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Hunted by the Wolf: A Dark Shifter Romance by Raven Willow – Sample

Chapter One

“All packed! Are we ready to go?” Charlie’s overexcited voice traveled up to the second-floor window. Violet Batten jumped, splashing her coffee over her shirt.

“Dammit!” She sighed and rubbed her temples. Charlie wasn’t usually so pumped for another trip, but their followers had sent countless emails and posted messages on their website practically begging them to investigate the Black Wolf Falls forest. And what the fans wanted, their team delivered.

“Alright, people, I am here with Violet! Say hey, girl!” Milo and Adam burst in, testing their camera on the new extension pole.

Violet gave a shy wave to her best friends. Not exactly camera ready, she smashed her beanie over her curls and downed the rest of her coffee.

“So, Vee, brief summary of what Mystic Paranormal is investigating this time. Go!” Adam backed up, opening the curtains for better lighting.

“Well, you guys have been bombarding us with this.” Violet held up a photo of the supposed ‘Black Wolf Falls monster,’ which was really just a drawing found online. “And because of your generous donations, we’ve managed to raise enough to travel for an extended weekend and try to find some real proof as to whether or not this thing actually exists.”

Violet silently gestured for Milo to cut the camera. She imagined he would throw up some images of the carcasses found and casts of the massive footprints taken of the creature once the entire episode went into editing.

She scrolled through their website, counting each location they had traveled to in the last few years. The Green Valley insane asylum, the old haunted Victorian cemetery, the abandoned hospital; the list went on and on over a period of a few years. They’d had some success and a solid following, but Charlie’s dream was a television deal. Ever since they’d opened this business, all their self-proclaimed ringleader could talk about was the ‘perfect monster’ to get them noticed by the right producer or executive.

And the Black Wolf Falls monster seemed to be the one.

Once they’d had enough emails inquiring about nothing else, Charlie had jumped at the chance.

“This is it! Have you seen this thing?” Charlie had shoved his laptop into their faces, filled with photos of what looked like a giant wolf walking on two legs, black as night and with glowing red eyes. It was a fuzzy picture at best, but definitely not human.

Several weeks and floods of donations by their patrons later and they were booked for a nearby cabin for three days and more equipment than could fit into June’s van.

Charlie’s wife June had bought it especially for the business, so they had all the room, but it still didn’t seem to be enough for all five of them on a several hour long trip.

Violet’s back strained at the thought of having to sleep up against Milo’s ridiculous ex-athlete frame, or Adam’s scrawny physique. But better them than Charlie, who never missed an opportunity to flirt with her, even in front of June.

Shit, even the viewers had noticed. Violet pretended not to see the comments pouring in on their latest videos.

“Poor June. She deserves better.”

“Violet would never date him. He’s an egotistical jerk.”

“June and Violet should go off and do their own thing. Charlie’s a douche.”

Violet snickered at that one. She tapped her fingers against her suitcase, hoping she would get the courage once this weekend was over to break the news that she wanted to leave.

“Now you guys will be careful? You’ll call the second something goes wrong?” Charlie’s parents hovered over their luggage, sloppily out of place in the opulent foyer. They had insisted the team stay the night in their house, if it could be called a house. It was more of a mansion with more rooms than one would know what to do with. Coming from a wealthy family, Charlie always figured that would get him an ‘in’ with this business. But it hadn’t come. Once this mysterious creature started hitting headlines, he pounced.

“Yes, Mom. We’ll call every hour if you want,” June assured as she and Charlie’s mother embraced.

It was a shame. Charlie’s parents adored June; if only Charlie did too. It made Violet wonder why they’d married at all.

Speaking of the devil, Charlie trampled through the door, clapping his hands loudly. “Let’s go, people! The monster awaits.”

He hauled the last of the expensive equipment over his shoulders, and Milo made sure to get footage of it. Eye candy for the ladies, she supposed.

