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Hunted and Caught by Samantha Madisen – Sample

Chapter One

Hunted and CaughtThe corner of Rena Rain’s mouth turned up into a smile as she saw the green creature’s gaze crawling along her body. “So, what do you say, big guy?” she asked, pushing her hips out to one side and smiling at it.

She could tell he was considering her proposition. The fact that she might have to follow through with it made her shudder inside but she kept up the act. The Balgo were a pretty disgusting looking bunch, with heads that made them look like turtles and fat fingers at the ends of their stubby arms. It would just be one night and she’d have the part she needed to repair her ship.

“I don’t know,” the thing said finally in a raspy voice. “You know how we do it here?”

Rena felt another shiver race down her spine at the thought. Of all the places to have to make an emergency landing, why did it have to be on Balon?

“I’ve heard a thing or two,” she replied with a wink. “I kind of like it,” she lied. The little green creature in front of her was a Balgo. They weren’t the worst creatures in this part of space, in fact they were some of the tamest. Shrewd businessmen who liked their drink and had a particular weakness for human women, though she’d never tried to find out if that was true before. They also had a very peculiar way of procreating. They only had one head but it served many purposes…

“Really?” The creature’s eyes lit up.

Rena swallowed and tried to keep smiling. “Really!” she replied, trying her best not to gag at the thought of what she’d have to do to get the part she needed.

“I’ve never met a human woman as willing as you are,” the Balgo murmured, his smile widening. “Come in the back. I have an office where you can pay for your part,” he continued, the smile curling wider into a sickening grin.

Rena suppressed a shudder as she started walking toward the door the Balgo was pointing at. She tried not to think about what she was about to do. It was really her only choice. If she stayed on Balon much longer, the Bani would definitely find her here. This wasn’t exactly deep space. She’d been warned once already that her debt was due. If they saw her again, they’d make her a slave and the thought of becoming a Bani slave was infinitely worse than the thought of what she was about to do.

Rena was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t see the green creature’s eyes go wide with fright. She didn’t notice when he stepped backwards, pressing himself against the wall. The only thing she felt was the cold steel that clipped around her wrists and the gentle humming of the electronic cuffs. When she tried to spin around it was already too late. She’d been caught.

Riks had had to look twice when he’d seen the girl. She looked nothing like the mug shot of her he had next to his captain’s chair. Beneath the tight-fitting flight suit was a curvy body that would make any man take notice. Even if he hadn’t been hunting for her for the last six cycles he’d have given her more than a second glance. Now that she was right there, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. He felt his cock harden as he slipped quietly toward her, unclipping the electronic cuffs he always had dangling at his side.

She didn’t see him coming. She seemed too involved in the little green Balgo she was talking to, ugly little thing that it was. Slipping the cuffs onto her wrists was almost too easy and Riks could barely believe his luck. With the bounty the Bani had on her head he’d be able to pay his crew what he owed them for the last three cycles. As soon as the cuffs had clicked into place her body tensed as her instincts kicked in.

Riks watched her try to duck, her leg getting ready to sweep back and connect with his chest. He gripped her arm with a strong hand so she couldn’t execute the kick but as soon as he did, he felt her turning instantly the other way, shifting her center of gravity, ready to launch another kick. He caught her easily, but her fighting spirit only served to arouse him more. She would have to be tamed on the trip over. The Bani didn’t want trouble. They would pay well for a willing slave, less if they had to train her themselves.

His grip iron-like, Riks spun Rena around. He caught a whiff of her scent, that sweet smell of a woman, with the slightest edge of sweat. Perhaps she’d run here, or perhaps it was fear? It smelled delicious.

“Get the hell off me!” Rena thundered, twisting to try and escape his firm grasp. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Riks stared at her for a moment before answering. The fury in her eyes, the anger twisting her face, the tension in her body was intoxicating. He could see she would require extensive training to bring her to submission the way the Bani wanted. Lost in her deep blue eyes, he could barely bring himself to speak.

“I’m Riks. Jonas Riks. Bounty hunter. There’s a bounty on that pretty little head of yours that’s going to keep my crew fed. Didn’t anyone tell you not to borrow credits from the Bani?”

Riks watched as the muscles around her mouth began to twitch as the fury from her eyes sank down into the rest of her face. If she hadn’t been in cuffs, even he would have been a little worried at what she might do. Thankfully she was mostly helpless with her hands behind her back. He barely saw the gob of spit that flew out of her mouth before it connected loudly with his forehead. For a split second he stared at her, incredulous. No one had ever dared to do anything like that. Not to him. But after a moment he realized she couldn’t have given him a better excuse to start her training right there and then.

Rena’s heart was pounding in her chest. She looked at the spit that had started trickling down the giant man’s forehead, toward his cheek. As soon as she’d laid eyes on him she’d known he was not to be trifled with. The man looked like he’d been mining maxcite crystals with nothing but his bare hands his whole life. She could see the muscles rippling, even beneath the folds of his funny flight suit. Everything about him was raw power.

She hadn’t meant to spit on him and she hadn’t cared about how he’d handled her, how his strong hands had easily held her when she’d tried to spin around to kick him. She couldn’t help what she felt when she’d first laid eyes on him. His thick, dark stubble and shock of black hair outlined the strongest jaw she’d ever seen on a man. If he hadn’t just cuffed her, she’d have probably asked him if he’d buy her a drink.

But the thing was, no one talked to her the way he had. No one.

She felt his strength again through the fingers of the hand holding her. He’d stood there for so long after she’d spat on him, she almost thought she’d gotten away with it. But then she felt herself spinning the other way again, and then he was bending her over the Balgo’s counter, and she knew she hadn’t. What she didn’t know was what was going to happen next.

She felt her tightly fitted flight suit being tugged down, then her pants were shucked down as well, until suddenly they were down around her ankles. She was almost too shocked to speak. Almost.

“What in the—” were the three words she managed before she felt the full force of the man’s massive hand land on the plush flesh of her rear. “Ah!” she screamed as the stinging bite of his blow tore through her. Before she could get another word out, she felt the same pain mirrored on her other cheek. She cringed, her body flinching and writhing, held in place by his other hand on the small of her back. Over and over his hand moved from one cheek to the other until she felt them both getting redder and redder, burning beneath his touch, the pain of it searing through her body. She tried to look back, hoping her pleading expression would change his mind, but the man who called himself Riks seemed uninterested. His hand kept swinging, crashing into the softness of her ass until Rena thought she could take no more and felt herself slump on the counter, resigned to take as much punishment as he had left to give.

That’s when the spanking stopped.

He held her there like that for some time, catching his breath as she caught hers and blinked back the tears that burned behind her eyes. There was something else she was ashamed of that she could do very little about. A hot wetness had appeared between her legs, soaking her skimpy panties and beginning to trickle down her thigh. Rena closed her eyes, hoping he wouldn’t notice it, ashamed of how excited she’d become beneath his hand.

But when he bent to pull her clothes back up, she felt him pause and knew that he had sensed how she’d reacted to him. Her stubbornness returning, she thought of raising a leg and trying for another kick to the jaw. He seemed to sense that too as she felt his hand rest, softly this time, on the heat burning her ass.

“You’ll do well to mind your manners,” he growled. Despite herself, his firm touch and low voice only served to heighten her arousal. She didn’t respond.

The green Balgo stood with his back pressed up to the wall, his eyes wide with incredulity.

“Don’t sell that part. I’ll be back,” Rena hissed at the thing, daring him to try. She heard a low chuckle behind her. His voice seemed certain.

“No, she won’t.”

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