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His Rebellious Mate by Morganna Williams – Sample


His Rebellious MateMaggie Treenan had realized Jackson Marks was her mate when she was sixteen. He had always been important to her and she’d always wanted desperately to please him, but the year she’d turned sixteen, how she felt morphed into something more.

He’d been home on leave from Ramel with her older brothers, where they were training with the Ramelian Guard to be enforcers, and something inside her had clicked into place and she knew. Though he was human, he still stood almost as tall as her brothers at 6′9″. He had broad shoulders and a sculpted chest, dark hair and eyes, and was perfect.

But she’d been too young back then to say anything about it, so she’d bided her time, waiting until she was an official adult. But unfortunately, Jackson hadn’t been back on Earth since well before her eighteenth birthday.

She’d been waiting for the past year to tell him the truth, so when her father mentioned that Jackson would be home at the end of the week for an extended leave, Maggie knew her time had finally come. Jackson would be hers.

As Jackson tinkered with his old bike, he thought about how good it was to be home. He really enjoyed being assigned to the Ramelian detail attached to Ramel, but as one of his favorite movies stated, there was no place like home.

Later tonight he would be having dinner with the commander’s loud and boisterous family. He couldn’t wait to see little Maggie and find out what the brat had been up to during his absence, unless of course she’d already been mated to some Ramelian warrior.

He tried to ignore the knot that idea formed in his stomach. Jackson wasn’t sure why the thought of her being mated bothered him. Maggie was like a little sister to him. Maybe it was just because she was so young and he wanted her to be able to experience some of what life had to offer before settling down.

Shrugging his thoughts aside, Jackson focused his attention back on his bike and getting it ready to ride while he was home on leave.

“Jackson?” The hesitant query brought his eyes up from the bike as he turned to face the woman stepping into his garage.

“Maggie?” His tone was etched with disbelief, and he stood and stared at the vision in front of him. Her curvy body was squeezed into a short tight skirt and the halter-style top she was wearing barely managed to contain her full breasts. His breath caught in his throat as he took in everything about her from her lushly curved body and her long curly hair swirling around her like a cloak to her large emerald green eyes, which were accented heavily with makeup, making them look huge in her gamine face. Full red lips smiled at him and sent a jolt of heat straight to his groin.

Jackson realized in that moment that he did not see Maggie as a sister—a fact that hit him straight in the gut because he knew she could never be his. The other emotion rapidly filling him was outrage that she would leave her home dressed like some oversexed vamp.

She grinned up at him, a twinkle in her bright green eyes. “I’m so glad you’re home. I’ve waited so long to be able to…”

“What were you thinking leaving the house dressed like that?” Jackson’s angry tone made her blink.

“I thought you’d like it. I wanted to look sexy for you, Jackson,” she told him earnestly.

“You wanted to look…” Jackson shook his head in consternation at the little gem. “Young lady, you are in so much trouble.”

“But Jackson…”

He held up his hand to stop whatever nonsense she was about to spout and grabbed her firmly by one arm to frog-march her into the house and straight to the sink. Jackson turned the water on and wet one big hand before bending her over toward the sink, and began using the cold water to scrub at the makeup she’d plastered all over her face.

“I can’t believe you left the house like this,” he scolded her as he added some soap to the mix, holding her bucking body still as he thoroughly removed all traces of makeup from her skin. He then grabbed a hand towel to gently pat her face dry. “Margaret, you’re a child and you have no business dressing like a tart, now or ever.”

Maggie was outraged; her perfect moment had gone horribly awry. Not only was she being rejected by her mate, he was treating her like a naughty child!

“I’m nineteen years old. I’m hardly a child and I’ll dress however I want to, Jackson Marks!” Maggie yelled, jerking her arm from his grasp.

“You will do as you’re told, young lady,” he said sternly catching hold of her arm once more.

She growled at him in frustration and stomped one high-heeled foot. “You are not the boss of me, Jackson!” Maggie knew immediately the words made her sound like the child he’d just accused her of being but it was hard to focus when someone was ripping your heart out.

“You listen to me, little girl and you listen good; you are going to go home and take off that ridiculously short skirt and low-cut top and burn them. You will never leave the house dressed like this again. Do you understand me?” he asked her as he gave her one quick shake as if to emphasize his point.

