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His Pet Human by Rose St. Andrews – Sample

Chapter One

Crystal was at a crossroads, in more ways than one. Standing at a fork in the road, she had choices to make. Did she head north to Bar Harbor or south to Boston? Neither seemed all that interesting. Yet, as she was also faced with a decision about her life, she had to choose. Behind her was Ralph, the single most cruel boyfriend she’d ever had. He’d taken great pleasure in tormenting her physically and emotionally, and she’d finally had it. Despite his promise to take her to that big rock concert that was going to take place in Woodstock in a couple of months, she refused to stay with him any longer. In front of her was either her parents’ home in Maine, and having to listen to their ‘I told you so’ lecture, or the unknown of Massachusetts.

She opted for the unknown. It seemed more inviting.

Adjusting her backpack, which contained the sum total of her worldly possessions, she started walking. She didn’t bother to hitchhike. As she was lean and fit, a long walk didn’t bother her. It was a warm summer evening, and she also didn’t relish accepting a ride from a stranger. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust people; it was only that she seemed to forever attract the wrong kind of guys. Maybe it had to do with her physique: a couple of inches shy of five feet, her double-Ds always caught the attention of most guys and they also loved her long straight blonde hair. She’d never paid for a drink in a bar. That attractiveness had always proved a double-edged sword. Guys also thought she was an easy mark and tried to force themselves on her.

They always underestimated her strength.

She grinned. Ralph was probably still icing his balls. Then she spun around and scanned the area.

Huh, could have sworn I heard something.

Chewing her lip, she kept watching for what seemed like hours. Nothing, not a damn thing moved in the gathering night’s sky. She decided to move along faster and get to the next town as soon as she could. A cheap motel would be fine for her. Her back stiffened. There was something moving behind her! She spun around, in position to kick butt.


Damn it, I know I heard something! It doesn’t make sense, no one is that fast.

A final quick scan of the area, she turned and took off running. She’d gone about fifty feet when she felt a bee sting to her butt.

Her hand flew back and she stopped. “Ouch! What the… hellll?”

She turned ever so slightly, the world rocking and swaying about her, and saw something out of a sci-fi movie. It was a metal orb with some kinds of antennas and claws all over its surface, and it was hovering over her. Crystal tried to shout, to cry out, or at least to talk to it, but her body was shutting down. Her limbs were like lead and every movement, every thought was in slow motion. Up went her arm to fight, and down went her body toward the ground as it seemed to bounce under her.

Man, I ain’t seen nothing like this since the last time I dropped acid. Is this real or am I starting a bad trip?

She never reached the earth.

The machine scooped her up, pulled her toward it, and opened its ‘mouth’ to swallow her down. Her backpack, which was too bulky to fit, was cut off as she entered the machine. Crystal tried to shout or at least squeal in terror, but while she could see, her body was frozen, and all she could offer up was a soft grunt. The machine closed about her. Actually, it wasn’t all that bad. She was warm and cozy, and soft lights and music surrounded her. It was hard to tell what was going on outside, but she could tell they were speeding up and rising into the air. Although the machine was pressurized, she felt a slight pop in her ears, and a strange sound echoed around her.

What is that? Damn, I need earplugs.

Looking around, she saw some little buds on a shelf above her. They looked about the right size, and so she grabbed them and stuffed them in her ears. Instantly, the sound changed to a voice!

“Be calm, little creature, and all will be well,” a woman said.

“What’s going on? Where are you taking me?” Crystal demanded.

The lady didn’t answer, just kept saying the same thing over and over, and a moment later Crystal was weightless.

Holy shit, we’re in outer space! What is this thing? It’s got a recording like an answering machine. Where is it taking me? Oh, God, it’s one of those alien abductions like I saw in the movies. What do they want me for, food or… sex?

Crystal sniffed; a sweet smell filled the chamber. Her eyelids grew heavy. Despite being scared shitless, she couldn’t keep them open, and sleep came to her.

A thump.

She opened her eyes. The machine wasn’t moving, but she could hear things going on outside of it. The ‘mouth’ opened, her eyebrows shot up and she gasped, and the aliens were upon her. There were four of them: one was over seven feet, two were about six, and the last one was only a little taller than her. All of them were beefy with broad shoulders and solid builds, and the reddest hair and whitest skin she’d ever seen. If she didn’t know better, she’d think they were Irish, but the totally red eyes, kind of flat noses, and no visible ears told her the truth. They were also quite handsome. If she wasn’t scared to death, she’d be asking them out, all of them. The two midsized ones hoisted her up and laid her out on an exam table.

