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Her Hometown Daddy by Rose St. Andrews – Sample

Chapter One

Her Hometown DaddyFull of nervous energy, Lisa bounced as she stood at the bow of the small ferry and clung to the cast-iron railing. She was going home for the first time since graduating, and she had such plans for the summer! Her pockets were empty, in a manner of speaking, but it didn’t matter. That too was part of her master plan for having a kick-ass vacation.

The wind whipped her short chestnut hair about her face. It was cold, but she barely felt it. After all, this was the world she was used to. It didn’t matter that it was early June and everyone else was in long pants and light jackets. She was pumped up on adrenaline and excited about seeing her old friend again. That was why she was in her cut-off jeans, little white threads dangling against her thighs, and a red and white striped t-shirt, which was about two sizes too small. The last time she’d seen Drew, she’d been rather modest in the chest department. A late growth spurt had made her more ample, and she wanted to make sure he noticed. There was also the matter of getting a job on the island. When she went in for interviews, she knew her assets would assist her in that endeavor.

Once the ferry docked in the tiny harbor, Lisa adjusted her backpack and scampered down the gangplank before the chain had even been lowered to allow everyone to disembark. A modest jump and she cleared it, and was on her way. She practically sprinted around the small harbor; she hadn’t felt this alive and invigorated in years.

It was the island. There was something about this place that put fire in her step and excitement in her soul. It made her think of that movie The Secret of Roan Inish. At the end, when the family is back on their island, the grandfather speaks of feeling as if he’s taking his first breath of real air in years.

That was what this place did to Lisa.

By the time she’d skirted the southern side of the harbor, she was a bit winded and had to slow to a walk. It seemed she wasn’t as athletic as she thought. Oh well, plenty of time to get in shape over the summer. Strolling up the western edge of the harbor, the main road on her left, she took in all the sights, sounds, and aromas of the old place.

Very little had changed. It was one of the endearing qualities of Shadow Island; it seemed lost in time. Sailboats and motorboats (her dad called them stink-potters) dotted the harbor, both tied up at the dock and moored off shore. She waved to some of the boaters working on their crafts, and passed people biking and walking about. There were few cars on the street. It was early in the season, and thus the tourists had yet to descend on the place. Hence her decision to come here now. Jobs would be plentiful.

At the northwest corner of the harbor sat the old market. Oh, the memories Lisa had of that place: first soda, first candy bar, first job stocking shelves, and first cigarette out back—which, of course, had made her sick. As the ground rose toward the small hill to the north, Lisa looked over her shoulder at the store and stuck out her tongue at it in an act of defiance. It was the past, and she was the future. No more stocking shelves for her!

Pine Mount was a modest hill, even a weakling could bike up it, and Lisa’s head filled with memories of summers when she was a child. She and Drew and their friends had spent many happy hours playing here, and she’d loved skateboarding down the road. Not during summer, of course, but in the off seasons when traffic was so light as to make every island road safe.

Halfway up the hill, the road made its dogleg to the right, and she came to her destination. She paused to catch her breath, wiped her forehead, and took in the old place. It was looking good, which surprised her. Drew’s dad, good old Edward was not known for performing any physical activities in a timely fashion. The man was habitually late, especially when it came to maintaining the house. Now it looked as if a full-blown construction crew was at work on it. Scaffolding ringed the place on three sides, there were shingles off the roof with stacks of new ones off to one side, and the walls had been scraped down to bare wood.

Damn, they giving the old place a major makeover?

Crossing the street, she made her way to the backyard. She giggled; the old clothesline was still there and she was a bit surprised to see the Persian rug from the living room hung up on it.

Shit, is Uncle Eddy finally getting rid of that ratty old thing?

Moving across the soft grass, she stepped up on the porch. The back door, as always, stood open, and the screen door was unlocked. The ship’s bell was gone, maybe removed to be polished. Lisa gently rapped on the doorframe and waited. A thump came from the next room and a moment later a great hulking bear of a man stepped into the room. Lisa’s eyebrows shot up; could this truly be Drew?

Shaking the sawdust from his mop of long black hair, he came toward the door. “Yes, ma’am, something I can do for you?”

The sight of him practically took her breath away. Drew had grown up, up and out, and his rippling six-pack glistened with sweat. It took a moment for her head to clear as she gazed up at him. He was head and shoulders above her.

“Sir, do you have a home security system? If not, do you mind if I come in and pester you about buying one for a couple of hours?”

“Lisa?” he said, pushing open the door. “It is you. Damn, girl, you grew up, and you finally put some meat on your bones. You were always so scrawny as a kid, but now you look fantastic!”

Smiling, she tugged her shirt down as much as she could, and swayed her torso before him. “Why thank you, my man. I’m now a 34C, but hey, at least they’re finally bigger than yours, but not by much I see. Sheesh, Drew, you been pumping iron?”

