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His to Take: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


I stole things.

That’s what I did for a living.

Some people would call me a thief. My business card stated, ‘Acquisition Specialist.’ Hovercrafts were my specialty but anything that moved at a fast pace was fair game.

I was a ghost, in and out in less than two minutes, taking pride in every successful job. That was why very powerful people, including ruthless aliens, paid me a hell of a lot of currency to acquire a fancy new toy.

Tonight was no exception. I licked my lips in anticipation of performing my job, more excited about this mission than almost any other. Maybe it was because of the prize I sought or the risk involved given I was a danger junkie. Either way, it didn’t matter. I was a happy girl.

As long as I made it off the planet alive. I’d stashed my personal craft in what I’d been told was a secure location in case the information I’d received was wrong and I needed to make a quick getaway. Although with creatures like the Skeltans, all bets were off. They were slimy beasts who had the ability of tearing a hovercraft apart in less time than it took for me to steal one. That would leave me with only one possibility of returning home any time soon. Exhaling, I shoved the thought aside. In and out. No distractions.

The night was darker than normal, the usual two moons covered over by dark and foreboding clouds. I’d gotten wind of a real prize, the fastest hovercraft/space vehicle that had ever been built. Almost no one could afford it, even on the wealthier planets. The gorgeous hunks of steel also had the best onboard security available.

If the information I’d received through the downtrodden side of the skylines was correct, there was a perfect specimen that had been parked, seemingly unattended on a dark street in the heart of one of the worst sections of the godforsaken planet I’d agreed on coming to. If I could pull this off, I was gold, able to write my own ticket well into the future.

The Phantom was sleek, luxurious, and had a planetary travel speed of five million miles per hour. In space, the craft was capable of entering extreme warp speed within seconds, the horsepower unmatched. I’d keep this one for myself except the alien species who’d hired me to acquire one didn’t take kindly to betrayals. I shuddered at the thought of what they’d do if I couldn’t accomplish their request.

Especially given their intense prowess and legendary brutal punishments.

However, both the reptiles who’d hired me as well as the Skeltans were the least of my worries at this point. The real aliens who controlled Planet X were the crème de la crème of ruthlessness and savagery; the horrors they’d inflicted over the eons on humans and other alien beings were what gruesome nightmares were made of. I was a fool to come within two planetary systems of the bastards. Known on Earth as the Primitives, they had abilities that astounded even our scientists.

But hell. I was a risk taker. Besides, I had no intentions of coming close to what the scientific experts called the Forbidden Zone. Stories were rich about what occurred in the treacherous terrain, although no one had ever returned from the area able to expound on the tall tales. I certainly wasn’t going to be the first. Still, what few pictures I’d seen of the Primitives were terrifying enough.

All I had to do was break the Phantom’s code and head in the opposite direction to the departure area. I’d paid a pretty penny in currency I didn’t have in order to install a cloaking device. If I didn’t pay the unscrupulous vendors their money within forty-eight hours, I’d have a bounty placed on my head.

And the reptiles were only marginally better than the Primitives.

God, I hated snakes, lizards, and alligators with a passion.

The other reason I had to accomplish the feat was that if I couldn’t access my personal ride home, I’d be stuck here for a solid Earth month before another cargo ship could retrieve me. If they were allowed into the airspace. Both the Skeltans and the Primitives were fickle as fuck. The odds of survival then were… abysmal, neither species appreciating humans.

I checked my ammunition before heading around the corner, allowing the tracking device to be my eyes in the darkness. Dressed in dark gray leather, my long hair secured under a skull cap, my lone figure easily blended into the shadows. I remained against the buildings, scanning both sides of the trash-filled street as I moved closer to the acquisition.

Only thirty seconds later I caught my first glimpse at the incredible hovercraft. My God, she was a beaut, her sleek design gleaming in the filtered light. I took a deep breath, holding it as a shiver trickled down my spine. What I wouldn’t give to have her in my collection.

Perhaps another day.

After waiting for a full minute, checking the perimeter with my scanner, I inched closer. It was impossible not to gawk at the sleek instrument, although the color was a surprise.


Blood red.

It shouldn’t bother me as the liquid composition of the Primitives was jet black, like sludge forming in the basin of an oil slick. I held my breath as I carefully crossed the street, keeping in the shadows for as long as possible. I had enough testing capabilities on my scanner to detect even the slighted security issue as well as weaponry of any kind. While I was able to detect the usual operational mechanisms installed by the manufacturer, the fact the gorgeous vehicle was parked in a desolate spot with none of the devices armed should send a red flag smack into my face.

Instead, the danger lover in me hungered for a new toy.

At least for a little while. It would be a sheer pleasure to command such a powerful beast on my return trip to Earth. With the Phantom in my control, my hovercraft could be used as a plant stand for all I cared. I could buy ten of them with my proceeds from the acquisition.

However reckless my behavior seemed to my friends and family, I wasn’t a stupid girl. My daddy had raised me right, not only teaching me the fine arts of theft and weaponry, but also honing my observation skills. There was no one watching the craft, only a few aliens within close proximity.

