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Katarina’s Strict Daddy by D. W. Collins – Sample

Katarina's Strict Daddy by D.W. CollinsChapter One

The stiff leather paddle struck Katarina’s bare hind end with a swat that was too restrained and she responded with just enough of a yelp to be polite. Clay Clarke was the epitome of contradiction. He looked like the man who she longed for, but he swung like a girl and a little girl at that. Looks could be so deceiving. Friday night had come again and Kat was more than ready for some satisfying sexual play. The young woman was stark naked and securely bound with sturdy leather straps encircling her ankles, wrists, and neck. Those sturdy bounds allowed her to be free to struggle. Clay had staged a promising scene by bending her over the fierce-looking wooden spanking frame he had lugged into her secluded cottage.

Being clad in nothing but that tiny leather jockstrap did make Clay’s physique attractive enough, but she readily admitted that she really wanted a man who would be demanding enough to make her pulse race. At first, he seemed to be ready to take this interlude in an exciting new direction. He secured her ankles to a new set of eye bolts so that the frame’s legs were spread unusually wide and she realized that Clay had a completely unhindered view of the most private parts of her anatomy. The adventurous young woman felt a sudden flash of vulnerability as she recalled how alone the two of them were. No one would come to her aid if Clay suddenly demanded more than she was ready to give.

He put the paddle aside and began to make a few bold advances that she was not ready for. His fingers pulled her bottom cheeks apart and she felt his eyes come to rest on her crinkled bottom hole. She had never allowed any man to use her anus and she was suddenly beginning to feel very uneasy. He paused for a few seconds that felt like hours and her pulse began to race unpleasantly. She breathed a ragged sigh of relief when she felt him reach between her widely spread thighs to tenderly cup her sex.

“I wish you’d let me shave you,” he whispered. “I’ll use my tongue and make you so glad if you do.” Of course they had had sex a few times before, but always in the most traditional way. They had never, ever, done anything like this before. An instant later, she felt the blunt tip of his cock touch her slit. How had he gotten that jockstrap off so fast? For an instant, she considered inviting him to go ahead in the hope that he would leave her bottom hole alone, but even that felt like too much of a concession.

Finally, she tightened her body and spoke up. “Clay, I thought you were going to spank me like we agreed.” Thank goodness, he sighed loudly and took mercy on her by backing off. He pulled his cock away and she heard him get the swollen thing back into its leather covering. An instant later the paddle struck her butt without warning.

“Ouch, that hurts,” she said in an unconvincing portrayal of authentic pain. “Please stop.”

”Beg me!” he said as his fingers toyed with her reddened posterior. “Humiliation is an important part of your punishment.” Clay’s words could have not been truer or coincidentally more ironic. Kat was truly humiliated—not at being helplessly bound, stark naked in front of a man for a little rough sex, but at having to settle for this tepid substitute for a real erotic interlude.

“Please stop. I’ve had enough.”

Clay could not help but understand that their evening was over. He freed her from her bindings, pulled on a pair of very snug designer jeans, and began to ceremoniously gather his expensive leather toys into a gym bag. “Same time next week?” he asked hopefully.

“I’ll give you a call,” she said, being very careful to make no commitment. This awkward scene had become a regular part of their weekly ritual and Kat was learning to hate it. Clay was a good friend even if he was no erotic dom. She rubbed her wrists and pulled on a short terrycloth robe.

“Would it be okay for me to leave the spanking frame here for our next date?” he asked. She shook her head politely. “I don’t want to have to explain it if my little sister stops by.” Jessica was married to a country preacher, Bennett, and Kat doubted that either of them would have the slightest appreciation for spirited erotic play. At least the two of them seemed to love each other very much and Kat could not help feeling just the tiniest bit jealous. For an instant, she allowed a mental image to form of Jessica draped over Ben’s lap with her skirt hiked up and her panties discarded. That idea made Kat laugh out loud and broke the tension. It was a very welcome relief.

“I’m sorry, I just keep trying to talk you into more.”

“I hope you understand that I want you as a friend, but we are never going to be more to each other. I don’t want to hurt you, really.”

“I know, you’ve been completely honest.” He stepped beside her and the pair exchanged a warm hug.

“I’ll be the happiest woman alive when you find the perfect woman.”

“Yeah, and I want the same for you.”

Clay had barely walked out of the cottage when Kat heard her phone ring. The little device’s bright screen announced a call from her best friend, Elise Sutherland.

“Am I interrupting anything exciting?” Elise said with a naughty grin in her voice.

“Are you kidding? I just sent Clay home for the night.”

“Were you a bad girl? Does your naughty bottom need an ice pack?”

“You’re being so mean, girlfriend. Have you forgotten that this is Clay we’re talking about?”

“If you are so unhappy, why do you keep inviting him to come back?”