“Look at it,” one said. “Have you ever seen such a creature?”

It was then she realized she was naked.

“Hey, what’s going on? Where are my clothes?” she shouted.

“What was that?” the tall one said. “It made some sort of squeaking noises. Zenith, is it in pain?”

The man waved some small devices over her.

“No sign of cellular damage, Ibis,” Zenith replied. “Perhaps it’s cold or hungry. It doesn’t have any fur or covering.”

“Any clothes in the probe?” the small one said.

Ibis looked. “Huh, some sort of fluid in here,” he said, waving a similar device over it. “Not bodily secretions. It’s a mix of hydrocarbons, dyes, and natural fibers. What in Mari could it have been? Zenith, why don’t you take a sample? See if you can reverse engineer it.”

One of the medium-sized ones raised his hand as if asking a question and did so. Crystal tried to get up, but she was still weak from the sedative, and anyway Klurg and Glump, as she learned from their conversation, had secured her to the table. Her attempts at talking proved pointless; all they heard were squeaks and chirps.

What is this? They can’t hear me, and my clothes have van… wait a second, the… slime in the probe. It sounds like the ingredients to my things. Somehow they… melted. Shit, what’s next for me, mated to some alien prince or something?

The men moved about her, taking blood and tissue samples, waving probes over her, and in general studying everything about her. It was clear they’d never seen a human before.

“All right, gentlemen, let’s review,” Glump finally said. “It’s female, the egg sacs and womb make that clear, and age twenty-four.”

“And the enlarged breasts are clearly for milk production,” Zenith said. “So, can we deduce that they are a matriarchal society?”

“You’re jumping to conclusions,” Klurg said. “We don’t know if the creature possesses any intelligence whatsoever. They could be tribal or even a loose association. Let’s give it the visual aptitude test.”

Crystal heaved a sigh. Here at last was a chance to convince them that she wasn’t some dumb animal. The table swung up to hold her vertically and a screen lowered front of her. It sprang to life and an image appeared, but she frowned. It was a meaningless jumble of colored lines and spirals.

“What the hell is this?”

“It doesn’t seem to understand,” Zenith said. “Try a simpler question.”

The image changed. Crystal practically growled. It was more of the same. They tried a few more, but each one was more of the same, and she finally spit and swore in frustration.

“I think we can move on,” Klurg said. “If this is the smartest creature on Planet LV-42, there’s no intelligent life there. Ibis, do the internal check. Glump, get the cleansing agent ready so we can be sure she’s free of pathogens.”

Crystal groaned as the table rotated back as she wondered what was next for her. Her head went down, her legs up and spread wide, and Ibis moved between them. She squealed and tried to clamp them together, but the lower part of the table literally split, forcing her legs open. He sat there, his right fingers tickling her clit as his left held a probe of some sort. Crystal gasped and felt her breathing speed up.

Holy shit, he’s good, especially for not knowing squat about humans.

“Huh, secretions building up,” he said casually.

“Do you think the creatures are capable of sexual pleasure?” Zenith said.

Ibis thought for a long time, yet continued to caress her clit and probe her g-spot. It drove her wild, her thighs quivered, her stomach twitched, and she drew closer to an orgasm.

“It’s possible, but probably only in the most rudimentary sense. Don’t you find it quite fascinating that her genitalia are remarkably similar to our women’s?”

“Ohhh, it seems our boy is looking for a new girlfriend,” Klurg sneered.

Oh, God, are they going to gang rape me?

Ibis rolled his eyes, which actually made her feel better. He seemed less cold and indifferent toward her.

“Let’s keep the conversation professional, gents. Come on, we’ll finish up, and then decide where to place her.”

The others agreed, Zenith handed him a small tube, and she squealed as it was inserted into her pussy. A warm mix of something swirled inside her. Her toes curled, she moaned and gulped air as her body drew closer to a climax.

Oh God, oh God, this is incredible! Where can I get one of those machines? I-I, damn!

Ibis withdrew it and stepped away from her.

Shit, typical man, has his fun, doesn’t get me off, and then leaves.

The bands holding her down disappeared; the men seized her, flipped her over, and re-secured her before she could even try to run.