I inched closer, flicking on my heat sensor. There wasn’t a creature hiding in the craft either. Hmm… This was too good to be true. I knew the old adage from centuries before. If it appeared too good to be true, then disaster was waiting to drag me into the depths of hell. So be it. Too late now.

After moving around the Phantom and tossing my head over my shoulder, I dared to touch the beauty. No sirens and no detection of a silent alarm of any kind. It was time to throw caution to the wind.

My skills at breaking into secure homes and vehicles were just as legendary as the horrible acts of punishment inflicted by the Primitives. I wasted no time, able to break the locking code in sixteen seconds, three seconds faster than my usual time. Feeling pretty proud of myself, I climbed in, drinking in the rich scent of the material used for the plush seats. As I rubbed my hand across the console, a giddy moment flashed into my system.

The only catch was whether I could start the hyperdrive engine. While no keys had been used for hundreds of years, the old method of hotwiring a vehicle still came into play.

Only for a craft of this type, wires weren’t involved.

I allowed my fingers to fly on the console, shifting past the two layers of security easily. As soon as I felt the slight rumble between my legs, I bit back a cry, the sensations as close to an orgasm as I’d experienced in over three years.

After patting the dashboard, I wasted no time leaving the area. I also had no desire to hang around until daybreak when the aliens crawled into the streets like zombies on steroids.

Just as I’d expected, the craft flew beautifully, easy to maneuver. I couldn’t help myself, shifting the driveshaft into overdrive as I crossed over the city. It was difficult not to feel like a kid on Christmas morning, the power between my legs an absolute dream. Only a few seconds later, I punched in the coordinates, heading toward the only secure airspace for departure. What a shame I couldn’t spend additional time cruising the baby around the planet. Just once or twice.

Chuckling, I finally took a deep breath, already planning what I’d do with the excess currency.

Then I felt a jolt, the Phantom suddenly acting erratically.

Oh, God, no. This couldn’t be happening. Almost frantic, I glared at the console, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. After allowing my fingers to fly across the screen for a full two minutes, I felt a strange weightlessness.

“Oh, fuck. No. No!” An automatic retrieval system. That’s why no one had bothered touching the fucking prize. If stolen, it had a program installed that would take over the controls, leading the craft back to its home base.

How could I have been so damn stupid?

I wasn’t going down without a fight. That was certain. My daddy had also taught me how to work around the fucking automated systems, but I had to work fast. My fingers flew, no longer concerned about piloting the craft. As a full minute passed then two, I became almost exasperated.

“Come on, you goddamn piece of crap. Work with me here.” I’d tried every trick in the book I’d been taught and some I’d learned on my own. The damn thing should be putty in my hands right now. “Damn it!”

Then I finally looked up, almost ready to admit defeat.

That’s when I knew my luck had just ended.

The Phantom was being returned to the Forbidden Zone.

Oh, hell, no. That wasn’t going to happen. “You can do this, Rain.” I took a deep breath as the craft picked up speed, twisting and turning as it made its way to the horrible destination. I shoved aside my fears and just about every ounce of common sense, my fingers flying over the console. I touched everything. Speed. Velocity. Nothing seemed to matter.

No. No! I could tell it was slowing down, which meant we were close. Trees flew by the oversized windows, and I could see some kind of volcano spewing blue liquid. This couldn’t happen. I wasn’t going to die on a fucking primitive planet, a feast for wretched critters. What the hell could I do?

Then in frustration, I smashed my hand against the damn console, lowering my head in defeat. I thought about my family, the quiet, well, kind of serene life I had on Earth. At least I would die doing something I loved. Right?


The strange sound drew my attention.

That’s when I realized that I was on a collision course for the ground. Oh, my God. The damn thing was going to crash.

As myriad colors splashed across the window, I swallowed hard and gripped the dashboard.



The thunderous noise drew my attention away from the writhing beast determined to rip into my flesh, even though my spear had been driven through his head. I glanced at the sky, hissing as a golden streak flashed by, the speed and velocity creating a rumble under the surface of the planet.

Then I heard a boom, felt a rush of wind and heat as whatever flew across the area exploded. A goddamn unknown hovercraft had just crashed.

“What the fuck was that?” Kylo barked from a distance.

We were on a hunt, one that had kept us in the Gangling Forest for longer than I’d wanted. It would seem the vicious beasts were out in force today, able to smell our kind from miles away. I glanced at my brother, realizing if we weren’t careful, we’d be surrounded by the flesh-eating creatures.

Snarling, I glanced down at the beast, twisting and turning the weapon until the rapzar no longer writhed in pain.

Taariq moved closer, taking several gasping breaths. His sword was covered in shades of black and purple, the same substance covering his face and chest. He’d hunted and captured another rapzar, the slop- and water-loving creature considered a delicacy within the walls of the palace. Our bounty would be significant on this day.

But only if we could get the fresh meat to our destination point before it turned sour. I had no time for fucking around with some rich asshole who’d taken a joy ride in a hovercraft to the outside world. Saving his sorry ass wasn’t on my schedule.

“It doesn’t matter,” I huffed then tossed the beast over my shoulder, heading toward the carcass box attached to our hovercraft. “Leave it and whoever is inside.”