“I hear you,” Kat said wearily. “Clay and I have been friends forever. He and I both understand that we are never going to be the kind of lover that the other hopes for. The thing I like best about him is that I can always feel safe with him. He would never hurt me or really try force me to do anything I didn’t want to do.”

“I know that you understand that, but does Clay?”

“He has to. We talked last week.”

“Aren’t you afraid that you’ll lose him forever? Sometimes couples don’t understand what they have until it is too late. You don’t want to wake up sorry someday.”

Katarina paused for a long moment. “The truth is that we both know the truth and neither of us want to admit that we’ve already failed.”

“Oh, that’s so sad,” Elise whispered.

“Not really; the two of us need to admit that things just didn’t work out. No one needs to be devastated. Clay will have an easier time finding the partner he wants than I will. I for one will be happy for him when he does.”

“Well, I know you’ll never give up. The man you want is out there.”

“Sure he is, and he’s with some other woman.” Both women chuckled at Kat’s self-deprecating humor. Kat wanted to not only sound brave but actually be brave, but her feelings were more complicated.

“How did your time with your new daddy go? Don’t leave out any of the good stuff, little girl. Were you a naughty little girl?”

“Things went better than I had any reason to hope for,” Elise whispered.

“Tell the truth, did daddy scorch your bare butt?”

“He did, and I loved it. You need to know that he’s more of a wicked uncle than a daddy. It was a great date.”

“Quit stalling. I’m waiting for the details. Tell me everything!”

“Well, he took me to the ice cream parlor before we went to his place.”

“Does he live in an apartment?”

“Oh, no. He has a nice suburban house with a big back yard and a tall fence. It was a warm evening so he told me to strip down to my white cotton panties and run through the sprinklers.”

“I bet you loved that.”

“I remember doing the same thing when I was little. I really loved it when he rubbed lotion onto me. His hands felt so good.”

“So what kind of trouble did you get yourself into, brat?”

“I screamed too much and I knocked over a couple of flowerpots.”


“Uncle Mike made me take my panties off and put them on the picnic table. Then he spanked my pink butt with a red paddle. Next, I had to stand with my nose against the wall with my hands on my head to think about what I’d done. He said I’d get the switch next time I was so bad.”

“What a little devil you are.”

“Later, he put me in the tub and gave me a very nice bath.”

“Did he forget to wash anything important?”

“Of course not,” Elise said with a giggle. “He took really good care of his little girl.”

“Sounds like you had a good time,” Katarina said with a wistful grin. She had never had any dreams of being a little, but she could feel the excitement in Elise’s voice. Her breath quickened a little. Having a wicked uncle like Mike might be interesting.

Elise went on. “Anyway, he dressed me in some soft, pink flannel footie PJs and tucked me in for the night. I just got home a little while ago.”

“Are you getting sleepy yet?”

“Just a little, but I wanted to hear your voice for a while. I think Clay might be a good daddy for you. Both of you have great imaginations,” Elise said.

“You make it sound pretty good, but I want a man who will make my pussy melt. Don’t you understand?”

“My girly parts are good and wet,” Elise said.

“I think I know what Clay wants and it’s not some little girl, not even a naughty niece. I need to face the facts.”

“You’re probably right. I just want you to be as happy as I am right now. It’s time for me to go. Uncle Mike said he was going to call and tell me a bedtime story.”

“Well, I don’t want to get you into trouble. Call me tomorrow.” The connection broke and Katarina smiled. Elise sounded so happy. Please let it last for her this time.

Katarina set the phone aside, curled up in her big chair, and clicked her Kindle on. Its bright screen flickered in the soft light of her bedroom. She had purchased a new novel during the day and now she was ready to get lost in its pages. The book was an erotic novel by one of her favorite authors. The cover showed a handsome marauder. Naturally, his heavily muscled chest was bare. The young woman who was kneeling at his feet kept her face pointed toward the floor. Of course the girl was naked. Her hands were tightly bound behind her back so her firm breasts jutted out invitingly. The big man held a short whip in his other hand.

The girl in the illustration had pristine, fair skin, but Katarina knew that the burly Viking would mark his captive soon. Katarina pulled her robe off and tossed it aside. She wanted to be as naked as the girl on the cover. Stories like this one made her imagination run wild. Her finger tapped the Kindle’s screen and she quickly came to another illustration. It showed a young woman surrounded by a group of armed men. She had been stripped to the waist. Her well-formed breasts were capped with swollen coral-colored areolas and jutting nipples.

The girl had had her skirt pulled up around her hips to expose her round bottom and bushy delta. Katarina’s hand dropped to her more neatly trimmed pubis and her fingers combed through her pubic curls as her breath began to quicken. She quickly found her place in the book and read on. The Viking captain’s bawdy exploits eventually stirred her to a slightly satisfying orgasm. The ruthless chief had laid claim to a number of village girls from the Scottish coast. Imagining the degradations that the simple farm girls suffered made Katarina wish she could surrender to his torrid lust. She panted for a while until her body began to relax.

