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Hunting Their Mate: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One

Earth—March 2146


The Creepers were everywhere, consuming our resources and destroying our way of life. They were true monsters, walking the Earth as if we owed them something. To hell with that. The motherfuckers thought they could rule us, and even more disgusting was the realization that a huge percentage of humans had fallen into their trap. They actually believed the gargantuan aliens wanted to be our friends, keep the peace.

I knew better.

The Cenzan Federation had infiltrated Earth almost two years before, blending with our people. The various government reactions had been mixed, although mostly favorable, acting as if their arrival had been foreseen.

Maybe it had.

I certainly knew there were possibilities of other lifeforms, had been educated to understand we couldn’t be the only inhabitable planet, but to have them not only living but thriving on our bruised and broken planet had been horrific to watch. Those past two years had changed everything, including my beliefs in any concept of a decent future.

I’d seen the Cenzan soldiers in action dozens if not hundreds of times, their false pretenses easy to see through. All they hungered for were human females to breed and bear their ugly little hybrids. I snorted at the thought. And the recent propaganda being issued by the various government leaders was ridiculous.

A New World Full of Peace and Prosperity.

Uh-huh. Only if every last breathing alien creature was wiped off our planet.

I allowed my mind to wander to a horrible vision from the past, the very moment I was shoved into the position of forging a new path, existing on my own. My entire world had been exterminated, the weapons used: Cenzan guns. I’d been the single person from my home village to survive and the only reason because I’d wandered off, longing for time alone at my favorite stream. I’d heard the shots, the bloodcurdling screams as I raced through the trees. At that moment, I’d lost every ounce of humanity as well as the majority of my heart, my entire family taken from me.

Hatred had replaced any concept of love.

A mission formed in my mind as I cradled my dying baby sister in my arms.

I would hunt the aliens down one by one.

“That the place you mentioned?” I asked as the small group of us exited the bank of trees and the protection the forest offered, leaving our dirt bikes hidden under thorny brush. What was left of this particular dilapidated city had been turned into refuge stations for humans and aliens alike, dirty little bars and shitty shacks offering a fine selection of proclivities for those with the cash.

I wasn’t in the mood for anything but a stiff drink and some information. If by chance we were able to eliminate a few Cenzans, then the night would be considered damn good.

“That’s it. To Hell and Back. Catchy name, huh?” Luci laughed as she walked in front of me, studying the layout. She was one of my most formidable lieutenants, a weapons expert, including the use of Cenzan guns. We had a dozen in our arsenal and they’d come to good use in a full-scale attack. One day, our camp would be discovered by our enemy, but on that day, the aliens would be the ones to suffer.

Our particular mission on this full moon night was to gather information, securing the locations of Cenzan-run colonies in order to develop an operational scheme. A bar where the liquor flowed and one known to be sympathetic to the aliens was the best place to garner correct data. It was amazing what human males would spill to females who offered them a seductive smile.

As far as the Cenzans? The plan was similar, only the alien warriors wouldn’t survive.

The bar had certainly seen better days, the dilapidated siding a sad reminder of our broken world. At least the neon sign, albeit missing a few bulbs, was glowing brightly in the night sky. Not every city had been destroyed during the great human war fifty years before, but those that hadn’t been were inundated with Cenzans, working and living alongside our illustrious government leaders and the pretty and privileged people.

The Creepers promised to help humans rebuild, using their expert knowledge. I’d yet to see anything worthwhile.

Ginger moved beside Luci, retrieving the console unit she’d retrofitted in order to search for Cenzans. The aliens had a higher body temperature, allowing a much more vivid color on a heat scanner than human lifeforms or animals. The device had come in handy on more than one occasion. “There are a few around, at least four inside the bar, more on the outskirts. We need to be careful.”

I flanked her side, taking a deep whiff. “I can smell their stench from here.” Careful wasn’t in my vocabulary, but I understood her meaning. Knowledge of our group had reached some Cenzans’ radar. Word on the proverbial street was that we were being hunted. Fuck that.

“I’m hungry to take out a few tonight,” Luci said, laughing as she allowed the steel of her switchblade to shimmer in the stream of moonlight.

