitted it, and was told that I’d receive an email if my request had been approved.

A couple of days later, an approval email showed up in my inbox, so I printed out all of the information and made plans to attend newbie night.

Nerves racked my body as I got dressed Saturday evening. I decided to wear a pair of black leather pants and a black tank top I had purchased on an online fetish clothes shop. Since this was a first for me, I wasn’t sure if the outfit would suit the club environment, but I had no real reference point. Once dressed, I got in my car and followed my GPS to the club.

When I arrived, the parking lot was almost full, but I finally found a spot, got out, and looked around. The building looked a lot like an old farmhouse, and it was in the middle of nowhere. To a passerby, it probably looked like a building that someone still lived in.

Swallowing my nerves, I walked up the pathway and threw the door open. The entrance looked like any entryway… almost. There was a table and a vase full of sunflowers on it. To the right, there were big, thick, red curtains, and in front of those was a hostess table. A woman wearing black leather pants and a pink leather halter top stood behind the table, and her hair immediately caught my eye. Cut in a cute bob, the tips of her black hair were dyed every color of the rainbow. It was so unique.

“May I help you?” the woman asked, giving me a once over. She smiled as a flirtatious look crossed her face.

Sorry. I don’t play for that team, sweetheart.

“Yes,” I said, taking a step closer to her. “I’m here for the umm… for the event tonight.”

“The event?” Her lustful gaze turned to one of confusion.

“Yes, the… newbies night.”

Recognition dawned on her face. “Oh! The newbies night. Yes, yes. Okay, what’s your name?” She pulled a list and pen out from behind the table.

“Marcus Bradberry.”

She scanned the page with her fingertip, then put a checkmark next to my name.

“Okay, Marcus. All you need to do is wear this red band. It will alert the other members to the fact that you’re new here. If you decide to play at a station with someone, we follow the standard green, yellow, and red safewords. There are dungeon monitors all around if you have questions or if for whatever reason you need help. Do you have any questions for me?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Alrighty then. Welcome to the club.” She walked behind her and pulled open the thick red curtains for me to step through.

I was flabbergasted at what I saw behind the curtains. There was a normal-looking bar to the right, and the bartender was a well-built, tall man with thick brown hair. He reminded me of Steve Rogers from The Avengers.

There was a sitting area with comfy couches and oversized chairs off to the left. Some of the seating structures were arranged in u-shaped groupings that would allow for easy conversation, while others were pushed off by themselves or into corners more conducive to private exchanges. Every seat was occupied.

At one big group, I noticed two women and a man were kneeling on pillows next to what must be their dominants. The dominants were all petting their respected submissives’ hair.

Not wanting to be caught staring, I headed past the couches and walked toward an open doorway and the louder music emerging from it.

This new room had to be the dungeon. It was divided into three large, vertical sections. The right and left sections held stations where many couples were playing. Each station appeared to be different. The center section was very wide and seemed to function as the place where people were walking or standing and watching other couples play at each station.

Wanting to see what was offered at each station, I walked down the aisle, then paused when I came to one where a woman had been tied down to a bench. She was being briskly caned by a man who strongly resembled Channing Tatum.

Oh, to be in her place, was my initial thought—until he moved and I saw the half dozen crimson stripes covering both her ass cheeks. I grimaced. That has to hurt.

Passing several more stations, I didn’t stop until I reached one that was almost at the back of the dungeon. It consisted of a simple spanking bench, and on the wall nearby was a peg board filled with implements.

Currently the station was being used by a mistress who was spanking her female submissive. The woman’s bottom was already a light pink color when the mistress picked a paddle from the wall. She patted it in her hand for a moment before smacking the woman’s behind with it and leaving behind a large red spot.

I had to hold back my groan as the submissive moaned, and I felt myself grow hard as the mistress continued to paddle her submissive’s butt. When the mistress asked her submissive if she wanted to come, I had to turn away for fear that I was going to explode in my leather pants.

As I turned, I ran smack dab into a solid, muscular chest.