Damn, now what? Whoa!

Hands were on her ass. Her cheeks were parted and a long hard nozzle entered her. She shut her eyes, tried to relax and not think about what was being done to her, and dug her nails into the table.

“Be sure to get maximum coverage,” Zenith said.

“I know what I’m doing,” Glump snapped. “This isn’t the first specimen I’ve done a decon on.”

“I know that, I’m only concerned about being thorough. You saw the scan of her lower intestine; it’s a veritable cornucopia of volatile organic material.”

“Trust me; I know what I’m doing.”

Did he ever! The nozzle wasn’t just huge and long, it was ribbed, and he thrust it deep, worked it around, rocked it a bit, and then slowly slid it out a little. Crystal was driven wild. She hadn’t had a really good anal fuck in almost a year, and she was soon squealing and moaning in delight.

Almost there, al-most!

“What was that about knowing what you’re doing?” Zenith said smugly. “You’ve got a leak there.”

Crystal almost screamed and her thighs quivered. Her pussy was on fire.

Ibis stepped closer and stuck his fingers inside her again. “It’s no leak. She seems to be generating vaginal secretions.”

Glump grunted. “There, you see, the creature clearly has no sexual predilections at all. We’re not engaged in anything remotely sexual.”

Oh, if you only knew!

A sudden hum, which tickled her ass, and the nozzle was withdrawn. She squirmed. Some sort of plug had been left in her. The men moved away, except for Ibis, who waved something over her.

“Huh, fascinating, gentlemen, her largest muscles have a complex array of nerve endings, and some connect with the vaginal area. Hmmm, I wonder…”

“Ibis, give it a rest,” Klurg said with a sigh. “You’re always seeing more than is really there. She’s a simple little animal and we’re done with her. Tag her, cage her, and get her off to the zoo.”

Crystal swallowed hard and froze in fear. She whimpered, both from the prospect of her future and the plug still in her ass. Ibis nodded, the others gathered their computer tablets and left, and she was left with him. Straining her neck, she watched him move about the room putting things away. It seemed, despite being the biggest, he was low man on the totem pole. When he set a cage on the next table, she cringed. Then he snapped a collar and leash on her, released her from the table, and led her to what looked like a toilet.

“I doubt you know anything about a cleanser, little pet, but I hope you’ll hold still while it takes care of you.”

Crystal seethed. She wanted to kick him in the balls, if he had any, but then a thought popped into her head. Hey, this might be crazy, but me using the toilet might show him that I’m not some dumb animal.

She sat without being told or directed, and smiled. Ibis was surprised. Then she almost shot off the unit. The hum to her ass returned, which startled her, and she felt the plug melt away. As humiliated as she was for having to go in front of a total stranger, she was glad for the relief. Looking around for toilet paper, she squealed and jumped off; some sort of mister or sprayer had blasted her in the butt.

Ibis chuckled. “Guess you don’t have things like this back home.”

She shook her head.

“Huh, but you did know to sit there. So, logically your species must have some sort of rudimentary waste facilities.”

She nodded furiously.

He smiled and patted her head. “Oh, look at me talking to you like you understand. Well, time to go.”

What’s wrong with him? I… oh, wait a minute, maybe nodding and shaking your head doesn’t mean anything to them. Shit! Damn, there’s got to be some way to communicate with him. I don’t want to end up in a zoo. Hey, how about the old ‘puppy dog sad eyes’?

Tugging on the leash, he led her over to the cage, and tossed a blanket into it.

“There you go, that’ll keep you warm—oh, come on, don’t look so sad. I have to do this.”

Crystal sighed and hung her head, and climbed in. She figured there was no point fighting the inevitable. Ibis was again impressed. He closed the door, locked it, and rolled the cage out the door. Crystal was amazed. The place was like something she’d seen in that TV show Star Trek what with all the cloud-piercing spires of glass and steel. When had she first seen it? Oh, yeah, three years ago; it premiered in 1966. He rolled her down a winding sidewalk that meandered through a beautiful park. She was glad to have the blanket as they kept encountering people, and she was surprised to see how flat-chested the women were, and that they were all adults.

What’s with this place, do they not have kids at all? Shit, here we are.

Ibis got down on one knee next to her. “Here we are, precious, your new—awww, come on, don’t give me… hey, wait a minute, how could you be sad in anticipation of something you know nothing about? Anticipation denotes intelligence! And look at how you’re using that blanket to cover yourself. You’re modest, which denotes morals and a sense of self. Huh, I think there’s more to you than meets the eye.”