“First, we drink. Then we kill, but only on my orders.” The women were excellent soldiers, trained by some of the best volunteers we had. Our numbers strong, the people well trained in various aspects of the military as well as science and engineering, we were a force to be reckoned with.

And there were more joining us every day.

“Good deal,” Ginger huffed, sliding the console onto her waistband.

As I walked inside, the disgusting odor of stale cigarettes and booze filtered into my nostrils. At least the place was clean, even festive given the circumstances. The long bar was brightly lit, various compserve units located in strategic locations along two walls, allowing every patron to hear more of the mindless bullshit regarding the new world.

Still, the location was safe enough.

The bartender wasn’t the only one who gave us more than a single onceover. Almost every other male in the joint did as well, human or otherwise. We sauntered through the crowd, ignoring the whistles and catcalls. I tapped my fingers on the bar, catching the eye of the scraggly looking man hovering behind the wooden slab in the shadows. Perhaps our reputation had preceded us, although the realization there were no other women in the bar was disconcerting.

We were fresh meat.

“We don’t want any trouble,” he muttered as he walked closer.

“And you won’t get any unless you give me a reason to,” I retorted, eyeing his collection of liquor. At least the selection was decent.

I heard a dark chuckle coming from the end of the bar and snapped my head in the asshole’s direction. I wasn’t the kind of woman who gave any man a second look. I had my work and duties to fulfill and nothing else mattered. But this man was beautiful in every way, the kind a girl could fantasize about during a long, cold night. He also emitted a dangerous don’t-fuck-with-me aura that was almost as attractive as the man himself. I did appreciate a powerful brute, but only at standing distance. No man would ever dominate me.

My pussy clenched, my nipples tightening and for the love of God, even my mouth was bone dry.

The old expression was a tall drink of water. The blond was buff, his muscular arms stretching the limits of the tightly woven tee shirt. Even sitting in the shadows, I was able to see his angular jaw and chiseled features. What drew my eye the most was the colorful tattoo on his arm, sweeping under the material and sliding from his rounded collar along his powerful neck.

“Whatdya have?” the bartender asked.

“Tequila,” I ordered for all of us, unable to take my eyes off the hunk. I allowed my gaze to fall to his massive thighs for a few seconds, visions of one hard fuck sizzling the blood coursing through my veins.

The hunk powered back a shot of amber liquor, slamming the heavy bottom of the glass on the bar as if showing off. Then his eyes locked onto mine, his lip curling. He clenched his hand then opened, flexing his fingers. There was no doubt what was on his mind.

Unbridled sex.

The hunger of two predators, although he was even more primal, his desire bordering on carnal. I was wet and hot, my own longing dampening my panties.

I purposely turned toward the others, trying to curtail my raging hormones. Tonight wasn’t about passion, even though the experience would be raw and rough, just the way I liked it. Of that I had no doubt in my mind.

We scanned the perimeter, remaining quiet for a full minute.

“Interesting place,” Ginger whispered.

“Yes.” I was incensed that there was so much camaraderie, my anger white hot.

“I see a prime candidate,” Luci said under her breath before tipping back the shot glass.

I followed her gaze and the particular Cenzan was all alone. Even from this distance, I was able to see his tangerine eyes, the color dazzling. He was a warrior, one of the prime soldiers for the alien race. That meant certain important creatures were close by. That wasn’t what I expected to find. “I’ll deal with him.” I polished off the tequila, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand before heading in the Cenzan’s direction.

I could still be the consummate actress, capable of luring in any kind of prey. Issuing a sweet smile, I ran the tips of my fingers across the small table, drawing his attention. “Hello.”

The alien studied me before nodding, beckoning for the bartender. Then he pointed to the chair, his eyes changing in color and appearance, a clear sign of his interest.

He was very interested in the six-foot female with the long blonde cornrows. After all, I was an unusual specimen and he had two cocks in need of servicing.

“What’s your name?” he finally asked, leaning closer.


“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

“And yours?” I noticed the bartender approaching, a wary look on his face.


“Very sexy for a powerful man,” I purred.

The bartender slid the drinks on the table, walking away quickly.