Maggie lost it as her eyes began to fill and she did the unthinkable; she kicked Jackson in the shin as hard as she could before jerking free of him again. “I will wear whatever I want whenever I want and there isn’t anything you can do about it. In fact, if I want to walk down main street stark naked and invite any good ole boy with a woody to climb aboard, I will!”

She knew she’d gone too far when Jackson’s face turned red and his eyes seemed to bug out at the crudity of her words. Maggie decided prudence was the better part of valor and ran.

He caught her before she’d taken three steps, tossed her over one broad shoulder with an enraged roar, and carried her into the den. Jackson sat down on the sofa and tossed her face down over his thighs in almost one fluid movement.

Maggie’s short skirt barely covered her backside as it was so it took very little effort for Jackson to lift it out of his way; she cringed when she heard his choked groan and knew he was reacting to the G-string barely covering anything. When she’d left the house, the barely there underwear had seemed like the perfect invitation, but now she was mortified to have him see them.

“Well, I guess at least there isn’t anything in way of teaching you a well-deserved lesson is there, little girl?” he asked before bringing the palm of his hand down hard on her upturned backside.

“Owww!” Maggie yelled in response and immediately began trying to claw her way over the arm of the sofa and off his lap.

Jackson held her in place easily, scissoring one strong leg across her flailing limbs and pinning her firmly in place as his hand began to fall in earnest. He spanked her hard and fast, barely giving her any respite from one blow before the next fell.

Maggie quickly stopped worrying about his view as the ever-growing flame of stinging pain filled her nether regions. “Please, Jackson, stop!”

“You asked for this, young lady and I aim to see you get every bit of it!” he said sternly.

She wailed as the next barrage of swats fell even harder than the ones before; on and on it went until she was hanging limply over his knee sobbing out her pain and heartbreak. The pain of the spanking was secondary to the pain of knowing her mate didn’t want her.

When he shifted her to hold her close, Maggie completely lost it, refusing to accept any comfort from the source of her pain. In that moment she loathed him with her entire being.

“I hate you!” she screamed, pounding her fists on him as hard as she could and trying desperately to push herself out of his arms.

Jackson found it difficult to hang on to her as Maggie was suddenly fighting him like a whirling dervish. “Maggie, calm down. You’ll make yourself sick,” he told her as she reached near hysteria in his arms.

“Let me go! Let me go! You have no right! Stop!” she ranted over and over as her little fists beat against him ineffectually.

Jackson finally lifted her to her feet and delivered a sharp swat to her bottom that he knew had to be throbbing with pain given the state of his hand. Maggie gave a shocked gasp and grabbed her backside while he guided her firmly into a corner.

“Now you stand here and think about your behavior, young lady, while I call your father.” Jackson turned and left the room.

He connected to the commander via com-link. “Sir, I have a situation with Maggie.”

“Maggie? What kind of situation?” the commander’s voice snapped through the line like a whip.

“She showed up here dressed like a teenage vamp and tried to kiss me. I’m afraid I paddled her tail, sir. I know I had no right to do so but…” Jackson stopped talking, afraid he’d already dug himself a pretty large hole.

“Sounds like you gave Margaret exactly what she needed. I’ll be there momentarily to collect my wayward daughter,” the commander told him before signing off.

Jackson returned to the den to find the commander already there with his arms wrapped around his sobbing daughter. “Thank you for calling me, Jackson.”

He nodded at the commander. “Under the circumstances, sir, I think it would be best if I returned to Ramel immediately.”

The commander merely nodded before touching the transporter on his belt and taking his distraught daughter home.

Two years later


“Happy birthday, squirt!” Jackson came up behind her and hugged her before she had a chance to avoid his touch.

“Please don’t call me that and keep your hands to yourself,” Maggie said firmly as she backed away from him and the simpering blonde by his side.

“Come on, Mags, it’s your birthday and I flew a few lightyears to wish you well. Cut me some slack,” Jackson said with a grin.

“I certainly didn’t invite you,” Maggie said with a growl as she stalked away from the man who broke her heart a little more each day. Why had he touched her? Now she’d deal with the after-effects for days. She could feel the hot moisture dripping onto the gusset of her panties already.