Violet hoisted her suitcase in the trunk, only for Charlie to stop her.

“I got it, I got it.” He made a show of lifting her barely heavy belongings.

“Thanks,” she mumbled and removed herself from the situation while Milo and Adam collectively got some last-minute shots.

“Let’s hit the road!” June cheerily climbed in the driver’s seat.

With final goodbyes, the five of them were heading off in the van, ready to find out the truth about the Black Wolf Falls monster.

Chapter Two

The team stumbled through the door of the rustic, homey cabin. Everyone was desperate for the bathroom, a nap, or a drink.

“Jesus, finally!” June flopped on the big couch, kicking off her boots.

Violet trudged her belongings into the nearest spare room and tossed them lazily on the bed. She’d unpack later. It was a modest and cozy space, but she already longed for her daybed at home.

Pushing her glasses up her nose, she set up her laptop and her notes for the catch. Assuming they caught anything on tape at all.

Milo’s beaded dreads alerted his presence as his feet stomped down the hall.

“I call the pullout! No way I’m sharing a room with you again, Adam. You’d sleep with the fan blaring in the dead of winter.” He glared at their friend.

“And you snore like an eighty-year-old man, dude!” Adam retorted back, throwing a pillow at him. “And you still eat like we’re in high school. Are you going to be up at two a.m. munching away like in the last episode?”

Violet snickered. They even fought like an eighty-year-old couple.

“I say we order some pizza, shoot some behind the scenes footage, and get some sleep. Milo, make sure the backup camera is charged. The Ghost of Groves Asylum episode got cut off,” Charlie ordered.

“Night vision, thermal imaging camera…” Violet listed off the checklist until she got to their survival gear. “Everyone needs full canteens, snacks, their pocket knives, and their thermal blankets. Bring the life straws just in case and a clean pair of socks.”

“Are we camping overnight?” June looked to Charlie.

“No, but we’ll be out late. Better to be prepared.”

June ordered the food, and in thirty minutes, they were enjoying their meal.

“Okay, recap. The Beast of Black Wolf Falls has been a state legend for years. The few eyewitness accounts say that it’s a wolf-like biped who preys primarily on animals. But on one occasion it’s thought to have caused the death of an amateur paranormal hunter about five or so years ago. The only things left behind were some bloody clothes, his crushed camera, and some remnants of a boot. The sim card was intact and what we’re left with is this.” Charlie held up a blurry photo of… something on two legs but covered in black fur and a hint of glowing red eyes.

“So… Bigfoot?” Milo interjected.

“Or just a big hoax.” June raised an eyebrow.

“Give me a break, it’s a lead. You can’t tell me this thing is human, or some guy in a costume. Look at the fur!” Charlie pointed to the picture.

“And how was no body found?” Violet pointed out before taking her last bite.

“The way I see it, this is a two-parter for sure. Too much information for one video.” Adam shrugged.

“We’ll see how this one goes, and if it goes well and we get some media attention, we can organize a massive search. You know? Smoke the thing out and kill it! Give that guy’s family some closure at least.” Charlie punched the palm of his hand with his fist.

Violet rolled her eyes as she put the trash away. Finding it, capturing it on film, sure. But euthanizing it? That toed the line of cruelty in her mind. It was still his domain they were walking into.

She cleaned the dishes, lifting her head when she smelled nicotine. Strolling out the back door, she found Adam smoking.

Violet crossed her arms. “I thought you quit.”

“Relax, I haven’t had one since college. Just for this weekend. Charlie’s making me crazy with this damn episode.” He puffed on the cigarette, hanging his head as Violet raised a disapproving eyebrow.

The chill in the air raised goosebumps on her skin.

“Are you going to tell him?” Adam asked.

“No, not yet. When we go home. I’ll finish on a good note, you know.”

Her best friend nodded in understanding. Only he and Milo knew of her intent to leave.

“What will you do?” He puffed on the cigarette again.