“I-I’m sorry, sir,” I said, glancing at the most handsome man I had ever seen. Holy crap, he’s tall! This man must be almost seven feet compared to my six foot, two inches, I thought to myself as I admired the rest of him. He had dark brown hair that curled around his ears, and he had more muscles than I ever seen on one man. He didn’t look much older than me, and I guessed he was probably thirty. The thing that dazzled me the most were his eyes. They were the same color as my mama’s homemade milk chocolate brownies, and they were intently locked on me.

I looked away, remembering that submissives were not supposed to meet a dominant’s gaze unless told to do so.

“It’s all right. Accidents happen. That spanking the mistress gave her submissive was pretty hot, don’t you think so?”

“Yes, it was.”

I was silent for a moment, and then the man asked, “Why are you not looking at me?”

“Because I’ve read that in a club, submissives aren’t supposed to look the dominants in the eye unless granted to do so. It’s a sign of respect.”

A hand slowly moved up to my chin and lifted it until the man and I were staring at one another.

“You are correct that some dominants play that way. However, I am not one of them. I enjoy being able to stare into a submissive’s eyes, especially ones as exquisite as yours. They’re the color of a clear blue sky and compliment your blonde hair very well.”

“Th-thank you, sir.” I said, blushing. His compliment made me feel like a bashful school boy trying to talk to his crush.

“Would you like to try the spanking bench? I would love the chance to redden that bottom of yours.”

My mouth dropped. I had never been asked such a question before. Not wanting to appear as if I was catching flies, I closed my mouth. “No, thank you, sir. This is my first time here. I’m just here to observe and take everything in.”

As if to prove my point further, I raised my right wrist to show him the red band I wore, indicating I was here for newbies night.

“Ahhh… a newbie. In that case, would you like to go back to the lounge area and talk? Unless you wish to stay in here and view some more couples using the stations?”

“No, sir,” I said immediately. There was something about this man that made me want to get to know him better.

A grin spread across his face as he held his hand out. “Then to the lounge area it is. I’m Master Dimitri, by the way. What is your name, my dear subbie?”

“J-Jack,” I lied. I didn’t want to reveal my real name, just to be on the safe side.

I took his hand and shook it, marveling at how amazing it felt. It was a little larger than mine, it felt very warm, and there were several callouses on it. A working man’s hands. That thought had me picturing him as some sort of construction worker, or a landscaper, or better yet, a firefighter. I wonder how those hands would feel on my naked body. That had me getting hard. Crap!

As if he knew I was thinking racy thoughts, he asked, “What has you blushing so hard, subbie?”

I shook my head, flushing deeper as I wondered what he would have said if he could have heard my last thought. Damn blushing. “N-nothing, sir.”

He gave me a knowing look, making it clear he recognized I was lying. That didn’t matter to me at the moment.

Thankfully, he took pity on me and said, “Jack, you don’t need to worry so much. All we are going to do is talk. Nothing is going to happen.”

“Okay, sir.” I gave him a small smile before he led me out of the dungeon, past the couches, and to the bar.

One of the bartenders came over to us right away. He had blonde hair that curled around his ears and gray eyes that reminded me of a stormy night sky. He nodded in greeting. “Dimitri, what can I get for you tonight?”

“I’d like a sweet peach tea, please, Christopher. What would you like, Jack?” Master Dimitri asked, turning toward me.

“I’d like a Coke, please.”

“Coming right up,” Christopher said, moving around the bar to fill our drinks.

I was suddenly curious. “Do they serve alcohol here?” I couldn’t imagine serving alcohol at a BDSM club would be a wise idea.

“We’re about safe, sane, and consensual here, not KUI.”

Unsure, I searched my memory for that acronym in all I’d read on the subject, but I came up blank. “What’s that?

Dimitri flashed a brilliant white smile as he answered, “Kink under the influence. An inherently dangerous mix, without a doubt.”

Impressed with his wit, I chuckled. “The owner sounds like a smart man. I have to agree with him.”