By the end of the evening she’d be shivering with need; such was the lot of a rejected mate. Doomed to an endless cycle of wanting and unfulfilled need, because once a Ramelian found their true mate, no other would do.

Seeing Jackson with the little blond bimbo had at least cemented her future plans in her mind. He would never claim her, and under the Ramelian-Earth agreement, now that she was twenty-one she was no longer under her father’s rule.

As a woman of half-Ramelian and half-Earth descent, she was able to claim her full majority and live under Earth law since she was an unclaimed female. This meant she could take the small trust her mother had set up for her and open her own business.

Maggie wasn’t going to sit around and wait for the light to dawn on Jackson. No, she was done with him. She would make her own way in the world.

Chapter One

Six years later

“Maggie, be reasonable,” Ransom said with no little frustration.

Maggie raised a brow at her older brother from behind the register at her bar. It was small and not a little seedy but it was all hers. Her father had been mortified when she’d invested her inheritance in the small biker bar and then bought herself a big Harley-Davidson to go with the establishment.

It was a nice place and in the six years she’d run it Maggie had never regretted her decision—a decision her father had been unable to talk her out of or force her out of with the Ramelian-Earth agreement firmly in place. The agreement clearly stated that women of mixed descent over the age of twenty-one and still unmated fell under Earth law and were no longer in the Ramelian jurisdiction. All the commander had been able to do was make sure she was safe, so everyday two Ramelian warriors guarded both Maggie and the bar.

The warriors in question changed various times over the years, but since Maggie always called them Frick and Frack, their names were irrelevant.

“I’m not coming to mom and dad’s if he’s going to be there, Ran. I realize the rest of you don’t get it and Jackson will always be family to you but not to me. I’ll keep a low profile until he’s gone back into outer space,” Maggie told her brother firmly.

“That’s just it, Maggie. Jackson isn’t going back; he’s been assigned to command the human garrison in town. He’s here to stay, so you need to make peace with the man.”

Maggie groaned. She’d barely managed to keep her mating heat under control with Jackson wandering around the universe. Now it would be impossible. It was so unfair that the heat only affected Ramelians until the couple actually had bonding sex.

Jackson could gallivant around with no repercussions, sexing it up with any female he met while Maggie stayed in perpetual heat and the thought of any other man touching her made her physically ill. She’d be totally insane if she hadn’t invested in a sybian a few years ago, by far the best purchase she’d ever made. It didn’t completely satisfy her, but it could take the edge off and hold the heat at bay for a few days at a time if she used it to the point of exhaustion.

She sighed, feeling her nipples tighten and press prominently against her bra as the moist heat began to build in her panties. Just the thought of Jackson being in town was going to make a marathon session with the sybian a necessity tonight.

“I’m sorry, Ransom, but I can’t. Please give my regrets to mom and dad,” Maggie said softly before walking away from her brother and climbing the stairs to her apartment above the bar.

Behind her she heard her brother curse before he slammed out the front door.

As she entered her apartment she looked at the clock; it was only two and she didn’t open until six. With the knowledge that she had plenty of time, she started stripping as she made her way into her bedroom; cupping her full breasts in her hands when her bra fell away, she tweaked her nipples hard.

Maggie groaned aloud as a gush of wetness sprang from between her thighs at the stinging pain. By the time she was next to the bed she almost fell over in her eagerness to get her pants off.

The sex machine sat at the foot of her bed in the middle against the footboard. It wasn’t really a sybian; she’d ordered it directly from the Spurilian pleasure quadrant, and the JX-56003 was more than an earth-made sex machine could ever aspire to be.

Maggie quickly fitted the nine-inch long dildo in place; it was two inches in girth and would fill her up like she needed to be filled. She programmed what she wanted on the remote—maximum depth strokes with an alternating pattern that would end in the relentless pounding needed to take the edge off her mating heat.

Quickly fitting the clit pasty to her already swollen bundle of nerves, Maggie was ready to ride. She grinned as she got on her hands and knees facing away from the JX, spreading her legs wide as she pressed her chest to the mattress, and pressed Start.