“I want to get back into my writing. I gave up too quickly. My first books were successful, and I think I should try again. I got in touch with my publisher.”

“As long as Milo and I are the first to get signed copies for the next one. The country’s leading female horror writer!” Adam lifted his hand, mocking reading a sign.

“If I could get out of this writer’s block. One of these days.” She knew she would come up with something.

The snap of a twig got their attention, and Adam dropped his cigarette.

“What the hell was that?” Violet jumped when the bushes rustled, followed by a faint growling sound.

“What the fuck!” she hissed in a whisper as two blinking red dots peered at them from the darkness.

“Yo! Milo, Charlie, get out here and bring the camera!” Adam yelled.

The group crowded in the doorway as Milo passed the camera.

“Did you see that?” Adam pointed.

“See what?” June peeked from behind her husband.

“It’s that thing, man! See?” Milo pointed to the forest, where a dark shadow moved slowly.

“Fuck that, get inside!” June pushed Charlie, who didn’t move.

“Wait, wait. I don’t think it will do anything. It’s just checking us out.”

“Yeah, it knew we were coming to town and wanted to welcome us. What the fuck are you talking about?” Milo narrowed his dark eyes at him.

Violet’s heart stopped as all their heads followed the figure, who seemed to be pacing back and forth. The leaves crunched beneath its feet, which Violet silently counted. It was walking on all fours, and consistent low rumbles echoed from that direction.

“It could be a bear or something.”

The growling stopped the second she spoke, but started up again when Adam held a protective arm in front of her.

“Bear’s eyes glow green. This looks bigger.” Adam took a fearful step back.

“Then what the hell are we still standing out here for?” Violet squeezed Adam’s arm, and again the growling stopped.

“I think it likes you, Vee.” Milo nudged her.

“Okay, very slowly we back up inside, then lock and bolt the door as fast as we can. Do not turn your backs, whatever you do,” June directed the group as she huddled behind her husband.


In a second, they scampered indoors, slamming the door and bolting it. Whatever it was didn’t follow, but it also hadn’t moved from its spot. An uneasy feeling prickled on the back of Violet’s neck as she peeked out the curtain.

Charlie took the opportunity to turn on his camera persona, addressing the audience to explain what just occurred.

Violet slowly closed the curtain, but the red eyes stayed right where they were, no longer even blinking.

Chapter Three

Yet another group of amateur sleuths thinking they could capture him. Fenrir snarled in his protective cover of night. One day of this and he would have them running for their lives. Toying with the humans was amusing. In the age of desperate answer seeking, they had resorted to plastering their ridiculous searches all over the internet, claiming to find proof of ghosts and monsters. A monster he was. But his existence, at least in this form, could never be proven. His kind walked among the humans by day, blending easily with normal life. But at night, he ran through the darkness in his true incarnation. No one could ever find him. He could still smell the fear of the last man who tried. Yet somehow his photograph had made its way to the masses. And here he was, dealing with yet another group of money-hungry imbeciles.

Except for the extraordinary beauty cowering among them. The raven-haired female only had to speak once, and the rut almost overcame him. The unmistakable pull in his gut and the sudden urge to possess the woman had taken hold. She had been speaking to one male then. An easy kill.

His paws dug into the dirt as he readied himself to pounce, but he gave himself away and alerted his presence to the others, who flocked and blocked his chance. Fenrir resorted to pacing to intimidate them. The woman took cover behind the skinny male. He could snap him in half in seconds, but the video camera warned him against doing so.

Her soft voice filled the air again, and the wolf screamed. “Mate. Ours. Mate!”

Her glasses fell halfway down the delicate curve of her nose as she squeezed the male’s arm. Rage bubbled in the pit of his stomach. The group scrambled back into their cabin, but his little female took one last glance through the curtain. She had curves that demanded his attention. Her hair was a messily pulled back mass of curls, and she had the pinkest lips he had ever seen. Fenrir wondered what they would taste like when he bit them between his teeth. Would she squirm against him, or melt in his arms?