I lifted my glass for a toast. Then we drank. There was no need for further words. We were both adults. I simply rose to my feet, holding out my hand. He had no issue, interlocking his fingers with mine, trailing behind me as I led him outside and around the side of the bar.

This wasn’t going to take long.

Within seconds, Chezka shoved me against the building, immediately cupping my breasts. His growl was barbaric, as if he wanted to devour me. As he leaned down until our lips almost touched, I slid an arm around his neck, running my fingers in his shoulder-length hair. “You’re very handsome.”

“And you’re one sexy female.”

The second he crushed his mouth over mine, I retrieved the knife, flicking open the blade.

Then all hell broke loose.

Chezka was yanked away, the force tossing him on the ground and a hand wrapped around mine, squeezing until I cried out.

The mystery man slammed my arm against the building.



Pain ripped through my arm and shoulder, weakening my hand and I lost control of the knife. I took several deep breaths, balling my other hand into a fist and slamming it against the hunk of a man. Another ripple of anguish jetted into my chest. He was solid, unyielding in any manner.

“That wasn’t very nice,” the man growled, the timbre reeking of dangerous intent. He towered over me, his hot breath skating along my naked skin. The blond from the bar. The asshole had followed me outside.

“Who the fuck are you?” I hissed, angling my leg in order to kick him in the groin.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, sweetheart,” he snapped back, angling his body until there was no way I could move.

“What the hell?” The alien jumped to his feet, storming forward. He snarled, his head twisting as he glared at the blade. “Little human. You will die for your actions.”

“I’ll take care of her,” the blond retorted, laughing darkly as he crowded even closer.

“Fuck you!” The electricity shooting through every inch of my body was mind blowing, creating a ridiculous desire flashing straight into my pussy. Whoever this beastlike man was, he obviously had some connection with the Cenzans.

Chezka huffed and raised his arm as if ready to backhand me. The hulking man simply turned his head, staring him down. “Killer. I should have known it was you. I didn’t think your territory went this far.”

The obvious recognition pissed me off even more.

“Hunting,” Killer stated, as if this was something the Cenzan would understand.

Nodding, Chezka inched closer. “You will be punished, Kristina.”

“I suggest you find out the condition of the others inside,” Killer suggested. “She has friends.”

“Another ragtag group of humans seeking our demise,” Chezka chuckled. “Don’t they realize that there is peace among our two species?”

Killer raked his eyes down the length of me before easing back, releasing his hold. He stomped on the knife before leaning over, yanking it into his hand, and shoving the tip of the blade against my neck. When he twisted the sharp tip back and forth, he gave me a heated grin. “Evidently not.”

“You will punish her?” Chezka asked, darting his eyes in my direction.

I sucked in my breath, ready to grab my other weapon when necessary. I really didn’t give a shit just how sexy the massive beast was, he had no control or authority over me. “Over my dead body.”

“That can be arranged, human,” Chezka snapped. “You’re lucky that Killer caught you in time.” He said something in his own language before turning his attention toward the man called Killer. “I will need to report this to King Drateq.”

Killer exhaled. “Do what you’re required to do. I’ll handle her.”

“Like hell you will.” I’d seen pictures of the infamous King Drateq and his lovely human bride, their ugly beast of a child paraded in front of humans as if this was everyone’s future. My anger burst into a sanctimonious level of rage. Gaining some leverage, I shifted, kicking out and catching Killer in the kidneys. The momentum was just enough, his body pitching backward.

“Umpf,” he sputtered, catching himself before falling to the ground. Very slowly he rose to his full height, his massive frame hiding the sliver of moonlight. He issued a guttural sound, a battle cry riddled with fury.

“Careful, Killer. This one is what humans call a handful,” Chezka chortled, folding his arms and taking a decided step backward.

The asshole Creeper thought this was a game.

I threw my body forward, twisting a full three hundred sixty degrees, my boot catching Killer in the stomach. This time, he didn’t budge, his hand snapping down and catching my ankle. With a slight snap of his wrist, he tossed me into the air.