“Live dangerously, Zadok. We could find riches inside the broken transport.” Kylo grinned as he closed the distance, the Mazian always in the mood to take a risk.

I glared at him then shook my head. There was no need for further discussion. I was the commander of this mission, and the two others would follow my directions without question.

Or my spear would be used for an entirely different reason.

We had a job to do. Warriors and hunters, licensed not only to capture beasts of the wild but other species as well. Criminals. Outcasts. Unwanted humanoids. Anyone who had a price on their head or who dared to ignore the rules was fair game. It was a job I enjoyed, especially the kill itself. There was nothing better than watching the essence of life slipping away from a creature’s optical orbs.

While I was the captain of the guard, protecting the king and his courts, we were also the prince’s hunting team, sanctioned by the king himself to serve in the highest capacity, which allowed all three of us special privileges, wealth beyond our means. I wasn’t going to fuck it up by chasing some pipe dream.

Then again, maybe it would be fun to rile the pompous prince.

I moved further into the darkest part of the Gangling Forest, a place few hunters dared to enter. It was by far the most dangerous area, demon-like creatures ruling the turf and aqua dumps. But I didn’t give a shit. They were no match for me.

Unfortunately, the rumble continued and as I took a deep breath, I realized that thick, acrid smoke had breached the tree line.

“We need to find out what crashed,” Taariq hissed as he flanked my side. “The craft could be valuable to one of the privileged ones.”

Privileged ones. The men who truly ruled our world. I sneered at the thought. They all had expensive toys, even using us to hunt females from the outside world to become their pets. I ignored him, purposely steering toward our craft. It had been a long few moon cycles and I was ready for time spent alone.

But it would seem that fate had other things in mind.

A scream rushed through the dense foliage, the sound high pitched, which meant it would attract every freaking creature in the Gangling Forest, their hunger knowing no bounds.

“That’s a female,” Kylo said through clenched teeth. I didn’t need to glance at him to know he was fully aroused. His hunger was more intense than mine.

A growl erupted from my throat as I realized there was no way I could leave a female injured, fresh bait for the creatures. I took off into the deeper part of the forest, the others following. When we closed in, I surveyed the area. The crash had been horrific. How had anyone survived?

Clang. Bang!

The noise came from within the hovercraft.

I moved closer, eying the broken craft. Then I gazed on the creature tumbling from the broken remains. I took a deep breath, inhaling her scent and was furious my two cocks shifted to full attention. It had been several galactic years since I’d found a single female of any species attractive.

This female wasn’t like those of our kind or any genus I’d ever known. However, I’d studied every creature capable of wreaking havoc on our planet, attempting to take what belonged to our people. And I knew exactly what she was.

A human.

There were stories regarding our ancient civilization, the horrible human beasts slaughtering many of our kind for sport. We’d been taught to hate them, instilling bloodlust in every Mazian. However, as I gazed into her dark eyes, the light shining off her ebony hair, lust of an entirely different kind replaced my need for blood.

It was primal, a hunger that would never be sated.

I’d only seen humans in computer scans, but none so delicious as the creature who’d made the mistake of invading our territory.

“A fucking human. What do we do with her?” Kylo asked, although I sensed he had a few ideas of his own. “She should be killed, her body strung up in the great courtyard.”

“Or better yet. We take her to the prince as our ultimate prize.”

I knew exactly what Prince Rekin would do with her and that wasn’t acceptable. The man had no conscience whatsoever.

“No. We leave her.” I turned away, immediately cognizant that several creatures had already come within a few hundred yards, including at least two rapzars.

Let her be eaten. I had no business rescuing the predatory female, no matter how beautiful she appeared. I closed my eyes briefly, allowing the vision of her porcelain skin and rounded curves push into my mind. Even the luminescent glow her flesh emitted was a beacon of pure filth, increasing my hunger.

“Zadok. She has a primitive weapon and she’s prepared to fire.” Taariq’s statement was lost as one of the rapzars made his appearance known.

Fuck this.


What a pain in the ass.

I turned to face her, snarling as she lifted the long piece of metal toward the creature. She had no idea what she was facing. Her antagonism meant her certain death.

I was instantly struck by a wave of metaphysical need unlike anything I’d ever experienced. As her scent filled my nostrils, my cocks immediately hardened, the blood rushing through my system boiling. There had yet to be a single creature where I’d had the reaction.

Not our kind.

Certainly not other useless aliens.

“She is beautiful,” Taariq huffed.

“Yes,” I snarled.

“Be careful, Zadok. I sense she is out for blood,” Kylo added.

Blood. If that was the truth, she would enjoy what was about to happen. Let’s see just how fierce the little human truly was.

Against my better judgment, I took long strides closer, raising my spear. “Stop. Or. You. Will. Die.”

Chapter Two


“Stop. Or. You. Will. Die.”

The creature’s demanding statement boomed across the horrific terrain, cutting through the smoke, the deep baritone sending a shower of shivers down my spine.

Who the hell did this dude think he was?

Be careful, Rain. They eat people on this planet.

Blinking, I took several deep breaths, coughing from the horrible stench filtering into my lungs. Pain tore through my shoulder, but there wasn’t a beast of any kind on this godforsaken planet that would get any closer. I took aim, barely able to focus, shocked the words were spoken in English.