A big smile lit up Master Dimitri’s face. “Yes, the owner has been known to make a smart decision here and there. Thank you, Christopher,” he said, turning back to accept his drink.

“Thanks,” I told Christopher, accepting my Coke.

“No problem. Let me know if you two need anything else,” Christopher said, then winked at me.

Master Dimitri took my free hand and led me to a couch in a secluded corner. I was glad about that. I wasn’t crazy about anyone possibly overhearing our conversation.

“So, what brought you to the club, Jack, besides the newbie’s night? You had to have had some interest in BDSM prior to tonight.”

I took a long sip of my drink, letting the cool, sugary liquid run across my tongue before answering. “I love to read—gay BDSM books in particular. It’s been my favorite genre for the past few years. When I saw the ad for newbies night, I decided to finally take the plunge and see all the stuff that until now I’ve only read about in my stories.”

“And what do you think of the real BDSM lifestyle so far?” he asked, shifting so that one of his elbows settled against the knee he’d propped up, and then leaning his chin on his fist. It felt like he was seeing through me, and it was a bit unnerving.

“It’s… different than I thought it would be.”

His eyebrows drew together.

“I mean… it’s kind of different than what I read in my books. For one thing, not everyone is perfect here. Everyone looks like normal people who’ve come to the club to have some fun.”

“Ahh, I see what you mean. Yes, we have all shapes and sizes here. Not all of us are model-beautiful or strong Herculean types.”

“Exactly.” I chuckled, imagining if all of the customers in the club were like that. Man would that mess with someone’s self-esteem if they had even one hair out of place.

There was a pause in conversation while we both sipped our drinks.

“So,” Master Dimitri said, “I think I already know the answer to this, but from your walk through of the dungeon, what appears to be your favorite station?”

“The spanking bench,” I answered without having to think about it. I loved spankings, and I always had. There was something so satisfying about your ass getting spanked. It scratched an itch that nothing else could.

“That’s what I thought. It sounds like you’ve been spanked before. Have you?” he asked, taking another sip of his tea.

“Well, no. At least, not by someone else. I’ve used a paddle on myself.”

“Ah. That explains how you know what a spanking feels while still being a newbie.”

I nodded. “Do you come here often?”

Another large smile crossed his face. “Yes, I do.”

“That’s cool. I’m not sure if I’ll ever come back.”

Master Dimitri’s smile disappeared, and he looked almost hurt by what I’d said.

Why would he be hurt if I didn’t come back? I’m no one special. Then again, I probably shouldn’t have told someone who says they come to the club often that I probably won’t be coming back. He’s probably defensive about it.

“Why wouldn’t you come back?”

“I… well, everything here is so much more real than how I’d imagined it. I’d be afraid that people I worked with would find out and judge me. Also, if I play at one of the stations, I’d really like to play with someone who is more to me than a stranger. I’d like to play with someone I cared about. But I know how hard it is to find a boyfriend who likes the same things I do.”

Wow, all of a sudden my nerves were back, but worse, they had increased tenfold. Stop rambling. Let him talk, I admonished myself as I took another drink of my Coke.

He was quiet for a couple of minutes. The silence was deafening.

“What do you do for a living, Jack?”

“I’m a lawyer, sir.”

He gave me a once over and I got the feeling like he was seeing through me again. “That’s an interesting job. I can imagine you in a three piece suit, defending the innocent. I bet you’re extremely attractive in court.”

I found myself blushing at that. Why did this big, strong dominant find me attractive, especially after I’d just told him that I’d probably never be back to the club again? I didn’t think I’d ever figure it out.

“What do you do for a living?”

“I own my own construction company. It mainly consists of me being the boss, booking the jobs, paying the bills. But every now and then I like to join one of my teams and help build, get my hands dirty, you know?”

The image of Dimitri dressed in a hard hat, tool belt, shirtsleeves rolled back to expose his thickly muscled forearms, had me growing hard. He would be a hot construction worker.