Fenrir followed her around the cabin, finding a window with open curtains. Miraculously, she had chosen this room. Those little sleep shorts left nothing to the imagination, but her t-shirt was too big. It swallowed her up, not allowing him to see all of her.

He ducked behind some bushes, determined to know more about this little creature. She sank into the chair and typed away at her laptop.

“What are you writing, mate?”

He repeated that word over and over again in his head. His claws unsheathed as his anxiety grew. They dug into the ground when she lifted her arms above her head, exposing her neck.

Fuck, he was done for. He would taste that flesh or die trying.

“Your name, I need to know your name.”

Fenrir almost looked forward to being hunted this time around—if it meant she was going to be traipsing through his forest smelling as delectable as she did. Like violets.

She took her eyes from her work, looking annoyingly in the direction of the room next door. She put headphones on, but removed them in frustration. He strained his ears, hearing muffled moaning and creaking of a bed right next to his mate’s room. The other female in the group had a lover for the night.

The rather obnoxious groaning assaulted his ears, taking his focus away from his mate. She slammed her laptop shut. Fenrir noticed the writing on her shirt, stylized with different designs. ‘Mystic Paranormal.’ He chuffed at the ridiculous name. And from the way she looked at it as she glanced in the mirror, she thought the same.

The female stripped the oversized shirt over her head, leaving her in a tank top. A low deep growl escaped his chest. Jesus, what was keeping him in that spot and not breaking in to carry her away?

She flopped on the bed, her breasts bouncing softly against her chest. One finger trailed down the swells, giving them a slight squeeze. He could probably have heard her gasp if it weren’t for the fucking happening next door. Fenrir dared not get a closer look, for fear of further compromising himself. But after the first few steps, it was already too late. He could no more will himself to turn away than he could will himself to stop breathing. Her scent no longer lingered around him, and his body ached for it again.

Fenrir’s joints painfully popped as he stood on two legs. He would need to return to his human form soon, or it would become too difficult to regain his humanity.

His mate was running both hands down her breasts, tugging at the thin material barely covering them. Her nipples hardened, and Fenrir’s mouth watered. A peek of her tummy above her shorts revealed a tiny tattoo on her right hip of a rose. How many more tattoos did she have? He would count them with his tongue.

She looked so soft and delicate. Too innocent and breakable for his hands.

She dipped her fingers into her shorts, and he heard her sharp gasp. If the idiots in the next room would be quiet, he could actually have enjoyed himself watching his mate attempt to take her pleasure.

The woman shyly spread her legs. A slight bite of her lip muffled her squeals as the headboard from her neighbors collided with the wall next to her head. Was that what she was touching herself to?

“Naughty mate.”

Fenrir felt himself harden at the sight. Her curls bounced as she flailed on the bed. She arched her back, and need pooled in the pit of his stomach. He would make her feel good, and make that ache go away.

Then, just as abruptly as it had started, the woman sighed and removed her fingers. A frustrated look ghosted over her face, and she flung a pillow across the room.

Fenrir squinted, convincing himself not to break in.

His mate curled up, facing the window, prompting Fenrir to dart out of sight. But it was too late.

She shot out of bed, rushing to the window. Fiddling with the handle, she finally pried it open, staring out into the darkness. Bad idea, because now he could smell her and her arousal. It filled the air, testing his control. But it only confirmed one thing, that he was indeed staring at his bond mate.

The woman wrapped her arms around herself, shivering. She quickly slammed the window shut, locking herself back in and away from him.

“I will break down those walls if I have to. Anything that would keep you from me, mate.”

Chapter Four

“Here it is, guys! Black Wolf Falls forest. Underneath all the legend and folklore, it’s actually a pretty nice spot if you’re a camper with an adventurous streak,” Charlie said to his camera.