There’d been gossip, even a few stories blasted across the communications vids that suggested the species could adapt to any species within seconds, absorbing their culture and language easily. I’d laughed at such a stupid suggestion but hearing the beast’s deep voice floored me.

Then a horrific screech unlike anything I’d ever heard in my life reverberated in the dense air above me.

Whatever the monster was, it was getting closer. Far too close. I shifted my weapon toward the sound, blinking several times as the smoke began to lift. What I noticed in my line of sight would shove nightmares into my world for months, hell, years to come.

Terror jetted through me like wildfire, my mind a blur from the sight in front of me. While the three hulking masses of humanlike men drew my attention first, their long ice-blue hair and purple eyes managing to slice through the haze, it was the thing that crawled toward me on all fours that forced me to realize the end was near.

There wasn’t a person on Earth who hadn’t been warned of the beasts controlling the Forbidden Zone, but nothing could have ever prepared me for the thing in front of me. The creature was an alligator on steroids, at least twenty feet long minus the tail, weighing well over four thousand pounds, give or take. What the hell did it matter? He could swallow me whole as a snack, but I doubted that was his intention.

With its hundreds of eight-inch-long razor-sharp teeth, and claws that extended at least a foot from its leg appendages, the beast planned on savoring every moment of draining my blood, crunching on my bones. My weapon would be useless against it, but I wouldn’t go down without one hell of a fight.

I’d crawled out of the mangled mess, thankful to be alive, but at this moment I wasn’t so certain I wouldn’t have preferred dying in the crash. While my inclination was to run, it would take the creature maybe three seconds to slam his body down on mine. And what the fuck were the three Primitives doing just standing there?

Well, they did only have very barbaric-style weapons in their hands. Spears and swords. Really? What the hell did they think they could do against a monster like the thing in front of me? Oh, God, the thing was moving closer. I was a goner.

Fuck. Fuck.

Finally, the tallest and roughest looking of the Primitives walked closer, the one who’d spoken the words. He glared at me, even snarling. When I pointed my weapon directly at the thing, he issued a hefty growl, quickly drawing the attention of the creature.

“Do. Not. Move,” the Primitive stated. As if I was going to obey his command?

“I got this.” Later I might come to realize I was a complete idiot, but I popped off three shots in rapid succession, hitting the beast in the throat.

Okay, so it was confirmed I’d lost what was left of my mind. The thing roared, throwing his head back, his twelve-foot tail swishing back and forth. There was a series of thunderous sounds, other creatures waiting in the wings to catch a morsel or two as a reward for patience. This was bad, so very bad.

The Primitive tossed his spear into the creature, the thing immediately roaring but only twisting his head for a split second before continuing in my direction. It had determined its feast for the day. I backed away, accepting the fact the weapon was of no use. As the terrain began to rumble, additional sounds pulsing through the forest, the Primitive glared at me again then shook his head.

I’d never seen more rugged males in my life. All three of the humanoid creatures were at least six foot five, their muscles created as if from the finest stone. They didn’t just have six-pack abs, they had twelve. And the roughest of the three had thighs so thick my two hands wouldn’t come close to wrapping around the sides of his legs. I realized I’d dropped my gaze from the leader’s chest to the steep V groove leading to his groin and dear God, it would appear the man was aroused, so much so his cock strained against whatever material he was wearing. It wasn’t exactly a loincloth, but damn near close.

He was powerful, his aura providing a clear indication that he was their leader. I allowed my gaze to fall one last time, ashamed at myself for appreciating his striking beauty, but he was impossible to ignore. Every inch of him glistened in the light, accentuating both intricate tattoos as well as scars covering a good portion of his body. My mouth watered, another undesirable reaction.

They were true barbarians in every sense of the word. I was pretty good at guessing, my observation skills usually keen. They were hunters for their planet, which should terrify me even more. Somehow it was comforting since I was facing being eaten as a snack. When the thing roared again, I was dragged back to reality, taking gasping breaths as the thunderous rumble vibrated between my legs.

Then something unexpected happened. The leader changed before my eyes. It wasn’t a slow shift of his body into another form, but an immediate snap-your-fingers kind of switch that forced me to blink several times.

He’d transformed into the same alligator-like thing that was ready to eat me alive. And he was much bigger. I backed away, fighting the paralyzing fear threatening to take over, my legs wobbly. The other two Primitives rushed into the surrounding trees. I heard squeals and grunts, so many horrific sounds I could no longer swallow.

And the stench in the air was repulsive, churning my stomach. I was frozen, incapable of breathing as the Primitive charged the thing, immediately ripping his claws into the beast. Within seconds, a disgusting purple substance oozed from the thing’s back, the stink so disgusting I was forced to slap my hand across my mouth.

As I watched the horror show unfold, I kept a firm hold on my weapon, my mind shifting into an ugly blur as the battle ensued. What seemed to last forever was actually finished within two minutes, the massive thing reduced to nothing more than scales and several appendages, the blood pooling around the massive beast, a river heading in my direction.