“So let me get this straight,” I said, smiling. “You’re a mild mannered construction owner by day, and by night you morph into a badass dominant—pleasuring and punishing the submissive population for the greater good?”

He burst out laughing and I couldn’t help but join in after a few seconds. His laugh was so rich and booming, and I was sure no one could keep from laughing when around him.

Once we finally settled down, he joked, “Yes, I’m Batman, for the BDSM crowd.”

We both burst into peals of laughter again.

“Okay, okay. Why don’t you tell me more about yourself, Jack?” he said, wiping tears from his eyes.

“What would you like to know?”

He took another sip of tea before he asked, “Why don’t you tell me about one of your favorite fantasies?”

“One of my favorite fantasies… That’s a tough one. I have a lot.” It was really hard to choose, but I finally settled on one I’d had for the longest, and it was the one I desired the most.

“I would love to be kidnapped.”


“Yes. I fantasize about getting off work late and walking to my car after dark on a Friday night. Then out of nowhere, large arms would wrap around me and a blindfold would go over my eyes. My kidnapper would restrain me, and I would be afraid, but that would increase my arousal. Then I’d be taken to a remote location. Once my kidnapper had me where he wanted me, he would calm me down and reassure me that the weekend would be all about me and my pleasure. Then he would have his wicked way with me.” My dick stiffened further. That fantasy always got me so hard.

“That sounds pretty hot. Especially when the kidnapper gets to have his wicked way with you.”

“Yeah,” I said, finishing my drink. “It sounds nice, but it’s a fantasy. I’m sure if it were to actually happen, I’d freak out. I’d fight it and try to run away, and I’d never be able to relax.”

“Well, I’m sure if you had a strong master, he could get you to calm down and realize the fantasy would be as pleasurable in real life as it is in your head. For instance… what if I were the one to kidnap you?” Master Dimitri asked.

“If you were the master, I’d be okay with it. What would you do?”

A grin spread across his face. “Like you described it, I would capture you on a Friday night. I’d let you know it was me, but then I’d restrain you and take you to my home, and once there, I would have my way with you.”

A shiver went through me as my cock throbbed in my pants. I glanced away from Master Dimitri. This is crazy. A master like him would never bother with someone like me. But oh… if he did, he’s so hot that I’m sure I’d enjoy every second.

I shook my head, getting rid of the thought. “I know that will never happen, sir. It’s just a fantasy.” No use getting your hopes up, Marcus.

“You never know what might happen, Jack,” he said, giving me a wink.

“Yeah,” I muttered, giving him a quick smile before asking, “So, what’s your favorite station here?”

I shook my head, coming out of my memory as I took a deep breath of air, letting it fill my lungs and sweep away the rest of my recollection of last Saturday. I have to forget about it. It happened a week ago. It’s in the past.

I exited the door to the fourth floor parking garage and felt happy to finally be outside. After arriving at work in the early morning, I had been stuck inside my office all day, and it felt so good to be basking in the cool, crisp air. The end of summer was here and fall quickly approached. The leaves were starting to turn colors, and the temperature and daylight hours were decreasing.

As I started walking to my car, I noticed it was one of the only ones left in the parking garage. That’s what you get for staying an hour and a half after you were supposed to go home, I scolded myself as I pulled my key fob out of my pocket.

As I clicked one of the buttons, the doors unlocked. I reached for the back door to toss my briefcase in when a pair of strong arms wrapped around me.

“What?” Why is someone holding me? It took me a second to realize that someone was trying to either hurt me or kidnap me.

“Help! Someone help me!” I shouted, hoping that someone would hear me.

“Quiet sub,” the man commanded, but I was beyond reason. Pushing back with all of my strength, I tried to jar his grip so I could get away and try to fight him, but all I managed to do was make him take a step back. I tried slamming my foot on top of his, but his feet were too widely spread for me to reach.

Help!” I called out again, realizing the only way I was going to escape was if someone came to my rescue.

“Stop, Marcus!”

I froze, hearing my name.