Hitting the ground with a hard thud, stars floated in front of my eyes, my breath stolen. I couldn’t help but smile even as another jolt of pain sliced through my muscles and tendons. The man was formidable, making him far more attractive than before. I had no chance to recover before I was jerked up and tossed over Killer’s shoulder.

“As I said, I will take care of her,” Killer stated as if nothing that had just occurred bothered him. After pocketing my knife, he took long strides, the alien following him like some dumb lap dog, bursting into the bar. He swung me around in a full circle, throwing out his arm. When he spoke, his booming voice was for the crowd. “We are at peace with the Cenzan race. To attempt in any manner to hurt or assassinate will result in punishment.” He moved toward a table, issuing a dangerous-sounding growl to the men sitting in close proximity.

They scuttled away, tipping their chairs in an effort to grab their drinks.

I clawed at him, struggling to get out of his control but he was far too overpowering. In the next few seconds, Killer dropped me like a rock, bending me over the table. “Get the fuck off of me, you asshole.” I was able to see Luci and Ginger, already restrained by two hulking aliens.

No one was coming to my rescue.

The entire room was quiet, several of the drinkers backing away as if they’d be caught in the melee.

I continued fighting, kicking out as Killer simply reached under me, unfastening and yanking down my pants. Shock as well as extreme shame rushed into my mind as he wrapped his fingers around the elastic on my panties, ripping them away. “No. No!”

Leaning down, he whispered so only I could hear, “You’re going to get exactly what you deserve.”

Everything about this was horrifying, heat sliding up from my chest, creeping up to my cheeks. I flailed, trying to maneuver my legs, pushing up from the table but he was far too powerful. A clanking sound startled the hell out of me. The fucker was removing his belt.

A series of snickers pulsed through the crowd, followed by fueled whispers.

“Yeah, whip the girl.”

“Give her what she deserves.”

I was mortified, my entire body tensing. This wasn’t happening. The asshole wasn’t going to spank me in front of strangers.

But he was.

The first hard smack of the leather strap was more humiliating than anything, stealing my breath. I was frozen, unable to fully comprehend what was happening. No one had ever attempted to spank me, perhaps for fear for their very life.

This man, this rugged and handsome savage thought that he…

The second strike was followed by a third and fourth, awakening my nerve endings. Gasping, my exclamation ignited a round of applause from the crowd. The motherfuckers, every single one of them were going to die, no matter how long it took for me to hunt them down. Using every ounce of strength I had left, I slapped my hands on the table, able to rear up several inches.

Killer huffed, his hand easily shoving me down. “Stay still or this will be much more severe.”

“Fuck you!”

The crowd roared, oh-so happy that the brute was punishing me like some bad little girl.

The belt was slapped against my bottom again. And again. I could no longer breathe, the pain washing into me like wildfire. Blinking away tears, I gritted my teeth and dug my nails into the edges of the cheap wooden table, determined to get through this then kick Killer’s ass. No one would ever do this to me again.

My resolve was basically eliminated as the spanking continued, the strap hitting my upper thighs and the base of my ass cheeks. What was even worse was the ugly fact that I was wet, my pussy clenching to the point I was terrified I’d have an orgasm right here.

In front of the brazen crowd.

The revelers were certainly getting their kink on, the whoops and hollers becoming more lurid in nature.

“Bad little bitch.”

“Show her who’s boss.”

“Claim that pretty ass.”

Mortified, I closed my eyes, trying everything in my power to blank out the nasty words, gulping for air. The anguish was excruciating, driving me to a point that cut deep into my very core. I finally stopped struggling, unable to move in any manner yet the spanking continued, one brutal lash coming after the other.

Killer exhaled in an exaggerated fashion before rubbing his fingers across my bruised ass. Even the subtle gesture made me jump but the realization that the bizarre connection we shared was unlike any I’d ever experienced bolstered my anger.

And my desire.

“Get. Off. Me.” I hissed the three words through clenched teeth. He immediately fisted my hair, yanking until he could look me directly in the eyes. His were cold and heartless, fitting for the warrior built out of steel.

“Seems like you have something else on your mind,” he said under his breath as he dragged the tip of a single finger down the crack of my ass, brushing ever so slowly across my pussy lips.