The ‘hands’ of the machine immediately grabbed her ass, spreading her open further as the long dildo drove all the way inside with one smooth thrust.

Maggie arched her back, almost coming immediately from having her needy channel filled so completely. The dildo started a slow steady rhythm of long thrusts, going in all the way until the fake balls pressed against her opening and then withdrew almost completely before thrusting home again.

Slowly the speed of the thrusts began to increase as the pasty on her clit began to heat up and pulse lightly around the sensitive spot. She was close to going over the edge when the dildo’s angle shifted and it began to rub directly against her g-spot and the pasty tightened on her clit and began to suckle it.

Maggie came with a scream, but the machine was just getting started. The hands grasped the inside of her thighs, lifting her and spreading her impossibly further as it began to pound into her hard and fast. She went straight from one orgasm into another, sounds of pleasure escaping her as it took her hard. The clit attachment began fluttering lightly as she continued to come.

After her third orgasm, the dildo pulled completely out and the hands flipped her roughly to her back before sliding under her ass and pulling her up to meet the hard thrust of the phallus as it filled her once more to the hilt.

This time it had geared up to its highest setting—a mind-blowing two hundred thrusts per minute, each one withdrawing almost completely before driving home. The pounding was almost too much but still never enough.

Maggie got lost in the pleasure, imagining it was Jackson pounding into her so hard.

The thing on her clit was now pinching the little bundle of nerves hard as the thick shaft attached to the machine pounded her. She came twice more, but still the relentless pounding continued. Maggie was hoarse from screaming her pleasure when the machine lunged deep and then began to grind high up inside her.

She began to picture herself across Jackson’s hard thighs as he spanked her for being so naughty. “This is what happens to naughty little girls who masturbate, Margaret.”

Her thighs began to shake and quiver as she built toward another orgasm. Suddenly the pasty on her clit began to vibrate and pinch simultaneously and she shot straight into orbit with a scream and a gush of fluid.

Maggie hit the ‘stop’ button and the dildo pulled free as she collapsed on the bed, too tired to move. Fantasies about Jackson spanking her and dominating her always gave her the biggest orgasms and the closest she came to actual relief.

She turned to her side and had another smaller orgasm when her thighs closed over her well-used lady bits. Sighing as she set her alarm for five, Maggie let herself fall into a dreamless sleep.

It was a little after six when Maggie’s father showed up. Maggie was back behind the bar making sure everything was fully stocked before they opened.

“I expect you for dinner at eight o’clock, young lady,” he began firmly.

“I’m not coming, daddy. I told Ransom to tell you,” she said exasperatedly.

“He told me. That’s why I’m here. You can’t avoid Jackson for the rest of your life,” Grayson told her.

“Sure I can,” Maggie said, crossing her arms protectively over her chest.

“Margaret, you will be at dinner one way or another. Your mother and I expect you at eight,” her father said firmly.

“Fine,” Maggie spat with a scowl.

“Margaret, I did not raise you to speak to me that way.” The warning tone in her father’s voice crumpled her defiance.

“No, sir, I’m sorry,” she said softly. Her tone had been bordering on disrespect, which was not something her father tolerated from any of his children. She might be too old for him to punish but she didn’t want to face his disappointment either.

Though they’d protested greatly when she’d moved away from home and opened a bar, both her parents had been pretty supportive when they realized she wouldn’t change her mind. Maggie knew she couldn’t repay their support with disrespect. She’d go to dinner and try to survive her mate’s presence.

“I don’t want to come, but I’ll be there at eight,” Maggie said grudgingly.

Grayson smiled down at her and kissed her on the top of the head. “Thank you, baby. I promise you everything will be fine. I’ll send a car—”

“No. I’ll come on my bike,” Maggie said firmly.

She saw her father struggle with the impulse to argue further, but obviously decide getting her to dinner was his main objective. “Very well, I’ll see you at dinner.”

Then as she watched, he activated the transfer device on his belt and winked out of sight. Frick and Frack still stood frozen in their places on either side of the door. “Looks like we’re going to dinner at the old homestead, boys.”

Neither responded, but she hadn’t really expected them to. With a sigh Maggie picked up the phone and arranged another bartender to fill in for her while she was gone. It promised to be a very long evening.

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