There was a sudden, deafening quiet in the ominous forest, the creatures who seemed as if they’d been cheering the massive alligator on now silent. Their defeat was evident by their reactions. After a full additional minute had passed, I glanced toward the second massive alligator beast until a shimmer in the air forced me to blink.

The Primitive reappeared, the light breeze moving through the dense space forcing his long strands of hair to flow around his shoulders. After retrieving his spear from the carcass, he advanced toward me like a true predator.

I backed away, terrified of what the alien had planned.

“Do. Not. Run.”

His command had the same effect as the one before, driving a fight or flight response into my system. I chose flight, whipping around and taking off into the forest. While I was well aware my odds of getting away or finding safety were slim to nil, I also had full comprehension of the fact nothing good could come out of the bastards catching me.

Caging me.

Torturing me.

The stories were tall and fierce, the Primitives eating their young and feasting on human flesh. There were also stories about their mating abilities. While the small portion of my rational brain reminded me that very few humans had dared make the planet a must-see destination, no one returning with tales regarding the Forbidden Zone, the images created in my mind were vivid.

I heard all three of them howling as they raced after me, their heavy bodies crashing down on the thick underbrush. I was a sprinter, keeping my body toned, practicing my skills whenever I had the chance, but the air was denser than on Earth, making breathing difficult. Only a few minutes later I was winded, every step I took laborious. I zigged and zagged, able to hear another skittering of sounds coming from all around me.

Whatever other creatures existed in the forest, they were just as hungry as the alligator thing. When I burst through the trees into a small clearing, I allowed myself to take a deep breath, almost sorry I had. Another stench penetrated my nostrils and as soon as I looked over my shoulder, I was able to see a huge pile of bones and cartilage near a massive, bizarre tree of some kind. My God. It was a dumping zone. I started backing away from it immediately, gasping for air.

Then I hit something solid.

As a head lowered over my shoulder, my entire body started to shake.

“No escape.”

The Primitive’s few words were laced with clear authority and within seconds, he whipped me around to face him, giving me only a few seconds to see him up close before tossing me over his shoulder as if I weighed nothing, pitching my weapon away.

He spoke some strange words to the others before moving in the other direction, returning to the darkness of the forest.

“Let me go!” I squealed, pummeling my fists against his back, the inner voice inside of me already laughing. Yeah, this was real funny. I lifted my head, trying to figure out where he was taking me.

The Primitives powered through the forest, their long legs able to take giant strides. Only a couple of minutes later, I noticed a hovercraft positioned in another clearing, small creatures the color of an Earth sky on a beautiful spring morning crawling all over it. One of the others bellowed, the critters scampering away like insects.

There was no hesitation, the leader storming toward the side, issuing a voice command in another language. A door appeared, popping open.

Then I was dragged into the bowels of their craft.

The Primitive tossed me onto some kind of platform, standing over me and peering down, cocking his head from side to side. As his gaze shifted from my face to my breasts then further to my legs, I couldn’t seem to stop shivering. The skull cap had been ripped from my head during the crash, my long hair cascading across my shoulders, my uniform torn in several places.

He remained exactly where he was, his nostrils flaring as he took a deep breath, his chest expanding. The exterior door had already been shut, a flow of lights becoming brighter. The other two creatures flanked the leader’s side, both studying me as intently as the first alien.

I scuttled backward on the platform until I hit the exterior wall, my muscles aching from tension and exhaustion. When the leader dragged his tongue across his lips, I didn’t need a lesson in Primitive talk to know what he was thinking.

Or what he wanted to do to me.

“You ran,” he repeated, the tone more admonishing than before.

After taking a few shallow breaths, I issued a glare of my own. “I didn’t want to be another creature’s dinner.”

He was obviously confused, narrowing his eyes, which were stunning. I hadn’t been able to notice the gold and silver that surrounding his oversized pupils before. As I glanced from one to the other, I was taken aback by just how gorgeous and rugged they were, not at all what I’d imagined in my mind.

I wasn’t going to allow the Primitive bastards to capture me after everything I’d endured. Hell, no. I reached inside my uniform, pulling out my lucky knife. Then I lunged toward the leader, managing to drive just the tip into the beast’s neck.

Howling, he gripped my throat in a split second, yanking the knife from my hand and crushing it between his fingers. I was shocked at his strength, reeling from the way his eyes started to change colors. The once vivid purple was now a shimmering emerald green. Then turquoise blue. Then… black, like the darkest night. He shoved me against the wall, forcing me onto my tiptoes, his breathing as ragged as mine.

I pummeled my fists against him, but he was an immovable object, big and strong, masculine and… sexy as hell. Geez. What was wrong with my brain at this moment?

As he dug his fingers in, he lowered his head until our lips were almost touching, remaining there for what seemed like an eternity. I was overwhelmed with the kind of sensations no girl should have in this kind of predicament. My pussy ached, the scent of my strong desire wafting between us. There was no doubt he sensed my active libido.

After he took a deep whiff, he pressed his face into my neck, his hot breath skipping across my skin, prickles immediately forming. While I tried to look away, to rid myself of the ridiculous yet strong feelings for the brute, his hold was too tight.