My nipples hardened as he dared try to shatter my resolve, but the touch alone forced a whimper past my lips, exposing my vulnerability. “Go fuck yourself.”

He chuckled at the retort, leaning further over until he was able to growl directly in my ear. “I think you’d prefer the hard fucking.” He slipped his finger past my swollen pussy lips, wiggling his thumb past the cleft of my ass cheeks and shoving it all the way inside my puckered hole. “Which do you prefer?”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! “I’m going to kill you.” Even as the words left my mouth, a clenching wave of intense desire shot directly into my pussy, my legs quivering from his utter brutality. I was shamelessly wet, hungry for a stranger punishing me in front of a crowd.

“Woo hoo!” The shout came from across the room.

“Yes, you’re wet and tight,” Killer muttered. Laughing again, he withdrew his hand, delivering another four hard strikes of the belt.

I bit back every single cry even though the agony was blinding. When I could tell he was finished, I managed to lift my hand, giving him my middle finger.

The crowd roared their appreciation.

Killer wrapped his hand around my hair, tugging until I winced. “I like your confidence, sweetheart, but you’re going to have to take a number. Now, I’m giving you one piece of advice and I won’t tell you a second time. Leave this place with your friends and don’t come back. If you do, I’ll be required to handle your punishment in an entirely different fashion. The Cenzans aren’t your enemy but they will be if you continue to behave like a fucking prima donna.” With that, he freed his hand, cursing under his breath.

I took several deep breaths and it took me a full five seconds to realize that Killer had simply walked away, leaving my naked ass exposed. The pain was flushed away as I slapped my hand on the table and attempted to stand, total humiliation taking its place. There wasn’t a pair of hungry eyes in the room looking anywhere else but at the feast in front of them.

I hated this place.

I hated this planet.

But most of all, I hated myself for being even remotely attracted to the vulgar Neanderthal.

Just before he walked out, he turned, his eyes dancing in the glow of the neon. Then he slipped his finger into his mouth, sucking in an exaggerated fashion.

Jesus. H. Christ. I was disgusted.



I quickly dressed, my eyes barely able to focus as I searched for my companions. They were still being restrained, every fucking Creeper in the room hovering around them. Their weapons had been taken, piled on top of the bar. All three of us were the laughing stock of the joint.

And on top of everything, the asshole still had my knife.

And my panties.

Nah… I’d reached my limit.

I wasted no time bounding out the door, the force smashing it against the building. If he either heard me coming or cared, he certainly didn’t show it, his long strides heading toward one impressive-looking ride. The motorcycle, a Harley to be exact, set glistening on the cracked asphalt in a secluded area. I guess he didn’t want a soul touching his precious baby. Granted, the piece was a real prize and one worth stealing. One hell of a purse could be obtained for the amount of steel alone. I had the distinct feeling Killer had no worries about theft, his killer instincts spot on.

Even his rough and tumble swagger had a sexy vibe.

I yanked out my second blade. “Hey. You. You left with two things that belong to me.”

Killer stopped cold and the only other reaction was the man shoring his shoulders and taking another deep breath. Very slowly he craned his neck until he was able to catch a glimpse of me, blinking once after noticing the knife in my hand. He turned his head face forward and started walking again, moving beside a bank of trees and only a couple of feet away from his precious bike.

Wait a minute.

Did the jerk really think I was kidding?

I bit back a snarl and took aim, pitching the knife. I was damn good at my blade skills, able to throw with almost absolute precision. The weapon shot past the hulking man, the edge slicing into the bark of a tree only inches from his head. Now, I could laugh. He must have taken me for a fool.

For a man standing six and a half feet tall, weighing well over two hundred pounds, he was quick on his feet. His rugged hand wrapped around my arm, the yank and hard thud against the tree knocking the wind out of me.

Killer slapped one of his hands above my head, the other moving to my throat, his thumb sliding to my jaw. He smiled in an unseemly manner as he rubbed his thumb aggressively across my lips.

Back and forth.

We’d come to a final impasse, he and I, some would say checkmate.

Which is why his next move both shocked and enraptured me.

He crushed his mouth over mine.

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