“Ah, shit! Or if you have a death wish, like we apparently do.” Milo ducked from a low flying hawk.

“Baby,” June snickered as Charlie continued addressing the audience and ignoring Milo.

“And how about our head researcher here? Give them a wave, Violet!”

She obliged, flashing a quick grin. June must have expected the same, but she was ignored as well. She shot Violet a disheartened look before catching up to him.

“Dickhead,” Adam mumbled.

“I’m tired of feeling like I’m in the middle of their marriage. Why did they get married at all?” Violet crossed her arms. After fucking June so loudly the night before so the whole cabin and the whole town could hear them, he would pull this shit? It hadn’t stopped Violet from trying to take her own pleasure, but as usual she’d failed at that.

All day, her uneasiness had settled in her stomach. Something had been outside her window. Whatever they all saw, it had never left.

“Yo, Charlie, it’s getting dark. We need to start marking.” Milo pulled out his pocket knife, skinning a sapling until he saw the white.

Everyone followed his lead, marking or breaking twigs as they continued on.

By nightfall, they were camped at their chosen location, obsessively checking the cameras Adam had previously set up.

“Anything?” June peeked over his shoulder.

“Nothing. Just some raccoons, bugs, birds…”

“All the locals we interviewed said it likes livestock. Shouldn’t we have camped closer to the farm we saw?” Violet furrowed her brows.

“I called them. They wanted no part of it.” Charlie sipped from his thermos. “Why, Vee? You afraid of the dark?”

She felt his slimy arm snake around her shoulders, just out of June’s sight.

Shooting him a dirty look, Milo spoke up. “Why don’t we each take turns sitting in front of the camera like we did last time? Builds up suspense for the viewers.”

“Me first.” Violet stepped away from Charlie, silently thanking her other best friend.

“You remember where we set it up?” Adam handed her a flashlight.

“Yep, fifteen minutes then I’m coming back. This place gives me the creeps.” She held up her walkie.

“Careful.” June looked up from the camera.

“I will. See you guys in a bit.” Violet turned on her heel, stomping off. She always hated this part of their hunts. Counting each little landmark, Violet found the blinking red light of Adam’s camera. She gave it a wave before perching in front of it.

As the minutes ticked by, darkness seemed to swallow her up. Her hand wasn’t even visible in front of her face anymore.

Tapping her fingers against her thighs, she remained as quiet as she could be. Once it seemed that her time was up, Violet jumped as a flock of birds flew over her head, and she dropped her walkie. Her heart raced as she took a breath.

Cursing, she picked up her walkie, intending to inform the group she was on her way back, but it didn’t turn on. After trying a few times, she felt for the battery compartment and found it empty.

She swore she’d put brand new batteries in each one this morning. Had they fallen out?

A twig snapped to her left, and she dropped it again.

“Adam? Milo? Is that you?” Footsteps were approaching. Too many to be one person. Had they all come to get her?

“June?” Her voice croaked.

Two bright red eyes blinked open, sending Violet fleeing in the other direction without thinking.

Her boots trampled loudly through the crunching leaves, giving away her every movement to the creature. The icy fear prickled down her back, motivating her to move faster. No clue where she was going, she zigzagged through the trees, just barely missing the thick branches above her head.

The thing was gaining on her. Violet swore she felt the prick of one claw touching her hair. Her braid came undone, her glasses having fallen off her face, and she was only armed with a useless walkie. She frantically searched her pockets for her phone, but that was gone too.

Fuck. It must have been lost in the mad dash.

Now her blurry vision was hindering her escape. Her lungs screamed as she tried to catch her breath quietly in some thick brush. In the moonlight, she saw the massive creature skid to a stop, lifting its snout to sniff the air.

He was horrifying and looked just like a wolf. But more rabid, with thick black fur and crazed eyes. He didn’t have paws. She counted five huge claws digging into the ground. Its snout curled back, exposing white shiny teeth. Suddenly, it was on two feet, raising its huge head to the sky. The howl pierced through her eardrums. When she moved to cover her ears, her hiding place rustled, giving herself away.