For at least a full minute, we were locked together, the strangest connection I’d ever experienced coursing through my veins and muscles, keeping my pulse high. What was going on? Was he planning on fucking me? I couldn’t put anything past the horrible savage.

Another warrior snickered from behind the beast. The leader showed his fury at being interrupted by his jaw clenching, the growl he issued menacing. He tossed the creature a hateful look then pulled away, staring at me just as intently as before.

“Punishment,” he snarled, a deep growl pushing up from his chest.

“What?” I asked, as if I didn’t know the meaning.

Sneering, he turned toward one of the others, saying something in his native language, the second Primitive nodding. When the second alien moved toward the front of the hovercraft, the other creature remained, his leer more intense than before.

The leader beckoned me with a single thick finger, snarling when I didn’t respond immediately. Then he wrapped his fingers around my jacket, yanking me to my toes. The force he used pitched me toward him, my reaction without any thought process.

I dared to touch him with my fingertips.

As soon as I did, the shot of current slamming into my system was like a series of small explosions occurring in every part of my body. My breath was stolen, my heart racing to the point I feared it would stop altogether. There was something entirely different about the touch of his skin. It was rougher than a human’s, supple and so hot that the tips of my fingers were seared.

The husky growl he issued was an indication he felt the same rush of electricity. As he lowered his head, his lips dangerously close to mine, I almost tipped my head to make certain our lips touched. The scent of him was indescribable, bursting with such a musky testosterone that my senses were immediately heightened, my nipples fully extended. How in the fucking hell could I be attracted to such a… beast?

Uh-uh. I wasn’t buying it. Sure, he and his cohorts had saved my life, but I wasn’t the kind of girl to be impressed by violence. That had been a part of my world since I was six years old, my father raising me like he would a son, never keeping me from experiencing the rough reality of our world. Our planet faced constant struggles, aliens hungering to exploit, steal, or pillage, including women for their own use. I knew how to defend myself.


Whatever kind of punishment he had in mind I wanted no part of. When I started struggling to get out of his hold, his eyes suddenly filled with amusement. The sound of the powerful engines of the hovercraft drowned out whatever few words he’d whispered. Then he snapped one hand around my throat, keeping me on my toes, using the other hand to rip at my clothes. I was so shocked at first that I didn’t move a muscle.

Then I really started to fight back, smashing my fists against him, managing to drive a hard punch into his throat. It was as if I’d pitched myself against a wall of steel. He didn’t flinch, didn’t seem angry, and didn’t react in any way.

He just continued to rip my clothes to shreds. When he wrapped his fingers around the edge of my panties, I couldn’t keep a gasp from pushing up from my throat. They were going to violate me. So little in my life had frightened me, but my mind remained a huge blur as he allowed another heated gaze to fall down the length of me.

As crazy as it seemed, I shifted my eyes to his crotch, biting back a moan from seeing how hard he’d become. This was nothing but an absolute nightmare.

The two exchanged words for a few seconds. Then the leader sat down on the platform, dragging me over his body. What the hell was this about?

I continued fighting him, almost managing to slide off his lap. He fisted my hair, yanking me back, the action shifting me back and forth over his throbbing… cocks. Wait a minute. There were two distinct pulses. While I wasn’t the most experienced girl in world sexually, I wasn’t immune to anatomy.

The Primitive had two cocks, both throbbing against my stomach. I wasn’t allowed the opportunity to consider the strange realization before he brought his massive hand down against my naked bottom. I was so shocked I couldn’t think clearly, the pain unlike anything I’d ever experienced in my life.

I’d had laser beams shot through my leg, a shank driven into my stomach. Hell, I’d almost been strangled by a Womqosh creature from planet Scandon, but this was something entirely different.

He didn’t hesitate, smacking me in rapid succession, moving from one side to the other. The pain quickly shifted into anguish shooting down the backs of my legs. I felt like some stupid child, not a woman who’d taught herself to become a fierce warrior. Both assholes seemed to be enjoying themselves, their breathing labored.

As the round of punishment continued, my mind shifted into thinking crazy thoughts, including what else they had on their bucket list to do to me. I squirmed and shifted, but that only made the situation that much worse. The creature was hard as a rock, the friction I was creating exciting him.

“Stop! Just stop!” I moaned, hating myself for doing so.

“No.” His single word was stated gruffly, the fucker so dominating. I envisioned driving a blade through his heart more than once. Somehow, I doubted I’d get that opportunity.

I had no idea how long the harsh punishment lasted, but with every passing second, a strange scent trickled into my system. Fuck. I was turned on by what the asshole was doing. No way. That wasn’t going to continue.

Even as I did everything I could to shut it down, the way he shifted the rough pads of his fingers across my buttocks was overwhelming. He was caressing me. Oh, God. The second he dipped his hand between my legs, I bucked against him hard, screaming out obscenities. He was insistent, driving a single finger past my swollen folds.

To say I was mortified was an understatement. As he pumped his finger deep inside, I was thrown by how incredible it felt. I was so aroused after only a few seconds that I couldn’t control my breathing. I squirmed in his lap, undulating back and forth across his cocks, blocking out all the negative thoughts in my brain, the sensations that delicious.