“This is what happens when you eat right and work out, which working on a house this size does to you,” he replied with a chuckle and gestured for her to enter. “Get in here, girl, and give me a proper welcome.”

She laughed and threw herself into his arms, and they hugged each other warmly. Separating, he led her through the kitchen to the dining room, which was in a state of chaos. It was clear that was where he was working. Still, two chairs were clean and uncluttered, and there they sat.

Lisa brushed the dust from her shirt and the sawdust from her hair. “What the hell is going on here, Drew? Your parents finally decide to fix the place up?”

“Eh, sort of. My parents retired and moved to Florida last winter. They gave me the old cottage with the stipulation that I can keep it if I fix it up and live in it for at least five years.”

“Wow, awesome deal. Huh, and here I was coming to ask your parents where you were living.”

He smiled. “Well, you found me. So, what’s up with you, girl, you moving back here?”

“Oh, no, no, no,” she said quickly, shaking her head. “This place is way too quiet for me. I’ve got my degree and I’m ready to start my life going… hell, anywhere I want. But, I figured, why not come back for one last summer of fun? I’ll get a job at The Flying Duck or some other bar in town, make some decent money, drink as much as I want, have as much se—as much fun as I want, and hit the beach and get a tan.”

“Sounds like you’ve got it all planned. So, why were you looking for me? I mean, I’m flattered. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great seeing you, and I’ll be happy to spend some time together,” he said, eyeing her up and down. “Damn happy!”

“Down, boy. I wanted to see you because I have a little proposition to put before you regarding my living arrangements.”

“Proposition? Living? Oh, uhm… Lisa, I’d be more than happy to rent you a room. Hell, I’d let you stay rent free for the whole summer; we’re best buds, you know that. It’s just… right now, what with the place all torn up… I don’t know that you’d be comfortable here.”

She wagged a finger in front of his face. “Oh, come on, my man, you know me, I’d gladly sleep in a closet, if it meant we could hang out together. Here’s the thing, I don’t exactly have a lot of money for rent.”

He rubbed his chin as he slowly nodded. “Oh, don’t let that worry you. Like I said, you can stay free. I was just worried about you being comfortable. But, you know what? You’re right. A little sawdust and noise won’t bother you. It’s a deal!”

“Hold on, Drew, while I have no money, I feel bad about not giving you something. You want to hear what I’ve got to offer?”

His brow wrinkled. “Okay, I am officially intrigued.”

“Thank you, my man,” she replied with a grin and a nod. “It pleases me that you know me so well. As it happens, I know you equally well, which is why I know the ‘currency’ I’m offering will be acceptable to you. Here’s the deal: you get to spank me all you want in exchange for a free room.”

Drew’s jaw dropped. “I can… what? Lisa, I can… hmm? Since when are you into… that?”

She threw back her head and laughed. “Oh, come on, Drew, remember the spanking games we played back that summer after I turned eighteen? They were… kinky and wild, and kind of fun too. That’s how I know you’re into it.”

His face took on a slightly pinkish hue and he studied the floor intently. “Um, well… yeah. So, how would that even work?”

“Easy, I just kneel at the end of the bed, say on a pillow, bend over, wearing my jeans, mind you, and you do it. Or maybe lie on the bed on a pile of pillows. We can mix it up.”

“Well, how long, how hard?”

She chewed her lip. “Oh… say, fifty, medium force. You know, a decent sting to them.”

“Only fifty?” he grumbled.

“Hey, you get to do it daily. So, I think that’s pretty reasonable.”

“Ohhh, okay. I’d call that an offer I can’t refuse,” he said with a grin. “Man, this summer just got real interesting.”

“I hope it’ll be a fun one too. Ah, so are any of the rooms still in one piece?”

“Oh, ha-ha, missy. Don’t let the paint and dust fool you. This old place is still rock solid, and two of the bedrooms are just fine. I was going to use one to store my woodworking tools, but I’ll move them down cellar.”

“Oh, Drew, I don’t want you going to any trouble,” she said quickly.

“It’s okay; I’m setting up my workshop down there anyway. I’ll just do that now. I’ve already got some jobs lined up.”

“So, okay, we’ve got a deal, and I’ve got a roof over my head,” she said, offering him her hand.

He shook it. “This is just about the strangest lease I ever signed.”

She giggled. “Well, think of it this way: with me around, summer will not be dull. Which rooms are available?”

He gestured for her to follow him and headed for the stairs. “Come on, I’ll show you. Mom and dad’s is all torn up; that’s the one getting the biggest makeover. Mine isn’t changing much, and then the front one is where I set up shop.”