Violet bit the inside of her cheek, praying he would just make it fast. A single tear descended her cheek when her hiding place was literally ripped from its roots. Staring back at her was exactly what they had been hunting, only now it had hunted her.

Violet did the only thing she could think of and threw dirt in his face. He backed up, wiping his eyes long enough for Violet to scamper away. But she didn’t see the log on the ground, and it sent her flying forward in pain.

Two huge fur-covered hands caged her to the ground from behind. The warm body of the creature pressed himself against her back. Its breath was hot on the back of her neck as it panted.

Violet took a deep breath as its cold, wet nose trailed from her neck, down her back until it reached just above her ass. Once it reached her hip, he nudged her to lie on her back, facing him.

I have to watch my death happen. Her body stiffened, trapped under the… strangely expressive beast. Its head tilted before bending to sniff the crook of her neck. Pushing her hands against him, Violet dared to open her mouth.

“No. Go away!” she ordered him as if he were a dog. Violet chided herself, like that would have worked.

He raised himself up, as if he heard her. But he exposed his teeth again and grabbed at her coat. Too afraid to fight him, she allowed him to pull it off her with surprising gentleness.

Violet was left in her jeans and long-sleeved shirt, but it did little to keep her warm. He ignored her protests and inhaled her scent as he traveled down her shivering body, stilling when he reached between her legs. Violet raised her hands, in some feeble attempt to prove she wouldn’t hurt him.

He seemed to notice her trembling, and his long tongue lolled out of his mouth, finding a sliver of skin beneath her shirt. He dragged the fabric up, exposing her stomach. When Violet tried to cover it, the creature growled.

“Easy, easy!”

Her voice seemed to calm him, until he shuddered in pain while squeezing his eyes shut. The creature dragged himself away from her, limping. Was he hurt?

Violet sat up slowly, knowing she could seize her chance to run, but instinct kept her in place out of concern for him.

The matted fur receded back into its flesh, which pinked up to human skin. The hind legs curled back, the joints cracking so loudly that Violet cringed.

The fur turned into mid-length hair of the same color, with rippling back muscles. Two biceps exposed themselves where the front legs had been. Veiny forearms became large, callused hands and before her was simply a man.

He turned to Violet, panting with sunken eyes and an exhausted but hungry expression. Her scream turned to dust in her throat.

The man-creature, whatever he was, strode toward her, but Violet backed away.

“What are you?”

The man breathed in the air around them. “Yours.”

Violet stepped back as he caged her against a tree. The change had left a heavy pelt around his shoulders, which he peeled from himself and wrapped around her.

“Mine,” he hissed as he hoisted her in the air.

“No! Put me down!” Violet struggled in his immense arms. He settled on his knees while she tried extracting herself from the warmth of the pelt. All he seemed to want was to stare at her.

“I have the loveliest mate.” His groan slithered beneath her skin, settling between her legs.

“What?” Violet covered herself with the pelt.

“Shh. I won’t hurt you.” He laid her gently on the grass, keeping the pelt wrapped around her. “I would never hurt you.” One hand toyed with the remnants of her braid, undoing the rest. The other trailed from her temple, down her cheek. “You cut yourself, mate.”

Violet took in the stranger. Thick stubble tickled her cheek as he bent down to kiss the wound. His eyes were brown now, with prominent cheekbones below them. His lips pressed in a thin line, as if holding himself back.

“What are you?” Violet shook beneath him, but she wasn’t sure if it was the cold, or the man studying her as if she were the first meal he’d had in ages.

“You will find out soon, sweet mate. Let me look at you.” His warm hands moved up her shirt as his fingertips slipped beneath the hard wire of her bra.

“This isn’t real. I’m dreaming.” Violet shook her head.

“I am afraid not. What you came to hunt has hunted you down, little one.”