“This is your fantasy, isn’t it? The only thing I need to hear from you now is red or green.”

My fantasy? The only person I told about that was… Dimitri. My cock filled as my breathing began to come in little pants. Dimitri was fulfilling my fantasy. This was going to be fun.


“Green, what?”

“Green, sir.”

“Good sub,” he said, pushing me forward so I was pressed against the car. Then I heard what sounded like two metal objects clinking together. Handcuffs.

Wanting to really embrace my fantasy, I began to struggle, knowing he only had one hand restraining my arms. I had almost gotten away when his entire weight shoved me into the side of my car.

“Stop that,” he commanded, then gave my bottom a couple of hard slaps. The smacks stung, but they went straight to my already hard cock, and it grew even harder.

He placed the handcuffs on me and shortly afterwards, a blindfold was placed over my eyes. I was restrained, blinded, and completely at his mercy.

“In you go,” he said as I heard the sound of a car door opening, and I was guided inside the vehicle. He fastened my seatbelt, making me feel safe. Then the car door shut and I was left alone for a second before I heard the door across from me open.

I felt my excitement grow as the car began to move, and I wondered what he was going to do with me. For starters, where would we go?

The car hit a bump in the road that knocked my head against the glass window as I bounced up and down in my seat.


“Are you okay?” Dimitri asked, his hand on my knee. The sudden contact warmed me.

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m sorry, this road is quite bumpy. Though… you better get used to being jostled, because when I have my wicked way with you this weekend, I don’t intend to go easy on your tight little ass. Be prepared, my sexy submissive, to be stretched and filled when I take you hard, deep, and often.”

A shiver went through me at the image of Dimitri doing exactly that. I couldn’t wait to feel him pressing down on me, pushing me into his bed. My cock grew even harder, straining against the confines of my work slacks.

“W-what else are you going to do to me?”

“Besides fucking your bottom, I plan to spank it. And if you behave very well, I’ll let you suck my cock,” he said as I felt the car stop moving.

I grew even harder, and I worried there might be a chance my cock would break through my pants. My fantasy had only just begun and I was so ready to come.

I really wanted to rub my hard-on to relieve some of the pressure, but since my hands were cuffed behind my back, that wasn’t an option. Desperate, I tried to bend forward so possibly my forearm could reach my cock.

Before my forearm came in contact with my weeping dick, Dimitri was pushing me back into my seat.

“This is mine,” he said, placing his hand over my cock. “You will not touch it unless I tell you that you can. If you disobey me, then you will be punished. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I said in a gruff voice.

Despite the fact that he was denying me pleasure, I had never felt happier. For the first time in my life, I finally was having a taste of what my characters experienced in the stories I loved. I couldn’t wait to submit to Dimitri. Being restrained, blindfolded, and having my pleasure denied turned me on more than any book ever had.

“Since you’re behaving so well, you deserve a reward,” Dimitri said, and I felt my pants being unzipped and my boxers being pulled down, freeing my painfully rigid cock. He grabbed the base of my shaft and I almost forgot to breathe. The contact felt amazing.

He slowly began to run his hands up and down my length. I had never been so turned on before. My breath began to come in short little pants, and suddenly I was seconds away from coming. I hadn’t felt this way since I’d been a teenager.

He ran his thumb over the head of my cock, which sent another shiver of need through me.

Don’t come. Wait until he gives you permission, I kept having to remind myself. But it was starting to become harder and harder to fight it off. I continued to take shorter and shorter breaths until I started to feel like I was hyperventilating.

Then Dimitri realized that something was amiss. “Control your breathing, Marcus—” he ordered “—or else—oh, shit.”

I couldn’t help reaching the orgasm that ripped through my body. My tense muscles spasmed, then relaxed, and I felt like I was flying as I pumped my shaft into Dimitri’s hand. As pleasure continued to rage through my body, I felt like my world was spinning. I gasped for air as my cock continued to spurt. Then the pleasure was too much, and black dots began appearing in front of my eyes as darkness closed in around me.

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