He climbed the narrow staircase, ducking his head to keep from whacking it on floor beams above. Lisa fell in behind him, grinning at the sight of his firm butt in his equally tight jeans. Oh, yes, Drew had definitely grown into quite the man. She made a mental note to give him a no-strings-attached boff at some point during the summer. The second floor was just as she remembered: master bedroom on the left, nursery and playroom on the right. They took up the entire back of the house. Turning to the left, they passed Drew’s room, the bathroom, and then came to the front bedroom—the big bedroom. Oh, the fun they’d had there! While the playroom had toys and games galore, and Lisa and Drew had played there more times than she could remember, the front bedroom was one of their special places. It was there they played house and hospital, and outer space science station. The room also connected to the upper porch. It was little more than a balcony, but it was where King Drew and Queen Lisa had looked out over their dominion.

Ah, yes, sweet memories!

Upon entering, Lisa scanned the room. The twin beds were still there, one covered in tools, two dressers with mirrors, and the cute little wicker table and chairs in the corner.

“Yeah, this’ll do me fine. Can I push the beds together?”

“Huh? What for?”

“For when I have company,” she said casually.

“What?” Drew squeaked.

She laughed. “Oh, take a chill pill, Drew, I’m kidding.”

“Oh, phew, thank—”

“We’ll go to his place,” she said quickly, a smug smile on her face.

“Wha—?! Damn, girl, you really are planning a wild summer. But, hey, you’re a grown woman, sort of; I guess you can fend for yourself. Just please be careful. I know this is an island and you grew up here, and so you feel safe, but remember some of the summer tourists can be a bit… yuck.”

Lisa laughed harder. “Oh, Drew, you’re such a mother hen. I can take care of myself.”

“Famous last words. But, like I said, you’re a grown woman, the choice is yours. Oh, and by the way, when it comes to fending for yourself, that includes the kitchen. I am not a short order chef. Feel free to put any groceries you want in there and cook for yourself, but don’t expect regular meals from me.”

“Okay, that’s fair. Um, I do hope we’ll get to eat together once in a while.”

Drew smiled. “I’m sure we will. Now, let me get these tools out of here and you can get settled.”

A devilish grin spread across her face. Slipping off her pack, she crawled up onto the empty bed on all fours. “Speaking of settled, how about we settle my first day’s rent right now?”

For emphasis, she wiggled her ass and lowered her head so her face was nestled into a pillow.

“Whoa, girl, you don’t hold back, do you?” he said, his eyebrows going up.

“I just want us to start off on the right foot. Or should I say hand?” she replied, batting her eyes at him.

“Always ready with a witty comeback, aren’t you?”

“Let’s just say I never pull any punches. So, you going to stand there gawking, or get to it?”

Drew moved to stand between the beds, thus getting close enough to touch the target with his right hand. “Wow, you sure can fill out a pair of shorts. Any shorter and they’d be a belt.”

“Always with the jokes. I got interviews today, so I’m dressed to impress—oh!”

He’d caught her by surprise. She’d expected a pat or two while he lined up his aim, but he’d swung and struck without warning. Lisa squirmed; it was a firm swat, but not too severe. Yet, a tiny jolt of its energy did something she hadn’t expected. It shot straight between her legs.

Well, that was a first!

Before she had time to consider it further, he struck again, this time to the right cheek, and then quickly to the left. The next swat landed firmly across the center of her bottom, and then he smacked low enough to catch a bit of bare skin. The sting remained steady until those two, and then her eyebrows rose slightly, as did her hips. A finger of delight thrust into her, a pulse of sexual energy surging between her legs. Lisa’s breathing sped up a bit and she gripped the bedspread hard.

What the fuck is happening to me? I’ve done playful spankings with boyfriends all through college. They heated me up, but never set me on fire like this!

As much as Lisa would have loved to analyze her body’s reactions to Drew’s smacks, her cognitive functions were not at their top operational level. Loss of blood to her brain tended to do that. She managed a smile. It seemed men weren’t the only ones afflicted by that malady. Her thighs twitched, which excited her more, and a different moisture built up between her legs. Dropping her head lower, she wiped the sweat from her forehead on the bedspread and closed her eyes.

Oh, yeah, I was a bad girl, so teach me, da—Drew, spank me good. Come on, almost there.

Her hips thrust back, almost begging to be spanked, and that lovely hand kept at her over and over. Then it wasn’t there.

“Oh!” she squeaked in protest.

Opening her eyes, she turned her head in time to see Drew step away and rub his hand.

“Wow, you’re pretty firm, Lisa. Downright hard. Bet my hand hurts worse than your cute little behind.”

Straightening up, she turned to him and frowned. “What’d you stop for? What was that, you’re not telling me that was the full fifty?”

“Sure was. What, hardly noticed? Damn, you’re not hard; you’ve got an iron butt. I’ll have to go harder next time.”

“Now that you mention it—”

He turned toward the other bed and reached for the tools. “Here, I’ll get these out of your way, and you can get settled.”

“Well, but, I, wait—”

“Lisa, come on, I’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Oh, Drew, you can be so thick-headed! She sighed, then smiled. Damn, I knew he had great hands, I just never thought their skill extended to bedroom activities. Ah well, another time. “Here, let me help you with that.” Anything to get my mind off sex.

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