I couldn’t believe I was succumbing to such appalling treatment, but given the size of my swollen nipples, there was no denying that I was close to orgasming. I held my breath for fear of giving away my condition, but unable to stop gyrating like a lovesick puppy dog.

When he shifted his hand, swirling his finger around my clit, a moan exploded from my throat. “Bastard,” I managed, trying to get my mind off the incredible ecstasy.

The great leader remained silent, but I heard his breathing change. He was enjoying himself at my expense. Of course he was. When he returned his finger plus two more to my tight channel, my entire body started to shake. How could an alien who had no idea about the female anatomy of a human know exactly how to curl his fingers, sliding the ragged tips across my G-spot?

My mind was in such a fog that I wasn’t certain I hadn’t begged him to fuck me. That’s how incredible his touch felt. No man or alien I’d indulged in trying something new had ever brought this much pleasure. Ever.

The Primitive acted like he did this kind of thing all the time, adding a fourth finger and thrusting with such force I was pitched up and down on his lap without having to do anything. He kept my legs wide open, but the one closest to his knees wasn’t even close to falling off. That’s how huge of a savage he was.

I did what I could to hold back, trying to assert what little control I tried to convince myself I had, but the moment he shoved his thumb-like digit into my asshole, I was gone. An orgasm swept up from the very core of my being, slamming into me with all the ferocity of a volcano. I was so shocked that I was temporarily blinded, unable to keep from moaning.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

The single syllable tumbled out of my mouth, obviously giving him an indication that he’d won this round. He continued plunging brutally, one climax drifting into another, the catastrophic wave stealing my breath. My vision.

And my mind.

I couldn’t seem to stop shaking, finally flailing my arms as the rapture continued. I could only imagine what I looked like to the predators. When I finally managed to stop making any sound, he removed his hand, saying something in his native language to the other creature.

My God. The two bastards laughed, the sound boisterous. I remained disgusted, but the fear had turned into determination to get the hell away from them. I fought even harder, ignoring the pain as he returned to his horrible actions, spanking me like a bad little girl. I finally managed to maneuver my body enough I was able to jab my elbow in his stomach.

As before, he showed no reaction.

The pain and pleasure combination was incredible, pushing me to a point where the spanking slowly became entirely too arousing. Finally, it just stopped, additional words said in his language.

After that, I was aware hands had lifted me, pulling me off the warrior’s lap, forcing me to stand. My legs were rubbery, my vision still hazy, but I could almost read what he was thinking.

That he would eventually devour me.

The leader slowly rose to his feet, only required to take two long strides until he was standing a few inches away. I stood in awe of his gorgeous physique as well as the darkness in his eyes, his hunger evident in the way he clenched his strong jaw. I was able to see his scars, battle wounds he’d received from his profession. He also had tattoos, ink creating swirling designs that were indescribable. While jagged cuts marred one side of his rugged face, they were unable to detract from his handsome features. It was difficult not to want something that would repulse others.

He was a hunter, a very attractive feature. I was shocked at my reaction, but it was what it was. Call me a sinner.

When I moved, the pain in my shoulder suddenly came to life and I winced. The leader moved closer, pressing his fingers against the long scrape. Then he moved away. What was he doing? He returned a few seconds later with a container of some kind. He stuck his fingers inside, scooping up the contents. The stench was almost exactly like the horrible odor I’d endured near the alligator thing.

What came out of the jar was nauseating as hell, a gel like glob of black and blue goo. “Oh, no. You’re not putting that crap on me.”

He gave me a dour look then wrapped his arm around my waist, tugging me closer, so much so his cocks pressed into my stomach. I was even more lightheaded than before, my entire body tingling. If he noticed I was wet and hot all over, he didn’t react, merely sliming me with the stinky stuff. Almost instantly it felt a hundred percent better. His look remained authoritative as he returned the container.

“What do you want from me? Payment? I have access to currency.” Keep lying to the nice aliens and they’re going to feed you to the gator limb by limb.

“Thief,” he growled.

Well, at least the warrior had gotten something right, not that I was going to admit it. “No. I just needed a ride.”

He looked at his buddy then spoke something else in his language before gripping my chin, his fingers digging into my throat. “Good.”

Good what? Why did I have the feeling he was sizing me up like a side of beef? The other Primitive walked away but when he returned, a thick piece of metal in his hand, almost all the fight drained out of me.

It was a goddamn collar. The leader yanked it from his buddy’s hand, his eyes locking with mine.

“What are you doing? I don’t understand.”

The second alien finally opened his goddamn mouth, moving out of the shadows. “You’re being taken to the containment facility.”

“What is that?”

“You will await a more formal punishment.”

“For crash landing in the Forbidden Zone?” I shoved my hands against the leader’s chest, hating the way the same electricity bore straight into the depths of my being.

“For stealing the prince’s hovercraft,” the second Primitive said.

The prince. I’d heard enough about the arrogant first spawned son of the king to know the dude would make certain my punishment included torture and death. Groovy. Of all the hovercrafts I’d set my sights on, it had to be owned by a prince. No wonder I’d been paid the kind of currency no one else had ever offered.