Katarina’s laptop claimed her attention next; she had a trip to plan. Her hard-earned vacation days would be lost if she did not use them soon. She had held onto them in the vain hope that she would find a man worth spending them with, but sadly, the hunk fairy had not granted her wish.

Choosing an ideal vacation destination had been more of a challenge than she had expected. She wanted some place that was out of the way, but still comfortable. Relaxation, sightseeing, and reading were always the top items on her holiday agenda. Her short list featured three locations and she researched each location on the Internet. The last was the Harbor Inn on Emerald Island. It was located on Lower Michigan’s sparsely populated northern coast. Over the years, she had enjoyed some spectacular trips to Europe, Canada, Asia, and some of the best destinations in the United States courtesy of her successful sales career.

The heavily wooded offshore island was exactly the kind of place she usually loved. It featured lots of water for boating and plenty of trails to explore. The island was the largest in Lake Michigan, but it was far enough off shore to keep its population low and its beaches mostly empty.

Katarina spent several minutes reviewing the amenities offered by the Harbor Inn. The restaurant’s menu looked appetizing and the small hotel’s guest rooms would be more than adequate. She was just about to log off for the evening when she noticed a link to a webcam at the island’s Bay View Hardware store. It promised a good vantage point on Paradise Bay so she clicked on the icon to take a look for herself. A moment later a big black rectangle appeared and was slowly replaced with a color image of the island’s harbor. The bright, full moon provided just enough light to see clearly.

It was nearly three o’clock in the morning, so the scene was deserted and Katarina was ready to turn off her computer when she saw a cabin cruiser enter the bay and motor toward a long pier. She watched as the boat pulled alongside the wooden pier and an athletic-looking man stepped onto the dock and tied his boat up. He was dressed in tight denim shorts and a red muscle shirt. Katarina was enjoying perusing his broad shoulders and his tight hind end, so she lost interest in moving on. Suddenly another person entered the scene. She was an athletic young woman who emerged out of the shadows and slowly walked down the dock. Emerald Island was surprisingly busy in the wee morning hours. The young woman was curvy and blond; she had nice-sized breasts and a good figure. She was dressed in a black bikini that displayed her assets to full advantage. Katarina was surprised that the man seemed to take no notice as he stared at the empty bay. The skimpily clad woman passed close behind the preoccupied boater and Katarina could not believe her eyes when he suddenly whirled and pulled the woman next to him. It was a moment that would change Katarina’s life forever.

Her first impulse was to telephone the island’s sheriff station to report the attack, but she suddenly realized that the woman was not resisting enough. In fact, she seemed to be a most willing participant. The big man pulled his captive’s wrists behind her waist and quickly bound them with a short length of rope. Katarina was mesmerized. The man pulled the strings on the girl’s bikini and tossed the tiny garment aside. Next, he kissed her passionately and swatted her firm butt with his open hand. Katarina had no idea what kind of game they were playing, but she was anxious to sign up.

The man hefted his prize over his shoulder and got back onto the boat. He quickly freed the lines securing the boat and steered the craft away. It disappeared from view a moment later. Katarina drew a long breath and switched her computer off. There was no doubt where she would spend her vacation.

Twenty-four hours later, Katarina stared at her computer’s screen once again. She had doubted that she would see another scene like the one that captivated her imagination the night before. She was ready to get some sleep when she saw the girl again. The pretty blonde was dressed in a tank top and shorts this time. She strolled casually down the long dock, seemingly oblivious to the danger that Katarina expected.

The boat entered the bay on cue. Katarina’s pulse began to race. The overpowering sense of anticipation reminded of her of a horror movie. The heroine was walking into unspeakable danger unaware. “Get away,” Katarina whispered. “He’s going to get you. Run! Get off that damn pier.” Of course, the girl did not flee. They never did! Katarina watched breathlessly as the boat cruised past the girl and docked nearer to the beach. The man from the night before stepped onto the pier and tied the boat up. Once again he seemed indifferent to the girl but her escape route was cut off. Again, she foolishly turned and began to walk toward him. Her hair was woven into a long braid that hung down her back. The big man kept his attention focused on his boat.

The girl walked past him slowly. She had almost escaped when he spun and grabbed her dangling braid. He threw her backward onto the dock and straddled her. Within seconds, her hands were tied and a ball gag had been stuffed into her mouth. Just that quickly, she was his captive once more. Katarina wished the man would strip the girl on the spot again, but he scooped her into his arms and stepped onto his boat. Katarina could not look away as the boat motored slowly out of Paradise Bay.

Katarina logged onto the webcam site several more times, but she never saw the girl or her abductor again.

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