“I-I didn’t want to! I told them to leave you alone, I swear!”

Not a lie. For each time Charlie bragged about wanting to kill the monster, Violet chastised him for it, citing the cruelty.

Had this been some form of retaliation?

“It’s alright, princess. I have you now. You’re safe with me.” The stranger soothed her as he dragged his mouth hungrily down her slender throat. He smelled like the ocean, pure and clean.

Violet couldn’t resist feeling the corded muscles of his arms. He took one of her legs and wrapped it around his waist, running his large hand over her thigh. So warm, even through her jeans. Her body shamefully responded by arching into him.

“What are you doing?” she sighed.

“Proving my adoration to my female.”

Her head snapped up, and she attempted to back away to no avail.

“My friends will come looking for me.” Violet avoided his lips, but he followed every which way she turned her head. The warmth of his body proved too difficult to abandon.

“No, they won’t. You ran too far. And you will not leave this spot.”

Violet squinted in the darkness as he allowed her to slightly sit up, only to lay her back onto her tummy. She could no longer hear passing cars or the sounds of the small town.

“Not until I’ve well and truly claimed you as mine.”

His face pressed in the center of her back. Against her better judgment, she pushed her ass into him, desperate for his heat.

“Careful, girl, my control is at its last resolve.”

He behaved like a wild animal, taking in her scent wherever he could, snapping his teeth when she resisted him.

“Your name, I need to know your name.”

“Why?” Violet bit her lip.

“Is it not customary for humans to know the name of the person you are about to share your pleasure with?”

Violet’s jaw snapped open. Christ, this was real.

“I’m not what you think I am. You have to let me go before my friends find me and expose you!”

“Not before I run off with you in my arms.” The man settled himself fully atop her. His weight was almost comforting. “Your hair is beautiful. I wonder what it’ll look like wrapped in my hand.”

With that, he wound her curls in his fist, pulling slightly. A wanton moan escaped Violet’s lips.

“I said I want your name. Now.” His breath blew against her cheek as he gave a gentle warning tug on her hair.

“Violet! It’s Violet Batten!” She drew in a sharp gasp, pressing her thighs together.

The man groaned as something hard poked into her backside.

“What is your name?” Violet squeaked as he rubbed his entire body over her, nipping exposed skin where he could find it.

“Jack is the name I use to integrate into society. But you will call me Fenrir.” He pressed his nose into her hair.

“Fenrir. The Norse wolf. The gods believed he would bring the end of the world.”

A surprised hum followed. “My mate is well read. But you have nothing to fear from me. I will bring you only happiness. And pleasure.”

Fenrir moved down her back. One hand crashed, swatting her on the ass.

Violet cried out, glaring back at him.

“Just testing my new mate’s tolerance for a spanking. Though I doubt you will need many. You seem like a sweet, pliant little thing.”

Violet shut her eyes, whimpering as he eased her shirt above her head to leave her in her bralette.

“Beautiful…” Fenrir made his way to her jeans. She instinctively lifted her hips to help him peel them from her legs.

Once the cold hit her skin, she wanted him on top of her again.

“You’ll know no other man by the time I’m through with you tonight, Violet. You are mine now.” Fenrir helped her up so they both knelt on the pelt. Bathed in the moonlight, she looked down to see his hands splayed over her belly while he nipped at her earlobe. Of course, the moon was full.

The material of her bra was ripped straight down, but she no longer cared. Her panties were torn from her as well, and then she was as naked as he was.

The stranger was pinching her taut nipples, and Violet hissed through her teeth. God, what if the group stumbled on them like this? Now she hoped they were miles from civilization. Anything to keep her here with him. His hands roughly caressed any inch of flesh they could find, almost painfully squeezing her breasts. When she flinched, he pressed a tender kiss to her temple, as if to apologize.

One hand trailed down her wrist, feeling her pulse. “Breathe, mate. Let me care for you.”

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