The leader slapped the thick piece of steel around my neck. A chain of some kind was next, although the material was nothing like anything on Earth.

Then he gave me another twice over, forcing me to stand in front of him while he did his visual inspection. Why did I have the distinct feeling that he’d like to do a more formal body examination?

A strange smirk crossed his facial features, but it was almost impossible to read what he was thinking.

Until he lifted his hand, showing off his slickened fingers. I was even able to catch a whiff of my pussy juice, which was possibly the most abhorrent aspect of the entire situation. When he shoved his fingers into his mouth, I couldn’t pull myself away, becoming entirely too focused on what he was doing, the enjoyment he was getting.

The ungodly activity continued until the giant hulking steel mass jerked forward, the rumble from the engine entirely too sexual.

When the leader finally removed his fingers, he nodded in satisfaction. I’d watched the entire blasphemous situation. What was wrong with me?

“Take her,” the leader stated, starting to turn away. Then he shifted back into position slowly, crowding my space.

I took several deep breaths, shocked when he brushed his fingers across my face. The action was so tender, almost loving. Even the look in his eyes had changed, as if a part of him wanted to protect me from whatever horrors I would soon face.

“Beautiful human.”

Shivering, I realized I was massaging his chest and yanked my hand free. Then I turned my head away, closing my eyes. “Just leave me alone.”

It was obvious my dismissal infuriated him. He took a step away from me, issuing a solid roar.

The other Primitive finally grabbed my leash, tugging me away and into the darkness of the craft.

That’s the moment a strange thing happened.

A tear slowly trickled down the side of my face.

That never happened to a girl like me.

There was an eerie silence as the creature dragged me into the bowels of the hovercraft. It was larger than most, the rumble of engines vibrating the floor indicating the ship was probably capable of warp speed. It was obvious they hunted more than just beasts on their own planet. If I had to guess, I’d say they were mercenaries, considered the scourge of the galaxies. They were also extremely dangerous.

I pulled against the chain, the collar cutting into my skin. The Primitive was easily able to jerk me along, never once looking in my direction.

For some reason, I expected to hear howling or cries from other aliens who’d been abducted, but the silence was ominous, adding to the fear bursting into my system. When he finally stopped in front of a massive door, he threw a look in my direction.

“You will obey.”

His voice was as deep as the leader’s, his eyes as intense. Not only were they able to take any shape, but they also absorbed every dialect and language. While I’d been told they were nothing but primitive beasts, it was obvious they had capabilities that were completely unknown.

Another reason they were dangerous as hell.

“Where are you taking me?”

He thought about my question then glanced toward what had to be an unknown optical scan, the door opening immediately. “You would say to a prison. Come. Now.”

All he had to do was yank a single time and I was pitched toward him, directly into his arms. After catching me, he took several deep breaths, tilting his head one direction then the other. He was instantly hard, which made me nauseous. I couldn’t seem to stop shaking, flinching only once when he rubbed his hand down the back of my head, stroking my hair. When he fisted his hand, I could see what had to be disappointment in his eyes.

He wasn’t supposed to touch me.

Huffing, he looked away, pulling me inside. That’s the moment the stench hit me, slamming into my senses like a sledgehammer, the odor unlike anything I’d ever been forced to smell before.





My stomach instantly lurched, forcing me to slap my hand across my mouth to keep from retching. My eyes watered as I tried to comprehend what had been placed in the room. A blur of images rushed into my mind, the limited light incapable of hiding the scene of horror and carnage.

There were dozens of bodies, creatures who’d been killed, mutilated, then dumped inside cages. Dry heaving, I leaned over, trying to catch my breath.

“What is wrong?” the creature asked.

“The smell. It’s disgusting.”

He took a deep whiff, but the repulsive odors didn’t seem to bother him. “You will obey.” The bastard pointed to a cage barely big enough for me to stand up in. When I didn’t budge, he issued a harsh growl unlike anything I’d ever heard before. I could swear he was going to morph into a lion or a bear at any second.

My legs shaking, I headed toward the container, gripping the edge then tossing him a nasty look. “I will get you for this. Somehow. Some way.” Of course, the bastard looked at me with huge eyes, confused as hell. Yeah? Well, so was I. When I moved inside, I continued to be repulsed by being in the room. It was obvious the cage hadn’t been cleaned out in weeks. Years.


I sucked in and held my breath, jumping when I heard the cage door being slammed. The only emotion that usually manifested itself was passion.

Or rage.

Depending on my mood.

Right now, I couldn’t stop shivering, longing to be in my cozy little house, sucking down an alcoholic beverage or two after toasting to the spoils of war.

Not facing a brutal alien species with a penchant for slimy skin and bones.

I took a deep breath, but the sound was more like a sob. Then I wrapped my hand around the chainlike leash, my thoughts drifting to what I could do with the heavy piece of steel. My guess was that the second I took a swing, I’d be reduced to skin and bones.

“It will be alright,” the creature said from behind me.

“I doubt that.” I felt his hesitation and after a few seconds, I turned around, ready to give him hell.

He’d disappeared, leaving me in the cold, dank, and smelly environment. There was no doubt I’d just died and gone to hell.

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