Crystal wanted to kiss him. Thank God. Finally, a scientist who actually has a brain in his head.

“Little one, I’m going to take a chance on you. If you behave and don’t bite, I’m going to take you home, and we’re going to see just how smart you are.”

She knew nodding was pointless, so she just wrapped the blanket around her tighter, and hoped he’d get the message. He seemed to as he opened the door, tucked the blanket still tighter around until her arms and legs were effectively pinned, and hoisted her up and over his shoulder. The edge of the blanket almost covered her head, but she was able to see enough to figure out his plan. He rolled the cage up to a large door, bent the cage door, and then laid the cage on the ground.

I get it. He wants to create the impression I either escaped or was stolen. Not bad.

He then set off and they were at his home in a few minutes. Putting her down on a chair, he moved to a tall cabinet and rattled about in there for a moment. She had the chance to look around. The place looked like something out of The Jetsons: sleek plastic and shiny metal, and everything designed for him, which meant it was big.

Huh, he’s clearly a rarity. Most of the people I saw on the streets were a little over six feet. Oh, here he comes, better put on my happy face.

He knelt down before her, some garments draped over his arm. “Here we go, prec… huh, I really should give you a name. Let’s see, what would be appropriate? Ah, I know: Gem, as you are precious to me. Do you like that? Do you understand, you are Gem?”

Gem, Crystal, eh, it’s close enough, but how do I tell him that?

He held up his hand before her, like an Indian on TV when they said ‘How.’ She mimicked the action, hoping it was their gesture signifying a ‘yes.’

He smiled. “Good girl! There we go, your first lesson in communication. Oh, I’ll have to start a report on you. Now, here are some old clothes that my youngest niece left here after her last visit. I was going to send them to her, but she already outgrew them as she’s now an adult. I think they’ll fit and I’ll see about getting you some new things tomorrow. So, next test: can you dress yourself?”

You just watch me, big guy!

Reaching out, she snagged a couple of items: a rainbow-colored blouse and a little pair of green shorts, but no underwear. She pulled on the blouse, it was stretched very tight over her ample breasts, and then she managed to get the shorts on without giving Ibis another free show.

“Don’t you look nice? Now, how about a meal?”

Crystal’s hand shot up and she smiled. She had no idea what their food was like and she didn’t care; she was famished.

Ibis rubbed his chin. “Another correct response! Yeah, there’s a brain inside that cute little head.”

He reached out to lightly pat and cup the back of her head. Her toes curled. He was so hot! Removing her leash, he gestured for her to follow, which she did so gladly. He had the tightest butt she’d ever seen and was wearing a form-fitting unitard-type outfit that really showed off his physique.

God, he is gorgeous.

Crystal climbed into a chair and looked around as he operated a machine that also looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.

“Now, we analyzed your stomach contents and we were able to reverse engineer some of your food items. I hope I get them right,” he explained, as the machine beeped and its lights flashed.

The door opened and her mouth instantly watered. Holy shit, spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread, my favorite.

He set the plate and a cup on the table and she looked around for utensils, but saw none.

“Here you go, Gem, one of our eating gloves,” he said, slipping some sort of machine thingy on her hand.

What the hell is this thing?

He proceeded to explain how it worked and how to get a drink, as the cup was magnetized to the table. They were supposed to be simple; they proved anything but. The cup shot beer right in her face and the glove sent food everywhere except her mouth. It even ended up on the ceiling. She finally threw it aside in frustration and grabbed the food with her hands.

Ibis sighed and started to clean up. “Guess you’re not as smart as I thought. Ah, well, tomorrow we see about testing you. Gad, would you look at this place? Maybe it would be easier to just move.”

Crystal felt bad and wished there was some way she could help and atone for not only the mess, but also the hissy fit she threw, along with the glove across the room. He finished cleaning just as she scooped beer out of the cup with her hand.

“Okay, I think we’re done here. Tomorrow, not only do we start the tests, but I find a means of disciplining you. Because this,” he said, casting his long index finger around the room, “doesn’t happen again! Do you understand?”

Crystal meekly held up her hand.

He smiled. She shivered. He was so hot!

“That’s my smart little one. Now, let’s be off to bed.”

She truly trembled, wondering what that would entail.

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